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mochi-mochi365 · 33 minutes ago
best friend squad = adora, bow, and their short, angry girlfriends
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yangbeifongs · 33 minutes ago
Sometimes I do think about the fact that someone should’ve reassured Adora earlier that she was still loved even tho she couldn’t transform into She-ra anymore.
Or that they didn’t love her just because she was She-ra and useful.
Like I’m extremely happy Catra told her that it didn’t always have to be Adora who needed to bring sacrifices. Also when Mara told her that she deserved love.
I was so happy because it was extremely important for Adora to realize that she was worth more than what she did for others.
But I just wished someone else had told her this much earlier. Adora was vocal about feeling useless when she lost She-ra and most answers to this were that she shouldnt run into a fight cause she wasnt She-ra anymore. And it felt so... wrong? Awful? That nobody reassured her that she was still loved regardless of whether she could turn into She-ra or not.
(Like as far as I can remember, I dont think anyone told her this).
I guess you can see people telling her to be more careful as them caring about her. But idk, I just think Adora really needed to hear it directly. Cause telling her to not run into danger cause she lost She-ra just felt to her like they thought she was useless.
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not-so-average-fangirl · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Full Hola!Catra - “The Date” comic now available for purchase! 😄🎉
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Thanks for your support! ❤️
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dragonbearyscarpel · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Bow: Okay, that’s enough! Adora, rest! Swift Wind, head!”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bow: Everybody, SHHH!”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Entrapta: “Adora sick log, day three!“
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curiousscientistkae · 4 hours ago
Adorpia and obviously glimadora
What made you ship it?
Idk really. They seem really cute together and I think they would bond really well. And now it would be nice if they got together they could talk about their abuse and relation with C@tr@. They would understand each other. And also just
Buff ladies together amiright?
What are your favorite things about the ship?
honestly they just look cute together and they both are so loveable they would make an amazing pair
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
idk what is unpopular but I would say if like Scorpia couldn’t be with perfuma and Adora couldn’t be with Glimmadora they should be together like they should be consider more for a ship ya know?
What made you ship it?
I have always loved best friends to lovers. They started off rocky, being on dif sides, but they started to bond and became so damn close like the other’s half. Hell its more soulmates to lovers. Glimmer was always there to help Adora cheer up and Adora did the same. They will fight anyone who dare laid a hand on the other and even with all their fighting in s4, you can tell they didn’t mean it. They didn’t mean to hurt each other, they were just under so much stress and pressure. FUCK this ship everything about it made me love it and ship it more and more
What are your favorite things about the ship?
Everything? So much about what I said above. They just are perfect for each other. Not to mention Sun/Moon? And I always have Adora with like a yellow color code (lol thanks rwby) and glimmer of course is purple so akgbjsagsksbaj. And if we are still going off of like symbols and opposites. Glimmer’s angel wings and Adora’s devil ones from the horde. They should have done something with that idk what but just another little thing to add to it all 
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
time to get SHOT. They should have been the ones to be canon. They had so much build up. Like fuck, Beast Island???? There was so much there, they should have been end game and it would have been amazing to show moving on from a  toxic relationship, finding love later in life like NOT childhood friends to lovers, and actual good despite fights and troubles, coming back together stronger than ever. S5 dropped the fuckin ball and did not give a shit about the ship or anything that had happened between them but lol
i think that is enough salt
but glimmadora GOOD
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jidblogger · 4 hours ago
My magnum opus of She-Ra fan fiction. She-Ra and the Masters of the Universe. Every major ship plays a role. Catradora, Entraptadak, Scorfuma Glimbow, all of them. Also you get to meet some more wily characters along thew ay. Enjoy 
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dragonbearyscarpel · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Come on, you just need to rest. Now close your eyes and-“
Tumblr media
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ga-bitch · 7 hours ago
comments my mom has made while watching she-ra and the princesses of power, part 2
episode: system failure
*bow gets made fun of by glimmer and adora because of his sonic arrow*
my mom: that's not very nice.
*entrapta risks her life to get tech*
my mom: oh wow. that's dangerous.
*bow gets made fun of again*
my mom: poor kid.
*after finishing the ep*
me: so, what did you think of this episode?
my mom: it was good, but the robots were a bit over the top.
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ga-bitch · 7 hours ago
comments my mom has made while watching she-ra and the princesses of power, part 1
*glimmer yells at angella about angella not respecting her*
my mom: so this is where you’re getting all those ideas from, huh?
*glimmer gets angry*
my mom: aww, she’s a little chubby princess, isn’t she? so cute.
*glimmer cries*
my mom: aww, she’s so emotional, i love her!
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waterfire1848 · 12 hours ago
Adora when she’s sick from the red disc: You have beautiful eyes, Catra.
Catra: She’s lost her mind!
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frostaoftheday · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: When your friend is at their limit and they want to scream.
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queenie-xiat · 14 hours ago
Thinking Out Loud: Does Catra Deserve The Compassion She Got?
Forgive me for any incoherent sentences, I'm literally typing as I think, hence the title.
This is coming out of nowhere but I've been thinking on and off about the criticism that catradora is actually toxic and as a person who relates to Adora, I don't know... A part of me is like, yes Catra was abusive, and we know why. But Adora didn't allow it to happen. She told Catra to her face that something has to give in if they're ever going to be friends again, and eventually Catra did fall into place. That aside, though... Every time someone says that Adora deserves better, or something along those lines, I just think about how cruel that is, I think. Catra may have done a lot of unforgivable things but Adora understands Catra and to say that Catra should be severely punished and not be rewarded with someone who can actually aid her just feels so disgusting to me.
I agree that actions are without consequences but when does it get appeased? Sure, Catra isn't 100% redeemed (see: her attitude towards princesses hasn't really changed in season 5) but she still set her lifelong torment aside to help fight against the Horde in the end. She eventually grasps what she did wrong and if she really wanted to find betterment, that she needed to change. And she does- even if it seems small. Were her actions inexcusable? Yes. But Catra learns that the hard way. So when does the punishment end? When does she get redeemed 100%? Why can't she find redemption with Adora's help? Adora- a person so sweet and understanding; a person who literally grew up with the same exact conditions as Catra, doesn't deserve Catra? Why?
It's clear that now that Catra is in an environment where people actually care, that she can start to maneuver her life into something healthier. That's what she was missing all along. And yet, I've seen people say that Catra doesn't deserve that? That Catra doesn't deserve to be Adora's lover, that Catra should be punished with harsher consequences. But, why? When does she get to be 100% redeemed?
I'm asking these questions because I can't help but apply this to real life situations. Of course, there are people in the world who truly are evil with no concern for what they're doing. I'm not talking about those people. The thing is, nothing is ever truly just black or just white. Not every criminal in the world is pure evil. Sometimes, people commit crimes because their upbringing was toxic. Sometimes they're fighting to stay alive. They could have been misguided, scared, and in some cases it could be that they have mental health issues that didn't get therapeutic/pharmaceutical help. Those criminal types, the people who are capable of turning their life around, what about them? When do those people get redemption? Do people just... never change for the better? Only for the worst? I'm struggling to understand why compassion is considered the wrong way to approach human beings who made horrible decisions.
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