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technogender · 7 hours ago
i’m genuinely curious so sorry if this comes off as a bit much or whatever but. do you actually think Philza was a good dad when he killed his son? I mean like even if he was great 100% of the time after that that still kinda. puts a damper on the grade
have u ever dealt with a suicidal person.
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gojosattoru · 22 hours ago
Hi! Could you recommend some blogs to follow for anime content? Thank you!
heya honey! sorry for the late reply and sure, here are my fav blogs ^^ i tried my hardest to remember you all cuties, so i'm sorry if it slipped someone >.< i still love you!! hope it helps dear anon, you're welcome and stay well <333 *hugs*
@vigilanteenforcer @hanae-ichihara @okkotsu-yuutas @osamusmiya @reehlia @karura @mazusu @kiroz @kilruas @kotsume @mafuyuh @sukerokus @zenzenzence @roronoazooro @rubydragon16 @x0401x @d-a-z-a-i @amemuraa @nightrayv @ttoya @todosiblings @stormbreaker @story-kat @miyakuli @naruzumake @naotarou @naoamaya @kyojuuros @kyosehaiji @jaegerists @itadorii-yuuji @manjiroarchiviste @sougu @sosoukoku @krshima @shiruba-tsuki @shiroa @kasumi-miwaa @shinixgami @okkottsus @kvnikiida @kvroko @tenacademicheroes @kmuiyato @alphonseelriic @haru-kaas @nagisa-cchi @getouru @getosatoru @tritelei @dicennio @tokugou @kawaiinohime @kanadenohana @suzouyas @inarazki @shingeki @misakarose @katsukes @vyctornikiforov @chiisanahoshi @vynu @larimii @ayumiko @ayukii @hokusu @inahochi @hokusu @inahochi @inarazki @kitsunemiya @ginsichimaru @sakaguchis @kisateta @kyaa-a @seishue @kzmkenmaa @nakamatoo @yuutta @xgojou @suukuna @aominne @zombielandsaga @childeapologist @natsutakashi @lishumood @upperrankthree @saznu @hinosreis @ozvasselius @bajitorafuyu @tsumooo @tsukis @ta-keigo @zenin-makis @elliejoys @gizaoyas @invmaki @rivaillerose @technolyzed @mokacheer @kemnas @zuura @honeymeh @ackersoul @ackernen @kuroosden @shoutosm @fyodcrs @keisukesbaji @incepstla @yukihikos @reddriot @feativen @beekugou @brokuro @yujis @ichigoskurosaki @porco-galliard @zenien @littlepurebloodprincess @kiyomie @soniatera @ukyousaionji @hecheng @yyh @uchihha @toya @airaishi @ocarinnas @kanamesengoku @holony @heyheysey
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astraldemise · 22 hours ago
thoughts on the horseshoe shaped tree hopper?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
perfect name for them. they sure are shaped
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plumb1tes · 16 hours ago
I didn't know you were into IDV too! Do you plan on drawing them more? I love your artstyle so much <3
Here’s some doodles I haven’t posted on here since u asked nicely :]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wandavicky · 10 hours ago
Ik u usually do smut and such but imagine Reader leaving on a mission for like awhile (maybe a week or two idk) and usually R is the clingy one (not that Nat doesn’t like it, she loves it) but when She comes back nat is just hugging her and holding her and just whines whenever either one has to go away from the other “did you miss me that much natty?” all smugly while Nat just tells us to shut up 🤤
Saying I usually write smut is a slander I cannot accept😔
"Baby," You look at your phone and give Natasha a peck, "I have to leave to meet Tony."
"No, you don't." Natasha tighten her grip around your waist, her head resting on your shoulder to pamper kisses on your cheek.
You keep her face away from you and struggle to get out of her laps, "Nat, let me go! I have to talk to Tony!"
Natasha whines and let you out of her embrace, "Can I go with you?"
"Oh, little Natasha, you really miss me that much, huh?" You smirk at the puppy eyes assassin who clearly want to fight you for what you just said, "Alright, you can come."
Natasha sits still when you are ready to go, so you look back at the grumpy face, "If you don't come I'll meet him without you, Natty."
She huffs and walks to your side, she rejects your hand and put her arm around your waist instead.
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keeley-jones · 16 hours ago
Firmly of the opinion that Jamie doesn’t realize that “Jamie tartt doo doo doo do” is from the baby shark song, he just thinks they made that up for him. He’s gonna hear the baby shark version some day and be livid
Oh 100%!!!!
Can you imagine his face when Roy pulls out his iPhone and plays the video for him 😂 or if Jamie sang his chant around Phoebe who informs him that he’s got the words wrong and the slow realization that washes over Jamie’s face when he realizes Baby Shark, is in fact, a real song and not his own personal football cheer?
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luthienne · an hour ago
i hope this request finds you good spirits for company. i come asking if you know any poems or prose and such on oranges, be they sharing them with a loved one or otherwise. regardless of whether or not you can grant me this, i write to wish you well, and say that i adore the post you wrote on making it home. may your days be bright and lovely as you make mine, and the road home just as sweet.
Tumblr media
this poem by wendy cope is what i think of when i think of oranges <3
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yehudah · 17 hours ago
Wait why can't intersex people use agab terms? Genuinely just asking, no ill intent here.
i mean we could technically, and ik a lot of intersex people do. but for a lot of other intersex people (like me lol), agab terminology doesnt work, especially in reference to being trans. a lot of intersex people were "assigned" the wrong gender at birth, and in general assigned gender at birth isnt specific enough to really allow intersex ppl to include themselves in it, bc many intersex people are legally one thing, medically another, and raised as something else. plus when you combine it w being trans, it gets rlly confusing bc there are legally afab transfems, amab transmascs, tme transfems, tma transmascs, etc etc. its just not inclusive of intersex trans ppl
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wolfythewitch · 11 hours ago
I’ve come to brag that I have today off school.
I’m on school break now :]
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okruee · 20 hours ago
johnathan is so sex 10/10 love john
Tumblr media
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barry-j-blupjeans · 18 hours ago
ooh 8. "waking them up when their alarm fails to" and Lup maybe?
8. waking them up when their alarm fails to
((prompts here!! - accepting!!))
"Lup, I swear to every fucking god, if you don't wake up right now-"
"Fuck," Lup groaned, wincing as the door to the bedroom slammed open. That'd leave a dent in the wall. More than there already was, of course. "Taako, please-"
"And you, Barold," Taako continued, marching straight into the room. Lup tugged the blanket up further. "You left me on voicemail three times-!" She kept her head tucked under Barry's chin. The arm he had wrapped around her tightened slightly. He didn't seem to be disrupted by Taako's rude wake-up call. They had tried to sleep through his calls, they already knew he was coming.
Lup lifted her head slightly as Taako poked at her, unrepentant. Kravitz was standing at their door, looking apologetic, but amused.
"We had an alarm set, T," Barry said, leaning his head into Lup's.
"And when was it supposed to ring?"
"Oh, it rang," Lup said. "Put it on snooze, though."
"And then dismissed it because m' tired," Barry said.
"I hate you both," Taako said. "You're killing me. You're killing your brother, Lup. Why am I the only one getting things done when it's your wedding day?"
"That's just how it be sometimes," Lup said, setting her head back down against Barry's chest. "Five more minutes and I'll get up."
"No you fucking won't," Taako said, stepping back and glaring at them. She felt Barry smile against her hair.
"No we fucking won't," she agreed.
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seffersonjtarship · 42 minutes ago
dean would never call cas daddy in the bedroom because the last thing he needs when he's being gay is a reminder of his john winchester but also cas would stop and simply say no and get up and leave.
i already said this. cas is buddy in the bedroom dean is dean. no fathers are involved
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kdinjenzen · 18 hours ago
Do you think negatively of fanservice?
Absolutely not.
Here’s the thing… I see so many posts being FERAL AND THIRSTY for characters all the time and then see posts (from those same people) saying “oh no, a cleavage… how obscene” and I’m like…
Honey you just posted an entire novel about how you wanna XXXXXXX a character’s XXXXXXXXX and suddenly a little bit of titty is a problem?
It’s a bit hypocritical tbh.
THAT SAID! I also understand that some folks really do not like it for various reasons, and I think that’s really important to keep in mind too.
Some things work well with fanservice, some don’t! And I greatly dislike when fanservice is pushed into something where it doesn’t belong.
But if it works and it fits and flows naturally with everything? I like it a lot.
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hood-ex · 22 hours ago
Vampire!Dick Grayson
...would make this moment 🤤🩸 10x funnier:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Flash Plus Nightwing
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beacon-lamp · 21 hours ago
Tommy apparently met up with Mumbo Jumbo irl, As The Prophecy Foretold
(He also said if anyone was his dad, it’d be Philza or Mumbo, so take that as you will)
i don’t know how to process this information
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okruee · 15 hours ago
i come here to proclaim that anyone that chooses the non strand version of your hairs instead of the strand one is a weakling and natural selection will take no time to do its thing
LMAO i prefer the strands versions myself as well but also no strand rights for my strictly maxis match n vanilla or otherwise girlies!!!!!!
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larkin-if · 23 hours ago
You're posting so much Todd Howard content that I'm starting to think Larkin is actually just another Skyrim remake this time mobile
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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crossdressingdeath · 22 hours ago
Ok, but WWX going from super capable, badass, terrifying YLLZ to Damsel in Distress in front of LWJ will never stop being hilarious.
WWX's immediate switch from ultra-competent cultivation prodigy to Full Baby the moment LWJ is in the room gives me life honestly. WWX is incredibly skilled but he wants his husband to pamper him and that is extremely valid.
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carpisuns · 55 minutes ago
I was wondering if you had any recs for marichat, specifically the ones where Chat finds out about Marinette's crush on Adrien-him and has a "this ... has turned into a difficult situation" moment?
oooh Conflicted Feelings™️ marichat is one of my very favorite flavors of love square….the complications….the dramatic irony…..the absolute catharsis and relief at the reveal……it’s the good kush
usually the way I see it happen is reverse crush + OG crush. Like, he finds out she likes adrien and is thrilled bc he likes her back but also feels guilty because he still likes ladybug. Is that what you mean?
This is a delicious situation that is kind of difficult to pull off properly imo but one of the fics I’ve seen do it best is A Lie for a Lie by @botherkupo,,,chef’s kiss
more than words by @zimtlein is another one where adrien has an interesting internal conflict about marinette’s crush on him (this fic is more adrienette centric tho)
or was the “difficult situation” you mean more like….she likes adrien but he doesn’t like her back and feels bad about? or he feels bad because he has used his chat noir persona to get closer to her and then he finds out she’s had a crush on him this whole time and has no idea he’s been hanging out with her in disguise? or he’s worried bc he wants to ask her out but if he does it as adrien it might be weird bc they’re not as close as they are when he’s chat/he might slip up and reveal himself? all delicious (ʘ‿ʘ✿) unfortunately off the top of my head I can’t think of any specific fics to fit these scenarios even though I’m sure I’ve seen most of these jdkddk
sorry if I wasn’t able to help much! but for good measure I have made marichat rec lists here and here haha
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aceofwhump · 21 hours ago
Hi, Ace..... I needed to talk to someone and figure you were a good person to message.
There have been a handful posts going around the past months about how torture has become the current big whump community thing. ..... And how everyone isn't okay with it...... I'm starting to feel like I'm becoming more alienated from this community because I love torture. I love the traumatic ramifications of torture. That has always been my most-searched-for fanfiction type: "[charcter] tortured fanfic". I feel like this trope is the only ones that get bad-talked while none of the others do. I know and understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but.... I feel like I'm being told I can't write about/post/reblog things I actually enjoy ie torture and conditioning tropes.
My current hyperfixation is anime so I'm spending more time on my Anime blog versus my whump one, but I'm starting to feel like deleting my whump blog because clearly what I enjoy isn't "okay" in the community anymore.
Help me, Ace-wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
First of all I want to give you a massive hug so here!!
Tumblr media
I'm so so sorry this all has made you feel so alienated and unwelcome to the point where you're thinking about deleted your whump blog. That's awful and I am so sorry. If you feel that's what you need to do then you should do whatever will make you the most happy and comfortable. But I promise you, you are welcome! I know it may not feel like it at times especially when these kinds of discussions start up again, but you absolutely belong here!
I have seen a lot of those discussions as well and I was afraid of this. Of people feeling just like how you feel. I've been trying to decide how I feel and if I should join in on them or not. Here is my perspective on the whole thing and maybe this will help.
A lot of what I'm getting from those discussions is that some members of the community see tons and tons of torture and dark stuff with no comfort and they then think that comfort has no place in the community because they don't see it. You, and others like you, see these discussions and now think you're not welcome because you like little to no comfort and enjoy lots of torture.
The community tends to go through times where certain tropes seem to be more popular than others but that doesn't make them any better or worse than other tropes nor does it mean that it's the only thing allowed.
I think a lot of people in the community lately have gotten confused and concerned that they don't belong here because of what they like. People are trying to settle on a definitive answer on what qualifies as "whump" and that discussion seems to happen all the time here. But there is not set "this is whump" "this is not whump" and there will never be.
I also think that people feel that things like torture, slavery, dehumanization and bbu, because they're so present, are overshadowing other things like environmental whump, accidents, sickfics, emotional comfort etc. People are concerned that the genre of whump is narrowing too far into becoming solely those types of fics and pushing out all the others to the point thst mew members think that's all thst whump is.
I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong. I'm just saying this seems to be how people are feeling based on the discussions I'm reading.
So I think it's less of "we hate these things and they should go away!" And more of a "okay this isn't my thing but I can't find content for the tropes I like and it makes me sad." Which has then turned into "oh no what I like isn't welcome here?"
Whump is so many things. So, so so SO many things. And they are ALL welcome. We all like different things and it comes down to curating your dashboard to fit the things you like. If you like torture, then fill your dash with blogs who post torture. If you like more comfort, find those we post more comfort. Everyone is allowed to post and talk about the things they enjoy.
I also want to say to everyone that if you want that content then people need to make it and support those who do create it. Write the stuff you love. Reblog the stuff you love.
For example, I tend to not be the biggest fan of bbu or hardcore conditioning so I just don't follow those who post a lot of it. Simple. But that doesn't mean it isn't amazing and a part of this community! Because it is and there are so many wonderful bloggers who post such great content for it!
My dear nonny, you are WELCOME in this community!!! What you feel is valid! What you love is valid and 100% a huge part of this community!! We love torture! We love the emotional ramifications of torture! Me personally, it's one of my favorites!!! I too spend tons of time searching for torture fics on AO3.
I am here to tell you and everyone else that reads that BOTH SIDES ARE WELCOME!!!! BOTH ARE CONSIDERED WHUMP AND ARE WELCOMED IN THE COMMUNITY!!!!
Those who love dark stuff!! Those who love lots of comfort!! And everyone in between!!
I will continue to say this until my face turns blue if I have to.
Curate your dashboard to reflect what you love. Block tags that make you uncomfortable. Support the creators who makes things you like by reblogging their work for others to see. Be kind to those who like what you don't. Create and write whatever makes you happy. And remember that whump is a wide genre full of so many things and all are welcome.
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