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yurens · an hour ago
「lucky star」
miya atsumu x f!reader. all the fluff.
Tumblr media
stifling a chuckle, you look back down and continue packing up atsumu’s things into the suitcase. 
hospital stays require a lot of maintenance, especially when he’s been here for weeks. as much as you look forward to leaving this sterile place, he’s going to be in so much pain once the meds wear off. 
appendectomies are a bitch, and with the way that atsumu’s just continuing to stare at you from the bed, stars and a transcendent wonder in his eyes, the anaesthesia isn’t doing him much good either.
with a small tug and grunt, you click the zipper tags into place, shooting him a small smile as you hop off the luggage case. 
“okie dokes.” you glance at the clock hanging on the white wall, septic and telling, noon. should be check out time now. “let’s get you home.”
his eyes widen just as the sound of a door quietly clicks shut. 
“home?” atsumu pauses, gazing up at you in amazement. “you mean i know you?”
you laugh at his shy, hopeful grin. “you can say that.”
it’s been a while since you’ve seen the motley pink crawl up his cheeks. in the early stages of your relationship, you almost thought that they were permanent. that was before he got so brazen, soon turning the teasing on you instead. 
this is a refreshing reminder of those first cosmic sparks that bloomed with time and space.
there’s no way you were letting this chance slip.
“is something wrong?” you plaster on a frown, hand reaching for him. “i’ll go call the doctor.”
atsumu almost jolts back in shock before doubling over from the tenderness of his abdomen at the knee-jerk movement. 
“‘m fine!” he croaks out, avoiding your eyes as his face goes up in flames. “everythin’s fine. peachy.”
all the facial muscles under your thick skin are currently deployed in maintaining a plateaued landing. but it’s hard to keep formation when atsumu’s face is on the brink of a supernova. 
“you sure?” you pout, hand docilely by your side. 
his teeth sink into his cheeks as he submerges a little more into the blankets, whole body wanting to both turn away and get closer to you.
“yeah, ‘m just…” atsumu groans, gold irises flitting between the banal clock and your eyes and your lips and your jaw and– at this point, he might as well shoot his shot at this pretty nurse or friend or something of his. “you’re really pretty.”
“you’ve already said that.” this time, you have to let out the short bark of laughter when atsumu looks visibly mortified at how un-suave he’s been acting. but you give him a chance, just like you did all those years ago. “wanna try again?”
oh yeah, you’re really milking this. 
another door opening and closing, you flash a smile at the hushed voices beyond the bend in the hallway.
atsumu doesn’t seem to be aware of the company. not that he’s cognizant of much else right now, wholly walloping through a galactic haze as he unknowingly reenacts his first romance. 
“i can’t believe i get to know you,” he sighs now, pouting as he sees the faint curl in your lips. “you’re like...out of this wor–”
a sudden burst of loud cackling blocks out the rest of the patient’s attempt at an awful pick up line. you can’t help but chuckle at atsumu’s expense as well.
turning to the two in the hallway, you grin at the nurse.
“mrs. miya,” the woman sighs, casting a wry look at the person currently cackling beside her. “please come out so i can explain the meds to you.”
nurse fuji was just trying to do her job and get back home to her three corgis when she got stopped at the door for your amusements.
but she can’t deny that this as been cute to watch, seeing a decorated olympian fall in love like a boy again.
you give her a knowing, appreciative nod. “thanks nurse fuji. i’ll be right out.”
with that, the nurse huffs and leaves, no doubt to report back on the strange, somewhat endearing folks at room 6-13.
you turn back to the patient.
he does not look so hot.
“‘mrs. miya?’” atsumu whispers, eyes following yours when you sit down by his side.
“yeah,” you smile softly, careful not to bump into his side. “that’s me.”
“damn.” it’s like all the stars of blinked out of his gaze when he sees the gentle look on your face, eyes looking at his with the lives of the galaxy’s suns. “‘samu’s one lucky bastard.” 
your face falls in disbelief.
osamu can’t take this anymore.
“you’re the lucky bastard, you bastard.” marching from where he’s hidden behind the corner, osamu gives the patient a pointed look. “can’t even recognize your own wife.”
“‘samu, what the fu–”
“nuh uh,” osamu immediately interrupts, shaking his head at his twin. “don’t think you wanna swear in front of the wife, ‘tsumu.”
at the second iteration of “his wife,” the gears in his head finally engage. his movements are almost mechanical when he hesitantly looks towards you. 
you give him a small chuckle and wave.
as if somehow still stuck on this equation, the orbit of things fundamentally out of grease, his head slowly turns back to his brother.
osamu lets out an exasperated sigh.
miya atsumu is out of this world.
fortunately, he has you to ground his mortality.
this bastard was born lucky.
his twin glances at you with another tired exhale. the distance between onigiri miya and the hospital has not been an ideal after-closing workout every day. 
“i’ll go grab the meds,” osamu mutters. “you take care of this airhead.”
atsumu’s mouth opens in protest but your breath of laughter stops him.
“the usual then.” your wink at the blond, ensnaring his attention once again. “thanks, ‘samu.”
turning on his heels, the darker-haired twin leaves, casting one last amused look at his brother’s lovestruck confusion, and closes the door behind him.
you look at the overgrown, pink-tinged goldfish lying six feet deep along the bed. 
“well, love,” you huff with a grin, holding out your hand sincerely this time. “let’s get you home.”
the hesitance dwindles in his bashful eyes.
“‘samu’s not pullin’ my leg, right?” even with its astronomical capacity for love, his heart might break should osamu trick him like this. “you’re really really my wife? i’m really really your husband?”
“yes, atsumu,” you grin. “really really.”
shaking your head with a laugh, you reach forward, watching the creases crinkle around his eyes. “you okay?”
atsumu takes your hand with a grounding exhale, holding it both of his as he looks up at you, towards polaris. 
“peachy,” he murmurs, a slow smile stretching across his face, the reverent gold warmed into amber in his gaze as the haze slowly disippates. “i’m a lucky bastard.”
Tumblr media
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shiftythrifting · an hour ago
p l e a s e make and sell the my feets are tippy tappin mug i want 9000000 of them
those are from originally I think, they may still sell em!
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alch3mic · an hour ago
yo i literally just discovered this blog but can i fuckin uhhhh give captain my whole entire heart pls??? he could break my fuckin hand and id say thanks 😳
Tumblr media
well i’m glad you like him so much! just keep in mind this skeleton doesn’t give refunds, so your heart is his forever.
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fox-guardian · 20 minutes ago
"but in his defense he’s actually 5'4" no no no. Look. LOOK. As a small person - who saw a scrawny, 5'1 archivist and went 'yes, finally someone who has to suffer like I do' - I am legally obliged to claim Jon as ours. (disclaimer that this is just me being silly, and you're allowed to headcanon Jon however you want)
with every person who identifies with short king jon, he loses an inch of his height
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stargazingfangirl18 · an hour ago
I know you’ve made comparisons of DA!Curtis x reader to that of Jax/ Tara so I was just wondering out of your DA universe which reader would respond to jealously the way Tara did or would neither of them feel jealous of another women coming on to their men/rubbing it in their faces
Ohhh good question! At the moment we really only have Andy and Curtis’ girls to consider.
Andy’s girl is too soft and quiet to be a hissy kitty if she was jealous, so she’d probably pout about it until Andy figured out why she was upset and then thoroughly made it up to her. But also, considering the current state of their relationship, they ain’t spending much time apart to leave him getting hit on by other women 😳
Now Peaches? After allll that time apart?! All that enduring love and those pining feels? To now finally have her man—her heart—by her side? She’d fuck a bitch up for hitting on Curtis 😂😂 But like, classy.
Warning: Explicit sexual content beneath the cut. AU. Reference to biker gang elements. Possessiveness. Low key cat fighting vibes. 18+
Tumblr media
Maybe you’re at Jo’s and he goes to the bar to get you some refills. Some out of towner who has no idea about the DAs, or who Curtis is, just sees a very good looking man ripe for the taking.
Or so she thinks.
She’s not even shy about shoving herself right in Curtis’ space, her manicured hand touching his chest—testing the firmness beneath his shirt—when she’s suddenly wearing the refill of your drink.
You smirk, setting the empty glass back on the bar, as she shrieks and plucks the ruined fabric of her dress away from her body, her eyes like fire as she glares at you.
“You looked a little thirsty,” you say, pressing your back to Curtis’ chest and grinning as his arms wrap around your waist as he rests his chin on your shoulder. “Don’t you think so, babe?”
“If you say so, sweetheart, truth is, I only have eyes for you.” He kisses your cheek, and you both watch in amusement as the woman storms out of the bar, her girlfriends hurrying after her.
“You’re so bad,” Curtis hums, his lips pressing another kiss to your cheek and lingering against your skin as his hands squeeze your hips.
“Birds of a feather,” you say, smiling as you turn in his embrace and wind your arms around his neck.
Doesn’t take long at all for Curtis to duck his head closer. His lips are hovering over yours, not quite kissing but touching as he murmurs, “Wanna get out of here?”
Your eyebrows raise. “We just got here.”
“Yeah but your little cat fight has me so hard for you,” he smirks, pressing into you more, until you can feel his hardness warming your hip. “You looked so sexy, claiming your territory like that.”
You laugh. “You’re ridiculous.” You kiss him slowly, grinning against his lips as you whisper, “And you are most definitely my territory. Now let’s get out of here.”
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rrandomtthings · an hour ago
He looked at bakugo not giving two shits about any girl and went like "hmmmmm fruity"
Mineta and Bakugou after they realize that they’re fruity for the same guy:
Tumblr media
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allboutheyaoi · an hour ago
BL series you recommend?
Since you have enabled me, I will not hold myself back. Let me introduce to you guys my current obsession - the series that has me on a chokehold ever since I came across it. Yes, it's a danmei adaptation. Yes, it's currently one of the most popular drama series out now. Yes, most of you guys might actually know the series already but I'm still going to recommend it because I have full intention to drag some of y'all on the mountain with me.
May I introduce (to those who are unaware) the series called Word of Honor (Shan He Ling/山河令). It's a drama series that was released a couple of months and was adapted from the danmei novel called Faraway Wanderers (Tian Ya Ke) by Priest.
Tumblr media
My personal shitty summary on the drama plot without spoiling much:
The story follows the main protagonist, Zhou Zhishu, who was an ex-chief for an assassination orgnization, that has decided to fulfil his last few years wandering and traveling around the jianghu world. During his travel, he clashed upon a mysterious (horny) philanthropist peacock, called Wen Kexing, that somehow got attracted to him and started stalking him wherever he goes. Due to certain unfortunate events, they began an adventure together with their son, daughter and son-in-law. In between all the bickering, flirting and innuendos, they MIGHT have realised that they're actually fucking soulmates and can no longer live without each other.
Tumblr media
It's a 36 episode + 1 extra series where you can watch for free at Youku's official youtube channel. Depends on where you live, the series is also readily available on Netflix and Viki, if you do have subscriptions:
The extra episode 37 can only be viewed if you're a paid membership but I've found a link where y'all can watch it for free. PLEASE PLEASE watch the extra episode because it's the TRUE ending to the entire series.
You can watch the drama as a standalone as the plot does differ quite abit from the novel. I have read the novel before watching the drama and frankly, I think the drama has outdone itself. It EXCEEDED my expectation especially it being a BL adapted drama. The two main leads, Zhang Zhehan (played Zhou Zhishu) and Gong Jun (played Wen Kexing), chemistry are legit OUT OF THIS WORLD. Not only are you served with excellent acting but the tacit understanding and natural reaction between them is very real that when it's portrayed through the screen, you can FEEL the characters’ emotion. Doesn’t help that they look so fucking good together!!!! So yes, watch watch watch!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Oh yes, for those who are interested in the original novel, english translations are complete with extras and you can read them here:
Faraway Wanderers (Tian Ya Ke) [NOVEL]
Tumblr media
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newtonsheffield · 14 minutes ago
I know this is odd but I CANNOT WAIT to see the complete LACK of chemistry between Anthony and Edwina. Like the complete "wow, a corpse is more animated then this conversation" lack of chemistry.
And also Edwina and Eloise's friendship!!! Just Edwina asking Eloise "so is your brother always this oblivious or is his feelings towards my sister the exception?"
And Eloise just being like "I don't want to say he's an idiot BUT..."
This is not odd at ALL.
My friend, I think about this at least 8 times a week.
The fact that because Kate had such wild chemistry with Anthony and she was so attracted to him, she assumed Edwina would be as well. And there was literally just zero chemistry. None. Nothing.
Anthony: So this weather is a bit wild no?
Edwina: Well it’s spring. And it’s sunny so… no?
Kate: oh my god! Edwina! Edwina! Did the viscount try to seduce you with his handsome face?! And his low voice?! And his hand that feels really good on your waist?! He’s just too handsome No matter how crap he is.
Edwina: he’s okay I guess? Seems kind of boring. We talked about the weather?? Ideally would not marry if poss.
It’s hilarious, and I’m going to need that to be maintained. Because what was Anthony’s plan of he married Edwina??? To just talk every morning about the weather, nod at her response and pretend not to dream about groping her sister at night?????
Tumblr media
So yes. Basically I desperately want for there to not only be a lack of chemistry between Edwina and Anthony but to have Edwina openly like “I’m sorry, I’m confused… why are we still talking??? Kate’s over there if you wanna flirt some more.”
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stargazingfangirl18 · an hour ago
I feel the need to curse you with my curse
I dunno who your Ari is but everytime I see the name I think of the poor kid from Maximum Ride
And I have no idea who that is lolol. It’s okay, I’m happy to keep my Ari alllll for myself. I meeean…
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jamiexdani · an hour ago
Something about Katie McGrath with long hair 🥵
Tumblr media
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warmsol · 2 hours ago
hi angel! just dropping by to tell you that i love you and that you and your posts always make me very happy ♡
jesu, you sunshine soul ;—; i love you sm. you always make my heart smile. i’m so grateful for you!!!!! <3
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enderspawn · 2 hours ago
please consider that uk truthing quackity is way funnier than it just being lore, even if it obviously is about lore
it’s actually part of an exchange program, they have to bring big q to the uk for gnf to be able to escape to florida
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skaldish · an hour ago
i'm sorry if this sounds weird/too personal but is "perceiving" deities a normal thing? like our brains should be able to interpret them? i've been struggling to get a clear image of loki lately and idk if it's faulty reception on my end. for clarity i'm autistic and every time loki shows up, his vibes just feel like a bunch of colorful squiggles shaped into a grin. to paraphrase john mulaney, other pagans have their ability to put faces to deities in art and i have these multicolored swirls
How our brains "translate" our impressions of deities is unique to every person. Perceiving deities as swirls or feelings or whatever is just as legit as having a mental image.
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imrandymeeks · 56 minutes ago
“Hey, everyone and welcome back to While The Cum Dries, an introspective podcast taking place right after a head clearing nut. I’m Star-Lord and I just had a huge load blown up my ass. With us today is supplier of said load, Drax. He’s laying on the pillow next to me, just a little out of breath so why don’t we talk about SquareSpace while he gets himself a glass of water?”
The only protection we used tonight is ExpressVPN.
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askteacupfollie · 48 minutes ago
Wait wait wait. Cuphead's asexual? Didn't he have s3x with someone for some cash? (Srry I guess I don't understand lgbt too well)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Camilla- Cups? Are you...?
Cuphead- I uh.. I need some time to think.....
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Lady Olivia kills the Night and Andrias because they hurt her baby girl
General Yunan proceeds to carry both her girls on her shoulders and they start a new home together
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not-poignant · an hour ago
I just discovered your work this year. I'm reading 'The Golden Age That Never Was.' I can't even begin to communicate how much I love your writing style and all your stories. Thanks for writing and sharing your works!
Ahhhh I'm so so glad you're enjoying it!
Honestly The Golden Age that Never Was is probably one of my fave fanfics that I've written and I've actually been contemplating a reread myself (because it's been long enough that I've forgotten bits and like, then it feels like I'm reading someone else's writing lmao). :D
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rrandomtthings · 47 minutes ago
💯Grape x Broccoli canon?💯 Not clickbait?😯⁉️ *GASP*
NOT CLICKBAIT!!!!!!!!! 😳😳😳😳😳🤪🤪
Tumblr media
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