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lesbianahsokas · 2 days ago
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Hola, Casita.
ENCANTO (2021)
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Abuela Alma, starting a family meeting: Where is Camilo? Is he late again?
Mirabel: He shouldn't be. I said yesterday that the meeting would be 9am instead of 11am.
Isabela: And I put his alarm for 7am.
Dolores realizing the problem: I changed the time in his cellphone to show two hours earlier.
Camilo, bursting into the kitchen: WHAT IS TIME?!??!?
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zakioyamdreamers · a day ago
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I said what I said.
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metallicloud · 20 hours ago
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rainyfox3 · 2 days ago
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Here’s everybody again...
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miraculouslycool · 2 days ago
Am I the only one who saw Bruno's vision in two different ways? The vision had Mirabel hugging Isabela and indeed, doing that strengthened the miracle but then it also didn't prevent the candle from going out and Casita crumbling.
You know who I think Mirabel was really supposed to hug to fulfill the prophecy? Abuela. Or more specifically, the vision showed a younger Alma, who incidentally Isabela resembles greatly. It wasn't until Alma explained what really happened with her and Pedro and how the miracle was bestowed upon them that Mirabel got to see her as the young, scared widow with three newborn babies trying to survive.
Once Mirabel did see that, she understood, and them hugging each other really began the healing for both of them and the miracle.
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matthasnobinary · 2 days ago
Okay, so I'm looking at all the confirmed ages of the Madrigal family
Isabela and Dolores are both 22 (making them twin cousins) and the oldest of all the grandkids
Luisa is 19 and the middle child of Agustin and Julieta
Mirabel and Camilo are both 15 (also making them twin cousins)
Camilo is the middle child of Pépa and Felix
Antonio is 5 and the current youngest of the Madrigal family
Tumblr media
I may be pointing out the obvious, but here's what I'm thinking:
Agustin and Julieta were having a baby at the same time that Pépa and Felix were twice (Isabela + Dolores and Mirabel + Camilo)
Agustin and Julieta had to wait 3 years to have Luisa after having Isabela, then 4 more years to have Mirabel
Pépa and Felix waited 7 years to have Camilo after having Dolores, then 10 more years to have Antonio
By the time Isabela and Dolores were born (depending on what time of the year), Agustin, Julieta, Bruno, Pépa, and Felix would've all been 27-28 years old
By the time Luisa was born, the triplets, Agustin, and Felix would've been 30-31 years old
By the time Mirabel and Camilo were born, the triplets, Agustin, and Felix would've been 34-35 years old
By the time Antonio was born, the triplets, Agustin, and Felix would've been 44-45 years old
Abuela Alma would've been 52-53 by the time Isabela and Dolores were born, 55-56 when Luisa was born, 59-60 when Mirabel and Camilo were born, and 69-70 when Antonio was born
Isabela and Dolores were 2-3 when Luisa was born, 6-7 when Mirabel and Camilo were born, and 16-17 when Antonio was born
Luisa was 3-4 when Mirabel and Camilo were born, as well as 13-14 when Antonio was born
Mirabel and Camilo were 9-10 when Antonio was born
That's a whole lot of math and numbers for one post tbh
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missmadrigal · 2 days ago
Mirabel: do you think laundry detergents have different tastes?
Camilo: they do
Julieta: *looking up from her book* why do you say that with such certainty?
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skeleton-of-a-lesbian · a day ago
hey here's a fun fact: people who draw encanto characters with their correct nose shapes get bitches
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sungmee · 15 hours ago
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“I thought we would have a different life. I thought I would be a different woman.”
Abuela Alma Madrigal is a fantastically complex and nuanced character, a victim of violence and tragedy (at the age of 25!), suffering from trauma that she passed down her family, who realized what she had done, acknowledged it and apologized, and made an effort to do better. How she treated her family was wrong and unfair and damaging, but it all came from fear and love, and she is not some irredeemable monster (like some people seem to think) and I love her. 
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yoursweetdenial · 2 days ago
Dolores: So, did everyone learn their lesson?
Camilo: No.
Isabela: I did not.
Luisa: I may have actually forgotten one.
Mirabel: Also no.
Dolores: Oh good, neither did I.
Alma: *exhausted sigh*
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angeleila · 2 days ago
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A joke for a joke :D
I haven't decided on Luisa, so she's just resting somewhere nearby
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lifeisajokeayy · a day ago
mirabel: this is my sister luisa she's the strongest and the bravest and the bestest
also mirabel: this is isabela she has rabies
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vclkyrxe · 2 days ago
i find it so funny that during “the family madrigal” when mirabel stops singing and the kids start bothering her, that the band just tosses her and instrument and starts playing.
like those three are adults and were 100% at mirabel’s gift ceremony and know she doesn’t have a gift, but they’re just like nahhh let’s just keep playing and stressing out mirabel
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carlaerosie · 10 hours ago
la familia Madrigal ❤️🇨🇴
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(the erasure of Pedro tho)
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jadzio · 12 hours ago
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Original audio for this
I got inspired by this tiktok and this comic (go check them out, they are great)
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random-cryptid · 16 hours ago
My Encanto Headcanons!
(Mostly about the triplets cause they’re living in my mind rent free. I’ll be adding more when I came up with them.)
Julieta’s hands are worn out and full of scars and burns from cooking, not because she doesn’t want to heal herself but because she doesn’t have time to stop and do so (as a professional baker I say this from experience), and when she has time, she’s way too tired to eat anything.
Also because Agustín sometimes is the one that heals her the “non gift” way. She’s not gonna say no to her man, in fact she finds it cute.
When Pepa blushes she creates fog. The more embarrassed she is, the more fog she produces.
Julieta is one of her main sources of embarrassment. She will squeeze Pepa’s face and call her every single pet name related to the weather (“mi sol, my sunshine, my little ray of sun, my summer rain!”) she can think of.
Julieta LOVES embarrassing her loved ones by showing them how much she loves them (the kitchen scene). Sometimes unintentionally, but mostly intentionally when it’s her siblings.
Thing is that it has the same effect for her. Most of the time Alma or Agustín would to the same to her and she will get full red and cover her face. Cue to Pepa laughing in the back while Bruno smiles.
Félix calls Agustín “Agus”.
The triplets would do slumber parties when they were kids, and now that Bruno is back and have more time for themselves, they’re starting to do them again… husbands included.
“If any of you kisses I’m throwing myself off my tower”. He says it jokingly but he also means it.
Pepa’s room either looks like the disney version of the Mount Olympus (basically made of clouds) or like that one valley with the little cottage from Howl’s Moving Castle. Basically an open space to let her feelings set loose without hurting anyone.
Julieta’s room probably looks like a lab, so she can experiment with different recipes (women in stem 😃👍🏻).
After the film timeline she started hanging out with her girls and niblings. She would teach Isa about plants and their properties while Isa would teach her about exotic plants. They would sit and paint the flowers they discover.
When she was a kid, Dolores would feel overwhelmed by the sounds, so Pepa would sit beside her without saying a word and lend Dolores her hands so she would have something else to focus on. Dolores would do the same if her mom is feeling anxious.
On an attempt to spend more time with her children and grandchildren, Alma starts hanging out with them.
Thanks to Antonio being the mediator, she ended up befriending the butterflies. Toñito would explain and show her the different types of butterflies that exist.
Bc of that, sometimes Alma would go out to the streets while being followed by several butterflies. The townsfolk would look at her in awe, for it’s definitely an angelic view.
Alma would talk about her life to the butterflies, but mostly about her children. This lead to the butterflies posing on the triplets at random times. If Toñito is around he would say “they like you! Abuela talks a lot about you!”. Julieta would be so honoured, while Bruno would be like ☺️ and Pepa would be on the verge of crying. They didn’t expect her mom to talk about how much she appreciates her family and even less her children. Pepa would rush to hug her mom.
When they were teens, Julieta would pass out in the kitchen from exhaustion, so Pepa would always check on her and carry her to her room while Bruno would be following behind.
Agustín and Julieta declared to each other at the same time. It was early in the morning, and Pepa and Bruno were looking from a distance. Needless to say that morning a rainbow painted the encanto’s sky.
Julieta’s hair started greying prematurely, around her mid 20s.
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astroddon · a day ago
Encanto, using social media ¿?
Which social media would the Madrigals use the most?
Isabela: Pinterest. She would probably post more on Instagram but 40% of her screentime is on Pinterest looking for ideas, designs or just aesthetic photos.
Luisa: Whatsapp. She only uses it to talk to her relatives and 2 or 3 friends, wouldn't really spent a lot of time using the phone.
Mirabel: Tumblr. Where she would post her clothing, crafts and sometimes uses it as a diary to just express herself. Of course, no one that knows her on real life is aware of this.
Dolores: Instagram. She would be like a model with thousands of followers, but most of the profiles she follows are meme/shitpost pages.
Camilo: (I couldn't decide so I made 2 options haha)
Option 1: TikTok. UHM YEA he would post comedic things like pranks and sometimes he would just upload videos like "Outfits with café vibes" and do that thing fashion tiktokers do.
Option 2: Discord. MEME LORD AND SHITPOST MASTER. He would be on like 702742949480 servers but is only active like in 2.
Antonio: Roblox. He insists that is a social media since Pepa and Félix won't let him download anything else, but still had made some friends with Dolores' supervision.
Abuela Alma: Facebook. Would share fake news all day in the family group, also post those kind of images that say "GOD BLESS YOU HAVE A NICE DAY".
Bruno: Twitter. He would open his phone every time Jupiter aligns with Saturn, but when he does he just check the 4 rat-themed pages he follows.
Julieta: YouTube. Her recommendations are full of recipes, cooking tips and classical music playlists, she likes every video she watches and has posted like 2 videos showing her own recipes, recorded with the help of Mira.
Agustín: Quora. YEA HE IS THE KIND OF PERSON THAT ASKS EVERYTHING HERE. He also answers music or parenting related questions.
Pepa: Reddit. She uses Facebook infront of others but when she is alone she goes to her community to read jokes or just watch drama, who do you think Camilo inherited the shitpost vibes from?
Félix: TikTok. Dolores showed one video once and after that he got obsessed, you know, dad jokes, cumbia dancing videos and sketches. He had tried to post with Pepa, but she refuses every single time.
This is just my opinion and I'd love to read any other point of view. Peace ¡!🧃
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prankprincess123 · a day ago
Encanto Parents Headcanons:
Abuela never had the chance to really do any matchmaking, like she tried with Isabella and Mariano, with her girls - although she definitely wanted to - because long before romance became even the vaguest idea in anyones mind it was rare to see either of them without their 'shadows'.
Augustin genuinely doesn't remember a time before he fell in love with Julieta. He was brought to her for healing at 4yo shortly after she got her gift, and just never left, or at least never wandered too far. Every time she heals him for the first few years he just stares in awe, and the emotion never does fade, although he gets better at toning it down and snapping out of it. By the time they were 8&9yo it was acknowledged by even them that without her he'd be dead. Because he was so young when he fell for her though, it takes him forever to realize that his love far exceeds even both best friends and 'she saves my life on an hourly basis'. And even once he realizes this the idea of telling her and being rejected is so terrifying that he stays silent on the matter till she just pulls this gangly boy down and kisses the heck out of him.
Julieta on the other hand found him (and still does to a degree) endlessly exasperating and is convinced that he's going to give her a heartattack someday. The first few times she healed him with the same concern she had for everyone else. But then he kept coming back. And then just not leaving. And she's really grateful for the second because it means he gets better almost as soon as he’s hurt. Because they're just little of course they become almost instant best friends. But his tendency to somehow manage get stung by an enture beehive or both climb and fall out of a tree in the time her back is turned to heal someone else is the most irritating thing in the world. If you ask who her best friend is she doesn't even hesitate to say his name, but she's also just so done with everything he does. And then he actually almost dies one time. And the level of 'NO!' at that prospect makes her realize that somewhere amidst the annoyance she's fallen in love.
Augustin's love starts with the fact that he literally wouldn't be alive without her, and snowballs from there. Julieta's starts with the realization that she couldn't live without this dork no matter how frequently she has to heal him.
Felix and Pepa are another story. There is hardly any time between them meeting and her declaring she's gonna marry him. He's 6yo when the triplets get their gifts, and thinks controlling the weather is the coolest thing ever. So he tells her the first chance he has, which between school and chores and such happens to be a year or so later. And she beams. Full on double rainbow and everyone needs sunglasses. Because she's still just a kid so no one yells at her yet, but she's not oblivious and she can feel the glares when her tantrums accidentally destroy the crops. That alone is enough to cement his place as her best friend for life.
The fact that later that day Felix makes her laugh so hard she cries rather than having to be sad to water the crops makes Pepa drag him to her mama and declare they're getting married someday. Of course Alma just laughs at her little girl and her new best friend, because kids make such claims all the time, but never follow through. Pepa however is stubborn, and Felix is smitten. And as years pass it becomes increasingly obvious that getting married someday wasn't simply a childish claim, but stating a fact.
People almost wonder if Pepa knew she'd marry Felix because Bruno had a vision.
Bruno did indeed have plenty of visions that included the fact that his sisters would both marry their childhood sweethearts, but he never told them. Both Augustin and Felix were such facts of life by the time he realized they'd be his brothers-in-law rather than just all of their best friends that he figured it went without saying.
And all five of them very much were best friends. When one of your triplets comes home with a heart-eyed shadow at such a young age, and announces he's their best friend, there's really no other option than to accept that he's one of your best friends now too.
As soon as they start learning their instruments Felix and Augustin become the musical accompaniment for Bruno's rat puppet shows. It definitely disturbs the adults a little, but the younger kids think it's endlessly amusing. (For a few years at least. As Bruno's visions grow darker and his reputation diminishes, so do their audiences)
Felix is actually Julieta's second most frequent patient, just from lightning zaps alone. She frequently wonders if her sister permanently fried some of his braincells, because he never seems to learn to get out of the blast zone, but also is so glad that he runs towards Pepa to calm her down rather than the other way like everyone else.
Once the triplets are adults Alma does briefly consider attempting to set up an arranged marriage for one or both of her girls. Its not that she disapproves of either young man, merely that on paper they seem not to be the 'best' options. Those musings are quickly shot down however when she finds and questions one of Bruno's vision tablets and he merely shrugs and comments that it's "Augustin teaching our neice piano." Alma merely sighs in exasperation and gives up such silly ideas. She has both the physical evidence in front of her, and her clairvoyant son acting as if such marriages are already a fact of life. She really can't fight that.
Instead she just tries to set Bruno up with someone, with hilariously bad results every time, until she ultimately gives up.
There's one particularly bad date that if mentioned will cause him to turn beet red, look like he wants to die, and attempt to hide in a hole. Meanwhile Pepa, Felix and Agustin will all start cackling, so hard they can't talk, and even years later Julieta has no clue what she missed other than that she had to heal everyone involved afterwards.
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