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support · 7 years ago
Everything Okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. There are many support services that are here to help. 
If you are located in the United States, consider reaching out to the National Alliance on Mental Illness HelpLine.
If you are located in the United Kingdom, The Mix is here to help you with any challenge you are facing.  Reach out online, on social or through their free and confidential helpline.
If you are reading this from in any other country in Europe,  Mental Health Europe has compiled a list of helplines and other resources in your country. 
For more resources, please visit our Counseling & Prevention Resources page for a list of services that may be able to help.
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anxietyproblem · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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worthless-misery · 2 days ago
Dear diary... (Trigger warning)
I think it's not a matter of whether I will or not.
It's a matter of when...
I know I will break down one day and try it again...
I'm constantly thinking about it.
I'm just a ticking time bomb waiting to explode...
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randomreasonstolive · 3 days ago
Reason to Live #6223
  May you one day have a reason to clean your room for visitors and friends and lovers and whoever! – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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worthless-misery · 2 days ago
"You told me 'think about it'; well, I did. Now I don't wanna feel a thing anymore."
Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn, "King For A Day"
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