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#Among Us


One of my rl friends was over and we were hanging out playing bungus

Being obnoxious

Amd then this one lobby we went in my friend asked everyone to wear witch hats and a green named Aittana i believe and a black named Adrian put on the hats

And then we all grouped together and then there was four people.left, Me, Friend, Adrian, and a white named Ghost Boi

Friend said “lets all go to shields so the imposter can kill us and we can sacrifice the body” and we all went and in the most COMEDIC HARMONIZING OF BRAINCELLS I HAVE EVER SEEN,

Adrian killed Ghost Boi and we all just started running circles around the body until friend accidentally reported it

The round ended and everyone but us Adrian and Ghost boi left and we kept playing rounds where we’d all go to shields the imposter would kill someone and wed all circle the body

It was great

Then we had to go :((

Among us players Adrian and Ghost boi if you see this, just know that Gilbert and Chef Miku would like to be ur friends

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Hey everyone I’m going to be doing a game of Among Us but playing as Rottmnt characters. If you’re an among us fan then you’ve probably seen videos of people playing among us for as Owl House, Steven Universe, Harry Potter, or even Gravity Falls Characters. Well I’m Looking for people to join in to play an epic if Rottmnt characters played among us game. Let me know in the comments if you would like to join or just message me. Once I get enough players I’ll send you the invite.

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This is for a school project

So if you play Among Us

Help me out

Like if your favorite map is The Skeld

Reblog if your favorite map is Mira HQ

Comment if your favorite map is Polus

If you can’t decide or have two favorites, please only pick one so my data is not messed up.

Thanks so much! 💕

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