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vintage-soleil · a day ago
Tumblr media
Keanu Reeves chillin’ in Paris, 2003
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renmoldovan · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
En route to Whistler, BC.
instagram: @renmoldovan
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the-baby-frog · 16 hours ago
Life does not come with instructions on how to live, but it does come with trees, sunsets, smiles and laughter, so enjoy your day.
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goldrush-if · 2 days ago
Gold Rush is a fantasy/adventure interactive novel in which you get to customize your character and choose from multiple paths. I plan to make the story both character and plot driven (still a bit more character driven). I’ve always written stories since I was little but this is my first time writing interactive fiction and I’m trying to figure it out as I go 😊.
This is the longest period the whole realm has been at peace with each other. Up north we have the Arctic Tribes. The ancient home of Healers. Although they occupy the most minimal land on the great continent, they have held their ground for centuries now. The only other people to rival them in strength and resilience are the Artorians. The Artorian Kingdom, a string of islands located in the middle of the vast ocean in the east. The birthplace of elemental magic, dragon riding, and serpent taming. The only other kingdom that has dealt with more creatures is Adelia. They occupy the southern half of the great continent. Filled with many fantastical creatures, it's the place that holds the most mystique. To the left, across the sea, we've got the Esebet Empire. The land that has been growing in power. Last, but not least, we have Norteal. The kingdom that has grown tremendously over time. From a small country up north to ruling across the great continent. It also happens to be the place our story starts...
The power to heal is an extraordinary gift. Passed on only by blood. Or so one thinks.
Rudrom, Norteal
You are a 22 year old healer working as a bookshop assistant. You've been living here for about a year now and the quest to earn a good living has been troublesome. Not to mention, life has fallen into a routine of cleaning and organizing books. The good side: it makes for a great excuse to sit and talk with Josh and Alethea. The twins have no family apart from each other and you are far away from your own. They've been your closest companions in the big city for the past year.
One day, while you guys are cleaning out the shop, you stumble upon a journal that most likely belonged to a relative of Josh and Alethea. A journal that reveals its secrets upon a certain touch. Not only that, but the maps drawn in it seem to be hinting at the rumored treasure in the east. Just one problem, it is written in Artorian. Artoria's language is rich but, unfortunately, not really spoken by anyone in Rudrom. That is, except for the notorious Artorian mage, Lucinda.
Your friends are basically penniless, and you aren’t better off yourself. Will you try your luck and get Lucinda on your side? Even if she does agree to help, could you actually find a way to board the next ship sailing to Artoria? Will you be able to navigate through an entire kingdom without drawing attention to yourself? Are the clues truly leading you to riches or is this all one wild goose chase?
Customize your character: Name, gender, pronouns, appearance and more.
Make choices that matter.
Explore and find out more about the realm.
Hone your healer powers and learn other skills like archery, swordsmanship, and combat.
Build friendships: Get to spend time and bond with the characters.
Romantic rendezvous: Romance any of 8 love interests, 3 female, 4 male, and 1 non-binary.
Go on a treacherous sea journey, hang out with the crewmates.
Navigate your way through the land of Artoria whilst trying not to get caught.
Unravel the secrets hiding in the shadows.
🐾 Alethea Bower (she/her)
Alethea is a 22 year old cook/waitress who works at “Pete’s Diner”. She has shoulder length wavy golden blond hair, ocean blue eyes, and fair skin. She is 167cm tall. She is slightly curvy. She is hardworking, straightforward, and honest. Alethea does not like to sugarcoat or dance around a subject. She is not afraid of coming off as awkward but is prone to stress and her skin can frequently break out because of this.
🔥 Josh Bower (he/him)
Josh is a 22 year old cook/waiter who works alongside his twin sister, Alethea. He has messy red hair, emerald green eyes, and freckled fair skin. He is 183cm tall. He has a lanky build. Josh is accepting, kind, and passionate. Is fiercely protective of anyone he considers family. A great cook.
🌌 Lucinda (she/her)
Born and raised in Artoria, Lucy is a 22 year old mage who moved to Rudrom at the age of 18. She has long dark brown hair, russet brown eyes, and brown skin. She is 163cm tall. She has a slim body and is not a fan of outdoor activities. Artorian mages are specialized in elemental magic so that is what she trained in for most of her life. A bit distant, focused, and determined. Lucy is caring but sometimes does not show it.
🌙 Jackson (he/him)
Born and raised in Attington, the capital of Norteal, Jackson is a 27 year old who is currently working as a best mate on the Prince’s ship, the Viatrix. He has short trimmed curly brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and rich dark brown skin. He is 186cm tall. He has an athletic build because of consistant training. Jackie is responsible, optimistic, and cunning. He knows how to work hard and play hard. Although he is considered the responsible one among friends, he has a way of getting stuck in sticky situations due to his want for adventure.
🕸 Marcus (he/him)
Marcus is one of Jackson’s best friends. He is 27 and works as a boatswain on the Viatrix. He has short chestnut brown hair, turquoise blue eyes, and warm beige skin. He is 180cm tall. He has a lean and toned body. Marcus is reserved, determined, and mostly stoic. He can be a bit tactless in social situations. He has great eye-sight and is a great archer.
🐝 Keira (she/her)
Keira is one of Jackson’s best friends. She is a 25 year old former scout. She works as a boatswain on the Viatrix. She has long wavy brunette hair, earthy brown eyes, and pale skin. She is 170cm tall. She is slightly toned. Keira is organized, focused, and clever. She is great at catching details. Has a knack for languages and can understand several that are spoken in the realm. She loves newsboy caps :D
🦁 Benedict (he/him)
Benedict is the only child of Queen Isla and the crown prince of Norteal. He is 23 years old. He has almost shoulder length slightly wavy black hair, obsidian like dark brown eyes, and ivory skin. He is 185cm tall. He is lean and athletic from training most his life. Benedict is thoughtful, ambitious, and mostly easygoing. He tends to withdraw to himself whenever he deals with a problem. Due to his training, he has learned to be more secretive about personal stuff.
🍃 Kai (they/them)
Kai is a 25 year old sailor currently working for the Prince. They are the head sailing master on the Viatrix. They are half Nortish and half Artorian. They have shoulder length straight black hair (that is usually in a small ponytail), angular mossy green eyes, and golden bronze skin. They are 177cm tall. They are fit from always being active on ships but other than that, they don't really do any training. Kai is a carefree soul who loves to find something fun in whatever they are doing. Their carefree attitude doesn't make them less responsible and they don't shirk away from their jobs. They have a charming disposition and a very graceful air to their movements. It takes a lot to get them seriously angry.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Adventure: The Grimlord’s Gala
Everybody’s dying to get in
Setup:  In his nearly nine centuries of undeath, the grimlord Polveiris has seen the rise and fall of empires, brought doom upon kingdoms, and survived or taken part in atleast five supposed apocalypses. Now as his eight-hundred and eighty eighth “death-day” approaches, the withered old wretch has opened the doors of his subterranean lair manor to a who’s who of the realm’s malefactors and malign spirits for a grand celebration that’s sure to wake the dead from their graves. 
Far too desiccated and doddering to do any actual villainy himself, the great concern is what Polveiris’s guests will do on his behalf: Seen as a kingmaker among evildoers across the continent, every would-be dark lord or mistress of malice has suddenly fallen into stiff competition to impress their host. While the Grimlord is content to totter about his tomb receiving pleasantries and blasphemous  presents, a mounting number of wellwishers have spilled out into the surrounding caverns as they jostle for space and Polveiris’s attention. Since evil is little known for playing nice with its fellows, it’s only a matter of time before something sparks this powerkeg of villainy and the different factions start carving up the nearby landscape in a turfwar. 
Adventure Hooks: 
The party is likely to encounter the Grimlord’s guests long before they ever hear of him, as the old villain has kept his head down in recent centuries specifically to avoid the intrusions by meddlesome do-gooders. such guests are likely looking to collect objects of fel power or collections of profane knowledge to win their senior’s favor.  
While many wicked souls spend their entire time at the gala competing who can get their sinister senpai to notice them, plenty of other wicked souls see the event as an excuse to network, ranging from morally unscrupulous nobles to shadowy entities hungry for power to mad mages wanting to show off their new toys.  Should the party end up serving one of these heels, they can expect to attend the gala as part of their patron’s entourage, tasked with both defending them for rivals and looking for advantages. 
The gala may provide the perfect cover for a heist, provided the party can earn themselves an invitation and sneak past a whole crowd of tyrants, undead, and madmen watching every corner for ambush. 
One could suspect the grimlord of being a lich given his necrotic trappings and seeming immortality, but they’d be missing the fact that Polveiris has in truth no magical power whatsoever. Polveiris is part of a far more wicked and damned class of beings: the ultra-wealthy, as even in life his fortunes were enough to buy his way out of the moral coil and fund a ritual to transform him into a “necropolitan”. Though the techniques for this blaspemous practice have mostly been lost to history, Polveiris is known to have kept the blackiron nails that was their focus as the centerpiece of his collection. With the gala ongoing, one might be able to slip inside and heist out these nails, or any of the other fabulous or cursed treasures the plutarch has stockpiled over the millennia. 
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thecinelab · 15 hours ago
Quick question for Encanto fans:
Tumblr media
Does anyone else want a romantic musical comedy with these four characters? Because I think that would be cool.
The story would primarily focus on Felix and Agustín meeting Pepa and Julieta Madrigal, and both forming their relationships. You could also have Bruno and Alma as supporting characters. And have some new original songs and maybe expand the world of the original film a bit more.
For me, that sounds like an easy and sweet Disney+ original special or film for Valentine's Day or something like that. Feel free to let me know what you all think.
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