cadaverkeys · 23 hours ago
please please please talk about christian art history and the meanings behind how halos are depicted
Tumblr media
[DISCLAIMER: I was raised Roman Catholic and I studied Religious Philosophy/Italian Renaissance Art- I am not associated with the Catholic church currently but I have interest towards keeping information accurate and effective in this field.]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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grizzly-bear-official · 12 hours ago
how do I pet a bear
ikea djungleskog
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evansbby · 2 days ago
Wonder how Andy’s best friend Ari dry humped the reader 🤔 was everyone else there too? I keep thinking of those porn videos where girls get dry humped in the train it buss
Ari x Andy’s wife!reader has seriously been plaguing my mind for a while! Like, Ari would be so creepy and forceful, and you’d be a whimpering mess, bc yes, Andy is your husband — but you can’t help but clench bc Ari is your daddy. 🫣😵‍💫
Warnings: noncon, dubcon, dark!Ari, delusional!Ari, adultery, daddy kink, dumbification, dry-humping
Tumblr media
“Aww, are you crying?” Ari pulls your cheek meanly, laughing at the tears that stain your face, “Is my little baby wife crying because it feels so good?”
He thrusts up against you once more, his clothed dick feeling so sinfully good against you. Ari’s got you shoved up against the bathroom wall, your dress flipped up and panties pushed to the side, groaning in your ear as he humps his hard crotch against your asscheeks which he spreads with his large hands.
“N-Not your wife!” You cry out, “Ari, please! Please, just think about Andy — ah! Fuck! — you’re his best friend! You can’t do this to him, please!”
But you know your pleas fall to deaf ears. Once Ari had made up his mind that he wanted you — his best friend’s sweet little wife — there was no swaying him.
Even if it meant that he had to touch you in secret, squeezing your ass and making you yelp when he passed by you. Playing with your bikini strings at Andy’s pool party, his thick fingers brushing against your pussy in the pool while your husband was right there.
Not to mention, all the lingering hugs. How he’d show up to your house when he knew Andy was at work. How he’d comment on how stressed you are, how he’d offer to massage you. How that would somehow lead to him squeezing and playing with your breasts for ages, stopping only when Andy walked in through the front door.
Not to mention, Ari was always there. The last time your husband had left you alone in a room with him, Ari had manhandled you into his lap, sucking your nipple through the fabric of your dress, all while Andy was in the kitchen in the next room!
And now he’d followed you into the bathroom, pushing you up against the wall and having his way with you. Thrusting against you while he whispered vulgarities into your ear.
“You’re my baby, you got that?” Ari’s voice is thick with desire, his clothed dick so hard as he drags it up and down between your ass cheeks, his large hands squeezing your breasts and his lips sponging hot kisses on your neck, “I’m your daddy, sweet girl. Not Andy. Bet his cock ain’t as big as mine, huh?”
“Please! Ari — ow! I mean daddy — please, daddy! Andy’s wondering where I am, I know he is!”
Ari slaps your practically bare ass hard, palm cracking against your sensitive skin multiple times till you’re crying in pain and your pussy’s clenching at the same time. “Answer my question, dumb baby.”
“Ah! Okay! Your c-cock is bigger than Andy’s, alright?? Please!”
“Mm, good little baby,” Ari praises, kissing the top of your head as he continues to dry hump you, rolling your erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger, “Daddy loves you so much, honey. Can’t wait until I marry you, then you’ll be my sweet little baby wife.”
“I’m already married!” You cry, earning another few hard slaps to the ass, Ari’s huge, thick bicep wrapping around your neck in warning.
“Don’t lie, baby. You know daddy is so much stronger than you. I could easily hurt you, sweet wife. Instead, I’m pleasuring you like the good little girl you are. How Andy never could.”
You can feel your orgasm approaching, and you feel so ashamed as your body begins to rut back against Ari. He’s just so big and beefy, so imposing as he towers over you, his touch so experienced, so much rougher than Andy.
So much better than Andy, too. But you’d never admit it to Ari. You can’t even admit it to yourself.
“That’s right, baby. Hump your daddy and make yourself cum. I know Andy doesn’t treat you right. But I do. I’m your daddy and I’ll always treat you best.”
His thrusts get harder and more desperate, and he’s grunting and cussing under his breath as he mauls and uses your body like a toy to thrust against, like a doll he’s using to get himself off.
Your orgasms hit at the same time, and you cry as your walls contract, pleasure seeping through your body as you cum, the feeling so intense.
And Ari releases all over your panties, his hot and sticky white cum clinging to the already sodden fabric, and the older man gazed down at you in complete lust.
“Look at this mess, little baby.” He coos, pulling your wet panties back up your legs, “Bet you love feeling daddy’s cum all over your creamy little pussy and your little baby panties. But don’t worry, daddy loves it too. In fact, I want you to walk out in this mess — just so Andy realises what he’s missing out on.”
A/N : gahhh idk about this!!! But shoutout to the anon for originally coming up with this idea, and all the other anons who chipped in!! What do you guys think?
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vividstilinski · 2 days ago
smut prompt 34 with Austin, please!
why don’t we film it? - austin butler
note ; this prompt actually just sent me into cardiac arrest. new life goal: making a sex tape with austin butler 🙏
warnings ; oral (f receiving), suggestive language, talk of filming ur sex lmao (?)
he had never needed anyone before the way he needed you. he was constantly craving your touch, to feel your nails rake down his back or tug on his hair ferociously. he was fully enamored by everything you did, and every night when you weren’t with him, he had a mental bank of every sexual experience you two had shared, and he tapped into it to make himself cum.
even that one winter morning, he couldn’t help but wake you up with his tongue splayed out across your cunt, lapping up your juices as if they were the fruits of life. you wiggled underneath him, and he firmly planted his hands on his hips to stop your resistance. “oh, aus, right there,” you moaned out, voice still raspy from your sleep.
he couldn’t stop himself; he was addicted to the feeling he got when he saw your face contort in pleasure, moaning his name over and over again as an orgasm washed over you. his fingers thrusted in and out of your entrance, tongue flicking at your clit relentlessly. you were so close, and he could tell by the way your eyes were squeezed tight, chest heaving and lips parted. your walls tightened around his digits, and he maintained his tempo, aching for your release.
a string of profanities fell from your lips, along with his name and other unholy things. he loved the way it sounded coming from your mouth, so filthy and raw. he watched intently as you unraveled in front of him, legs shaking. he could watch it forever.
he was struck with inspiration as he laid there, eyeing your body. there was one way he could have the view on replay. once you had finally stopped convulsing, he pulled himself up over your body, kissing you softly. “question, angel.”
“yes?” you breathed out, still exhausted from your orgasm.
“why don’t we film… it?” when you made no response, he elaborated. “…like our sex.”
your head swiveled to look up at him, trying to read his face for anything that resembled a joking manner. he was being very serious. “you’d want to do that?”
“yeah,” he nodded eagerly, fingers reaching out to brush the hair away from your face. “i mean, i always miss you when i’m away filming. and, it’d be nice to have something to look at.”
you weren’t sure if it was the orgasm talking, or the fact that your boyfriend looked at you like you hung the moon and stars, that made you succumb to his request, but you said: “yeah, let’s make a sex tape.”
thank you for joining my celly!
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kismesisstude · 2 days ago
Can you draw some Lil Terezis???
Tumblr media Tumblr media
of course
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jasontoddsguns · a day ago
I really enjoy your interaction headcanons between characters as friends or as one adopting the other, but what are two characters you feel would profoundly hate each other or at least have one loathing the other?
John Constantine & Damian Wayne
Damian cannot go within ten-feet of that man without bitching. He’s shocked that a known ally of the JL would hold himself in such a manner. Not to mention- his crude manner of speech. The occasional joke is fine (welcomed even) , but this guy won’t shut up.
John just thinks Damian is a brat. Lol.
Nightwing & Shazam
Before the reveal, Nightwing always viewed Shazam as a rip-off Superman. For some reason the guy always rubbed him wrong. Don’t get him wrong, Nightwing appreciates a good joke- but this Shazam ‘character’ can’t ever seem to be serious. Like, come on! People’s lives are at stake!
Billy realized that Nightwing didn’t like him and decided to double down on the “you don’t like me? Well I hate you” attitude. Besides, he’s just another mean adult standing in his way.
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deanandkastiel · 2 days ago
most adorable castiel ops of the con award goes to -- twitter. com/ jolauriang/ status/ 1559309844343136261?s=21
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ngl i cried really hard at these.
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okruee · 2 days ago
hii,,,is the sim used in your sylvester hair up for downloads
Tumblr media
he is now sorry for how my mods folder is organized (+credits to all cc creators)
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princessfbi · 2 days ago
“You should’ve just written property of Eddie Diaz in sharpie. It would’ve been faster.”
“You should’ve just written property of Eddie Diaz in sharpie. It would’ve been faster.”
Buck frowned as poked at the hickey high on his throat. Not that Buck minded the marks Eddie left on him. He loved them actually even though the L word was still a scary but real thing neither of them had voiced just yet. It was only a matter of time before one of them—probably Buck— blurted it out in the heat of the moment and they would each go to their separate corners to promptly freak out about it. Just like their first kiss where Buck had turned— fell— into Eddie’s mouth and instead of pulling away like a normal person, he just… kissed him.
Then he promptly hid away in his loft and hoped the humiliation would take him peacefully in his sleep for about a week until Eddie came banging on his door to kiss him again.
Eddie made a humming noise that rumbled from his chest into Buck’s back as he slid up behind him, curling his arms around his waist and lacing his fingers across Buck’s stomach.
“But where’s the fun in that?” His breath ghosted a hot line up Buck’s jaw before his teeth nipped onto Buck’s ear.
Buck’s knees gave out a little when they turned into jelly.
“Stop that,” he said without meaning and Eddie must have heard because he smiled into Buck’s throat. “This is serious.”
“Seriously distracting, you mean,” Eddie said before he kissed the mark and Buck shivered when the sting of his stubble rubbed into the bruised skin. “For me. Just for the record. You're very distracting.”
Eddie’s fingers were dipping dangerously low and Buck would like it to be on record that while Buck had a healthy appetite for sex, Eddie was the one that was downright insatiable. Buck wouldn’t have any other way. Eddie could mark him up and twist him around anywhere he pleased.
The problem was that the hickeys— especially this one— Eddie had a tendency to decorate Buck with like he was a Christmas tree in need of lights, was high up on Buck’s throat for everyone to see. A perfect messy outline of Eddie’s mouth was purpling around the curve of his neck and spreading up under his jaw with faint lines Buck swore he could still track of where his stupidly pointy canines had dragged across his skin when Buck had arched up into his touch.
“Everyone can see it.” Buck complained, already giving up most of his weight as Eddie took what he wanted.
“Let them,” Eddie breathed before he peppered kitten kisses on his track to find a new spot to claim.
And Buck was a weak man, okay. A weak, hickey pocked man who had no other option but to tip his head back and bare his throat for Eddie to work. He reached back and carded his fingers through Eddie's hair and closed his eyes as Eddie placed another inappropriately high claim for everyone to see.
"We're going to be so late."
Send Me a Sentence and I'll Write More
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il-predestinato · a day ago
Why is Österreichring the holy temple for Lestappen? What happened there???
Because the Österreichring (pronounced Max’s way, not whatever syllables came out of Charles’s mouth, bless him) is the original name of the Red Bull Ring, which hosts the Austrian Grand Prix - a blessed place on this planet that has witnessed both inchident 2.0 as well as the gayest moment in sport, with the latter moment being responsible for catapulting Lestappen to #14 on Tumblr’s list of most popular ships, beating out mainstream ships like Destiel. Probably not fair, since they pretty much performed porn in public (children, avert your eyes), which they don’t allow on network TV:
Tumblr media
It’s also compelling from a narrative perspective, because the transformation from Austria 2019 to Austria 2022 perfectly embodies the enemies to lovers journey. I mean, just look at how Charles looked at Max in 2019 vs. 2022:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So yes, I pay my fealty to the Österreichring/Red Bull Ring, most holy and sacred temple of Lestappen.🧎‍♀️🙏🏼😜
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kronkk · a day ago
y has no woman on radblr mentioned it has been a year since Jessica Yaniv’s penis FELL OFF
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bloo-the-dragon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can’t tell Moon to keep away from something and expect him to listen
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nctsplug02 · 2 days ago
More of Jen the babysitter?🥳
genre: fluff and smut
warnings: jealousy, possessiveness, mentions of blocking, short smut scene, unprotected sex and praising.
Tumblr media
you were home sick with hannie who also had a running fever. jaehyun was at work, on his own.
he complained and yapped about wanting to stay home and wanting to help take care of the two of you but you strongly declined.
jj bby: mind bringing me a new shirt, love?
you: sure, but what happened?
jj bby: spilled coffee on my shirt.
jj bby: and it’s a white shirt too.
you: okay, i’ll bring one in a few.
you: are you working on cleaning your desk like how you said you were?
jj bby: yep!
jj bby: *picture attachment*
you frown in admiration as you click the picture to see his clean desk. in a split second, your face quickly changes. “what the.. fuck?”
you: who the fuck is lucy and why is she thanking you for buying her coffee???
jj bby: where do u see that?
you screenshot the picture and you circle the sticky note hanging on his flower pot.
you: yeah, sure it’s a nice gesture but
you: who
you: is
you: lucy
you: ?!!
jj bby: oohh, my love…
you tap your phone impatiently as three dots pop up, disappearing and then reappearing.
jj bby: she didn’t have cash and they don’t take cash, which is really really weird but i stepped in and said i’d pay for it when she was gonna cancel it
jj bby: sorry, i didn’t mean to freak u out, love!
his messages turn green and he sits up. “fuck.” he sighs and stands up.
you had blocked him. great.
“vanessa, cancel all my plans today. i will be heading home, family emergency. thank you.” he grabs his jacket and leaves the building.
Tumblr media
“admit it, baby.” he tuts his hips and squeezes your jaw tighter. “n—never!” you grunt, hands handcuffed behind you. “then, you don’t get to cum. ever.” he grits his teeth.
“i— i want to cum, please, baby! please?!” he softly chuckles at your neediness. “then, admit it.” he growls and rests his lips against your ear. “i..” you sigh, dropping your head and feeling your eyes water.
“i was.. jealous..” you shamelessly admit and he rubs your clit, cooing to you. “good girl.”
“now,” you whine when he speaks, again. “apologize for blocking me.” you whine, hands trying to escape the resistance. “but, i didn’t—?” he pinches your clit and you squeal.
“now.” he demands.
you grunt, pushing your ass more up and burying his dick more into your cunt. “i—im sorry, for blocking you out of jealousy.”
he goofily grins and kisses your cheek. “look who gets to cum?” you moan loudly as he continues to rub your clit, again.
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sluttywonwoo · 2 days ago
who do you think in svt is okay with sex on the first date?
Tumblr media
realistically speaking…
seungcheol: he can get bashful but i think he’s very confident on dates, especially when he’s the one signing the check at the end of the night. if he vibes with the person, he’ll definitely ask them to go back to his place
soonyoung: it’s just his energy tbh. he goes on dates with the intention of getting laid
seokmin: listen, if you’re inviting him over— he’s saying yes no hesitation
mingyu: he is Horny. but also gets his feelings involved so he would fuck on the first date but would then fall In Love and be the biggest simp ever
vernon: he seems like the type to fuck around, especially at his age with his personality… he could def pull and would be the type to seal the deal on a first date if the mood was right
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vividstilinski · 17 hours ago
anon you read my mind so well 🫣 i don’t have enough content for a full-blown fic but a lil discussion won’t hurt…
like just imagine you’re having trouble deciding what to give him for his birthday. like you have done the whole romantic dinner extravaganza, but it’s his 31st and he doesn’t even really feel up to being in public. he’s so exhausted from filming dune 2 that he relishes in having a nice break from it. so, of course, you consider other options. after days of agonizingly strolling through stores and browsing on websites, you had an epiphany.
you ended up cooking him a meal at your apartment, but the real surprise began when you went to go change in your room. he was on the couch, nervously twiddling his thumbs at your last words: ‘hold on baby, i’m gonna go get your present, i’ll be back.’ in his little brain, he truly thought that meant you spent real money on a gift, although he told you he didn’t need or want anything beside you.
he nearly choked on his words (and saliva) when he saw you walk up to him, spreading apart his legs and standing right in between them. you were adorned in a black lingerie set, with stockings up to your knees and a black garter. you weren’t usually the type to dress up during sex, and he was more than okay with that, because it wasn’t like it was going to last long on your body. but, this. this was a real surprise. you got on your knees in front of him, supporting yourself up to unbuckle his pants. “happy birthday, baby,” you winked before palming him through his boxers.
“oh my god, i love you,” he whispered; all he could manage to say as his eyes wandered. best. birthday. ever.
austin proceeded to ask you to dress up for every birthday he had after that lmaoaao
even when you guys have kids he’s like oop they’re in bed it’s my birthday go put on your lingerie
i’m done now i swear
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ponydoodles · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jasontoddsguns · a day ago
I needed to tell this to someone but I went on Twitter and literally saw someone complaining about the Shazam movie using a no name villain like Dr Silvana as it's antagonist.
What did they want Lex Luthor? 😭
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