#And we all deserve the gentle experience of being okay.
ambedoshowers · a year ago
I wish I could go back to my younger self and say “hey., yeah it’s all really shitty, I know you know that. But you know there’s a lot of good shit too., the stuff worth staying alive for, being there to see. There will still be a lot of bad shit., but you’ll find strength in each passing year. You’ll fumble and fall., and worry about this scary place your head is in catching up to you. But you’ll finally be in control., and that’s something worth staying alive for.”
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irisofeden · 6 months ago
Hi 🥰
Could I request a hurt/comfort and smut story with Bucky including lactation kink/breast play.
Thank you 💛🦁
─── 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬 𝐢𝐭 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 | 𝐛.𝐛 ───
Tumblr media
pairing: husband!bucky x fem!reader
warnings: smut {breast play, lactation kink, soft breeding kink, fingering, slight pussyjob, unprotected sex, dirty talk, use of the word daddy but moreso for teasing not as a kink}, description of reader’s body {swollen breasts, post-partum physicality}, insecurities, implied body dysmorphia, comforting fluff {we all deserve a partner like bucky}
writer’s notes: it’s been a minute since i wrote something with such filth, but this was a lot of fun to indulge in! it’s not super long but i hope you still enjoy. thank you for sending in this request, lovely <3
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“There you are, sweetheart.” Bucky sounds from the doorway; voice gentle as he crosses the threshold. “I was wonderin’ where you ran off to.”
Turning away from the mirror, your hands are still warm against your stomach; fingers caressing the sunken skin timidly.
A look of understanding flashes across his face; empathy reflecting in his eyes as he notices your reluctant smile. “What’s goin’ on? Do you want to talk about it?”
Shaking your head, you melt in his arms as they wrap around you; pulling you into his chest. “Not right now, Buck.”
“Okay,” he whispers against your hair. “That’s okay, honey.”
If there was one thing you would always be grateful for, it was the way Bucky trusted your sentiments — knowing that when you were ready, you’d open up. Just as he did with you.
Still, he can’t help the worry that clouds his thoughts. The birth of your son, Georgie, had taken a lot out of you — it was a complicated pregnancy and post-partum hadn’t been any easier.
Although your baby was healthy; a sweet little boy that had your kind eyes and Bucky’s gummy smile — he wasn’t nearly as settled at home as he was those first nights in the hospital.
When you’d gone for his six week appointment, the Doctors had informed you of Colic and how it could be affecting Georgie. You were both grateful for the knowledge, learning how to navigate a routine that would help him calm. It’d been four weeks since then, and the two of you had persevered as best as you could; working through the ever constant changes as a unit.
However, it meant that other issues were going unspoken. A prominent one, for you, being that you hadn’t been feeling very comfortable in your own skin.
It wasn’t the stretch marks, no. Those were a natural, beautiful reminder that you’d given your baby boy a home to grow in. But, it was almost as if you were living in a stranger’s body — barely recognisable to your own mind as you stared in the mirror.
These were emotions that you hadn’t anticipated — either everyone you knew hadn’t gone through a similar experience, or they lied. And attempting to manage these new feelings was proving to be much more difficult than you could have ever imagined.
But you were trying; pushing through the darkness that threatened to take over. There was an appointment circled on the calendar with a counsellor for next week, and you’d been more open to seeing your friends for lunch dates as an opportunity to get out of the house more.
Still, it was a work in progress. One that your husband was honoured to hold your hand in.
“C’mere.” Bucky’s guides you towards the bed, hands slipping under your negligee. “‘S been a while since we’ve had some time to ourselves, hasn’t it, sweetheart?”
Softly, your fingers glide through his brunette tresses; happy that he had decided to grow it out again.
Bucky’s lips descend upon your neck; the feeling of his stubble against the sensitive skin making you sigh. “Missed bein’ like this with you,” he says. “Bein’ able to touch my gorgeous wife.”
“Smooth talker,” you tease; already feeling your worries ease with the way he was comforting you. Cupping his jaw in your palms, you bring his mouth to yours. “I missed you too, honey.”
After the cesarean, you’d been taking it easy. Not because you felt as though you had to, but moreso because of Bucky’s overprotective nature. Besides holding your son, your husband hadn’t let you lift a single finger, “Need you healthy and happy, Mama. That means rest.”
However, that also meant the two of you hadn’t been intimate in months. And though it wasn’t mentioned, you knew how important physical touch was for him and that this change was just as difficult for Bucky, as it was for you.
The hem of the lace ascends from your body, your husband’s hands pulling it off in one go. You don’t have time to think about covering yourself, not as Bucky praises you. “You’re so beautiful, sweetheart. Can’t believe how lucky I am.”
He towers over you, gently pushing you so that your back meets the plush mattress. Your legs are spread wide; opening for him to settle between after removing his clothes.
Fingers trail down your neck, sliding between the valley of your breasts. At the sensation of his metal appendage pinching your pert bud; your back arches as you gasp his name — a plea for more.
“Look’it that, honey.” His voice oozes like a saccharine caramel, filling your senses with complete and utter delight.
Milk flows from your nipple, causing a line to trail down. Bucky wastes no time chasing it with his tongue, humming a pleased sound as he does. “Taste so sweet.”
Bucky was hot and heavy against your centre, leaking as his hips slowly began to move, pulsing through your folds as he gently suckled. He moaned deeply as you tugged on his locks, pressing your chest into his mouth further as it eased some of the weight you felt in your breast.
“Oh my god,” you whine; head thrown back against the pillows. “Just like that, Buck. Feels s’good!”
Thrumming with pride, Bucky massaged your breasts; cradling the swollen globes as he was encouraged by your heady moans. The milky liquid descends, and your cunt clenches around nothing at the sight of your husband so enthralled by it.
His pupils were blown to obsidian, too enamoured with the way you’d started grinding back against his length. Coating his cock in your slick as he glided between your puffy folds. He could feel his balls growing heavier with each swipe; getting more desperate with each mewel that left your throat.
It was spilling past his lips as he hungrily swallowed the nectar, flicking his eyes to your heaving chest once more before he pulled back. Bucky’s hand moves to grip your chin, forcing you to look at him. “You’re perfect, y’know that?” He growls, licking his lips. “Remember the first time we did that? You were so shy, so cute about it. Now you beg for it, get needy for it, don’t ya?”
“Yes! God, Bucky, I love it.” Your tongues meet sensually, whimpering as he steals any sanity you had left. “I love you.”
He grins, bright and wide before kissing you again. “I love you, so much, sweetheart. Gave me everything I never thought I could have.”
The moment is sweet, butterflies erupting as he gazed at you as though it was the first time.
“And I have to admit…” his tone is teasing; mouth sucking bruises into your neck. “Seein’ you with our son makes me think about it even more. How I can’t wait to grow our family… how beautiful you look when you’re pregnant, swollen with our child inside.”
“Buck…” your voice is wispy, breathless. “Thought we were gonna wait awhile before the next one.”
His chuckle vibrates your body, “I know, I know. I shouldn’t even mention it.” The feeling of his tender palm against your stomach has your gut twisting; memories of how he’d cherished you throughout your entire pregnancy flittering through your mind. “Jus’ can’t help myself when you’re under me. How badly I want to fill you up, make you stay on my cock all night so it takes.”
“Y-you can’t just say things like that,” you giggle. Though your legs tighten around his waist.
“No?” He smirks against your cheek; knowing you so well. “But weren’t you the one that begged me for it, sweetheart? Wanted to be full of me, you never let me leave this sweet cunt when we had the chance.”
It takes you by surprise when two fingers trace your soaping entrance, not wasting anytime before they enter; curling against that spongy patch that had you crying out.
“So wet for me, honey. Little hole is just beggin’ for it, ain’t she?”
He does it on purpose, the way his wedding ring is pressed against your centre with each searing thrust. You’d told him once how it’d turned you on, and he’d been using it against you ever since.
“Need you to come for me first, if you want to take my cock, sweetheart. Show me how bad you want it, how you need it.”
The raspy, gravelly growl of his voice is your undoing. Your fingers find his shoulders, creating mini crescents as you dig them into his skin; keening as he pulls you through it, not stopping his ministrations until your body is quivering, hiccups escaping as he hushes you.
“So pretty when you let yourself go for me, oh look at that…” Bucky brings his fingers to his mouth, your juices glistening as he licks them clean. “Like peaches, sweetheart.”
If you weren’t so overcome with desire, you’d laugh at the absurdity. “C’mon, daddy.” Your hands migrate to the sides of his face, bringing him in close. “Fuck me.”
The praising title shoots straight to his groin; groaning as he drops his forehead to yours. “I’m married to a minx.”
“You love it.”
And yeah, he really does.
Guiding his length to your waiting entrance, he sinks in slowly; both of you moaning at the way your channel welcomes him in, walls gripping his cock snug as his pelvis becomes flush with yours.
Bucky’s grip moves to the space your hips meet your thighs, curling them around for leverage as he begins moving. Long, languid strokes leave you meweling, and you wrap your fingers around Bucky’s wrists as you encourage him to go deeper.
“Hear that, sweetheart? So wet for me, aren’t you? Just askin’ to be bred.” He hums contemplative before grabbing your hands and pinning them above your head.
Interlocking your fingers with his, the two of you share a heated kiss, panting into each other’s mouths as his pace quickens. “God, you’re so thick, so deep inside.”
“I know, I know,” he whispers; ghosting over your ear. “But you take it so well, don’t you? Were made to take me.”
“Yes! Yeah, Buck. For you, all for you!” You’re rambling, unable to make coherent sentences when all you can focus on is the feeling of his girth splitting you open.
Letting go of your hands, his descend your body; the wedding ring is cool against your throat, barely pressing down. But he keeps it there, holding onto you in a way that binds your trust.
Metal finds your swollen breasts, fiddling with them on his way down to your creamy, sensitive core. “You gonna cum for me, sweetheart?” He asks. “Can feel that pretty cunt cryin’ for it.”
With each deep pump of his cock nudging your cervix, your cunt begins to constrict as your orgasm builds. “Yes! Bucky, fuck. I’m so close,” you sob. “Fuck me s’good, fill me up so well, oh my god!”
“Go on, honey.” He encourages, spitting onto his fingers as draws circles on your bundle of nerves. “Make a mess all over my cock, and I promise I’ll fill you up.” Bucky leans closer, forcing you to look at him. “Maybe this’ll get you knocked up again, hm? Just so needy for my cock inside of ya, always wantin’ to be filled with my seed.”
It feels like you’re burning; body thriving as molten lava courses through your veins at the implication. You’re mindless, completely under the spell of Bucky’s words as he spits utter filth.
“That’s right, ain’t it, honey? You wanna be nothin’ but a used leaking mess, just a tight cunt for me to pump into.”
Your orgasm is shattering; ripping through you as your walls suffocate his cock, moaning incoherently as your juices squirt over his lower half.
“Fuckin’ hell, sweetheart, so good for me. That’s it, keep comin’ on my cock.” Bucky husks, his thrusts getting sloppy as he feels his own release impending. “‘M gonna fill up this hot cunt, stay plugged inside of you so we make sure it takes. You’re gonna look so beautiful, all filled out and glowing. Shit, take it— fucking take my come, that’s it, sweetheart.”
Warmth floods your channel, his seed oozing from your abused hole as his cock throbs with each pump. His hips slow to a small grind, spending his last droplets until coming to an end.
Focusing on the sight in front of you, a sense of content falls over you as you’re greeted with an adoring husband. “How you feeling, sweetheart?”
A giggle bubbles in your throat as you notice his gummy grin. “Like I need to go get Plan B.”
What you expect is for Bucky to laugh with you, but the tender expression on his face has worry begin to fester. “Would it be so bad?” he wonders; features soft and lax as he traces his index over your cheek. “To have another baby…”
“Of course not, Buck… but Georgie’s barely five months and I want us to enjoy this time with him before worrying about another little one.” The words aren’t meant to be harsh, completely the opposite — the thought of what you’re family could be settles a fondness deep within your chest. But there was still so much you wanted to experience, and you knew now wasn’t the right time.
Bucky see’s it on your face; reads you knowingly as he mulls over your explaination. “Sorry, I think I just got caught up…”
Your smile is small, kind. “It’s okay, baby. I love knowing that you imagine our future, and I can’t wait until this house is nothing but noise.”
“I love you.” It’s not said to be distracting, but because Bucky can’t think of a sentence more perfect than that. You’d given him everything — things he’d never thought possible, and you’d done it all with a tender heart.
Finding his hand, you bring it to your lips as you promise, “Always.”
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gaysimpsstuff · a year ago
Accidental Turn-Ons; Hawks x Dom! Reader
Tumblr media
Genre: angst to fluff to smut
Type: Oneshot
Summary: Hawks returns home from a mission, clearly exhausted, and you take the time to give him a little massage! However, it doesn’t quite have the effects you expected.
Word Count: 3.5K
Warnings: minor dub-con (Y/n doesn't know that what they're doing is sexual for Hawks), stress, minor injuries, Keigo's adorable bird tendencies, sexual innuendo, dom y/n, wing play, feather play, nicknames, edging, dacryphilia, handjobs, aftercare
Other: Yo this might actually be my best smut yet
Inspiration: This was actually inspired by my own piece of work, MHA Characters + Their Biggest Kinks where I spoke about Hawks’ wing and back kink and how it relates to his avian traits.
Taglist: @smolchildfangirl @mandalorian-baby-bird @waffleareniceandfluffy @catcherisvibin @thesubtlewhore @popcatx0
You paced the living room, glancing between the TV and the door. The news station had cut away from the fight five minutes ago, which meant your boyfriend was either in the hospital getting treated for any injuries he might have sustained, dealing with fans, dealing with paperwork, or on his way home.
Your phone buzzed and you raced to grab it off the couch, fearing an incoming call from the hospital, or a news alert about the well-being of the man you loved.
You bit the inside of your cheek as you realized it was just an email from work, not even marked important. You tossed your phone back onto the couch with a groan.
Wasted build-up. Your mind grumbled
Your eyes flicked back to the TV, watching as the reporter rambled on about yet another stupid thing America had going on as you waited for something, anything to happen. Right when you were getting ready to pick your phone back up from the couch cushions when you heard a light tap tap tappity tap against the thick glass of the sliding glass door that led to your balcony.
You dashed across the living room, accidentally knocking a chair over as you raced to reach the sliding glass door that led to the balcony. You'd recognize his special knock any day, even if he changed it all the time whenever he forgot it. You always had patience with him, you knew he had too many things on his mind with Hero Work to always remember a random knock.
You grabbed the handle, yanking the door open with a wide grin, finally laying eyes on your bird boy. He had a hand stuffed in his pocket, the other rubbing at the back of his neck.
"Hey, Y/n. So sorry I'm late, been flying all day so naturally I'm a little sore. No excuse for missing movie night but-"
"I'm just so glad you're here!" You exclaimed, taking his cheeks in your hands and rubbing at his cheekbones. "I'm so sorry you're hurting, come inside I'll get a heating pack, or a cooling pack, maybe some lotion and I could give you a massage." You babbled, tugging him inside.
"A massage and some cuddles sound great," he sighed, eyes tired. You never liked the fact that Keigo was a hero. He worked too hard, too much, and for so long. He was still young, he should be appreciating life and spending time on himself and with his lover and not with the commission. "Oh I uh, I found this for you."
He took one of your hands off his face, taking his other hand out of his pocket and pressing something cold and smooth into your palm. You opened your fingers, a soft smile growing on your face at the sight of a smooth pretty white rock with grey and black speckles.
"Oh, Kei, this is beautiful. I love it~" you pressed a kiss to Keigo's cheek, loving the way he trilled. He was always so excited to pick up random items he found pretty or interesting, and he'd always give them right to you. It was truly adorable, you loved his gifts. His wings fluttered in happiness for a moment before he winced slightly in pain, happiness vanished in a reminder of his stress from the day.
"Ouch, okay, sitting down time," he muttered, stumbling past you to flop down on the couch. You grabbed the lotion from the kitchen counter (you kept it there for whenever he came home with sore muscles). You set the stone down on the coffee table, tapping it twice in a small show of affection before sitting next to Keigo.
"Shirt off Birdie," you said, squirting some lotion into your palm before rubbing them together.
"Hey, at least buy me a drink first," he chuckled, tugging his jacket off and peeling off his tight hero shirt. You sighed, deciding not to comment on his tacky flirting, knowing you'd been dating for almost a year now.
He turned his back to you, crossing his legs. He folded his wings, lowering them to give you access to his shoulders and shoulder blades. You pressed your fingers against one of his shoulders, finding a large knot almost immediately. You heard him hiss, and your frown increased.
"I know it hurts but it will hurt a lot less when I'm finished," you told him, pressing a gentle kiss to the nape of his neck. The hair there rose against your skin, a shiver shooting down his spine. You blinked, confused at his reaction. Maybe it was uncomfortable for him. You resolved not to kiss there again.
You continued to rub against his tightened muscles, listening to his soft hisses and groans. You pulled away after about six minutes, picking up the lotion bottle and squirted some more into your palms.
"Hey, when you finish with mm~ when you finish with that shoulder could you do around my wing joints? Down my spine, y'know?"
"Are there muscles there?" you asked, most people didn't have muscles down their spines, usually it was just the ridges of said bones.
"Yeah, I do," he explained quickly. You nodded pressing into his knot, slowly working down when it eased up. You moved your fingers downwards, feeling his shoulder blades and spine before reaching his wings joints. He shuddered, similar to when you kissed his neck, but a little larger. You hummed, pressing your fingers down and finding another knot, right where his skin turned to bright red feathers.
"Oh, yeah, yeah right there that's perfect." You glanced back up at him, confused, he didn't usually speak when you massaged him, he'd also never asked for a massage so close to his wings, he was usually very cautious about having his wings touched. Maybe he'd just gotten tired of dealing with wing pains by himself, it was probably a lot different from other knots.
"I'm so sorry you have to deal with this," you cooed. "You really deserve a break, it's not healthy to work this hard all the time."
"I know, Little Feather, but it's nng- n-not my fault. The citizens need me." he panted. You sighed, moving your other hand to work out both wings' knots at the same time.
Keigo's head flopped forward, and his hand flew up to slap over his mouth, holding back a soft whine. You lifted an eyebrow in suspicion, there were only a few times when you heard him make noises like that.
Slowly, you pressed your fingers down closer to the underside, right over a few of his downy feathers.
"Oh fuck~" he hissed.
"Okay, that's it." you lifted your hands away from them, holding them in the air. "What the hell's going on with you?" His head whipped around so fast you were surprised it was still attached to his neck. His golden eyes widened, pupils blowing out, nearly completely covering the honey iris.
"W-what?" he exclaimed, feathers puffing up.
"I'm sorry if I seem mad, I'm not, I'm just- very confused. You're literally moaning. I am giving you a massage and you're moaning. Explain."
His cheeks dusted over in pink, and his eyes fell down to his lap.
"Okay uh- fuck I- this was not how I planned on telling you, erm- I promise I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable-"
"Keigo, it's alright, I'm not uncomfortable, just confused. Take a breath darling,"
"Okay, okay, okay." he took a deep breath. "My wings and back are... sensitive, like- in a sexual way. It's why I never let you touch them, I didn't want you to get uncomfortable with that."
"Oh Keigo, you should have just told me, it's perfectly alright, you know I love you, and I love your bird traits. I'm not uncomfortable with this." you smiled sweetly, pressing a hand to his cheek.
"You're- you're not?" he glanced back up at you, golden eyes filled with hope.
"Not in the slightest. To be honest, I don't see why anyone would be uncomfortable with it. It's just another erogenous zone, like someone's neck, ears, or nipples would be. And lots of people keep those bits on display."
"Thanks," he murmured, rubbing his nose against yours. "That does make me feel better, but uh- there's something else.." he trailed off, nervous.
"Your obvious boner? I was gonna leave you to take care of that yourself, but I'll gladly do it for you if you'd like."
"Oh uh-" his cheeks brightened as if attempting to match the tone of his wings. "I would very much like that," he admitted, offering you a slightly nervous smile.
"Anytime, Birdie~" you stood up, hands landing on either side of his waist as you pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead. "But I would very much like to experiment with those wings of yours, see what we can do with them. Just how far can we go?" You smirked at him, tongue darting out to moisturize your lips. Keigo let out a soft breath, shifting against the couch to make room for the tent in his pants.
"I- I have thought about using them before- my feathers can move fast, so they can act as a vibrator if I focus, but I could never use it on myself. I know I'd get distracted, then the feather would stop moving, then I'd have to start all over again. I'd basically just be edging myself all night. I know I'd just give up and jerk off."
"I can work with that~" you pressed your lips against his, surprising him. He whined into the kiss, hands flying up to fist your shirt.
Unfair. He thought, he already had his shirt off, and he knew he'd be naked in just a few minutes, but you hadn't taken anything off yet. Knowing you, you would stay clothed just to tease him. The most you would do was lift your shirt a little to show him your stomach before quickly covering it again. That was what you usually did when you dommed. At least for the foreplay.
You pressed the tip of your tongue against his lips, pushing past his defensive barrier of shiny white teeth, perfect for the press, and you licked along the top of his mouth. His whole body shuddered against yours, his hips jerking upwards.
You grabbed his thigh with one hand, squeezing. A warning, he knew, against bucking up again, against disobeying. He tasted your saliva, feeling it pool onto his tongue. His eyes finally drooped closed, enjoying the taste of leftover's from last night's dinner on your tongue.
He whined against the back of your mouth, feeling you move your other hand up towards his back. He already knew what you were going to do. Without pulling away from the kiss, you plucked a feather about the size of his hand from his wings, running a finger down the stem, brushing it against the little red bristles. Soft against your finger, yet forcing Keigo's restrained cock to grow even harder than he ever thought possible.
You slowly pulled back from the kiss, taking his lower lip hostage between your teeth, tugging it as far as it could go before finally releasing it. You felt Keigo's hot breaths fanning out across your face, and your grin only grew. You loved breaking him apart, the strong, well-put-together Hawks was an act only for the cameras, only you could ever know the real him, the horny, whiny, needy baby he truly was.
"Look at you, falling apart already? I've barely done shit to you."
"Fuck- that's just 'cause it's you~" he purred
"Flattery won't get you anywhere, doll." Your shit-eating smirk only grew, and Keigo could feel himself melting into the couch cushions. "C'mon, take 'em off, you're a big boy, I'm sure you can do it yourself."
He nodded, hands flying away from your shirt and grappling with his belt buckle faster than you could say 'Hawks.' He tossed his belt behind the couch, not caring if it hit anything, and quickly shimmied out of his pants and underwear, letting them pool around his ankles. His cock slapped against his stomach, six inches and throbbing.
Looks like his prediction was correct. He was naked. You were not. You didn't look like you were planning on undressing anytime soon, which left Keigo feeling slightly disappointed. However, any negative emotions vanished the second you ran his bright red feather down his nose, over his lips, then under his chin. He knew immediately you were trying to lift his face with the feather, despite the single feather not being strong enough by itself, not unless it was under his control. But he was not in control, you were, and fuck it if that wasn't the best part.
"Good boy~" you praised him, sliding a hand up his bare thigh, brushing it carelessly close to his dick. He bit his lip, eyes flicking between your hand and your eyes.
"Please, please touch me," he whispered, slightly embarrassed by the situation. It had been a long while since you'd last had sex, and an even longer while since you had been the dom. He'd all but forgotten how to properly beg. You could tell.
"Come on, doll, I know you can ask me nicely, or at least better than that." He groaned, hands gripping your hips and attempting to tug you into his lap, a plan formulating in his head that ended in an amazing thighjob. But his plans never worked, not at least with you involved. No, you were too stubborn, one of the many things he loved about you. But not really in this precise situation.
"Nah ah ah~ hands off the merchandise." Your hand squeezed his thigh again, twice this time. That was all he needed to let go. He found purchase in a nearby pillow, moving it behind him and tugging on the little dangly bits on the corners. He forgot what they were called but he was ninety-five percent sure it started with a 'D' or something.
"Fuck, please, I need it, you know I need it, I-I've been nothing but good all day, please touch me, please~" He whined, eyebrows furrowing. That plus his reddened cheeks made just the cutest face. You couldn't wait to make his eyes go crooked and for him to drool.
"That's it, good boy~" You ran the tip of the feather up his cock, circling the tip. He shivered in response, biting back a loud moan. "Come on, don't make me mad, vibrate yourself with your feather~" you cooed, teasing tone making his stomach churn in the best way possible.
He bit his lip, looking down at the feather slowly circling the tip of his dick. It had already nudged his foreskin downwards, leaving the red skin fully exposed. He took a deep breath, trying to block out your presence, and how hard he was, just focusing on the single red feather, twirling around in loops.
He felt it twitch against his skin, before finally starting to shake, then at last it was vibrating. He twitched it away from his dick, slightly nervous about how it might feel. You sighed, pressing it directly onto the little hole at the tip.
"Ghhh- oh fuckkkkk~" he moaned, pressing his head against the couch cushions. It felt better than he ever possibly could have imagined. Feeling the feather on his dick, his dick against his feather, it was double the pleasure. He whined loudly when the vibrations suddenly stopped. "Nooooo I want it, bring it back, please," he begged, looking up at you with wide eyes.
"Doll I didn't even do anything. You lost focus. You gotta try a little harder." you said, tapping the feather against him again. Pre-cum stuck to it, making red glisten with a little bit of white. He cursed at the sight (and feeling) of his own pre on his feather.
Soon enough, it started to buzz again. And you put it back on him. This time, you traced it up and down his base, running it over the tip again. One of his hands flew up to his mouth, knuckles pressing against his lips. His hips bucked up against the vibrating feather.
"Ooooohhhhhh fuckfuckfuckfuck so goooood~" he moaned loudly. Again, the buzzing stopped without warning. "Nooo fuck no! I need it please fuck!" He looked like he was on the verge of tears- no way it was really that good. You'd have to ask him to use his feathers on you sometime.
"I know baby, I know," you ran your fingers through his hair, tugging lightly. His breath hitched, golden eyes filling with tears of pleasure. "But you gotta focus to get it done, okay?" he nodded, wiping his tears, but he only managed to spread the warm, salty liquid over his face, making him appear even more debauched.
How cute
You wrapped your hand around his dick when it started to vibrate again, the feather curled up between your palm and his dick. Slowly, you began to jerk him off, feeling the feather vibrate faster than you'd felt any toy vibrate, and his dick throbbing and pulsing against you left you feeling like you just might cum in your pants.
"FUCK!" he shouted, back arching off the couch. One of his legs flew upwards, toes curling around the air. He was shaking at this point, looking like he was just on the verge of cumming. "Oh, Godddd fuckkkmeeeee~" he wailed, tears overflowing and falling down his flushed cheeks.
"No god's gonna fuck you, darling, only I will because you belong to me. Isn't that right?" You pulled on his hair and his moans grew louder, the vibrations intensifying, which you thought was impossible at the rate it had been buzzing against your skin and his.
"Youuuuu fuck- I- I belong to youuuu~" he moaned, hiccuping a little.
"Fuck, you're so fucking cute like this, so adorable when you fall apart beneath me, gonna break soon?" He sniffed loudly, nodding. His moan broke out into a disappointed wail when the vibrations stopped again. He tried to get it to move but it just wasn't going to. You opened your palm, revealing the feather, the stem bent awkwardly. Hawks sighed, sadness filling his eyes.
"I was just 'bout to cum too..." he whimpered.
"Oh, you'll still cum. We don't need anything else between us anymore~" you tossed the feather aside before spitting into your palm, beginning to jerk him off again. It certainly didn't feel nearly as good as it did with the feather, but at this point, he was so close he just couldn't give two fucks about how good it felt, just that it would get him where he needs.
"Oh yes yes yes fuck yes more more- gonna cum gonna cum ooooh fuck baby you're gonna make me cum!" He cried out, bucking up into your hand, sobbing as pre ran down the sides of his dick and onto your fingers.
You pulled him to you by his hair, loving the loud moan he let out from the pain. You pressed your lips right up against his ear.
"Then fucking cum, my baby boy~" you purred seductively. Moments later, his whole body spasmed, legs shaking violently and wings flaring outwards. He wailed, screaming as he finally came into your hand, white ribbons landing on his legs, stomach, and even a little on the couch. Subconsciously, he knew he'd have to clean that up later, but he was not about to worry about that right now.
"Godamn! If that wasn't the hottest thing I've ever seen!" you exclaimed, truly in awe at just how good his orgasm looked. He had gone limp, flopped back against the couch, and panting. You pulled your hand away from his dick, licking away the bits of cum from your skin before sitting down next to him, tugging his body closer to you.
"Unf, that was the best damn orgasm of my life," he murmured, voice a little hoarse.
"Looked like it, you alright darling? Can I get you anything? Water, blankets, bath?" You worried a little, hoping you didn't completely brain-fuck him.
"Jus' some cuddles." his head flopped down on your shoulder, eyes fluttering shut as he yawned.
"Hey birdie, don't fall asleep on me," you chuckled. "We still gotta get you all cleaned up and put in bed."
"Not... a problem..." he whispered, breath tickling your skin as he nodded off.
"Heh, that's a problem," you smiled affectionately. He deserved his rest. You resolved to stay still for a little while, then clean him up as gently as you could before carrying him to bed. He wasn't that heavy, after all. "I love you, my darling Keigo~" you whispered, resting your head on top of his and closing your eyes.
Maybe the mess could be cleaned tomorrow, you were also very tired.
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thehmn · a year ago
This post is inspired by a friend of mine who belongs to a couple of queer groups and expressed worry about younger people who react with hostility to people who don’t know enough about the queer community and accidentally say harmful things, but doesn’t want to educate people in a gentle way because “it’s not their job”. My friend worried people expect outsiders to be too aware of communities they’re not in and told me “You’d be a perfect example. Not even people in the queer community know much about you”
What they mean by that: I’m intersex. My body is much closer to a mix between the standard “female” and “male” than the large majority.
What does that make you think about me? What do you think my gender experience is like? What did you think I had to go through? Did you for a fleeting second wonder what my genitalia looks like? How I have sex? What kind of sexual partners I have?
Now, how many of your thoughts and assumptions do you think are wrong or maybe even harmful? Are there questions you think are okay to ask and others that would be offensive? How do you know? Maybe the questions you think are tame touch on something that’s a major hot-button issue for intersex people. If I reacted with hostility to you simply asking if it is okay to ask questions at all, how would you feel about that?
This is all meant to be hypothetical questions. It’s just to give you an idea of what it’s like to be on the outside. And of course no one should be expected to conform and be the perfect poster child for their group or hold everybody’s hand, sit them down and gently explain everything to them. There’s a lot of assholes who don’t deserve it, but I think there’s even more people who accidentally say stupid shit because they don’t know any better. I’m very grateful for all the people who didn’t attack me when I was being stupid but instead educated me. It’s thanks to them I’ve improved and continue to improve. They’ve inspired me and I try to follow their example.
So if you care to know: Intersex people are diverse like everybody else, so what is offensive to some is a-okay to others.
Physically I lean closer to female than male, but it’s common for children to ask if I’m a boy or a girl. Some adults get confused too. Depending on how I dress or how far away I am people have assumed I’m a butch lesbian, a transwoman, or a transman. Because my fat deposits are very masculine it’s very common for people to think I’m a pregnant woman because I get the classic male “beer belly”.
I personally don’t have a strong gender identity but prefer female pronouns because that’s what I’m used to. Other intersex people have very strong gender identities and might even get angry if you ask if they are gender queer in any way. To many it’s considered extremely offensive to use intersex people to make a point about the fluidity of gender so it’s probably best to avoid that comparison unless you are intersex.
I’ve gone through a lot of phases where I either tried to be more feminine to feel less like a freak or own my masculine side. If the internet had been more common when I was a child I might have convinced myself that I was trans just to find a label and an identity (I hope people understand that I’m not saying trans people are delusional, just that I was in an unusual situation)
People have asked me if it’s offensive to use intersex people for erotica but characters they call intersex are always more like futanari with fully functional penis, balls and vagina. Intersex genitalia is often more of a mix. You might not even be able to tell from the outside but on the inside they might have an extremely shallow or non-existent vagina or no uterus. There’s a lot of possibilities that are usually not considered all that sexy. I personally have a jotun character inspired by the jotun Ymir from Norse Mythology who had both male and female genitalia and had children with himself. I call that double-sexed instead of intersex.
For years it was assumed that I had PCOS because as the doctor said “You don’t have any of the things we usually use to give the diagnosis but you have the symptoms so you must have PCOS?” The symptoms being a lot of male characteristics. I was put on hormone therapy to correct it. One gynecologist asked if I had been mutilated during a cancer operation a few years earlier because my downstairs didn’t look quite right. I only found out I was intersex a few years ago when another gynecologist asked if I got periods. Confused I said yes to which he responded “Oh okay. It’s just that I can tell you’re intersex and you often don’t get periods” Let’s just say we had a long talk after that.
So for me it was just a nagging feeling that something was off, especially after sex education in school because I didn’t quite fit the diagrams and some of the things the teacher said were impossible and if we experienced those things we were probably just doing it wrong. Well, they fit me and for years I was wondering what I was doing wrong.
For other people they find out later that they were operated on as infants to fit into a gender that they may or may not identify with later in life and they fight for children’s right to not be operated on.
For that reason some intersex people want to be included in the queer community while others want to be left out because they consider it a “body thing” more than a “brain thing”
So like I said, we’re diverse but I hope you feel a bit more informed. If you set out to learn more, just know that few things are a universal experience so just because I’m okay with telling you these thing, any of them could be super touchy for another person.
And as you can probably tell, I very much agree with my friend which is why I made the post. You do you, but I do believe it’s worth being patient with people who don’t seem to have bad intentions. And a big thank you to those who were patient with me.
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westerneyedwinchester · 3 months ago
Pairing: Dean x Reader
WC: 1500
Warnings: fluff, angst, smut, oral (fem rec), p in v, unprotected sex
AN: So I’m starting a One Shot series. It’s going to be a compilation of 26 stories based on songs for each letter of the alphabet. Just something to dabble with when I have free time. Todays is Arizona by Kings of Leon!
Arizona-Kings of Leon
Tumblr media
He nosed his way up her neck, his soft breath causing goosebumps to grace the most sensitive parts of her body. He kissed over the raised skin before casting his gaze down. He brushed a piece of hair away from her face before leaning down to press a kiss to her lips.
They never thought they would find themselves here, together. It was always late night beers that led to deep talks that both wished the other would forget. It was stolen glances in the Impala after a long hunt. It was fire burning deep in their bellies when their skin would touch.
His hands find their way underneath the fabric of the flannel she always steals, his cold hands warming at the feeling of her skin. It’s kind of poetic isn't it?
Dean has spent so much of his life going by the books, being a good soldier, doing what is expected of him. His heart at some point got lost and mangled; he wasn't sure if he would ever be able to repair the cold organ to the way it used to be.
But here he is with her, parts of his body finally thawing out after all these years. He feels it at his core and it burns as it blooms its way into his chest. He isn't quite sure if he should run away; he doesnt deserve this. He was always meant to be cold because people like him don't get to feel safe in the arms of another, that isn't how this works.
Yet here he is, indulging in the way she squirms under his hands, enjoying the soft moans and gasps that leave the mouth of the woman he loves more than anything.
“Why have we spent so long being so fucking dumb,” he groans out as he works at the button of her jeans. She giggles at his words, her arms crossing over her face in order to hide the nerves and excitement buzzing through her veins.
“It wouldn't feel like this if we gave in sooner,”
“Just makes my heart ache knowing I could have had you in ways I only dreamed about sooner if I had manned up,” at this point she is down to just his flannel and panties. She grabs at Dean’s wrist and stops him from pulling the flimsy fabric away from her core.
‘Let’s talk before this goes on, yeah? I know heat of the moment sex might be a little too chick flick for you,” she says with a giggle as she crawls her way up the bed to rest her back against his headboard. She parts her legs and beckons him to lay between them, his bare back pressed against her chest.
“Now, tell me what is going through that pretty little head of yours,” she breathes out as she reaches her hand up to run her fingers through his messy hair, undoubtedly messing it up further. He nuzzles into it, smiling at the feeling of being doted after.
“I’m pretty sure of myself when it comes to anything. I can go against God but telling you how I felt seemed so terrifying that I could never do it. You’re so perfect and gentle and so fucking kind. I just- I’m me. Cold and gruff, I’m not someone who gets something like this, especially not with you.” She's still running her hands through his hair as he expresses the heartbreaking thoughts that plague his mind. She wants to interrupt him and just kiss it all away but she knows he needs to let this out.
“I expected to be dead by now, you know? Always knew I was going to die young. I never thought I would live to see the world experience some sort of peace. I mean I knew it would get there but I was okay with sacrificing myself for it. So maybe that’s why I never surrendered to the idea of loving you. I mean I loved you just knew I could never love you. But I made it out, we all did and I’ll be damned if I spend another second on this earth not loving you the way I have wanted to for so long.” He’s scrambling out from between her legs as soon as the last word leaves his lips, pulling at her hips in order to lay her out in front of him.
“I love you Dean.” He smiles down at her and catches her lips in a needy kiss before pulling away to work on the buttons of his flannel she is wearing. He groans when she is exposed to him. She isn’t wearing a bra so her tits are on full display and his lungs are void of all air.
He wastes no time on getting to work as he pushes the flannel from her shoulders in order to have better access to the woman before him. He captures one of her niples between his teeth, lightly sucking at one as his hand reaches up to pinch and flick at the other. His cock grows harder and strains against his jeans as breathy moans pass through her lips.
Once he is satisfied with his work he kisses down her body stopping to kiss along the waistband of her panties. He looks up at her through hooded eyes, waiting for permission to continue. She just nods her head as she pulls her swollen lips between her teeth.
“Need words baby. Can’t eat you out without your permission, sweetheart..” She whimpers at that, her hips bucking off the mattress causing Dean’s nose to bump against her clothed clit. His hand comes up to rest against her lower tummy, he pushes down and pins her to the bed.
“Please- fuck please.” She knows she sounds pathetic but honestly she could care less, it’s Dean and she knows he is getting off on how needy she is.
He kisses over her mound through the thin piece of cotton, groaning when he realizes how wet she is.
“These are cute,” he says as he pulls the crotch of her polka dot panties away from her center, letting it snap back into place when he releases the fabric. He finally decides to stop teasing her, he dips his hands into the waistband of her underwear and pulls them down her legs. Once the offending garment is out of his way, he pushes at her knees.
“You’re so pretty, baby,” he breaths out as he uses his thumbs to spread her open for him. He leans down and licks one stripe from her center up to her throbbing bundle of nerves. He begins to eat her out like a starved man, the sounds of how wet she is making Dean even harder in his jeans, if that is even possible. It's so uncomfortable he releases her hips and works at the button and zipper of his jeans. With this head still between her legs, he frees his aching cock. He pulls away after a moment and dips two fingers into her, slowly fingering her as he gathers a little bit of her slick. He reaches back down to his cock, using her juices in lieu of spitting in his palm. He lazily jacks himself off as he continues his assault on her center.
She is writhing and begging for more, Dean’s scalp aches in the best way possible from how hard she is tugging on his hair. Dean takes pity on her and extracts himself from his place before standing up to strip away the rest of his clothes. He strokes himself as he settles himself between her legs.
“Please Dean, I want you so bad,” he smirks at how absolutely wrecked she sounds as he begins to run his tip through her wetness, dipping it into her entrance in hopes to tease her further.
He finally dips into her, a soft hiss leaving her lips as she tries to adjust to his size. He stills once he is bottomed out and leans down to kiss her while he waits for her permission to start fucking her. That only takes a few seconds and in no time he is harshly fucking into her as they both chase their high.
“Baby, I’m close.” he groans out as his grip tightens on her hips.
“Me too, please De-” before she can even finish her sentence the two of them tip the scales, chasing delirium.
Once they come down from their highs and Dean cleans her up, he pulls her into his side. He kisses her cheek and lets her head rest against his bare chest.
“What do you say we leave the bunker and start a normal life?” he questions.
“Kids and the whole nine yards?”
“Kids and the whole nine yards, baby.”
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changbinsgirlfriend · 11 months ago
okay so it’s 2am and i was reading imagines for skz and i saw like a ‘what it would be like to bath with stray kids’ thingy and i was like oh cute, turned out it was smutty and as a borderline asexual with no sex drive i was kinda sad so i decided to make my own :)
( by the way this is no hate to the author and i know that lots of people enjoy smut, i just personally am i fluff fan. so i hope you all enjoy this! <3 )
chan — okay so it’s so chill. like he would light some candles, turn the lights off and set up whatever show you guys are watching together on your laptop so you can watch it in the bath together. he’ll sit behind you with you between his legs and your back pressed to his chest and he will be super soft, giving you a massage and kissing your shoulders and whispering really sweet things in your ear like how much he loves you and how proud he is of you.
and as we know from when he washed felix’s hair, he is very good at what he does and would so have you lie back and give you a whole head massage while washing and conditioning your hair (and trust me i work at a hair dressers it is not as easy as it looks 😧). he would also so try and braid it while it’s soaking wet. just loving the closeness of it all.
lee know — okay so i love lee know i really so, but i feel like he would be so fucking annoying if you tried to bath with him. like he would complain that it’s uncomfy and how much he hates having baths and that you two should have showered together. but eventually with a lot of persuasion he will mellow out and relax in the tub. you can definitely speed up this process by playing with his hair and putting on some chill music.
i also feel like he’s so tried to bring sooni, doongi or dori into the bath with you guys and it was literally a traumatic experience because like, it’s a cat in water and since then you refuse to bath with him. all in all, probably stick to showers with lee know.
changbin — changbin, my angel, the loml. baths with him are everything. i know that he isn’t usually a bath person, but for you. he’s willing to sacrifice an hour of his days because it makes you so happy. he also begins to secretly enjoy these baths, but only with you <33 so, he’s a big bath bomb fan i just know it, you guys probably have a stock of them for you weekly baths and know so much about them that the members definitely tease binnie. so yea, you set the vibes, the bath bomb in, soda to the side and a movie set up to watch. it’s literally the softest date ever that is so intimate and private but feels perfect for the two of you seeing as you can’t really go out much due to the (then) dating ban.
as for in the bath, i think it depends on the mood, sometimes he will sit behind you like with chan. but other times he likes you actually sat on his lap, your face pressed to his neck while you play with his hair and he can just hold you, his face pressed to the crown of your head planting kisses along from the crown to your lips. massages are a big yes on both sides, you both deserve them and the oils from the bath bomb makes it feel even better. he also has definitely sang to you in the bath a couple times when telling you about a new song he was working on and you ask to hear it. okay so as always, my changbin one is so drawn out but i will drag myself away and onto the next. would anyone be interested in my making this a full length drabble tho??? let me know <33
hyunjin — i’m torn between baths with hyunjin beings super romantic or the most messy experiences you ever have. but i’m gonna go with romantic because i’m in a fluffy mood. so he loves a good bath, so when you get involved it just gets even better, and the bath in the dorm is quite big or that’s what hyunjin and chan said, so i’m laying you two could probably sit side by side, still close because i mean, you gotta cuddle. and he has his head on yiur chest and yiy are just playing with his hair, stroking it, twirling it, twisting it idc you are in heaven because his hair is gorgeous. and he definitely lets you wash it and his shampoo is definitely like ross scented he just gives me that energy.
anyways, baths for you guys are reserved for chill nights only so you are high probably exhausted. eyes heavy and limbs stiff, so the water helps you both relax and just enjoy some time together when you can. lots of kisses, on the lips, on cheeks, him trailing down your neck, but never making it anything more than it was, just showing your love for one another through gentle caresses as you murmur quietly about everything and anything.
han — again, idk how i think baths with han would go. i feel like he would sit there for like two minutes and proceed to get really bored and start complaining. so if you want him to sit with you, you better have some entertainment planned or he’s gonna be climbing out in seconds. also, he seems like the type to bring food into the bath. like you guys would just bring in snacks and chill eating crisps and stuff because one why not and two it keeps jisung distracted.
if he’s feeling sleepy tho, he would definitely be down for cuddles in the bath, like you sideways over his lap with your arms around his neck and he will have his hands on your waist or under your thighs keeping you in place even though you had no intention of moving in the first place. all in all, sleepy han is cuddly han.
felix — ah, lee felix is a dream. truly. he loves bathing you you sm it’s his favourite thing in the world. and he makes it perfect. candles, check. your favourite bath bomb, check. bubbles, check. face masks and hair masks, check. a playlist of all your favourite music, check. maybe even some sneaky champagne. it’s like every pre teen girls sleep over but with your best friend/boyfriend. so yes, a classic pamper night with felix that usually happens on a sunday. this bath session can take from like an hour to five depending on how far the spar treatment goes but you absolutely adore every second.
sitting on his lap while applying face masks on one another. trying to kiss even when your skin is tight and giggling uncontrollably the whole time. helping each other wash them up with a wet cloth even though they could do it themself. omg i want a pamper night with felix rn ahhh. he also takes this time to praise you the entire time, literally showering you in compliments until you are red in the face. he just loves to treat you and make you feel special. you guys also have hundreds of bath photos together (appropriate of course 🙄) that you adore sm and probably have e v e r y w h e r e.
seungmin— okay so hear me out, acapella in the bath. his voice is fucking beautiful, pair that with a bathroom because they always have the best acoustics, you just booked yourself a free day 6 live performance tbh. and seungmin isn’t so big in pda, so i feel like i’m the bath he is more comfortable, having you sit beside him and holding hands, tracing his hand up and down your arm or along your sides. even having a little tiny make out session maybe.
but yea, sweet little singing moments, maybe him even teaching you a few harmonies (this is very self indulgent because i love to sing even if i’m terrible 😍) but if you tell anyone about these soft moments with him he will block you on everything. he also so brings out pet names during this time, like usually he tried to stick to your name, especially around other people. but in the bath, he’s throwing out angel and making you 🥺
jeongin — i.n, my beloved baby bread. so he is so shy about bathing with you so it’s probably only happened a handful of times because he’s very shy about being intimate with you with his things around even though even they know better than to interrupt you in times like this. but sometimes when he craves that closeness he will take your hand and lead you to the bathroom where a hot bubbly bath is drawn and instantly your heart just flutters because he’s so mf sweet and for what.
so for how you guys sit, i’m seeing sitting in opposite sides of the bath with just your feet touching so you can be face to face. occasionally leaning across to kiss each other sweetly while you talk. (if you have seen friends when monica and chandler bath together this is how i’m picturing it). so he probably isn’t big on cuddles in the bath but i think he would love washing your hair. he finds it really fascinating and also loves when you return the favour. i can also see baths for you guys just being and excuse to get some privacy, often gossiping about the members and giggling while you soak.
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peteprker · 7 months ago
You’ll Forget Me prt. 1/2 [p.p] NWH SPOILERS
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Peter makes the decision to let Strange cast the spell meaning you and everyone else will forget him
Warnings: Angst, NWH spoilers (please don’t read unless you’ve seen it or want to be spoiled), blood, bruises, mentions of injuries in general, mentions of death
Words: 3,053
A/n: lol wasn’t gonna write a fic and then I had an idea and wrote the entire first part in one sitting which never happens so here we are!! Part 2 will up soon!! Lemme know what you guys think!! Masterlist in bio!!
Tumblr media
Peter has had the great misfortune of participating in several fights since becoming Spider-Man. Some, now, seem so minor. That first fight with the criminals selling alien weapons under the bridge, that's like child's play now. The fight on the ferry. Sure, that one still sticks with him given how disappointed Tony was and it was the first time Peter had failed but, it was so small. The fight with the Vulture in the warehouse and on the beach? It all seems so small in comparison to the fight in space, to the fight against Thanos after the snap. But this fight, this one fight, is bigger than them all.
Somehow, despite the world not being at risk like it was with Thanos, this fight is bigger. He is fighting with two other Peter Parkers against their own villains. These aren't even his villains and he just wanted to help. Wanted to make sure they got their second chance just like he got his. Just like how May said that everyone deserves a second chance. But, it’s bigger because May died. He never had to experience what half of the world did with the snap because he disappeared. He didn’t lose May then. She didn’t lose him. But now, she’s gone and there’s only one way to finish this. Let Strange do the spell.
It's the biggest fight because it comes with the biggest sacrifice Peter has to make. Allow everyone he has ever known, ever cared about, to not only forget he’s Spider-Man, but forget him entirely. He will be a nobody to everyone. It’ll just be him. No May, no MJ, no Ned, no Happy. No you. All he’ll have is memories of you and you’ll have nothing of him. He needs to sacrifice his happiness in order to save everyone else, save the villains, save the city, possibly the world if this escalates even more, save the other Peters. May told him that with great power comes great responsibility and it’s time he takes responsibility for this because if he had just let the Mysterio thing play out, none of this would have happened. This is Peter's fault.
“Are you okay?” Peter asks once he’s landed in front of you, Ned, and MJ.
“Yeah, we’re fine.” You give Peter a gentle smile, looking over your beaten and bloodied boyfriend.
It's a sight you've now grown almost completely used to but you actually got to see his fight this time. It was by far one of the craziest things you've seen. When in London, you were locked in a room, you didn't get to see Peter fighting. When he fought the Vulture, you were with Ned. This is the first time you got to witness Peter really doing his superhero thing and you couldn't be more proud of him. And also relieved to have him in front of you in one piece.
“You’re bleeding.” Peter walks closer to you, putting a hand on your cheek, seeing the large gash on your head from when you were knocked from the scaffolding.
Peter's heart sinks looking at the gash and blood dripping down the side of your face. You almost died. Again. The drones could have killed you in London and now, you almost died from falling. And he couldn't even catch you. He tried, he tried his best but that damn Norman came out of nowhere. He has no idea what he would be doing right now if the other Peter hadn't been there. Not only would he have lost May, but he would have lost you, too. Permanently. 
“It’s fine, I’m okay.” You assure him with a smile, pretending like the throbbing isn't bothering you.
“We should probably get out of here, right?” MJ asks, looking around, anticipating the news helicopters any minute.
“Uh…” Peter sucks in a breath. “You guys should but….” His eyes glance between the three of you before finally landing on you and then lowering to the floor. “You guys aren’t gonna know who I am.”
“What?” You, Ned, and MJ say simultaneously.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You ask, you taking a step back from Peter, a pit in your stomach growing with dread.
“You’ll forget me.” He says. “It’s the only--”
“It’s not the only way! Don’t say that!” You cut Peter off and it’s so selfish and you know that.
It wasn’t supposed to go this way. Just the other day, you were talking about the possibility of all of you still going to MIT together and having the college experience. Experience. There are so many things left for you and Peter to do and now he’s just gonna let Dr. Strange cast this spell and you’ll forget him. How is that supposed to fix anything? Wasn't that the point of all of this? So you, Ned, MJ, everyone wouldn't forget that he's Spider-Man? Now, that's not even the option? It's just, no one will remember him at all. How is that the only possible way to fix this? You can't help but question Dr. Strange's magic powers right now.
“It’s the only way.” Peter’s voice is soft and strained, silently pleading for you not to fight him. “I swear, I-I swear it is.”
“We don’t want to forget you…” Ned says softly. “Everything we've been through…”
“I’m sorry.” Peter says, dodging eye contact with all of you.
“I don’t want to forget you.” Your voice is broken and how is this right? “I-we had so many plans.”
“I’ll find you.” Peter says, reaching out for you. “I’ll-I’ll always find you, okay? I’ll…we can…we’ll do it over again.”
“How do you know I’ll still love you?”
You hadn’t actually told Peter you loved him before this but it just came out. And, normally, maybe he’d be a bit shocked and start stumbling over his words like he does when he gets nervous, a trait you always found endearing. But, he doesn’t, he just looks at you with sad eyes. It is so unfair.
You wanted to tell him you love him in a cute way. Something adorable but nerdy not just blurt it out during your last goodbye. Saying you love someone for the first time isn't supposed to be like this, sad and hopeless. None of this is supposed to be happening but it's playing out in front of both of you and there's nothing any of you can do to stop it. Stone has been set and you can't stop a rolling stone.
“I just do because, uh, I love you, too.” Peter says as you step closer to him, allowing his hand to find the small of your back.
Ned and MJ are standing back away from the two of you, hearts aching. They’re losing their best friend out of all of this. Out of everything but now they’re also watching two of their best friends lose each other. It’s not because there are differences or someone screwed something up in the relationship. It’s just…because.
“May….she can’t die for nothing.” Peter whispers to you. “I’m-I’m so sorry.”
He's right. It's so selfish to ask for anything else. They saved most of the villains. If more come and more people die, May's death would be in vain and Peter would never be able to live with himself over that and you know that. It is devasting for you but....it's the right thing to do if it'll fix all of this.
“It’s okay.” You nod your head, a few tears slipping from your eyes. “It’s okay.” You rest your forehead against his.
Peter pulls you against him, pressing his lips against yours and this is different than any other kiss you’ve ever had. Peter is certain, without a single doubt in his head, he’s gonna find a way to find you and you’ll fall in love all over again and it’ll be just as great and magical and messy as the first time. But for you, for you this is the ultimate goodbye.
It’s not your choice, it’s not even really Peter’s. There are no choices. You don’t want to forget him, you don’t want to lose him, you want none of this and you’re not convinced you’ll remember him as much as you swear you will. You’re not convinced you’ll just fall in love again. Or be so accepting. Maybe there will be something in your subconscious that will remember but won’t remember how your heart speeds up around him or how your hands grow clammy at the thought of him or how he makes you feel like anything is possible. But, instead, maybe something will remember this.
The pain. The pain of this forced goodbye. May might not have been your family, but in the time you’ve known Peter, in the time you’ve been together, she felt like she was. And if you don’t remember Peter, maybe you won’t remember knowing May either but what if your brain does. What if your brain remembers the pain of her death because Peter felt like he just had to save these villains? These villains who clearly killed innocent people in their own universe?
What if your subconscious remembers the fear of him going to fight the Vulture? The fear of him going to space and never seeing him again? The fear of him fighting Mysterio? The times you’ve seen him beaten and bruised and bloody? What happens if that’s the only thing you can remember? The brain tends to have better memories of things that hurt because it doesn’t want to experience it again. It’s a fear response. So, what happens if that’s all you can remember?
Something will be off and it’ll be like giant red flags and you’ll never end up with him ever again? And that might mean he won’t have MJ or Ned either because surely they’ll listen to you about this random guy who shows up one day and tries to get into their little group? What happens if you’re the reason Peter ends up alone? What if you end alone? What if Peter is it for you and this is just how it ends? At the Statue of Liberty under a stupid spell?
This kiss might be your last so you take in every single second, hoping to whoever is out there that this is not it. Begging for this to not be the end and your hand graces over Peter’s arm, up to his shoulder trying your best to memorize not just how the suit feels but how his arm feels beneath your skin. Feeling every muscle that has you pulled against his chest, memorize the shape and size, divets in the suit. And your hand moves up to his cheeks, your hand trying to memorize how his face feels. Every crease, every scar, every wound. How soft his skin is. Every piece of him. Something to hopefully outweigh the bad you are almost certain your subconscious will remember.
Peter breaks the kiss first, barely parting way. “I love you.” He says, tears in his eyes as he pulls away a little more.
“I love you, too.” You offer the best smile you can muster which is hardly anything as your eyes scan his face, just trying to memorize everything you can about him even this bloodied version. His big brown eyes, the cuts that always decorate his face like a messy painting, the way his sweaty hair falls onto his forehead and the top is slightly ruffled. “Be careful.”
“I will.” Peter says. "I'll find you, I promise." He promises before offering a sad smile to Ned and MJ before turning away, shooting a web and taking off, finally free to let his tears fall.
He’s confident that if you don’t remember, you’ll fall in love again but what if he is wrong? What if he does lose everyone? This really could be it. He might just be alone now. This might be it for him. He won’t have anyone after this. But, if he said any of that or let it show, you’d panic and cry and beg and plead for any other option and maybe he’d agree. And this would all end worse than it already has. You, Ned, MJ, and everyone else not remembering him is worlds better than any of you dying because he wanted to be selfish. May died and he can’t let any of you guys die, too. He has seen too many people who he loves die. So, he goes back to Strange just as the spell was being finished.
Tumblr media
The next day comes and Peter wakes up in a small apartment, or what could barely be considered an apartment with how small it is. One room and a tiny bathroom but that’s where he’s living, or so he assumes. The thing about the spell, is that Peter’s life changed, too and he doesn’t quite know how. He doesn’t have memories of this place or how he even ended up here, but he did. And this is his life now.
He reaches for his phone and sees just a simple, basic, phone screen. A stark contrast to the one he knows he had. It was one of you and Peter that May took. You were both asleep on the couch, your head on Peter’s shoulder and his head on yours. You had the same lock screen. And when he unlocks his phone, it’s still the same basic phone screen because it was a picture of all of you at a carnival. With the pictures not even on Peter’s phone, he knows the spell worked. And then it hits him all over again because he would normally call May. But….she’s gone. And it’s like the weight of the world just crushes him.
He just woke up from a nightmare only to have the soul-crushing realization of reality, the nightmare is now his life.
“This was the right decision.” Peter says to himself, trying to convince himself.
It was. There is no real doubt that it was the right decision but that doesn’t make his lonely apartment feel any less lonely. It doesn’t make the pain go away. It doesn’t make the feeling of a black hole in his heart and stomach fade. It all still hurts like a fresh cut dipped in alcohol. May still died because of him. No one remembers him. Right decision or not, it doesn't help. Sometimes doing the right thing doesn't feel good and this is just agony. 
But, he gets up anyway.
May didn’t die for nothing and the spell wasn’t cast for nothing. He gets up and he’s gonna find you and he’s gonna find his friends. He’s gonna make everything right again, rebuild what all of you had. Even if it takes years, he’s gonna do it. He promised and he’s not one to just let promises break if he can help it. So, Pete gets up and gets ready to start looking exactly where he knows you’ll be.
Tumblr media
Peter gets to the diner you and MJ work at knowing that either you'll be working or you’ll be showing up. It’s where all of you met to open your first MIT letters and before Peter left, he checked his mail, something he isn’t sure why or how he knew what to do but he did. And there was a new, fresh letter from MIT. Which, Peter couldn’t help but have a dry chuckle to himself about it considering no one is supposed to know who he is and yet he got an MIT letter. He can only guess the letters were sent out quickly and before Strange cast the spell. So, he couldn’t help but assume the rest of you also got your actual acceptance letters because without any of you being in relation to Spider-Man, you’ll all get in. And now here he is, looking inside the diner at you sitting at the counter talking to MJ who’s working.
He sucks in a breath and this is it. This will be the tell-all. Will you actually remember him? Will there be some otherworldly connection the two of you have that the spell couldn’t break and you’ll remember him? Or will he be just some weirdo offering to buy you a coffee? Or should he just order a coffee and see if you remember him? No, he’d have to talk to you for this to work, right? If you can actually remember him. If you do remember him, this’ll be easy but if not, he’ll have to have a plan. A plan of an exit if you think he’s a creep. You always said you didn’t like when random people offered to buy drinks for other people. It was one of your things. And now he’s outside the diner, panicking probably looking like a creep.
“Okay.” Peter sucks in a breath, talking to himself. “You can do this.” He lets out a breath, shrugs his shoulders, and opens the door.
You and MJ look over to him with the bell of the door but neither of you look like you might be excited to see him so…you don’t remember him. Right? That’s what that means, right? He has no idea so he just goes to the counter, still internally panicking, and decides he’ll order a coffee. Test the waters. But he’ll say his name. He’ll say his full name loud enough so that way you and MJ can hear him and maybe his name or his voice will spark something and you both will remember him. Maybe.
“Hi.” Peter says sheepishly as MJ walks over to him to take his order. “Uh, I’m Peter. Peter Parker.”
Tumblr media
Tag list: @spiderboytotherescue // @tyunnie // @sinisterspidey // @softholand // @sunflowerspidey // @spideyspeaches // @aesthetic-lyss // @lauras-collection // @pbnjparker // @confusebiassbitch // @sleighbellspideyy // @rainbowsinthestorm // @kayasholland // @haroldpotterson​ 
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nyaitsu-writes · 6 months ago
heyo! can i rq headcanons of hiyori and nagisa with a very affectionate reader? like peppering their faces with kisses, making them bentos, randomly going up to them and hugging them, gushing over how pretty they are, stuff like that?ndjdjskz
this is the absolute cutest thing i am on my knees nonnie i!! i love this!! sosososo much ╰(*°▽°*)╯ really though, this is right up my alley and i love it <333
hiyori and nagisa is like,, getting the best of both worlds. the hyper and the soft! also hi hi welcome to my nagisa ran is heavily touch starved agenda
Tumblr media
✧ hiyori, nagisa | with an affectionate s/o ✧
✦ hiyori hasn’t been this happy in ages. no, has hiyori ever been this happy? i genuinely don’t know www but he’s clinging to you all day long, 24/7 with hiyori hugging you and kissing you and holding your hand and kissing you again and again and o((>ω< ))o
✦ after a long day of work, practice and interviews, watch prettiest idol hiyori tomoe crash into your sofa and make grabby hands towards you, getting you to sit right next to him so he can rest against your chest, a hand around your waist so you don’t decide to run away if he falls asleep. keyword: if. he’ll use the cutest puppy eyes known to humanity to get free headpats and a lot of kisses. this is how he recharges his energy for the next day so be sure to love him tons, okay?
✦ but really, hiyori couldn’t ask for a better person to be his s/o. affection feels like a confirmation of your own feelings: it makes hiyori feel safe and loved. he loves giving cuddles and kisses but receiving them? he’s just so happy, smiling like the sun as you nuzzle against him, peppering his face with all the kisses and gentle touches in the world.
✦ hiyori has a secret skill! and that is sucking up all the compliments you can come up with and never feeling satisfied. it’s just,, it’s so good for his morale!! getting his s/o calling him pretty and handsome, saying just how much you love him and how happy it makes you to be by his side. it’s all a vicious circle, see. you say something nice to hiyori. he kisses you. you kiss him back. he says something even nicer too you! endless circle of affection and love! <33
✦ totally the kind of couple that grabs everyone’s attention once they come into a room because they’re holding hands and being soft and very lovey dovey! just,, hiyori being unapologetically affectionate with you, just like you are with him.
Tumblr media
✦ here we are on the entire opposite side of the spectrum! nagisa is so much more calm and reserved, to the point you sometimes have to ask yourself if he really enjoys your attention or if he’s just trying to please you. but i promise he loves it!
✦ it’s just, nagisa is so much more keen on love words rather than actions. even if he has to write a whole page before he can get his feelings out, he always feels like that gets his point across much more easily and directly. and yet when you look at him with those cute eyes, bringing your hand to his face so you can cup his cheek he feels so lost and yet so… loved. a fluffy and warm feeling spreading from his heart to his entire body, his cheeks growing just a bit more red than they were before…
✦ affection is fascinating to him. nagisa doesn’t have much experience in the field but he wants to learn. life is but a combination of tiny little events, of all the things that make you grow as a person. and so, who is he to deny them? if his s/o is affectionate and loving he shall learn how to be the same (❁´◡`❁)
✦ and so, nagisa’s reactions to your affection comes from a place of absolute love and gentleness. of wanting to be better and loving you just like you deserve. he starts by the simplest stuff, like learning how to react when you wrap your arms around his body for a surprise hug. he loves it so much when you insist on having a soft bonding moment, like brushing his long hair for him. nagisa finds a home in soft affection and i think that’s beautiful <3
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taiey · a year ago
Melanie has this self-image that she's—not just angry but dangerous, a hairsbreadth from violence. We hear it in 131 when she talks about her past:
Anger is… Anger’s been all I’ve had for a very long time. Years. Maybe since… oh, I, I don’t know. ... Angry at being passed over, being disrespected, ignored. That sort of anger, it – it powers you. Right up until it slips out and hurts someone.
and in 190 when she talks about how she feels about the cult:
If I didn’t have Georgie, I think I might just snap and beat them all to death. ... I swear, if it’s another hymn I am going to break something!
But look at how she actually reacts to Arun:
MELANIE: [Awkward] Oh, okay, um… Right, so… Arun, I just think that the… GEORGIE: I don’t think either of us is particularly comfortable with your use of the word “redeemers”. MELANIE: That’s… that’s not how it works. Is it? John? ARCHIVIST: Oh? No. That’s not how it works.
John and Georgie are included to demonstrate what "person being distinctly less gentle with Arun than Melanie is" looks like. Actually, ‘gentle’ is a bit of an understatement—I might be better to say ‘timid’.
And it’s not like this is the product of the therapy or, idk, Georgie. This entire post is inspired by pronouncingitwang’s post pointing this out—rewind to her first appearance:
I waited for another five minutes, but when Sarah still hadn’t returned I started to get a bit worried. I should have woken the others, but if it turned out she’d just gone to the bathroom, I didn’t want to embarrass her in front of everyone. In that case she should have got one of us up to take over watching, anyway, but she’d hardly been the most professional while she was working with us, so it wouldn’t have surprised me if she hadn’t. After another five minutes, I decided to go look for her.
Like, Sarah is not fulfilling her responsibilities that she agreed to carry out. (and in a kinda dangerous way) But Melanie’s worried about embarrassing her.
In the end it was actually Toni that asked we not work with Sarah Baldwin again. Apparently she’d gotten “weird vibes” and didn’t feel comfortable around her. I agreed, though I didn’t share my reasons. 
She doesn’t even speak up first to say “let’s not work with her again”—again, this is kinda crossing the line from 'gentle' to 'timid'. Like, you can react to things that negatively affect you without over-reacting? (This is something she works on in therapy! Speaking up that she doesn't like 'Mel'; work-stoppage at her evil work: constructive responses.) (the apocalypse, uh, derails this a tad. :| )
What effect does the Slaughter have on this? Well, the next example is while she's got the bullet in her.
In episode 100, she's already tired and frustrated when Brian comes in. (let’s get this over with. I just don’t hold out a lot of hope for… coherence.) She does not get coherence. Instead she gets a panic attack. (Admittedly kinda her fault, because she said that the archives couldn't help with his spider problem. But like, that's more about the circumstances being objectively panic-inducing, she wasn’t being Mean or anything.) And... she's gentle.
I… Please, just… There’s, there’s tea there. Okay. Right. Yes. Okay, breathe. Yeah… well… Drink, drink the tea.
I’ll, I’ll get you some biscuits. I’ll get you, I’ll get you, I’ll get you… something… Just breathe! Breathe for me… [BRIAN TAKES SOME CALMING DEEP BREATHS] Okay, yes. Good. Good.
She's not confident or practiced or comfortable at it. She's out of her depth and kinda at the end of her rope and... gentle. Trying.
I think the through-thread is—people she has power over. She feels that anger and chokes it down because she could hurt them.
It’s difficult to strike the right balance, when you’re doing that.
(There’s another bucket of just—equals. Basira’s always there; John is for the rest of season 4 after 125; Helen :| ; Martin at least in season 5; etc. She has casual, unguarded conversations, too; and ones that are mostly focused on some goal, and ones where she’s getting what she wants, and all sorts of things.)
Towards people with power over her (the guy with the steady office job and authority over whether her experience counts as genuine; apparent boys’ club; evil mindreading murder boss; etc) she bites back. The difference is it's safe to do that because—one part she can't hurt them, and one part it'd be deserved. (Melanie as a comedian who always punches up.)
Except, you know... there's this bit in where 106 Basira and Melanie discuss how she 'literally' made Tim and Martin cry, and... while you can construct reasons they could 'have power over her'—seniority, gender—Basira's only been around since 092. Since that point, it's obvious that those aren't real power here. That's what the Slaughter is doing to her with her; validating seeing the world as more and more against her, handing her power and encouraging her to see herself as a put-upon victim, free to fight back guiltlessly.
And then she wakes up to a numb, wounded leg and stabs John. I wonder—what if "Right up until it slips out and hurts someone. I hurt someone." & "It didn’t stay in my leg because of some ghostly master plan. It stayed because I wanted it." in 131 are saying that - like - it wasn't taking out the bullet that de-Slaughtered her? That it was the wake-up call that she hurt John, someone who was trying to help her, and she didn't want to do that.
Didn’t want to be that.
@melaniemonth I don’t know if this is Platonic, or Health: therapy&recovery, or simply Self, but it is very, very Melanie.
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sugarfairychan · a year ago
lantern rite festival.
Yandere! Childe x reader Summary: Childe and Y/N enjoy a lovely night out at Liyue’s lantern rite festival. Though it takes a turn when Childe gets a bit too horny. warnings: fluff, nsfw, public sex, childe being an asshole but also a bank
For my bestie @childespersonalsimp I hope you’re feeling better :)
Liyue Harbour, bustling with vitality and life as preparations for the Lantern Rite festival were finally complete. Finishing touches of golden threads thrown atop houses and strings of light draped around trees, forever shining the harbour with an esteemed glow.
Though Liyue was gorgeous during dawn, the sky fresh with hues of pink and orange, clouds departing from the sea of light and introducing a beautiful sight to the masses, it could be said that to see Liyue Harbour in all it's glory, one should wait until night, when lanterns would light the sky. Like stars, they wafted through the air and brought the whole harbour to life.
And Liyue Harbour was where you were, hand in hand with your boyfriend, Childe, one of Snezhnaya's ambassadors, of sorts. Stalls set up by merchants, presenting all their goods and little treats paved a path through the harbour, forcing folks into viewing the items for sale. Children ran passed, bright in rainbow hues, giggling together while holding kites lit up by light. The pleasant atmosphere brought a smile to your lips and Childe absolutely adored that look. He tightened his grip on you.
Courtesy of Childe, you stood at the very entrance of Liyue Harbour, "for the experience", he said. He wanted to introduce you to a new side of Liyue, seeing as how you had only been once or twice, after leaving Snezhnaya for a while.  
A food stall caught your eye and you tugged on Childe's hand, pulling him towards the stall. Your eyes sparkled at the arrangement of food laid out. "First time trying out Liyue's specialities?" asked the man in front of the stall.
You nodded. "What do you recommend? I've never seen food like this before."
"These are all Lantern Rite specialities! We sell them only once a year!" He laughed at the awe in your eyes. "Well, how about this?" He pointed to one of the skewers. "It's a Lantern Rite speciality, grilled fish tiger! It has a crunchy..."
While the stall vendor explained all the different types of food he displayed and you eagerly listened, a certain someone beside you was getting slightly annoyed from the lack of attention. Childe's overbearing aura towered behind you and the death glares he sent the stall vendor's way had him rushing to prepare your food and send you off.
You and Childe walked off, and though he wasn't happy that you let go of his hand to eat, he didn't mind, especially when your cheeks puffed out, stuffed with food. "You look like a chipmunk," he teased.
You sent a glare his way, wanting to retort but unable to. Swallowing quickly, you stabbed him with the skewer stick. "O-Ouch!" He jerked to the side. "Hey, that wasn't nice, girlie." He poked your cheek.
You huffed, turning your head away. "You deserve it." You sped up, going to toss the skewers into the bin.
Childe followed behind you with a cheeky smile. "Ouch, girlie. Do you really think that low of me--?"
You weren't even listening, another stall grabbing your attention. You sped your way over, like an excited little child. Childe, on the other hand, dropped his head and sighed. He watched as your eyes shone with excitement and curiosity and you quickly called him over, practically jumping up and down. "Mr. Moneybag, I wanna play this game."
"The things I do for you," he sighed, reaching into his pocket and fishing out some mora. "Here you go." He dropped the coins into the palm of the vendor and the game started.
“This place is freakin’ awesome, Ajax!” The two of you climbed up the steps littered with lotus flower lights. “I didn’t know Liyue was this cool!” you beamed, scooping up some delectable custard from its cup.
Childe chuckled. He snatched your hand holding the spoon and ate the treat himself. “Greedy bastard,” you glared. You took a step away, furthering the distance between the two of you. “I don’t want custard.” you mocked his whiny voice. “Only get one, he said.”
Childe laughed. “It’s all fair game if I’m the one that paid.” He shrugged it off harmlessly.
You stuck your tongue out. Childe perked up at one of the stores lit up by lanterns. “C’mon, let’s get you into some Liyue dresses.”
You face scrunched up into a frown. “I’m good.”
“Aww, just try one on. For me?” He pleaded cutely.
But you weren’t fazed with his innocent facade. “Nope. Nada. Not a chance.” You shook your head, ditching the empty cup into the bin. “No way.”
Childe huffed. “Fine,” he dragged the ‘I’ sound. “But-” a jewellery store caught his eye-  “Oh, look.” He dragged you to the store. Two rings were displayed at the corner of the booth, bland and dull yet somehow intriguing. “What are these?”
“Oh! I’m surprised you noticed them,” said the woman behind the stall. “Not many take an interest in them because they look so dull- but you’ve got a keen eye, sir! These are promise rings. You pour your vision into them and then it gives them a glow.”
Childe looked intrigued. “Where do they come from?”
“Oh! Well, the materials are originally mined in Liyue, but...” She went on to explain the origins and manufacturing. “You know, these rings come in a pair. It reinforces true love. They say that when you and your girlfriend wear them, love lasts longer and doesn’t fall apart.”
A gentle hue of red painted his cheeks, along with a small, warm smile. The woman could see how smitten the boy was.
While Childe's interest was taken by the rings, yours, however, deterred to a faint scent of delicious food. Your stomach growled internally, as if you didn't just eat a whole feast. You tugged on his arm. "I smell something good! Let's go find out!"
He was dragged away before he could say anything.
Such was the life of an obsessively romantic boy and a foodie girl.
While the young couple wondered around, Childe taking the position of the bank and spending his cash without a glance at the price just at the mere mention of you wanting to try some new food out, the vigilant stares of Millelith guards was pissing him off. Especially the one that patrolled the streets of the upper level of the harbour. He had been glancing their way too much, following too close. He was really pissing Childe off.
Dressed in golden armour like the rest of them but twice as annoying, Childe was practically enraged. No matter how cute you looked begging for food, nothing could calm his anger.
“Hey, girlie, can we make a stop at the bank?”
You shrugged. “Yeah, sure! I don’t mind.”
Of course, you didn’t. You were already giddy with all the food in your arms. So the two of you made your way up the stairs to the bank.
Childe finished his business inside while you stood by the door, eating your treat and offering some to the guard at the front. He laughed nervously as he declined, something you didn’t understand. Who says no to food?
When Childe walked out with a “let’s go”, the guard sighed in relief. But that relief was short lived.
“Are you sure you don’t want some?” You tempted him again, gesturing to the delicious sweets in your hand.
Childe’s eyes narrowed into a glare, and whether the harbinger wanted him to take the food or not, it was a gamble. “N-No, ma’am. I’m good. I, uh, I just ate.”
That seemed to appease Childe, as the threatening aura that surrounded him disappeared and he said, “C’mon, girlie! You heard the man. Let’s go! We shouldn’t disturb him anymore.”
“Okay, then. But you’re seriously missing out.” You let Childe guide you away.
The moment you both disappeared, the guard let out the breath he was holding. He put his hand to his chest to calm his shaking heart. The other Fatui guard that stood beside him gave him a sympathetic thumbs up.
Master Childe was known for his unpredictable anger, and many Fatui members faced death in the eye whenever you were around.
“Anything you wanna do, Ajax?” You skipped through the streets. “We haven’t been here for long, but let’s enjoy the festival while we can!”
“We have five days. We don’t have to go through everything right now.”
You frowned and looked back. “But that’s lame. What do you suppose we do then?”
Arms embracing you from behind, warm air breathed against your ear, and the smell of Childe all around. “Don’t you want to go rest for a bit?”
Your cheeks flared as Childe grinded you lightly from behind. Good thing that young pest of a guard was now no longer around. “Wait!” You pushed away from him, a blush burning your face. “I’m not tired! So let’s eat more!” You ran away.
“Don’t run!” he called after you. “What’ll we do if you run out of strength and get tired?” He teased.
He could practically see the steam poof from your head. His chuckles died down and his eyes shone over with an annoyed gleam and a scowl dropped on his face. I want to eat you though, he thought to himself.
“Who knew you liked to play hide and seek so much?” Childe cornered you with a wicked grin, trapping you behind Wangshseng Funeral Parlour’s building. You escaped from the man by climbing the rocks behind the middle-level buildings- but to no avail, apparently. You were caught immediately.
Well, obviously- seeing as how you fell in between the shallow pit between two rocks. “But, you know, it’s always going to be the same in the end. You’ll always end up in my arms.” He towered over you, resting his arm above your head as he leaned close.
You laughed nervously. “D-Don’t you think we should get outta here? I can hear some kids laughin’ on the balcony.” You were right. Two young girls were playing about at the top.
Childe’s smirk only seemed to widen. “Then,” he leaned in close, lips brushing against your ear, “I guess you’ve got to make sure you’re really quiet.”
His free hand grasped your butt. You squeaked out a rejection but Childe paid no mind. “I spent the entire day following you around-- and paying for everything, by the way. I need compensation.” The hand above your head dropped down and slipped around your waist, bringing you close. “And this is what I want.”
He tilted your chin up and stole a kiss. He locked you against the wall and his body, his knee spreading your legs apart. His chest and stomach are sturdy and strong, despite his slim figure. Your heart stuttered in your chest and you have to fight a gasp at the hard length against your crotch. His tongue interlocked with yours shamelessly, too intoxicated with your taste to stop. 
Once the need for breathing appeared, he pulled away, dipping his head down to your ears. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. 
“W-Wait, we’re still outside,” you said breathlessly. He kissed your red cheek, slowly making his way to your ear. “There are people arouUND--!” Your entire body stiffened when his tongue licked up behind your ear, coating that sensitive area with his saliva and soon followed by a hickey, leaving his mark. “Ajax!”
He chuckled into your ear, the husk of it sending shivers down your spine. He buried his face in your neck, nipping at the skin, sucking at a tender spot and then running his tongue over it. 
“It’s fine,” he said against your skin. “You’re just going to have to stay quiet, then.”
He twirled you around, shoving your upper body against the wall and propping your ass out.  The view before him was perfect. You against a wall, face all flushed and flustered and him pressed up against you, his boner rubbing against your ass. 
He draped himself above you, one of his hands sliding down in between your legs and the other reaching up to tweak your nipples. He could feel the shiver running down your spine as he rubbed you. “Feels good, hmm?” he purred into your ear. 
“Ajax...stop that,” you blushed. It wouldn’t be a lie to admit that his voice had a way that just seemed to get you dripping. 
“Why are you so adorable?” His lips brushed against your ear. You startled, his hand slipping inside your pants and into your underwear. “I want to tease you more.” 
Soft whimpers escaped your lips from each time his fingers slid between your lips and rubbed tantalisingly slow. When the tips of his fingers circled your clit, your body jerked forward and a low moan filled the shallow pit. Childe watched intensely, pressing closer to you, almost so he could feel your pleasure, too. He wanted to witness it all. The way your body responded, how your eyes flutter open and shut with the pleasure, how your nipples hardened immediately and the way your core responded with love juices, evidence of his satisfying touch.
“A..Ajax, not here...” Your hand rested on top of his. “Please...”
“It’s going to be okay. No one can hear nor see us,” he reassured you, the hand on your chest reaching up to pet your head. “I won’t let anyone.” Though his words sounded like love, if you looked close, you would be able to see the darkness in his eyes and the threat he portrayed to others. 
With that, he took the initiative to drive you into a climax. His fingers dipped inside of you, his mouth occupying the soft skin on the side of your neck. Your legs spread unconsciously, giving him more space to sink his fingers in further. 
Your arms shook as you tried to keep yourself up, your moans flowing out non-stop. Childe’s sadistic smirk - the one he would only don during the thrill of a battle - widened, enjoying how desperate you were right now, rubbing yourself on his crotch and leaning against the rock in front. 
“I don’t want to have sex, huh?” he teased.
Your cheeks flared. “Sh-Shut up.” You were too breathless to even argue at this point. It was close. That familiar high, that sweet release. Too close. “G-Go faster.”
“Go faster, what?”
“Hmm? I can’t hear you.”
You were getting frustrated, gyrating your hips against his, trying to get his fingers deeper inside of you. “Please, Ajax. Please!”
“Huh? Who’s there?!”
Your body froze, eyes wide. Oh, fuck. Someone heard you. 
While you panicked, pressed against the wall with fingers inside of you, a sadistic idea popped into Childe’s head. He dipped his head low and whispered, “Stay quiet.”
A rush of cold air hit you, your pants showed down to your knees. “Wait!” you whisper-shouted. “What are you doing--!”
Your hand shot up to muffle your cries as Childe buried himself inside you. “Damn, you feel so good,” he hummed softly into your ear. “Do your best to stay quiet, okay?”
With a sharp thrust of his hips, Childe pushed himself deeper in you. He watched his dick disappear inside of you and he swallowed hard. How can someone be so gorgeous and hot at the same time? You trembled under him, gasp upon gasp muffled by your hand. Trembles racked your body as you struggled to keep yourself up with one hand. “A-Ajax.” Hips rolled together, meeting each other in sync. 
“It’s okay. I’ve got you.” One of his arms wrapped under you and the other resting against the wall in front, he kept you up with ease as he took you. “You’re doing good,” he whispered. “So good. You’re clenching onto me really tight. You want this, huh? It feels hot, knowing we could get caught right now, right?”
Shaking your head, you removed your hand to say a quick, “No”, but as if he was expecting it, he angled his next thrust at your sweet spot and a loud moan ripped passed you. 
"What was that? Did you hear a noise?” 
Oh no. 
Instead of the previous voice, now, it sounded like two kids. They were atop a balcony on the right and though they wouldn’t be able to see you right now, if they looked down, they would undoubtedly see you getting railed against a wall.
You struggled to keep your moans in check as Childe rocked your body. 
“What if it’s a ghost?”
“Huh?! Ghosts aren’t real!” 
Hurry up and leave, you pleaded in your head. 
Childe took sick pleasure out of this. Hell, his dick even hardened at the thought of getting caught, and at the way you teared up in embarrassment. Oh, how he adored your expressions. 
“A-- I’m going to cum.” You looked back, eyes pleading for him to stop.
He smirked. “Then cum.” His grip tightened and he pistoned in and out of you at a fast pace. 
You quivered under him, at your limit. You felt yourself dissolving in pleasure as waves of pleasure overwhelmed you. Childe groaned, trying hard to restrain himself from releasing right then and there. Why ruin the fun, when he could ruin you?
He wasn’t done. His thrusts grew sloppier the closer he was to cumming. Your overstimulated body couldn’t keep up with him, knees giving up on you and body slumping to the ground. That didn’t stop him either. 
He simply adjusted positions and you were both on the floor together, your back arched and your ass in the air, Childe taking you once again. The thick stench of sex filled the pit and your muffles pants and moans had him going crazy.
Whether the kids were still here or not mattered nothing to him. All Childe wanted right now was to cum. He grunted like a beast, ramming his hips to thrust violently into yours.
This pleasure was too much. You couldn't even keep up to his thrusts. It was overwhelming. You throbbed around him, clenching him tight. The fire pooling in his abdomen felt like a spring coiling tightly. He was awaiting his release but he held himself back. He wanted you to cum one more time, at the same time as him. "Are...are you close?"
He nodded and sped up a bit. No doubt there would be bruises where he gripped your hips. He’d pull you down with each thrust, making your hips smack against each other. "I'm close," he panted.
You sputtered out an agreement but no words left you. The pleasure was too intense. Your body trembled once more as you came undone by his hands. 
Childe groaned. He had to, and he did. He held you tight and with one last lurch, he buried himself to sheathe himself inside of you. Thick strings of cum shot out of him, pooling inside. The heat brought a satisfying, familiar sensation, and the two of you stayed still. Childe was stunned at the pure euphoria going through his body. Who knew he had such a kink for public sex?
You, on the other hand, were completely out of it. You slumped onto the ground, too exhausted to say or do anything.  
A smirk quirked at his lips, seeing the state of your body. He leaned down and kissed your forehead. “You were amazing.” He pulled out and both your fluids pooled out obscenely, dripping onto the ground. “Tired, now?” he teased. 
You glared at him. 
Now, you were back at the inn you and Childe resided in, all washed and dried and snuggly wrapped in the covers of your bed. You were still upset at Childe and the pout you donned evidenced that. 
Childe walked out of the shower (because you refused to show with him, lest he try anything else), drying his hair. He looked amused at the glare you gave him. “Oh, c’mon, girlie. You can’t still be mad at me?”
“ Boundaries, Childe. There are some things you can’t go over, and having sex in public is one of them!”
He sighed. “Maybe this’ll make you feel better?” He went over to one of the many bags you had brought from the festival and reached inside. 
“If it isn’t ice cream, I don’t want it.”
“I think you’ll like it.” He sat beside you on the bed and showed you a box. “Open it,” he nudged it closer.
With a loud sigh, you dramatically burst your arms out from under the burrito wrap you rolled yourself inside. You took the box from him and opened it. Your eyes widened. Inside the box were two silver rings, and it wasn’t the carvings inside of them that spelt your names that made you gasp but the beautiful blue light they emitted. 
Childe watched expectantly, analysing your expression. “Do you...do you like it?”
“Like it? Ajax, it’s beautiful!”
He sighed in relief. “That’s good.”
“Where did you get them from?” 
Childe deadpanned. “Are you serious? We were at the store before. The lady there told us the story.”
You laughed sheepishly. “Ahah, yeah...I remember.”
He sighed. “What do I do with you?” But the twinkle in his eyes gave away his amusement. “Here. Let me put it on for you.” He took your hand and gently slid the ring up your ring finger (on your right hand though. You’ll be getting a diamond for your left). You helped put his on and he stared at you, his eyes shining with an unusual warmth inside of them. “I love you, Y/N. I really do.”
 Cheeks warming up, you went in for a kiss. “I love you, too,” you whispered against his lips. “To the moon and back.”
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harryforvogue · 8 months ago
Dance Me All Around The Room (Harry and Nisha’s Christmas Blurb)
Hello! Welcome to Harry and Nisha’s installment of the Christmas Celebration series! This blurb is 4k words! It doesn’t have smut but it does have some steamy scenes. It’s nothing too much. I like to keep this couple clean :-)
As always, here is my ko-fi link. 
I enjoyed writing this so so so much! Happy reading :) 
Harry’s fat orange cat rubs up against Nisha’s leg as she’s carefully going over the loops of the flower petals with her henna again. She barely passes a look over at the cat, too concentrated over her design. Harry thinks he’s holding his breath just like her, both of them completely immobile with the exception of Nisha’s hand moving over Harry’s, the tip of the henna cone just barely touching his skin. It tickles, but they’re so close to finishing, he doesn’t tell her about it.
There’s gentle Christmas music playing from her speakers besides the tree, presents scattered on the floor without pattern. It seems thrown together, but still very warm and cozy. He’s always enjoyed the holidays, but hasn’t been able to indulge in a little relaxation due to the years of school. This is his first Christmas after giving the bar exam, so he’s been looking forward to finally taking a deep breath. They’re not exactly celebrating Christmas in any way, but they are exchanging gifts and the tree is a clear indication of how they both want to celebrate the holidays. It’s a new thing for both of them.
Harry has focused on Nisha for the last half hour. Her hair has been straightened and pinned back. She’s wearing a regular sweater, black tights, and her feet are covered by the fuzziest red socks he’s ever seen in his life. Her tights are covered in cat hair thanks to his cats loving on her repeatedly. She’s extremely concentrated, her lips pursed, eyebrows in a permanent frown.
Finally, when she completes the final finger, she straightens her back and groans when her spine cracks. “Done.” She turns her dark eyes on him. “If you ruin it, you’ll answer to me.”
Harry smiles, leaning in. She gives him a soft kiss and then steadies him by his shoulders, giving him another look. She says, “It’s going to take some time, okay? Use your other hand and if you can’t, call me over. I want the color to look good. My mom wants pictures too.”
“Why does she want pictures?”
“Because the henna is hers.”
“Her own batch? She made this?”
“Yeah.” Nisha folds the napkins around her and gets up to throw them out. “She wants to make sure it stains well.”
Harry nods his head and looks down at the design she’s made. It’s incredible. Harry knows Nisha is very artistic, but this is the most she’s ever shown her skill, to him at least. Nisha’s prone to being shy about her work, but this henna design deserves all the praise it can get. He squints. The details are immaculate. Every curve of the petal is not too thick or too thin, the swirls neat, centered on each finger, and flawless. The symmetry is something that makes him especially impressed because she’s done all this with no guide or sketch. She’d pulled his hand onto her knee and simply… went for it.
Harry raises his head when Nisha returns. “How long will it take?”
“Some people keep it overnight. Some people wash it off. Some scrap it off.”
“And what will we be doing?”
“We will wait as long as you can, pour lemon juice over it, and then scrape it off. I don’t usually keep it on overnight. I’ve had a bad experience with it.”
“Will you do yours?”
Nisha’s lips purse as she looks down at her hands. “No. I can be really impatient with henna. That’s why I had you do it.” She smiles and shuffles closer.
“You didn’t make me,” he gently corrects, tucking her hair behind her ear with his free hand. “I wanted to.”
“Right.” She kisses him slowly, his hand sliding down to her waist, tucking her into his chest. He smells like henna and his aftershave, a combination she never thought she’d love as much as she does in that moment. He pulls away and kisses the top of her head.
“This is nice,” he murmurs, brushing another kiss to her hairline. “Just you, me, our cats, and a large Christmas tree. This is the life. All that’s missing is your mom.”
“My mom?” Nisha snickers, cupping Harry’s face in her warm hands. “She would be incredibly annoying. She’s staying with someone else anyways.”
“She didn’t invite you?”
“I think she knew I wanted to spend my time with you. After all that hectic work for weeks, I deserve some time off with my boyfriend, no?”
The past few weeks have been incredibly stressful on Nisha, no matter how much he’s tried to help her out. All the deliveries she’s had to make for such a small town. She barely saw Harry in the last two weeks, so when Harry arrived at her house this evening with his overnight bags, she’d launched herself at him and held him tightly. For a long, long time.
They had dinner and set up the tree and now Nisha’s cuddling against Harry, kissing him as slow as the sweet kisses go. And she believes she can stay here for a long, long time.
Harry ends up asking Nisha for the lemon juice just two hours later, and despite Nisha’s teasing, he doesn’t waste a second more. He peers at the design now temporarily stained onto his pale skin, his eyebrows raised with surprise. “Wow. It’s…supposed to be that light?”
They’re back in the living room, Nisha examining the design as well. “Well you’re supposed to keep it on for longer, Harry. Now I can’t tell if the stain isn’t good or you just removed it too early.”
“It was itching!” he protests, taking his hand away. “What was I supposed to do?”
“Accept the discomfort.”
“Get outta here.”
Nisha smiles and reaches out, tucking his curls back. “But thank you for letting me practice on you anyways.” Before he can lean in for a kiss, she draws back and he makes a noise of annoyance in the back of his throat. “I forgot. I have some of your mail. I think your mailbox is so hard to locate. You should have someone move your box to the street so the mail dude doesn’t have to go all the way to your place.”
Harry hums, tilting his head back. “If they’re just bills, you can keep them.”
She pokes his face. “You really shouldn’t pay them since you spend most of your time here.”
He smiles. “Are you saying you want me to move in with you?”
“I’m saying you should start paying my bills instead. Thanks to your Christmas tree, I’ll have a really big electricity bill.”
Harry raises his head and looks at the tree. “It’s a nice touch.”
“Neither of us celebrate.”
“That’s the fun part, my love.”
Nisha’s features soften at the endeared tone of her boyfriend. She purses her lips and looks at him for a long time. Harry’s still smiling, his soft, shaved cheeks looking inviting and paler than usual despite the cold in Georgia only barely hitting the high 40s. She knows Harry’s dealt with colder Christmases and snow and the difficulties of shoveling when he lived with his family up north, and she wonders if he ever misses that. If he ever thinks back to those Christmases and wishes he spent time up there rather than down here.
His eyes sparkle in front of the ornaments of the tree, his arms crossed over his sweater, the smell of cinnamon lingering in the house thanks to their gingerbread cookies that are currently cooling on the table. The light music has been turned down slightly so that she could hear the rumbling of his deep voice as he murmured in her ear. His eyebrows raise as she inspects him.
“You look like you’re in love with me,” he whispers, reaching for her hand. She easily gives it over, running her fingers over the slightly wet skin of his palm where the lemon juice has dried. It’s becoming sticky, but she doesn't tell him to fix that. Instead, she presses a thumb to her tongue to taste the sour juice and then she presses her mouth to his, clumsy, yet soft.
“I am in love with you,” she murmurs against him, cupping his jaw. She pulls away, but doesn’t get too far. “Do you miss your parents?”
Harry rests his chin on top of her head. “I’ll see them soon.”
“That doesn’t answer my question.”
He sighs. “I do miss them. But I don’t think about that much. I think more about looking forward to seeing them again and that's what makes me not so sad. It’s the same thing you do with your mom.”
“I dread seeing my mom.”
Harry’s frame shakes under her body as he chuckles. “No you don’t. Nisha, you miss her all the time and I know there’s a small part of you that wishes she were here.”
“Not here. Maybe a little closer, but I want to spend the holidays alone with you.” She moves herself against him. “I’ve never celebrated Christmas. We had our own holidays growing up. What did you do when you were small?”
Harry’s quiet for a moment as if trying to remember and decide exactly what he wishes to tell her. When he finally begins speaking, his arms are around her and she’s half scrawled in his lap in an attempt to be closer to him.
“When I was younger, Christmas was what we all looked forward to. My parents and I used to do a 10 Days of Christmas marathon where we watched a movie every night starting 10 days before Christmas despite them being school nights. The condition was that we had to help set the table for dinner and make sure all our homework was done and checked by our parents. And then we’d get out our large, thick red blankets and sit together on the couch and watch the movie.”
Nisha closes her eyes, enjoying the sound of his voice. “What was your favorite movie?”
“Home Alone, I think. I didn’t like Jim Carrey’s Grinch though. He scared the hell out of me. My sister loved the Charlie Brown one so we watched that one at least twice every December.”
Nisha nods. “Did you always get what you wanted?”
“Not really. I always asked for insanely expensive gifts. I’d get books and video games. My sister was a lot easier when it came to gifts. You could give her a pair of fuzzy socks and she’d be happy.”
“You were difficult.”
“I was not,” Harry laughs. “I just expected a lot. I had high expectations from my parents who also had to buy gifts for other people in my extended family.”
“You had people over?”
“Nearly every Christmas. We had more room in the house so everyone would gather there. Some people would stay until the New Years, but as time went on, people started going home earlier because they had their own families eventually. My mom had kids first in her family so my sister and I were the babies for a long time. We got a lot of gifts from our aunts and uncles. I got a cool bike once. And then another time my sister and I both got ice skates. We took ice skating lessons after that.”
“They all came to see you two.”
“I guess so.” Harry rests his cheek on her head. “I think Christmas is still fun if you spend it with the right people. I don’t think I’d want to spend it with my friends at a bar like I’ve been doing for the past few years. I feel as if I’ve grown out of it.”
“Because you want to spend it with me.”
“Because I feel bad about the people working on Christmas,” Harry corrects her teasingly, “but also because I want to be with you.”
Nisha is quiet for a long moment, her eyes open once more, fingers pulling on a loose thread around the hem of Harry’s sweater. She presses her nose to the column of his throat and inhales the cinnamon on him slowly, unable to stop her lips from spreading into a smile.
“Are you enjoying Christmas with me?”
“I am, Neesh.”
Nisha never doubts Harry's honesty. She can tell from the tone of his voice and the direct answer that he’s always sincere with her, ready to relieve any of her fears. She knows he loves her company, but it’s nice to be reminded, too.
“Do you think we should be celebrating more like how you used to with your parents?”
“Of course not,” Harry says with a soft chuckle. Again, he answers confidently and with ease. She grips his sweater tightly. “Christmas is about making new traditions and all that, right?”
She raises her head slightly and kisses the mole by his mouth. “We can watch Jim Carrey’s The Grinch if you’re not scared anymore.”
His warm eyes are slightly half lidded. He holds her chin between his fingers and murmurs, “Shut up.”
“Are you scared, Styles?”
“Shut up, Neesh.” He kisses her softly over and over. “We can watch it. After we have those cookies.”
Nisha takes it as a cue to pull herself away from the warmth of her boyfriend and get up. He’s close behind her, catching her waist as soon as she gets to the table, reaching from around her to grab a cookie. He presses it to Nisha’s lips before reaching for his one.
Instead of pulling away, she twirls in his arms and wraps her arms around his shoulders, biting down on the cookie and turning her head back to the table to let the remainder fall from her lips, back onto the tray. The cookie breaks into a few pieces, but her attention is back on her boyfriend.
Harry pulls her tighter against him with the smallest shove of his hands, those hands that cover her back warmly. His chest is just as warm, his eyes blazing with love. She tangles her fingers into his hair and gently begins to sway them until Harry catches on, dimples growing on either side of his face.
“I’ve never celebrated Christmas with anyone,” she admits softly after swallowing her cookie. He gently brushes away crumbs from her face and returns his hand where it belongs at her back.
“We're not celebrating, Nisha.”
He clumsily steps on her foot and apologizes.
“You know what I mean.”
“You’ve never done the whole holiday thing with a significant other?”
“Well that’s to be expected. Before me, you never had an orgasm with a man either.”
Nisha stops dancing with him and narrows her eyes. “We agreed never to bring that up.”
Harry shrugs and tugs her back, encouraging her legs to move in rhythm with his again. “I will bring it up when it benefits me. Benefits my ego, actually. Don’t give me that look, my love. You can’t expect me to not be happy about the fact that I am the first man ever to make the girl of my dreams satisfied in bed.” He kisses her forehead. “Let’s unpack that.”
“Let’s not.”
“What is it about me that arouses you so, Nisha? Is it my face? My body? I think one time you said it was the length of my–”
“--fingers.” Harry grins, teasingly pulling on her hair. “Oh come on. It makes me happy. It makes you happy. What’s the problem?”
“I’m trying to be romantic here, Styles. Let us be cute without talking about your penis.”
“Ah, but we’re talking about my fingers.” He emphasizes his words by walking his fingers down her spine, causing her to shudder. His grin only intensifies. “Alright. You clearly hate them, so let’s talk about something else.”
“Let’s not talk about anything.”
“As you wish.”
So they fall into a comfortable silence, both of their eyes running over each other’s faces, the inevitable smiles growing. Harry’s eyes are shining even more under the kitchen light, his warmth rolling off of him so deliciously, Nisha immediately looks forward to cuddling against him tonight after spending some time playing between the sheets, Harry showing her exactly what makes them work well together. How they fit.
And he’s right: it may be partially because of his body and his talents that he performs with his body, but it’s also that smile he gives her right when she’s on the brink of orgasm, or when she’s begging him to press his fingers against that perfect spot inside of her that has her reeling. It may be the kisses he sponges onto her face after she’s coming down from her high, the way those same torturous fingers smooth her hair away from her neck afterwards in the bath, the way those same fingers rub the knots away from her muscles by kneading.
Her gaze drops to his mouth and images of what she’d like for him to do to her body with that mouth flash through her head. Her jaw tightens when Harry removes a hand from her back and holds her chin, tilting her head back.
“You look like you’re thinking of some very PG thoughts.”
Her face grows hot. “I am, actually.”
“Yeah? Should I bother asking you why you’re staring at my mouth and neck like that?”
Nisha forces herself to look straight into his eyes. “No.”
He chuckles, brushing a kiss to her forehead. He stops moving his legs and pushes her to the counter. He presses her back against it and lets her hands slide down to his chest as he lifts her up. He puts her on the counter and tilts his own head back when she kisses him.
“Whatever you were thinking,” he whispers, tucking her hair back. “I’d be more than happy to do that for you.”
“I know,” she whispers back, tugging on his collar. “You treat me so well, don’t you?”
“Anything for my girl.”
“Can we go upstairs?”
Harry steps back. “Yes, my love.” He suddenly notices the stack of mail by her thighs on the counter. “Let me look at these first.”
She frowns but lets him switch his attention to the piles of envelopes. He searches through them, looking for his name. She’s a ball of energy, impatiently waiting for him to place his attention back on her.
“Bills,” he murmurs, tossing them aside when he sees more. He gets to the final letter and stops, suddenly finding nothing funny. Nisha’s confused by the abrupt change, his smile disappearing. Harry holds the letter up. “How long have you had this?”
“I haven’t seen you in a while so maybe a week?” Nisha answers, perplexed. “What’s wrong?”
Harry’s throat bobs as he works down a swallow. “This is from the state.”
“These are my exam results.”
Nisha’s eyes widen sharply. “I thought they’d come from your school! God, Harry, I would have told you sooner if I’d known!”
Harry swallows again, shaking his head. “No, it’s not your fault.”
To Nisha’s surprise, his hands are shaking. He promptly presses the envelope into her hands and then turns around, covering his eyes with a large hand. “Check it for me.”
Nisha nervously stares at the back of his neck. “Are you sure? We can open it tomorrow. We can just have a relaxing night and then tackle all this tomorrow.”
Harry’s head shakes before she’s finished speaking. “I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t find out, Neesh. Tell me, please. And then comfort me if it’s a bad result.”
Her own fingers are slightly trembling as she rips into the envelope and removes the two sheets of paper neatly folded into thirds. At first glance, she thinks there’s too much writing for a letter that is just supposed to say one of either two words.
But she silently looks through the paragraphs, checking the second page for keywords.
And there it is. Right at the bottom besides Harry’s name, state ID, and school.
“You passed,” she says faintly, heart thundering in her ears. She looks up at Harry. “You passed, baby.”
Harry’s rigid frame slowly relaxes, his shoulders dropping. “Really?” he whispers, not turning to look at her. “Check again please. Properly, Nisha.”
She does. She checks twice more. “Yes. It’s right here, Harry. Look!”
And he turns around very slowly, reaching for the paper. He scans it quickly. Once. Twice. Three whole times before he releases the paper from his grasp, letting it fall down to her tiled kitchen floor. And then his arms are tight around her, face pressed into her hair. “Fuck,” he whispers, his shaky fingers holding the back of her neck. “Fucking hell. Fucking fuck!”
Nisha laughs softly, wrapping her legs around him. “You did it!”
“I fucking did it. Neesh, I fucking did it! I lost so much sleep over the past few years just for that stupid piece of paper!” His voice is muffled, but his arms are becoming tighter and tighter. “We have to celebrate.”
He suddenly pulls away. “We have to celebrate!” he repeats, cupping her face. She’s amazed to see light tears in his eyes, his eyelashes sticking together. “My love, we have to celebrate! Come here.” With the last word, he grabs her waist instead and hoists her over his shoulder.
“Harry! Harry, wait this isn’t–!”
“I fucking passed!”
“You did, baby, but my head – you’re going to hit my head!”
Harry’s not listening so she keeps her head down as he walks them upstairs, Nisha useless as she hangs off his shoulder. She laughs when he drops her on the bed. Nisha bounces briefly and adjusts her sweater before he lays his body on top of hers, carding his fingers through her loose hair.
“You did it,” she whispers against his mouth when it comes down to hers, his body knocking the breath out of her. He presses himself against her and she groans at his cock resting heavily against her thigh. “My smart boyfriend. My lawyer boyfriend. Already love bragging about you. Now everyone’s going to have to listen to me marvel about my super intelligent man all over again.”
Harry kisses the words out of her, his mouth hot and desperate, still slightly trembling. “I love you,” he whispers against her neck. He trails his kisses south, pushing her sweater up to rest against her sternum. “Are you proud of me, Neesh? Did I make you proud?”
“So so proud of you. Always knew you could do it,” she whispers, gasping when he kisses the dips of her hips. He slowly spreads her thighs and kisses down her stomach, enjoying every quiver of her body when his lips tickle her. His large hands press her hips into the mattress.
“Gonna show me how proud you are of me?”
“Yes. Yes, yes, I will, baby.”
He kisses the light scar on her abdomen from her surgery many months ago. A tingle runs up her spine and she visibly shivers despite the heat of his heavy body. “I owe it all to you, don’t I? You encouraged me to study. You sat with me during those long nights. You made me tea nearly every night and morning. You sent me food because you knew I wasn’t eating well. You did so much for me.”
“It’s just…” she gasps, “what you deserved. What you needed. I’m very proud of you. I’ll show you. Come up here and kiss me and I’ll show you. Please.”
Harry’s beautiful mouth spreads into a grin as his fingertips dip into the waistband of her tights. “I know you’ll show me and treat me well, but let me show you first. Let me show you how grateful I am for you.”
And he does.
When it’s his turn, she makes sure he understands just how grateful she is for him.
When Nisha rests on his chest a while later, nestled into his warmth, she thinks about how it was worth it to spend all those holidays alone. Now, as she stares at her boyfriend’s sleeping form, she thinks that she’d endure those lonely holidays again, over and over, just for more nights like this.
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softievangogh · a year ago
a bit about Elain's trauma and why it correlates with her rejecting her mating bond with Lucien in the future, a thread:
(WARNING: this post isn't about ships, except Elucien because Lucien is a key factor in Elain's trauma. )
Everyone deals with trauma in their own way and that's totally okay. Some are destructive, some shut people up and others want to not feel anything. Elain, just as Nesta, went into the Cauldron and those moments were horrific for her.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She is literally dragged and shoved into the Cauldron while she cries, struggles and kicks to escape the guards' grasps. The guards and the King keep laughing at her during the whole time.
Elain is used as an experiment for the Queens.
She is used as if she was a mere object.
Her body has been changed forever and she is practically naked, completely terrified and in shock from whatever she has gone through inside the Cauldron. (We know how terrifying and horrible it can be because of Nesta's experience.) Everyone is looking at her, some are even laughing.
Do you know how violating this could feel? To be left naked and vulnerable in front of people who have just terrorized you? How would you feel?
We don't know what she goes through inside the Cauldron, but it was probably very painful and terrifying. Then, she is thrown off it and she experiences this horrific scene, and her mating bond with Lucien snaps.
Another thing has been decided for her.
Tumblr media
Not only has her body and life been changed forever without her consent, now her romantic relationship has been decided for her as well. And it's with a man who participated in the plan that made this horrific moment happen.
Lucien is an accomplice of that. He isn't a bad person, but he is CLEARLY an accomplice. (GO NESTA!!)
Tumblr media
Elain is dealing with her trauma and she doesn't own Lucien anything. She suffered so much, she was broken and traumatized by what happened to her.
And Lucien and their mate bond are a BIG reminder of the day her body and life were changed against her own will.
We don't know much about her, but we have seen enough of her suffering and how traumatized she is in the books. Feyre always admired Elain's strength, because being kind and gentle in a world so dark takes balls, you know? Later on in the books, Elain is still kind and gentle but more reserved and quiet because she is dealing with her own shit.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Strength doesn't equal to physical force. A big example? Queen Elizabeth I of England was strong and she never fought in a battlefield, but she was intelligent, cunning and brought a Golden Age to her country. She made a place for herself in a patriarcal society and that's how strong she was.
Elain's strength differs from Nesta's, Mor's and Feyre's. She isn't an active fighter like them, but yet she had the guts to fight in the war and stabbed the King on the neck to protect Nesta because she loves her sister and would die for her. Look at this.
Tumblr media
No one wanted her to fight, but she chose to. SHE CHOSE TO! This is important. She is scared in the battle camp and doesn't know how to fight or wield a sword, yet she trusts her friends and wants to fight alongside them. 
She might die in the battlefield, but at least she will fight fighting and not be a pawn.
She will enact revenge for what the King did to Nesta, to Feyre and to herself.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
MOREOVER –– Another big trauma (aside from happened inside the Cauldron and the dramatic changes in her life), it will probably be center around her body. 
Her clothes, body and beauty are mentioned all the time. ALL THE TIME. Elain, who was a very proper and modest lady (and didn't want to talk about periods even with her sisters), was seen naked against her will by everyone and she probably felt violated.
Tumblr media
Feyre mentions Elain's reaction when she sees her and Nesta wearing Illyrian fighting leathers. She mentions how Elain was offered something less scandalous and more proper. 
Imagine how someone so proper would feel after being used and seen all vulnerable and naked by so many people? To have been ogled against your will? To be seen as an “object” to see whether the Cauldron worked?
Tumblr media
Nesta is a sexual assault survivor and she also suffered because of their youth, Feyre's sacrifice to provide for them and Elain suffering from the Cauldron incident. She dealt with her trauma in her own way, just as Elain deals with it in her own way. And that's okay!
In Elain's book, her choosing who she wants to be with and how she wants to live from now on will be important. She will turn down Lucien, as it is obvious from what I explained above and because of the following:  Feyre and Rhys comment on how being mates doesn't equal to being right for each other.
Tumblr media
Sarah J. Maas said this as well.
She also said that a mating bond is something rare but that some people might be lucky and end up having two. But the main thing is: 
Elain will reject Lucien because they aren't right for each other and she will chose whomever she wants to because she loves that person. That's big and it will be key to the plot.
Tumblr media
Elain might end up being lucky and while falling for another person, a new mating bond might develop. But at the end of the day, it will be her choice. 
Not the Cauldron's choice, not society's choice or anyone else. 
Hers and hers alone.
You think she is boring? Well, we will learn more about her and we will see her heal from her trauma. Her body and her choices have been violated, but she will heal and grow for that and gain ownership over herself once again. 
Rhys, Amren and Feyre believe there is more to her than just the kindness she shows. 
“Maybe she was never given the chance to be that way.” “You think I stifle her?” “Not you alone. [...] But I wonder if everyone has spent so long assuming Elain is sweet and innocent that she felt she had to be that way or else she’d dissapoint you all. [...] With time and safety, perhaps we’ll see a different side of her emerge”
“You think Elain is boring?” “I think she’s kind, and I’ll take that kindness over nastiness every day. But I also think we haven’t yet seen all she has to offer.”
“Don’t forget that gardening often results in something pretty, but it involves getting one’s hands dirty along the way.”
“You can’t have it both ways. You cannot resent my decision to lead a small, quiet life while also refusing to let me do anything greater.”
“I went into the Cauldron, too, you know. And it captured me. And yet somehow all you think of is what my trauma did to you.”
“Including Elain, who is more than capable of defending herself against the darkness of the Trove, if she chooses to. Don’t underestimate her.”
Being a seer gives you many powers, but it would take me too much time so I recommend you to read this LONG AND AMAZING list of powers a seer might have posted by @miru5llec​ and you will be shocked and hyped.
If you like mythology and fantasy literature, you know seers are feared and respected. Kings have killed for having a seer in their ranks. They can reach levels of divine status and their ability as a seer gives them many more powers than those I have mentioned before.
Elain might not be physically powerful like Nesta or Feyre, but being a seer makes her more powerful than both of them but IN ANOTHER WAY. Look at the list above (linked) if you don't believe me. 
Her being on the Night Court makes Feysand's court the most powerful in Prythian.
That's why Elain is not boring and her trauma is valid. There is much more to her than what little we have seen. SJM has said so. Rhys, Feyre, Amren, everyone has said so in the books. We will learn about her, see her heal and chose who to love in her book.
“Why?” Elain demanded. “Shall I tend to my little garden forever?” When Nesta flinched, Elain said, “You can’t have it both ways. You cannot resent my decision to lead a small, quiet life while also refusing to let me do anything greater.”
“But Elain said, “I went into the Cauldron, too, you know. And it captured me. And yet somehow all you think of is what my trauma did to you.”
We will see her develop her powers and learn how to use them. She is possibly the key to killing Koschei (the big bad villain) because she might have visions of where his heart is hidden in that fucking box and guide the IC to find it.
Furthermore, stop saying “I want Elucien to happen so Lucien can be happy.” or “Azriel deserves better than Elain because she likes to garden and is mated to Lucien.”
Elain doesn’t belong to Lucien.
Elain can garden, bake and walk around on her hands while singing La Macarena and that doesn’t make her any less strong than Feyre, Mor, Nesta or any other female character.
(Also, in this stupid ship war I have seen people pointing out how she wouldn't be able to give Azriel children because her body isn't Illyrian. This is disgusting. You are basically saying that all her worth lies in whether she can give someone children or not.
Do I remind you adoption exists? Rhys, Cassian and Azriel are brothers by choice, not by blood and they are BROTHERS. You can adopt and be a mother. And you can chose to not have children and that would be okay too. A woman's worth isn't in her uterus.
And that’s it. 
(I posted this thread on Twitter as well, so if you liked it you can go there and RT it or hit a like.)
[og post]
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the-place-to-sparkle · 6 months ago
Maybe a sweet fic with Lando where your pregnant with your second child at your high risk. Constantly being stressed out especially with your toddler running around giving you a hard time. Lando being sweet and offering you to have a spa day but instead you say that you would rather have a family day with both of them
Picnic in the bed
You knew going into this that juggling a toddler, who also happened to me be a Norris, and expecting a second one would be a tough cookie to crack, but boy, were you not prepared.
At the beginning of the pregnancy, you could tell that this was going to be a different experience. You were extremely sick at the beginning, to the point where Lando's parents pretty much moved into your house since you couldn't take care of your firstborn, cause most of the days were spent puking.
Lando was determined to retire or at least take a break from racing, cause seeing you struggle so hard made him feel helpless, the fact that he was away most of the time only made it worse. But you were instantly against that, not even letting him keep that thought in his head for longer than a day.
Then everything eased off a little. You begin to feel more like yourself, and staying at home with your munchkin wasn't that hard. Sure, you didn't have the energy to run around all day, so nap time always meant nap time for you both.
Emily, for the most part, was a very gentle girl and when Lando talked to her about becoming a big sister she was over the moon excited.
She would talk to the baby and randomly run up to yoy, lifting your shirt, and just place loads of kisses on your tummy before running off again. But then, often, the bursts of energy would take over her, and after a running match, she would get herself too tired, and then the tantrums would begin. Meaning, that you were alone to deal with screaming and crying children.
After a couple of months of running after a toddler, and trying to make sure that the house wouldn't fall to pieces, your mind and body were dreined to the limits. That results in a 2 am hospital run when you start to feel very frequent contractions, and the fear of your baby coming into this world way too early sends you both into an insane panic. Lando straps a very confused sleepy Emily in the car as you all go to the hospital. And the two of them are left to pace up and down the corridor as doctors monitored you.
But then doctors end up giving them a green light to walk in, and your daughter sheds a couple of tears, getting scared of all the wires being attracted to your tummy.
"It's okay, we are both okay", you push her curly hair away from her face, "Look, that's your brother's heartbeat on that screen", you're pointing to the machine next to you, making her turn her head. "Brother?", she's pressing her hand to your exposed tummy before wiggling around to lay down.
You end up spending the night there, just to be safe but in the morning are free to go home. Lando instantly takes on the house duties after helping you up the stairs and making sure that you were comfortable in the bed. He's teaching Emily to play the quiet game, and since she's as competitive as her dad, she spends a couple of hours just playing around in her room nicely.
"What are you doing up?", Lando is instantly by your side as he sees you walking down the stairs, "Hun, I'm not dying, I just need to take it easy for a while." But he's not too satisfied with the answers as he walks you to the sofa straight away. "I found this nice spa, and I was about to book you a whole package. You deserve to rest properly", but you're shaking your head, "You know I don't like stuff like this. Plus, it's stupid expensive", Lando was about to argue back, but you cut him off straight away, "I rather have a day at home with you and Em. I don't need anything more".
And that was just what you got. You watched the two have a dancing competition, that turned into a singing battle, making you laugh at how absolutely twins like Emily and Lando were. Then you all had a picnic in bed so that you would stay comfortable, but it would still be a bit more special. Ending the evening with a movie, with Emily sleeping by your side and Lando gently rubbing your growing bump.
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sunarinscat · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Enhance your experience here.
I wanna be a 3D ghost in your dream,
the smell of burning flesh and sweat and chlorine.
Moonlight shined through the window panes, illuminating your shared room with a hazy silver glow, and making you all too aware of the fact that it was far too late to be awake.
You let out a sigh as you stretched, rubbing the bleariness away from your eyes. As your vision cleared you searched the mess of covers and plushies for Kenma, only to realize he wasn’t there. You were more awake now and could hear the soft, muffled music, and patient movement of your lover's fingers across his controller. You crawled to the foot of his bed and slipped down from the sheets to join him on a beanbag in front of the TV. He had hooked his switch up to the screen, and was so focused on his game that he nearly jumped out of his seat when you slipped your hands across his shoulders to envelop him in a gentle squeeze.
“Why’d you leave me baby?”
I feel like heavy eyes and drugs and smokescreens,
I feel like telling lies and love and morphine.
Kenma sighed and leaned into your touch, enjoying the feeling of your cool touch against his against his flushed skin. His gaze drifted toward his open window, and the curtain that swayed in the breeze. The city lights could be seen from his room, and as his eyes adjusted to the absence of a screen his hands came up to wrap loosely around your own...
“I.. well... I couldn’t sleep, and it's pretty dumb, but I thought.. y’know tomorrows Valentines Day and I was gonna make us a cute spot with some hearts and stuff.”
You chuckled and allowed a dreamy smile to invade your face.
Plug me in.
”In animal crossing?”
Even in the dark, you could see the way red painted his cheeks. He quickly hid from your gaze, turning his head to look back at the bright colors flashing across the screen.
“I mean It's dumb I’m- I just thought that maybe... I don’t know okay? It’s not as good as a traditional gift and probably doesn’t mean much as one either, I'll take you to a fancy-“
”Kenma, honey.”
I can’t swim.
Kenma stopped rambling and clutched the controller in his hands. He was second-guessing his decision and you weren’t having it. You knew he was always doubting and overthinking his actions. That being said, every second when he was comfortable enough to just act without over-analyzing around you was kept deep inside your heart where you could cherish the feeling of the pure and bliss that washed over you when you spent that time together. The fact that he followed this urge to do something for you, that he thought you would like, without questioning himself?? It had you swooning as you held him closer to you.
“I love it… I love it so much. I love the idea, I love the way it looks, I love the time you put into it, I love it and I love you.”
Kenma let a sigh of relief slip out as he met your eyes again.
“I don’t deserve you.”
I cave in.
“No, you deserve the world. I don’t deserve someone as thoughtful as you.”
You made your way in front of him and slipped into his lap, grabbing your switch off the floor as you did. Sinking into his warmth and nestling yourself comfortably between his arms, you switched the device on.
“Do you mind if I join you? I can make one of my own and we can look at each other’s when they're done.“
Kenma’s features molded into a hazy smile as he pressed a quick kiss atop your head. He stayed there, buried in your hair, inhaling your scent as he grappled with the butterflies fluttering around his stomach. ‘How did he ever end up with you?’ He wonders. You are so patient with him, and you're always so honest with him too. You seem to adore his every action as though he were your God, and he feels as though it’s a bit ironic.. because he worships the very ground you stand on. He sends a silent prayer to the stars, thanking the powers at hand for allowing you two to find your ways to each other.
“I would love that.”
I’ll say when.
Tumblr media
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nneedynymph · 7 months ago
jiraiya x gn!reader x kakashi just under 2k
request from @jiraiyastightasshole : sex at the training field
warnings: public sex, anal sex, bondage, dom/sub dynamic overtones, sub!reader, dom!jiraiya, dom!kakashi
(a/n) This is my first request (first posted threesome, first time writing completely gn) so please be gentle! :)) Any feedback, reblogs, comments, and likes are always appreciated. To @jiraiyastightasshole i am so sorry this took forever and didn't even end up being what i said it would, i was struggling hard with making it more detailed and was impatient to just get something out for you. i hope what i ended up coming up with doesn't disappoint
The cool autumn breeze rippled through the empty konoha training field. The sun had gone down hours ago and all denizens could find themselves resting comfy in bed, fast asleep at such a lonely hour.
All citizens except one, one. One who currently felt a violent shiver ignite from the cool whipser of wind across their exposed, swollen, glistening sex. One who in reterospect knew the consquenes of their actions, especially when it comes to teasing two older men with ridculous high sex drives. But temptation and curiosity had gotten the better of your judgment at the conclusion of your dilemma. And you had thought to yourself “What would happen if I flashed them a little during the meeting?… or maybe a few more times when catching either man around the hokage office attending to leaf business?”
A sultry and loud laugh rang through your left ear as jiraiya cooed just a little quieter “Look at you now cutie, got yourself out for the whole leaf village to see. And they spread 'em just for us too, didn't they, kakashi?” Jiraiya pried his eyes from your debauched form to send a look of indication to the other shinobi. Kakashi had a habit of remaining quite silent while riled up this way, but Jiraiya did his best to silently egg the man on into speaking up to turn you on further.
The red eyed man blew a light huff of air out of his mask as he drank in the sight of one of his hands toying with your perky nipples while the other held both of your wrists behind a bare wooden post. “ Yeah, you must've been aching for this to be so needy to flash us both at my office (y/n). A little bit desperate but you're fortunate you've driven us quite desperate too.”
“ ‘m sorry, really–” you coughed a little choking on a bit of spit in the back of your throat gasping around the meek words. “Just thought it would be a funny prank. It was for a bet, swear!”
“Ooh, I do find that hard to believe. Seems like you were running a little experiment of your own. And we were very impressed. Matter of fact we’re going to show you how impressed we are. Add another, jiraiya.” The hokage commanded.
Your asshole twitches around the thick middle finger that jiraiya already inserted knuckle deep inside your velvet soft hold; you audibly whimpered at the anticipatory tight stretch of yet another. Thankfully, Jiraiya was not too shy to use plenty of spit while opening you from behind. The wet smack of his spit hitting your sensitive flesh made you jump. You felt Jiraiya's lips brush against your ear before he whispered a quick reassurance, “ ‘s okay, relax now cutie and it'll be a whole lot easier.”
And without any further word or forewarning the older man sunk his second middle finger to the hilt, snugly fitted alongside the first. He was thoughtful enough to give you a moment after the sudden intrusion to catch your breath; a mere moment of pity passed before kakashi had barked, “Move ‘em, now. Stop going so easy on them, Jiraiya.”
The sanin rolled his eyes as his thick digits began to roll around inside you lightly, applying a gentle pressure along the sides of your sensitive walls but penetrating almost painfully deep at the same time. Although kakashi seemed a little colder at the moment deep down you knew this is exactly what you deserved… and wanted. Being taken in such a crass way by both the higher ranking ninja (let alone at the same time) had always remained a reverent, private fantasy deep in the back of your mind.
Kakashi was acting Just like you imagined, but something deep in your gut told you he only put this act up so he didn't expose his own desperation. Staying aloof and strict was a mask of self control, and at the moment he really wanted you to know they had all the control. But underneath that mask, the hokage was fucking drooling to taste you. He cursed himself for not having the control to tease you for any longer, but his need to fasten his mouth to your throbbing sex outweighed any facade of genuine punishment.
Kashi released a grunt and a low, “fuck it. “ as he moved to grab some lightweight climbing rope from his pouch.
“Ha! You came prepared, kakashi?” Jiraiya laughed loudly in your ear while his fingers were now moving in and out of you with gentle confidence.
“A good shinobi is always well prepared. '' he said calmly as his eyes rolled at the same time. Kakashi took a moment to make eye contact with you before moving behind you. His hand released a firm( but not hurtful) hold on your wrists; the soft sensation of his skin was replaced with the coarse feel of cords. He tied a simple knot before placing a neat kiss on your bound wrists.
Afterward, Kakashi fell to his knees in an instant, his chess pressed against your thighs with your twitching sex right in his face,he was just inches away from you. His dark and red eyes started into your (e/c) ones and you almost couldn't tell what he was thinking. He slowly freed his face from his mask revealing an almost lustful and giddy smiling up at you. You squealed loudly as all in one movement, the hokage gripped your thighs from the bottom and hoisted your legs to rest on his shoulders while bringing his face even closer to your center. So close you could feel his warm breath ghosting over your skin. You both still kept your eye contact as he brought his nose to rub against your heated flesh, lapping at you with light kitten licks, releasing heavy sighs at the taste of you. You squirmed against the wooden post at the teasing sensation.
“Oh-oh, please kage kashi.”
Jiriaya knew that'd be the perfect moment to increase the face of his fingers just a little bit as he watched your thighs and arms twitch from kakashi's attention. A sick smile grew on his face as he heard you cry out from the sudden slick pressure against your tight hole. And he was now a little jealous of kakashi.
“Fuck!” You wailed and your eyes immediately broke from kakashis and flitted to jiraiya's hungry ones.
“Tch, tch. Such language and this loud, cutie? Don't make us put something in that mouth to keep you quiet. Stay still and let kakashi have a proper taste.”
“I-i don-”
“If you stay still and quiet, we'll let you cum. All over his mouth and my fingers, baby. How does that sound? Hm?” Jiraiya cut off your futile negotiation with a smooth deep voice that made the tightening in your belly draw further. Your eyes burned with the threat of tears as you bit your lip and nodded silently at jiraiya's expectant expression.
He and kakashi both fucking growled at your silent consent and released any sembalence of self restraint. Jiraya blew another hot wallop of spit on your puckered entrance and moaned at the audible squelch of his rough index digit joining the others. Kakashi, hellset on driving you delirious, fastened his warm drooling mouth tightly to your throbbing core; suckling on your sweet spot tightly before smoothing his lips and tongue up and down your wet sex.
You wish you knew what you had agreed to before actually doing it because you knew you'd faint trying to withhold the raw pleasure they were giving you. You're already swimming in your head, choking on cold air to keep yourself from howling at the stretch of experienced fingers and a lithe needing tongue. You want to be good for them, you want to cum, and you're already so close. But how could they treat you like this and then expect you to withhold from the pleasure itself.
I can handle this, I can handle them, just breathe. You chant to yourself in encouragement, so desperate to feel the building heat in your tummy give. You're so focused on keeping your act together you don't realize the tension set in your face. Eyebrows draw together tightly, hot cheeks and lips puffed out like you've been holding a breath for minutes.
“Aww look at ‘em kakashi. Doing their best to be so. fuckin. Obedient.” Jiraiya accentuated his last few words with heady thrusts of his cured fingers. Your back snapped in an arch and kashi took advantage of your accentuated form to grab onto your hips and fuck your sex with his tongue. Everything was converging into a mix of too much now. The yummy pressure of being filled so persistently, kakashi's harsh sucking and light nibbles making you clench and flex.
The tight coil was going to snap, you didn't wanna break the rules so you took another breath and let your eyes roll to the back of your head. The hokage and sanin and watching you closely, they knew it was happening and knew you wouldn't be able to be silent once you finally erupted after.
The minute you felt your center snap and clench at the intensity of your orgasm you knew you couldn't do anything to stop yourself.
“Oh! Oh fuck me please!” your thighs instinctively pulled kakashi's face into you as you cinched tightly around jiraiya.
They loved every second of it, the way you fluttered and gushed with so much cum; loved how pretty and satisfied you looked, like something you needed for such a long time had finally been given to you. They both tore their eyes from your panting figure to silently agree together. They wanted more.
Kakashi chuckled as he detached himself from your sex, you were dazed watching sparkling strings of cum and saliva trailing from his retreating form. His voice timbre deep, and coy.
“Ya know, i wish i could say good job (y/n). But it looks like we'll have to try that again till we get it right.”
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iceeckos12 · 11 months ago
A time travel au. angst and h/c. inspired by this post
Warnings: jon’s very low self-esteem
“What do you think of him?” Jon suddenly asks, staring blankly at the wall of the breakroom.
Tim pauses in the middle of chewing his sandwich to give him a long, considering look.
He’s mostly decided to suspend his disbelief until further notice, simply to keep from losing his mind. What else is one supposed to do when future versions of Jon and Martin, who are also apparently dating, tell you that your workplace is currently involved in a plot to end the world? Ideally he would’ve processed one big revelation at a time, but apparently they don’t have time for that, so goodbye grip on reality, it was nice knowing you. I’ll hit the restart button as soon as things start making sense again.
Tim wipes his hand across his mouth, swallows, and asks, “You mean Jon II?”
Jon rolls his eyes, like Tim’s being obtuse on purpose just to annoy him. “Yes, I mean...him. Me. Jon II.” Then his nose wrinkles amusingly, the same way it always does whenever he says the moniker. He’s hated it since the beginning, but it was a battle he quickly lost, what with all three of his assistants opposing him.
Normally, Tim wouldn’t have thought twice about shrugging and answering, but...Jon’s been uncharacteristically quiet lately. Oh sure, he’d blushed up a storm upon learning that his future self and Martin were dating, and he’d expressed his own misgivings at the beginning, but...since then he’s been eerily, silently watchful. In Tim’s experience, when presented with this sort of puzzle Jon generally buries himself in research, and doesn’t emerge until he’s good and ready to do so.
There’s something else on his mind.
So Tim puts down his sandwich and gives himself a moment to think carefully through his response. “I mean...he’s a lot like you, obviously. But he seems…” What’s a polite way to say, the trauma and the boyfriend seems to have made him a little more easygoing? He certainly smiles more freely than he ever has, which...honestly, makes Tim want to cry sometimes. How horrible, that so much abject cruelty had just made him more kind. “...tired. A little less high-strung?”
“I see,” Jon says, turning his mulish gaze to his curry, dragging his spoon through the thick sauce.
Tim waits a beat longer, but when nothing else seems forthcoming he prompts, “Why do you ask?”
Jon’s reaction is only to press his lips into a thin, tight line. Tim knows this mood; he’s weighing how insecure he’ll look if he says whatever’s actually bothering him out loud, versus how much he wants someone else to hear it. Pushing him now will only make him clam up, so Tim just waits.
Tim’s patience is rewarded when Jon blurts, “But you like him. You...you all do.”
“Yes,” Tim says slowly, because it’s true. Martin’s so enamoured with a Jon that actually likes him that he keeps bringing him tea just to get another glimpse of that gentle, thankful smile, just to strike up another conversation about nothing. Sasha has decided that he’s the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to her, and insists on consulting him whenever she reads a new true statement.
Tim’s personally a little unnerved by the awful, sad way future Jon looks at him sometimes, or the way he flinches back whenever someone tries to touch him without warning. But he’d taken Tim aside and quietly explained everything he knew about what happened to Danny, so.
Oh, Tim thinks, feeling like an idiot for not realizing it sooner. Jon may be an old hand at fooling others with his grumpy persona, but Tim knows that he’s just using it to hide his massive inferiority complex. “Wait, are you jealous?”
Jon ducks his head, and his ears darken. Gotcha, Tim thinks. 
“Jon, you know that that’s still you, right?” he explains gently, quietly relieved that it’s not something more complicated. “We like him just as much as we like you, because you’re the same person.”
“But he’s not the same, is he?” Jon protests. “Look at the scars on his neck, on his hand. And he has panic attacks, and he flinches at loud noises, and, and—”
He breaks off, biting down hard on his lip, threading a hand through his hair.
Tim stares at him, feeling off-kilter, like he missed a step coming down the stairs. That doesn’t sound like jealousy. “...Jon?”
Jon shakes his head, his breath escaping him in thready, devastated gasps.
He can’t tell what’s going on in Jon’s head, and it’s starting to scare him. “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”
Jon just sits there for a moment long, tugging at his hair, staring sightlessly at the middle distance. Tim gently untangles his fingers, giving him something a little more solid to hold onto.
“You all like him,” he says at last. “You all...he’s so kind, and he’s funny, and you like him, because someone hurt him first. He’s different—we’re different—because someone cut our throat and burned our hand, and you like him better.”
Tim’s horrified. “Jon—”
“Should I accept that?” he continues, the words flooding from him like a dam finally exploding in a shower of groaning wood and weathered stone. “Do I—how do I carry on knowing that I could be the person I want to become, if only I give myself to monstrosity, if only I let myself be hurt like that?”
“Of course we’re not going to let that happen to you!” Tim interrupts, voice higher and more frightened than he meant it to be. He’s applying duct tape to a raging river. He has no fucking idea how to fix this. “You don’t deserve—”
“Don’t I?” Jon demands, whirling on him, eyes flashing. “Don’t I deserve to be happy? Or am I unworthy of even this kind of improvement? Am I doomed to be like this forever?” Tears well in his eyes, spill over. “Don’t I deserve it?”
And then he slowly, inevitably, dissolves into tears, his slim shoulders shaking as he curls over and buries his face in his elbow. Tim drapes an arm across his back, angling his body so he can gently tuck Jon’s head against his shoulder. He doesn’t know what else he’s supposed to do. Even if Jon were in any shape to hear it, he has no idea how to fix this.
Tim could tell him that he and Martin and Sasha all think that he’s fine the way he is, and it’s the stress of an apparently eldritch job that’s causing him to push people away, but he doubts Jon would believe it. Words mean nothing when actions have been screaming something entirely different all this time, and Jon’s always been more observant than they give him credit for.
“Oh, Jon,” he whispers when the tears finally start to slow, dropping a kiss onto silver and black hair. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you felt that way.”
Jon pulls away and shrugs, averting his reddened eyes. Tim squeezes his elbow to prevent him from retreating entirely. They sit like that for a moment, Jon going very still and very tense under Tim’s hand, settling into the vulnerability like an open wound.
“I’m sorry,” Jon says finally, sniffing heavily. He’s aiming for his usual brusque, dry tone, but his voice is shaking, and he’s not fooling anyone. “That was unprofessional of me.”
Before Tim can stop himself, an incredulous laugh rips out of him. “Jon,” he says quickly, “We’re well beyond professional. You know that, right? You don’t have to hide from me.”
Jon flushes. “Yes, well—it was unfair for me to put this on you, as your fr—as…” His expression goes all fragile and uncertain, and Tim’s heart aches.
“It’s not unfair,” Tim corrects gently. “As your friend,” and here he pauses for emphasis, “I want to know when you’re feeling like this.”
“Oh,” Jon murmurs, then straightens and scrubs the teartracks from his cheeks. “Oh.”
Tim nods reassuringly, takes a deep breath, and makes an educated guess. “I know you’re scared, Jon. We all are. This place is...horrible, and seeing what you went through is...terrifying. I can’t imagine how that must be for you.” He lets his eyes flicker up. Jon’s still watching him, rapt, and good, good. I haven’t lost him. “I won’t deny that he’s getting along with Sasha and Martin quite well, but...but that’s not because of what he—you—went through. It’s because….right now, you’re pushing people away because you’re scared, but he’s already done that. He knows that pushing people away just means you end up alone. It doesn’t mean he’s a better person, just that he’s a little wiser.”
“But how can you be sure?” Jon asks, leaning forward, eyes big and desperate.
“I mean, I wouldn’t have become your friend if I didn’t like you,” Tim admits unashamedly.
His bold honesty is rewarded by Jon flushing and ducking his head.
“But even so,” he continues, sobering, “Even if you were the worst person on the planet—and you’re not—you wouldn’t deserve to be hurt like that, no matter what the outcome. Does that make sense?”
Jon looks thoughtful as he says, “I—yes. Yes, that makes sense.”
He can tell though, that Jon doesn’t quite believe him. That’s okay—honestly, it’s what he was expecting. Tim’s been running headfirst into the wall that is Jon’s terrible self-esteem for as long as they’ve been friends. This problem is going to take more than one half-assed pep talk.
That’s okay, though. Jon’s worth the effort.
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yoonpobs · a year ago
dilf (and love) | knj | m
pairing: kim namjoon x oc
genre: fluff, domestic fluff, smut, established relationship, marriage and kids lol
warnings: light dom/sub themes, pregnancy kink, penetrative sex, oral sex (f & m receiving), DILF JOON
words: 6, 702
summary: it's been too long since you and namjoon had time to yourselves
Tumblr media
“God take that thing away from me!” You whine as you smother your face with your hands.
Jin pins you with a dry look as he catches a glimpse of ‘that thing’ who is looking up at you with big eyes and a toothless grin.
“That thing is your child …” Jin says blandly.
“That thing is ruining my sex life.” You narrow your eyes at Chanmi as she babbles some incoherent words with her ten-month-old vocabulary. You’d think as the daughter and apple of Kim Namjoon’s eye that she’d be able to read, write and speak sixteen languages at the age of one.
You still allow Chanmi to wrap her chubby fingers around your thinner ones and you can’t help but coo at your daughter. While she may have been the one thing that disrupted any intimate moment between you and Namjoon, you would fight anyone that would ever dare to mess with her. Your own husband included.
“Please, spare the details,” Jin mutters under his breath as he watches Chanmi fondly as she attempts to tug at your sleeve in hopes of getting your attention. You squeeze her cheeks before lifting her up in your arms and hold her close to your chest. You whine because she smells so … fresh. Just like a little bread baby that was all yours.
God, you loved her.
“My old sex life brought me this angel.” You grin up at your daughter who just smiles at you, unknowing of the context of your words.
“Can you stop using such vulgar words in front of your child?” Jin scolds you but doesn’t do anything much to take Chanmi out of your grasp.
You roll your eyes.
“She’s like 300 days old. She doesn’t even know how to shit at a decent hour let alone understand what sex is. Penis in vagina. Destroying pussy. A hole in one. Railing—”
Jin slaps his hand over your mouth to get you to stop talking as he glares at you.
“Why did my brother marry a heathen like you.” Jin seethes.
You shrug nonchalantly as you turn your head to see your dumbhead yet smart-ass husband that was attempting to glue back the shards of glass from the wine glass he broke earlier in hopes of you not realising.
“He needed to put his 148 IQ to good use and I’m the best investment his finance major ever got him.”
“The only good thing that came out of your marriage is this cutie.” Jin coos at his niece and you have half the mind to withdraw his Chanmi visiting card because whenever he was over all he did was berate you and your … unique ways of parenting.
But Jin would still say he cared for you as far as a brother-in-law would but with the added benefit of the fact that he was your best friend before he became your brother-in-law. You were an interesting character, to say the least, and the only reason you managed to befriend Jin was due to the fact that you didn’t know what boundaries meant and had invaded his personal space on the first day of lectures when you leaned over him to throw something at a know-it-all. Jin had been annoyed, but then an unlikely friendship bloomed out of the mutual distaste for ‘Howard from Accounting’.
He introduced you to Namjoon just because he thought that it was hilarious that you and his brother were polar opposites. Jin didn’t even expect the two of you to get along with each other let alone fall in love, but life had a funny way of saying ‘fuck you and your expectations’ to Jin when he least expected it.
The only thing that he regrets is the fact that now he had to listen to both you and his brother whine about your sex life, or lack thereof after the two of you became parents. Being a mother was hard because there was no manual to tell you what was right or wrong when it came to your baby but the experience itself. When you first fed Chanmi softened shrimp in her meals and caused an allergic reaction; you cried for hours straight because you felt like you should’ve just known.
Namjoon was a good partner and an even better father because he was understanding. The first few months postpartum he respected the fact that you weren’t ready to show your body to him because of the way it changed after giving birth to Chanmi, and he never told you that you were in your head for feeling that way. He validated all your feelings through all the rough edges that you gave him when you were going through your own things.
You finally felt comfortable to get naked around Namjoon at the five-month mark where your sex drive returned to that of when you were in your early twenties and just begun knowing how to truly enjoy sexual intimacies with a partner, but a five-month-old baby didn’t allow for much intimacy with your hot ass husband either.
It sucked because Namjoon had always been broad and very dad-like, and after he officially became a father to Chanmi you just felt like salivating over him every waking second you got because … God … Namjoon was a gift from the God’s themselves. Whenever you saw the way he handled Chanmi with absolute gentleness and care you felt like dropping to your knees and sucking the soul out of him. It didn’t help that he wore his glasses every night when he tucked her into bed and read her Shakespeare because it would ‘help with development’. You loved your husband but he was a little excessive.
“Oh God stop drooling over my brother!” Jin grimaces when he sees the bedroom eyes you were shooting Namjoon from where the two of you were with Chanmi.
You sigh dreamily and lean against your palm as you check out Namjoon’s ass.
“I can’t help that your brother and my husband has an ass like that.” You click your tongue.
Chanmi giggles again and it’s like a bell chiming at your favourite cafe when you cuddle her closer, feeling comfort in her scent. She smelt just like home and bubbles.
“How about I give you a sibling, huh?” You whisper to Chanmi who just opens her mouth to babble. Jin on the other hand facepalms himself and sighs.
“You’re insufferable.”
“I’m horny.” You shrug.
“Correction: you’re insufferable on a daily basis but absolutely horrifying to deal with when you’re horny.” He sneers.
“I just need to bed him and I’ll be fine.” You drawl, as your husband who spent the better half of your conversation fixing the wine glass grins to himself with his dimples when he finally placed the last piece of glass back into place. He was so meticulous and cute for the wrong reasons.
“Jesus, stop …” Jin groans.
“Jesus would definitely tell me to go get that dick because I deserve it.” You pat yourself on the back and wince slightly when you smell the telltale signs of Chanmi’s poop permeating the air.
“Say … would Yoongi mind having Chanmi over your place for the weekend?” Jin recognizes the devious expression you have on your face and knows that there’s no way out of it.
“I don’t have a choice do I?” Jin sighs.
You shake your head.
“Nope. Cause’ I texted Yoongi yesterday and said he totally wants to see his niece. The baby bag is all ready to go and it’s in the nursery.” You cock your thumb to the room down the hallway and Jin thinks to himself of all the reasons why he shouldn’t have introduced you to his brother at all seven years back.
Tumblr media
“It’s weird without her …” Namjoon frowns as the two of you stand in the nursery as if you were mourning the loss of your child. It felt a lot like it, though.
The two of you never spent more than a few hours away from Chanmi ever since she was born and it felt weird to not smell her vomit from the kitchen or hear her giggles as you cooked dinner. You missed Namjoon and the spark you had in the first years of your relationship but you also felt a little empty without Chanmi’s presence with you.
“I miss her.” You whine into Namjoon’s chest and he clutches you tightly as if to say that he mirrored your sentiment.
“Should we call them?” You look up at him with wide eyes and he smoothes the frown lines on your forehead and chuckles, offering a gentle kiss to your temples.
“We called fifteen minutes ago, remember?” He chides you gently.
You huff, “I just … it’s so quiet. Where are my baby babbles?” You pout.
Namjoon sighs and rubs his thumb comfortingly on your arm when you look around at the purple nursery with reminders of your daughter that wasn’t currently with you.
“Let’s enjoy what we have, okay love?” Namjoon offers, “I miss Chanmi too but I miss this too.”
You smile at him the way he first fell in love with you years ago and leans down to place a peck onto your lips.
“I miss having you all to myself.” He whispers against your lips and you shiver at the way his broadness is clouding all your senses.
“You always have me Joon.” You tell him in a tone as soft as his.
His chest rumbles when he laughs and you feel so warm in the comfort of your husband's arms and you felt it too. Besides the physical aspect of having sex with him, you missed holding him like this without a care in the world. Most of your cuddle sessions were left to the nights you slept next to each other in bed because the two of you were either exhausted with work or trying to care for Chanmi. It’s been a long time since you could just feel Namjoon’s presence with you.
“Besides … we can finally, you know …” He mumbles shyly into your hair and the devil horns that you hide most of the time reappear.
“What, Joon?” You smirk up at him, hands trailing slowly down his chest.
Your husband was so big that every room he walked into he basically commanded the attention of every single person that would come across him. That’s what happens when you’re six foot and broad like him. But you loved the fact that you were the only one that got to see the much softer side to him that he didn’t just show anyone. The fact that he was the CEO of his own company made his persona ever more intimidating than he actually was but you knew he was a huge softie on the inside.
The two of you were very different in many senses. From your personalities to the way you approached conflict. Namjoon was very diplomatic but you were anything but. He was truly the most empathetic and understanding person you’ve met in your entire life and you’ve seen a total of ten therapists in your teenage years. Namjoon was the balance that levelled your temper and uninhibited tendencies to always be the loudest person in every room. With every time you snarked at someone who pushed your buttons came Namjoon that placed a gentle hand on your back with a soft whisper of comfort.
In fact, most people thought the two of you would have never lasted. You heard those mean girls in college that made petty bets on the fact that you’d probably end up leaving him because you were too much of a bitch to deal with someone as kind as Namjoon. You remembered most of your fights being about your insecurities and how you always thought that Namjoon deserved better and with him telling you that you were the one for him.
Looking back, you laugh because the two of you were theoretically horrible for each other but exactly what the other needed. Namjoon needed someone free-spirited enough to manage his meticulous tendencies and you needed someone willing to see you for more than your erratic behaviour.
“What’s that pretty head of yours thinking about?” Namjoon hums when he realises you’re not paying attention to him anymore. He clasps your hands together to bring back your attention to him as you look up at him with eyes so full of love.
“Just reminiscing on the old days.” You tell him and he snorts.
“You say that as if we’re ancient.”
“You’re not fooling anyone. I heard your joints cracking when you bent down to pick up the strands of hair on the floor.” You tease.
“And who’s fault is it that I’m constantly bending over to pick up strands of hair because she sheds like a cat?” He retorts playfully.
“We’re both old.” You pout, playing with his fingers and admiring the glimmer of his wedding ring. You can’t believe you bagged a man like Namjoon.
“I still got it, though.” He adds thoughtfully and you raise an eye at his comment.
“Got what?”
“My game.” He wiggles his eyebrows at you suggestively and you burst out laughing because it was so on-brand for Namjoon to make a comment like that but blush when you got a little more touchy-feely with him when he least expected it.
“How about you show me then?” You whisper as you turn around to press yourself against his chest, ensuring that your cleavage was on full show to his line of vision when he looks down at you.
“Did I ever tell you how much I love your tits after the pregnancy?” He tells you breathily and you snort.
“So you didn’t like my tits before I gave birth to your child?”
He rolls his eyes and reaches his hands below your thighs to lift you up so that you could wrap your legs around his waist. The way he could effortlessly carry you and lift you up always made your heart and nether regions flutter because he was so big that he basically towered over you. Especially when he became a dad it was like his hot factor exploded exponentially. He basically became the epitome of a dilf.
“You and your mouth,” He tsks as he carries you out of the nursery and into your bedroom, “I just may need to shut you up.”
You whine into his chest before he tosses you down onto your mattress as he towers over you, looking over your body like you were the finest piece of art he’s ever seen. Namjoon always had ways to make you feel like a million bucks even though you were in an old camisole and your old college varsity sweatpants.
“Why don’t you do it then?” You tease back.
You were different from the women that Namjoon has been with prior to your seven-year-long relationship as most of them were pliant and quiet, and took whatever he gave to them. Don’t get him wrong, he loved playing the dominant character in bed but he also needed a brat to push his buttons and it was exactly what you were. Even if the two of you were so fundamentally different in personalities, the two of you were definitely sexually compatible.
“Flip over.” He demands and you whine before reluctantly turning over.
“I want to see you.” You whine petulantly.
You feel him rather than have him verbally respond to you because he delivers a tight slap to your ass as you gasp at the impact. He rubs his hands soothingly over your butt cheeks and squeezes them as he leans over your body, crowding your back with his body heat.
“Don’t be a brat ___.” He sneers into your ear and the moan is stuck on your throat when you feel him drag his hands all over your body until it reaches under your body to reach for your tits.
“Fuck. I love your tits.” He groans.
Namjoon’s hands immediately trail down your body until they reach the hem of your shorts and you wiggle your ass back at him teasingly. You hear him growl and you always knew that Namjoon was an ass man and your ass made him weak.
“Need I remind you that you’re in no position to tease, sweetheart?” He whispers into your ear and you feel the goosebumps erupt on the surface of your skin.
“Fuck. Please—Joon, touch me.” You gasp as you feel him pull down your shorts to be greeted with a cheeky pair of panties that left little to imagine of what hides underneath. Your husband had the talent of getting you obscenely wet without doing much and it’s proven again when you feel the uncomfortable ache between your legs as he flips your body over once again to get a good glimpse of your heaving body, as well as the stain on your panties.
His knuckles trace the inner side of your thigh carefully as he avoids the place you need him the most while you feel more wetness pool at your entrance. You’ve been deprived of his touch for way too long and that caused your sensitive reactions to anything that he did. You missed his fingers so much and having him so close yet so far away from your pussy was destroying your restraint.
“Namjoon p-please!” You cry when he finally cups your mound with his large palm.
He digs the heel of his palm straight into your clit as you arch your back and let out a low moan.
“So wet baby and I’ve barely done anything.” He taunts you with the low baritone of his voice.
“You make me so wet Joonie.” You pant when you feel him grind his palm into your clit some more, providing the satisfying friction that you’ve been craving.
The feeling doesn’t last long because he’s hastily removing your panties from your legs and tosses them somewhere over his shoulder. His face is directly in front of your pussy and you can’t help but feel flustered at the proximity of his breath to your hole. You’ve done this a million times before but the familiarity is slightly lost due to the time between the last and the present.
“Where’s the brat that couldn’t shut her mouth before, hm?” He mumbles and you feel every breath against your pussy. You squirm and feel his large hands wrap around your thighs, locking you into position so you wouldn’t be able to move.
“It’s just been so—ah—long,” You tell him breathily.
“Too long. Missed this pussy.” He says as a parting gift before he dives straight into your clit and begins to lap rounds over the hardened bud. You let out a high pitched moan at the pleasure he was providing you with just his tongue alone, and the way that he knew just where to focus on your clit with tense figure-eights.
“Ah—ah, fuck—Joon!” You groan as your hands wrap around his hair to tug at it. You feel him moan against your pussy, which sends vibrations up to your core and causes more wetness to pool at your centre.
Namjoon is relentless when he digs his hands harder into the meat of your thighs to prevent you from moving too much as he continues to suction on your clit, focusing his attention on it as much as he could. After years of being together, he just knew what you loved and this was it.
You liked it messy. Wet and fast, and Namjoon always gave it to you good. He pulls away momentarily so he could look up at you with a hooded gaze and you let out a high pitched whine when you see the glistening of his chin all the way up to his nose with the signs of your wetness staining him. His fingers run up your thighs teasingly and you shift under his ministrations only for him to smack your right thigh harshly.
“If you move you don’t get to cum.” He threatens you and you immediately still your body with the impossible threat.
You feel his fingers run up and down on your slit as he gathers all your wetness into one place, hovering slightly over your clit. You have to keep your whine to a minimum because Namjoon got real mean when he wanted to. But he was a good lover—so good.
Your hole is throbbing with a need to be filled, and your husband picks up on that immediately as he prods your entrance with the tip of his index finger. You attempt to grind down on him as you make eye contact with the dark eyes that threaten to take away your orgasm.
“I said. Don’t. Move.” He reminds you.
You whimper in silence as he teases your hole a little more before he decides to return home into the warmth of your walls. The moment that barrier was broken, you feel him go straight for the hook as he reaches his index finger all the way up until his knuckles. You hear Namjoon hiss under his breath as he begins prodding your walls until he finds—
“Fuck—there, Joon—ah!” You gasp, head tilting backwards when your husband finds your g-spot.
Namjoon smirks to himself and slides another finger in to hook them upwards into your g-spot, unmoving as he stills himself against the area; causing pure, unaltered pleasured to run through your veins. You’re vibrating and twitching all at once because you can’t control the involuntary response that comes with your husband's demon fingers that are causing every possible pleasurable feeling to run through your system.
You can’t keep the moan to yourself either as Namjoon looks at you with awe, but you miss it because your eyes are too busy being rolled to the back of your head at the way Namjoon skilfully thrusts into your pussy.
“H-Harder, p-please Joon—wanna cum so bad.” You moan and run your fingers through his hair to bring his mouth closer to your mound.
He lowly chuckles and shakes his head at your sex drive. And the next thing he does next nearly makes you cum on the spot.
The way he gathers his spit at the back of his throat was borderline pornographic as you see the way his throat revs up. He drops the glob of spit directly onto your clit and uses the hand that wasn’t in your pussy to spread the lubricant all over your slit. He purposefully grazes your clit but doesn’t apply enough pressure to make your head spin, but just enough for you to whine in want.
“Your pussy is so pretty love.” He coos, leaning into your mound to deliver kitten-licks to your clit, and the warmth of his tongue with the added addition of his fingers feels all too much.
“J-Joon!” You gasp when you feel him thrust his fingers rapidly in and out of your pussy that your body hitched up the surface of the bed. Every thrust was accompanied by the direct assault of his tongue on your clit as he presses down on the hardened bud with the purpose to drive you closer to your orgasm.
You were painfully close, and the precision of his fingers at your g-spot allows you to revel in the way the coil in your body is ready to snap, so close to release. Namjoon leans down so that his head is where you love him the most, between your thighs as he scores the final goal and presses his tongue against your clit.
“Oh my god Joon—fuck—s-so good—I’m gonna cum!” Your back arches off the bed uselessly because of the way that Namjoon uses his other hand to pin you down, arms wrapped tightly around your stomach.
“Come for me pretty girl.” He coos against your clit and the vibrations is what sends you over the edge.
He fucks his fingers into you as you orgasm, kitten licking your clit with just enough pressure for you to whine as you buck your hips up into his mouth involuntarily.
“Fuck. Baby—hurts.” You whine, pushing his head away from your pussy when the overstimulation gets to you.
Namjoon places one last teasing peck on your clit, which causes you to twitch and pinch his neck as he chuckles, dragging his hand up your body to bring you closer to him.
“Still got it, hm?” He whispers against the column of your neck as you roll your eyes.
“Just kiss me you fool.” You pull him in for a kiss, and your tongue immediately finds its place home in Namjoon’s mouth.
It’s probably because it’s been so long since the two of you could feel each other like this, without any rush to get it over with but with the freedom to enjoy each other’s bodies as much as you’d like. Namjoon’s hands were the truth of that as he trails his arms down the sides of your waist and tugs you closer to him by your hips until he reaches for the hem of your camisole to tug it off your body.
He grabs the mounds of flesh in his hands and squeezes them hard enough to cause another gush of wetness to drip down the side of your thighs and onto his sweatpants. Besides the fact that he delivered a mind-blowing orgasm to you, the stained wetness of his sweatpants from his pre-cum and your slick is enough for you to push him down onto the bed.
“I’m gonna suck your cock.” You kiss him on the lips one last time before you’re leaning down to palm him over his sweatpants.
He hisses above you and grabs the back of your neck lovingly that it has you snorting.
“You know if you’re laughing at my dick my feelings are going to be very hurt,” Namjoon says from above you.
“It’s just …” You shake your head and giggle as you clench your fist around the outline of Namjoon’s cock as he lets out a low breath of approval at your action.
“You used to shove my head onto your cock the moment I reached your pants and now you’re so soft.” You tease.
You hear his breath hitch and the grip on your neck tighten at your taunting words. The excitement already pooling in your stomach at the roughness that would ensue from your husband.
“Me? Soft? Is that what you want baby?” His tone is warning and you know he’s serious.
You shake your head as you look up at him with innocent eyes, a stark contrast to the hand that continues to fondle his balls over his sweatpants.
“Don’t be a bitch and take my cock out.” He sneers, and you smile to yourself cheekily—knowing you hit a sore spot.
You happily oblige as you pull Namjoon’s sweats down to be greeted with your husbands cock. The visual itself has your pussy throbbing, and every time you’re faced with it, you always burn with the prospect of his thick cock pounding into your pussy.
“Now suck it like a good girl.” He guides your head towards his dick but you’re proactive enough to fully start licking at his tip, tongue teasing his slit as you hear him let out a low groan.
Your eyes are locked on his figure, as his head is thrown back. You want to grind on the sheets but you know that would delay him fucking you so you decide against it. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t appreciate the visual that your husband was giving you from where you were.
Namjoon had always been handsome. But there’s something about seeing him throw his head back in pleasure because of you that has your stomach churning with pride. You’d shamelessly admit that you were more on the possessive side, purely because you knew there were many men and women out there who desired Namjoon in more ways than one; and you didn’t like sharing one bit.
You spit onto his dick as your hands worked the rest of the length that you didn’t engulf in your mouth as you hollowed your cheeks to create a suction. Your tongue begins to tease the underside of his shaft, the way he likes the most and you know he’s enjoying your focus there because the hand that grips your neck is now tightly clutching your hair in a fist.
“Fuck. That’s it, baby.” He groans.
Motivated by the praise, you sink deeper, hands resting on his thick thighs as you push yourself until your nose reaches his pelvis. You’ve taken his cock like a champion on many occasions, and you can only thank him for that like the numerous times he had to guide you down on his cock were probably the only reason why your tiny throat could welcome his thick girth.
The sounds of you chocking on his dick was a lot for Namjoon, mainly because he couldn’t get enough of his wife but also because he’s been waiting out to bust a nut down your throat—actually your pussy—so long that he can’t handle the onslaught of pleasure your mouth brings him.
“Baby—baby,” He tugs you off his cock and the redness around your cheeks with the tears that pool at your waterline is enough to make his heart soar. Even though you were nasty in bed, he loved every single part of your forwardness.
“Your mouth is amazing but I need to cum in your pussy.” He tells you.
You whine at his declaration and allow him to manhandle you until you were face down ass up, ass pressed tightly against his pelvis as you grind your wet cunt over the hardness of his dick.
“Fuck—you’re so wet, baby. You like sucking my cock?” He growls, arms reaching around your stomach to pull your body flush against his chest.
When you reach your hand to wrap around his head to balance yourself, you see a view of your bodies together in your mirror. Courtesy of when you first moved in and due to you and Namjoon’s egocentric tendencies of wanting to see you guys fucking each other.
“S-So much Joon.” You garble.
His hand reach down to cup your mound and digs his palm into your clit as you grind down against his hand. You feel him loosely trace over your clit to gather your wetness into his hand to lather it over his dick.
“I’m gonna fuck you so good.” He whispers in your ear when he lines his cock against your entrance.
You whine, excitement erupting inside of you—until he finally slides it.
It definitely takes you by surprise because your husband was big. And the fact that you haven’t had his dick in you for months made it much more of a pleasant surprise when he bottoms out completely in one swift thrust of his hips, which causes your body to fall forward as your hands grip the sheets beneath you.
“Fuck. This tight pussy’s mine, right?” He growls.
You nod your head into the sheets as he begins with a few experimental thrusts as you adjust to the slight, yet pleasurable, sting in your lower half.
Until you squeeze his hand on your hip to give him the go, Namjoon settles for slow thrusts into your pussy, but it’s enough to prod at your pleasurable spot because not only is Namjoon smart, kind, funny, handsome and ridiculously a great father—he is phenomenal at sex. Probably why he knocked you up on the night of your honeymoon with your bundle of joy.
Namjoon begins snapping his hips into yours relentlessly like a man starved, and starved he was. He’s missed the wet heat of your pussy; and God did he love your daughter—but he missed this—your pussy.
“F-Fuuuuu—” You’re heaving.
Namjoon continues to thrust into your pussy, angling his hips upwards so that he’d reach places deeper than ever as your eyes roll to the back of your heart in pleasure.
“Fuck—this—tight—pussy—” His words follow the sharpness of his thrusts and you don’t even know where to grab because all your sensations are heightened, especially when Namjoon reaches a hand down to your clit to begin rubbing it vigorously.
You’re so wet that the squelch of his thrusts is echoed in your bedroom, and the only thing you hear besides that is your loud moans and the heavy breathing coming from Namjoon.
It’s only when he plants his knees firmly into the mattress and brings your hips to meet his thrusts is when you feel your pussy clench uncontrollably around his cock as you wail out his name.
“Fuck, baby—you’re clenching—so—hard.” He groans, pushing his hips deeper into your pussy.
“Love your cock,” You moan, “Fuck—Joon, please—fuck your cum into me.”
“Yeah?” He grits his teeth and flips your over effortlessly, dragging your leg over his shoulder as he begins pounding into you even harder as he admires the way your face contorts in pleasure.
“Yeah.” You nod your head like a sex-crazed maniac because your husband was just too good with his hips.
“Gonna give you another baby.” He whispers when he leans down into your face as your eyes widen at his declaration. Your pussy reacts too, gushing out even more wetness as it becomes tighter around Namjoon’s cock.
“Fuck. You like that idea? A sibling for Chan’?” He grinds his pelvis into your clit as his words spur your second orgasm for the night on.
“No shit?” You gasp when he revs up his spit in the back of his throat, looking at your mouth invitingly.
“Yeah,” He says breathlessly, and you open your mouth to welcome his tongue when he drops the glob of spit down your throat.
You whine, feeling your orgasm coming so closely.
“Fuck Joon—I’m gonna cum.” You gasp.
You feel Namjoon’s hips stutter and you know he’s coming soon too.
“Me too baby.” He tells you while giving you the set of most adoring eyes ever. Even as he’s fucking you into the next dimension, Namjoon makes you feel so utterly loved and whole that you can’t imagine spending the rest of your life with anyone else.
He snaps his hips the hardest he’s ever done throughout the entire night, and you feel your pussy throb so much; signalling to you and Namjoon that your release was right there.
“Baby—I’m gonna—I’m gonna c-cum,” You grab onto his shoulder to pull him closer to you.
He welcomes it and leaves open mouth kisses onto your mouth as he fucks into you like a mad man.
That’s all it takes for you to reach an explosive orgasm, one that quite literally causes you to blank out for a second because while Namjoon’s hot cum spurts into your pussy short after you came, he feels your body go limp in his embrace; causing his eyes to widen.
Only until you’re blinking up at him dazedly is when he holds you to his chest, as you feel his chest rumble when he chuckles.
“Baby … I thought you died.” He cards a hand through your hair and you smile at him, stupidly in love.
“If I die because of your dick I’d be happy.” You grin at him cutely. And he scoffs at the way you look so cute after you’ve been fucked to hell and back.
“My horny little monster,” He flicks your forehead as you bring him close to your chest, his dick still settled inside of you. But there was a sort of intimacy that you couldn’t quite put words to, but welcomed the gesture nevertheless.
“Were you serious?” You ask after a while of sharing a few intimate pecks to each others’ lips.
He finally pulls out to roll on his side as he reaches over to pull your close to his chest. He raises an eyebrow at your expression when you feel his cum leak out of you.
“God you really didn’t jack off recently, did you?” You ask.
He pecks you on the nose as he quickly tugs clean boxers over his legs and disappears into your on-suite. You sigh to yourself dreamily, thinking of how lucky you were to be with someone as loving and compassionate as Namjoon was.
You weren’t necessarily unlucky when it came to your relationships prior to him, but there would always be dealbreakers that caused splits to be more bitter than neutral. Namjoon was the only man in your life that you could speak to without fearing any judgement from because he wasn’t like that. He knew how to make you feel wanted and also how to want yourself, all while being your best friend and partner.
When he returns, he returns with a damp cloth and immediately begins cleaning up the mess between your thighs, even as he cheekily mentions how there was more from where that came from as you slap him on the shoulder.
Once he ensures he’s satisfied, he tosses the cloth into the laundry basket and grabs a big t-shirt of his to slip it over your body. You hum in satisfaction as his scent overwhelms you, even more so when he tugs you close to his body and he looks at you with all the love in the world.
“You asked if I was serious earlier?” He repeats your question and you nod your head looking up at him.
“Yeah.” You let out a breathy smile when he leans down to pull your face towards his own as you admire all the freckles and pores on his skin, fingers tracing loosely over the wrinkles that come with age.
“I know it’s sudden but … I’ve been thinking about our family and—I want our family to become bigger.” He tells you like it’s a secret. You know he’s been mulling over it for quite a while because he looks a little unsure of himself, but all you can do is smile widely at him.
“Really?” You ask, playing with the hair on the back of his neck when you feel his fingers trace over the skin on your back.
“Of course. I love you, and I love Chanmi. I’ve always wanted kids and you brought the best gift in my life to me and … I can’t explain how happy I am when I’m with the two of you.” He smiles at you gently.
You don’t know if it’s because he just fucked you so good, or was it because you were lovesick, but your eyes water because Namjoon was Namjoon.
“But—if you’re not ready then I understand and we can—”
“Yes.” You interrupt him.
His eyes widen as you see the excitement begin to pour into his irises.
“Wait—really?” He asks innocently.
You nod your head and kiss him on the lips softly, no rush as he returns the gesture, holding you close onto his chest where you feel the best in his arms.
“Yes really. I want what you want. And I think it’s about time Chanmi gets a sibling, no?” You tease.
He groans like you’re unreal as he buries his head into the crook of your neck as you caress him gently. Namjoon was really just like an oversized baby and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
“When?” He asks.
You tease your fingertips down to his chest and offer him a knowing look.
“Now?” You feign indifference but you can see the wide grin he sports on his face.
“Fuck. Don’t say that. I think my dick is going to fall off at how hard I fucked you just now,” He whined.
“You’re getting old,” You massage his shoulders as he sighs.
“I am …” He acknowledges, “But we’ll grow old together, right?”
The prospect of a future of unknowns with Namjoon only makes your heart bloom. You nod your head, not another word need to be uttered as he holds you in his arms, excited for what’s to come.
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