#And You Sir Are No Peter the Great
awkward-sultana · 2 months ago
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(Almost) Every Costume Per Episode + Catherine’s light blue gown and teal cape in 1x03
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ub-sessed · a year ago
Leo is extremely fucking charming.
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pencilscratchins · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
this is a tobey peter supremacy blog, do not bring anti-tobey energy into my space 😌(full size) [ID in next reblog]
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kosemsultanim · a year ago
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Catherine’s Costumes in Season 1 of The Great [½] ~ requested by anonymous
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transvigilante · 6 months ago
I'm not gonna apologize for mcu posting I think I should be allowed to be dumb and obsessed with Spiderman for a moment
#anyway heres nwh thoughts noone wanted.#it was fun!#not... perfect. dodgy shit especially at the start#some things looked weird. electro looked fully cgi including his face at points. which? why?#lizard came across weird. idek what it was but it was weird. lots of flop jokes in the first half#not a fan of how easily taken down otto was at his first appearance... hm. oh fuck goblin was great tho#the moment where tom!peter is punching him in the face repeatedly and hes cackling and the lights are darker and peter is dirty and bloody.#mwuah. first moment i was like. hey this is SPIDERMAN. this is a FILM. perhaps something good can come from this#alsooo its soooo funny how it seems like marvel was lile#'oh god they dont like that peter isnt poor they dont like that we never saw uncle ben die they dont lile the stark suit'#'oh my god the few thousand tumblrinas who dont like us arent giving us money we need to FIX IT'#and went for a full retcon dhdhhshshsh please its so funny. maybe the next spiderman films will be better then#tom hollands still annoys me but i think hes more tolerable now. i felt too bad for his peter. he was going through it.#andrew and tobey tho 🥺🥺🥺 why is tobey lile a fucking dad or smthn 'youre amazing' sir I'm going tho hug you#also not andrews oeter being lile 'yeab i suck ass compared to you guys. ive eneve even fought an alien :('#hes got guilt issues AND self worth issues???? bestie we need to get tobey!peter to your universe you need a hug or smthn#no way home spoilers#mcu#also a win for venom fans tonight. venom remains un-mcu-ified.#lovewins !!
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aquitainequeen · 5 months ago
Imagine. Seeing your Emperor and Empress. In the flesh. Looking like this.
Tumblr media
It's like some fairy tale or epic poem!
And then Peter opens his fecking mouth.
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stromuprisahat · 2 years ago
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friendofspidermannedleeds · 2 years ago
Me in 2017: I like this Tom Holland kid he’s a great Spider-Man 
Tom: I hate cats 
Me in 2017: Correction. I LOVE this Tom Holland kid 
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bonky-n-steeb · 6 months ago
there is no right way (ii)
summary || when you agree to be the feared mobster Bucky Barnes’ sugar baby, you expect to get enough money to pay your bills. what you don’t expect is to fall head over heels for him.
warnings || sugar baby au, mob! Bucky Barnes, unprotected sex, rough sex, violence, SMUT. ANGST. FLUFF. (the holy trinity). MINORS DNI.
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
* Feel free to send drabbles, requests or asks about this series!
the chapter is finally here. Hope you like it ;)
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Ding. Ding. Ding.
You looked up at the ringing of the bell attached to the door of the bakery. It was early in the morning and the bakery was yet to open, you were just setting everything up for the customers.
“We’re opening in the next thirty minutes.” You cheerfully informed to the young brunette boy standing awkwardly in the centre of the room.
“Yeah… I know.” He smiled shyly and ducked his head. “I’m just here to ask for a favour. I’m Peter by the way.” You stopped doing your work for a moment and gave him your full attention.
“I was hoping if you were interested in having a helper. I could do anything you want me to. I can bake, though not as good as you, I can clean too, and if you trust me enough, I could look after the accounts.”
He seemed genuine and you weren’t wishing to misguide him. “Hey look Peter. I would love to have a helper over here, but there is a reason I don’t have one. The business works fine, but I barely make anything myself and I can’t guarantee much to you.” 
You had expected Peter to be sad, but instead his face lit up. “I’m absolutely okay with that. I just really want to work with you, I love your baking and I honestly want to learn that’s all.”
With the way he was smiling, you couldn’t possibly deny him. And boy, did you get tired of doing everything by yourself. “Well then Peter, congratulations. You’re hired.”
“So did you get hired?” The stern look in Bucky’s eyes scared Peter for a moment. “Yes boss. I’ll be a great help to her.” He had started sweating a little despite the cold room.
“I haven’t sent you there to help her around. I’m sending you so that you make sure she’s safe and outta harm’s way. And I hope you do not stray away from your job description. Is that clear?”
“Ye… yes sir.” Peter stammered his way through. He couldn’t help but notice how very different you two were. You were honest and gentle while Bucky was cunning and rough around the edges.
He was glad that while he had to report to Bucky every day, he had to work with you for most of his time. You were a much better boss.
It was late in the night and you were sweeping the counters clean while Peter stacked up the chairs. He had been really helpful and though that boy didn’t know many things, he sure did want to learn.
“You said you wanted to learn Peter. So are you planning on starting a bakery yourself? I should know if I’m gonna have a competitor soon.” You said chuckling. Peter stared at you for a minute before opening and closing his mouth. “Umm, probably. I don’t know.”
“It’s okay you don’t have to really answer this.” He really seemed unsure of what to do in his future and you had no interest in embarrassing him further. You had been in his position too once.
“Umm, Thanks.” Peter busied himself more in work so as to not answer you. What the hell was he supposed to tell you? That I, Peter Parker, work for Bucky Barnes.
“What… what do you think about Bucky Barnes?” Peter knew he was probably crossing a boundary and if Bucky knew, he’d probably end up in trouble as he wasn’t supposed to be asking such questions.
“I’ve never met that man in my entire life.” You casually replied. Peter stopped doing his work and looked at you with wide eyes. “You’ve never met him?” He said in a whispered voice.
Bucky hadn’t really told him much as Peter was still a considerably new member. But what the hell was Bucky thinking? You said you had never met him and on the other hand, Bucky seemed to be crazy about you.
Peter internally cursed as the devil himself arrived in a posh Audi. Look, it wasn’t that Peter didn’t want to work for Bucky, it’s just that he didn’t have a choice.
You turned around to stare at the sleek car which came to a stop in front of your shop. It must be Steve, you thought as he was your only customer who owned such cars.
But your eyes almost bulged out of their sockets when you saw Bucky Barnes step out of that car. It seems the boss himself has come today. Has he come here to say thank you for the cupcakes? Or did he not like the cupcakes? What were you going to do if he hated it?
You weren’t a person to be immediately intimidated, but damn, did Bucky carry that aura around him. His dapper blue suit was making his steel blue eyes stand out and those were honestly the prettiest pair of eyes you had ever seen.
From the shape of his nose to his sharp jawline, everything in this man was perfect and drool-worthy. His lips were surprisingly shapely and he definitely looked much better than the magazines. He could’ve easily become a movie star.
You and Bucky stared at each other while Peter’s eyes were roaming between you two as Bucky entered your shop. Just a flick of Bucky’s hand was enough for Peter to know it was time for his exit.
When Peter went and stood outside the door, you nervously gulped. You had no idea why this dangerous man had come to visit you and it would’ve been better if someone else was there to accompany you.
He flashed a confident smirk as he took a seat. “You know, I drink your coffee and eat your delicious bagels everyday and I thought it was only fair that I came to visit the talented chef.”
“Thank god!” You let go of a breath you didn’t know you were holding. At least he wasn’t here to hurt you. “Hmm?” Bucky tilted his head and you thought he looked adorable. “I mean thank you Mr. Barnes. It’s all my pleasure.”
“I’m not god. Not yet. Also, call me Bucky.” You nodded and shared your name despite kind of having a feeling that he already knew that. You also felt as he wasn’t just here to talk about your cakes.
Bucky was looking at you like a painter looking at its muse. He was staring at you with intensity to make you melt like an ice cream in the sun. His eyes danced over your face and body as if he wanted to map every inch of you.
“I heard you deal with John yesterday.” Your heart stopped beating at his words. So this is why he’s here. You somewhat duped his gang member and now he’s here for retribution. I should probably call mom and tell her I love her.
“And I must say, I’m impressed.” His genuineness made you sigh with relief. This man was going to make your heart explode. One second he talked as if he was going to ruin you, and the next moment he appreciated you.
He was giving you a peculiar look which you couldn’t exactly place. It seemed too close to adoration and longing. But why would the Bucky Barnes look at you with fondness?
“I needed the money and I did what I thought was right.” You answered honestly. Bucky got up from his seat and started walking up to you. “John doesn’t work for me anymore. No one should cheat someone as honest and hardworking as you.”
You narrowed your eyes at Bucky. Why was a man so powerful praising you? “That’s… very nice of you.” You stuttered and your hands were sweating as you held the counter tightly.
“I could take care of your money problems too.” He was so close to your face that you could feel his breath ghosting on your cheeks.
You gasped when he leaned even closer and whispered in your ear. “A beautiful lady like you shouldn’t be be worrying about meagre issues like money.” You could feel his lips move against your ears.
Was he offering you a job? You didn’t think so because the look in his eyes told a whole another tale. It felt as the time slow down and the earth stopped rotating when you stared in his eyes.
Your faces were close enough to touch but neither of you were moving or looking away. His eyes were electrifying and they shone so bright that everything else dulled in comparison.
“What do you mean?“ your voice was so low that you yourself barely heard it. “I’m not gonna talk in circles and come straight to the point. I want you to be mine.”
You clearly heard his words but they didn’t quite settle in your head. “Ummm what?” You let out an soft moan when he reached your cheek with his lithe pointer finger.
“I’ll give you whatever you want and all I ask in return is, you.” You were shaking, and you didn’t know if it was with fear or excitement. But if you knew something, it was that this man was making your panties wet.
“We don’t even know each other.” Your trailed down to his lips and you could literally see him smirk as he caught you. “Then we have all the time to find out.”
Nobody else in this world made you feel like Bucky did in just a few minutes. It felt like with just one look he was able to transfix you and make you dance to his rhythm.
“I.. I need some time.” You quickly snapped out of whatever trance it was and walked a few steps behind until your back hit the wall. He smirked and gracefully dropped back into his seat.
“Take all the time you need.” His reply was rather gentle and with that you expected him to leave but instead he just kept eyeing you. “Do you want something?” You asked gesturing at the delicacies displayed.
“I’ve already told you what I want.” The determined tone he was using was making you feel things. This man, this beautifully sinister man who could literally have any person on this planet, wanted you.
You knew what he did for earning money and you also knew better than to trust him but with the way his eyes were looking at you were making you forget everything else.
“And I’m not leaving until I get an answer.” That bastard knew what he was doing. How did he expect you to think straight when he was staring at you like you were some goddess?
There was a saying in the market and it went along the lines of, no one denied Barnes. You knew denying wasn’t an option and you didn’t even want to think of the consequences. But you weren’t worried because of that.
You were worried because you wanted to say yes.
It was out now and by no means you could take it back. Bucky’s smirk grew into a genuine smile. His smile made your insides warm knowing you were the reason behind it.
And before you could overthink further, he reached across from the other side of the counter and pulled the collar of your shirt and slotted his lips against yours.
The first touch of his lips sent electricity down your spine. Your toes tingled and your cheeks warmed up. First you just stood there, not responding, but rather just savouring the feeling as he kissed you.
But then you put your hands on his face and started kissing him in earnest. His beard teasingly scratched your palms. He let out a growl when you bit his lower lip before licking it.
When you pulled away, your eyes were hazy and half lidded. Bucky’s thumb traced your wet lower lip and you could already feel your body buzzing. “Tomorrow I’ll pick you up at seven, sugar. Be ready.”
Sugar. You heart hammered in your chest at the name. It was a perfect one for you which even you hadn’t thought. A sweet smile spread across your lips and you shyly looked down.
Bucky pressed one soft kiss to your cheek before leaving your shop. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even realise Peter entering back. “So, you did finally meet him.” He said clearing his throat and you nodded, still dumbstruck.
The real panic set in when Bucky’s car went out of your eyesight. What the fuck had you done? He was a real mobster and a very very dangerous man. Agreeing to be his wasn’t at all a good thing.
Fumbling around your pockets, you finally found your phone and dialled Wanda’s number quickly. You waited with baited breath until she picked up. “Hello.” Her chirpy voice came through but you didn’t give her much time to say anything further.
“Wanda I fucked up!”
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shangchiswife · 6 months ago
norman osborn- dark paradise
summary: norman fights his feelings for you even though it's wrong since you're much younger than him.
norman x fem!reader some harry x fem!reader
warnings: alluded smut, making out, and age gap
word count: 1843
It was wrong for him to look at you like that.
It was the annual Oscorp gala to raise money for the Oscorp company, and Norman had invited a large number of people he considered important and had a large bank account.
Since you were one of Harry's best friends from childhood it was a given that you were invited.
Now there you were, dressed in a skimpy blood-red gown that cut across your thighs and showcased the valley of your breasts. Your hair was pinned up and a diamond necklace decorated your neck.
His own son stood behind her with his hand on her bare back drawing circles into it. The pair had decided to go as friends. Well, Harry obviously had a crush on you but you had only seen him as a friend.
He watched as you talked with your other friend Peter Parker who was laughing at a joke that you had just said.
You looked just like a dream.
It was wrong for Norman to stare at you like that.
You had known him since fifth grade when you had run up to the older man with your hand in Harry's, a big smile on your face. It was time for Harry to go after a long day at the park. Norman had heard wonderful things about you from his son and he was interested in who his new friend was.
You had looked sad as Norman put a hand on his son's shoulder.
"Come son, it's time to go home,"
"I don't want to go, father," Harry whimpered as he stared up at his father, his lips quivering.
You ran up to the older man and jumped onto his legs urging him to stay.
"Please let Harry stay, only for a couple of minutes, please," you begged, your big eyes looking up at the unknown man.
Norman sighed and then stared at his son who pleaded with his eyes.
"Fine," he had said as the two children ran back into the park with loud cheers.
Over the years he had watched you flourish into a beautiful young woman. You were extremely intelligent and grounded and would help Harry with his schoolwork.
While you were at the Osborn residence you would flirt with Norman occasionally.
At the time Norman didn't think much of it since he still thought of you as the little girl from the park but now, seeing you in this mature dress made his heart stir and realize that you were all grown up.
He watched as you and his son approached him.
"Ms. Y/L/N how lovely to see you, tonight," Norman tried his hardest to avert his gaze from your chest as he extended a hand for you to shake.
Look at her putting on a show just for you a voice cackled in his head.
"Mr. Osborn, it's so nice to see you, you look great!" you ignored his hand and pulled him into a hug making him yelp slightly and his heart pounded madly.
You pulled away with a large smile on your face.
"Come Y/N, we have more guests to greet," Harry spoke softly as you turned to face your date.
"Oh yeah sorry about that, Har," you used your best friend's nickname as pink tinted his cheeks, and then glanced back at his father.
"Well, I'll see you later, sir," you smirked and offered him a playful wink before Harry led you to a group of older people.
Norman still had his eyes on you as you conversed with people, talking animatedly.
The way you called him sir made something wild light up in him.
He watched as you diverted your attention off of them for a second to sneak a glance at him.
Seeing his previous attention on you, an embarrassed look formed on your face as you turned away.
See she wants it as much as you do the voice urged in his head.
Stop! It's clearly wrong I've known her since she was young he argued with his alter ego who simply cackled in response.
Is it so wrong when she flirts all the time with you and looks at you in a certain way? I see the way how lust coats her eyes his alter ego questioned.
Norman felt himself succumb to the words of his alter ego as he walked towards you with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
You had your eyes on Norman Osborn all night.
He was dressed in a well-pressed black suit with a matching black tie. His white button-down shirt was unbuttoned from the top. He looked irresistible.
It was so wrong to stare at him so lustfully.
He was the father of your best friend, and everyone had been urging you to get together with Harry. That was what was supposed to happen.
You had felt this way for Harry's father for a long time.
Once you had entered your junior year of high school you had noticed how attractive he was. You tried hard to ignore this silly crush but soon you would start to flirt with him.
After you had graduated, your crush turned more into an obsession and you were so obsessed with Norman Osborn.
He was so kind to you and there was a sort of mysterious side to him that you found alluring.
Suddenly a tap on your shoulder interrupted your thoughts.
You turned to see Norman himself making your heart pound.
"Hello, Mr. Osborn is there something you need?" you asked, your eyes glittering.
"Y/N can I speak to you for a moment?" he questioned.
You glimpsed at Harry who threw his head back in laughter at something a guest had said. He was distracted.
"I'm sure it's fine," you told him as he offered a hand for you to take.
Eagerly you placed your hand into his and he led you over to an abandoned hallway that was decorated with multiple bright chandeliers, multi-colored tapestries, and large portraits.
"Is there something wrong, sir?" you asked as you looked at the man in front of you as he let out a sigh.
"Y/N, I cannot control myself around you. The moment I saw you tonight I had this sudden urge and I need to satisfy it...now," Norman practically growled as he looked up at you, his pupils blown out.
"But sir I don't understand?" your red lips parted as your eyes flickered from his blue eyes down to his lips.
Was this a dream? There was no way that this was real life you thought.
"After seeing you tonight I've noticed that you've grown up into a beautiful and intelligent young woman and it's so hard not to tear off your clothes right now," his gaze wandered down your body.
You didn't say a thing as you were lost in thought.
Norman Osborn wanted you.
Just the thought enough made you weak at the knees.
"Do you want this or not?" his voice was assertive as he stared at the young woman in front of him.
"Yes," she breathed as he immediately went feral and pinned you against the wall.
"This is what you wanted at the end of the day huh? For your best friend's father to do this," he mocked as he traced your red lips with the pad of his index finger.
You whimpered under his touch and you immediately felt attracted by his newfound sense of confidence that washed over him.
This was so wrong but it felt so right.
He kissed you harshly as you immediately melted into the kiss and brought your hands up to fist his hair.
Your hands in his hair just spurred him on further as a groan elicited from his lips and he attacked your lips.
Norman didn't know if it was him or his alter ego in control.
"You're so beautiful my darling, your lips are just enchanting," he whispered as he kissed you once again as you got lost in his skill as he nipped at your lips making a moan come out of you.
"Mr. Osborn where are you-" a voice started but immediately stopped.
The two of you sprung apart as you both were face to face with a frightened man in a suit.
You felt anger radiating off of Norman's form.
"What is it?" he growled as you put a gentle hand on him, calming him slightly.
"You're needed back in the grand hall, Mr. Osborn I apologize for interrupting you," the poor man squeaked as he scurried away.
"Looks like this will have to be continued," Norman said as he glanced down at his suit and started towards the direction of the ballroom.
"I guess so but there was no need to terrify that poor guy!" you cried as the older man shook his head slightly.
"He interrupted us, my dear, I was having a good time," he put an arm around you as butterflies filled your stomach.
"What am I going to tell, Harry?" you questioned aloud, a sense of worry building in your system.
"Just tell him that you were powdering your nose," he smirked down at you as a heavenly sigh came from you.
"Oh, Mr. Osborn," you scoffed.
"Please call me, Norman, Y/N, there's no need for a sense of formality between us especially when what we'll be doing later won't be so formal," a sultry smirk formed on his face as you rolled his eyes.
"We'll see," you said.
"Oh, it'll happen," Norman stroked your back as chills went up to your spine.
"I'll walk in first and then you can follow," he said as you arrived at the entrance of the hall.
You nodded.
"What about that guy from earlier, the guy that caught us. What if he tells someone?" you asked worriedly.
Norman put a hand to your cheek, his thick eyebrows furrowing.
"My dear I will make sure that he is taken care of, we'll be safe," his voice was gentle as he walked into the hall without another word, making you miss his sweet touch.
You walked in a few minutes later as Harry ran up to you putting his big hands on your shoulders.
"Are you okay? Where were you all this time?" he asked, his eyes clearly concerned.
"Oh just freshened up in the bathroom, I'm alright Harry there's no reason to be upset," you coaxed.
"Alright I was just..." he trailed off as you grabbed his hand and drew circles on it.
"Come, let's go get a drink, that'll make you feel better," you led him over to the drink station.
From across the ballroom, you could see Norman talking with other scientists who looked eager to meet the infamous man.
He paused for a moment just to stare at you, a smirk plastered on his face as he nursed a glass of champagne.
Lord the things this man did to you.
You kept your eyes on him and he kept his on yours.
This was going to be a fun little exchange.
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strangerthingswaffles · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
A door opens to a room, with a unbreakable glass prison inside, and a girl inside of it
"Has she made progress..?" Papa sighed, walking towards her as she makes building blocks float around. "Yes sir. Her power has grown quite alot, she could be even more powerful than him." Papa nods, "She will make a strong child along with him..continue her training. And the next time I come, they will both meet.."
Right when Papa left she chokes the guards that were with her, then destroys the blocks out of anger for her Papa...
"Hello Papa..." Two children say getting up, as they were playing with two toy cars. You finally left that hell hole you were originally in, now in a new one, but you only thought you were here so you could protect Papa. He took the two children out of the room, and told you to stay there.
Rolling your eyes, you look around the room, seeing so many kids, which made your heart break, knowing what these kids are going through. One kid caught your attention, they just sat there? Not playing, or talking to the other kids. Not wanting to stand any longer, you walk over to them.
Getting down on your knees, the kid looks up at you, and reviles that they are a girl. You give her a warm smile, but she looks back down..
"Hello, I'm 000, or Y/n." She then looks back up at you, they look surprised that you would speak to them.
"I-I'm Eleven.." She stutters, making you smile even more.
"Its nice very nice to meet you, Eleven. Why do you not play with the others, I might ask?"
Eleven looks down once again. "I don't- I just...don't want to.."
You touch her head, and rub it a bit. "Can you a least play with me..?" Tilting your head head to the side as you ask.
She quickly nods, and runs to get something.
"Hm, she seems to take a Interest in you." You flinch at the sudden voice. Standing up, you look behind you, a male with hair smiles at you. "Oh! Yeah, I guess she does.."
He let's out chuckle. "Its pleasure to meet, but..I've never seen you here before. Why is that?"
"I came from somewhere really, really..far from here. My name 000, or Y/n. What ever you prefer, I don't mind. Your name..is...?"
"My, were are my manners. I'm 001, but Peter is fine.." He then give you a loving smile, which you don't take mind to, just seeing it as a friendly smile..
Eleven soon comes back with building blocks in her arms, with an adorable smile on her face. She looks at 001, who gives her a some what forced smile, but still in a act of kindness. He leaves, saying good bye to the both of you.
As Peter walks to a seat, he looks on at Y/n and Eleven as they build a tower with the blocks Eleven brought. He continues to look on...having great plans for the both of them....𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐬..
A/n: First chapter done! I just wanna say this, Eleven is like..at least 5-7 years old in this. Other than that, thx for reading! Byeeeee!
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awkward-sultana · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Almost) Every Costume Per Episode + Catherine’s blue velvet jacket in 1x03,6
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ub-sessed · a year ago
"Do it well or I will cut your prefect cock off, as it is a useless appendage if you cannot use it to bring joy."
Peter does have some charming qualities.
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jamesisasimp · a month ago
"You do realize how creepy this is, right?" Remus asks from his left.
"And... we're still going through with it?"
Look, James Potter doesn't fancy himself much of one for gossip, but it isn't every day Hogwarts gets exchange students. Normally he wouldn't be going so out of his way to get a glimpse of them before the rest of the school. It's just that, rumor has it, one of them's been sorted into Gryffindor. The one of the brother's that's a sixth year too.
And it just so happens it's their dormitory that's got an extra bed after Paladin moved to Germany.
So, yes, James has made their arrival his own personal concern and will be seeing to it as such.
Thank you very much.
Even if doing so relies on the three of them laying on their stomachs underneath the stairwell in the entrance hall, peering through the gap where the top of the fourth stair doesn't quite sit right. The space is too short for Remus and too tight for Peter but James doesn't want to hear about how Peter's fingers are going numb - this is important! And the only place they'll have such a good view of the doors unnoticed.
Besides, he's the one sandwiched between them, so he's not doing too merry now either.
"I don't think James cares, Pete," Remus cranes his neck to talk around him. "He's too excited to meet his new boyfriend."
James rolls his eyes and jabs his elbow in what he hopes is Remus's ribs and not his tit.
"Shut up, I'm just lookin' out for the integrity of our dorm. We don't know what this bloke's gonna-" He cuts himself off abruptly when he hears the telltale clunk of the door's lock and immediately swivels back around the peer through the crack. "Seriously shut the fuck up, it's them."
He vaguely hears Remus mutter something about obsessive behavior, but James doesn't take it to heart, because Remus is nearly pressed up cheek to cheek with him to get a good look too.
"Do you think he'll like wizard's chess?" Peter whispers, squinting at the crack.
"I hope he'll be more quiet than you two," Remus's sighs, feigning apathy.
"Quiet!" James hisses and watches as the great doors yawn open. "Here they come..."
It's just passed dinnertime and raining, so the only light to see by are the candles and the glowing tips of three wands as the door thuds shut again. James squints harder to try and get his eyes to adjust, but it's no use because Filtch is blocking the view with the luggage he's dragging in. He hears Dumbledore's voice first.
"And, of course," he's going on, "should you need any assistance with adjusting to having your lessons given in English-"
"I think we'll be able to manage, sir," another voice cuts in, heavy with an accent.
James can just make out two figures in the light of the headmaster's wand as one of them, the taller, takes off his hat, and the other shrugs off a cloak. Unfortunately they're nothing but silhouettes from this distance.
"Our parents did have the nanny teach us both languages growing up. Though, and I talked with Professor Mcgonagall about this in our letters, I was a bit concerned about the compatibility of our classes..."
"Why does he sound like that?" Peter cuts in.
"They're transferring from Beauxbatons, remember?" Remus turns to look at him and nearly knocks the glasses off James's face because they're so close.
They settle again after a bit of shuffling.
"They're French, Pete," he finally finishes his explanation. "And they sound like privileged pretentious snobs too, if that's what you meant."
James pushes his glasses up. "I'm a privileged pretentious snob," he reminds him.
"No. You're a privileged self-aware snob, James. There's a big difference."
"They could actually be nice underneath it all, is all I'm saying."
"You did say you wanted an academic," Peter adds.
"In the meantime, I wanted to offer you both dinner in the Great Hall before we take you to your dormitories for the night." Dumbledore's voice is getting louder now as the group passes the threshold of the archway, stepping into the warm candlelight.
Suddenly, Remus and Peter are interested again.
Even if James didn't know the two of them were brothers, he wouldn't have had to guess. It's not obvious in that they're spitting images of one another, but the similarities are immediate. The dark hair and pale skin, and even the way they walk. The drying spell is still working on their clothes, so the way they step against the heavy fabric is nearly identical. Still, James focuses in on the taller one, the one that's been talking, because he's their new roommate.
His hair is long enough to be held back with a clip and he's not in uniform yet, instead sporting a dark leather jacket and a shirt with a logo James doesn't recognize. His hands are in the pockets of his sweatpants. He looks... cool. Definitely the type James could see himself liking and the three of them befriending, easily.
"The fuck does that mean?" Remus mutters beside him, and James realizes he hasn't actually been listening.
"Yeah, we should be fine to have breakfast with the others in the morning," their future roommate is telling Dumbledore as the two trunks Filtch had been struggling with levitate and float off in different directions, one up and one down. "It's just that tonight... would've been too much of a scene, you know?"
"Of course. And Hogwarts is nothing if not accommodating to your situation." Dumbledore turns and starts leading the conversation up the stairs, where James, Remus, and Peter can't currently follow. "If the other students give you any trouble, I'll handle it."
"Thank you, Professor," their roommate replies and starts to follow him up, but his younger brother's hand grabs his sleeve.
"Thanks for asking. Again," he says. His accent is softer.
And they can't see their roommates face from this angle, but it sounds like he's smiling. "I'm sure they'll let you take advanced astronomy, Reg."
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thebonerpit · 3 months ago
Haven’t been able to get that post with Tom and his delicate little necklaces out of my head and now all I want is this?
Thor invites a bunch of Avengers to Asgard (pre-Ragnarok I guess) for a traditional celebration which is basically just a week-long party, so of course everyone accepts, including Peter and Tony. Once they get there Loki immediately latches on to Peter which makes Tony incredibly nervous.
“Do not worry, Stark, my brother is just fond of him!”
“Fond of him? Is that even possible for Loki? If he tries to hurt him--”
“Oh Loki has tried to harm me many times, it’s all in good fun. Here, have some more wine.”
Tony is obviously not pleased but what else can he do but watch him and Loki giggling over their cups of wine and Loki weaving Asgardian roses through Peter’s curls and Peter kissing him softly on the cheek, his own skin pink from the alcohol.
The jealousy builds until one evening Tony finally decides to confront Loki, but of course Loki manages to grab him first.
“Stark. Follow me. I have a gift for you.”
“The literal last thing I want from you is a gift.”
“Oh trust me, you will want this one. It is a true honour bestowed only upon the finest warriors. A prize to celebrate their victories in battle.”
Tony wants to resist but he’s already pretty deep in the Asgardian mead so what the hell, he follows Loki who shoves him through the door of a massive bedroom, grins, and locks the door behind him.
“Great. Fantastic. When can I expect the spike trap to fall on my head?!” Tony yells through the door.
“I think you’re safe, sir.” 
Tony whirls around to see Peter. He’s laid out on the huge bed in the middle of the room, dripping in delicate gold chains. They look like spiderwebs - how appropriate - and shimmer against his pale skin. Some are attached to rings on his fingers, cuffs on his ears, and oh god there are ruby and gold clamps attached to his pretty pink nipples too. It should be noted that he is wearing nothing BUT the chains.
He looks divine. He looks beautiful. He looks like a gift.
“Loki said it was an Asgardian tradition,” Peter says softly, “and that... that you would like the red and gold. Do you like it, Mr. Stark?”
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peterparkersgirlfriend1 · 3 months ago
Underoos! || Dad!Peter Parker x fem! Stark! Reader
Y’all I’ve been shadowbanned for the past month so enjoy a bunch of new fanfics this weekend :,)
Tumblr media
“And what are you doing up, little miss?” Tony looked at his precious granddaughter who now turned her attention to him away from her dolls. She stumbled towards him, reaching her arms out to him. “Hello pumpkin.” Tony cooed picking up his now one year old granddaughter.
“Y/n? Peter?” Tony called out to see neither of you in sight.
“Mr. Stark! I mean, Mr. Tony… Sir.” Peter scrambled into the living room where Tony stood with his daughter in hands.
“Now, that you’re my son in law. I think it’s okay to call me Tony. Actually I prefer Sir.” Tony took a seat on the couch, wrapping Sunny in a fluffy pink blanket. “No wait, Lord Tony.” He gave a cocky smirk.
Peter had bags under his eyes and struggled to keep his focus on your father. “R-Right.”
“Hi, Dad?” You blinked upon seeing your father. “I thought you were out of town?”
“Got back early. I decided to come see my girls and see if Spiderling over here was taking care of you two.” He shot Peter a look before looking back at you, laundry basket in hands. “My God, Princess! You look exhausted. Parker, why aren’t you helping my daughter out?”
Before Peter could reply, you spoke up. “Dad.” You groaned. “Peter and I are both exhausted from helping out today. He’s a great dad, you don’t need to give him the third degree.”
Tony rolled his eyes. “Y/n, I’ll give anyone I want the third degree.” Tony stood up and walked over towards you, talking the laundry basket out of your hand and setting it on the coffee table. “Sit down Princess. I’ve got this.”
You sighed of relief and sat on the couch between Sunny and Peter. You picked Sunny up and rocked her gently in your lap. You leaned on Peter gently as he wrapped his hands over you both.
You continued to rock Sunny soothingly. “Well, uh, this morning Peter left early for patrol and Sunny helped me make pancakes.” You smiled sweetly at your daughter who returned a sweet grin back and giggled as you caressed her hair.
“Eventful day I see.” Tony remarked. “I remember when Y/n was Sunny’s age.” He reminisced. “It was just yesterday when my little girl was one. I will never forget the day when you said your first word. You had ran into my arms after a mission ‘Dada! Dada!’” Tony chucked. After pausing, an unreadable expression popped onto Tony’s face. “Don’t tell me I missed Sunny’s first word?”
“No! Dad, of course we would tell you.”
Peter rubbed the back of his neck. "Actually, we've been trying to work on that. Yet no luck."
Tony thought for a second. "Are you reading to her?”
"Every night."
"Singing to her?"
"Every night," Peter sighed. "I always sing her Itsy Bitsy Spider before bed."
"How Fitting" Tony chuckled.
"Well, then. I bet I could get her talking by the end of the night.”
"You're kidding." Both of you and Peter were stunned.
"Watch and learn."
"Okay, spidering let's hear those pipes.
"Okay, okay.?" Peter carefully picked up sunny as she reached out for him. He sat her gently on his lap and bounced her slightly. You sat back watching as Peter began to sing.
"The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout." Peter clapped to the tune as Sunny followed suit mocking his movements. "Down came the rain, and washed the spider out. Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again!"
Sunny continued to giggle and kept a gleeful grin on her face as she watched Peter sing.
"Come on cookie." Peter pouted. "Say Dada- or Mama." He begged. Sunny looked back up at Peter with her dark brown eyes. Peter sighed and caressed her cheek, giving her a sweet smile. "It's okay, angel take your time."
"Dad it's getting late, we should tuck Sunny in. I think she would love a story from her Grandpa.
A smirk peeled onto Tony's lips. He had something up his sleeve.
You, Peter and Tony sat on Sunny's bed. She settled in with her favorite stuffed animal, a purple, fluffy dog and sat up against her pillows.
"Cookie, what book do you feel like tonight?" Peter glanced over to her mini library, full of children's books.
"I got this one, Spiderling." Tony smirked. "I don't need a book, I've got it memorized." You raised an eyebrow wondering what the hell your father was up to.
"Okay, little miss. I'm going to tell you a classic.” Tony crossed his leg and cleared his throat. “There once was a sweaty, awkward but very kind teenage boy. He might have been a superdork, but he was probably one of the smartest and kindest people to ever walk the Earth. One day, mega dork got bit by a venomous spider and did not go to a hospital for some unknown reason." Tony rolled his eyes. "Mega dork began fighting crime and whatnot because the venomous spider actually turned out to be a magical venomous spider.”
"Dad-" you softly interrupted.
Tony glared at you and Peter. "Mega dork ended up meeting a handsome,handsome man, Howard Potts, a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist." You looked up at your father and realized what he was onto. You glanced quickly at Peter who smiling sweetly when he realized.
"Anyways, Mega dork ended up befriend Howard and being one of his greatest and loyalist companions. After some time megadork actually ended up going by Underoos. You know fighting crime and stuff, you need a cool nickname." Tony shrugged. “So Underoos became one of the greatest heroes of all time, next to Howard of course. Then after a while, Howard introduced Underoos to his beautiful, beautiful daughter, Princess Y/n." Sunny began to giggle at every-time Tony said the word, Underoos.
"Next thing he knows, "Next thing he knows, Underoos was at his front doorstep begging to marry Princess Y/n. At first Howard told him to go take a hike, but after some time, he realized how much Underoos and Princess Y/n loved each other. Underoos even risked his life, and the entire universe to save her!" Tony smiled at Sunny's vivid expressions.
"So, Princess Y/n and Underoos got married and had a beautiful, beautiful baby girl. And, they all lived happily ever after." Sunny clapped her hands as Tony took a half bow. "Underoos! Underoos!" Sunny giggled. You and Peter's mouths practically dropped at hearing your daughter speak for the first time.
Her first ever words. "Baby!" you gasped. "My baby's said her first words!" You gushed. "Say it for Dada, one more time!" Peter urged.
"Underoos!" Sunny exclaimed.
"Oh my gosh! This is third most happiest moment of my life! I have the smartest kid in the world!" Peter pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Dada is so, so proud of you!"
You and Peter continued gushing over Sunny's first word, she kept repeating Underoos over and over again until she began drifting asleep.
After tucking her in finally, you closed the door halfway behind you, as you, Tony, and Peter walked out of Sunny's room.
"How did you know that was gonna work?" You whispered.
"I didn't." Tony grinned. "I thought it was worth a try."
"I'm too happy to care!" Peter whisper yelled.
"She can call me Underoos for the rest of her life." Peter had the most genuine and happy smile tugging at his lips. "I can't believe I was my daughter's first words."
"Well, you deserve it because you're the best dad Sunny could ask for." You pressed a kiss to "Well, you deserve it because you're the best dad Sunny could ask for." You pressed a kiss to his cheek.
"I'm glad I have such an amazing husband like you Underoos." You giggled
"Why, thank you Mrs. Underoos!" Peter pressed a gentle kiss to your lips.
"Yeah, Underoos Shunderoos." Tony mocked. "I get to be a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist.”
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spideyanakin · 5 months ago
Say Cheese
Peter Parker x reader
Synopsis - when Peter starts to sell pictures of himself to gain some money, he doesn’t know he’s actually stealing your job.
I saw this post by @imposterogers and wanted to say thank you because you’ve seriously inspired me to write this 😌
And thank you to @illicitlimerence-writes for giving me ideas <3
Masterlist 🧚🏻‍♀️
Peter Parker Masterlist 🌻
Tumblr media
"Say cheese, Spider-man" you muttered under your breath as you clicked the familiar button of your camera - catching once again another perfect picture of him.
Looking back to the small screen of your camera you looked at the beautiful shot. This one had to be one of your new favorite, and you had to bite your lip to prevent yourself from smiling at how beautiful it looked.
He was swinging in mid air, a new web shooting right from the cuff on his wrist as he released the one he had just shot. The sun was slowly setting on New York, and the windows of some buildings were mirroring the bright ball of light that was slowly fading to orange.
This was the picture perfect setting, and you made your perfect picture.
“Thanks Spidey” You smiled to yourself, watching him leave further and further into the distance of buildings. You knew you’d never be able to catch up to get other shots of him. But that was ok, the ones you had were pretty great already.
You sighed in content as you checked the picture again. It was one of your best work and you were seriously proud. This one would go well on the daily bugle’s social media, or on the latest Spider-Man related news special.
You slipped in your car and in a few minutes you were back at the office.
Smiling at your co-workers as you made your way to your desk, you dropped all your heavy bags and melted in your chair in relief. Another long day of chasing spider man around to get a good photo. Another day of running around the city and checking social media to find him - and today wasn’t disappointing.
You removed your sneakers just to stretch your feet, thanking your coworker and friend when she walked to you with a warm cup of tea and cookies. Handing you an understanding smile.
"How was today?"
"Amazing." You threw your head back and closed your eyes as tiredness settled in you. "I got the perfect shots." You smiled. "I found him twice today and got enough shots to make at least a week worth of press"
"That’s amazing!"
"Plus I got my favorite shot of him so far." You opened your eyes again and lifted your head. "He looks really good in that one." You bit your lip as you thought back to the picture.
"Oh no- you’re going to crush on him again." She made a dramatic sigh, rolling her eyes at you.
"No I’m not!" You defended but it sounded so fake even you didn’t believe it yourself.
"Yeah sure." She took a sip of her own tea. "I’ll leave you to work, I have articles to make."
"Thanks for the tea."
The next hour was spent editing the pictures and trying to find the best ones out of your lot. Half were blurry and the other half needed some serious editing - but you had done a pretty good job. You scrolled through most of your pictures, and suddenly you fell on your favorite one. You didn’t even know how you managed to take such a beautiful piece.
The red of his suit reflected so well with the sunlight it took your breath away.
This would definitely become your new lock screen.
Maybe your crush for him did come back…
"I see you’ve done a great job today" you jumped when a deep voice bothered your admiration. You turned around, trying your best to smile when the one and only John Jonah Jameson Jr was towering over you, looking at your computer in agreement.
"I really like this one, Sir." You looked back to the sun set one.
"It’s really good. Anything else?" You knew this question would come - he was always quick to change the subject.
"These too." You scrolled to the ones of him sitting on a ledge, eating something you recognised to be a burrito.
"These also." You clicked a few times and the pictures changed to him fighting some rando with a gun.
"YES THIS IS WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR! BRILLIANT! I want this on tomorrow’s headlines!”
"Good as done, chief."
You double checked the Daily Bugle’s Instagram one last time as you felt proud of your picture. The beautiful sunset mixed with the grace of Spider-Man - it was everything you wished for in a picture and the sight of it made you smile.
Holding onto your camera bag a little tighter, you scanned your badge at the entrance and jumped on your heels in happiness.
Another day of trying to find Spider-Man, and another day for potential amazing pictures.
"Hey Lizzie" you cheered as the elevator opened.
"O- ah- hey Y/n" she seemed to have a weird look on her face and gulped, sprinting into the elevator.
You raised an eyebrow before turning around to the large office full of desks, your face falling when you saw your boss talking with a boy around your age by your desk. You frowned even more. The closer you got to your desk the more you realized that everything had been packed into a cardboard box. The desk was squeak clean waiting for someone new to leave their marks.
"Hello?" You awkwardly stood next to J. Jonah Jameson and the boy "Why is my desk all empty?"
"Ah Y/n! I'm glad to announce that you’re free from your job!"
"Sorry?" You blinked wondering if you’d heard him right.
"Yeah! I found Peter here to replace you. You’re free."
The boy you now knew as Peter gave you a small wave, and your mouth fell open in disbelief.
"Look at his work!" Jameson shoved a few pictures into your hands and you took a second to look at them.
They were indeed incredible and you had to hide your admiration when you realized you were angry at the situation.The pictures were from up so close you wondered how in the world he’d manage to take such beautiful shots.
Looking at a close picture of spider man you realized some details of his new suit you’d never seen before. Like the way the fabric was sewn into at the sides, or how it had a shiny coating that was barely visible
Suddenly you were even more mad at Peter.
"Sir you can’t fire me." You blurted out as you handed him the pictures. "I’ve been working so hard-"
"Fire you? Of course not! How am I firing you when this was a friendly service? You walked into my office with these pictures, I said ‘would you like to have your office here with a guarantee that I would buy your pictures every time you make some’. You said yes, now it's not firing you if I’m just offering this to someone else." He started laughing at you and you saw Peter’s face slowly decomposing.
You, on the other hand, felt your eyes starting to water. Your fist closed on itself and your nails started making marks on your palms. Without another word, you grabbed your box of stuff - wiping a hot tear that escaped and left.
How could they replace you like this?
You spent years dreaming of an opportunity like this and now some random guy with a few pictures of spider man had stolen it in seconds.
Anger bubbled in your stomach as you climbed the stairs of your apartment. Dropping the box and your photography equipment down on your doorstep, you sat on the top step of the hallway’s staircase, not feeling like walking into your brother’s apartment to tell him you had been fired.
You weren’t in the mood to get a lecture about how photography was a job for losers and people who were dumb and didn’t know what to do with their lives. You didn’t want to have him repeat ‘you’ll just end up in the streets’ and have his point proven by the fact that you were now jobless. He would tell you to just stop these stupid dreams and go to college.
You stared at the staircase for a good ten minutes as you contemplated your life. Your eyes were getting more blurry by the minute and when enough tears accumulated on the rim of your eyelids - the sob you were holding finally made its escape.
All these days of standing in the cold, chasing after Spider-man were now worth nothing. You tried so hard to prove you were good enough so he’d keep you and make your job official. Now you had barely any money left from your last paycheck. Your asshole of a brother already asked for a rent that was so high you barely had anything left for food.
Suddenly you heard footsteps coming right up, and before you knew it you felt a guy stand a few steps down from you. You knew this wasn’t your brother - he was always home at that time of the day; locked in his game room making twitch lives.
“Sorry.” You mumbled as you scooted to the side to let him through. You wiped your eyes and grabbed the courage to lift your head to see him - your face falling even more.
You recognized that face - it was the boy who stole your job.
“Are you following me?”
“Oh my god you’re the girl from the Daily Bugle.” He sighed as if he was relieved to see you. “You don’t know how guilty I’ve been feeling.” He put a hand to his chest and you blinked.
“I didn’t know I was stealing your job.” He eyed your equipment.
You narrowed your eyes for a second, happy that he didn’t make a comment on your crying.
“What floor do you live on?”
“You’re the new guy who moved in two weeks ago aren’t you?”
“Yeah.” He scratched the back of his head and you nodded. “I’m seriously sorry for stealing your job-”
“Please don’t be.” You cut him. “Jameson has a reputation for being like this” You looked at him and took your time to admire his traits - he looked pretty handsome if you were honest. “The second someone takes better pictures you’re out.” You pointed at him. “But I saw your work… You’re really good, Peter.” For a second he looked confused until you said “I remembered your name from the office. Jameson said it.”
He nodded and a short silence fell in between the two of you. You took that time to blow your nose and wipe your eyes again.
“So I’m guessing you didn’t want to be free of this job?”
“Not really.” You gave out a dry chuckle. “Kind of liked and needed that job.” You played with your fingernails as you tried to avert his gaze.
“I checked out your work on instagram.” He blurted. “It’s really good.”
Really good for someone who isn’t Spider-man - he wanted to say.
“Thanks.” You mumbled.
“What can I do to make it up to you?” Peter sat next to you, making you lift your gaze to him, raising an eyebrow. “I really feel bad - and plus I just got like 300 bucks from Jameson so I can pay whatever as long as I still have some left to pay my rent.”
“I hate you so much.” You chuckled, and butterflies bloomed in Peter’s stomach at the sound of your laugh. “That money was supposed to be mine. I had an even bigger paycheck.”
“You did?”
“Yeah! I’ve been working for him for months!”
“Alright, where am I taking you today?”
After dropping all your photo equipment in your brother’s living room and walking a few blocks with Peter. Both of you found yourselves sitting at your new favorite coffee shop. Something called the Birdhouse that you swore made the best banana breads in all Queens.
“So how long have you taken pictures of Spider-man?” Peter wondered as he brought his drink back to his lips. Smiling a little when he saw the glim in your eyes as you got ready to answer his question.
“I’ve always loved him. I remember when he started out and had this weird suit with those weird round little glasses and everything looked like it was out of his closet.” You giggled at the memory, and Peter felt his cheeks warm up. “He saved one of my friends, and since then I guess I’ve just always been in admiration.”
“So you don’t think he’s a criminal?”
“Of course not!” You exclaimed. “You can see that he means no harm. Just good. Jameson is just a bastard for thinking that of him. You don't have to be smart to realize that about him. Everyone he has ever saved it was for good, even if sometimes it backfired. He’s not a menace, far from being one.” hearing these words come out of your mouth made his heart swell in his chest. You looked down at your phone - behind the clear case was a picture of spider-man you had printed. It was now your second favorite after the one you had taken yesterday.
“You took this one?” Peter wondered as he looked at your phone with you.
“Yeah.” You nodded and stared at it a little more. “I love how you can almost see who Spider-man is, just from the way he’s positioned.” You gushed as you turned your phone around so the picture would be straight for Peter “you see how he’s looking out to the street? No one who has seen this picture knows this but me, but he was staring at a lost little kid on the street. The kid was wailing for his mom and just turning around, all lost. He stayed put right there on that ledge waiting to see if the mom got there. She did get there in the end, he made sure it was really his mother and left.”
Peter took a second to remember that day. He nodded only when the memory came back, an unknown feeling rising in his chest when he realized you noticed these little things. No one had ever done before and it warmed his heart in the cold of his recent events.
“So for me, you can see exactly who Spider-man is with this picture. That’s why I love taking pictures of him. Not because he’s spider man and I get paid good money for it, but because with photography you can see through people’s souls. The way they move, the way they react to the world around them. You can see all of this through a lense. And I enjoy Spider-Man’s soul too much not to share it with the world.”
At this point Peter had to do everything in him not to become bright tomatoe red. You were unknowingly throwing all these compliments at him. At the part of him that was Spider-Man. The part of his life that had been through so much and had been bashed on for years now.
“I’m sorry.” You mumbled. “I really like photography and I sometimes get carried away- Im telling you this because I think you’re someone who can understand-”
“Oh no- don’t worry, I totally understand,” he nodded. “I never saw it that way.”
“Good. You don’t take me for a crazy person obsessed with Spider-man” you joke and you took a new sip of your drink, grabbing a piece of your banana Bread. “ I have to ask.” You spoke up when you finished chewing on your cake. You grabbed your phone from the middle of the table and opened up a picture of Spider man that was signed Peter Parker. “How do you make such good shots? The details of the suits are just so visible, I never got that close to him.”
Suddenly it seemed to have triggered something in Peter because he started trying to stutter out a reply.
“I um-” He scratched the back of his head. “I guess I’ve tried finding every single place he goes to regularly and hide there.”
“Really?” You raised an eyebrow. “Doesn’t he see you? or like feel you? I thought he had some kind of sensing thing. Every time I tried to do that he just swung away.”
“I- I guess I’ve just been lucky.” He stuttered out and you raised an eyebrow.
“You must be very lucky then”
“Peter?” You said over the phone as you rolled off the couch you used as a bed.
“Yeah?” Peter smiled at the sound of your voice.
“Can I come up and borrow one of your cameras? I need it for a project today mine is currently at the repair guy.” You bit your lip.
“Um sure. I have an extra camera but it doesn’t give the best pictures.”
“That’s ok!” You beamed as you put your shoes on. “I’m coming up.”
Before you knew it you were knocking on Peter’s door and it swung open. You smiled at the sight of him.
He was still in his pyjamas, his hair all ruffled and curly. The faint smell of bacon and eggs filled the apartment, and you looked just behind his shoulder to see it cook.
“Hi.” You beamed.
“Come in.” He smiled, making room for you to enter.
“Well thank you.” You giggled. “Your apartments cosy.” You noticed. “My brother’s is maybe bigger but yours feels more homy.” you said as you looked around.
You noticed a board with a few pictures of spider-man. All his camera equipment stuffed in a corner, and his bed all well made with a blue bed sheet.
“You want something? Like a tea or a coffee?” He stuttered a little on his words and it warmed your heart.
“I could do with a tea.” He nodded at your reply and turned around to make it.
“You can sit if you like.” He pointed to the little table with had two chairs on each side. “So what’s this project? Another chasing of spider-man?”
“Not this time.” Your smile turned a little. “I haven’t told my brother i got fired yet, so I tried to rush to get a job. This crazy lady is giving me 200 dollars to make a photoshoot of her cat.”
“Her cat?” Peter held in a laugh.
“Yeah apparently she wants to make a calendar with pictures of her cat for every month of the year.” You laughed to yourself. “God what am I doing.” You groaned which made Peter chuckle.
“I mean if it’s any help at all, I’m sure I’ll get overthrown by someone who makes better spiderman pictures one day.” He tried.
“Stop it.” You shook your head. “If you make better pictures of him than I do, then no one can take your spot.”
“Can’t you find another magazine or show that would take your pictures?”
“I’m not sure… They all use the ones from the Daily Bugle.” You frowned. “Too much work I guess.”
“I’m really sorry, you know?”
“Please don’t be, Peter.”
“But I am!”
“You don’t need to be.” You smiled as he placed the warm teacup in front of you. You watched carefully as he went to his pile of stuff and grabbed a small camera. “Here.”
“Thanks.” You looked at it and smiled when you spotted P.P written in gold. You looked to it and back to Peter, with a slight raise in your eyebrows.
“Hey don’t judge me.” He chuckled. “Like this no one can steal it”
“I think it’s a good idea Peter.” You smiled as you looked at it and traced the letters with your finger. “I should do the same”
A comfortable silence fell in between the two of you. You took your time to enjoy your tea while Peter fumbled with his food until it was ready and put his plate on the table, sitting next to you.
"You sure you want nothing to eat?"
"Yeah I'm good thanks." He nodded, digging in his breakfast.
After a few comfortable seconds he got an idea.
"Hey Y/n?"
"Would you like to go on a date?" His bold move made you raise your eyebrow - taking your time to register what he said.
When the information was settled in your mind, you straightened your back and smiled.
"I can't today but how about tomorrow? 7?"
"Yeah I'm free then." You couldn't help the bright smile that appeared on your traits.
"Alright." Peter's smile made your heart melt. "A date it is"
Sighing as you walked out of the building, a little shiver passed through you.
Shouldering your photo bag you thought back to the weirdest 4 hours of your life. The cat lady making you take 13 different pictures of her cat.
But you were happy with your 300 dollar check. Money was money, and it could make push you telling your brother about your job loss for a little while longer.
Looking up at the sky you frowned, a bad feeling munching at your gut. Night had already fallen and you hated going out alone after dark more than anything.
Sighing as you pocketed your hands, making a mental calculation of how long it would take you to get home.
Walking through the bright street, your mind wandered about what Peter was doing. Was he chasing through New York to find Spider-man? Was he working on photoshopping his work in what use to be your office at the daily bugle?
That line of through distracted you from hearing a group screaming and running behind you. They were running to fast that they passed right in front of you, bumping into you as they did.
You didn't realize what was happening until they started getting guns out and running into the bank a few meters away.
You were stuck to the floor as the event registered, but blinking your confusion out of your eyes you decided to run the other way, quickly crossing the street.
You wanted to run away but a white flash and light noise caught your attention. Looking up you noticed spider-man going straight through the door, but what really caught your eye was the webs that stuck to the streetlamp.
Squinting your eyes your noticed a camera tangling in the webs. Suddenly it snapped a shot of the bank scene and you jumped when it did.
"What the fuck." You wondered out loud, grabbing your camera and zooming in the webs to make sure you weren't tripping and truly seeing a camera.
It was a camera indeed, one of the best ones out there. The more you looked at it the more your frowned deepened. Your eyes went wide when you saw two small golden letters on the side P.P
Too shocked, you dropped you lowered your camera and looked towards the show of flying dollars and broken glass that was happening.
You watched as Spider-man webbed off every villain and swung off, grabbing his camera before flying into the distance.
P.P - That looked awfully like Peter's camera.
Something clicked in you.
It made so much sense...
Either Peter and Spider-man had somewhat of an agreement. Or either Peter was Spider-man.
Peter who had just moved upstairs. Peter who was often in a rush. Peter who had light bruises on his cheek bones. Peter who was somehow always over protective.
The same Peter who always insisted on bringing you home.
Maybe Peter was Spider-man?
He would just take selfies of himself and sell them for money?
What the actual fuck?
"Hey Y/n" Peter greeted as you opened the door of your brother's apartment. "Ready for our date?" He beamed.
"Yeah." You looked at him up and down and tried to analyze him.
He had a faint bruise on his jawline, but it was barely visible. He was dressed all nicely, his hair pushed back which gave you a clear vision of his pretty traits.
"Alright let's go!" He smiled, and the two of you started walking down the staircase.
Like the gentleman Peter was, he pushed the chair for you waiting that you were well settled before taking a seat in front of you.
You looked at him as he gave you one of the brightest smiles, his eyes drifting to the menu.
You fell into peaceful shatter, wondering when you were finally going to spit the fact that you knew he was spider-man.
After doing a battle for the check and Peter basically throwing his credit card at the poor guy, the two of you fell into a peaceful walk around Queens.
"Can I tell you something?" Peter stopped in the middle of the side walk, reaching for your hand. You let him wrap his fingers around yours, his stare being fixed to yours. "I really like you" He sighed, making you laugh a little.
"I really like you too, Peter"
"You do?" His face lit up.
"Yeah." You nodded and Peter smiled as he leaned forward to get closer to you.
"You mind if I do this then?" He smirked a little before cupping your cheek with his free hand, and leaned forward until the gap between you would be gone.
Smiling into the kiss, you let your free hand travel to his neck. Playing with the back of his hair, you let yourself fall into the moment. For just a second forgetting the fact that he was Spider-man.
The rest of the evening was spent walking across a cute park, hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder.
"Oh my god, you won't believe the super cool pictures of Spider-man I took yesterday." Peter said out of the blue.
"Yesterday?" You raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah- haven't you heard? There was a robbery not far from here, and I was lucky enough to be there and take like the coolest pics ever. Look!" He grabbed his phone and showed you his perfect shots.
If you weren't sure that Peter was Spider-man, you were sure now.
The same exact angle from where the camera had been webbed, the same place, same time of day, same robbers.
"What's this?" you pretended to frown as you pointed to a small blurry white line in the corner of the pictures.
"Oh" He frowned when he noticed. "It must have been some dust on my lease or something." He mentally beated himself for his webs showing on the picture.
"Yeah." You smirked. "Or maybe one of spider-man's webs?" you offered.
You watched as Peter decomposed himself in front of you. His entire face turned white as he looked at you, cold sweat dripping now his neck.
Fuck - he told himself.
"You know I was truly wondering how you took these pictures." You continued. "You little asshole just take pictures of yourself." You chuckled. "That's very smart though, credit where its due."
"I-" All the words were stripped from him.
"Please, Peter." You laughed at his reaction. "I realized when I saw your camera webbed to the streetlamp. Putting your initials on the camera? Brilliant idea but not when you're spider-man" You smirked at the stupidity of it.
Peter was stunned. He knew he couldn't fight this one. You knew and he didn't mind that you did. For once after the entire thing with Dr.Strange someone knew both sides of him, and it felt like you were ready to accept it.
"Damn" He mumbled. "You knew that writing my name on my camera would reveal my identity."
"Sorry." You chuckled. "So you are spider-man!" You said quieter this time.
"Kind of?"
"I knew it!" You jumped a little, the spark in your eyes making Peter smile.
"And you're not mad?"
"Oh I'm raging." You giggled. "But that's ok." Peter raised an eyebrow. "Because I have a way you can forgive me."
"And what's that?"
“I’ll forgive you for taking my job with, one condition.”
“What is it?” Peter smirked as he wrapped his arms around your waist.
“That you pose for me as Spider-man”
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chdarling-tle · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
“So,” said Sirius. “You hexed Bertha Jorkins.”
“The biggest tattletale in school.”
“Also yeah.”
“And you’re surprised you got a detention, why?”
James sighed and stabbed moodily at his potatoes. They were at dinner, and more than once his gaze had swept the Great Hall in search of Lily Evans…but she had not yet appeared. “I’m not surprised I got a detention, I’m just surprised Bertha took it all the way to Dumbledore. The Headmaster? Really? I mean — okay, I shouldn’t have hexed her, but all I did was momentarily shut her up.”  
“It was practically a public service,” agreed Peter with a sympathetic grimace.  
“It’s Bertha,” said Sirius. “If she had the option to go directly to the Headmaster to complain every time someone sneezed, she would. Though frankly, I’m more surprised Dumbledore was around to hear it. Your bad luck, I suppose.”
“Yeah. My bad luck.”
Bad luck, James couldn’t help but feel, was all he had these days, and it was bad luck indeed that though the Headmaster had been conspicuously absent from the castle for weeks on end, he just so happened to be passing through the entrance hall at precisely the moment Bertha’s tongue unstuck from the roof of her mouth. The wretched girl had barely waited the length of a swallow of spit to storm off and make her weepy complaint.
“He put a hex on me, Professor Dumbledore,” she’d whinged so loudly that anyone in the vicinity could easily overhear, “and I was only teasing him, sir, I only said I’d seen him kissing Florence behind the greenhouses last Thursday, and then he put a hex on me! Nearly choked me, he did!”
Read on AO3.
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kanataka-san · 3 months ago
How about
Peter getting captured by new villain and his siut doesn't work, his mask that hides his identy is gone, chains around his body and arms are made out of much stronger material than he though making him completely vulnerable to the group of masked man.
*long and unnecessary monologue from the boss*
Boss not wanting to get his hands dirty one of the villains sidekicks was told to trow the teen out of the 60th floor window and without hesistation pushed hero out of the bulding.
Not long after the same sidekick jumped out of it too catching the falling boy in his arms, desactivating the chains, turning on, the remaindings of spidey siut. Peter shood his weeb to the nearly bulding making them swing in the air and onto the rooftop with a thud making both of their sides colide with the cement.
(Y/N): *Takes something out of the pocket* Your mask-
Peter: But you already saw my-
(Y/N): I'm blind so no, don't worry..
*After small talk and hesitation the hero put on his mask and swing away*
*phone rings*
(Y/N): Mission complete
?: Great. Come back to base agent S
(Y/N): Yes sir.
Who's (Y/N)? Who was he talking to?
Tumblr media
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dreamerthinkerwisher · 6 months ago
This post contains MAJOR spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Read at your own peril!
Tumblr media
“With great power comes great responsibility.”
I watched Spider-Man: No Way Home yesterday!
This was probably the most anticipated marvel film of the year AND IT DELIVERED!
SNWH is the film that we wanted and most definitely the film that we deserved - especially for those of us who grew up with the Maguire and Garfield era of Spider-Man (this film had major nostalgia!).
⭐️ Film rating: 9/10 ⭐️
What I loved:
(So, so, so much! Here goes)
Warning: this list is loooonng!
🕷 Tom Holland. I remember when it was first announced he was going to be playing Spider-Man- I was hesitant; to me, he was unknown. However, Infinity War and Endgame showed me that this guy could act! Especially with emotional scenes and SNWH just took that even further.
🕷 When Peter took MJ away from the melee after his identity was revealed, they’re at the top of the bridge, with Peter face-timing Ned and they’re both going “Dude!”, whilst MJ is trying to maintain her balance
🕷 “Not the subway! Let’s not do that.”
🕷 Daredevil’s appearance, catching that brick and “I’m a very good lawyer.”
🕷 Flash Thompson’s response when he learns of Peter being Spider-Man: “NO!” and then later, “I’m Spider-Man’s best friend! Read it in my book!”
🕷 Wong being Sorcerer Supreme.
🕷 When casting the spell, Dr Strange being all like “What is a Ned?” “No, I’m not happy, I’m annoyed.”
🕷 Peter putting the fate of the universe at risk, before making the call to plead his case - this was Strange: 🤨.
🕷 Strange’s “Don’t call me sir.” Peter’s hesitant “Stephen?” and Strange’s “Feels weird but I’ll allow it”.
🕷 Dr Strange saying that given all they’ve been through, he forgets that Peter is just a kid (it’s easy for the audience to forget this as well).
🕷 Doc Ock’s entrance on the bridge! “Hello Peter.”
🕷 Peter gaining control of Doc Ock’s arms and playing with them in wonder - his thoughts: this is so cool!
🕷 Peter putting Doc Ock in timeout, saying he won’t let him out until he stops trying to fight him.
🕷 Green Goblin’s entrance and Doc Ock’s “Osborn?”
🕷 MJ’s “I know some magic words, please for one.” and Strange’s “Scooby-doo this shit, please.”
🕷 Doc Ock’s increasing confusion of being in another universe: “You’re not Peter.” “What is that?” “Magic?” “Who are they?” You could tell he was getting more and more exasperated 😂.
🕷 When the Spidey villains are trying to remember events past their death.
🕷 Ned and MJ supporting Peter in his decision to not send the spidey villains to their fate, giving them a second chance.
🕷 The whole Strange and Peter fight sequence! Peter defeating Strange with math! “This is geometry!”
🕷 Osborn being impressed with Peter’s skills and offering him a job, if he is willing to commute between universes.
🕷 May offering Doc Ock salt water because, you know 🐙
🕷 Doc Ock returning to himself, with the new installed chip, seeing the good person that he really is.
🕷 Peter’s tingle and the realisation that the Green Goblin is actually in control, not Osborn - Willem Dafoe’s acting and transformation in this scene!
🕷 The fight scene between Green Goblin and Peter - especially when Green Goblin is laughing maniacally as Peter punches him and also when Green Goblin is pulling Peter’s head back, Peter is bloody and bruised and telling May to run.
🕷 May picking up a metal pipe, ready to fight, as Green Goblin has Peter.
🕷 MAY’S DEATH SCENE!!!! 😭😭😭 May telling Peter that she just needs to take a breath and that he made the right choice. “With great power comes great responsibility.”
🕷 Ned using magic and creating portals! Seeing Garfield and Maguire!!! 🕷 🕷 (this caused a lot of surprise gasps in the theatre)
🕷 Garfield having to prove he’s Spider-Man, whilst MJ is armed with bread rolls.
🕷 Maguire coming through the portal in his civilian clothing and Ned being like “Oh, thank god, he’s just a regular guy.” (this caused many laughs in the theatre)
🕷 Garfield and Maguire having the talk with Holland, saying they understand loss (having lost uncle Ben - and Gwen for Garfield) and how going down the dark path doesn’t help.
🕷 When the three Spider-Men are working in the lab and Ned calls for “Peter?” They all turn responding “Yeah?” Ned trying to clarify “Peter Parker?” Garfield responding “That’s all of us.”
🕷 Ned promising, as his best friend, not to turn into a villain and killing Peter. Peter saying “Ok” 😶, whilst Garfield taps Ned on the shoulder and Maguire nods.
🕷 The Daily Bugle progressing from a green screen in a home to a full-on news studio and Jameson’s reaction when the Lizard came out of the van, “Did you see that?” 😶
🕷 The major and climatic fight sequence at the end between the three Spider-Men and the spidey villains (particulars are below).
🕷 Garfield clicking Maguire’s back 😂
🕷 Holland and Garfield asking Maguire about his ability to generate webs without shooters. “It’s like breathing”.
🕷 The three Spider-Men comparing their hero experiences. Garfield saying “I want to fight an alien!”
🕷 Garfield saying, of the 3, he’s a lame Spider-Man and Maguire telling him no, you’re amazing.
🕷 Garfield telling the other Spider-Men that he hasn’t known them long but he loves them. The Spider-Men replying “Ok.”
🕷 The slow-mo scene of the three Spider-Men mid-jump, meeting the oncoming spidey villains, atop the Statue of Liberty.
🕷 “Wait, I thought I was Spider-Man 1.” “No, you’re Spider-Man 2. I’m Spider-Man 1. You’re Spider-Man 3.”
🕷 Garfield and Maguire admitting they don’t know how to work in a team, they usually work alone. Peter saying “I was in the Avengers.” Maguire: “Yeah, yeah…what’s that?” Garfield: “Is that a band? Are you in a band?”
🕷 Garfield saving MJ as she falls, especially after he mentioned losing Gwen, and MJ asking if he’s ok.
🕷 Electro thinking that Garfield was a black Spider-Man and saying “There must be a black Spider-Man out there somewhere.”
🕷 Strange returning and saying he was stuck over the Grand Canyon for 20 hours!!! (This reminds me of Loki falling for 5 hours 😂)
🕷 Peter’s final fight scene with the Green Goblin, with Peter’s intent to kill. Maguire and Garfield giving the head nod to each other, knowing what they need to do. Maguire stopping Peter from killing Goblin, saying no words, just willing him to understand.
🕷 Maguire getting stabbed!!! I was 100% worried he was going to die. Garfield supporting his weight.
🕷 Peter’s self-sacrifice of letting everyone forget him.
🕷 Peter not knowing how to thank Maguire and Garfield, with Maguire responding “You know. It’s what we do.”
🕷 Garfield’s peace out sign as he returned to his universe.
🕷 MJ and Ned throughout the whole film - they were awesome!
🕷 Peter’s continuous selflessness - how he was trying to get admissions for MJ and Ned only and how he doesn’t tell Ned and MJ who he is, choosing to not let their life be affected by knowing Spider-Man.
🕷 Peter and Happy meeting at May’s grave - Happy’s affirmation that those that are left behind will continue in the name of those that have gone.
🕷 Peter getting his own apartment and sewing his new suit.
🕷 The continued parallels between Peter and Tony Stark.
🕷 The post-credit scene with Eddie/ Venom - “Aliens don’t like rocks. ALIENS LIKE BRAINS!”
🕷 The second post-credit scene with the sneak peek of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (this film is going to be spectacular!)
Thoughts and Predictions:
🕷 It would have been great to see Venom play a more central role than just being present in the post-credit scenes but I can understand why they did that.
🕷 A new Venom-child may be the next Spider-Man villain, especially with that post-credit scene.
🕷 Ned must get training as a wizard, given his potential for magic and maybe he’ll feature a bit in the next Doctor Strange?
🕷 Ned may eventually become a villain (I really hope he doesn’t!)
🕷 To pay for his apartment, I expect Peter will sell pictures of himself as Spider-Man to the Daily Bugle. This would no doubt lead to him becoming the Spider-Man photographer.
🕷 The classic MJ and Spider-Man falling in love storyline may happen - maybe even the upside down kiss scene?
TL;DR: Spider-Man: No Way Home was awesome! If you’re into these movies, watch, watch, watch it!!!!
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