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#And I'm still pissed off at her

another day another fight with my 14 yr old sister- who keeps bossing me around and telling dad on me-


shes a bitch

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@yumingyesfairy I just finished episode 18 of Dance of the Phoenix…

Mu Yao…Mu Yao…MU - F*CKING - YAO! Girl…Zuo told this b*tch to leave Zhaoge alone and what does she do instead? Try to bully the girl into a fight. Zuo really did try and now I understand why she’s so devoted to her. It’s a shame Zhaoge doesn’t see things from her perspective though. I get it though. She (Zhaoge) believed everyone abandoned her (and that couldn’t be further from the truth).

I still don’t like the love rival to Feng Wu angle though. It just feels forced. I do like Zuo as a rival, but not that kind of rival. Besides, I think she’s a far better match for Yu Mingye (yes, even romantically lol)

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Don’t mistake our apathy and us not responding in an appropriate manner as us being intentionally being uncaring and believing that we’re above the situation, mostly because there’s a great chance that we just…. can’t control our response. There’s very much a chance of us not responding properly and I understand that it can be incredibly jarring and an unwelcome response, but don’t immediately believe that it’s a moral failing on our behalf or that it’s how we truly feel

Idk, I just hate people assuming that we’re in a good/relaxed mood despite something going horribly wrong and taking that as a sign that we think differently of the situation

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Sometimes I look at the border patrol in my town and think “if it weren’t for the laws of this land I would’ve decked you by now, wey.”

#I was coming back to the US from my vacation in mexico on a bus with other latines and 1 black woman#(she said she was coming home early because she was a nurse in Austin)#anyways besides everyone else there me and her were the only ones who spoke english fluently (and y'know had american citizenship)#anyways shes in the front of line right and i go to a longer one so i can text my folks that im back in the states#im jamming out as I wait and i notice that despite being one of the first people off the bus.... shes still there at the start of the line#arguing with one of the agents#I consciously go through a change when crossing the border- in Mexico I'm more emotive#in the states I basically shut down all emotion from my face and yes I look pissed off its whatever#anyways I finally get to the front (mind you there were like 10 people in front of me) and the agent is snarky af in spanish#I look the fucker in the eye and in my slow texan drawl state that I'm coming home from visiting my grandmother. The change is instant.#I glance over at the lady as I head towards the bus. Its been 30 minutes. It takes an hour for her to return to us. By then shes crying#she and the other passengers began talking about how disrespectful those agents were and have been for some time#I filed a complaint of course- that hasn't been their only issue which is yikes#its so fucking embarrassing to see a latine agent be racist against other latines and black folk like chill wey you aint white dumbass#tw racism#racism#black lives matter
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