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$32.10 16% off sell - I AM THE FORCE Black Retro Party Sunglasses - CB11DEWKOJZ

Made in USA and Imported plastic frame plastic lens non-polarized unisex adult size (fits 12 years old and up) 100% UV protection clear lens (polycarbonate) see-through lens print (design has minor impact on visibility) waterproof and scratch resistant lens print

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I have either, slept too little, had a nightmare or woken up all the time in the last few days and it’s getting quite annoying because I just want to get some quality sleep…

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Skysports (Sky Sports)

New York Yacht Club American Magic’s race boat PATRIOT capsized during the third race day of the PRADA Cup and their prospects of continuing in the competition are unknown at this stage.


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اكبر غبي في الدنيا اللي يضيع من ايده حاجة كان فاكرها عمرها ماهتقدر تروح منه. وراحت‘ … مساء الفل

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‏الانسحاب جُبْن إلا في ثلاثة مواضع:“

‏١. الانسحاب من نقاش عقيم لا نتيجة له

‏٢. الانسحاب من علاقة رديئة لا مستقبل لها

‏٣. الانسحاب من مكان لا يَعرف أهلُه قيمتَك

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This is a set of different sportswear separates (bottoms only) for your historical sims. Now your sims can be properly dressed for mountain climbing, skiing, bicycling and even golf! If we had golf in the Sims 4, that is. 

There are four types of trousers in this set, three for both male and female frames (knickerbockers, jodhpurs and trousers with gaiters) and one for male frames only (plus fours). 

More images, info and download links under the cut. 

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Epic Rice Cooker Pancake I Am A Food Blog

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My friends, please help me develop this blog. Please reblog this photo as much as you can.

I am working on something special, new content, new photos/gifs/videos with Jessica.

Thank you my friends 💝

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How tf am I intimidating-
I make comics about a sad child-

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my face is burning from all the crying

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