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Annemin bile umrunda değilken başkalarından ne bekliyorum ki. Onun bile umrunda değilken. En değerlimin bile umrunda değilken başkarından bi ilgi alaka beklemem çok saçma..

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Kat: Anne told me if I lay on my stomach when I sleep I can’t breathe as much

Catalina: But it’s like if you lay on your back your sternum digs into you

Kat, nodding: And if you lay on your side your ribs dig into you

Kat and Catalina just staring at each other

Cut to the two of them laying face down on the floor asleep

(I have this problem, think it’s cuz of my eds/hsd and bones being weird but idk)

(also yeah anne less of a “gremlin” in my stuff half the time)

(yeah I thought of this around 1am last night when I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep)

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When you barely escape getting beheaded through your wits, but you are then reincarnated centuries later with two queens who preceded you who weren’t as lucky…..


☠️ R.I.P. ☠️

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what would Cathy’s go to coffee order be? Black? Idk i don’t drink coffee

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I found this on YouTube and even though it’s not mine I just want to share it on Tumblr so they could get some love 

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Anne in a zoom class :3

Anne: be gay do crime!

Cathy: ah?

Anne: I wanna cut the internet line!!

Cathy: NO!

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PC: Samantha Thien (@89samwithacam on Instagram)

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Cleves, banging on Catalina's door
'Lina! I need you to hide me!
Aragon, ushering Anna in
Who’s after you?!
Anne Boleyn!
Aragon, pushing Anna back out with all her strength
No. Absolutely not. Not a chance. You’re on your own. Goodbye.
*slams the door*
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Okay, so, i’ve been thinking about what the SIX film could be/be based around and hear me out…

(I did add this in a reblog this but i think it’s awesome so i’m posting it again.)

THE QUEENS MAKING SIX (a prequel kinda thing)

It starts with the queens being reincarnated into the 21st century and we get these scenes where they meet each other again, work out who they are before discovering the outside world etc etc.

We could get some really cute scenes with Cathy and Catalina, maybe Anne could discover she’s Bisexual in the 21st Century and Jane could accidentally walk into a lingerie store. 

Eventually, (through means of movie magic) they find out that no one is telling their true stories and they come up with a plan to tell that: A musical!

It’s about their story making the musical, the meanings of their songs and how they eventually come together as a found family to retell their stories through means of forgiveness and hope.

To end, the queens are performing their flash mob at the Tower of London. After the performance they all take a moment to bow and look at the crowd. Soon after though, they each start fading away in rhyme order - they’ve reclaimed their stories.

Cathy is the only ‘survivor’. The 6th queen makes it her mission to get SIX officially on the West End before her time is up and she casts a new group of queens. She fades away after the first official performance having reclaimed their stories.

*As for cast, the original West End cast will play the tudor versions of the reincarnated queens (in any flashbacks)

We have a totally new upcoming cast of Gen Z performers playing the reincarnated queens.

The ‘final’ cast of queens will be played by the updated west end cast (Courtney, Danielle, Sophie etc.)* 

I have an ENTIRE TRAILER IDEA pre-written and ready to go because i’ve been hyped on this idea for like a year now! ☁️

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Anne: Things have actually been going really well with Cath. Our friendship is in a really good place.

Anne: Last week I said, “Did you know the weiner dog is neither a weiner nor a dog?”

Anne: And instead of saying, “Shut up, Anne,” she said, “Okay.”

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Anna: I like your shirt!

Kitty: Thanks *remembers people like bad girls* I stole it.

Kitty: *remembers people also like nice girls* from an old man I was helping walk across the street.

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Anne: You’re a lying, cheating, piece of shit! You’re not the person I married!

Cathy: Fine then! We’re getting a divorce! And I’m taking the kids!

Kitty, pushing the Monopoly board away from them: …Maybe we should stop playing.

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Yeah, the writers of the show have admitted that they kinda did Anne dirty. And like, on the one hand, it’s great that they can acknowledge that. But on the other hand, they’re the writers which means they had the power to change her characterization and they didn’t so…

And like you said, it really wouldn’t have taken much effort to find good information about Anne. Especially when you consider how the other wives are portrayed…I’m really not sure what got lost in translation with Anne.

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They’re often portrayed as being almost like domestic servants in movies and TV shows but they really weren’t. I mean, they would do things like help the Queen get dressed, bathe her, and serve her meals, but to perform those functions for the Queen was considered a privilege and not a chore. Ladies-in-waiting were daughters and wives of nobleman and would themselves have their own servants (like chambermaids and such). The main purpose of the ladies-in-waiting and maids of honor were to be companions. A lot of the time Queens would appoint ladies they were already friends with. For example, when Anne Boleyn was Queen, her mother, sister, and sister-in-law all served as her ladies. One of the ladies Catherine of Aragon brought with her to England was Maria de Salinas who was one of Catherine’s closest friends.

Other royal women and even high-ranking noble ladies would have ladies-in-waiting as well (although usually not nearly as many as the Queen) and those ladies served the same function as the Queen’s ladies.

TL;DR Ladies-in-waiting did serve some functions akin to servants but they weren’t really servants in the traditional sense.

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Cathy: I’m back on my bullshit.

Anne: No.

Anne: *grabs Cathy’s hand*

Anne: WE’RE back on OUR bullshit!

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