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Adora comforting Catra for a kofi request ;;
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Concept catradora art by ND Stevenson
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catrassingletear · a day ago
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Another scene that sends me spiraling on a regular basis.
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Adora: I have a bad feeling about this.
Catra: What do you mean?
Adora: don't you ever get that little voice in your head that tells you if something is going to get you in trouble?
Catra: no?
Adora: that actually explains so much
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vengesim · 2 days ago
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Adora is like anyone with a cat, she thinks everything Catra does is the cutest thing ever.
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lostinetheria · 2 days ago
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If some of you wants the single photos please tell me!
And if you want you can follow me on my twitter account🥺
I love you all✨
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likeshe-raorleave · 2 days ago
Catra: *Gets a paper cut* Son of a bi-
Adora: *Gestures at Frosta* CHILDREN
Catra: biiiiiii-scuit! Son of a biscuit
Frosta: Oh, you got a paper cut? 
Catra: Yeah
Frosta: I feel sorry for you, those really fucking hurt
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lumityships · a day ago
Catra in all 5 seasons: "tHis Is NoT BecAuSE I liKe YoU"
Also catra:
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sultannamajor · 2 days ago
Adora, frantic: Have you seen my wife?
Bow: What does she look like?
Adora, sobbing: Beautiful
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4cupsanxiety5tbspdepression · 19 hours ago
She Ra Shower Products Consumption Chart
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i actually spent time making and thinking about this - i literally still have homework to do
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Adora: Our marriage is so strong, there is absolutely nothing that can ruin it. Catra: I ate the last Oreo. Adora: ..You’re dead to me.
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Catradora hands part 2
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catradoratwtgoodies · 2 days ago
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tippenfunkaport · 2 days ago
When She Ra was destroying Prime's ships Glimmer was looking at her like a kid looking at sweets out of a candy store's window. Similar how Catra was looking at her when she transformed.
To quote the great sage, ND Stevenson...
"lady big 🤩"
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featheredadora · a day ago
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She popped her little head through the hole!
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maireadralph · a day ago
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GalaxyCon is doing an SPOP Q&A Session with Aimee Carrero (Adora) and AJ Michalka (Catra)
February 27th 2022,
12pm ET
Lasting appox around 1 hour
Sign up for the free Stream Q&A here
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natasha-improvises · 2 days ago
Headcanon: After everything that happened in the show, Catra struggles to sleep and won’t sleep at all unless Adora’s there. This makes Adora sad too as she knows Catra used to love sneaking away to have naps back when they were in the Fright Zone.
One day, she discovers Glimmer’s bed and comments that she and Adora should get one like that. Adora thinks she’s joking because it feels very eccentric, plus she saw how difficult Glimmer found it getting up there when she lost her powers.
A few days later, Glimmer finds Catra napping in her bed and tells Adora. Catra then reveals to Adora that she feels safer sleeping in high places. Adora is confused, because Catra had often chosen to sleep on the lower bed with her. Eventually Catra has to admit that being with Adora was even safer, because then “nothing bad could happen”.
Adora instantly asks Glimmer to get them a high bed too. Between Adora’s presence and the new bed, Catra can get back to having a decent amount of sleep.
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