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spaceman-earthgirl · 3 hours ago
27 and sc, please? 🙂
27. “I can see the stars again.”
“She’s outside.”
Lena doesn’t even need to ask, Alex already knows she’s stepped into the living room looking for Kara.
“Thank you,” Lena smiles. She’d usually be embarrassed, but Alex isn’t smirking, there’s no teasing look in her eye, she’s just smiling as she says the words, and Lena knows it’s because she’s happy that Kara is happy.
Lena steps outside to find Kara lying on the cold, and probably damp grass, eyes on the sky above them.
Kara tilts her head up when she hears Lena, smiles when she finds Lena watching her.
“Look,” Kara says, eyes back on the sky. “I can see the stars again.”
Lena looks up too, and it really is a magnificent sight. Lena knows one of the reasons Kara had been so excited to visit Midvale is because there’s no light pollution like there is in National City, the sky is spread out around them, bright with stars.
“Mind if I join you?” Lena asks, nodding to the empty space beside Kara.
Kara is smiling again as she tilts her head back to look at Lena. “Of course.”
“I’ll be right back,” Lena throws over her shoulder as she ducks back inside, grabbing a blanket to lie down on.
She spreads her newly acquired blanket on the spot next to Kara, can feel Kara watching her as she lies down herself. No sooner than she’s settled on the ground, Kara moves, and Lena assumes it’s so they can share the blanket, which Lena would never complain about even though the blanket is small. She will never admit it, but she definitely grabbed a small blanket so they’d have to cuddle close.
But no, Kara sits up and spins in the spot she’d been lying, only to lie down again, but this time with her head pillowed on Lena’s stomach.
And okay, she’s not going to complain about this either.
“Comfy?” Lena asks, looking down to see blonde hair splayed across her stomach.
“Mmhmm,” Kara hums. Lena can hear the smile on her face.
Lena’s not sure how long they lie there, eyes on the sky above them. At some point, Lena’s hand finds its way into Kara’s hair, gently carding through blonde waves as the lay under the night sky.
“Thank you for coming with me this weekend,” Kara says.
“Thank you for inviting me,” Lena replies.
She’d been slightly terrified, when Kara had asked her to visit Midvale with her, it was a few firsts she wasn’t sure she was ever going to get. It was her first time seeing Eliza since they’d started dating, the first official “meet the parents”.
It’s her first weekend away with Kara.
(Not yet, but later tonight, and Lena doesn’t know this yet, but Kara’s going to say “I love you” to Lena for the first time too).
“Eliza loves you, I’m glad you two get to spend some time together.” Kara turns her head, presses a kiss to Lena’s stomach. “And I’m glad I get to spend some proper time with you too.”
Lena’s not sure how she got so lucky, not only to have Kara in her life, but to have Kara’s family love and accept her too.
“Me too.”
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wenofqishan · 15 hours ago
I just realized that wwx never gets dressed after he wakes up in the jingshe and plays meng Yao’s version of the song of clarity for lxc. Apparently they’re family enough to just have a disclosure meeting on lxc’s problematic fav with wwx standing around in the equivalent of his bf’s boxers so I’m fucking dying
lxc is obviously used to just walking into his brother’s room at all times which is fine until wwx moves in with lwj and it’s like this tweet
Tumblr media
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hansoeii · 14 hours ago
The way yall take mobius' good cop bad cop routine with subsequent gaslighting and imprisonment in an effort to break Loki down and get him to comply and somehow turn it into "someone who has loved you romantically (even though the creators described their relationship ultimately as being paternal) all your life" and "the healthiest and most compelling relationship he could ever have" makes me really concerned about what you people think qualifies as romantic. Truly olympic-level mental gymnastics yall are doing
Alright anon, you good? Feel free to see it that way, but this makes me believe that we didn't watch the same show.
You make this sound like some kind of R rated HBO series.
Mobius was doing his job, he was brainwashed by the TVA. Loki was his variant and he treated him the way the TVA wants him to treat variants. He still did it with much more kindness than other workers did. They all wanted Loki pruned, only Mobius didn't. He saved him. He saw him as a person. When Hunter B-15 called him a "cosmic mistake", Mobius immediately said "that's enough". He cares about Loki. He doesn't want him to comply or gaslight him. He just genuinely cares about this guy and wants to give him another chance, cos he sees so much potential in Loki. He tells him in episode one right away that he knows he's smart, that he doesn't see Loki as a villain. How can you possibly see this as gaslighting him? He just gives Loki the nudge he needed. Loki was genuinely happy around Mobius. Mobius gave up the TVA for him! The TVA was his entire life, but he gave all that up for Loki.
Mobius was the first person to show genuine kindness to Loki. He praised him and complimented him. Something Loki has never encountered before. That's what made Loki grow attached to Mobius, he wasn't manipulated into that. Yes, Mobius wanted Loki to help him find the variant, but Loki becoming Mobius' friend wasn't part of the initial plan. That happened naturally. Their whole relationship grew naturally and it's beautiful.
Mobius brought love and trust into Loki's life while Loki brought excitement and truth into Mobius'. It's beautiful and very romantic. Their dynamic is wonderful.
Maybe be a little nicer next time, anon! ;)
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dynyamight · 13 hours ago
Wait wait, can I know ehat's going on please ;-;
What is the holding hands thing? Cause I want bkdk :(
So, let’s start off with some background info.
While most artists just use written dialogue and eyes to express the emotion behind characters, Horikoshi heavily relies on hands.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For example, Iida talks with his hands a lot, a rather common sign of having strong leadership skills, by directly expressing passion and expertise to everyone he talks.
Shigaraki's former outfit was made of entirely of hands, symbolizing his hidden dark past holding him back, and also the hands of AFO that continue to manipulate & control him. Also, being unable to touch could also further symbolize Shigaraki's lost touch in humanity and society, as a whole.
And, most importantly, Deku's scarred hands display his former inexperience with One For All. His hands are littered with his mistakes and errors with controlling it. But, they also are proof of his utter resilience and determination. And furthermore, he continues to stay gentle and kind to those in need, such as with Eri.
Now, when it comes to many of the relationships written in BNHA, Bakugou and Midoriya's tumultuous history starts with Bakugou's refusal to take a helping hand from Midoriya.
Tumblr media
Feeling belittled, Bakugou had begun to assume that due to Midoriya being quirkless, he gained some satisfaction in helping those who were weak. His kindness suddenly became irritating and offensive, as Midoriya continued to be right by Bakugou’s side, as if he needed him there. As if he needed help from someone useless.
Bakugou's not weak. Midoriya's the weak one. Therefore, he will never take the hand of someone who's below him. Or, so he thought.
Later, readers find out that Bakugou had resented Midoriya, because he simply didn’t want to acknowledge his own weaknesses. Midoriya was his constant reminder of what Bakugo perceived as weak. But, now that he's inherited the power of One For All and has slowly made the quirk his own, Bakugo has come to acknowledge Midoriya as a worthy rival.
And in acknowledging him, he realizes he needs to protect Midoriya. Because, the only person Midoriya isn’t willing to save is himself.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But, regardless of not realizing exactly why Bakugou has shoved him away, Midoriya had long known Bakugou's refusal to accept help from him.
So, when creating Operation Save-Bakugou-from-LOV, Midoriya had been the one to convince Kirishima that he needed to be the one to reach out Bakugou. An equal. A trustee. Someone Bakugou saw strength and could accept aid from.
Tumblr media
In some sense, Kirishima reaching out to Bakugou was also Midoriya reaching him, but in a roundabout way. Midoriya knew he couldn't be the one to send his hand out, but he still figured out how to indirectly help Bakugou, despite the limitations.
Similarly, alongside their shared respect for each other as friends, Iida reaching to Midoriya was also all of Class-1A reaching him. Including Bakugou.
Tumblr media
Now, there are some displays between Bakugou and Midoriya holding onto each other, being so close, outside canon. The OVA's. The Heroes Rising Movie. The sketches.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But, the biggest one is The 29. Volume Cover.
Tumblr media
Shockingly, this speaks volumes. Present day Bakugou tentatively reaching for Midoriya's hand. There's still a distance between them, hesitation obvious from Bakugou's end.
And yet, he's still extending his arm to Midoriya. But, not our current Midoriya, boosted and strengthened by OFA. It's child Midoriya; the quirkless boy he had rejected so fiercely.
That alone symbolizes so many things. Acceptance. Recognition. Comradery. Trust. A plea for forgiveness. A willingness to start all over.
So, as of now, the anticipation to witness Bakugou and Midoriya hold out their hands to each other finally, without anyone between them, is extremely anticipated. It's bound to happen. And, we are all just awaiting the moment it does.
To finally see their once broken friendship finally rekindle.
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astraldemise · 12 hours ago
thoughts on the parrot waxcap mushroom?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i love green i love mushroom
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wolfythewitch · 28 minutes ago
He says he never dies because he wasn't even supposed to live that long so it's a bittersweet joke but mans know he will die like SOON and still makes the most of it <3 not fun wolfy <3
Exactly!! You get it!
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rslashrats · 14 hours ago
rats...rats... we're the rats...we prey at night, we stalk at night, we're the rats!
im da giant rat tbat makes all of da rules…
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capseycartwright · 19 hours ago
okay but when are you gonna drop a preview of the olympics au
ask me nicely and i will do anything anon so here you are
Of course Buck knew the name. Eddie had been the talk of the internet, when he qualified for the Olympics – an army veteran, who only got back into taekwondo after he was discharged, years behind his peers and still somehow managing to clamber his way to the top and qualify for the Olympics in what every paper in the US called the biggest twist of the 2020 Olympics. Buck had decided he’d hated him, as soon as every tweet, and interview, and article named Eddie as the one to watch – America’s sweetheart, the definition of an underdog story.
It’s not that Buck was unwilling to share the spotlight – but he really, really wanted to claw back his reputation, and Tokyo was his only chance. After the accident, Buck’s more unsavoury Olympic behaviour had hit headlines – and listen, Buck had apologised to the twins from France for what happened – but all the Evan Buckley hype of old was gone.
Eddie Diaz was the internet’s favourite, now, and the worst part was that Buck couldn’t even blame them – he was gorgeous, and he had a good story, to boot. Everyone wanted to see the American dream in action, and that was exactly what Eddie represented.
“Hi,” Eddie gave a short wave, a nervous smile on his face.
“Athena is his coach,” Bobby explained. “But she’s in practice right now, so I figured I’d show Eddie the ropes. He got here this morning. Eddie – this is Hen Wilson, one of the team doctors, and – “
“Evan Buckley,” Eddie finished quietly for Bobby. “I know.”
Normally, that would have sent a thrill down Buck’s spine – to have someone as gorgeous, and as talented, as Eddie, know him, and recognise him, but it just made Buck sick, these days. Did Eddie know him as the gangly 16 year old who’d won Gold on his first Olympics, or did Eddie recognise him from the dozens of photos of Buck on crutches, swollen and puffy from surgery? Buck vividly remembered the headlines – Olympic Gold Medallist hits rock bottom after career ending injury, spotted in local McDonalds at 3am for the third day in a row. Will rockstar swimmer Evan Buckley ever return to the pool after second failed surgery? Was it really an accident – or was Buckley just distracted, indulging in some of his familiar Olympic behaviours of working his way through every countries gymnastics team?
When they were on your side, the media would lift you to your highest heights – Buck had laminated copies of the articles that had been written after Beijing, and London, describing him as a normal kid from Hershey, Pennsylvania, who’d risen to Olympian status. But – when they weren’t, they managed to dig up the worst of you, and broadcast it to the world.
“I wouldn’t believe everything you read,” Buck replied, snapping his mask on, and leaving the room without another word.
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hansoeii · 15 hours ago
realising that loki and sylvie met in alabama
👁👄👁 that explains a lot
Tumblr media
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finelinevogue · 13 hours ago
Okayyy so I don’t know if I requested this already or if it was for someone else. But can you a blurb where Harry’s really dominant and he gives the reader wet kisses? Like he sucks on her bottom lip gently and stuff and it’s just really wet?? I can’t explain it but yeah.
no one has requested this yet so thank you!! hope this is kind of what you were hoping for?! i enjoyed writing it though!!
Your whole body was burning.
The room was warm and electric, radiating the heat that was sweating off yours and Harry’s bodies. You were both coming down from your highs, after an intense couple of rounds of Harry pounding you like he had been starved of you. Your chests both heaving and your core so sensitive, that a simple blow of air was enough to make you whimper with overstimulation.
The bed sheets were long forgotten to the floor and Harry was now spending his time cherishing you with hot and wet kisses. Normally after he’s finished worshipping you, and you’re left completely spent, he’ll kiss you until your heartbeat has returned to normal and you have the energy to move as much as a finger.
Just like now.
He was kissing you slow, but desperately, curving his entire body into yours. You felt his softening cock against your thigh as he continued loving on your body, whining when his cock brushed against your sensitive clit.
“Ssh i’m sorry baby. You’re so sensitive aren’t you, hmm?”
Harry broke his kissing away from your neck and hovered over your mouth, so as he spoke his words and breath were being in taken by your mouth. You arched your back over the sensual feeling, pushing electricity through the veins of your body.
“Mmm.” Was all you could make out, still so high on euphoria to make any other sense. Your eyes were unable to open, so lost in your high. “Kiss me, please.”
Harry wasn’t going to deny you that pleasure, so his lips met you skin once more.
He started deep into your neck, working his way from the bottom of your ear and all the way to your throat. He bit and sucked on the places he knew would get the most rise out of you, leaving red marks that would turn into bruises by day. He couldn’t wait to see the marks left on your skin, reminding him, and anyone else, that you were his and he was yours. Harry always had this kink for claim and primality, which he didn’t let soften just because you were a bit shyer than his previous relationships. He licked over the most red areas, cooling them down with a soft blow air.
“Does my baby like that?” He asked as you made little whimpering noises from the heat of his kisses. When you didn’t respond he stopped, moving his hand to cup your cheeks tightly between his fingers so your lips were made to pout. Your eyes shot open and looked deep into his jade palaces. “I asked you a question.”
“Yes, yes. Love your kisses. Want more, please more.” You nodded your head quickly, so that Harry could get back to kissing you sooner rather than later.
“That’s my good girl.” He praised you, making you instantly feel so much better about yourself. He let go of your cheeks, kissing them both separately several times to show he was sorry for the harsh grip, before getting back to leaving ghosts of his lips all over your body.
He trailed his lips right down the valley of your breasts, before coming back up to wrap his lips around your sensitive nipples. He used his tongue to lick them wet, before divulging his lips onto them to suck them dry. You tasted of sweat and skin and Harry was getting such a high from it. He was completely weak underneath your touch, even though not literally.
“Feels s-so good.” You wrapped your hands into his curly hair that had gone crazy. You tugged at his roots, which only made his lips suck and kiss harsher. He tugged your nipples between his teeth and blew cool air onto them to tease against his heat.
“Yeah? Love y’so much baby.” He bit against your soft flesh, groping both of your boobs in his hands, squeezing them tight, as he moved his lips down your stomach and to your lower belly. He could smell the arrival of your newest arousal and his cock began to harden at the sight of it all.
You were infatuating and to be honest; Harry was completely fucked.
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woundthatswallows · 3 hours ago
why do you post so much about cannibalism
because it's fun and sexy next question
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captainkirkk · 20 hours ago
I love Tumblr as a platform despite the garbage that it is half the time (*cough* currently post+ *cough*) because I am literally not perceived and that is fantastic :D I can just scream into the void about frogs and lgbtq+ and fandoms and sometimes the void screams back with equally excited comments. Like, no one cares about me and it is fantastic for me mentally because everywhere else it's no one care :((( and on Tumblr it's no one cares ╰(*°▽°*)╯ y'know?
Every few weeks, people will try and convince me to use other social medias more regularly (be it snapchat, insta, facebook or whatever) but the idea of performing and being perceived as Myself is exhausting
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yehudah · 11 hours ago
Im not gonna demand you cite a source for the "the toothpaste flag was made by a transmed" claim and for disclaimer im not the biggest fan of the flag either, but i've seen conflicting accounts of the toothpaste flag's origin. I always thought it was one mogai blog who made a flag for one of their followers?
afaik the confusion is because the original toothpaste flag was made by a transmed, and then someone took it and changed the colors up a little to make a separate flag. theyre both mlm flags and they both have basically the same colors so i cant be fucked to remember the difference but. that might be why theres different origins
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pocketramblr · 12 hours ago
In the ofa stockpiles beauty au, both Bakugou and the peon Aldera didn't recognise Izuku, so what about Inko, they did she recognizer him but thought that he was hit by a beautification quirk in the entrance exam or did she not recognise him and almost called the police when she thought her son hasn't come home yet, so after the exam?
Oh no, she recognized him, she was just baffled by how fast he went through puberty when he assured her that he wasn't hit with a stray beautification quirk at the exam
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hansoeii · 23 hours ago
How would you interpret M*chael w*ldron's quote about mobius and loki love story? ("people are going to take it the wrong way").
Did we take this the wrong way? Was this our fault?
It's genuinely amusing to me to see how the writers have absolutely no clue about their own damn work. They believe we took Mobius and Loki "the wrong way" but Sylvie and Loki for them is the best possible romance, even though it's weird in so many ways. The writers don't even know or understand Loki, I don't take anything from them. These men can't see past their own heteronormativity. We didn't take anything the wrong way. You have Loki, an openly bisexual character, who has amazing chemistry + lots of romantic undertones with another male character. We're not wrong in this, it's right there. It's literally what they wrote and it's so funny to me how the writers, who literally wrote them that way, can't see it. Never not gonna laugh about this, the stupidity of the situation.
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carpisuns · 8 hours ago
If getting your wish by merging the Cat and the Ladybug miraculouses means you need to trade something of equal worth to restore karmic balance, does that mean Gabriel has been planning to sacrifice Adrien all along?
Tumblr media
or maybe he’s like “well emilie would be pissed if I killed our son so I’ll just sacrifice chat noir instead bc he’s an annoying little punk” 🙂
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plumb1tes · 12 hours ago
(Mondo opens a door for Taka) Mondo: After you babe. Taka: Mondo, that door is made of glass, you are dirting it with your fingerprints.
he makes him clean it before they sit down at the restaurant
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thankskenpenders · 9 hours ago
There are some individuals who believe that Ian Flynn created the Two Worlds concept for Forces and the comics, and is only claiming that it was removed because the next Sonic Team won't acknowledge it, in order to save face
I am begging you to stop giving a shit about batshit crazy Sonic fandom conspiracy theorists and also to stop messaging me about it forever. The two worlds thing has literally been canon since Colors
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doctorgerth · 4 hours ago
Hi. First of all, congratz for the event yaay, you're a great writer! And, if it was not taken yet, I'd like to request something for the NSFW list, prompt 13 (Polyamory) with the top 3 being: Kid, Killer and Law. Gender can be what you're most comfortable with. Thank you very much <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: I- I have no excuse for this. I lost all self control for this one, I’m so sorry 🙈 I hope this doesn’t come off as hella self indulgent lmao thank you for all your sweet words, anon! hope you enjoy <3
prompt: BOX B - ⒀ Polyamory
pairing: Kid x F!Reader x Killer
warnings: nsfw | 18+ content | dirty talk | one use of “slut” | spit roast | deep throating | vaginal sex | polyamory
word count: ~670
Tumblr media
You supposed it was inevitable to catch feelings for Killer when a spontaneous threesome, at the time a humorous suggestion made by your boyfriend, quickly developed into a recurring activity.
He was the opposite of Kid in notable ways when it came to sex. Kid was unrestrained, a wild storm of brutal thrusts and aggressive affections as he fucked you senseless until making an utter mess of you. Killer was more relaxed, quietly taking his time with you as he grew accustomed to your body and pleasures. By no means gentle as it was rather impossible for a man of his heavy build to be, but still, the feeling of his calloused hands caressing your skin, thick fingers squeezing lightly around your neck was strikingly soft when compared to Kid’s bruising grip.
Yet, the more the three of you found yourselves entangled late in the night, the quicker you realized the two best friends were subtly teaching one another how to fuck you best; trading expertise until you were unsure of what either of them were truly better at. You almost felt guilty for somehow earning the best of both worlds, but when Kid and Killer discovered their insatiable desire to conquer you together, it was pointless to think about anything else except succumbing to the immense pleasures they so easily brought you as a pair.
“Such a good girl.” Killer’s fingers tangled in your hair, new-found confidence laced in his low tone, “You like having two cocks in you, huh? Pretty little slut.”
You whimpered around his length as he forced himself deeper inside your aching mouth. Slow and careful in typical Killer fashion, but you still ended up gagging from the sheer girth that your constricting throat struggled to accommodate. There was a sadistic grin on his smeared lips as he hummed with satisfaction at your choking, hardly releasing you to catch your breath before he was shoving himself back down with a strong hand on the back of your head.
“Fuck,” Kid groaned from behind you as he struggled to push back in, “She’s squeezing me so fucking tight.” He rolled his hips slowly into you, matching Killer’s controlled bobbing of your head, and kneaded into the flesh of your ass as he encouraged you with uncharacteristic saccharine to, “Ease up, baby, let me in. Wanna fill up your sweet cunt.”
Another of your moans around Killer’s throbbing dick had his head falling back against the headboard as he stifled his own moan with a sharp exhale through gritted teeth. Even through your teary vision, he looked so unfairly pretty. The veins in his neck protruded as he panted for air, sweat cascading down his tanned skin as his hips snapped rhythmically into your mouth for friction. You felt your heart flip in your chest when his head lowered, soft blue eyes studying you with unwavering adoration as his thumb wiped tenderly at stray tears as if he wasn’t hindering your breathing with his thick cock lodged in your throat.
Kid bent down to trail kisses along the length of your spine, breathing filthy praises against your damp skin as his fingers dug crescent-shaped marks into your right hip while he continued rutting unfathomably deep inside your fluttering cunt, “We making you feel good, doll? You ready to cum for us?”
You pulled off of Killer’s cock with a slick pop as you gasped for air, sputtering out a hysteric, “Yes, yes, please! I love you!”
Your eyes were screwed shut as you resumed sucking off Killer and met Kid’s thrusts enthusiastically, the bubbling white hot heat quickly enveloping you. Meanwhile, Kid and Killer exchanged a brief, stunned look as your three words hung thick in the air while they chased their highs with you; their heads swimming as they realized your three little words weren’t meant for just one, and they were surprisingly accepting of it.
This was beyond subduing primal urges after all. This was love in its rawest form.
Tumblr media
tag list: @kaizokuwritings @mariegeoise @lofi-coffee @pinkhatlizzy @ro6inante @some-piece @ochizokulevy @fueledbyapplepi @kaizoku-pirateking @pirate-shrimpi @luxiditea
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Tumblr media
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hansoeii · 15 hours ago
The biggest Lokius and Destiel parallel is the fandom shift from i*cest shipping to non i*cest shipping. Mobius is the Castiel of the Loki fandom.
I hate to admit it, but you're right.
Tumblr media
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