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#Anna of Arendelle

Hey everyone! back with another chapter and thank you for all the support you guys bring. I love you guys! Also the lullaby used is in Disney’s Frozen 2, I own nothing! 



Originally posted by elisamaza

*not my gif* i love this…

* Camila’s POV *

My eyes widened as my back made contact with the rough ocean. I tried to swim to the surface but something grabbed me and began to swim towards the surface…Nokk. I climbed onto Nokk’s back and took in a deep breath once we reached the surface. I looked up at the sky and whispered, “I-I’m a m-monster…” my eyes found their way back to Ahtohallan and watched some of  the ice had fallen into the sea but the island began to blur. I was crying. I cried as Nokk continued to run across the ocean surface, trying to reach the beach. I looked up once I saw the Isle come into view…there were people on the outside. I tried to figure out who it was; Mal, Jay, Evie, Celia, Carlos…Uma and two other people I didn’t recognize. I  felt my heart beginning to race when Nokk jumped into the air. I turned around and saw the once calm ocean had turned into an ocean of rage and anger. I quickly turned back and placed my hand on Nokk’s neck and whispered, “We can do this.” Nokk began to run faster. I looked back at the Isle and saw everyone on the Isle’s broken bridge watching me and I heard Mal’s voice yell, “Camila!” I looked forward and yelled, “We can make it!” we were nearly there until a giant wave crashed onto us, making Nokk become one with the water. It felt as if I was a bird…a bird flying in the air to freedom. I knocked myself out of the trance when I quickly extended my arms out and shot out ice from hands. It felt wrong…it felt as if I was out of control. I felt my body collide with the ice…something was terribly wrong. I don’t know what came over my powers but they forced themselves to be something bad. 

I slowly sat up, and I held my head in the process. My eyes widened when I looked at the once smooth ice surface, the surface  was now covered in nothing but sharp shards of ice. I slowly stood up and looked at the damage I made, “I-I…I couldn’t have done this…” I lost control of my powers…like my mother did. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as I looked back at the Isle and saw everyone staring at me. I tried to take a small step back but I fell deeper into a pit of fear once I saw a small patch of razor sharp icicles. I felt my chest tightened at the thought of everyone thinking I was a monster. I wasn’t a monster…was I? I took another step back wanting nothing more than to just disappear, but it felt as if every single step I took I put others in more danger. I closed my eyes and brought my hands to my chest thinking that hiding them would make my powers go away. I felt my eyes reopened once I heard someone yell out, “Camila! Camila, it’s okay! It’ll be okay!” I shook my head and whimpered, “N-No…” I felt more tears rush down my cheeks as I began to run across the ocean like I did the night before. The only difference was the trial of sharp icicles. I finally made it to the beach but it only seemed like the icicles only grew sharper. I looked around for a place to hide but I only saw the hills. I placed my hand on a birch tree but I gasped when I saw half of the tree’s side had been covered in nothing but sharp icicles and sharp shards of ice. I backed away from the tree and I began to run up the hill ignoring the pleas I got from my friends. I can’t hurt them if I’m not near them.

* Harry’s POV *

I smiled as Uma reappeared from the ocean. I couldn’t help but yell, “Uma!” she only smirked and answered proudly, “That’s my name.”  I couldn’t help but smile as I saw my Captain finally return. She smiled up at Gil and I twirling around a  tentacle that held Hades ember. Mal rolled her eyes and nearly screamed, “Uma! That cannot get wet!” we all watched as Uma went back down into the ocean but a large bubble formed around her…she was transforming back into a human. Everyone watched from the edge but Uma’s voice rang out from the other side of the bridge, “Hi boys…” I quickly turned and smiled widely pointing my hook at her, “Well done, well done. Welcome back…” Gil smiled but looked at Uma with a small frown, “Uma, you swam off and forgot all about us.” I watched as Mal rolled her eyes and scoffed out, “Yeah. Planning her revenge, no doubt.” her little statement caused Uma to roll her eyes, “Calm down, it’s not all about you. I was looking for a hole in the barrier, so we can get out.” Uma turned around so she could us, “and do you know what i found, boys? It’s so much better out there than we thought! There’s this thing that looks like a furry rock called a coconut. And fish so big you can dance on their backs!” my eyes widened as Uma’s description of Auradon…those selfish little kids. Uma looked back at Mal and held up at ember, “And they have been keeping it all for themselves.” Mal rolled her eyes and held her hand out, “Whatever, I need that to break a spell, Uma.” I looked over at Carlos who had spoken out, “Cast by Audrey, Sleeping Beauty’s daughter.” Uma looked at Carlos and chuckled, “So the good guy became the bad guy?” she shook her head and sighed, “well, I might not give it back. Let’s see what happens.” that must have upset Mal since she just had to yell out, “Uma! This isn’t the time for games! People’s lives are in danger!” I chuckled at her outburst and mumbled, “The little princess is mad.” Uma stepped back towards the gate, “Promise me that every single villain kid who wants to, can get off the Isle.” Mal shook her head and sighed, “Uma, I can’t do that.” Uma rolled her eyes and began to walk towards the edge, “How about now? Can you do it now?” I looked at Mal and smiled in amsument as her eyes widened and she shouted, “Deal! Deal.” Uma joking dropped to the ground causing Evie to yell out, “Uma! Her word is good, trust her.” I looked at Uma and smiled waiting for her answer, “I’ll still keep this…for the time being.” Mal dropped her hand, “Whatever.” Uma scoffed, “I could never trust you enough to let you save the world on your own.” 

I smirked but something caught my eye…a girl. I raised an eyebrow, “Is that a girl?” Evie had turned around and softly gasped, “Oh my god…”  I looked at her, “Who is it?” she didn’t get to answer since Mal yelled out, “Camila!” I raised an eyebrow and watched Camila ride a horse made of water across the ocean but something seemed wrong, she looked scared. I continued to watch Camila but my eyes widened when I saw that water horse disappear and she flew in the air. Evie shook her head and yelled out, “No!” Uma stepped forward as if she was getting ready to jump into the water. Ice…it flew out of Camila’s hands and onto the water. She must have been the daughter of Elsa. Gil stepped back slightly, “Woah, how did she do that?” Celia looked at Gil, “She has ice powers.” I ignored the two and my eyes slightly widened when Camila hit the ice platform but everyone jumped back when sharp icicles suddenly sprouted from the ice. I looked at Evie and noticed she had tears beginning to build up in her eyes, “Camila! It’s okay! It’s okay!” I watched as she began to back away from us, even if the distance between us was large already. She took one more step backwards before running across the ocean and onto Auradon’s beach. Jay yelled out to her, “Cami! No! Camila!” Mal began to walk to the edge of the disconnected bridge, “We gotta go find her.” Jay shook his head, “I don’t think so, we’ll only scare her more. I say we give her some time to calm down.” Evie nodded grasping Celia’s shoulders, “I agree with Jay, we’ll go look for Ben and then we’ll find Camila.” Mal reluctantly agreed but I only focused on Camila watching her run up the hills of Auradon. 

* Camila’s POV *

I had finally made it up the mountain but I left a trail…stupid ice. I hugged myself as I lowered myself to the grassy floor. As soon as I made contact with the grass…it froze. I ended up sitting on an ice floor. I felt my eyes water once more as I buried my face in my knees, not wanting to be seen by the world. I couldn’t stop thinking about that man…the man who tried to kill my mom because of her powers. Would someone kill me? Did people hate me because of my powers? Would Ben send me to the Isle because of this? These thoughts only pushed my tears to fall faster down my cheeks as I began to sob. I squeezed my eyes shut as my mind recreated that horrible memory…

My eyes widened as I watched that man walk up to my mom holding a sword. I tried to stop him but my body was too…I was too weak. I shook my head trying to break free from my icy shackles but nothing worked. I would have to witness someone trying to kill my mom. I felt tears slipping down my cheeks but they turned to ice. I watched as he lifted his sword ready to strike causing me to yell out, “No!” 

I opened my eyes and jumped back yelling out, “No!” my hands found their way onto the grass causing more of this hill to be covered in nothing but ice. I quickly held my hands to my chest and curled up into a ball. I wish I could be like my mom and make an ice castle but this hill isn’t big enough. I buried my face in my knees once more, trying to hide. I began to think about the lullaby my mom would sing to me if I had a difficult time sleeping…

My eyes shot open and I jumped up yelling, “Mama!” the tent flap opened and I saw my mother standing there with a small smile on her face, “Another nightmare?” I nodded and frowned, “Yes…they won’t stop coming after me…” I watched as she took a seat next to me and pulled me onto her lap, “I’m always gonna be here to protect you. Nothing will harm you as long as I’m here.” I held onto her hands and played with the ends of her hair, “Mama?” she placed a soft kiss on my head before answering, “Yes?” I felt a shy smile on my face, “Can…can you sing the lullaby again?” she laughed softly and held me closer, “Alright, cuddle close, little one…

Where the north wind meets the sea

There’s a river full of memory

Sleep, my darling, safe and sound

For in this river all is found

In her waters, deep and true

Lay the answers and a path for you

Dive down deep into her sound

But not too far or you’ll be drowned

Yes, she will sing to those who’ll hear

And in her song, all magic flows

But can you brave what you most fear?

Can you face what the river knows?

Where the north wind meets the sea

There’s a mother full of memory

Come, my darling, homeward bound

When all is lost, then all is found…” 

I sniffled and sighed shaikly, “I-I’m so sorry, M-Mother…I was supposed to c-control my p-powers…” my hands found their way to my hair and began to roughly pull on the strands of hair, “Conceal it. Don’t feel it. Don’t let it show.” I tried to calm myself but it only seemed to make everything worse. I hugged my knees closer to my chest and shook my head, trying to take back control of my powers, but deep down I knew the storm inside of me was only beginning.

Hi everyone, thank you so much for all the notes that this story has gotten and more parts are on the way. I’m in the middle of making a Walking Dead imagine! Stick around for that and stay safe! Love you guys!


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Did Elsa ever tell Anna the reason why she specifically shut her out as kids?

Like in the movie when Anna takes Elsa’s glove and her ice powers are revealed, Anna correctly assumes that Elsa didn’t want anyone around her because she was afraid of her powers.

But I feel like if that accident hadn’t happened when they were kids, Anna still would have been allowed to know Elsa’s secret even if the trolls had still warned the family that “fear would be [Elsa’s] enemy”.

TL;DR: Did Elsa ever sit her sister down and say, “Yo sorry I cut you out of my life for over a decade but I almost accidentally murdered you as a child” ?

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Even though I love Anna's clothes, it's kinda sad that she seems to cover herself up more than her sister, especially the shoulders, like she's tryna hide her freckles ☹️

Yeah, she’s always pretty covered. But isn’t it because of the weather? I mean, in the beginning of F1 she has a really open dress, but then she covered herself up because of the sudden winter, and in F2 it’s actually Autumn, and they live in Norway so…But, I don’t think she wants to hide her freckles ^^


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Cold Secrets: A Frozen AU

A/N: Thanks for reading!!

This is an AU where Runeard builds the dam after Anna and Elsa are born as a gift to the Northuldra leader for allowing Iduna and Agnarr to marry. There is an incident involving Nøkk and Elsa’s magic is revealed to Runeard. He makes it his life’s mission to imprison and kill Elsa.

Chapter 2: Aftermath

That night Anna and Elsa refused to sleep alone.    Iduna placed Anna on Elsa’s bed and tried to get a storybook but the seven year old clung to her skirts.

“Mama no!”  Iduna freed her skirts and the response was tears.  Wracked by guilt, Iduna decided to lay on the bed with her daughters.  She brushed the hair out of Anna’s eyes and held Elsa close to her. The door suddenly creaked open and Iduna felt Anna tense.   The snowflakes that had subsided began to fall feverently.   

The tyrant the girls were expecting didn’t enter the room, instead it was their doting father holding a candle.  Agnarr sat on the edge of the bed and attempted to tickle Anna’s toes. She didn’t even flinch, the joy from her eyes had been replaced with fear.   Agnarr sighed, unable to avoid the elephant in the room much longer.  

“Your grandfather tried to hurt you. I’m not going to sugarcoat it…his actions disgusted me and your mother.  What do you suggest we do?” The girls were silent before Elsa crawled across the bed and sat on her father’s lap. 

 “Maybe you could lock the door when we fall asleep?” She suggested while clenching  her hands. 

 Agnarr looked at Iduna who seemed lost in her own world. “Iddy? What do you think?”  He gently tapped her hand and she came back.  

“I think we should do it.  Lock the room at night and maybe use the room in the library.”  Anna suddenly perked up at the mention of a secret room. “There’s a secret room in the library? Can we see it? Please, please, please…,” Anna begged as Iduna shook her head.  The seven year old pouted and buried her head in her mother’s stomach. Iduna gently pushed Anna’s head away and kissed her on the forehead.  

“I have a feeling that you girls will be safe from now on.  How about a lullaby to help you sleep?” He smiled at Iduna. “Want to do the honors?”  She nodded and began to sing. Agnarr noticed a slight quiver in Iduna’s voice when she got to the last few verses.  Luckily Anna and Elsa had fallen asleep so he was able to ask about what was wrong.

“You were a little pitchy when you sang the last verse. Is everything alright?“  He probed as Iduna stood and kissed their daughters goodnight. Her shoulders tensed and her breathing became uneven.  “Iduna?”  

His wife walked to the large triangular window and began to cry silently.  Agnarr stood up and wrapped his arms around her. Iduna caught one glimpse of the blue and green scarfs Anna and Elsa were given at birth and fell apart at the seams.  Her mother’s lifeless eyes were ingrained in her memory and it did no favors that the culprit was only a few doors away. “He killed her…he killed my mother. He drove a sword right through her heart right in front of me.”  Iduna was shaking, her legs buckling under the weight of the vivid memory.  

“WHAT?!”  Agnarr had known his father to be a tyrant but never thought he would stoop so low and murder someone. Especially the mother of his daughter-in-law.  Iduna shushed him, motioning to Anna and Elsa asleep in the bed. Agnarr shook his head feverently and began walking towards the bedroom door.

“I will not be silenced! Especially not with the lives of my family in danger!  We need to put him on trial! We need to…we need to overthrow him! Start a rebellion or something! He cannot stay in power!”  Just as he was about to open the door, Iduna grabbed his arm.  “Are you crazy?! Do you hear yourself right now? If you rise against your father, he will win.  People will think that I’ve manipulated you and that won’t end well for either of us.”   

“…no, no,no..” Agnarr clenched his fist and banged it against the door. “Shit!”  He slid to the floor and sat there. Iduna sat down in front of him, cupping his face. “We have to show him that we saw nothing and that we know nothing.  Don’t make him suspect a thing by banging on his door at night. We need to act the part of a loving family.” Agnarr chuckled at the familiar suggestion he had told Iduna when she was homesick.  

“Act the part of a well settled princess.  Smile and wave and he won’t suspect a thing.”  He nodded and took one of her hands to his lips.

Acting was easier said than done, especially with daughters that remember everything.

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Part I


Just her casual sleeping attire love the mini ribbon so cute 


Love this Winter outfit and it has the same style as Elsa too 


Look at those white streak 


Same dress style but different color 


Poor Baby , she even play with her own doll and Elsa’s doll 


The Iconic double braid is born , and this dress is much darker color than the other one 


Same style as above I guess but different in color 


Our baby has grown up , slightly change in style but still keeping the dark color scheme 


Black , sign of respect for the deceased , must be hard for our baby since the only one left is her sister but she still didn’t come out 


Same outfit as baby Anna but it’s bigger now 

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Cold Secrets: A Frozen AU

A/N: Thanks for reading!!

This is an AU where Runeard builds the dam after Anna(7) and Elsa(10) are born as a gift to the Northuldra leader for allowing Iduna to marry Agnarr and an incident involving Nøkk reveals Elsa’s magic to Runeard who begins a plot to have her imprisoned or killed.

TW: Character Death! TW: violence TW: small mention of blood

Chapter 1: Forest in the North

It had been years since Iduna had seen her home.  She was excited, but also fearful of what others would think of her.  When the carriage arrived at its destination, Iduna jumped out and embraced her mother.

“Oh, look at you! You haven’t aged a day….my Iddy.”  Solveig caressed her daughter’s cheek and was about to tell her about the increase in guards when she heard a few giggles.  Anna and Elsa were running towards her at full speed. Solveig held out her arms and embraced her granddaughters.  

“My hearts! How are you?  Anna, you’ve grown so much! I last saw you when you were a babe!”  She lifted Anna’s chin and planted kisses on her cheeks. Anna giggled and wiped her cheeks, “Grandma! Ew!”  Solveig carried Anna on her hip and held out her hand for Elsa. 

The Northuldra and a few Arendellian soldiers met on the dam and exchanged gestures of peace.  The spirits performed a show and the Earth Giants created a reindeer out of boulders. By the river the water spirit was giving rides to a few Arendellian soldiers.  Solvieg noticed and made her way towards the river bank.

  “I’ve got something to show you.  It’s a mythical water horse that will carry those whose hearts are full of truth and drown those whose hearts are full of lies.  Who’s brave enough to go?” Solveig asked as Nokk materialized and galloped around the trio. Anna raised her hand and Solveig lifted her onto his back.   Anna rode across the river, laughing and having the time of her life. When Nøkk returned to the river bank, Elsa was reluctant to get on. She attempted to run but Nøkk materialized in front of her. 

 "I think he wants you.  It’s okay Elsa, he won’t hurt you.“  Solveig gently nudged Elsa towards the horse. Reluctantly, Elsa climbed onto his back and took a deep breath.   At first Nøkk galloped at a slow pace, but then he picked up speed and disappeared under the water. 

  "Where’s Elsa?! Where’s Elsa?!"  Anna tugged on her grandmother’s sleeve and Solveig picked her up and ran towards Iduna.  

 "Iddy! The myth! Did you forget the myth?!”   Iduna stared at the bubbles coming from the river.  Suddenly Nøkk resurfaced, carrying Elsa by the hand.  He swung her around violently before slamming her back into the water.  Elsa coughed, struggling to breathe. She clenched the hand in Nøkk’s mouth and slammed her free hand onto the water spirit’s face.  It froze and Nøkk disappeared.

There was a round of applause but Elsa was only focused on her parents.   She saw the fear in their eyes. Her mother was holding back tears while her father was screaming words she couldn’t hear. 

 "Why are you looking at me like that?“  She asked as a sword was unsheathed behind her.   Slowly Elsa looked up to see a man towering over her.   Except she knew this man. This man would read her bedtime stories when her parents were away.  This man taught her about the history of Arendelle. This man was her- "Grandfather?” She asked innocently as Runeard raised his sword and yelled:  “Witch!” Then everything went black. 

Nokk carried the unconscious princess to the riverbank while the wind spirit kept Runeard in place.  Iduna picked up her eldest and began running. Agnarr followed, grabbing Anna’s hand. When the wind spirit released Runeard, the king locked eyes with Solveig, who urged her people to get away from the river bank and back to the village.  

“Get back!  Head towards the village and stay in your te-” She felt it, the cold metal blade piercing through her chest.  Iduna heard screams and looked back just in time to see her mother drop dead along with her father-in-law holding a bloodied sword.  She released a cold and gritty kulning. It pulled the wind spirit towards her.

The wind spirit lifted the family off the ground and towards the clearing with the runes.  Mattias sprinted past the flaming trees and falling boulders as a thick fog came over the forest.  He had a duty to fulfill: protecting the Crown Prince. Despite major injuries, he was almost there.  He was going to make it. Suddenly someone came from behind and shoved him. Mattias weakly lifted his hand. 

“Please sir, I have a family…”  The man eyed him. A single phrase escaped from his lips before he ran off: “I’m sorry Mattias.”  Mist from the fog blended seamlessly with Mattias’ tears as he realized everything he worked for was for nothing.

The forest sealed itself and its inhabitants from the southern king and anyone else who sought it.

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Okay hear me out hear me out

Headcanon that since the fifth spirit is a bridge and anna is the human part of it and by defalt elsa became a literal spirit to balance Anna with the magic side of things, after Anna’s, and all her other friends passing elsa starts to lose her human form by choice becoming a full winter spirit by the end assuming the form of an animal like bruni and nokk, possibly a wolf so she can detach herself completly from her past life and fully become the spirit of the North wind leaving the balance to be keept by the humans future generations own morality instead of a new fifth spirit being chosen because she’s already it, she just realizes she can’t be the one responsible for fixing everyone’s problems forever so she decides to keep being a guardian but one not as present as she was before.

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Hi everyone, okay so I’m trying something new, I want to write about Descendants. This story is gonna be based off the third movie so bare with me. I came up with this a while back but I felt as if people would hate this so I never released it. I’m trying to be more open and if I wanna write something then I’ll write it and I can only hope that my reader will enjoy it. I’m sorry but this isn’t a x reader story I made up a character for this. Hope you guys like it…maybe and if you don’t, don’t worry I’m still writing AHS and I might start The Walking Dead and IT soon. So don’t worry you’ll have many options with me. Also I kinda changed up the storyline of this first Chapter! Pretend that Mal is already engaged to Ben and they saw Hades already.


Originally posted by arcusxx

*Camila’s POV *

Hi everyone, I’m Camila Oldenburg. I’m the daughter of Elsa Oldenburg, former Queen of Arendelle. My mother believed it’d be best to send me to Auradon Prep instead of staying in the Enchanted Forest with her and the Northuldra people. I do miss my mother, my Aunt Anna, my Uncle Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, but I can’t complain about Auradon. I’ve inherited my mother’s ice magic but she says I inherited my grandmother’s chocolate brown hair. My mother is internally grateful because I’m able to control my powers, she always told me that she didn’t want me to suffer like she did. Anyways, I’m friends with the VK’s and I enjoy the company of each of them. Mal is engaged with Prince Ben, Carlos is with Jane, Evie is with Doug but they haven’t said the ‘L’ word yet, and Jay and Lonnie are pretty close to becoming a  couple. I’m not dating anybody because my Aunt Anna would tell me stories of her ex-fiance/boyfriend. Those stories stuck with me sometimes making me fear my own powers. Apart from that, I’m extremely excited because the VK’s have gone back to the Isle of the Lost to get four more kids and bring them back to Auradon. I decided to stay back and prepare for their arrival. This should be exciting. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled at my outfit: 


The outfit- the hair would be brown but let’s pretend :)*

I left my room once I was happy with my appearance, I tend to get insecure about my appearance but if I’m happy then I don’t care what others will say. I walked down the many hall’s of Auradon Prep and I smiled to myself as I reached the garden section. I smiled a bit wider when I saw my close friend, Jane, daughter of the Fairy Godmother, “Hi Jane.” she turned around and smiled brightly, “Camila! Thank the stars that you’re here! I need help with the decorations!” she ran over and hugged me quickly, I smiled as I returned the hug, “I was thinking, maybe if you throw some water around I can freeze them and put them in the bushes or something.” Jane smiled and nodded, “I love that idea! I’ll go get some water right now.” I nodded, “Perfect, I’ll be here waiting.” Jane nodded as she ran off and I began to walk around the garden and enjoy the bright sunlight dancing on my skin but I was torn away from my thoughts when a soft voice sang out, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I turned around and looked up towards the mountains and sky but I only saw birds flying freeing. I shook my head and dismissed the idea of someone calling out to me. I smiled when I saw Jane coming back with two buckets filled with water, “Is this enough?” I nodded with a small smile, “This is excellent. On three throw the water up.” she nodded and prepared to throw the water in the air, “Ready when you are.” I nodded and I rubbed my hands together and I took in a breath, “One…two…three!” Jane threw the water into the blue sky and I extended my arms into the sky and we watched as ice and blue mist shot out of my hands and made contact with the water droplets, freezing them instantly. The droplets fell to the ground and Jane covered her head not wanting to get poked by anything and I did the same. Jane smiled as she saw almost each droplet had fallen onto the bushes, “You don’t think they’ll melt?” I shook my head, “They won’t, but to be safe…” I extended my arms once more and above each bush a small cloud with blue mist appeared over them, shielding each droplet. Jane smiled and clapped, “This is beautiful!” I smiled as I was about to answer but a voice interrupted me, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I turned around and looked around again but I turned back towards Jane, “Did you hear that?” Jane looked at me and raised an eyebrow, “Hear what?” I shook my head and sighed, “Nothing…I must be hearing things.” she nodded but she didn’t believe fully “Are you sure?” I nodded in reassurance, “I promise.” After helping Jane with a few more things I was walking back to my room when someone grasped my shoulder causing me to jump and accidentally freezing part of the wall. I quickly turned towards the person and I saw my friend Lonnie, daughter of Mulan, “Lonnie! You scared me!” she nodded and looked towards the wall, “I can see that…” I looked and sighed, “Oh…what can I help you with?” she smiled, “Everyone is about to show up. Are you coming?” I nodded and smiled, “Of course, I’ll be right there.” she nodded as she turned around and made her way back outside. I groaned softly and looked at the wall again, “I’m sorry.” I began to walk down the hall trying to forget the ice wall and that voice. 


I smiled as I stood next to Lonnie and Jane waiting for the VK’s to show up. I looked at the bushes and sighed softly but Lonnie nudged me, “They look great, Camila.” I smiled and nodded, “Thank you, Lonnie.” we continued to wait for them, someone shouted they arrived and the Fairy Godmother smiled at the limo getting closer. Fairy Godmother thought it’d be best if there wouldn’t be such a large crowd to greet everyone. I smiled widely as the door opened and the Core Four stepped out along with four new faces and Ben. Evie smiled and waved at us and walked over with a girl with glasses, “Everyone, this is Dizzy Tremaine, granddaughter of Lady Tremaine.” Jane smiled at her, “I love your outfit.” Lonnie nodded and smiled in agreement. I smiled at her, “Welcome to Auradon, Dizzy.” she smiled at each of us, “Thanks, I already love it here.” Evie smiled and took her on a tour of the campus. Jane looked at her phone and gasped, “Oh dear, I gotta something is going on with my birthday decorations, Lonnie can you come with me?” she nodded and looked at me, “We’ll catch you later, Camila.” I nodded with a smile, “Bye you guys.” they walked away leaving me alone once more. Jay and Carlos walked up to me and Carlos smiled widely, “Camila, this is Squeaky and Squirmy, the sons of Mr. Smee.” I smiled and looked down at them, “Hi, I’m Camila, daughter of Elsa Oldenburg. It’s very nice to meet you two.” They only looked at me and gave me very small smiles. Jay chuckled, “They get really shy, but they’ll warm up to you.” I smiled and nodded, “You guys are gonna love it here.” Carlos smiled at me and they began their tour of the campus. I began to back away when I bumped into someone, I quickly turned around and saw a girl with curly hair, “Oh, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” she smirked and nodded, “I’m good, don’t worry about you.” I smiled at her, “What’s your name?” she continued to smirk, “I’m Celia Facilier, daughter of Dr. Facilier. Who are you?” I was about to answer but the same voice sang out, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I looked around and I softly called out, “Hello?” I heard no reply from the voice but I heard Celia snapping her fingers, “Hey, hey, you crazy or something? I asked for your name.” I tore my gaze away from the distance and I looked at Celia, “I’m Camila Oldenburg, daughter of Elsa.” she nodded and slightly smiled, “Nice to meet you.” I returned the smile, “It’s nice to meet you too, I’m sorry but I have to go.” she nodded and backed away, “See ya…” I nodded and I walked away towards the hilltops of Auradon. 

There’s the First Chapter! I’m so excited that I get to write this and I hope you guys love it as much as I do! 

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