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#Anti steven universe

As if I didn’t need another reason to hate Steven Universe. Rebecca Sugar and her partner Ian are degenerates and are using veiled concepts in their show to groom child. Ian has specifically encouraged pornographic fanart of characters, which often gets exposed to actual children. Sugar also drew porn of cartoons like Ed, Edd, and Eddie and was involved in sites dedicated to cartoon porn. Children should not be allowed to watch SU or interact with its creators.

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Oh dear. The Gems are firmly established as alien rocks that make hard light constructs to form their bodies which is why having a cracked gem is so horrible. It’s like their brain being broken. What’s the point of trying to radically retcon things AFTER the show has long since ended?

Also Steven is so chill with the Diamonds after easily turning them good it’s a little hard to sell him not forgiving them in an attempt to answer criticism now.

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Soooo, the SU crazies just harassed Cartoonshi on twitter, a 15 year old mentally unwell KID, just because he made a video criticising Steven Universe.

From a autistic, depressed nearly to the point of constantly considering suicide, full of repressed PTSD, ADHD filled person.

Steven Universe Future was a SHIT representation of mental health.

Fight. Me.

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Me: That’s actually the closest she’s ever got punished for galaxy - wide genocide, planetary enslavement, and mental and physical abuse in her fellow diamonds.

Shatter her Stevie boi. Avenge the shattered. 😈😈😈

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EXACTLY!!! I was always so afraid of making my OCs too overpowered then I realized characters like Steven Universe, Rey (Poopitine) and Kirito exists. It’s so dumb how OCs became so restrictive yet actual canon characters gets a pass.

Honestly I’m just so done and want to focus on my characters flaws and strengths realistically without making them too weak and dumb.

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Have you heard the good news! SU will finally, FINALLY end next month on the 27th of March. I say good riddance and we're free (for now until Rebecca wants to still cash in on her trash written show/ make a new show).

Finally. Long have I suffered waiting for this.

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Can we please, for fucking once, have a ACTUAL villain that DOESN’T get redeemed?

Catra almost destroyed the universe due to her hatred of Adora. She was one of the direct factors that CAUSED Angella’s DEATH. She has repeatedly attempted to kill innocents and Adora’s own friends and fucking villainizes Adora when she was given more than one fucking chance to leave ShadowWeaver and the Horde!

The diamonds created the cluster. They did the corruption wave. They have slaughtered and enslaved millions due to their belief that unless you’re perfect you don’t deserve to exist and that organic life is worthless.

Starlight Glimmer enslaved an entire town, left them in squalor, starving and miserable, because she fucking overreacted and then continued to overreact for the entirety of her presence in the show to the point of being EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. She could’ve triggered Daybreaker. She SHOULD have triggered Daybreaker.

And, mirroring that, what was done to ACTUAL sympathetic characters?

Jasper was and still is painted as irredeemable when in reality her relationship with lapis was very much MUTUALLY abusive and she pretty much is a victim to the system THE FUCKING DIAMONDS created.

Spinel, a character whom originally had the mindset of a CHILD, was abandoned for thousands of years by the person whom, not only was her only friend but also her caretaker, because she had been given a bigger, prettier toy to play with and THEN RS and the WHOLE FUCKING FANDOM proceeded to paint her as the problem when she had PLENTY OF RIGHT to be angry at Pink and want justice for what was done to her.

Pink left what was essentially a CHILD, alone in a planet to ROT for thousands of years, and basically forgot about her. And yet people in the fandom still say she wasn’t so bad.

Trixie was annoying, a showoff and lied? Let’s kick her to the fucking curve for the entire show up to the LAST FUCKING SEASON all while kissing the ass of the violent purple cunt that was so insensitive as to sell her fucking shit without asking her and then not fucking understand why that made Trixie RIGHTFULLY upset.

Bismuth was painted as in the wrong for wanting to murder the fucking NAZIS that enslaved her people. Painted as just as bad as her ENSLAVERS and then bubbled once more. After being bubbled ONCE by the person she admired and thought as her friend.


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The more I’m on the topic of the diamonds and reading what people say in defensive of people who literally experimented on gems, on the other diamonds, the more I find myself agreeing with people who don’t really like the show are/were saying

Because this show swept so much shit under the rug, and usually I watch this show by shutting off my mind which is why I never really was this critical but now actually paying attention I can see why people have issues with this show.

From the bad portrayal of topics on separating yourself from your crappy family, to literally ignoring everything the diamonds outside of pink have done.

Then the highkey tone deaf racist shit this show be doing.


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You defend aang not killing the fire lord but you are throwing a fit over Steven befriending his enemies

Two completely different scenarios. You cannot compare them at all. Aang fought and he fought a lot. He had a fight with Ozai but he simply chose not to kill him because it went against his morals.

Steven pretty much refused to fight, tried to avoid fighting, and relied on Talk no Jutsu to just befriend enemies without fighting them. That includes the Diamonds who should never have been able to be convinced to be good so easily. 

Aang befriended some of his enemies, mainly Zuko. Aang also didn’t want to fight but knew he had a duty to do so. Steven is just a wimpy blob who refused to actually fight when he should have. Also Steven Universe’s writing is horrible and nowhere near as good as ATLA.

This is a weak as hell attempt to insult me.

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