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neighborhoodfriendlysimp · 3 minutes ago
Can you do sigma , nikola and akutagawa with a s/o who is a manifestation of their ability please ?
Tumblr media
S/O with another version of Sigma, Nikolai, and Akutagawa’s Ability
thank you for requesting! sorry if it's a bit shorter than normal
Tumblr media
He first found out when you used your ability on him
You wanted to show him a bit more about yourself
He was so confused
the ability is like...his?
you briefly explained your ability and he confessed that it’s similar if not the exact same as his
Sigma never talked about his ability with you, he thought it would seem like he was bragging which was one thing he didn’t want to to think
He personally doesn’t like using his own ability on other people and stuff
but it was clear that you weren’t as weary as him about using it
Overall nothing bad happens because of the ability
except since both of your abilities are useful, other organizations would try to take you to use it
they usually don’t go after Sigma since he is in the “protection” of Fyodor and the Decay of Angels
you on the other hand isn’t part of it so you were most likely a target for many people to kidnap you
due to that Sigma would always be near you, he was a little nervous about it at first but he would rather be nervous than lose you
He won’t admit that he’s scared for you but you can tell, he tends to fidget a lot when nervous or scared
He doesn’t treat you any differently knowing your ability
he treats you the same, he’s still the boy who’s always overworking himself, trying to please everyone, who just needs someone to trust
He did allow you to use your ability sometimes on him depending the situation, because of that it’s hard for him to lie
but he does trust you with his heart so he doesn’t think too much of it
Tumblr media
Nikolai on the hand would be astatic
Another person who he loves with an ability like his? he’s for it
at first he found it weird but brushed away the fact
as we know he’s a ringmaster/clown/magician or whatever you classify him as, he would have magic shows and you would be the tester each time because even if the trick was faulty, you would be fine using your ability
he won’t admit it but he knows you’re better at using your ability than he is using his
Traveling from place to place isn’t a big problem and he won’t think of you as dead weight so he feels free to go anywhere he wants without worrying where you are
even though as free a while, he is still skeptical on how you have an ability that is almost the same as him
he doesn’t go too deep with it but still confused
you two are vital during missions or battle
literally no one could get a hit on you or even touch you
Tumblr media
like everyone else on this list, he’s mega confused on how you have another demonic who is so similar to his own Rashomon
Not very keen on you using your ability because it reminds him of his own obviously
he thinks you're a copycat, duh
he isn’t afraid to leave you alone because you can actually protect yourself
Mori knew about your ability and that’s the reason why you two got partners together
Both of your rashomons have beef with eachother
When you guys aren't fighting, if you two activate at the same time, they wont do anything but bicker or fight with each other
your rashomon is a little protective of you, and when you two first started to date, your rashomon would all of a sudden charge him but it would never hurt him because, his rashomon would stop it
Though his rashomon is slightly stronger because of all of his training with Dazai, he would train you a little to be close as him
of course he'll be harsh but
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rezero-fans · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
View Full Size here:
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planet--anime · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Year of the cow [Original]
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halcyongreenie · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I didn't know they had a kid? 0_o
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dugend123 · 5 minutes ago
Animes sind japanische Zeichentrickfilme und die meisten Animes sind auch Mangas also die Mangas gab es als erstes. die berühmtesten Animes sind: Naruto, Dragon ball, AOT usw... wusstet ihr das sogar heidi ein Anime ist und viele denken das Avatar ein Anime ist aber Avatar ist kein Anime. es gibt auch Anime Games zb: Dragon ball das Game, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm und Jump Force aber Jump Force geht um alle Animes. in den Games kann man selber in die Rollen der Charaktere schlüpfen und die Fähigkeiten annehmen und gegen Gegner kämpfen. fast alle Anime Ersteller haben mit einem Hentai angefangen. ein Hentai ist sozusagen ein Anime Porno.
das war es mit meinem Blog über Animes ich hoffe er hat euch gefallen.
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youtuberamyeonjpg · 7 minutes ago
Making curry 🍛 ~
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twilightbird06 · 7 minutes ago
What is the Hetalia Blocklist????? Seriously, what is it? Why is it important? I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past two days and I still have no idea what it is.
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xsugarysweetsx · 9 minutes ago
Ma'am I am ready for those anons today
Anon me too 👀👀
At the same time remember that they all come on their own pace. Even though they’re anons, they have their own individual lives, and they will come when they are ready (: 
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merylstreepfanaccount · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Friends forever 💜
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aureliacorduroi · 13 minutes ago
As you may have guessed on your own, I won't be continuing to write for "A New Friend". Its primary purpose kinda drifted away for me, and turned into emotional baggage. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed writing for it while it lasted. But even though I had a bunch of ideas for the main events, I don't know what to write in between anymore. This account is pretty much abandoned as well, since I don't feel as strongly attached to the Onward fandom as before.
Now, for those who enjoy other types of content, you can follow me in the accounts mentioned below:
Anime - @iskraartiles
2009's Avatar movie - @omaticayasocius
Harry Potter / Hogwarts - @apolloniaabbotnightingale
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