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#Alexis Michelle

Auntie | pepper + jan

Peppermint talks to her niece, Jan, about something very important.

(TWs: mentions of harassment and racist and anti lgbt+ hate crimes)

(A/N: This is not betaed. It’s probably awful. I’m gonna die, probably, BUT HEY!!! I wanted to jump onto this entire rep movement and do something for myself. Sadly, as there are no trans men to do any work with, I decided to take matters into my own hands and write about one of the amazing transgender women that  has been on the show, Pepper!

In this AU, Alexis is a single mother who takes care of Jan with the help of her friend Agnes, or as everyone calls her, Peppermint.

Last but not least, this is dedicated to the entire Jankie Candle gc, with a BIG shoutout to zyan and lily for fighting so much for representation. I hope you enjoy this!)

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A/N: Hi again! Welcome to part 2 of chapter 6! This chapter is going to be Jan-focused. Before I begin, I’d just like to put a TW/disclaimer for some homophobic language that will appear briefly during this chapter. Anyways, enough of me talking. Enjoy chapter 6 part 2! As always, you can find me @rainbowvelour on tumblr!

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I just discovered Juno Birch and I am in love. There is no way she be on drag race, not because Ru would probably never have another trans queen on the show but Juno’s unshakeable confidence would ruin the “inner saboteur” narrative they want give her and she’s too chaostic for a villain edit.

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