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#Anna of Arendelle

I’m watching Frozen II again and I just want to take a moment to give props to my baby girl Anna who not only pressed on after losing two of THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE in her life, at the same time, without the OTHER MOST IMPORTANT PERSON in her life there to support her, she also did the hardest thing, but still the right thing, and willingly sacrificed her beloved kingdom, her home, to make up for what her grandfather had done. She didn’t fall apart until after all the hard stuff was over, and even then, it was more relief than anything. 

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Commission for @reminaissance

That’s a scene from her fanfiction, go read it!:

I loved drawing every single part of this work, and I tried my best to give justice at the scene, which is so sweet and romantic! 💕
Thank you for commissioning me and for support my work 😍

Hope you like,


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I might be stupid but hear me out… I always thought Elsa’s birthday was in July, you know cause her coronation is in July? And is it not normal on their birthdays when they are crowned like that? Especially since that one lady in the beginning says, “the Queen has come of age!” So why the fuck is her birthday in December? I think I’m going to stick to my headcanon of her birthday being in July. Could someone Explain to me why this is?

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Agnarr and Iduna: What should we do?

Pabbie: lock her ass up

Iduna: what?

Pabbie: I said lock her ass up until she can learn to control her powers

Agnarr: are you sure that’s what we should do? Couldn’t we-

Pabbie: I’m sure

Agnarr and Iduna:

Pabbie: it’s not like she’ll grow to hate herself and have anxiety and will suffer from PTSD

Pabbie: Also lets erase the memories of her sister, she can’t know for some reason lmao

Agnarr and Iduna:

Agnarr and Iduna: Sounds legit

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Frozen She ra Crossover.

Elsa in the Fright Zone


Recién estoy aprendiendo a dibujar, pero tenía esta idea en mente y quería plasmarla. (No estoy para nada orgullosa de cómo quedo Elsa #principiante)

Ayer hice el entintado del dibujo con la idea de poder pintarlo en la pc.

Qué programas me recomiendan para eso?? (No tengo la tableta de dibujo todavía)


Sobre el dibujo: Universo de She ra.

Los padres de Elsa (Frozen), en lugar de encerrarla en el castillo, la envian a la Horda del Terror (the Dark Hord) para que pueda aprender a controlar sus poderes y como castigo por haberle hecho una herida a Anna. En este mundo paralelo, Elsa y Anna pierden contacto por años.

Unos años más tarde, Elsa ya es la capitana de fuerza (Force Captain) y tiene a cargo un grupo de cadetes, entre ellos Adora.

Adora y Elsa prácticamente se criaron juntas, con el resto del escuadrón (Catra, Rogelio, Kyle, etc).

En ese ambiente Elsa aprende a usar sus poderes para el mal. Al principio sufrió mucho bullying porque todos la trataban como princesa, debido a sus poderes mágicos y a sus vestidos con brillantes. Se convierte en amiga de Adora, pero con Catra la relación es tensa.


Anna, que no sabe nada de su hermana, porque los padres se niegan a dar información, decide investigar e ir en su busqueda. Hasta que un día se presenta en la zona del Terror.

En la Horda del Terror la aceptan pensando usarla como un arma contra Bright Moon. Pero Elsa solamente piensa en atacar Arendelle.

In English

About the drawing: She ra universe.

Elsa’s parents (Frozen), instead of locking her in the castle, send her to the Horde so that she can learn to control her powers and as punishment for having hurt Anna. In this parallel world, Elsa and Anna lose contact for years.

A few years later, Elsa is already the Force Captain and is in charge of a group of cadets, including Adora.

Adora and Elsa practically grew up together, with the rest of the squad (Catra, Rogelio, Kyle, etc).

In this environment Elsa learns to use her powers for evil. At first she was bullied because everyone treated her like a princess, due to her magical powers and her dresses with diamonds. She becomes friends with Adora, but with Catra the relationship is tense.

In the Horde, Shadow Weaver and Hordak accept Elsa, thinking to use her like a weapon against Bright Moon. But Elsa only thinks about attacking Arendelle.

Anna, who does not know anything about her sister, because the parents refuse to give her information, decides to investigate and go in search of her. Until one day it appears in the Fright Zone.

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