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I’m okay, just don’t really have the motivation to keep up with anything as of right now. I haven’t been able to keep this blog alive or even my Instagram just cause I’m not motivated to come up with quotes or drawings, they just feel like chores as of right now. I’m sure I’ll come back to them eventually but with the things I’m dealing with in real life I just don’t feel like I can do them at the moment. Life’s just been stressful, I appreciate you checking up but I promise I’m okay and that I’ll get back to being more active once I start feeling more motivated to do stuff. Hopefully that’ll end up being soon cause I don’t wanna keep y’all waiting for too long, but like I said in the tags I still love every one of y’all who still follow me and I appreciate the ones who have stuck around for so long 💕

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Hi there. :)

I didn’t think this event would be popular enough for anyone to be curious about little old me. I don’t really have much to say about myself.

I’m some time over 18 now. I’m in university, taking too many majors at once. I used to roleplay on tumblr (in several different fandoms, ofc including Tolkien), but I haven’t really been around in a few years. Mostly I’ve just been participating in/hosting challenges (with limited success).

Oh, and Glorfindel is absolutely my fave boy ever.

I am hoping that by having a blog it will help me to better organize and plan for future iterations of this event. 

Hint: I’m also considering hosting a different event in the future, but that one is still in planning stages so nothing is really decided at all for it yet.

I hope this helps, and I hope you’ll join us all for the event.


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Thaaanks 💖 

I’m glad to be back.

This event has been a little bit spotty in the past, but I’m hoping that having everything a little more organized will help everything stay in order for future years. :)


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26. Denial or overstimulation

🖤: overstim

Admin: denial

27. Degradation or praise?

🖤: both

Admin: praise because I’m a baby

33. Paddle or bare hand?

🖤: either or

Admin: hand

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31. Spit or cum?

🖤: 👀 *code for both*

Admin: cum no spit

32. Slapping or Spanking

🖤/Admin: spanking

43. Kneeling or being on all fours?

🖤: all fours

Admin: kneeling or gets uncomfy on all fours

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3. Hugs or kisses?

💗: hugs

Admin: both😠

13. Little spoon or big spoon?

💗: either, it depends on the time

Admin: little spoon-

23. Puzzles or board games?

💗: puzzles. They are relaxing


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3. Hugs or kisses?

🖤: kisses all the way

Admin: both!

20.Velvet or lace?

🖤: lace. It’s more fun. Velvet is itchy.

Admin: Velvet. Lace makes me uncomfy

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she just stops whatever she’s doing and rush towards Erwin like ‘are those cats? are tHOSE CATS?’

she’d crack immediately, and is a little in awe of erwin because of it, both in a ‘where did you get these babies’ and ‘i know what you’re doing and it’s working, im impressed.’ way

affection for erwin increases by 30% she’ll let you have this just this once 

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🔥: I’m alright. How are you?

I’m going to SCREAM

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🔥: hello, it depends on who you ask. The answers may vary.

Did my message go through this time?🥺

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Para sorpresa de la mayoría de personas que los conocen, para el sistema del Makai (y del mundo humano anteriormente, pero eso cambió al morir KarlHeinz, ya que comenzaron a tomar perfiles más importantes y tal), la familia Kurosawa no existe. Es extraño para muchos, considerando que Yvonne conoce a Karl y están en buenos términos, pero tal vez fue como un acuerdo entre ellos… O una amenaza por parte de uno de ellos, quién sabe.

Aún así, August e Yvonne tienen un papel importante, sobretodo luego de la muerte de Karl. Los descendientes de estos no están realmente obligados a seguir sus pasos en esto.

Eso sí, a veces les es difícil mantener un perfil bajo debido a la naturaleza traviesa de los mellizos.

No son parte de ninguna élite o algo parecido. Yvonne estuvo relacionada con Karl de alguna manera, pero ¿Quién tenía más poder sobre quién? Nadie lo sabe.

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I imagine so, she’d most likely do it to test if she could fit in it so that for another time she could put it on right before Dash gets home and surprise her with it on and just make Dash completely swoon over her.

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Here look I’ll just help

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Goodmorning! M alright, how are you?

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I hope you sleep well❤️ love you too


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//Hey! Okay thanks for letting me know ☺️

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Hey! I’m doing pretty well, just a little tired.

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