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#Anna Cries

My glasses broke right in the middle of my test!!!! Some one please kill me!!!

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Please don’t ignore her.
Don’t roll your eyes when she asks you a question.
Don’t be embarrassed by her accent.
Read books with her.
Do what she wants to do once in a while.
Look her in the eyes and say “Thank you.”
Please don’t fight her.
She’s been through so much struggle, so much sacrifice.
Love her.
She’s the only mother you have.

Be patient with him.
Laugh at his dumb jokes.
Forgive him when he’s angry.
Understand why he doesn’t understand you, he didn’t think he’d ever have a daughter like you.
Don’t be afraid of telling him things.
Realize how loyal he is.
Look at his bravery.
Let him into your life.
Love him.
He’s the only father you have.

Hug him.
Make jokes with him.
Don’t fight with him.
Stop trying to preserve the image you have of him in your head, and let him grow.
Be his friend.
Don’t call him fat. Please.
Encourage his brilliant mind, and stop being envious of it.
Look at him with awe.
Look and him and see his passion and loyalty.
Strive to be as good as a fraction of him everyday.
Look at him and see he’s all the goodness left in this world.
Love him.
He’s the only brother you have.

Smile with her.
Play with her while you can, you’ll miss most of her growing up.
Once you leave, be there for her as much as you can.
Teach her to read.
Encourage her to give it her best, don’t be upset when she is afraid to.
Look at her creativity and be wonderstruck.
Don’t be hurt when she won’t take your advice.
Let her do what she loves.
Go outside with her.
Hug her.
Brush her hair, and tell her she’s beautiful.
Please never make fun of her.
Look at her genuine, crooked smile and try to make your broken one look like hers.
Love her.
She’s the only sister you have.

Understand that they’re loud.
Forgive them.
Don’t get upset with them.
Be grateful.
Help around the house more.
The Talk to them instead of hiding in you room.
Give them your brightest smiles, warmest hugs, and all your heart.
Love them.
They’re the only family you have, and one day you’ll be miles away and you won’t be living with your best friends anymore.

Please love them. For me. For you.

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I really fucking miss drawing stuff that has nothing to do with university. I MISS MY TABLET AND MY PHOTOSHOP AND MY E/R DRAWINGS ;;

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@ruby-static i wanted to add moar to the prom thing so-

Heres another drawing inspired by a funny photo–! Shira tries to be a funny lass and take a picture of using both her flippers to point at quil while her brother fuckin falls in the background-




I think singing challenges might have happened, and Shira would t o t a l l y get in on that!

Noow onto the angst–


Her brothers death is an inevitable thing that happens that brings shira into another mental crisis, she’ll definitely have a breakdown and it’d be one that tires her out and practically makes her go unconscious. Shira definitely needs a hug.

And back to the floof–!


“i am happy to see you so I’ll literally jump onto you like a cat and hope you catch me” - Shira probably.

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TLH Characters as Ghost Adventures Screenshots

AKA how I picture them all ghost hunting at Chiswick Manor in Chain of Iron



















And of course, Mr. Jesse Blackthorn himself:

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