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#Alien Covenant

Character:       𝔻𝕒𝕧𝕚𝕕 𝟠
Movie:              ℙ𝕣𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕦𝕤
Song Prompt: 𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕒𝕗𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝕥𝕚𝕞𝕖 - ℂ𝕪𝕟𝕕𝕚 𝕃𝕒𝕦𝕡𝕖𝕣


                               “𝐼 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝓀 𝐼'𝓂 𝒾𝓃 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝓎𝑜𝓊.”


I highly recommend that you listen to the song when you and David start dancing :) enjoy!


“What on earth is that?” Asked the bewildered android, watching as the human girl pulled an odd looking device out of a seemingly hidden compartment under her bed.
“It’s a record player, dummy. These things go way back, like 1950′s.” The girl replied with a short giggled, blowing the dust off of the ancient device as an attempt to make it less filthy.

Two of the crew members aboard Prometheus, David the Android and Dr (Y/n) (L/n), had become bored and annoyed with Meredith’s constant orders and the shenanigans of the other crew members, and wanted to find something to do. And of course, what instantly popped into (Y/n)’s mind was the record player she had brought onto the ship, even though she was told to leave it behind by Meredith. She couldn’t bare part with it, it was her most prized possession, and she was bringing it no matter what. 
Although David was a very intelligent android, he wasn’t familiar with the item. He’d never seen one in real life, and wasn’t exactly clear on it’s main purpose. 

That, however, was what he was about to find out.

 “C’mon, I don’t think anyone is in the main room, we can go there,” (Y/n) suggested, the blonde cocking his brow slightly in confusion.
“What’s wrong with your room?” He asked.
“There’s not enough space,” She explained, only confusing him further as he tilted his head slightly.
“But the record player is so small. There’s plenty of space,”
(Y/n) couldn’t help but giggle at his oblivious statements, carefully lodging the device under her arm before she locked her hand onto David’s wrist.
“Just come on, you’ll see what I’m talking about in a minute,” She urged.

David simply followed quietly behind her, and she couldn’t help but giggle once more when she thought about him. It was no secret that she had perhaps the biggest crush on David ever, but when the others found out, they didn’t like it in the slightest. (Y/n) understood why, it was because David’s an android, she’d only be wasting her time considering he can’t feel. But sometimes, she truly did wonder about him. He seemed more human than any of the other crew members, and she latched onto that. Now there wasn’t a second she wasn’t with him, even if it meant she was frowned upon by her fellow crew members. 

Within less than a minute, they arrived to the main room where the pool table was. That was where (Y/n) had placed her record player, and what David hadn’t noticed was that she had three records with her. 

“Alrighty David, what do you think? Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie or Ben E. King?” 
He wasn’t familiar with any of the artists, but the situation was beginning to make more sense to him.
“Dealer’s choice,” He replied, (Y/n) smiling a little as she went to her favorite of the three, Cyndi Lauper, and took the record out of it’s case before setting up the record player.

Once it had been set up, a soft slow dance song began filling the air. Time after time, (Y/n)’s favorite of the entire artist.  She took a deep breath before turning to David and rushing slightly over to him so she wouldn’t miss any of the song to dance with, taking his hands into hers gently.

“Do you know how to dance?” She asked.
“I…It’s not in my programming, no,” He responded, slightly sheepish.
“Well, I’ll teach you real quick, it’s super easy…” (Y/n) pulled David in closer and placed his hands on her waist.
Her lovely waist, as David would describe it.
And as she did, he felt his synthetic gut twist and fill with butterflies. 

(Y/n) was the only human who had ever treated David with respect. Like a person rather than a dog. And for that, he was filled with the motive to protect her, stay by her side and do whatever she asks of him, treat her like a goddess. She was perfect to him, and he thought it was such a shame that something so beautiful had an expiration date. But after all, beauty doesn’t last forever.

“…Just hold my waist, and let the music do it’s magic…” She almost whispered, placing her hand upon David’s shoulders, “…focus on me.”

Since he had never danced before, (Y/n) started them off by swaying gently to the music, to the voice of Cyndi Lauper. David stayed focused on her while he moved as she did, trying his best to start getting the hang of it. But what he hadn’t noticed was that he was more focused on the way they moved, rather than who he moved with, and that was what was making this so difficult for him.
(Y/n) noticed this by the way he stiffened up every time he hadn’t moved accordingly to her. So, she moved in closer, so that their bodies were almost against each other’s. Her small hand reached up slowly, and ever so gently did she brush his hair to the side. And in that very moment, David became lost in her beautiful, glossy (e/c) eyes, slowly snaking his arms around her waist and pressing their bodies even closer together. (Y/n) wrapped her arms around his neck, and they swayed with fluidity and somehow even perfection. They had slipped into their very own universe, built only for the two of them and the song to live in. They didn’t have to hear from anyone else on the ship, they didn’t have to deal with any issues or arguments, they only had to be in each other’s arms and move as the music told them. It was pure bliss, and David felt like the luckiest man in the world, seeing as (Y/n) was the woman he had in his arms. 

(Y/n) couldn’t help but notice that David had started taking control, which was surprising considering he was struggling only a moment ago. But it was never an unwelcome presence.

“…I though you said you didn’t know how to dance…you’re practically taking me off my feet…” She whispered, the android smiling sweetly as he replied.
“Well it just so happens that I have the best dance teacher in the world,”

(Y/n) smiled sheepishly at the comment, her eyes flickering from his collar bone and back up to the icy grey-blue eyes of his. They were so captivating, as was he for that matter.
David couldn’t control the artificial emotions that were swelling in his chest cavity. She was so perfect, it wasn’t fair that she was mortal. He wanted to have her forever, but he knew that’d never be possible. He knew he needed to savor every second of life she had. And that was indeed what he planned on doing.

“…(Y/n)…do you remember…the kiss we shared in the laboratory?”

At the question, the human felt her face flush red as the memories lost to her in that moment flooded back. But the second they did, she couldn’t help a sweet smile.

“How could I forget? We were working with Dr Shaw on god knows what project, and you had me so distracted that I ended up cutting my finger open with a bloody scalpel. Then, you took me to the bathroom and fixed me up. And…then it happened, out of absolutely no where,”

(Y/n) thought back to the kiss. She remembered the way David pinned her to the wall and gently pressed his lips to hers. It was a passionate and love filled kiss, and that was when it became obvious to her that David didn’t think like other androids. He was different.

Slowly, David raised one of his hands from (Y/n)’s waist, and eventually it found it’s way to her jawline. His fingers traced it, and they ended up pinching her chin ever so gently. He stared at her intensely, so aware of where he was, what he was doing. Who he was with.The fog of his mind cleared, and sentence fell from his lips.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

(Y/n) almost gasped, but all she managed was a wide eyed stare with her mouth slightly ajar. She nearly thought she was dreaming, but it all became beyond real when David moved in closer. And as he did, so did she. Her hand found the nape of his neck, and he held her back steady and dipped her backward ever so slightly. 
They paused for a moment, and listened.

“If you’re lost you can look and you will find me, Time after time.”

The feeling of each other’s breath against one another’s lips was comforting, but not enough. So, without another thought, they closed the gap between them.

This kiss was different to the one they shared in the laboratory. The first one was passionate, and happened in the heat of the moment. This one said, 

“I want you to stay with me forever.”


A/N: Hope this wasn’t too cringey, I’ve just been hecking bored in self isolation and I’ve been watching Alien again so uh, take this. Also just so you know I literally wrote this at midnight and I’m too lazy to proof read so have this imperfect imagine of our favorite synthetic boy!

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So I’m watching the first season of this series called Slasher, about masked murderers a la Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, and there is this character, the sheriff…


…Is it just me, or does he look a lot like Michael Fassbender?

Like forget about the serial killer’s identity, I keep expecting this guy to turn out to be David and the whole series to actually be a sequel to Alien Covenant somehow.

The actor is Steve Byer by the way.

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I’m coming back from the short hiatus. 

@thefasstasticvoyage​, enjoy it. (p.s.: I’m apologize, I never wrote hot or sexual scenes before, so it can be pretty awful, but hey, here we go! / P.S.2: your works with Kylo and David helped me with that, lol)


Originally posted by nerorichards

like soft bright silk, twining around

like shackles, dressed in gold and wrapped with jade

like snowflakes, falling down while fluttering 

an beauty, live while (walking) toward death

(…) The person who is forgotten, is me

A familiar silhouette, appearing mottled to tearful eyes

(Can be) gazed at but is impossible to touch

Love can be through of but cannot be spoken

When she woke up, she had only one certainty: something inside her had changed.

She was in a kind of alcove, apparently used as a bedroom - she was resting on a soft gray bed, with sheets and pillows, fluffy and white. Her mind was still stunned from heavy sleep, her strands of hair tousled and snaggy, and her arms were marked by involuntary movements during sleep. She rolled over, feeling something nudging her legs, and pulled the covers aside to see what it would be. When she found out, was static.

Your mouth opened in shock, her heart beating very quickly. A lush pink peony with white details, still moist with dew drops and still attached to some leaves. Ivy took the flower and smelled it, a soft, sweet odor.

That… how touching. Her heart was warm. She couldn’t stop looking at it, holding it or smelling it. Or smiling for this.

Walter had never presented her with flowers. 


After the latest events, she didn’t even want to think about him anymore. Also… the most important thing, was she to find the others and the man who had welcomed them. The poor man had carried her all the way and she just deleted it without even saying a “thank you”, by God!

She got out of bed, put on her boots and tied them up; looked for a glass or something similar, and with a little effort and concentration, she generated a little pure mineral water to nourish and care for her peony while she was away.

She walked through the corridors, knocking on doors and then opening them, checking for the presence of any of the human passengers on the Covenant. Sergeant Lope, Captain Oram and Cole warned her that Rosenthal had been guided by the ‘Walter copy’, an android from the same line called David, to a region touched by the freshwater spring they had passed through earlier, to make cleaning wounds and bathing.

They also informed her that Walter and Daniels had gone for a walk together. What a novelty.

She bowed in gratitude for her answers and slammed the heavy stone doors behind her. Ivy couldn’t get out of the place, your veins were full of adrenaline, but her body was sunk and dead, trying to catch her breath. Her hands were fixed on that cold stone of the door, where she leaned her forehead to calm down and concentrate - there were black spots in her vision, and her heart was beating extremely fast.

It was at times like this, that she simply hated having a superhuman hearing.

Cole: “Hey, Oram, I mean, Captain… what do you think about that? Ivy, Walter & Daniels? Her husband died a little while ago, but she doesn’t separate from that android for anything.”

Capt. Oram: “I don’t want to get involved in this, Cole. Daniels already hates me enough for being in Branson’s place.”

Cole: “For God’s sake, what she wanted was for any of us, especially the android brat, Ivy, to have died in her man’s place. She has more to deal with, and if for that, she needs to use that Walter, I don’t see any problems, but I think it sucks that we have to watch this “Mexican soap opera”, if you understand what I mean. Clearly, the android girl is also interested in Walter.”

Sgt. Lope: “Yes. I also hope this shit doesn’t cause any more problems, Captain. We have already lost a lot just because of a woman.”

As Ivy walked to the bathroom, she mentally told herself that none of this really mattered. Her heart was really ache, but she was tired.

Tired of hearing things like that, all the time. Withstand the contempt / disdain of some Covenant crews, and she was the one who had saved their human lives. And Walter, who demonstrated at each occasion, where the surname “Daniels” was spoken, that he was just what he was - an android, a robot made to follow orders and obey commands; serve your ‘masters’ as if he were a dog.

She tried, really tried..Because she liked him so much (although she didn’t understand how). But only now, Ivy realized the painful truth: She would never be like Walter. Their paths would never cross as she wished.

Before reaching her destination, she found Walter and Daniels returning from their “walk” - the human smiling and tapping the android on the shoulder.  The spectator’s blood was boiling over watching it, but she just gritted her teeth and turned her expression into total indifference as she passed them.

- Miss Ivy, I need to talk to you later… - The girl totally ignored him speech, acting as if she hadn’t seen either of them walking and talking in an intimate way, and just walked hurriedly. But the android knew, better than anyone, that something had happened. Ivy never ignored anyone. Never on purpose.

Daniels was also surprised, and was unable to hold her tongue.

- Walter is talking to you, are you deaf?!

The girl slowed down and looked at the expressionless human. Her eyes shone in a strange way, as if there were burning embers inside the crystalline of her irises, just that separating the hatred she felt from the target. At that moment, Ivy was nothing like herself, a delicate and timid young woman, but rather like her true essence - an unforgiving and brutal force of Nature.

Among them, the weather became heavy in a matter of seconds, and it was no different at that time.

- I’m certainly not deaf. I hear every damn word you say near or far from me. Responding to what you tell me is my problem; mind your own business, Katherine Daniels. - she turned away with disdain, her long hair swaying.

A force of Nature…

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Aliens in my shop:
I do portray xenomorphs as cute not because I consider them “plush” and safe, and not in order to create the effect of a joke or a funny combination of creepy and sweet. There are many different images of these creatures in the world. From the classic drawings of Giger to numerous fan art. A large percentage of them is an image of aggression. I just create a balance. No one is surprised by the cute images of tigers or dragons, although these creatures can also be dangerous and deadly.

I consider xenomorphs to be rational beings, which, like humans, can be cruel and kind. In the drawings of their creator Giger, they are never portrayed as cruel, although they can be frightening. You will not see blood and murder there. In films, xenomorphs are shown in situations where conflict is inevitable. This is either a newborn loner in a hostile environment, or a population without a past, like Mowgli children, or experimental captives. In these situations, neither man nor any other living being could show friendliness. And not required. This is a tragic conflict, not a fight with monsters.
I also do not consider them parasites or biological weapons. In this case, it would be logical to expect the birth of many descendants, and not one. In addition, xenomorph is no more dangerous than a lion or a bear, or an armed person. Perhaps the death of the carrier is the result of an imperfect birth process that is not adapted to terrestrial mammals. The rest is the reproduction process characteristic of a highly developed, intelligent being: the birth of one offspring from one parent.

Once upon a time, people perceived predatory animals only as bloodthirsty monsters. When I was a child, they told me, “Why are you drawing dragons, this is Evil.” But the world is changing, and that’s good. Xenomorphs are beautiful creatures created by human imagination. Like dragons, griffins or unicorns. And everyone chooses: to hate and kill the dragon, or to see in him an equal living being.

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