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daughter-of-rowan · 6 minutes ago
Tomorrow, my Munchie Babychild turns 11. Today, I'm surprising her by taking her to the Museum of Flight. There's a space exhibit with a shuttle fuselage (minus the wings), and the Spaceflight Academy that walks you through astronaut training. She doesn't want to go into space though; she wants to be one of the people who gets us up there.
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adventuresofwaverly · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Not pictured: me struggling to keep her from drinking the steaming mineral water like 5 seconds later.
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kaycartoons · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The Little Mermaid: Varigo (Mermay) Part of Your World
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rabbitdog420 · 16 minutes ago
You ask for my number at a party. I giggle, as I take a red piece of paper out of my pocket and scribble something down, using your back as a table as I’m writing it down, since no tables were around. When I was done, I fold it and put my index finger to your lip and go “shh,” with a teasing smile, as I give it to you.
When you’re back at home you carefully open up the piece of paper I gave to you. Your eyes widened as the unthinkable, yet terrifying seven words are being displayed before your own eyes. “Killer queen has already touched this paper.”
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alphabetmafiaadventures · 27 minutes ago
Diavolo: All of your existences are confusing. Giorno, Bruno, Narancia, Mista, Fugo and Leone: How so? Diavolo: Your presence is annoying, but the thought of anything bad happening to any of you upsets me.
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depravitymoon · 27 minutes ago
Yandere Bucci Gang knocking up Darling Headcanons
Happy Mother’s Day!!!
Thought this was the perfect day for Yandere Family Headcanons. This is NOT a Father Headcanon. It’s a head canon about how your Bucci Gang Yandere made you a mother and their reaction.
Tumblr media
This should go without saying, but WARNING: Yandere scariness and toxic behavior below.
Couldn't find chibi gifs of Nara and Fugo. The Abba one was too small.
Bruno: The Team Mom Yandere himself. 
Tumblr media
The most family oriented of his gang. 
He cares deeply about children.
Would gladly adopt any stepchildren Darling brings into their (forced) marriage.
Seeing you swollen with his babies brings him joy. 
So much joy that he plans to knock you up 8 times. 
Don’t worry! You’re forced to be a housewife, so you’ll have alot of time to rear 8 children.
You’re having his babies and that’s NOT up for negotiation.
“I’m willing to do everything for you, carina. All you have to do is take my seed and raise our adorable babies.”
Giorno: Baby trapper.
Tumblr media
I don’t see Giorno being family-oriented, but he wouldn’t mind having little baby GioGios. 
Giorno would have kids for logical reasons. Mainly, to baby trap darling.
He’ll consider baby trapping you if try to leave him.
Obviously if you’re the family type.
He wouldn't do this if he knew you hated kids.
Like Bruno’s Darling, you’ll be forced to be a Housewife. 
You’re barely allowed to leave his mansion, anyways.
“Well, amore. You complain that you’re bored and have nothing to do. The world could use another GioGio.”
Mista: Father by accident
Tumblr media Source of gif
Dude’s trying to have an easy life. Why intentionally have more responsibilities?
Now, Mista CAN baby trap, but that’s less likely.
Like Giorno, he’ll only do it if he knows it’ll work on you.
Mista never really thinks of family planning, but I can see him having accidents. 
He's dumb and horny enough to get darling pregnant.
He refuses to wear a condom on darling and he loves creampies.
Even if you warn him, he’s not gonna listen.
He already treats the Sex Pistols like his children, so he has the training.
“You’re PREGNANT! Well... shit. I mean, I got child support money. I don’t mind if you keep it. I think it’ll be fun!”
Abbacchio: Father by Accident and scared shitless.
Tumblr media
Similar to Mista, I think Abbacchio would conceive on accident. 
Unlike Mista, this would devastate Abbacchio. 
He’s such a fuck up. How can be manage a baby and NOT fuck it up too?
He’ll insist on a termination. 
BUT, if you insist on keeping it and becoming a mother.....
He’ll find the will power to suck it up and help you raise the kid. He has the gang to help. 
He'll get a vasectomy as soon as possible.
“Come on! You’ll be late for the operation! What do you mean “NO”?! You don’t really want a kid, do you?! Oh.... you do....”
Narancia: Total Wild Card.
Tumblr media
Narancia would be a naive yandere. 
He never means to be crazy or malicious. 
He just wants love and to be a happy couple with you. 
Narancia does want a family, but how he goes about it depends on Darling and the advice he gets from the others. 
Ideally, he’ll discuss this with you and intentionally have a baby in a consensual situation. 
However, he’s just as likely to have an accident. 
He’ll freak out, but he’ll calm down and get excited to be a better father than the one he had. 
Worse case scenario, the other Yanderes in the gang will give him bad advice and encourage him to baby trap you. 
Honestly, all three cases are equally likely. It just depends on you.
“Mielo! I may not be perfect, but I promise I’ll do my best to support you and our little one! Thank you for having my baby!”
Fugo: Very reluctant. 
Tumblr media
Fugo doesn’t hate kids. He just has no motivation to have them.
Logically, they’re a waste of time and a giant waste of money.
He has to deal with you and Narancia being stupid. 
Now he has to deal with ANOTHER idiot?
He doesn’t blame kids for being dumb. It’s just what they are. They’re annoying.
Fugo’s meticulous and loves plans. Kids love to fuck plans up.
He would take extra precautions to ensure no accidents. 
Condoms, birth control, period calendars, and Morning after pill if he creampies too close to ovulation. 
Darling would have to be the one to beg for kids.
 He’d only oblige if you’re being a good Darling.
He’d be super stressed about your pregnancy the whole 9 months.
That’s the main reason he won't get you pregnant. 
“Idiota, we don’t have don’t have time for kids. MAYBE if I convince Giovanna for some time off, but don’t expect me to do all this for you. You want this. It’s your responsibility.”
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fakeadventuretimequotes · 28 minutes ago
Be thrown back to come talk about you something.
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adventuretimequotes · 28 minutes ago
Finn: I am Finn the hero!
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finnm · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Someone pointed out a minor background character and I love her
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gebo4482 · 47 minutes ago
Shadow Warrior 3: Meet 'The Floater' and the Seeking Eye Gore Weapon - IGN First
Teaser / Gameplay Trailer / Gore Weapon
Website / Steam Page
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