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Leather and Lace
by bumbleb tch

Nearly every day, Marinette left her shop for what he assumed was her lunch break just after Adrien opened, the first few times he saw her were coincidence, but every time she passed she never failed to aim a cheerful wave and smile in his direction-and stop to flirt with Plagg. Without even really noticing it, Adrien stopped taking clients right when he opened, and started getting ready earlier, just so he could make sure he was casually lounging in his lobby when Marinette passed every day.

Pathetic? Maybe. Chloe certainly thought so.

This had continued for months now, and Adrien still couldn’t pull himself together enough to actually go talk to her, but honestly, the glowing smile she gave him every day through the window was the highlight of his day. Of course, the following minutes where she talked with his cat and showered the goblin with attention was the most irritating part of his day.

Words: 3079, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Do Humans Dream of Biological Sheep
by heisalonetonight

Android AD71-1 (nicknamed ‘Adrien’) started out life built specifically to care for Emilie Agreste. After making the hard decision to assist Emilie in ending her own life, it - AD71-1 - is thrown into the underbelly of Paris. Instead of being decommissioned (saved by way of a legal technicality, or maybe just a programming bug), Adrien is branded as an Exception, the mark of death - of a killing android - burned into his skin. He is sold to a new family at a fraction of his value… which is a difficult thing to navigate on your own, in silence, because you haven’t told your superhero partner that all this time you’ve actually secretly been a sentient android. Plus, he’s pretty sure Ladybug thinks androids are about as sentient as her microwave.

Lowkey DBH-inspired android story. There will be references to sexual uses for androids, but it’s not that type of story, and it won’t go past removing a shirt in one (1) scene. If you’ve read my other work you know I’m an existential bastard. I will be writing this alongside a proposal for a PhD so look out for signs I’m going crazy!

Words: 3639, Chapters: 1/13, Language: English

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#22 Aged-Up Adrienette please☺️☺️

#22: “How long has it been since you slept?” This was so cute! I aged them up to about 19-21, but there is nothing NSFW about this piece, so everyone is welcome to enjoy it! This is also a fluff/comfort piece, in case anyone needs that today. Very soft. Enjoy!


Marinette jerked at the sound of her name, her concentration snapping like a dry stick. Colour-coded flash cards went everywhere, nearly landing in her third…no, fourth cup of coffee.

“Sorry,” Adrien said with laugh. “I thought you heard me get up.”

As a matter of fact, Marinette was acutely aware that Adrien got up at 5:30 am every morning, practiced fencing from 6 to 7, then showered before his first classes at 8:30 in the morning. What she had not been aware of was that 5:30 had arrived so soon.

“Laser focus,” Marinette said by way of explanation as she gathered her flashcards up. Her voice came out raw, and she couldn’t stifle a yawn as Adrien handed her back some the cards.

He frowned as he noticed the half-empty cup of coffee beside her. “Late night?” he asked knowingly. 

It had been a late night. Everything had been going fine until an akuma attack had dragged her from the flat she shared with Nino, Alya, and Adrien around midnight. The attacks had been surprisingly easier to deal with once she’d started University. With the flexible yet conflicting schedules she and her friends had, Marinette almost never had trouble disappearing.

Finals were a different story. There was no such thing as a spare moment, and she’d resorted to downloading as many alert apps as she could onto her phone in lieu of patrols. It was far from a perfect system but it was the best she had. 

“And it’s not over yet,” Marinette said with a weary grin and she nodded to her open room. Adrien peeked into her room, whirling to regard her with shock as he caught sight of the many reams of fabric currently piled on her bed, nearly obscured by the voluminous skirts of the gown she was working on as a final project for yet another class.

“I thought I saw the light on under your door yesterday,” Adrien said, his eyes narrowing. “You were working then, too. How long has it been since you’ve slept?”

Marinette shrugged, standing. “When the bed is cleared off, I get to sleep. That’s the deal I made with myself.”

“Is that so?” Adrien let his gym bag fall to the ground with a thump. “Lets go then.” He put two hands on her shoulders, steering her around the kitchen table. She was surprised how weak her knees felt, and she wasn’t sure if it was from the sleep deprivation or the feeling of his hands on her shoulders. 

“Adrien?” she said as he gently directed her into his room. She definitely felt more awake now. She tried to avoid his room if she could. It felt too personal, a reflection of him she had no right to. “What are - ”

“The bed is cleared off,” he said, gesturing to his neatly made bed. “Bed time.”

His tone brooked no arguments, but Marinette protested anyway. “I can’t sleep here,” she said. She backed up, only to feel herself back right into his very solid chest. “I can’t sleep, period.”

“Marinette, you’re dead on your feet,” Adrien said. 

“You made me stand up,” she pointed out, but he had a point. She wasn’t sure if it was her or the room, but something was swaying. The short trip down the hall had sapped whatever energy she had left.

Suddenly Marinette found herself falling - no, being scooped up in Adrien’s arms. Half of her thought she must already be asleep. She’d had this dream before, but it usually didn’t take place in their flat. It also usually involved kissing of some description. 

“Yes, I made you stand up,” Adrien said as he crossed the room. “And now I’m going to make you get some sleep.”

Marinette’s eye shut before he even set her down. He thought he’d place her on the bed and go, but to her surprise, she felt a blanket being tucked around her. She wanted to open her eyes, to see his face, but her eyelids were way too heavy for that now. 

She grabbed the pillow, cuddling it to her almost involuntarily. She sighed. It smelled like him. She almost did open her eyes as she felt him sit down on the mattress beside her, but all thought was sandblasted from her mind as she felt him run his fingers through her bangs, brushing them to the side of her face, again, and again, and again.

“My mother used to do this for me when I was sick,” she heard him say softly. “I’d have so much trouble sleeping, but this would knock me right out.”

Marinette knew he could have left her there in the dark with no blanket or comfort and she would have been out cold in two minutes or less. This kindness, this generosity, was only one of the many, many reasons she’d never been able to stop loving him.

“…need…alarm,” Marinette breathed. Her fingers twitched like she would reach for her phone.

“Shhhhhh, just sleep,” she heard Adrien say softly. He sounded so far away. “I’ll be sure to wake you up.”

“Mmm…” Marinette felt sleep claim her and finally relaxed into the darkness. Somewhere, the last fleeting parts of her consciousness registered a feather of a kiss on her brow, the ghost of someone’s lips. 

“Sweet dreams, Princess.”

Marinette smiled in her sleep as Adrien stood. Her fingers contracted as though she might reach for him, then relaxed.

“Sweet dreams,” she sighed. Adrien grinned; the nonsensical response was so Marinette. He made for the door, making sure to leave it open just a smidge, but froze when she spoke again. “Love…you…”

You can request a ficlet from this prompts list with your fave side of the lovesquare! (As of April 7th, 2020)

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Is it Adrienette or Adrinette?

Which is the preferred name overall? Adrinette seems to be a little more popular, but I still see a ton of posts that are tagged Adrienette so I’m not sure.

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I’m in a blue mood today but my thoughts have turned to miraculous. My nine year old decided we needed to binge watch the second part of season 3, so here I am. (What a surprise!) but I’ve been thinking about Marinette and Kagami. So they interacted a reasonable amount as acquaintances and most of their conversations involved Adrien, but didn’t actually become friends until Ikari Gozen. The only interaction we’ve seen them have post that episode is Heart Hunter, where Marinette put Kagami ahead of her own feelings…

I don’t understand why so many people act like they are best buds or have been friends for so long. I’ve seen some people say Marinette owes Kagami an explanation for why she just left them at Andre’s. Really? They are just fledgling friends, unlike her and Adrien. I wish she just asked Adrien what HE wanted, rather than left him with Kagami.. feeling sad and frustrated at the moment. Too much time on my hands, too long until season 4….

Don’t mind me..


Originally posted by bluesnowflake95

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Sorry for the short lil oneshot that’s kind of late guys! I was busy building a puzzle with my sister hehe. Regardless, I hope you guys like this lil one-shot. I feel like Aspinette or whatever the ship name is would be soooo cute together. A cocky, flirty Adrien with a blushy, more confident Marinette is adorablleeee. Squee. Lemme know if you like it <3


This is the best day of my life, Marinette squealed to herself, her arms wrapped tightly around the neck of the superhero that was carrying her. A few minutes ago, she had sighed dreamily when she realized that she had to give out the snake miraculous. Since Hawkmoth already knew Viperion’s identity, she had to give out the miraculous to someone else. And she had preferred to give it to someone who had experience. Someone who had saved her before. This led her to be in Aspik’s, also known as Adrien’s arms, her face buried in his chest to hide her blushing face. She nibbled her lip lightly, hiding the small, secretive smile that was threatening to bloom across her cheeks. Of course, he didn’t know that she knew and a small snicker escaped her before she could stop it.

  He put her down on the ground once they were far enough away from the recent akuma attack, an almost confused smile on his face, “Did you just snicker?”

“I-um, uh, no… I um, scoffed?” Marinette gave him a wide smile, her words phrased more like a question than a statement. Her fingers tapped together unconsciously as she peered up at him from beneath her lashes.

“You scoffed?” Aspik’s eyebrow rose at her, with what looked to be a smirk growing on his face, “Was that because I just rescued you from imminent doom or do you normally scoff at akumas?”

“Uh both,” she giggled nervously as the glimmering, emerald eyes of Adrien peered at her. Imagine if she had to work with these eyes every day, she’d almost certainly never get any work done. 

The superhero laughed with her, “And here I was thinking that I was playing the role of the dashing hero. What do you think, am I better than Chat Noir?” he flexed his arm, giving her a cocky smile.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Adrien act like this. Especially not with me. He looks so cute right now though! I do like this side of him! It reminds me a lot of Chat Noir, though, Marinette watched him with a light smile teasing at the edge of her lips, “It depends.”

“On what?” Aspik dropped his arm, looking at her curiously.

“On whether or not you can actually get me somewhere safe,” she said teasingly, pointing behind him, “The akuma has almost caught up with us again.”

“Oh shoot,” he grabbed her in his arms once more, causing her to let out a small squeak of surprise. They took off once more, Aspik glancing over his shoulder at the akuma chasing them before leaning down to whisper in her ear, “Who’d have thought someone would get akumatized over pineapples? I mean, pineapples, really?”

Marinette giggled, “Aspik, we’ve seen someone get akumatized over pigeons, I don’t think this is really any stranger.”

“You’re probably right about that,” he chuckled. When they had finally reached her bakery, Aspik put her down once more, “I think you’ll be safe here. If you can stay safe inside the bakery until Ladybug comes back, I’m sure we’ll defeat this akuma in plenty of time,” he smiled brightly at her.

Wow, he was really unsubtle. If she didn’t already know he was Adrien, she would definitely be suspicious. Good thing he wasn’t a full-time hero or his identity would be revealed in no time at all. She grinned at him before nodding, “Thank you, Aspik.”

He turned to go but her arm shot out instead, grabbing him by the wrist she shouted, “Wait!” her face flamed when he turned around to look at her, letting go of him like he was on fire. Ducking her head shyly, Marinette chewed on her lip, “I, well you see, my friend has this blog she runs on Paris’ superheroes and it would mean the world to her if she had a picture of you. Do you mind taking one with me?”

“Not at all,” the superhero laughed, already slinging an arm around her shoulder, “Just don’t tell Ladybug. She’d have my head if she knew I was taking pictures instead of battling an akuma.”

“I won’t,” she promised, though she was unable to fight against the silly grin that spread across her face. If he only knew… she snickered in her head. With that she took the photo quickly, leaving herself a mental reminder to give the photo to Alya when she could. When Aspik raced back towards the akuma, she took her chance to run into an empty alley. Peering down into her purse at her grinning kwami, she spoke cheerfully, “Ready to transform again?”

“Ready whenever you are, Ladybug,” Tikki winked.

“I’m always ready to see Adrien again,” Marinette sighed dreamily before she said her transformation words, getting ready to go and save the world with the boy of her dreams.

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by CasuallyMiraculous

When Lila threatens Marinette after she figure’s out she’s Ladybug, Marinette must figure out how to both hide her identity from everyone else while making sure Lila doesn’t turn all her friends against her.

Words: 3369, Chapters: 3/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Wholesome Miraculous Ladybug content???????



Why is this so good???

Because it shows that Adrien is thinking about Marinette!! He doesn’t get mad or upset because of the hearts, HEE EVEN LIKES THE MESSAGE HIMSELF

He’s promoting Marinettes career!!

So, in canon, they talk!! On the regular it seems as well!!

This is just! Incredible! And! I! Love it! I’m! Here! For! It!

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by CasuallyMiraculous

When Lila threatens Marinette after she figure’s out she’s Ladybug, Marinette must figure out how to both hide her identity from everyone else while making sure Lila doesn’t turn all her friends against her.

Words: 2317, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Hi guys. This is definitely not a late upload, haha. 

My prompts go together into a cohesive story, so if you want the full experience I recommend that you read my other prompts first!

Read on AO3!


Day 6: Aspik and Marinette

Marinette felt a lot of pressure on her as she opened the Miracle box in her room. This Akuma had proven itself to be quite difficult. So difficult in fact that the team needed someone who could analyze and come up with a plan without having the risk of being defeated. The snake miraculous was the obvious and perfect choice, but Marinette knew she couldn’t use Luka. She also knew that it was becoming increasingly more difficult to find other people she trusted. Judging by the difficulty of this Akuma, it would probably be best if she picked someone who had also has the snake Miraculous before. 

Adrien at first protested, which Marinette had expected. He did spend months trying to save her the last time he had the miraculous, but she hoped that he would pull through this time around. It took a little bit of convincing, but Adrien eventually agreed and became Aspik.

Marinette cursed herself for becoming so distracted during the battle. Chat Noir failed to show up again when Aspik was with her, leaving her alone with Adrien as she desperately attempted to focus. This led to her wasting her Lucky Charm on a plan that didn’t end up working, something that had never happened before. 

“Marinette, what were you thinking?” Tikki scolded as she flew out of her chosen’s bag.

“I know Tikki, I messed up big time,” Marinette began, facepalming as she leaned against the wall of the building she was currently hiding behind. “I guess I was just so distracted by Adrien being there that I couldn’t think of a better plan.” 

Tiiki frowned at Marinette as she munched on a cookie. “Are you sure picking Adrien again was the best idea?”

“I feel like it was my only option,” Marinette replied. “Besides, he is doing really well this time. I’m the problem here, not him.”

Marinette continued to watch her Kwami eat. Right before Tikki could finish her snack however, she quickly hid back into    the bag, causing Marinette to look up. 

“Adr-I mean, Aspik?” Marinette asked, looking up at him. 

“Marinette,” Aspik said. “What are you doing here?”

“Uh, well, you know, I’m hiding! From the akuma!”

Aspik nodded. He looked so serious as a hero, a trait that Marinette noticed was so far off from Chat Noir. That wasn’t too surprising though, for Adrien and Chat Noir were like light and day. 

“Mind if I take you home? To be safer?”

Marinette happily nodded. Adrien was always such a gentleman, wasn’t he? 

Aspik then proceeded to gently scoop her into his arms, holding her close to his chest. Marinette couldn’t help but blush; her crush was carrying her! 


Marinette quietly nodded, still blushing. Adrien was carrying her. Adrien was carrying her! 

Aspik started moving towards the Dupain-Cheng bakery as Marinette stared up at him. It was nice to be able to get a better look at Aspik’s face since she wasn’t busy fighting alongside him. It was a bit disappointing to not be able to see his gorgeous locks, but the mask made his green eyes look way more intense than usual. How could Adrien manage to get even more attractive? 


Marinette blinked. “Yes?”

“You’re home.”


Marinette stepped down onto her balcony before turning around and smiling at Aspik. “Thank you for taking me home,” she said. 

“No problem,” Aspik replied. Marinette internally swooned as he walked a little closer to her and smiled. “Stay safe for me, okay?” he continued before lifting her hand and placing a light kiss onto it. 

Marinette was unable to get a single word out before Aspik gave her a small salute and left. Did he really just do that?

“Marinette!” She heard Tikki shout.

“Can you believe it, Tikki? Adrien kissed my hand!”

“The akuma?”

“Oh, right, haha.”

Marinette transformed with the hope that she would be able to get the recent event out of her head. It turned out that taking a little break from fighting ended making her way more distracted than she was before. 

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Originally posted by mapsincolor


The fact Adrien was talking to his father about Marinette

Talking about the dress design she posted 

To show the designs to his father and his followers which is us hehe 



JUST MAKE SURE you give her credit.

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I am looking for a very specific Adrienette fic where Adrien gets a motorcycle in exchange for promoting the brand or something and he starts giving Marinette rides.  I know it has at least two parts but I can’t find it and this is driving me nuts! It’s really good and I need to know if more has been written! Please help, let me know if you know what this fic is called or send me the link! If you’re the author of this fic, hi, I love your work!

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