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#Adobe challenge
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I Paid 5 Designers On Fiverr To Design The SAME Logo… 🧐

I Paid 5 Designers On Fiverr To Design The SAME Logo… 🧐

Video Part 2:
Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this #Ad video with #Fiverr!
Big thanks again to the designers who took part!
If there’s anything you would like me to cover in a Youtube Video, then let me know by commenting down below!
Check out the artists showcased in the…


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I did some of those black and white pallet filter challenge things from tiktok as warmups. This is the only one I liked, but maybe I’ll do more bc they were pretty fun.

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Happy New Year! Here’s my prompt list for this month. Going to work on honing my Adobe Illustrator skills by doing some vector illustrations via tutorials. I think doing a small little doodle everyday is an easy and casual way to slowly hone a skill. Try it out! Feel free to hop on board this one if you want!

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Posting the art i did this year that I didn’t post here. Here is a Garnet I did when I thought I might have completed a 2nd Six Fanarts challenge 😅

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I changed my profile pic but kept the same colors so you know it’s me :)

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