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#Anyways more lighting and expression practice is always good
sierrascribbles · 2 days ago
albedo + helping you study
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just like in alchemy, albedo is able to deconstruct more complex ideas and turn them into simple truths — concepts that were easily understandable to you. if he wasn’t so averse to talking to people, you think he would be a great teacher.
“i hope that make sense,” he steps back, fingers resting on the side of his temple as he double-checks his work. “do you need me to go over it again?”
you double-check your notes, making sure everything he wrote on the chalkboard matched up to what you had written down. “no, that helps a lot. thank you so much, albedo.”
he shakes his head, turning to look at you. “no need to thank me, it’s good for me to get a refresher on these topics from time to time.” albedo pauses for a moment, “and it’s nice to be able to help you out, like you always help me out with my experiments.”
“your experiments are much more interesting than these tests…”. you pout, leaning on one of your palms.
no matter how busy he got, albedo was always welcoming to you when you came to visit him in his lab. even if you're just holding his tools, he always makes you feel like you're on the brink of discovery with him. it's exciting, watching him work, and it makes the cold of dragonspine all the more bearable.
science, especially alchemy, always seemed out of your caliber; but to see someone as passionate as him at work lit a fire in your own self.
“well, keep it up at your studies and maybe one day you can be my assistant,” he hides his grin behind his palm, “you’re sure to be a better one than timaeus, anyways.”
“i don’t think that’s saying much, albedo,” you stretch your arms over your head, “but anyways, if you have more time, could you help me with this other problem?”
“of course,” it’s then he crosses over to you, leaning down so his lips are near your ear, looking down at the practice problems in your hand. you expect to feel his breath on your neck, but feel nothing. odd, but you try not to think about it. “which one do you wish for me to explain?”
“this one right here,” you point to the problem, and he nods. as he stands back up, his gloved hand brushes against your arm; you wonder if he did it on purpose, but his expression gives nothing away.
“alright, pay attention, because this is a rather complex question…”.
Tumblr media
albedo gets to his lab late the next morning, having to run out and get supplies for his next alchemical experiment. the lights in his lab are on, something that sets him on edge. he grips the hilt of his sword, readying himself just in case…
and inside he sees you asleep at his desk, using your papers as your pillow. something inside his chalk heart longs at the sight.
he doesn’t wish to wake you, he knows how hard you've been studying for your latest test — he assumes this is the crash from all your recent sleepless nights. albedo only wished that you relied on him to help you more often.
albedo drapes his jacket over your sleeping form, hoping that it helps you rest, if only a bit, better.
Tumblr media
for @lumamber !!! hope u liked this n it gives u a little pick-me-up for ur exams !!!
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shotorozu · 8 months ago
encountering a ‘pick me’ girl
Tumblr media
character(s) : kirishima eijirou, todoroki shouto, bakugou katsuki (bnha)
warning : PICK ME GIRL, misogyny (?) pick me girl makes an off handed comment about your body but it’s not detailed at all
legend : [Y/N = your name] afab! reader, but they/them pronouns used, quirk not mentioned
headcanon type : fluff, angst if you squint
note(s) : i made 2 versions of this post so,, if you’re reading this— then i probably decided that i liked this one more than the other one i made,, anyways, i used real life examples 💀
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
kirishima eijirou
i’d imagine that eijirou would have an idea of what a pick me girl is— i mean, there were probably 2 of those girls in middle school
but has he experienced it first hand? nahh.
though, eijirou didn’t think he’d encounter one when he was already in a healthy and committed relationship!
eijirou is practically friends with everyone— and yeah, even the most unexpected. so, he’s bound to accidentally befriend a pick me girl
him, being the nicest one out of all of the characters in this list, will still be nice to said pick me girl, despite wanting to snob them to the core
because really— you can’t really fight fire with fire in some cases
but, he can be everything but lenient when the pick me girl starts insulting you for doing certain things, and for absurd reasons too
like,, how you laugh, and how you take care of yourself (for example— if you wear makeup, or how you style your hair)
which is odd! everything about you is everything but the things the pick me girl has stated so.. he cannot stand by.
the girl giggles to herself after that snide comment leaves her lip gloss coated lips. eijirou shifts uncomfortably— honestly taken aback by the anything but subtle insult that was thrown at you
“like.. seriously! it’s honestly quite superficial if you look at it like that. who the hell would put that much effort infront of your boyfriend? i’d assume they’d see everything AND everything but.. i guess not.”
you blink. superficial? now that’s a new one. the girl infront of you has been babbling insults sugarcoated in boasts the entire time, and you’re just wondering if it’s about time you guys leave but—
“well that’s unfair,” your boyfriend laughs, “i put the same amount of effort as this cutie right here,” eijirou pokes at your cheek, earning a quick laugh from you— which he can only thank the heavens for that
“but that’s different. it actually looks put together when you’re doing it, eiji.” the certain glint in her smile makes you want to wipe it right off with a dirty mop, “it’s impossible to look put together with expensive clothes, but being built like a—”
the sound of the sliding of a chair is quicker than your actions, and it easily cuts her off.
“i’m sorry, but we gotta go, it’s totally not cool of you to say those things about Y/N!”
“what? but i mean.. it’s true, right? i’m looking out for them! they’re literally out here l—”
“bye!” eijirou waves her goodbye with your hand, dismissing the sour expression on her face— as he dashes off with you
you’d question how he’s just so nice to people like that, but when he turns around, you could see the distaste in his eyes
“so that’s what a pick me girl’s like,” shaking his head, his expression lights up with such a quick manner “i’ll never make friends that are like that again!”
safe to say, eijirou’s friend list has been a a person shorter ever since that incident
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
oh, so that girl’s bold bold.
if she thinks she could get away with being a not so subtle pick me girl infront of bakugou katsuki, then she couldn’t be more wrong.
it’s absolutely revolting— i mean, he hasn’t displayed any romantic feelings towards ANYONE that isn’t you.
also, they’re quite gutsy if you ask me. so congrats for having guts??
i don’t think he’d be friends with a pick me girl. he’s very selective of who he’s befriending, so it’s probably your friend that’s the pick me girl in this case
he wouldn’t know what a pick me girl would be, but he’d probably know the description of one.
over some time, he’d grow some resistance to insults directed at him, but when someone insults his s/o
oh boy. that’s not good. remember when i said that katsuki was almost like your scary and intimidating dog
this is what i mean
knows he can’t make a scene, so his first option is to be dismissive asf— but if said pick me girl literally can’t get it, he won’t be afraid of shoving some explosions into her face
because his hands are rated e for everyone
“so you wanna be picked or something, is that it?” he hates how you literally have the resistance of a rock— which is something he always liked, but in this case hated. if it weren’t for you— he would’ve blasted explosions into her sorry excuse of a face until it’s beyond recognition (that wouldn’t be hero like, is what you’ve said in the past, but he disagrees.)
but seriously? ugh. he just wants to leave this horrid place, and make some dinner with you in the comfort of his home. why are you even friends with her anyway? she’s not even trying to be slick at this point.
“p-picked? i’m not understanding, katsu.”
“it’s bakugou.”
“right,” her laughter is like nails on chalkboard, “i’m just watching out for Y/N, y’know? there’s no point in wearing all of that.. on their face.” and she’s obviously referring to your obviously very well done makeup
“it’ll make your skin terrible in the long run! and really— i couldn’t really understand on why someone would wear that much, when you could survive with i dunno.. lip gloss at most?”
you would’ve actually said something as a rebuttal, but your boyfriend is quicker, and a lot more direct than anyone else in the area.
“just say you can’t do makeup and fucking scram,” katsuki’s ice cold glare finally breaks out of the act he’s been trying to hold together for you
“their makeup is fucking bomb as hell, compared to your ridiculous spider lashes, lady. come back when you’ve watched james charles’ entire fucking channel.” he harshly states in similar bakugou fashion, despite the lack of screaming.
and if you squinted hard enough, you could see tears welling up in her eyes. but katsuki tugs your hand before anything else could be said
“let’s fucking go, you need better friends.”
he makes you cut ties with all of them, and he practically scolds your terrible choice of friends— but he goes quiet when you tell him that you’ve been friends with her since middle school
“good fucking riddance. next time, i’ll punch them as soon as they say something outta line, got that?” and next time (hopefully, there won’t be a next time) you’ll actually lash out— or maybe,, you’ll let him loose for once.
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
now shouto might be,, socially unaware sometimes. but he can tell whenever someone’s trying to insult his s/o
like,, right away.
now— you both run into this person after a pleasant date, and she eagerly presented herself as your friend
so, her attitude catches him off guard because who’d have anything rude to say about you and towards shouto’s face? especially when it’s about something normal.
like,, wasn’t she your friend?? why is she even like this?
his hostility is very well known, so they should be scared.
he gets detached from the conversation, and he’ll immediately go cold— and shouto would probably go as far as walking away with your hand in his
doesn’t matter if he properly says goodbye or not— if a girl’s being rude to his s/o, they obviously don’t deserve his usually polite attitude. nope, that’s a luxury.
oh— and what more when they’re seeking for his validation. newsflash! said pick me girl won’t be get any from him.
shouto couldn’t stop the bitterness bleeding into his mouth, when the girl in front of him continued to babble and take up the valuable time he had left with his s/o
initially, she presented herself as your friend from middle school— but as of now? she seems to be more interested in him more than you, despite knowing you first.
she’d ask him a string of obvious questions with very obvious answers, like ‘is she treating you well?’ ‘is she acting correctly?’ and questions of the sort
“oh, sorry! i’d hate to cut this conversation short, but—” you finally decide that it was about time to leave, while shouto looks pretty,, deadpanned right now, you could tell that he was gradually starting to get irritated by your friend’s words.
“wait. thats.. kind of controlling, don’t you think? do you ever let shou make decisions?”
“uh.. controlling? since when??” you question at the accusation. this girl knows nothing about your relationship dynamic, and she’s already jumping the gun and making conclusions.
your gaze snaps back to shouto, who looks just as surprised as he could possibly be.
“yeah! it clearly looks like he still wants to talk” which is an obvious lie, shouto just wants it out of here “i wonder how you managed to snag such a guy like him,” she comments with a smile that looked anything above suspicion (yet, it makes your stomach churn)
you could see the way her hand gets gradually closer to him— and frankly, you’re not sure about what she was planning to do next, “you wouldn’t need to dress all expensive and fancy, if you’re with a girl with an already classy appear—”
“i think this conversation is over,” shouto grip is firm on the wrist that was attempting to grab his shoulder, shouto makes no attempt to even look at the girl infront of him “i don’t know what you’re trying to do, but it’s not humorous. at all.”
“what?” she stammers, drawing her hand back “i-it’s obvious they don’t know how to take a joke! this is why there are barely any good w—”
shouto’s next actions knocks her speechless, his hand rests at the small of your back, before gently guiding you forward— “love, what movie are we watching later?” he says, making an effort to press a quick, yet intense kiss on your lips
“oh,” you breathe out, surprised by this action. “don’t be so tense, love.” shouto comments on how tense your shoulders have looked, ever since she started running her mouth, “now.. what movie do you want to watch tonight? comedy? thriller?”
“you pick,” you laugh at the quick shift of topic. and when you look behind you, you could see shame and defeat welling up on her face. shouto finally feels like he could smile again, the bitterness dissipating from his mouth
after shouto questions you if that was what a pick me girl was, he makes sure that you guys won’t ever encounter such thing again
“you.. don’t have more friends like that, right? if you do— we could always do another friend list cleansing.” this statement makes you laugh but shouto is anything but joking
but being reminded of his reaction to that ‘pick me’ girl does puts a smile on your face.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission
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zeeroweenies · 3 months ago
top at the red light
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ft. baji
cw ✿ car sex ; oral (f → m) ; biting ; giving baji that gawk gawk double hand twist 3000 whilst driving ; arguing ; reader’s a jealous brat ; use of cock, cunt etc ; daddy kink but not in that way ; minors dnr/dni or i’ll block your ass.
wc ✿ 3.6K+
Tumblr media
“Hurry up and take me the fuck home.” The stretch of your arms fold underneath the silk of your dress in pure brat fashion, pushing your tits up in turn as you scowl forward to the slow ongoing traffic, the plush of your bottom lip tucked outwards in a frown.
“Fix your fuckin’ attitude.”
Kei’s stern, voice warning and promising you trouble if you keep it up with your little temper tantrum, eyes shining with danger through the glare of towering, busy street lights that beam through the windshield of his car. The look he gave you alone should’ve gotten you to take the hint— got you to behave. But you’re still popping off at the mouth, manicured fingers balled up into fists and made-up face twisted up into an irate expression, grilling him about the same girl that’s apparently been trying to get in his pants for the past two months.
“Take me home right now Kei, I’m not playing with you.” The entire car ride to his apartment’s been literal hell on wheels. Insisting that you come back home with him so you can at least calm down, talk this out until he eventually gets you to come around like always. But instead you insist on pressing him, and all for some girl whose name he can’t even remember. “Jesus Christ... are you still tripping about this shit? I told you I don’t even know that girl, keep telling you she’s trying to break us up. I don’t even want her, she’s ugly anyway.”
“Yeah whatever, both of you can go to hell.”
Your jealousy always got the best of you. It often clouded your judgement, caused you to act irrationally and like a bitch, especially when it came to Baji. He had you on a tight rope, never trailing off too far without you on his arm like a love-struck puppy and throwing daggers at any girl that dared even breathe in his direction. And many times your envious nature led to routine arguments when he’d let some skank talk to him for one second too many, each one ending with him having to fuck a lesson into you about why you’re the only one he wants.
But Keisuke still loved you all the same, even if your envy was rooted in the most asinine reasons. Taking your pouty face between his fingers and kissing that green-eyed monster named jealousy away until you caved, reminding you that he had eyes for no one else but you. He thought it was cute; he adored how obsessed you were with him. But over time it became taxing, constantly having to defend his fidelity and commitment in your relationship all because you couldn’t keep your baseless insecurity at bay.
“Wanna put that mouth to good use? Since you seem to wanna run it so much.” The crunch of gravel and the sound of hot wheels whining against tar slowly and gently brings the car to a stop at a red light with one foot pressing on the brake, the air suddenly even more tension-thick with unease as Baji uses a thumb and forefinger, dragging them down the lower half of his face to hold himself back from blowing a fuse. Brows upticked in irritancy as he slouches back into the driver’s seat with a strong hand tightly gripping the wheel. You would’ve thought he looked handsome if you weren’t so pissed off.
“Oh, fuck off. Stop acting dense, Kei. You saw the way she was looking at you, she practically tried to fuck you right in front of me. And you let her do it, you know I don’t like that bitch.” You shoot him a look out of the corner of your eye, peripherally watching him as he mentally shrugs off your empty complaining with a head shake and simple protrusion of his bottom lip.
“I didn’t see shit.”
Maybe I should chill, I know how she gets when she’s like this.
He’s tried to keep his cool, but you’re not making it easy for him. You just keep talking and talking, nagging and nagging. At this rate, there was only one thing you wanted if you kept running your mouth like this, and he knew how to shut you up. You didn’t see the way his jaw tightened, the way his strong veined hands gripped the vinyl of the steering wheel in indignation, how his icy gray irises had completely frozen over at the gall of your brash commentary. Perhaps you should have, though.
“Maybe you would’ve saw it if your stupid ass—”
And he was there before you even could see it, feel his hand dart out underneath the hem of your dress that went to cruelly tug the delicate lace panties that clung to your sex to the side. Eliciting a startled gasp from you when he starts rubbing slow, intentional circles into your swollen clit that reduce your bitching and moaning to strictly just moaning. The kind of moaning he loves to hear when he finally gets you to shut your goddamn mouth. Glossy lips slacked and head slowly tilting back into the leather headrest with fluttering lashes before you felt the stretch of his middle and ring finger pressing past your dripping wet entrance, once petty griping dissolved into helpless whimpers under the explicit rap playing from the vehicle’s radio.
“Who’re you talkin’ to?” If your focus was on him you’d see the way his eyebrows pinched through the middle, but it was hard when his thick fingers were burying themselves inside you and massaging that soft spot between your most sensitive parts that had your freshly arched brows furrowing too, lightly gasping when they curl upwards against your front wall and deaf to every noise except the sticky sounds your pussy fills the car with. “Huh?”
You could barely form a single coherent sentence, let alone a thought— your boyfriend’s fingers just felt that good. Your limbs felt useless and your head became foggy, mouth dry with the swell of your breasts rising and falling from taking countless breaths as if it was hard to retain oxygen. Managing to choke out a single broken word, lips pulled into a flustered pout and words daring despite being so powerless. “Y… You,”
“You’re not talkin’ to me.” you melt with each push and pull of his digits, creaming so delightfully around them. Now wanting to take back every petty remark you spewed and just be a good girl for him, not a jealous slut. Feeling stupid for getting mad at him for something that wasn’t even his fault, for not being able to keep your unfounded insecureness under control. “Your little pussy gets wet from mouthing off to me, huh? You got my fingers all soaked.” The only thing you can do is sit there, reluctantly nodding. And mindlessly enough that you forget how long you’ve sat at the red light, not even caring if you hold up oncoming traffic or if raging drivers angrily beat their horns at the idle vehicle, shamelessly spreading your legs wider to give your riled boyfriend more access to plunge his fingers deeper inside your sopping cunt. “F-fuck, baby,”
The light is seconds away from clicking from red to green, Baji knows it just based on the duration of how long you’ve been camping out there— but he isn’t finished with you in the least just because he’s behind the wheel, you’d be a dummy to think he was. And soon enough your boyfriend’s digits are abandoned from you with a sticky pop, hole clenching tightly from the abrupt feeling of emptiness with a soft whine, almost puppy-like. Glazed doe-eyes flickering to his smoky gray ones through false lashes.
“Suck my dick.” You miss his fingers the second they leave you, all hot and bothered from him leaving you the way you were, chest swarming with butterflies and core aching without the sweet gratification of an orgasm. But Kei’s assertiveness has the tips of your fresh acrylics rushing to fish out his semi-hard cock from his black dress pants. Mouth watering with saliva and delicate fingers wrapping around the thickness of his length before stroking him with fervor just to get him fully hard, girth gradually expanding between the cracks of your fingers when you give his flushed head the first lick, a cursed fuck biting past his sharp teeth as your tongue and lips close around the size of his cock.
“Fuckin’ finally,” Baji’s shoe nearly punches the gas as fast as the traffic signal that blinks from red to green, practically dashing through busy avenues and evading passing vehicles well over the speed limit. He needs to find somewhere to park now, and fast. Intention of getting you back to his place long abandoned out of his mind with your tight, wet throat devouring his entire length like a pro.
Sending him into a hot series of breathy sighs and low groans that make it difficult for him to concentrate on driving the fucking he car that carried you to the party in the first place, sloppy noises of your lips hollowing out and whorish moaning around his length clouding up his resolve. Feeling the wetness of your spit drizzling down in wads and coating his balls shinily as your delicate hands glide up and down him smoothly thanks to the slip of your saliva, making him grip the steering wheel with sheer strength in order to bring himself back down or else he’d float away. Your mouth felt like heaven. If you kept sucking him off like this he might choose to forgive you for your little jealous hissy fit. “Gonna make me, fuck,” he grits, hand involuntarily moving to sink your head further onto him earning a choked-up moan, almost a gag. “Gonna make me cum in your mouth,”
It feels like forever before he finds somewhere to put the damn car in park, and thank god he did, because he feels like he’s about to blow his load.
He brings the car to an abrupt stop in an abandoned alleyway, void of any signs of light or life besides yours, the sound of harsh groans and wet noises echoing against his car’s roof. You’re a stubborn thing, prideful too. Too vainglorious to even think of uttering the word sorry so you say it using a different method, greedily swallowing his dick down your throat until your mouth meets his base to get him to melt and he’s bucking his hips above you, sucking his dick like you’re sorry. His irises flicker down to your head that bobs up and down on his dick, calling out to you. “Look at me,” fingers gathering the strands of your hair into a ball to roughly yank you up when you don’t comply. “Fuckin’ look at me when I cum.”
Your face is visibly flustered, brows drawn together and pouty mouth parted wide with shiny drool glistening down your chin and swollen lips that were once perfectly polished with clear cherry lipgloss now about to be glazed with white, sticky semen. Kei’s balls tighten as your now clammy hands jerk him to completion, spilling himself into your awaiting mouth and emptying himself inside you completely with forced back obscenities of fuck and shit. You waste no time eating it all up, lust-drunk gaze never steering from his as your tongue circles his round head before sucking the tip past your soft lips to rid him of every last drop, your signature way of telling him you’re sorry. “That’s what it takes to get you to shut the fuck up?” It's pathetic. You get so caught up in the euphoria of the lingering throbbing in your cunt that you almost forget you’re topping him off in the middle of the road. Well, an alley to be exact. “Kei, I—”
“Clean it up and come sit on it.”
Your heart catches in your throat. “Okay,” you choke on a sob with tears itching the pits of your eyes, doing exactly as your boyfriend tells you, warm tongue licking his balls and shaft clean in urgence while your throat bobs from gulping down the remainder of his sharp cum before shakily straightening your torso. Leather cushion creaking under your knees and leaving behind a clear trail of slick when you finally move.
He aids you no assistance in climbing onto his lap, allowing you to struggle like a little doe with shaky legs as you tremulously slide across the console to mount him; air thick and already feeling breathless with his dick pressing heavily against your slit. Quaking hands coming to wrap around his neck clingingly in search of forgiveness to quickly be denied. Not having enough time to whine or complain or even beg for him to give you his cock before he’s ordering you to “Put it in,” instructions firm but so mean, it instantly has your arm reaching behind you to the space where your hand meets his cock with a subtle whine and quickly lining his flushed tip with your tiny hole, immediately beginning to sink down.
“Hurry up, stop fuckin’ around. You can suck dick like a little whore but you can’t ride one? Do better.” No other thoughts cross your mind as your hips lift on their own, lazy pace corrected by your boyfriend’s harsh reprimanding tone that makes you rectify your weak movements, disbanding your former impudent and brattish disposition completely from the feeling of his cock stretching your walls nicely and his tip constantly brushing against your cervix. “S-Sorry, m’sorry Kei,” your mouth gapes with a lingering cry that chokes the base of your throat, or maybe it was from the fact that Keisuke had his hand wrapped around your diamond-studded throat, vein littered fingers spreading across and tightly gripping the sides preventing sounds that were reduced to no more than slurred sentences and pitiful begging that has the skin between Baji’s thick brows pinching.
“This what you wanted? All mad over some bitch I don’t even know.” The fingers cast around your neck slide over the top of your blackened silk dress to yank it down roughly, cute tits spilling from the fabric in one tug due to the missing support of a bra. The pupils of his eyes shine over in lust as much as they do in anger as they deadlock onto your pert nipples that bead up from the chilly air of his car’s AC when his tongue darts to greedily take one into his hot mouth, pulling a long-held sigh from you when he sucks on and swirls his wet appendage around your hardened bud with ardence, only to make you cry out into dead air when he bites down on it; hands kneading and squeezing the swell of your breasts. “Shouldn’t be giving you anything, act too goddamn jealous.”
“S...S’not my fault, she’s… she was trying to take you away from me,” A struggled whine falls past your drooly lips, face fucked out with your pussy coating his dick in clear slippery lubricant and high churning at the bottom of your tummy as you cling closer to your boyfriend, your lover. You hated the way you allowed your jealousy to consume you and rot you from the inside out— make you harbor deep disdain and malignance for every woman you caught laying eyes on your boyfriend, your Keisuke. All to say it was for good reason. He was truly handsome, a sight for sore eyes. Stormy gray irises, a killer smile that never failed to turn your limbs into jelly, and long wavy jet-black hair that hung far past his broad and muscular shoulders which was now pulled into a messy knot from your constant pulling on it, two locks parted through the middle to frame the sides of his face. When he looked like that... you couldn’t help but somehow twist it in your mind that any woman who engaged in a conversation that went over the length of two words was trying to get with him.
And okay, maybe you were being a teensy bit dramatic, lashing out at him and being jeal considering he never returned the feelings that were projected onto him by anyone else that wasn’t you. But it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter how many times he reminded you, reassured you, or had to fuck it into your pretty little head you just didn’t seem to get it.
“This,” He points out the way your pussy clings to his cock as your ass slams down into the seat of his lap by directing his gaze downward before slowly returning to yours, intentionally putting emphasis on the squishy and messy sounds your cunt makes from your arousal spilling onto his pelvis. “It’s yours, only yours. Why the fuck are you getting so worked up over nothing for?”
“I don’t know,” your voice cracks, unable to give him any reasoning, not even sure if you have the answer for yourself, only able to shut your eyes and let your head hang back freely as you bounce in his lap at an even faster and frenzied pace, nonsense spilling from your lips. “Cum~ gonna cum, baby—” your senseless bouncing is brought to a slow rut of your hips with solid and strong palms biting into your flesh at the part where the skirt of your dress rides up the curve of your ass, lids breaking open in pouty dissatisfaction at Baji’s interruptance. “Uh-uh, not until you say sorry and call me daddy.”
“Kei, m’not calling you that shit.” your words grit through the enamel of your teeth, embarrassingly biting at the tip of your tongue.
“Ah? You’re not cumming then.” The statement has you tightening around him in an instant, scrambling to eat your previous words. “No! Wait,” you trail off, hips still trying to gain some friction as you shyly avoid the way the corners of Baji’s mouth curve at the ends into a sadistic smirk by looking down. He always got you to do this, denying you after acting out until you were a writhing mess of limbs in his lap and he got you to cry uncle. And somehow you always took the bait.
“Please, I... I’m... I’m sorry daddy, m’so sorry. Fuck, c-can I cum? Please Kei, so close,” your words earn a harsh slap to your ass as the whites of your sclera disappear into your skull, your boyfriend’s gaze darkening when you return to him. “That’s not my name.”
“Please let me cum daddy, I’m sorry,” your orgasm teeters on the edge as you bury your face into his neck, words pleading and desperate, the cold metal of his thin cross chains kissing your lips before he pulls you back. “Sorry for what?” his thumb flies to your puffy clit, applying pressure to the bud through quick and rough circles, making your breath stutter.
“S-Sorry for being jealous, fuck, fuck— sorry for talking back to you, so so sorry... love you, I won't do it again, promise.”
“You love me, baby?” the gray of his eyes shine up at you, voice smooth in your ears like silk as you return his affection with just as much love, pupils fueled with arduous passion and placing lightheaded pecks to his soft lips. “I do, I love you, love you so much Kei,” the confessions tumbling past your lips makes him just as dizzy, feeling your tight walls swallowing and milking him into his own culmination before he takes two big hands to possessively squeeze your ass, spreading it apart to reveal the way your pussy takes him and guide your movements up and down to help fuck you on his cock.
“I love you too. God, fuck. Pussy’s so fucking tight, creamin’ all over me, shit— fuck, ride that shit,” his chest heaves, teeth gritting involuntarily at the sting of your nails scrape harshly at the skin of his exposed pecs where his black dress shirt is unbuttoned three notches. “Ride it like it’s yours.” you feel his tip hit your cervix with each pull and drop, head thrown back as he urges you on with dirty praises and a finger pressed to your aching clit, still continuing to let you use his dick as you please although he came already. The nerves in your legs begin to spasm, your pussy tightens around his thick length, and your nails bury themselves into the nape of his neck as you mindlessly cream all over him without a thought in your fucked out little mind. Hips still moving on top of him and crying out his name within the four doors of his car that was stationed in the deserted and dark alley so loud that at least one lost soul was bound to hear you.
“Kei, Kei, Kei!—” he allows you to tug on his illustrious black locks while you come down, not minding that you pull it a tad bit too rough as you plant your face in his neck with little keens and whines escaping you. Sweet kisses are littered to the skin of your collarbone and jaw as you puff out breaths of air into the sex-aroma atmosphere of the car while Kei massages calm circles into the small of your back, his cum trickling from your sore cunt before he makes you pull back to meet his icy stare, eyes shimmering with authority.
“You gonna act right now?” his question earns a pliant nod of your head, his cock throbbing inside you and your face hot with heat. “I will, promise.” you swear, face assuring innocence and good behavior as your lips connect with his in short kisses, but the arm slung around his neck with your fingers crossed would suggest otherwise. It was a promise you could afford to break.
Tumblr media
📂 : @nyxiie @kloesklarity
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katslutski · 9 months ago
bakugou with a sweet little housewife and three kids 🥺 but he makes sure to fuck you like a whore in ur apron and threatens to give you more brats if u don’t keep ur moans quiet (he cums inside anyway, he wants more kids even if u don’t <3)
I am so grateful for the sudden influx of domestic bakugou content / requests that have been popping up lately. they’re both my biggest weaknesses so you’ve effectively KOed me. anyways, nonnie, yes you are absolutely right bakugou can’t help getting rock hard at the sight of a lil domestic housewife
also wtf y’all are making me soft absolutely unacceptable
On the Kitchen Counter
cw: breeding, daddy kink, lil bit of dumbification, lil hint of degradation, domestic fluff
Bakugou doesn’t think there’s a better sight in the world than seeing his pretty wife in the kitchen when he comes home from work. Paused in the doorway, Katsuki can’t help but admire you in your cute little apron — one child balanced on your hip while the other two stand on their tiptoes, peering into your mixing bowl.
You take his breath away every time.
His forearms are still sticky with dried sweat from his gauntlets but waiting any longer to touch you is an impossible task. In one swift movement he unlatches the toddler from your hip, hands her to her siblings, and he pulls your back against him, placing his lips on your neck. His gruff missed you would seem grating to an outsider but to you it sounds like home.
You giggle, breathe out a hi while you continue your cooking. Even with the smallest of tasks, you never miss a beat.
Your moment of peace is over within seconds as three shrill voices interrupt; a loving cacophony of Daddy! is the only warning before your husband is overrun. You glance over your shoulder to watch Bakugou pick up all three at once, muscled arms easily controlling the squirming, excited children.
“Were you good for your mom today?” he asks, just like he does every day. They emphatically nod their heads. “What d’you think, Mommy? Were they good?”
You love this nightly routine, this rehearsed display of domesticity. You love the whiny chorus when you pretend to ponder the question, love their angelic giggles when you tell them Just kidding!, love the quick kisses your husband presses to their foreheads before he sends them off to play.
Neither of you thought this future was possible, both certain that you’d be fighting side-by-side until someone died in the field. That was still the plan even when you were pregnant: Find a nanny, train your ass off, return to your agency as soon as you could. But despite your combined intelligence and prowess, the two of you were rendered useless the second you met your daughter. Holding her against your chest during the last week of maternity leave, you told Katsuki there is no way in Hell someone else is raising my baby. He quirked his brow and bit his lip, pleasantly surprised by how well motherhood suited you.
Happy sounds fill the kitchen: the bubbling of your cooking, high-pitched sound effects from one room over, your husband’s humming as he rests his chin on your shoulder. His hands hold your hips, swaying lightly to music that isn’t there. In your mind, this is as good as it gets. At least until you look down and see a black streak along the fabric of your dress.
“Katsuki,” you pout. “Take a shower! You’re filthy.”
He pauses as if he wants to argue but he knows you’re right. You get a low sigh and resigned fine in compliance, a peck on the cheek and a nip on the lip, and finally the thud of footsteps as he trudges to the bathroom. He’s tried this argument before and it always ends the same way. If the kids have to wash up for dinner, so do you.
Coming home is the best part of Bakugou’s day but eating a meal with his family is a close second. He runs a strict operation. Table manners are nonnegotiable, everyone needs to be involved in conversation, and he better hear a sincere thank you, Mommy after everybody’s plate is empty. They’re too young to actually wash the dishes right now but he’s itching for the day when he’ll have his perfect little assembly line to clean the kitchen at record speed.
At the same time, Bakugou tries not to think too hard about how fast time passes. His chest hurts when he remembers that eventually he won’t need to improvise fantastical fairytales on a nightly basis. And when he does tell stories, the kids won’t jump and shriek in surprise when he makes explosive sound effects with his hands. But he can worry about that later. Right now, the house is quiet and his precious little wife is flitting about the kitchen in preparation for tomorrow morning.
Bakugou frequently tells you that you can wear mom jeans and he’ll like them (frankly, he likes your mom jeans a bit too much). Yet he can’t help but appreciate you like this, clacking on the hard floor in your dress and heels, your singed apron retied around your neck and diamond ring reflecting off the low lights.
Bakugou stalks behind you, stilling your movements with the sound of his voice.
“Thought they’d never fall asleep,” he growls. “Little gremlins.”
You snicker and angle your neck to see his face. “Y’know, they’d probably go down faster if you stopped telling them about what you did at work.” He opens his mouth but you retort before he can even argue. “I know, I know — But they asked. Katsuki, they’re children. Of course they want you to tell them that stuff.”
He rolls his eyes in pretend-annoyance and huffs. “Whatever.”
You twirl around to face your husband, trace a finger down his chest. “I can’t really blame them though. The other kids at school don’t have such a brave and strong hero for a dad.”
Bakugou smirks, cocks up an eyebrow. “Is that right?” You press your tongue against your cheek, try to swallow down a grin, as you nod.
The distance between the two of you is nearly nonexistent, subconscious steps forcing you back and Katsuki forward until your body is caged against the counter, his arms trapping you when he leans against the upper cabinet. Even after years together, there’s a palpable tension in the air. And it’s ready to snap.
“And what do you think of me?” His voice is almost a whisper. “You like having a brave and strong hero as a husband?”
Just his presence is enough to make you moan. But it comes out as more of a squeak.
“Y-yeah, Katsu. Love it,” you breathe. “Love... Love my brave, strong Daddy.”
That’s all it takes to break him.
Bakugou’s mouth mashes against yours, a frenzied clash of teeth and tongues as you cling to each other. His panting is needy but still in control. You can feel how hard he is under the sweatpants he grabbed after his shower. Even with the shampoo and cologne, that faint hint of smoke lingers like it always does. The scent makes you clench.
Bakugou lifts you onto the edge of the marble, allowing you to wrap your high-heeled legs around his waist and grind against him. He won’t lie — it’s hot to fuck you in his hero costume. But when he’s dressed like this, when the only barriers between you two are a decorative scrap of lace and the thin jersey cotton of his pants, it almost makes him lose control.
Your core shifts against his cock, the head catching on your sensitive clit to arch your back into his waiting hands. He’s hungry, practically salivating at the sight of one hard nipple pinched between his fingers.
“Can never get enough of these tits. Just perfect.” He dives in.
Your head tips back while your teeth sink into your bottom lip. A guttural moan sits in your throat as you clutch his biceps with perfectly manicured nails. His tongue swirls around the peak, sucking until he pulls back with a resounding pop.
“Missed Daddy all day, huh?” Bakugou’s eyes burn into your body, his question aimed at your chest rather than your face. You barely manage an uh huh before he repeats the treatment on your other breast.
“Please, Katsuki. Don’t tease.” You punctuate your words with a roll of the hips but it’s your hurried panting that makes him pull away. “Need you.”
His gaze finally meets yours, drinking in the debauched scene on his kitchen counter. Your pretty, made-up face is already hot and messy, donned with an expression suited for a pornstar. Your legs are spread, kept apart by his mountain of a body. And if he looks low enough, he can see your displaced panties only half-way covering your entrance.
Your head spins at Bakugou’s reflexes. No longer are your ankles around your husband’s hips, beckoning him closer. No, in a mere second he has you on your feet, precariously perched on your tiptoes, halfway out of your heels, with your torso bent over where you once sat. A rough hand pushes the back of your dress up, tucking the end of the skirt into a strap of the apron. With barely any force at all, the pretty lace you wore under your clothes is ripped into two pieces that float to the floor.
“You even know how good you look right now, princess?” Bakugou grinds himself into your naked cunt, ruins his joggers with the slick dripping out of you. “Feel how hard you get me?”
It’s undeniable. Heat radiates through the thin fabric and you need him to rip his own clothing apart too.
“Katsu…” you whine. He needs to hurry up. You try to push your ass back but his hands keep you firmly in place. You take a deep breath, lilting your voice high. “Need you to fill me up, Daddy.”
The snarl out of Bakugou’s mouth is almost animalistic. It’s a savage, uncontrollable sound. One hand leaves your hip to tug his sweatpants far enough down to release his aching cock.
“Shitty woman, callin’ me Daddy,” he barks. He lines himself at your entrance. “Fuckin’ asking for it, aren’t you?”
There’s no way for you to describe the ecstasy of your husband filling up your empty cunt. You’ve told him before it’s like you’re made for me (to which he’ll shoot back nah, sweetheart, it’s the other way around). Even after years of practice, you can’t help but gasp at the stretch which is why Bakugou slaps a hand across your open mouth. He’s said it enough times that you hear him in your head: Shut up, don’t wanna wake the kids.
It’s not a furious, needy pace with Bakugou. He prefers quality over quantity, drawing himself out before angling himself into the crevices and spots only he can find. When you finally catch your breath, he removes his hand, allowing you to pant with crossed eyes so long as you keep behaving.
“My good little wife lives for this fat cock, doesn’t she? Bet you were thinking about it all day.” It’s a rhetorical question. He knows it’s the truth. “Just dying for the house to get quiet so I could fuck you dumb. All soaked underneath this little apron, waitin’ for Daddy to breed you.”
You swallow, anchor yourself down to the counter with white knuckles.
“Y-yes - fuck. Daddy, you feel so good.”
Bakugou smirks. He can’t see your face right now but he bets you probably look stupid. Just how he likes it.
“I’ve fucked three babies into you and you’re still desperate. Perfect little cockslut housewife for me.” He never tells you but he loves to take you like this. When you’re bent over, he gets a perfect view of the stretch marks lining your thighs and ass, beautiful scars from carrying his children. The sight makes him feral. “Gonna give you another baby, how’s that sound? Want Daddy to fill you up again, make you a mommy for a fourth time?”
His words force your eyes to roll back into your head.
“Yes!” You can’t even grip the countertop anymore. Your husband’s cock, your husband’s voice, your husband is your only tether to reality and your cunt clenches down. “Please, ‘Suki — Daddy, I need it!”
Your pleas rush straight to his cock. Bakugou almost spits at the memory of your past selves, how you both meticulously managed your birth control and ovulation schedule. If he’d known what it’d be like to see you carrying his children, he would’ve wanted to start much sooner, to raise a whole damn UA class worth of kids.
“That’s right,” he hisses. “That’s fuckin’ right. Wanna feel you cum all over me, show me how good it feels to be my little breeding bitch.”
After so many years together, Bakugou can play your body better than anyone else, better than you. He knows exactly how to move his hips, exactly how to rub your clit, exactly how to grip your skin so your blood sings in pain and pleasure. When he orders you to cum, it takes no time at all until you’re falling apart underneath him, biting down on the fingers he sticks in your mouth at your release.
“Look at you… Fuck.” Bakugou can feel his own climax approaching, picking up a punishing rhythm against your tensed, shaking muscles. “Gonna - ngh - keep you fat with my kids, gonna put another one - shit - in this pussy. Just gonna keep filling you up until you can’t fucking take it—“
His sordid monologue is cut short by one of your aftershocks, squeezing him until he empties himself inside of you. Bakugou pulls your ass against his body, holding his cock deep inside your messy cunt. The house is silent except for heavy breathing as you both come down from your highs.
Bakugou is almost reluctant to pull out of you knowing that his seed will spill out. But he tries his best, withdrawing his cock and pressing his fingertips to your twitching hole before he grabs a paper towel to wipe at your upper thighs. Sweet kisses dot the newly dry skin until you push your body off the cold marble and turn to your husband.
His hand is still cupping your lower lips when you look down, eyes serious as you cock your brow in question. Bakugou grips your cunt tighter before he brings his lips to your ear, voice low and deadly.
“Gotta keep it in, sweetheart. Can’t have my little housewife wasting a single drop.”
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frogtanii · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi was... overwhelmed, to say the least.
the past few days had been such a whirlwind of change that hajime could barely properly process, much less appropriately react to it all, so he behaved much like a zombie, saying yes when prompted, signing papers when told, and packing up what was his entire life for the past 11 months.
wow. iwaizumi collapsed on his bed as he scanned his now barren bedroom. he’d been here for almost a year and yet, all his belongings were in boxes within a couple of days.
hajime couldn’t keep the disbelieving chuckle from escaping his chest as he leaned back on his bed, dark brown eyes trained on the ceiling.
it felt like he’d spent such a large chunk of his life trapped in this house, under the foot of the woman who he thought he’d marry but in reality, he’d been in little leagues longer than he’d been in love.
iwaizumi scoffed and rolled his eyes. yeah, “in love”. it’d been about a week since his whole life started to unravel and he had hardly seen, let alone spoken to meiko throughout that entire time.
over text, she’d sworn up and down that she loved and cared about him but as she passed by him packing his things a few days ago, she’d barely spared him a second glance.
hajime wasn’t going to lie. it hurt. he’d opened his heart up to her, something he didn’t do easily, and she’d taken his trust and used it to twist him into her weapon.
he always believed he was stronger than this — he’d never forget his mother telling him so when he was younger. he had fallen and scraped his knee yet he refused to cry to keep from upsetting his mom. iwaizumi existed to live up to what his mother thought of him but here he was, completely enveloped in meiko’s shit, doing her dirty work and following her bidding like some mutt.
god, toorū was right. he really was her bitch.
“i could hear you thinking from down the hall, iwa-chan.” speak of the devil...
oikawa stood at his doorway, leaning against the frame with a posture that seemed relaxed at first glance but if you looked a little closer, you’d notice the tenseness in his shoulders and the tightness of his smile.
hajime quickly sat up on his bed before motioning for his old friend to enter. “uh, yeah,” he began, his voice cracking a little from disuse, “i have a lot to think about.”
the light haired brunette let out an understanding hum before wandering into the room, sharp observant eyes darting to look at all the empty walls. “looks like you’re all packed.”
“pretty much,” iwaizumi nodded before the room fell into an awkward silence, the two childhood friends completely avoiding one another’s eyes.
“look, i-“
“iwa-chan, i’m-“
they both paused for a moment before bursting into laughter, the sound carrying into the hall and throughout the house.
hajime wiped a few stray tears from his eyes, shaking his head at their awkwardness. “you first, shittykawa.”
toorū gasped in halfhearted mock offense before quickly sobering up, training iwaizumi with a completely serious look. “i’m sorry and before you go on some bullshit, self sacrificing rant, you’re not the only one to blame for what happened to our friendship.”
he sighed while making his way to iwaizumi’s bed, sitting down gently beside him. “i should’ve known better, okay? i shouldn’t have let my jealousy and insecurities get in between us but i guess i got swept up in the attention, yknow? meiko is actually charming when she wants to be.”
iwaizumi nodded in agreement, knowing all too well how compelling meiko could be. the room fell into a more comfortable silence as both boys escaped into their thoughts, questions about the future of their friendship flitting throughout their minds.
“oh!” oikawa was pulled out of his own head at hajime’s exclamation, his eyes moving to observe his friend dig through his pockets to procure a thick white envelope. “here. i’d like you to give this yn.”
all toorū could do was nod, his brain short circuiting at the sight of iwaizumi’s apparent kindness to the woman he tormented for so long. “uh, what’s in it?” he ventured to ask, his soft hands toying with the sealed envelope flap.
a soft chuckle came from across the bed. “don’t be so nosy toorū, just give it to her, yeah?” oikawa rolled his eyes but obliged, the bed creaking as he stood to his feet.
“so... this is it, huh?” it was like the reality of the situation was just now sinking in — they hadn’t been close in a while but iwaizumi was still his best friend and he wasn’t quite ready to let him go.
they’d been through so much together, practically growing up together and now, they’d only see each other on holidays, if even then, and then he’d never be invited to hajime’s wedding as his best man as they’d planned and he also wouldn’t be the coolest uncle/godfather of iwa’s children and—
“fuck no,” hajime scoffed with a bright grin on his face. “thought you were gonna annoy me til the end of time shittykawa. don’t tell me you’re quitting your job now.”
the hidden meaning behind iwaizumi’s words brought tears to oikawa’s eyes and before he could stop himself, he launched his body into iwa’s arms. hajime hesitated, his hands stuttering at toorū’s sides as though he’d forgotten how to hug but the feeling passed, his arms winding around his friend’s lithe waist.
“‘m gonna miss you hajime,” oikawa’s voice came out as a broken whimper, his arms tightening around his shoulders.
iwaizumi hummed instead of responding, too afraid of his voice cracking under the weight of his emotions. they stood there for a moment but the honk of the moving truck outside signaled the both of them of their limited time.
hurriedly, oikawa wiped the tears off his cheeks before waving awkwardly at iwaizumi as he left the room with a friendly, “don’t be a stranger.”
and then he was gone.
toorū finally allowed himself to collapse into sobs on his best friends empty bed, his palms pressing into his eyes as he sat there and just let himself feel.
apparently, he wasn’t crying very quietly because it took only a few moments for you to find him, your soft footsteps alerting him to your presence. oikawa scrambled to wipe away what he knew was an unattractive mixture of tears and snot as you got closer.
you were one of the last people he wanted to see him like this.
“hey,” you whispered, standing a few feet away from him. “um, i know this is probably a bad time but i just wanted to thank you for apologizing? back at the awards show?”
toorū sniffed as he looked up at you with confusion written on his face. “what? you shouldn’t thank me for apologizing. ‘s common courtesy.”
you laughed softly, nodding in agreement. “well, not always. so, thank you.” finished with your piece and not too keen on lingering where you weren’t wanted, you moved towards the door but were swiftly stopped before you got there.
“um, here. it’s from iwa-chan.” you gaped at the thick envelope oikawa was handing you before taking it and opening it, a low curse falling from your lips.
inside the package was a dense wad of cash, more money than you’d seen in months. accompanied with it was a letter, written in beautifully loopy handwriting.
you shut it quickly before oikawa could see, stuffing the envelope deep within your pocket where you could access it alone in the depths of your room.
“do you wanna come eat? last i heard, bokuto and tsumu were doing a cooking competition and i’m sure it’ll be fun to watch.” you were severely thrown off by the money and letter but you were determined to show toorū that you’d accepted his apology and were on your way to making amends.
he gave you a shy nod and trailed behind you to the kitchen, the loud sounds of fire and screaming coming from down the hall. you wanted to focus on the fun and merriment but the envelope was practically burning a hole in your pocket.
later that night, you finally got the chance to open the letter and read it, your former manager’s words bringing tears to your eyes.
dear yn,
i’m probably the last person you expected to hear from. you probably didn’t want to hear from me at all if i’m being honest and i don’t blame you. i know there is nothing i can say that could make up for what i’ve done to you but i’d like to try.
i’m sorry. those words don’t nearly express in and of themselves how truly remorseful i am but they needed to be said. there’s no excuse for how i treated you — not meiko, not my stress, absolutely nothing.
you deserved my common decency and respect and i didn’t give that to you. instead, i abused my position and made your life hell. i’ll never forgive myself for that.
uh, i bet you’re wondering what the money is? i promise i’m not trying to pay you off, it’s just all the money i’ve denied you since you moved here. i have a lot of wrongs to right and this is one of them.
sorry, i’m not very good with words but i just wanted you to know that i’m very sorry for everything that i’ve done. and i’m in no place to make demands or anything but i just wanted to ask if you’d keep an eye on oikawa for me.
he’s strong but he’s also vulnerable. he might be a pain in my ass but he’s my best friend and since i can’t keep him from drowning, i was wondering if you’d do that - not for me but for him.
anyways, this letter is shit but i suppose you get the gist. use the money for whatever you want and if you’re as unselfish as i’ve heard, you don’t owe me anything. you don’t owe me money, kindness, or forgiveness.
take care of yourself,
iwaizumi hajime
Tumblr media
℗ poker face
so... this is it
series masterlist
an - soooo m back :D hopefully this is the last of my mini hiatuses!! this chapter sucked to write but i’m not mad at how it turned out?? pls let me know how i did skjdkd don’t forget to feed me <3333
taglist - if your name is in bold, i cannot tag you
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the rest of the tags will be in the replies!!
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svtsuna · a month ago
Tumblr media
suna rintaro x fem!reader
+ smut, lil fluff in between the lines, characters aged up, established relationship, college setting
Tumblr media
tags/warnings. semi-public sex, locker room and shower sex, degradation/humiliation , unprotected sex, mention of marking (hickeys), tummy bulge, god complex (lol), penetration of menstrual cup (no mentions of blood tho), fingering, size kink, creampie, usage of daddy nickname
word count. 1.9k+
note. first time writing explicit smut. please do not copy, translate or post anywhere in other platforms. 
AGELESS BLOGS AND MINORS DNI. i won’t hesitate to block.
Tumblr media
You were always such a good girl for Suna, always waiting and watching him play volleyball after classes so you could go walk home together after practice. Though, this time it was different for once. 
Suna already had in mind that he would purposely keep practicing in the gym after training hours were done and his teammates were for sure in the shower, convincing you to help him by tossing ball after ball to him so he could practice his spikes. 
You obliged anyway, thinking he really did want to practice more until after he spiked the last ball across the court did he speak up. 
“Stay there, baby.” He commanded with his husky voice that you knew all too well. He started approaching you with his body and clothes swimming in his sweat, yet that managed to turn you on. 
You rubbed your thighs together, the movement doesn’t go unnoticed to your boyfriend. He smirks at your dumbstruck look, he knows you know what he wants as he grabs your left hand with his right and twirling you around so that you were facing the volleyball net. 
“Do I have permission to fuck you with my fingers, doll?” You gulped but nonetheless, nodded your head vigorously. He slips a hand under your short tennis skirt, he wanted to rip it apart as soon as he saw you in it today in campus. He cups your pussy, feeling your juices already seeping out from your panties. 
He lets out a grunt, “Fuck, baby, were you skimping around wet with these fucking short skirt all day?” 
“Y-Yes! I-I- please, just fuck me! Oh-” Without warning, he pushed your panties to the side, quickly slipping one finger inside your pussy, following another digit. You gripped the net with both hands for dear life to stay upward, muffling your moans and whimpers on your shoulder. The way his fingers were enough to come in contact with the spongy spot inside you already was enough to tell Suna was huge the first time he fingered you before. 
Your leaking pussy combined with the lewd, squelching noises that were producing has Suna’s patience wearing thin. He wanted to free his dick out from restrains and fuck you right in the middle of the court, thrilled by the thought of getting caught making love to his girl but he was possessive as fuck. Your pretty pussy was for him and him only.
It was the footsteps then he was hearing in coming footsteps that got Suna to pull his digits out, and followed by tugging your skirt down. Your panties remained on the side, your hole exposed from under your skirt. You shivered, your legs wobbly as you did your best to stand up, one hand gripping on the net and the other on Suna’s shoulder for support. 
“Yo, Suna!” Atsumu called out, as his figure popped in view from the gym’s entrance, “You haven't showered yet? Team planned to have dinner together, remember?” His hands were on his hips, a confused expression matching his face. Kita then appeared beside him, his eyes narrowed once he saw the position you were in. Although you were standing side by side, you still gripped the net like it was your life support, seeing as you were mildly panting. From the way you caught where Kita was looking at, you dropped your hand at the speed of light, avoiding your boyfriend’s teammates' gazes.
“We were just about to— uhh, t-tidy up! Fix the net and all.” You stuttered out, smiling shyly for no reason like a deer caught in headlights. Unbeknownst to you, Suna has his lips pursed with the effort to refrain himself from laughing, shaking his head slightly. It was enough confirmation for the captain that you and Suna weren’t just practicing— or “tidying up” in the gym.
Suna couldn’t help it anymore as he snickered at your obvious act, causing you to pinch his arm from behind you in which he yelped. He pouted, rubbing the spot on his spot where you pinched him. This man was unbelievable. He went from going alpha on you to being adorable in mere minutes?
“We'll be going ahead first to get enough seats for everyone. Y/N, you’re expected to come too.” the captain informed. The thought you were invited even though it was a team dinner made your heart happy. You smiled as you nodded in acknowledgement, not trusting your voice from the sexual activity less than 5 minutes ago.
“Oh, and Y/N?” Kita called out again.
“We were under instruction that we didn’t need to put the net back, we have practice early tomorrow morning anyway. Nice segway though,” Atsumu’s eyes widened between you three, finally putting the pieces together. With Kita holding his deadpan expression at your flustered face, a tiny smirk grew on his lips as he turned to leave with Atsumu hot on his tail. 
Your boyfriend’s snort brought you out of your trance, earning him a slap to his shoulder. But who were you to deny that wasn’t thrilling as it was exciting for you too?
As soon as the last member filed out of the locker room, Suna wasted no time in claiming your lips with his. He swiftly shut the door with his foot followed by slamming your body against the lockers, making sure to protect the back of your head from the metal with his palm. Soon enough, his hands were already groping your tits, kneading the soft flesh and teasing your nipples with his thumb and index finger at the same time.
After both of you hurriedly undressed each other, his hands then travelled down your ass, slapping and squeezing your exposed skin ‘til he lifted you up against himself so that you could wrap your legs around him.
“Shit baby, you’re dripping for me already.” And fuck it, you were. You felt the wetness on your thighs causing it to smear onto Suna’s erection, creating enough lube.
Your lover groaned, taking careful steps whilst carrying you to the shower. Right after he turned on the water faucet did he finally manage to slip his cock inside your tight pussy without warning. 
“R-Rin!” You practically screamed out his name.
“Mmm, you really wanted my dick inside your slutty cunt right in the middle of the gym earlier, didn’t you?” He tightens his grip on your hips, pulling out until the tip was what’s left inside your pussy then he was rutting every inch of his cock inside you again.
“Drop the fucking innocent act next time, huh? You know you like the idea of showing the boys how your pussy gets wet for me only.” 
You were a moaning mess, your cunt was releasing so much of juice that it coated his entire dick whenever he pulled out. You were so perfect for each other, with so many times you had sex after his trainings, your pussy was practically a mold of his huge cock. 
After several thrusts of his hips, Suna laid you down on the tiled floor. The water still running down on both of your bodies didn’t give Suna much of a choice to fuck you against the slippery wall anymore. He was considering the bruising grip he had might hurt your hip, and although you didn’t say anything because you were too dumb on his cock, he didn’t want to cause that kind of physical pain on you that way. 
He settled for his body between your legs, spread it so wide that both of your legs rested on his shoulders and practically folded your body in a mating press on the bathroom floor. He rutted his cock inside your sopping pussy once more at a heated pace and started licking and sucking on your neck. You didn’t care if he was going to leave visible hickeys that could so much as be obvious to his teammates later. Your eyes rolled at the back of your head, drooling so much that it mixed with water on the floor. 
“Mmph! So fucking big—” You were squeezing him so much while the tip of his cock met your cervix each time he rammed inside of you, making you feel every vein his length holds. You were unable to form words at the point where he reached so deep inside that you felt the tip of his cock in your stomach. 
“I can feel you in my t-tummy! Oh, G-God!’
He smirked, “That’s right, I’m your fucking God now.”  He was fucking you stupid and drunk on his cock, he slips a hand between both of your bodies to rub your clit, causing your entire body to squirm underneath him and your legs to tremble.
“Hah- Suna! Please fill me up with your cum!” He was pounding on you faster than before, grinning as he watched where you two met and eyes traveling up to where your hickey covered chest was bouncing each time he pounded into you. He could even see the head of his cock poking out of your stomach just like you said even at his peripheral vision.
“Did my baby just ask to stuff her with my cum?” His husky voice and the sounds of your squelching pussy making you more wet.
“Yes, please! Stuff me so good, Daddy!” And he did, as his pelvis pressed against your folds as he painted your walls white with his cum just after you squirted as well. Your walls spasming around his cock. Suna then remembered your complaints earlier this morning on how your breast was sore, most probably because you were nearing the time of the month. So before Suna pulled out, he released you from the mating press and guided you to wrap your legs around his waist instead.
“Wh-Why?” Was all you managed to blurt out, still obviously drunk on his cock.
He stood up, ignoring you as he lifted you up from the shower floor. His cock and cum still inside your pussy as he went to rummage through your bag, intent to get a hold of what he’s looking for.
“Baby, we’re wasting water.” He would have chuckled at your oh-so saint remark if he wasn’t so focused and until he found your menstrual cup from inside your small toiletry purse. He connected eyes with your widened ones as you were trying to put the pieces together. You knew what he was aiming for. 
“Don’t let any of Daddy’s cum go to waste, okay? I’ll wash your pretty pussy after dinner tonight.” And with that, he set you down on the bench in front of the locker as he pulled his big cock out. He tilted the lower half of your body upwards so that none of his cum slipped out, then he folded the cup like how he saw you do plenty of times and put it inside your cum-filled cunt. 
“A-Ah!” It was cute how you still moaned like the needy whore you were. Suna wanted to go for round 2 but he remembered you two had a dinner to go to as promised. He bites his bottom lip, proud of his idea and ogling at his work. Your feet meet the cold floor, your legs still visibly shaking. 
“C’mon, gorgeous, let’s get cleaned up for real this time.” He chuckled as he intertwined his fingers through your small ones, guiding you to the shower once again. He kisses your forehead from time to time while in the shower, always making sure you get the after care you deserved as he insisted on cleaning your body and washing your hair.
“I love you, Y/N.” 
“I love you too, Rin.”
All throughout dinner, your cunt remained full of his cum mixed with yours under your short skirt. After this, no doubt he was getting his midnight snack and that involved devouring your sweet pussy tonight.
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keizos · 3 months ago
call me if. // souya kawata.
Tumblr media
+ fic. somethin’ light.
+ wc. 1.2k+
+ cw. fem!reader. usage of ‘princess’, ‘baby girl’, etc. phone sex. soft dom!souya. sir kink. mutual masturbation. eighteen plus. minors fuck off.
+ a/n. this got longer than expected i- i cannot explain
Tumblr media
the phone nearly slipped out of souya’s grip when he heard the tone of your voice. he knew that tone, those breaks and inflections were distinctive. you couldn’t call at a worse time either, the height of the lunch rush arriving in the restaurant just when souya’s phone vibrated violently in his back pocket. he was gonna ignore it, thinking it was chifuyu placing his order late again, but something prompted him to check. then he saw your pretty name flashing on his screen and he had to answer.
“what’s the matter pretty girl? i’m working, you know this.”
he shoved the phone between his ear and shoulder, balancing it as he spooned up an order nahoya called out to him.
“i know but-“ a tiny high pitch whine escaped you. sweat was already starting to pearl at his hairline, silvery drops rolling down his neck. “can’t- can’t-“
“can’t what?” the adrenaline rushing through his veins spurred his heart on. “use your big girl words and tell me.”
“can’t cum- wanna cum but i can’t”
the grip on the ladle nearly faultered, thankfully he was moving to put it down anyway. with expert fingers he set the small carton down on the table, plastic gloves crinkling as he folded down the tops in seconds, sliding it over to nahoya who’d inspect and bag it for the customer. souya’s eyebrows dipped in, blue eyes darkening just slightly at your confession. but he was confused.
“can’t cum?” silently he was grateful that the chatter in the store was much too loud for anyone to hear his hushed conversation. “you gettin’ greedy on me now, baby? didn’t ‘hoya just fuck you a little while ago?”
you sniffled into the receiver, making a small whine in protest. “y-yeah but-“
“but what?”
“but he didn’t let me cum.”
makes sense. out of the two of them, nahoya was definitely more sadistic. he wouldn’t put it past his brother to fuck you and leave you unsatisfied, nahoya liked being a little selfish at times. especially when you don’t deserve it. you were good, incredibly good for the both of them all week and nahoya just loved making their pretty baby cry too much.
“he didn’t?” souya shot a glare to his brother, of whom shot back a wide smile, cheeks pressed into dimples from the size of it. asshat.
“no.” you whimpered and souya could practically hear the pout in your voice. his tongue swiped over his bottom lip, barely registering the order nahoya called out to him before he was working on autopilot again to dish it up. he could hear the sounds coming in the receiver and swallowed back his groans. while you preferred to stay on the quiet side, hiccuping and cooing and crying whenever speared and fucked mercilessly on one of their cocks, your pussy was different in its entirety. that shit was loud, letting them know just how much you loved whatever they did to you. he could hear the viscid sounds flooding through and imagined your little fingers moving through your puffy spent cunt, flicking around your clit, edging yourself for at least an hour because you couldn’t cum without one of them.
fuck this job.
“playing with your pussy right now baby?” his voice started to get heavier, huffing just a bit as he closed up this order and started on the next one. “tell me what you’re doing.”
you stammered and he cracked the ghost of a grin before it melted back into the irritated expression he usually harbored. you were always so shy with him, mainly because where nahoya bossed you around with actions, souya took to coaxing you with pointed words and sweet little nicknames.
“c’mon darlin’, i’m still busy, remember?”
like that.
“i-“ there was a slight shuffling, likely you making yourself comfortable. “i’m using one finger and playing with my clit. it doesn’t- doesn’t feel like how you do it though.”
souya sucked in a breath. “hm? thinking about my fingers too baby?”
“mhm,” he could hear the daydream in your voice. “they’re so much bigger than mine.. ‘n they know what to do.. could make me cum easily.”
thank heavens he did this enough to work on muscle memory, otherwise he’d be messing up everyone’s orders by now. “yeah? tell me what else you like about them baby, and play with yourself while you tell me. want you to imagine i’m there right now, playing with your pretty pussy just like you deserve, making you cum so much for me.”
you gasped, and you must’ve switched to two fingers because the little ‘schlick schlick’ sounds got even louder. “souya,”
“go on. tell me.” he licked the swear from his top lip. “and call me that name i like.”
“y-yes sir.”
fuck, you were just so good.
“i like how rough they are,” your fingers moved on their own accord, bleary eyes blinking up at the ceiling, fogged over in your daydream. “and how you fuck them into me. and how you-“
your movements mimicked your words, two fingers just barely stretching your hole when you breached its entrance, raising your knees back so it was easier to sink in to the palm. a small sigh left you, eyes fluttering at the slight stretch. there was no familiar burn that made your teeth clench, but there was something. “-you sink them down and your palm hits against my clit same time. it feels-“
“yeah,” your fingers curled up against your front walls making you sigh out again. “good.”
the accolades went right to souya’s head, mind clouding over with the lovely image of trying to mimick how he fucked you. he bit his lip, sliding two more orders over before telling his brother he’d be back, peeling off his gloves and taking off his apron without second thought. he disappeared quickly into the office, pushing down his sweats the second he slumped into the couch, freeing his cock that paid much too much attention to the words you were saying.
“fuck yourself harder for me, sweetheart.” he slouched against the couch, pulling the hem of his t-shirt up over his toned stomach, grabbing his cock at its base and pumping it immediately. “wanna hear all those pretty noises i like so much. think you can handle that?”
your answer was shaky but convicted, raising your hand and slamming back into your cunt as he would’ve, making you keen and clench around your own fingers. “yes sir.”
souya breathed out a soft moan, propping his elbow on the back of his chair to hold his phone better. your moans filled the receiver, paired with the sloppy noises of your cunt and souya loved every second of it, coaxing and cooing right along with you. he slapped his dribbling head against the flat of his tummy, hissing at the pleasurable sensation that sparked through his tip, stroking up to put pressure near it. “fuck, baby girl, wanna know what i’m thinking about?”
you almost didn’t hear him over the sounds of your slick, warmth beginning to creep over the swells of your thighs and peak into your tummy. “wh-what, sir?”
he licked his lips with a sigh, his head falling back against the couch. “that sweet little pussy you have.” the way you gasp went straight to his dick, twitching in his own hold. “and how it must be fuckin’ drooling right now ‘cause it misses me.”
“sir,” you moaned out, toes curling. souya could see the aroused embarrassment on your face already. “sir please.”
“wanna hear more, princess?” his thumb swiped along the glands of his head. “wanna hear how much i miss you too? how i’m happy you called because i’ve been thinking about that pretty pussy all day? couldn’t do shit without you on my mind, and hearing you so fucking wet for me— fuck.”
he hissed through his teeth, bucking up into his hand in tune with one of your mewls. “wanna hear you cum for me, and i want you to take a picture of that cunt afterwards too, alright?”
and look at you, his precious, sweet, good little thing. “yes sir.”
his balls tightened up, hearing you huff and moan into the phone pushed him towards his edge faster than he thought. his shoes braced against the floor, hips bucking up into his hand in tune with the sound of your ministrations on your cunt, and he could feel that hot coil in his base threatening to snap at any moment.
“three fingers on your clit right now baby,” he panted out, squeezing his hold on his cock as he looked down at his own red hot flushed head. “play with that pussy, lemme hear you cream for me.”
“sir!” you gasped, following instructions, sliding your hands from your ruined hole to your puffy clit, quickly flicking and rubbing circles into it. your back arched up, thump of your heart heavy against your chest, and your own hips moved to grind down into your hand. “sir it- i’m gonna-“
“do it,” he all but begs, feeling his high closing in on him too. “fucking do it right now.”
that was it. his demand left no room for deflection and your body had no intent to. your back arched up, phone falling from its perch on your shoulder to the pillow beside you, thighs quivering as your head slammed back in the pillow, warm white clouding your vision and licking at the sensitivity of your skin. you moaned, the loudest moan he’d ever heard from you, leaving no choice but to scramble to hold his phone between his shoulder as his hand flew to the couch, nails digging into it as his hips jutted up into his grasp, balls snapping up into him, cum shooting out from his tip with such a force that he gritted out your name almost angrily.
“fuck me!”
your highs lasted for what felt like minutes— far too long for him to be whisked away in ecstasy while it was the height of the lunch rush. but at this point souya didn’t give a fuck, pumping out the rest of his cum out his twitching cock as he crashed back into the chair, knees giving out on him.
“don’t clean up.” he swallowed, barely huffing out through pants into your cottony ears. your haze cleared just enough to hear him, a noise of confusion sent back to him.
“don’t you dare clean yourself up. fuck the picture, i’m coming over to see how messy you are for me right now. gonna fuck that pussy properly as soon as i get in the door.”
nahoya could handle working on his own for a day.
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bjbex · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
mmm yes my fic for my lovely affy’s (@seita) corrupt a virgin collab!! make sure you check out the other amazing writers that are participating :)))
Tumblr media
⊵ pairing; suna rintaro x f!reader
⊵ cw; dubious consent, religious themes (use of purity rings), church-girl! reader, loss of virginity, oral (m. receiving), corruption, light choking, uhh idrk what else that’s p much it
⊵ words; like 5k idk
Tumblr media
Suna looks almost out of place in your doorway, relaxed and unmoving with his khaki slacks and crisp white shirt, but the air about him is noticeably stiff. Uncomfortable, like he'd carved a space out just to fit.
You’ve only seen him from this close at church, in passing moments where the crowds were thick and the music was even louder. But here, in the sanctity of your own house, of your bedroom, there was nowhere left to hide.
It doesn’t help that he’s never even spoken to you, either, always guarded by that smooth expression, but there was always comfort in the unyielding. Made it easier for you to indulge in such fantasies— especially when your entire being ached to reach out and touch.
Just a quiet, secret indulgence that didn’t hurt anyone— well apart from yourself.
You never thought that plague would follow you home.
Swallowing the anxiety that rattles your lungs, you manage a frown, hands twisting nervously. It pauses you from studying your reflection, and you find yourself turning to face him.
“I-I thought you were leaving after dinner.”
“Your brother invited me to stay.” Suna says, stepping in close. It’s too hard to keep up the eye contact you turn away, letting him take it for permission.
The door clicks shut behind him, and it’s almost louder than the thud of your own heart.
Suna walks in like he owns the place already— stops just a fraction short of plastering to your back. His hands, in one sweeping move, find your hips, “Why? Don’t wanna see me?”
“I didn’t say that.” You mutter, meeting your own gaze in the mirror. Suna is looking back at you, too— at the way his fingers push up the edges of your top, baring the slightest bit of skin.
“You want me?” Damp lips press into your temple, heat digging into the stabbing urge that builds in your gut. You twitch when his hands vanish beneath your shirt, coughing around the shivering noise he threatens to force free. “Been seein’ the way you look at me.”
“Well-” You’re cut off by his searching hands, slipping beneath the hem, but it’s gone before you can even think too deep, smoothing over your tummy on the way down.
There prodding between your wobbly legs, and Suna’s knee makes you all-too aware of the damp spot that’s growing there, sticking the fabric uncomfortably to your body.
“You want me to touch you here?” He murmurs absently. Your head falls back without meaning to, seeking more contact despite the part of your brain that tells you not to. You shove into his slow rolls against your ass, muffling the whine that builds in your throat.
Suna nudges your shirt up again, palm running over your tummy, pinkie dipping below the waistband of your shorts. The faint touch has you swallowing, thick and unsure until he continues, “Right here?”
“I—“ You finally gasp, and Suna doesn’t hesitate to dip between your inviting legs, sliding through the sticky cotton of your shorts and dragging across your panties. The arousal he’s met with makes him click his tongue, cooing softly.
“This wet already? I’ve barely done anything.”
“You shouldn’t be doing this at all,” You gasp, sinking teeth into your lip to smother the noise.
“Victoria liked it.” Goosebumps split down your back, and you flinch back when your shorts are nudged up, careful and calculated.
The sound of your friend's name brings about a sudden, violent clarity— drags you back down to earth with the taste of something bitter on your tongue.
“You’re lying,” You spit, but it sounds petulant, a childish protest even to your own buzzing ears. You jerk, dislodging his hands. “She wouldn’t do that.”
And you can say that all you want, but some nagging part of you knows the truth— knows why she had bitten back laughter and stripped her finger of the ring you both carried.
You can remember the envy you’d felt, watching her move with such confidence; talking to who she pleased, whenever she pleased— trading out worn sweaters for less clothes and a personality to match.
You wanted that, but the thought is so uncouth; so filthy it sends a thrill racing down your spine.
“But she did— cried so pretty on my cock, too.” Nails graze your side, a teasing pattern, “Don’t you wanna know what that was like?”
“My parents are home— and my brother—”
“I won't tell if you won't.” He thumbs just beneath your ribs, pushing up a little higher.
Your eyes glisten with tears, dewdrops clinging to sodden lashes, and beneath his stare and you can’t help but feel like nothing more than a petulant child, too scared of the consequences.
Need swells unbidden in your chest, a foreign poison that rises with the urge to give in, a testament to your blind faith- a hunger you’ve never known.
“Pretty girl,” Suna murmurs, voice curling and disappearing like wisps in the wind. It’s a treasure, gracing your ears with the secret promise of divine temptation. “You’re gonna be so good for me, aren’t you?”
Yes, you want to tell him, but no words would ever amount; they’re caught in your throat anyways- stolen by the burn in your lungs and the fire in your heart.
Your tongue is heavy, rooted to your mouth to keep you quiet but what goes unspoken is reflected in those glassy eyes.
“C’mon, Angel,” He sighs, and the words drag a searing heat across your skin, a dwindling flame that leaves burns in its wake. Something wicked seeps in through your bones, ink polluting the starch of your thoughts as fingertips trace the column of your throat. “Let me show you heaven.”
You tense, shuddering once before your hips buck against his thigh, grinding into the inescapable heat of his body.
The taste of paradise at the tip of your tongue makes your mind foggy with whatever wicked spell overcomes you, but you melt willingly into the embrace of pleasure.
Suna wants to swallow you whole— draw you close and taste the sweet, pure divinity on his tongue.
Your lashes flutter, catching the fragile edge of your face before Suna is dipping in, soft and careful. The first, fleeting feel of him against your lips is tentative, searching and unsure before his hand cups your jaw, tilting it softly in adjustment. Careful, like he’s asking a question.
And in the next breath, that faint tenderness vanishes. One puff of air against his lips and Suna is answering with the craving that scratches at his throat, licking into your open mouth and swallowing down the desperate whimpers that follow.
Things are blurred behind your eyes; like the world is buzzing beneath your fingertips and you’re about to vibrate out of your skin. It’s heady, cozy and warm when he nips at your lip and you chase after the sensation with your mouth.
And he’s so careful, holding your head in his hands. His thumbs are rough against your cheeks, fond and you know you’re going to be addicted, as if you weren’t already. You smile, but Suna slides back in tongue first to kiss the expression from your face and it’s euphoria.
Suna is everywhere before you can collect yourself, so encompassing that your thoughts are blanched down to the basics; to nothing but Rin, and the press of him against your body.
You have no time to worry about consequences- about the ring practically burning against your finger.
And in another breath, you can’t help but think that he’s cruel- evil, for handling you with such gentle touches, even when he’s pulling away and breaking you down into nothing.
He feels just out of reach, disappearing beneath your fingers and you whine at the loss. You want to be kissed, drawn dizzy by the press of his lips but Suna seems keen on depriving you of it. Everything feels empty without him there to fill the space. “Rin, I—”
“Yeah? You want it?” The words cut through your haze; draw a weakened whimper from your throat because it’s hotter than it should be.
You nod, unsure of what you’re asking for, but you need more. More of this, more of him- of his touch and his greedy hands- and Suna is all too willing to give it to you, he always is. “Such a pretty girl, you know? So easy for me.”
What’s left of your brain dissipates to mush, knees buckling without the strength to keep them steady but Suna is patient with you, oh so kind as he lets your back slide down the wall, shirt rucking up as he guides you down.
You’re so caught up in the tide of his eyes, it’s hard to tell when your knees hit the floor.
His thumb slides over your lip, smearing it over your teeth with enough pressure to make your will crumble. It’s a request, and you can’t obey fast enough, mouth falling open to taste the salt of his skin.
Suna lets it rest there, rubs over with the smooth pad of his finger before two are sinking to the back of your throat, thrusting them shallowly for a few painstaking moments.
He watches the traction; the doe-eyed gleam in your eyes before they’re slipping away, smearing the frothy mess of spit over your chin. The sight makes his gaze soften, pride quirking the corner of his lips.
Instead of speaking, Suna finds balance in the wall, bracing there as his free hand works the hardening cock out of his sweats. The nerves hit you then, eyes wide and frightened at the way he suddenly seems to loom over you.
“Do you want to make me feel good?” He asks, seemingly sensing the anxiety. You nod, starry and honed in on him like he’s the only thing to exist.
Suna pats your cheek with wet fingers, squishing together your cheeks before he reaches again. “Of course you do, so good, aren’t you?.”
The praise makes you soften, shoulders dropping when he twists a hand around to the back of your head, nudging you down even further as his boxers are finally tugged away.
The initial fear is what hits you first, but you’re honestly not sure what you expected.
It doesn’t look different in person; sure, it doesn't have that perfected touch that comes from a camera’s lens in porn, but you suppose you can’t be disappointed. It’s hard, flushed where it curves upwards towards his tummy.
Your eyes trail up one of the thick veins along the underside, and you swallow when it bobs, making a noise far in your throat. Curiosity tugs your forward, desire snaking through blistering veins.
“Rin- I don’t know if I can-”
“Here,” he says, plucking one of your limp hands from your side. Suna uses it to replace his own, curling around the thick base.
The weight of it is foreign in your hand, and strangely enough your heart is begging to beat a little faster. You open your mouth to speak but the words fail you, dread seizing it up tight.
“It doesn’t bite,” Suna chuckles, fingers stroking over your nape. He applies the slightest pressure, goading you closer.
You don’t resist— find that you don’t want to, and blink when he smears the sticky head over your lips.
Your mouth waters in response, tongue darting out to lick the residue from your lips. It grazes the slit, and Suna makes a soft noise at the sudden flare of pleasure, hips pushing up.
It’s encouraging enough for you to swallow your nerves, wiping your sweaty palms onto your shorts.
You might be new to this but you aren’t stupid, and Suna knows that.
“C’mon. Open your mouth,” He commands, and the contrast is so jarring, you yield to the fingers digging into the plush of your cheeks. Suna expected resistance— a little more of that stubbornness he loves to break down—
But you’re so sweet about it, so pliant and willing when he thumbs over your lips, rubbing a finger into the slick, wet heat of your mouth before he pushes it down onto his cock.
You nurse the head on your tongue at first, licking so tentatively he can’t help the buck of his hips, shoving deeper. It pries your jaw open the slightest bit and Suna can't wait to see the stretch when you take it.
You drag yourself backwards, wincing at the taste when you swallow the spit building beneath your tongue. Suna bucks into the hole you make with your fist, slick and sinful. “I don’t- I’ve never done this before.”
Suna snorts; the shaky curl of your fingers was proof enough, but there’s no judgement when you meet his eyes— only fond adoration, like he’s watching a puppy fumble it’s first few steps.
“Just watch your teeth.” He says, and the bite in his tone has your thighs rubbing together, itching to give in.
He thrusts again, not enough to rock your head but enough for him to slip further along your tongue, grazing the palate of your mouth.
It’s already a lot; too much to know what to do with, so you swallow the best you can, struggling to accommodate.
“You can take more than that,” Suna chastises, nudging you forward, “Just a little deeper, baby.”
The nickname loosens your nerves- has your jaw going just a bit more lax until he can slip further in, watching in fascination as you gag.
It’s a strange sensation- the salty head of his cock pushing at the back of your throat and the obstruction makes you cough, spit slipping out around it.
You feel so sloppy, slobbering like this, but Suna’s hand keeps you steady— trapped with nowhere to go. The thoughts slip from your head when you sink down, throat spasming.
The sharp burn in your eyes is startling, and through the dew on your lashes, you look up. Suna doesn’t look upset at the fact you almost choked— there’s something raw in the way he’s starting at you; a crack in his experienced composure.
“That’s it,” He hisses between clenched teeth, keeping your face there and stuffed. Your nose brushes the hair at the base of his cock, tears prickling in your eyes and it’s so much you can barely muffle another gag. “Take it, baby. Choke on it.”
There’s no room to protest- especially when it’s a struggle to pull air in around him but you stay obedient, eyes flickering up to the way his face screws up tight with pleasure.
The fingers curled around your skull are solid, keeping you pinned. Your hips seem to seek friction on their own, knees readjusting every so often it’s almost unbearable.
The grip loosens when he pants, finally pulling from between your lips and you gasp for air like you can’t get enough, whining pathetically when he plunges right back in. You tongue the underside as best you can— lapping up whatever drips out of the angry tip.
Spit dribbles past the corners of your lips and you choke on it as it puddles at the floor between your knees.
Hands dig into your neck, nails scraping as you take as much as you can. Your thighs tense, cunt aching and twitching around nothing.
“Look at you,” He breathes shakily, thumbing where your lips are thinned around the root of him, “So pretty when you’re on your knees- all stretched around my cock like a good fucking girl.”
Static ripples through his brain, fuzzing out his thoughts for a second before his stomach knots, jaw clenching at the sudden burst of pleasure. He wrenches your head back, knocks your hand away to squeeze his own tight at the base.
You make a strange noise, a complaint, before finally looking to meet his eyes, “Did— did you not like it?”
Suna snorts, pats you gently on the cheek before cupping your jaw, using the leverage to ease you onto your shaky feet. “It was good, just wanna do somethin’ else.”
He crowds you towards your bed, shuffling so close you have to step back, knees hitting the mattress. It only takes a little bit of pressure to get you to fall back, allowing you to fill whatever space is left.
You curl in on yourself the slightest bit, insecurity flaring when he exposes you fully, but the vulnerability makes your body flush with heat, hands crossing over your chest, “Stop looking.”
“Bit late for modesty, don’t you think?” Hands find your knees, prying them apart so the arousal smeared across your thighs hits the chilling bite of the air. “You just spent the past five minutes gagging on me, baby.”
And you moan so pretty when he says it, back arching and head burrowing into the pillows. He wants more, wants to see those wide eyes cloud with tears— wants to see that pretty mouth full of things you’d never thought of.
He’s driving a second finger in before he’s aware of what he’s doing, keeping you pinned under his scrutinizing gaze.
You wince at the stretch, flinching away the slightest bit and Suna fights back a grin; loves the way your face screws up in that dulling pain. He wants the satisfaction of seeing your regret, next— of the shame you’ll be swimming in for years to come.
The words hurt, fill you with a doubt for a split second because you're not easy, but you shake it away, trying to lose yourself in the cascading pleasure he ignites down your spine.
Warmth pools low in your tummy, lighting the world behind your eyelids when his fingers curl, and he croons low in his throat.
“I— I can’t believe we’re doing this,” You pant, voice weak and overwhelmed. “This is cr—crazy right?”
Suna revels in the sound; when your chest is heaving and you sound small, like you can’t believe someone is willing to meet you in the ruins of innocence, and face purgatory together. He squeezes your hips, digs into the plush of your body.
He makes a noise of confirmation, one that he doesn’t really mean.
And you kiss him, gentle and sweet before Suna makes it filthy, because there’s no other way it should be. Not when he’s wanted this for so long, and finally has the sun at his fingertips, crowded against him while he swallows it whole.
Your hands twist in his shirt, drawing him even closer, and hunger crowds out everything but the need consuming him.
So he pushes— so hard you can feel the plaster dig deeply into your back, but it doesn’t matter. Suna could pry that ring from your finger and rip the faith from your chest just because he can— because you’re so willing, and he’s allowed to take what he wants.
“Needy girl,” he says, fingers scissoring. His mouth waters, enraptured by the way your pussy drools around him, palm glistening when he grinds it into your clit, reveling in how it makes you tremble. “Such a perfect fuckin’ girl, can’t wait to feel you wrapped around me.”
“Rin,” You keen, saying his name like it’s the only prayer that matters. “Want you so bad— can’t wait—”
Air vanishes from your lungs, high and surprised when Suna cuts you off, barreling through whatever you try to say next, “Yeah? Gonna let me fuck you?”
“God, please,” You mewl, twisting in the sheets.
“Not quite,” Suna chuckles, huffing a smile against your lips before he draws one beneath his teeth, nipping lightly.
“Knew you’d be so easy for me— knew I could get you like this,” Suna murmurs, twisting his fingers sharply. “Gonna look so pretty all spread for me.”
Your clit throbs desperately, hips locking up tight despite your effort to keep them moving against his hand.
“‘M gonna cum,” You confess, heart in your throat. Your pussy pulses around his fingers, desperate for more, “I can’t- can’t-”
“Shh,” He soothes, sliding another in just as you flutter, “Just let go, angel. Cum for me.”
You can only do as he requests, gasping when static erupts down your spine. Suna is patient when he kisses you through the orgasm; slides a tongue into your open, panting mouth to taste the pleasure that lurks there.
He grins, slides his fingers free almost as soon as the feeling comes, and it’s slipping away in a haze of dulling nerves before you can savor it.
Frustration screws up your face, nose scrunching in anger when your eyes finally ease open. “Why?” You grate out, feeling close to tears. “Why’d you do that?”
“Quit whining,” Suna frowns, tapping the head of his cock against your clit, “I’ve got something better than my fingers.”
“Oh.” And just like that, every stubborn inch fractures and you spread your thighs so easy, bearing that weeping cunt for his eyes only. He catches the way your thighs twitch, knees bending briefly when all he does is stare but his hands dart in to keep them open, gaze dark and hungry. “Are you going to put it in?”
“Put what in?” He asks, running his tongue across smirking lips. “Let me hear you say it, angel.”
You don’t have to answer— Suna will fuck you whether you give in or not; split you open and get you all messy regardless.
But you surprise him, voice thick with so much shame, shivers break out across his skin, “Want you to fuck me— want your cock.”
It doesn’t take much more than that, because Suna is shuffling forward and lining up with hands that are shakier than he means to let on.
He’s met with resistance so he pushes through it, into the gooey warmth of your pussy until he can pop the thick crown of his cock inside of you, groaning as your walls give around him.
It’s immediate- the way your pussy tightens desperately around him, as if intent on sucking him in the rest of the way. It’s tight, and he’s struck with such heat, he pants into your ear, throat bobbing with the force of his swallows.
His hand flexes against your hip, tightens to the point of pain, before he shudders, letting you go all at once.
“Rin,” You keen, but the sound is broken off into a pleading cry, breathless and soft. You can feel your eyes rolling back, lashes fluttering. “S’big—I can’t-“
“Almost there, baby.” The drag of his veins along your walls makes you whine, melting into the stretch. Your nails dig into his shoulder, a clawing buffer for the brief flash of pain. It makes him still, hips flush against your ass. “Shh, that’s it.”
You gasp for air, pawing at what you can touch, and digging until he hisses softly into your neck.
“Relax,” Suna grunts, voice a low, pleased rumble. His cock throbs inside of you, dragging your attention right back to the pleasant burn that ripples down your spine. It draws out another hitched whimper from your chest, teeth sinking into your lip when you reflexively bear down. “Fuck, stop doing that.”
“I- I can’t help it.”
The words are watery, catching his attention so Suna pulls back to look at you, straight into your wide, fearful eyes, like you’d done something wrong, and his heart softens, voice lowering to a gentle croon.
It reminds him that you’re new to this- to the new sensations and touches- the ones that only he can give you.
“I know, Angel,” he soothes, stroking over your cheek until the tears subside. His tongue runs over his teeth, watching the fog in your eyes dissipate just the slightest bit, “You’re such a good girl, just take a deep breath for me. Gonna feel so good in a bit, I promise.”
You don’t have time to think too hard, yielding to the pleasure when he leans over your body, shoving his cock deep enough to scramble you. Your body can’t help but push into it despite the fact, greedy and desperate.
“Yeah?” His words are punctuated with a hard thrust, and the head of his cock collides with that spongy spot from earlier- the one that makes your eyes roll back. “That feel good?”
You try to answer, but the breath you take makes you all too aware of him twisting inside of you, hollowing you out.
Suna’s teeth flash behind that carnivorous smile, lips bitten and red as they press into yours for one bruising moment.
You’re not given an ounce of control, pliant for him to fuck however he wants because you’re too busy begging to worry about it. Nothing could be better than this— better than the shove of his hips and his cock filling your pussy.
Your mouth falls open and hungry, gasping for breath you can’t seem to grasp. Your lashes flutter, sweat dipping down the grooves of your face when Suna thumbs over your cheeks.
His mind wanders, to the dozens of faces he’s seen torn apart like this, but nothing is quite like yours— like the way his body reacts to the visceral stimulation.
“Baby,” He murmurs, and the words are so soft they shock you still for a moment. There’s awe in his breathless voice, “Look at me. Wanna see those pretty eyes.”
You comply easily, eyes rising hazily and they’re so lidded, Suna pushes as deep as he can, just to watch the whine spill past your lips, face melting like the whore you are. “That’s it, just like that— Take it.”
His cock sinks into the heat of your body, groaning at the way your cunt swallows him. It makes you squeal, clawing at the planes of his shoulders when the slick squish of your body meets your ears.
It’s humiliating, embarrassment rushes in so fast your entire body flushes with an indescribable heat.
“Fuck.” Suna snarls, hips snapping harshly, “So tight. You’re gonna cum, aren’t you? Filthy fucking girl.”
Something incoherent leaves your mouth; a scrambled mess that Suna just laughs at before closing a hand around your throat, squeezing enough to leave you breathless until you give, coming around him so hard your mind seems to separate from the rest of you.
The wave of euphoria that crashes down is terrifying, like being suspended in air and dropped down to earth all at once and it never seems to stop—
Even as he cradles your head and fucks gently into your spasming pussy, rocking until the violent ringing in your ears dulls down to nothing.
Suna mumbles when the tension finally melts from your bones, detangling your arms from around his neck to gingerly ease away.
Your stomach flips, an effort to rekindle the flames of arousal but you whine when it makes your throbbing clit twitch with overstimulation.
“Gonna flip you over, okay?” Suna grunts, and you aren’t too aware of what he’s saying but you nod anyways, wishing for a second that you had been.
There’s no time to prepare yourself before Suna pulls out, agonizingly slow.
It leaves you painstakingly hollow for one shattering moment while he man-handles you, guiding you over onto your stomach. The biting clarity is upsetting for a second but you go easily, looking over your shoulder when he hikes your hips up.
The kindness from earlier is an act that long since vanished, and Suna isn’t gentle when he shoves back in, folding over your back. The trembles return full swing, worsening when he finally starts fucking you in earnest, grip pinching.
“Too much?” The angle is almost brutal— every thrust beats pressure into your cervix, body locking and thighs trembling with every smack of his balls against your ass.
It all hurts so good; has you sniffling and sobbing but you’re creaming around him anyways, shaking your head and blabbering mindless nonsense like you can’t stop.
“God, you’re such a fuckin’ slut.” He spits under his breath, but you barely catch it through the white noise. It ripples through you, stinging in a way you probably shouldn't find hot but your back arches anyways, curving up to meet him. “My little whore.”
You can only whimper, twisting in his grip in a demand for more and he grants it without question, “Yeah, you fucking love that.”
You grab at him for purchase but every thrust has it slipping away, body jostled and used like nothing more than a toy but the feeling makes you drool, spit smearing down your chin when you finally roll back to meet him.
“Take it, pretty girl,” He cooes. Suna drags you back, speeds up and spears you open even when you cry for him to slow down. You squeal, but with a flare of brute strength, he forces you back down; plants a hand between your shoulders and shoves.
he fucks into you even harsher, grabbing at your jaw to make you answer. your tongue is heavy in your mouth, refusing to cooperate but you force it to move anyways, eyes rolling back from the pleasure.
“Wan’ more,” You sob, cracked and uneven as your body is jostled, cock prodding deep inside of you. You push back into his punishing thrusts— into the fat shape of his cock, “S’good Rin, want this all the time— love it— love you.”
He’s sure you don’t mean it, can’t mean it when he has you speared open and hysteric, but the slur of the words make his stomach turn pleasantly and he can’t help but moan into your shoulder, biting at the skin within range— marking. The confession makes him hungry, hungry for more; for everything you have left to give.
“Know you do,” Suna spits. The bed rocks when he peels away, shoving you neck first back into the mattress so he can snap his hips in earnest. There’s a wet sound with every noise, “Been dying for it, haven’t you? All mine— mine, Angel. Mine to fuck whenever I want.”
“Yeah— m’yours— yeah yeah.” You sob it more than you say it but Suna doesn’t care— he’s too busy staring at the slutty bend of your back and the feel of your pussy tightening. “Wanted you so bad— fuck-”
The curse is strange falling from your precious lips, but Suna can’t get enough— wants to hear what other sin he can drag from them. He withdraws slowly, keeping you open and stretched on the fat head of his cock before he shoves back in so hard the frame hits the wall.
It makes him wince, a cruel reminder of the world that exists outside the two of you but it won’t matter for much longer, not when you’re sticky and creaming around his cock.
“Easy,” He purrs, chin hooking over your shoulder. His hips smack against your ass, fingers digging into your hips before he smooths it over. “Gotta calm down, angel, can’t let anyone know I’m in here.“
Suna knows— understands that you’re too delirious to even know what he’s saying but the way you nod is so enthusiastic he laughs, nosing over your neck. He nips you, teeth sinking in with enough force to drag you back to reality.
“Fuck,” He groans, and the friction against your sweet spot grows relentless, so overbearing that every pant brings what feel like tears to your eyes. Your walls tighten around him, dropping when he releases his hold on you to drag both to your waist.
“You’re close aren’t you?” You can only nod in confirmation, rolling back to meet him in a sloppy rush. There’s fire building low in your core, licking through your limbs and spreading the arctic chill of your high. “Gonna cum again? Milk me dry?”
Your arms twist behind your back, grabbing for his wrist just to have to contact and Suna gives it easily, crooning at the sight.
“Needy for it, aren’t you?” Suna feeds you his cock again, hitting your sweet spot with dangerous precision and you’re gone, “My slutty girl.”
It’s all you need to finish; going impossibly taught with a violent gasp that makes your eyes roll back to your skull, whiting out without much choice.
The sound you make is more ragged than anything, clawed from your throat like something high and feral.
Suna curses, digs sloppily into your pussy like he means to hollow you out and you’re clutching at him so tight, it only takes a few deep, starving thrusts before he follows you right over the edge.
Warmth seeps into your body; gushes around his cock and you can feel it begin to leak, embarrassingly hot down the backs of your thighs. You twitch in protest, whining softly.
“Easy baby,” He soothes, rough and breathy and everything. His hand finds yours, face nuzzling into your neck when they intertwine so carefully you can’t feel when he begins to work the stainless steel off of your finger.
Suna presses a kiss to your neck, a brief show of affection that turns your brain to putty. “So perfect, all mine.”
You nod sleepily, “All yours.”
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gm--requests · 8 months ago
Coffee Shop Puppy- Daddy! Matsukawa Issei
g e n r e - s m u t.
w a r n i n g s - daddy! mattsun, squirting, fingering, degradation, pussy slapping (once), light! praise, sub-space (breifly), dumbification/bimbofication, massive horse dick mattsun, virgin! reader, breeding kink, use of pet name (puppy)  mention of jay park’s music, if i missed any please lmk
o r i g i n a l  c o n t e n t - i did write this
w o r d s - 5221
r e q u e s t s - closed
inbox thirsts- OPEN
a / n - this was first inspired by @introloves coffee shop worker with Aone fic and then somehow along the way it turned into what it is now... uhm i had two really close friends help me write this, so it is a special piece to me. this is written with a plus-size reader in mind anyone, of course, can read it, and i highly encourage it because i worked hard on this piece. also please leave feedback if you have any. please do not engage in unprotected sex unless you are in a long term relationship with a trustworthy partner.  that being said please enjoy sex as much as you want with the use of aforementioned protection!
When you first met Matsukawa Issei it was at the coffee shop. It was a rainy day and business was dead to say the least. You worked hard to keep yourself busy, alternating between either wiping off the countertops and tables or studying for your upcoming final exams. The dreary weather made the soft music and Christmas lights around the store seem like something out of a movie and you couldn’t help but feel happy and content. 
You’re humming along to some G.Soul song when the bell above the door rings. Your head shoots up excited to have a customer after so long of nothingness. You greet the man with a large, warm smile, he meets your grin with a subtle smirk. He was dressed from head to toe in black and taller than any man you think you’d ever seen. You couldn’t help but size him up. Though the height was impressive you thought better of asking him how tall he was and instead asked him what he’d like to order. 
“The largest iced americano you can legally make me,” he replied, his kind and playful tone not at all matching his lazy, almost sleepy gaze and seemingly disinterested expression. 
“Well all our gallon buckets are being put to use right now, so will this be okay?” You ask, laughing softly, grabbing at the stack of your largest cups. 
The smirk he carried earlier finds its way back to his lips, “I s’pose that’ll have to do.”
You nod to him and turn around, “How many shots would you like sir?” 
When he says five, your head whips around and you look at him a bit shocked. He quirks his eyebrows a bit at your obvious surprise, “F-five?” You ask dumbly, holding up your hand. 
He chuckles, and holds up his hand mimicking your motion. He spreads his fingers and you notice the tattooed lines wrapping around each digit, “Yea, five.”  
You turn around and begin running the espresso machine, two shots at a time, “You must be very tired sir,” you comment as you breeze around the barista’s area. 
“Are you normally this chatty?” He asks, intently watching your plush body move with practiced intent, pouring two of his five shots and starting another two. His question makes your face flush in embarrassment. 
“Sorry, sir,” you say hurriedly bowing to him before returning to making his drink. 
Your apology flusters him a bit, as he was only joking, one of his large hands comes up to scratch at the back of his neck awkwardly, “No, I don’t mind, I was just asking if, like, you were always this friendly?” 
“Oh, uhm,” you begin as you scoop a bit more ice for his drink, before putting the lid on and turning to him with the same bright smile you greeted him with when he walked through the door, “I try to be! Not to seem cheesy, but you never know what someone’s going through and sometimes all they need is a smile, y’know?” 
He hummed in response and reached out to grab his drink from you, giving you a good look at his tattooed fingers. You can’t help the small ‘wow’ that leaves your mouth as you ogle them. 
“I love your tattoos sir! They are super unique,” you compliment still holding onto the cup that he is trying to grab from you. When you realize you draw your hand back quickly and clear your throat, turning your attention to the cash register to ring him up. 
“My name is Issei, Matsukawa Issei,” he says, his simper small and sly, as he reaches into his back pocket for his wallet, “that way you don’t have to keep callin’ me sir, and thank you for your kind compliment...” he trails off the end of his sentence, wanting you to fill in the pause with your name, so you do. 
“I’m y/n, it’s a pleasure to meet you! If I may, uh could I ask why do you have those red x’s on your two middle fingers?” 
“Hmm, y/n, a pretty name for a pretty girl,” he flirts as he grabs his card from the leather holder and hands it to you, his eyes catching yours with an intensity that you don’t remember seeing earlier, “and y’know what they say, ‘x marks the spot’.” 
Despite him not actually saying anything worthy of the heat creeping up your neck, it does anyways and you just nod, trying to convince your body not to get red. Matsukawa watches you with an almost predatory gaze. You were so damn cute. The panicked blush that settled across your skin and your flustered mannerisms had him quickly enamoured. He knew he’d be coming back. 
“Well that is, uhm, very clever,” you say softly as you hand him his card and receipt. Matsukawa doesn’t say anything, just pulls out a few bills before putting away his card and wallet. He moves the cash in between his index and middle finger, passing it to you, his lazy stare returning. 
“Oh no sir,” his eyebrow quirks and you backtrack, “I mean, Issei, that goes in the tip jar,” you scoot the sticker covered container to him and he shakes his head.
“No, I want you, in particular, to have this,” his tone was non-negotiable, but you try anyway. 
“I really couldn’t possibly take all of that, I made you our most basic drink, and,” he cuts you off. 
“Then how about you give me something else?” 
His low voice, met with that scandalous insinuation, had your eyes almost bugging out of your head as you look up at the tall man, but he just laughs, “I meant, why don’t you give me a
nickname? I think I’ll be coming in here more often and the title ‘sir’ just doesn’t sit right with me.” 
“You want to pay me for a nickname?” You eye him with confusion. 
“Well since tipping you for doing your job wasn’t a good enough reason, I s’pose so,” he leans in a bit, making your breath hitch, “Did you think I was trying to pay for something else, someone’s got a dirty mind hidden behind that cute face.”  
You sputter out a flurry of no’s and I'm sorry’s, only to be met with his snicker. Matsukawa places the money on the counter, and turns towards the door, coffee in hand. 
“Y/n-chan, when I come back, I expect a nickname,” he calls out over his shoulder. The bell above the door rings as he steps back into the wet darkness of the rainy, early evening. 
Over the next few days Matsukawa comes in around the same time, always hoping to see you, but instead is greeted by the cafe’s other employees. On day 5 of coming in and not seeing you, he took a little longer pulling his card out, “Uhm, excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to know when y/n is working next would you?”
He looked up to meet the barista’s eyes as he passed the card to him. The barista grinned slyly, “Oh, like, my girlfriend y/n? The one who works here?” Matsukawa tried to keep his gaze empty and lazy, but the surprise did hit him, “I’m Atsumu Miya,” the barista extended his hand outwards, still holding Matsukawa’s card in the other, “Are you a friend of hers?” 
Matsukawa meets the boy's grin, with a smirk of the same intensity, “Yea, something like that,” he takes the boy's slightly smaller hand in his own, giving it a firm shake. 
Just as Atsumu goes to say something, you walk out of the backroom, still tying your apron around your waist. When you see Matsukawa a full smile blooms across your face, “Mattsun!” you exclaim and his gaze falls from it’s intense staring match with Atsumu to you, softening a bit. 
“Ahh, is that the nickname you came up with, little one?” 
Your face is set ablaze by the ease with which he says the pet name, “Mhm, I- I thought it was very cute. I- Is that my new nickname,” you ask, surprising both Matsukawa and Atsumu. Atsumu’s grip tightens on Matsukawa’s hand and Matsukawa shoots him an amused look, before pulling his hand away. 
“Yea, I think it will be,” his eyes back on you, “think it fits you real well.” You beam up at him and his heart melts, but he can’t ignore the sharp dagger like glare Atsumu has on him, “Well, maybe I shouldn’t call you something like that, don’t think your boyfriend here would be too fond of it.” His voice is smug. 
Your eyebrows furrow, “My boyfriend?” 
Matsukawa works hard to hold back his laugh, “Well yea! Atsumu, was it?” He glances at the boy feigning ignorance before looking back to you, “just told me that he was your boyfriend and I’d hate to cause any problems.” 
You turn your head slowly towards the boy behind the counter with you, glaring, “I’m sorry he told you something so insane Mattsun,” you say through gritted teeth, before your voice becomes more matter-of-fact, “I’d never date someone with piss colored hair.” 
Matsukawa swears he sees Atsumu’s soul leave his body as the boy cries out dramatically, “Whose hair ‘re ya callin’ piss colored y/n?! Ya used to say ya loved my hair!” 
“No, ‘Tsumu, I said I loved ‘Samu’s hair. Maybe I’d like your hair more if you stopped lying to valued customers!” You exclaim before turning back to Issei, your lovely smile returning, “Are you all taken care of Mattsun? Is there anything else I can get for you today?”
“Well actually,” he pulls his phone from his back pocket and taps on the screen a few times before handing it to you, “I’d really love to have your number, that way I can see you outside of ordering coffees.” 
You reach out your tiny hands and grab the phone from his one large tattooed hand, “Oh sure! I’d love to see you outside of the cafe! Maybe, uh, maybe we could go out to lunch!” 
“Make it dinner and you’ve got yourself a deal, little one,” he replies, watching you quickly type in your number before handing the device back. 
Happy with the new contact information, he bids both you and Atsumu a farewell with a cocky smirk and a wink. You blush and Atsumu growls. 
The first dinner date came a week after exchanging numbers, he invited you to some swanky upscale place that needed reservations. It had dim lighting and you felt a little out of place. He chuckled at the way you nervously fidgeted with the end of your dress.  He ordered for the both of you and he paid. The whole time acting like a fine gentleman, but a dark hunger never left his eyes. 
The second dinner date went the same way, some fancy restaurant you didn’t know even existed; you in one of your only few dresses, him in fitted black dress pants, and black dress shirt that was unbuttoned enough to have your eyes wandering a little too much. You tried to play it off each time, but he caught you regardless. As he drove you home from the restaurant, he tried his luck and placed one of his large inked hands on the fat of your thigh. You jumped in the seat and he fought back a smirk. His roughened thumb, rubbing back and forth on your soft skin. You wondered why just a small touch like that had heat pooling between your legs. 
Things were progressing slowly and honestly Matsukawa was proud of his patience, but by date seven it was more than wearing thin. That night he passed the turn to your house, his hand on your thigh, the radio playing some Jay Park song real low. His grip on your thigh tightens a bit and you feel your whole body straighten up. You try to calm your breathing, but soon his hand is grabbing at the sensitive flesh on the inside of your thigh. 
“This okay?” his eyes never leaving the road. He sees you nod out of the corner of his eye and tsks, “Use your big girl words, I asked if this was okay.” 
“Yes s-sir,” you stammer out as he pushes your legs further apart. You sink down a bit in the seat to give him room between your plush legs. He smacks your inner thigh in warning and you inhale sharply, “Didn’t I tell you that ‘sir’ shit wasn’t for me, little one?” 
“You did,” your response was quiet. 
“So I guess you’ll have to think of something else to call me, huh? ‘Cause Mattsun isn’t gonna cut it in these situations.” 
In your head you’re mulling over his words. ‘These situations? He wants another nickname, something respectful, but not sir.’ Then his fingers press purposefully against you and the title leaves your lips almost involuntarily. “D-daddy,” you whimper and he smirks. 
“Ah, there she goes,” he murmurs as he continues to rub against the growing wetness of your panties, “what a good girl, you’re a quick learner huh?” 
You nod and this time he slaps at your pussy causing your hips to jump and a high pitched squeal to come tumbling out of your mouth, “Big girl words or Daddy’ll stop right now.” 
Instantly you’re speaking, “Yes Daddy, I am.” 
Matsukawa chuckles, “Gonna have you trained for me in no time,” he remarks as he pulls into the parking garage of his apartment building.  
The walk from the car to his apartment seemed never ending, but now that you were both in nothing but underwear, and you were splayed out on your back in his king sized bed, you couldn’t help but to wonder how things moved so quickly. 
As Matsukawa’s large frame towered over your small one, he couldn’t help but smirk at the way your chest rose and fell heavily despite the fact that he hadn’t even touched you yet or how your pretty eyes stared up at him in some mix between fear and excitement. You looked so soft and vulnerable. 
While one tattooed hand held him up, the other came to grab your face as he harshly pressed his lips against yours. A quiet noise of surprise leaves your throat, but it is smothered by the ferocity of the kiss. His tongue quickly presses into your mouth and he hums as you try your best to keep up. Though your hands come up to grab at his shoulders, the rest of your body softens, sinking into the mattress beneath you, becoming almost limp with want. 
Matsukawa’s leg presses between your thighs and up against your once again dampening panties. The pressure making your hips jump, a small whimper leaving you. He pulls away, letting you catch your breath. His eyes dark as he stares down at you, taking in your swollen lips and slightly glazed over eyes. 
“I’ll be easy with you since this is our first time,” he begins, but you cut him off, your voice shaky and your gaze avoidant, “It is my first time.” 
His normally hooded eyes widen in surprise, before his shock turns into subtle enthusiasm, “Awe puppy is it really?” 
You nod, embarrassed. You can’t help but avoid his gaze as you try to explain yourself, “It’s just- I don’t ever- I don’t go out much and I don’t often find lots of people sexually appealing and it’s like I-” 
That all too familiar smirk lands on his lips again as he watches your face heat up and your words fumble on your tongue, it’s cute. You’re cute. He isn’t surprised that you’re a virgin, but it wasn’t something he thought you’d be so embarrassed about. 
Matsukawa cuts off your innocent rambling by bringing two fingers to your mouth, shoving them in while you’re speaking. While it was precious, he was tired of hearing you say useless things, especially when your mouth could be so much more useful. His tattooed fingers pressed down on your tongue and you immediately began sucking on them. You whimpered around them as he pressed his thigh against your core with a bit more pressure. 
From there Matsukawa moves a bit quicker, his lips pressing against your neck, his tongue running against your pulse point, before biting it roughly. You mewl and tears prick at your eyes, but he doesn’t stop, his large hands grab at your fleshy body, bruising it up easily. The further he moves down your body the less patient he becomes. Every noise or jerky movement you make only stokes the fire in him. You were bombarded by the pleasure, overwhelmed didn’t even begin to describe it. Every time you went to open your mouth and ask him to slow down, the words would get lost behind your pleasured moans.
“Y’know puppy, for someone who’s such an inexperienced, innocent little girl, you sure are eager.” You try to remove his fingers from your mouth to protest his words, but he just shoves them further down your throat, making you gag, “No need to try and deny anything, I can feel how wet you are. You’re soaking my thigh, even through your panties,” he gags you on his fingers again, you wrap both your hands around his big one and he smiles something sadistic, “S’cute,” he finally pulls the appendages from your mouth, spreading the drool across your cheeks messily, “So pathetic.” 
He knew it was a lot for you. He was sure of it, but he couldn’t bring himself to care as much as he should. To put it bluntly, his dick was hard, so much so that it was beginning to be a bit painful and the thought of sinking into your leaking virgin cunny only made the twitch in his cock more violent. So why would he slow down? Especially when he got to hear your cute noises and watch your eyes start to glaze over. He was going to break you, without hesitation.  
After making sure his teeth marks and handprints littered your plush body, he finally made it to your panties. Sitting back a bit he stared at your watering eyes and heaving chest, bringing his hands to the band of your plain black panties, “Puppy, I’ll buy you a new pair,” is all he said before ripping them away from your body. 
You gasp sharply at the feeling of the fabric cutting into you and then ripping away. Before you can reply to him or his actions, he is pressing a long finger into your wet hole. Instantly you are clamping down around him. The moan that leaves you has his eyebrow quirking, “Oh, are you really that sensitive puppy?” 
Honestly, you couldn’t answer if you wanted to as his finger slowly moves in and out of you. The new feeling has your chest tightening and you gasping for air, even more so as he slips a second finger in. Matsukawa licks his lips as he watches his fingers gather more and more of your wetness. He marvels at how it seems as though he isn’t stretching you at all, even as he scissors his fingers. You can’t help the way your back arches off the bed at the menstruations. When he slides the third finger in and presses his thumb to your clit, you all but scream. The pain and the pleasure blinding, too quickly. Already, you feel the tightening in your stomach, “D-Daddy I-,” your words get lost as your brain starts to swim. 
He feels you flutter around him as you speak, your eyes rolling back as his  fingers stay steady. He laughs at how quick you are, how sensitive, and despite the humiliation you cream all over the three digits he has pressed into you. Matsukawa is even nice enough to let your ride out your orgasm, legs already shaking as he keeps pressing into you. When he removes his fingers, he holds them up, letting the light catch the wetness, “Look at the mess you made puppy,” he says as he brings them to your lips, “Clean them off yea? It’s your filth anyways.” 
You nod and open your mouth, bringing your tongue to lap at each inked digit. He hums in satisfaction, “You’re so well behaved, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think that despite you being a virgin you’re a filthy slut anyways? Is that true?” You stop cleaning his fingers to answer, “N-no Daddy, I’m not dir-” A sharp slap comes to the outside of your thigh and you cry out in surprise, “I didn’t say to stop, did I?” You shake your head no and he smiles, shoving all three fingers into your mouth, “See, I bet you thought about me treating you like this after every single date.”
He wanted to keep teasing you, but he didn’t have it in him, not when you were being so damn good for him, “It’s okay if you did puppy, cause I’m gonna fuck you just how I know you want it. Don’t worry I’ll try and be nice with ya,” he pulls his fingers from your mouth and shoves them back into your sensitive cunt, “I know you can barely take these and I’m a lot bigger than this.” 
Your eyes widen at his words, you were able to focus on the pleasure enough with three fingers for it to feel good, but you can’t imagine how anything more than that will feel. It’s already too hard to think and when he removes his boxers and grabs your fat thighs in his big hands, spreading them apart, you begin to feel dizzy. 
Matsukawa watches the worry wash over your features and stops his movements. Taking one hand from your thigh to bring it to your face. His eyes a bit softer as he makes you look at him, “D’you still want this?” 
You hesitate and then both hands are on your face, cupping it gently, “Need you to tell Daddy you still want this before I continue. We don’t have to do this tonight puppy,” you look at him with big wide eyes, surprised by his demeanor change, “I can fuck you dumb some other night, if you aren’t ready.” 
His words catch you off guard and make your breath hitch, he just chuckles, his lazy eyes never leaving yours. Despite being scared, the heat of his body is keeping your warm and you can almost feel the tip of his dick touching your aching cunt, “Daddy, I wanna…” 
“What do you wanna do, puppy?” he asks amused. 
“I wanna,” you try and look away but his presence is all enveloping and you can already feel yourself getting more turned on, “I wanna be fucked by you.” You whisper nervously. 
“Good girl,” Matsukawa praises, his hands leaving your face to trail down your body again this time a bit slower, a little more self control regained. 
His hands end at the underneath of your thighs as he pushes them back, “I’m going to fuck you absolutely stupid and I’m sorry if it hurts a bit at first, but I know you’ll be good and take it all for me, right?” 
You go to nod, but catch yourself, “Yes Daddy,” you huff softly, “I’ll be good, I-I’ll take it.” 
He doesn’t reply, instead just brings one of your legs to wrap loosely around his waist while he lines himself up. Tapping the tip of his dick against your clit, watching your hips jump a bit each time, slowly he drags it through your glistening folds, stopping at your barely stretched hole. Slowly he pushes against you, just to watch you pant for him, but when you look at him over the swell of your breasts, his want to tease fades and he finally gives in. The tip pushes into you with an almost audible pop, and instantly Matsukawa hisses. 
“You’re so damn tight, think I might break this little pussy of yours.” You cry out as he continues to ease into you. His pace is slow and his cock is never ending. Tears stream down your face as your hands grab at the bed sheets and then move to claw at his back as he folds himself over you and pushes your thigh back further.
“Please, please,” you sputter through your tears, and he chuckles. 
“Please what puppy? Daddy is only half way in.” 
This realization makes you sob harder. How could he possibly only be half way in when you already felt so damn full. 
“Aww puppy, are you really crying?” His voice mocking, hooded eyes alight with amusement, “Are you really crying for Daddy’s cock… It’s okay puppy, I know you can handle it.” The whole time he speaks, the drag of his cock against your tight walls makes your eyes screw shut and your breath labored. 
“Just listen to yourself, puppy, you’re panting like a bitch in heat and I haven’t even been able to begin fucking your properly.” 
In reality he knows it hurts, he knows it’s going to hurt quite a bit before the pleasure hits, but he can’t help the words he says, nor does he really want to because he likes the slight quiver in your bottom lip when he says degrading things to you and he really likes the way you unknowingly tighten around him each time. 
When Matsukawa is finally fully sheathed inside of you, you’re barely conscious to know it. His hand tapping firmly against your tear and drool stained cheek is what brings you back to reality. 
“Daddy’s fully inside, puppy,” he says, the lilt in his voice playful as he watches you struggle to focus your eyes. Really you don’t know if you’re blinded by the pain or the pleasure. You can feel him all the way in your throat, his cock pressed snuggly against your cervix. Without him even moving you feel as though you’re going to cum. It’s all you can do to keep yourself in your right headspace, but as he slowly pulls out, you lose your grip on reality. 
He watches it happen eagerly, watches your eyes finally glaze over, the permanent glassy sheen in them. Your jaw falls open, slack, your tongue threatening to lull out. Matsukawa has fucked lots of people, girls, guys, everyone alike, no preference and you definitely weren’t the first virgin in his book of fucks, but already you were the best. Unlike any other he’d ever seen, the way your back arched as he fucked back into you slowly, the way your body shuddered as he picked up speed, you laid there pliantly for him as he worked up to genuinely ravaging your body. 
Begging him over and over again not to stop, to fill you up, all your words slurred, the tears falling freely from your eyes as you screamed for your Daddy. He was losing it, genuinely, you were all he could think about. The rock of your soft, squishy body, your sweet voice as you cried out for him, the way your cunt took all of him, each orgasm milking him of everything he had. 
“Gonna squirt on my cock again, puppy? Gonna wet my dick some more? Fuckin’ disgusting,” he grunted as you came undone for the umpteenth time. 
“Daddy’s s’good, s’deep Daddy,” you whimpered as you covered your thighs, his abdomen, and the bed in your arousal, “Can’t stop-,” you huffed, a broken moan leaving your lips, “cumming Daddy. Please don’t stop, ts’too much but p-please don’t stop.” 
He knew you weren’t really aware of what you were saying, you had long ago forgotten the words leaving your mouth, but that just meant that you meant them even more. You were so drunk on his cock, that you were honest. He knew you meant it the most when you begged him to stuff you full of his cum. Matsukawa knew because even when he told you no, you kept begging for it, until you started crying all over again, you begged for it. 
“Daddy, please, please” you warbled, “Want you to cum in me Daddy!” 
He opened his mouth to grunt out a no, but you cut him off, “I’ve been a good puppy, I can take it Daddy, won’t waste any of it Daddy, please please plea-” 
Matsukawa shoved his fingers down your throat to get you to stop, “Shut the fuck up and quit begging. You’re such an insatiable little whore. Do you really need me to cream in these pretty walls of yours so badly?” 
You nod fervently, softly choking on his fingers, “You’re so eager for Daddy to fuck you full, is that it puppy? You want Daddy to breed your nasty little cunt? Will that shut you up?” 
You gargle around his fingers and the spit spilling from your mouth trying to yes and despite himself Matsukawa laughs, pulling his hand from your mouth and bringing it to help fold you down. He pushes your legs as far back as he can, your breath catching in your throat at the new angle. Issei is so deep that your body involuntarily tries to pull away from him as he batters against your cervix, fresh tears falling from your eyes as his pace increases, his cock so deep your eyes cross. 
“Just to think an hour ago you were an innocent little girl and now you’re nothing more than a dumb, cock hungry slut, you’re so pitiful begging for my cum, but I’ll give it too ya. You’ve been a good puppy for me, so I’ll reward ya.” 
And he does, he presses his hips flat against your plush ass as he releases into your spent cunny. His cock twitches inside of you as he throws his head back in pleasure. The feeling of warmth flooding makes you cum one last time, weak and painful. 
When Matsukawa comes down, he slowly pulls his softening cock from your pulsing cunt. You’re too tired and spent to do anything other than whimper at the emptiness. He watches happily as his cum runs down your folds. He gently places your legs back down on the bed, staring at your limp body. 
He climbs over you and kisses you deeply. You try your best to return it, but find yourself too tired to even do that. A soft dopey smile graces your fucked out face and it makes Mattsun smirk. 
“You did good for your first time puppy, made Daddy real proud. Such a good girl for me,” he says patting your head softly. He goes to get up, but feels you weakly grabbing at him, bottom lip jutted out and quivering, tears already prickling at the corners of your eyes. 
“Daddy please don’t leave,” you whimper and his heart melts. 
You were gonna be the death of him for sure. “M’not goin’ anywhere puppy, don’t worry.” He wasn’t one to take care of the people he slept with, but you had been a little different from the start anyways, so there was no surprise that he cuddled up with you, pulling your small plush body into his tall, muscular one. 
You were his puppy after all, not just a good fuck… But you were definitely that too.
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introloves · 7 months ago
commission for: @kattsamu, @chaotickatts thank you SO MUCH for being so patient with me my love, it means the world.
this is a commission, body type described, skin color also mentioned.
hard dom! sakusa + daddy! sakusa + impact play + praise + pet names + impact play + oral fixation + creampie + f! reader
— word count; 2.2k
Tumblr media
he loves you. sakusa kiyoomi knows he’s in love with you when he reaches out to you past the first couple of dates, swallowing down the shake of anxiety with the thought of you possibly saying no, but you never do.
he knows he loves you when he finds comfort in the way he wraps thick arms around the warmth of your body, even on days where the distaste for any contact weighs heavy- he finds his way to you, wanting to bury a masked face to your neck right after practice, knowing you’re there with open arms. 
even past the fabled honeymoon phase- sakusa kiyoomi is still irrevocably in love with you.
now the both of you have settled into a pleasant rhythm. 
off days don’t come often, but they’re usually spent in your arms- that's what they are normally like anyways, but there’s something different to him this time around. 
he’s found something interesting.
he’s not normally a curious person, but seeing your screen propped up to a certain website certainly piqued any and all curiosity he harbored. twitter was normal, he knew you used it to post art, that wasn't what was so interesting. 
it was what was playing that had sakusa kiyoomi stop in his tracks. 
hearing you preoccupied with something else let him snoop for a second, his own face lighting up at the video playing- eyebrows shooting up with the content of the video, cock already twitching with the thought of doing all of those things to you.
he’s seen enough, quickly straightening up and making his way to you, plan already cooking up in his head, because if there’s one thing sakusa isn't, it's ill prepared. 
and now, he’s lulled you into a false sense of security, eager palms running down every curve, digging into the plushness, blunt nails curling into the warmth.
he eats up every shiver, every keen- he truly wonders how he’s never seen it before, wondering why he didn't read into the shy glances of eagerness when he digs his fingers in harder-
why he didn't connect the way your cunt clenches with vigor with each reminder to keep your eyes on him in the moments you get too lost in the pleasure. 
he thinks he’s the biggest fool for not being so adventurous, knowing deep down that the role you want from him is one he could step into easily. 
so he does, leaning down, lips barely pressing against the heat of your neck, tongue outstretched to lave a lick up the pale skin there. 
cock throbbing, heavy in his sweats while he curls his body down to meet your own- a whispered statement leaves him before straightening up- lips curling up in a knowing fashion at the absolutely flustered expression painting your already pink face. 
“w-what?” you question, trying hard not to squirm even more underneath him. 
he thinks it's really cute, watching your eyes regard him with worry. curls following gravity when he bends down once more, tickling your forehead, sloppy kiss pecked to your lips- huffing out a chuckle before coming away once more. 
“i know, sweet girl.” 
there’s a moment of crawling anxiety when you think back, trying to decode if there’s anything you’ve been hiding from him, because surely he’s not talking about the needs, fantasies, wants you have. 
you’ve kept them tempered down for now, knowing that it’s still too early to spring things on like this- but with the way he’s regarding you, dark eyes pinning you back onto the bed with intensity, you’re not too sure. 
“k-kiyoomi, i don't know what you’re talking about.” you whisper, hands coming down to push against his chest, wanting to run away with the thought, but all he does is catch your wrists- pulling up your hands to lay pretty above your head, fingers on one hand easily capturing both, the other resting right between both tits- slowly crawling up and up. 
“mm, i saw- you left a porn video up... and i saw.” he nearly purrs, cooing at the way you finally squirm, head tilting up against the bed when his hips come down to rub onto the heat of your cunt- grunting at the way your legs kick around him. 
you want to shy away, but he doesn't let you- clearly enjoying the reaction you’re giving him. 
sakusa tsks at the nickname, the slow crawling hand finally reaching your neck, pinching any words or thoughts before he even puts any pressure to the sides of your neck. 
“daddy-” he interrupts, eyes wide with eagerness at the cry you give him, letting you wiggle underneath him before grunting out your name. “i’m your daddy pretty girl, always have been- ‘ts a shame i had to learn what you wanted from a twitter video first.” kiyoomi grunts, giving the hands wrapped up in his a push into the bed, stern reminder to keep your hands there. 
“getting that sweet pussy wet from a nasty little video, when i’m right here-” his eagerness feels like it's teetering over; wanting so badly to have you, wanting to prove to you that he can give you what you want. he brings his hands to the waistband of your underwear, swiftly tugging it down- throwing it carelessly to the side, reaching for the band of his own underwear and getting rid of them too- just a glance at his cock you can see how hard he is, the thought of indulging you in what you crave is nearly too much for him. 
his cock is a pretty pink, deeper at the head. glistening in the light available to you both, thick veins crawling up his length- he only looks at you with lidded eyes, lips parted slightly to pant while he strokes himself. 
your silence has his lips curl up in a kind smile, hand reaching down to bite the pads of his index and thumb on either side of your face, making you look at his dark colored eyes instead of his cock. 
even with the way he's gone stern, there’s still the edges of him rounded out for you- still finding his heart beat in excitement at seeing your cunt, wet and clenching for him. 
he thinks it might be too much to prolong this any longer, so in a swift move- his thighs knock against your own warm and thick ones, slotting his lean and muscled body between the cushion. 
bending his body down to meet your lips, tongue swiping along the pout of your lower lip, sucking noisily while he guides himself to meet you. 
it’s always an effort to take him, but with the newfound eagerness you’ve unknowingly brought sakusa, he wastes no time in sinking his cock down to the hilt in one smooth thrust. 
lips still messily slotted against your own, he swallows up that cute little moan you give him, hands tingling with the effort to keep them off of him, and of course he notices it. 
heavy breathing only heard while the two of you get accustomed to his length, he pulls away just enough to hungrily grunt- hiss that you can go ahead and touch him, voice near warbled with the way it feels to finally be plunged into your cunt. 
“be real sweet about it-” he grunts, stopping any movement of your hands to his body, letting you nod and gaze up at him with pure want at the instruction. 
“mm, ‘ts my good girl.” sakusa grunts, hips stuttering against you when the warmth of your palms meet his neck, fingertips curling up into the already damp curls atop his head. 
the soft whines you give him, your hips already starting to wiggle against him have his eyes shut momentarily. 
he can’t help it- everything about you is just so intoxicating to him, every squeeze your cunt gives him brings a soft grunt, deciding that you're a sweet girl, you can take the first, hard slap of his hips down onto your own. 
and you do, fingers holding onto either side of his head pressing down with it. wasting no time, wanting to hear the sharp slap of skin against skin- he brings his cock back into you, balls squished down onto your ass with the force of it, body crumbling down towards your own. 
glazed eyes meet your own, keening with the way you react at every hard, body trembling thrust, thinking to himself that it’s a shame you’ve kept quiet about wanting to be fucked like this, thick, muscled forearms resting onto the bed by your head, whispering soft coo’s of, ‘it’s okay-’ ‘you’re taking me so well.’ 
you need the reassurance, unable to keep your body still under him, squirming with every jiggle of your tits and stomach and ass- all from the force he’s fucking you with. 
it’s nearly too much and you try to keep still, you do, but he’s never brought his strength down onto you, crushing the air right from between your lungs thanks to it. 
sakusa can only look down, trying to bite back the gentle reminder to keep still, knowing it won't get to you with how hard he’s sinking his cock back into your leaking and pulsing cunt, so he resorts to a way he now knows that will get your attention. 
he pulls away near completely, watching you gasp, trying to reach up and take him back- but he keeps his course, hand coming down to reach your thick thigh, tugging it up and over- bicep curling as he does, keeping his cock inside you while he turns you over, immediately reaching down to hook hands into your hips, helping you perch your knees into the mattress. 
“poor baby-” sakusa grunts, bringing his cock back into you even harder this time, hardness of muscle digging into the fat of your ass- hand reaching back, tips of his fingers coming down onto the already jiggling skin, nearly laughing at your reaction- 
he sees your body tense, feels a gush of arousal leak down his balls at it, watching your ass turn red from the impact before bringing another harder slap. 
“already fucked dumb- arent you?” 
he coos, and of course you can't answer, tongue heavy with lust, eyes crossed as your cheek squishes onto the bed- but that doesn't stop him from hissing out an,
“answer me, brat.” 
the call forcing you to turn your head, legs helplessly twitching, already on the precipice of a blinding orgasm, all thanks to his unending pounding of your pussy. 
“y-yes! daddy-” you sob, hands twisting helplessly into the bedding, whole body once more seizing, unable to breathe when you finally cum, all joined with another slap to your ass, no longer hearing the slap of his hips to your own while you do. 
sakusa stops for a second, just a second to really take in the sharp arch of your hips, the pretty, sharp scream tumbling from your lips while you squeeze his cock. 
it takes him squeezing his eyes shut for just a second, hands still digging into your sides while you shake to keep his own orgasm down, barking out a- “you should see your face.” through a tight clench of his teeth, lilting tone nearly laughing with your whine calling back as a response.
he cant help but look at the way your mouth drools onto the bed, reaching to slide two fingers into your mouth, pressing down onto your tongue, urging you to, “suck” with frenzied eyes when you do. you’re so good for him, of course you would.
he leaves heavy digits into your mouth while he lets your body twitch, groaning with every sweet suck you give him.
he waits patiently for his own turn, waiting until you stop squeezing, until the shake of your body comes down enough to resume his own pursuit to cum, wanting you to be fully aware while he shoots his cum inside you. 
hand landing heavy on the curve of your back to push, wanting you nice and pliant for him, and of course you can’t do anything to oppose him, too tired from a blinding orgasm, only able to coo and listen to the even wetter snap of hips down onto your own- 
eyes zoned onto the strings of your cum attaching his pistoning hips to your own, he knows he won't- can't last long. 
but it’s all okay, slowing himself down enough to whisper one more command-
“mind your manners, and say thank you.” 
sakusa grunts, smooth strokes coating his cock completely with your wetness, twitching with every squeeze. 
your eyes shut tight, still sensitive- letting him have his way with you, and just like he says, spurred on by the final, bone jolting thrust he gives you- he seals himself against your hips to let his thick cum paint every inch of you- you call back, words mixing in with his huffed grunts-
“t-thank you- thank you daddy.” you coo, waiting for him to give you everything, everything he has before letting himself join your twitching form. 
“mm, you’re welcome my sweet girl.” 
he whispers, spent- his own body weak, all with the way you make his heart thrum in his chest. 
sakusa kiyoomi knows he’s in love with you, when he swears he’d bring the stars, and moons, and sun down the sky- he knows he is when he’d do everything for you, finally wrapping strong arms around your form, tucking his face into the heat of your neck- lips finding the quickened pulse of yours and leaving loving kisses there, all while he makes sure you’re satisfied.
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xiaowhore · 11 months ago
skinship hcs
Tumblr media
At first glance, you'd think Xiao would dislike affection. Actually, it wasn't even an assumption—it was an educated guess. You knew well enough how much he disliked associating with mortals if it wasn't for a necessary cause; what more if you dared to try to—god forbid—touch him?
In the first place, how you were able to capture his attention was frankly beyond you. Gaining the chance to converse with an adeptus like him was already a miracle in itself, and you had managed to not only befriend him, but also convinced him to date you of all people. That shit should be part of your resume, because that's pretty damn amazing.
But since you were such a cowardly considerate significant other, you never attempted to touch him more than necessary. You wanted to respect his boundaries and keep an appropriate distance, because that's what he wanted, right? He always avoided humans like the plague, and he likes it when he has his own space. Everyone told you so.
(The one thing you forgot to take into account was the fact that the ‘everyone' you spoke of consisted of people Xiao could care less about.)
You didn't mind the lack of skinship. You were perfectly content with your current situation, even if you didn't hold hands or lock lips like other couples. At the very least, you knew he returned your feelings. Just staying by his side was enough for you.
For Xiao, however, it wasn't. Not by a long shot.
Xiao wasn't very well-versed in romance, but even he knew something was odd about this relationship. Hardly anything differed from the time you were mere acquaintances; you visited him at Wangshu Inn whenever you completed your commissions, and he'd come see you himself if he had time. You'd fill the air with meaningless chatter, and though he enjoyed hearing your stories all the same, he felt as though something was missing.
What part of this seemed like something only lovers would do?
Despite going through the trouble of confessing his feelings and acknowledging yours, nothing changed from the way you treated each other. You continued doing the same routine, repeating each day like clockwork, and it bothered him immensely. What was the point of tip-toeing around each other when you were already dating?
Xiao could tolerate it to an extent. He wasn't sure of what exactly was wrong, but he was a relatively patient man. He can afford waiting it out. Your relationship was fairly new; he needn't rush things. The problem may fix itself over time when you both grow comfortable with each other.
But when Xiao tried holding your hand for the first time and you instinctively pulled away like his touch burned your flesh, he got very... concerned.
“I-I'm sorry!” you apologized sincerely, your sudden movement prompted by genuine surprise. You didn't want to avoid his touch on purpose, but Xiao retracted his hand anyway, keeping his arms folded so no such incident could occur again.
“...It's fine,” he assured you, though his words sounded empty. He continued walking normally after that, but your pace had slowed down from guilt, and you deeply regretted losing the opportunity to touch him.
That small occurrence urged him to finally do something.
He realized he couldn't let things stay the way they were. He wasn't the biggest fan of skinship, but that didn't mean he despised it. Though he didn't crave your touch, he still appreciated when it came.
So he started initiating small acts of affection, one step at a time. Sweeping off the stray hairs covering your face, a guiding hand hovering on your back. A thumb tracing circles on your skin to lull you into sleep. An arm protectively outstretched in front of you when there were enemies ahead.
The first time you reciprocated his actions by hooking arms with him when you went out for a stroll, he was overcome with relief.
Since then, he grew bolder. His touch lingered, leaving traces of heat in his wake. A thumb swiping at your cheek when he gently cupped your face, an arm wrapped around your waist. A finger tapping your thigh—three taps signing “I love you.” A hand tangled in your hair, and a trail of light kisses leading to your neck. The subtle squeeze of your hand to reassure you when you felt anxious.
You've come to find Xiao wasn't a distant lover; he just loved quietly, in ways you wouldn't notice.
If it was for you, he'd be lenient. He wouldn't push your head away if you chanced upon falling asleep on his shoulder. In fact, he'd pull you closer to snuggle comfortably against his arm, pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead before clasping your hand within his own and rest it on his knee.
You learned quickly you got away with a lot of things. He'd probably decapitate anyone else who would dare to touch his hair, but he'd easily allow you to braid his hair (with enough begging). He'll also cave in if you ask him to remove his gloves while you hold hands.
He seldom hugs you. You generally initiate most of your embraces, and at the first few times, he wasn't quite sure where to put his hands. He would awkwardly pat your back, but with enough practice, he came to learn to hug your waist and rest his hand on the back of your head.
His kisses were infrequent, coming in the few moments of peace he has. But that made them all the more memorable, and you'd be sure to treasure each one.
They started as slow and light, hesitant in nature. Xiao wasn't confident in his actions, and you were equally as inexperienced, so your progress... took some time. He didn't know when would be a good time to do it, and neither did you, thus it wasn't a regular occurrence.
...Fortunately, Xiao gets the hang of it pretty fast.
For someone with anemo vision, he sure does know how to knock the wind out of you. Though Xiao kept his strength in check whenever he touched you, he'd sometimes lose his focus when your kisses get too heated and he drinks you in, greedily ravaging your mouth while he tugged on your hair. It really does feel like he's stealing your breath, and it becomes all the more obvious when he gets impatient whenever you part for air. (In the end, you never do get to breathe properly; he starts kissing you again before you know it.)
Whenever his mood turns somber, his kisses get less aggressive, but considerably deeper. His lips always chase after yours even if you pull away for a break, and he's more reluctant to let go of you. You reassure him by running your fingers along his back, easing his tensed shoulders, and you try to keep up with him as much as you can until you truly get tired.
If it's one of those exhausting days for him, you insist being the big spoon when you cuddle. He's usually the big spoon, the one acting as a protective layer, but this time you felt like you needed to obtain that role. He'd refuse at the beginning, finding the idea humiliating, but with enough coaxing, he'd relent to your request. He realized it wasn't so bad when you wrapped your arms around him, basking in your warmth, and it didn't take him long to fall into slumber.
You smiled at his serene expression, kissing his eyelids. You silently wished he'll have a peaceful sleep.
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dreamerstreamer · 8 months ago
Lucky in Love
Pairing: poly!Dream Team x gn!reader
Summary: [Soulmate!AU] It’s one thing to meet your soulmate in a lottery, and another to have more than just one. But when you end up winning Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt raffle, you find your world turning upside down in ways you least expect.
Word Count: 9.9k
A/N: behold, my first commissioned story! this story has been altered from it’s original form so everyone can read it, but the majority of the plot and writing remain the same. i had a lot of fun writing it, and i hope you all like it! <3
Tumblr media
You stumbled into your bedroom with a yelp, your thumb flying across your phone screen to the home button and pressing gently. With a gleam, the time flashed back at you, and your eyes shot wide open.
You were going to be late.
Leaning forward on one leg, you pushed the door behind you shut with your foot, bouncing forward as soon as you heard it click shut. Your eyes swept across the room, your gaze catching on a swath of black cloth sitting at the foot of your bed. With a quirk of your lips, you tugged the shirt off the mattress before turning on your heel. Darting to the other side of the room, you easily settled back into your desk chair and let the shirt drop onto your thighs.
Grabbing your mouse, you moved your cursor to the YouTube bookmark at the top of your screen, your computer screen instantaneously flooding with light. You scrolled over to the left side of your screen, your mouse hovering over a familiar green icon before clicking, a new box popping into view.
Stream starting in 60... 59... 58... 57...
You felt your lungs tighten within your rib cage, your toes curling ever so slightly into the floor. It had been a nerve-wracking month of waiting and pacing, crossing each day off the calendar with an anxious grin. You almost couldn’t believe that the day had finally arrived. Letting out one last breath, you leaned forward, the t-shirt feeling heavy in your lap.
3... 2... 1...
All of a sudden, the screen went dark. Your reflection stared back at you from the dim screen, your excited eyes peering back at yourself with a curious glint. Reaching up, you brush an unkempt lock of hair away from your forehead, just in time for two familiar faces and a lime green icon to appear.
The Dream Team.
“Hey, guys!” Dream said, his voice sounding like a breath of fresh air. “How are you all doing?”
A flurry of hearts flew across the live chat screen, the lines moving by so quickly that you couldn’t tell when one message ended and another started. Practically bouncing in your seat, you couldn’t help the smile that skittered across your cheeks.
“Good,” you whispered aloud to yourself in the quiet of your room. You knew that they couldn’t hear you when you talked like that, that they wouldn’t know you had even replied at all, but it made their streams feel a little more lively nonetheless.
After a brief pause, Dream’s voice filtered through the air once more, just as bright and eager as it was earlier. “Good? I hope the answer is good.”
Your breath hitched in your throat, your heart flipping in your chest as your fingers curled into the shirt in your lap. That sort of thing happened sometimes: a streamer would say something and your verbal response almost made it feel like they were actually holding a conversation, like they were actually with you right now. These sorts of things were always a coincidence, but when everything in your world was connected by fate, sometimes you let yourself be a little hopeful, let yourself imagine that maybe it wasn’t dumb luck—that maybe it actually meant something.
Hell, maybe it meant you could be soulmates.
Soulmates were a tricky thing to think about, really, even if everyone knew they existed and that one day, they would meet theirs. No one could pinpoint when exactly soulmates came to be, but no one rejected their presence either way. It wasn’t like they wanted to, anyways. To have a person who was perfect for you linked to you by the universe—it was no wonder people were more than pleased to discover they weren’t just some old lover’s tale.
But even then, some were skeptics. How would you really know when you had found your soulmate? What if you missed them by accident? For you at least, you already knew what it would feel like. You couldn’t count just how many times you had asked your mother that very question, but you could practically rattle off her words by heart.
“You’ll know exactly when it happens, I promise, sweetie,” she would murmur, stroking your head with a gentle hum and soft eyes. “When you first touch, it feels like... like you’ve been struck by lightning, and you’ll be tingly all over. Something inside you just sort of clicks when you look at them, and you’ll just—you’ll feel it right here.” She tapped her finger over your heart, a wistful expression settling across her face. “It’s... it’s magical, and you’ll never forget that feeling—not for the rest of your life.”
The smile that would tug on your mother’s lips made you all the more hopeful, a heavy yearning settling deep into the crevices of your heart as the years went by. Even now, as you sat watching Sapnap and George bicker with each other while Dream chimed in with a snarky remark, you felt that same fleeting hope rising up in your chest, warm and soft.
Maybe—just maybe—they might be your soulmates.
Not that they actually were, of course. You knew better than to get your hopes too high.
But as you watched Sapnap’s lean a little closer to his camera and listened to George’s breathy laugh, you felt your heart swell the tiniest bit.
Connected by fate or not, these boys were special to you, even if you had never met.
Sapnap blinked as his eyes darted across his monitor, raising his eyebrows with surprise as he let out a short whistle. “Oh, wow, we’re pulling... holy crap—over seven hundred thousand viewers, right now.” You could vaguely hear the scrolling of his mouse, his lips twitching. “Everyone sounds so excited in chat, too.”
George’s eyebrow quirked. “I mean, of course they are. Manhunts are loads of fun—who wouldn’t want to be a part of them?”
Sapnap’s face split into a teasing grin, and he leaned back in his chair. “Ooh, you sure sound cocky, George.”
George blinked once, then scowled. “Wha—shut up, it’s true! Why else would there be so many people here?”
A devilish gleam flickered across Sapnap’s gaze. “To see your pretty face, maybe.”
George’s frown deepened, his eyebrows knitting together into a glower. “Sapnap, you—”
“Look, look,” he cried, wagging his finger at his monitor, “even chat agrees!” His lips curled up into a smirk, mischievous and amused all at once. “You’re not gonna say chat is wrong, are you, Gogy?”
You could have sworn a hint of rose flushed across George’s cheeks as he averted his gaze from his camera, his voice coming out softer than before. “W-Well, I—”
“Boys, boys,” Dream suddenly cut in, George’s words trailing off in an instant. Despite the firmness of his words, there was an amused lilt to his tone, the smile evident in his voice. “You’re both pretty, alright, but can we please move on? I bet everyone’s dying to know who won.”
George opened his mouth, then let out a sigh, shaking his head with a hint of a smile gracing his lips. “You know what, Dream’s right. Let’s move on.”
Sapnap snickered on his side of the screen, still grinning widely. “You just can’t handle the truth.”
George groaned, deadpanning into the camera. “We are not starting this, again.”
Sapnap smiled, but didn’t get to speak before Dream cut him off. “You’re right,” he said, sounding a tad more hurried than before, “we’re not, because I’ve got the results, right here.”
You suddenly sat up, your heart stuttering. That same spark of hope fluttered up between your lungs, and you found yourself shuffling your chair forward, squinting in anticipation. Curiosity quivered around the edges of your mind, a certain eagerness pawing at your side as you watched a white pop-up fill the stream.
Everybody had an equal chance of winning—you knew that. That everyone may include you, but it also included every other person who bought one of those shirts. It didn’t take a genius to know that you weren't going to win. After all, not everything was guaranteed like having a soulmate was.
“And,” Dream began, dramatic and slow, “our winner is...”
You squeezed your hands, clasping your palms together with a feeling you couldn’t quite name.
“...shirt number 267815!”
You blinked, your brows furrowing together. That number sounded... oddly familiar. Your eyes flickered down to the shirt in your lap, the white tag peeking back up at you.
It couldn’t be.
All of a sudden, Dream’s voice rang through the air once more, sounding even clearer than ever before.
“Oh, and the name connected to the shirt is... [Y/N]!”
Your heart came to a screeching halt in your chest, your eyes shooting wide open as your jaw dropped.
I... won?
You gaped at your screen, only half-registering the sight of Sapnap and George clapping. The chat had become a blur of words you couldn’t bring yourself to read, your vision growing hazy and unfocused with shock. I must look crazy right now, you thought to yourself distantly, rubbing at your face. This can’t be real.
George’s gaze locked directly onto the camera, and for a second, it almost felt like he was speaking directly to you. “Congratulations, [Y/N]!” He wrinkled his nose with an apologetic smile. “I hope I’m saying that, right. If I’m wrong, please tell me.”
Sapnap chuckled, shooting him a devious grin. “Knowing George, he’s probably wrong.”
Your lips twitched at the frown that flitted across George’s face before Dream took over again. “Ignore them—they’re being dumb.” Before either of them could protest, he quickly added, “Anyways, welcome to Minecraft Manhunt! We’re looking forward to meeting you. We’ll send you an email soon, and you can give us some more info there.”
You nodded at your monitor, your lips still parted in surprise. “We’ll be ending the stream now,” Dream continued, “but thanks so much for everyone else who participated. Your love and support mean the world to us!”
You could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke, and it sent a rush of warmth shooting down your spine. “[Y/N],” he murmured, suddenly sounding soft, “we’ll see you soon.”
As George and Sapnap waved one last time at their cameras with excited grins, you swallowed. Your heart rattled in your chest as the screen faded back to black, and you found yourself sitting face-to-face with your reflection once more.
You were right—you looked just as dumbfounded as you felt.
Slowly, you closed your mouth, lowering your gaze to the shirt in your lap. The axe that was laid out across your thighs somehow seemed brighter than it did before, almost as if someone had painted over it with a newer, shinier layer of white.
Lifting the shirt to your chest, you felt a wide grin tug at your lips—wider than any grin you had ever smiled before.
Maybe you were luckier than you thought.
Tumblr media
Your finger hovered over the left button of your mouse, your breaths coming out shaky and short as they pumped through your lungs. The Discord call already had three icons waiting for you, and all you had to do was click to join them.
Breathe, [Y/N]. You’re only about to talk to three of your favourite content creators on the planet. It’ll be easy.
You paused, listening to the sound of your heartbeat thumping in your ears.
Oh, who am I kidding? I’m not fooling anyone.
A groan rose in the back of your throat, and you hung your head in your hands for a long moment. “C’mon,” you whispered to yourself. “You can’t keep them waiting forever.”
You sucked on the inside of your cheek, then lifted your head, nodding once, then twice. Yes, okay—calm. I can be calm. Your finger twitched. Let’s do this.
Your hand reached back for your mouse, the cool plastic melding against your skin as your cursor hovered back over the call. Squeezing your eyes shut for just a second, you let your finger press down, a familiar ping echoing through your headphones. There was a beat of silence. Then, someone spoke.
“Hi! Hello!”
You jumped at that sound of Dream’s voice, your heart skipping a beat as you quickly reoriented yourself again. “H-Hi, there,” you said as calmly as you could muster.
“It’s nice to meet you, [Y/N]! I’m Dream.” There was a slight pause, then he added hesitantly, “Did I say that right, by the way? Your name, I mean.”
Your lips curled up into a smile, and you felt the tension seep out of your shoulders. “Yes, you got it right.”
You could almost imagine him grinning to himself triumphantly. “Perfect.”
A new voice suddenly jumped in, just as eager as Dream’s. “Don’t steal the spotlight already, Dream,” Sapnap whined, his icon flashing green. “There’s three of us, not just you.” Ignoring Dream’s quiet apology, he quickly moved on. “I’m Sapnap—it’s great to have you here.”
“And I’m George,” another voice added, his prominent accent sounding like honey in your ears.
Every ounce of anxiety you had been feeling earlier felt so far away now, their voices carrying your worries off over the horizon. “It’s nice to meet you all, too. My name’s [Y/N], but you already know who I am, don’t you?”
“Well,” George said, drawing out the vowel, “we may know a few things about you, but we don’t really know who you are—that’s something we want to hear from you.”
Sapnap made a noise of confirmation, his mouth moving at lightning speed as he suddenly began to fire off question after question. “Yeah, like, what’s your favourite flower? Or season? Which one of us do you think is the most handsome? Ooh, what about—”
“Woah, woah,” Dream cut in, wheezing ever so slightly, “one thing at a time, to start. Let them breathe, at least!”
You couldn’t help but laugh at the hints of laughter tinting his voice. “It’s okay!” you said, your lips splitting into a crooked grin. “Although I don’t know if I can answer those questions.”
George let out a confused noise. “No? Why not?”
You hummed, swinging your legs around your chair. “Like for my favourite flower, I think they’re all really pretty and look nice, in their own little ways. Same thing for seasons.” You chuckled. “I’m too indecisive to pick just one.”
“But who do you think is the most handsome out of the three of us?” Sapnap prodded, excitement seeping into his tone. “It’s definitely me, right? Come on.”
“Hey,” George suddenly quipped, rushing through his words, “no flirting yet! We only just met!”
There was a brief second of silence. “I mean, isn’t that technically the best time to start flirting?”
“Fine,” Sapnap sighed. You could practically hear him roll his eyes. “Friends first, flirting later.” You were about to breathe a sigh of relief when he added, “Carry on, though. I still want to hear your answer.”
Chewing on your lip, you stiffened, drumming your fingers against the side of your keyboard. “I’m telling you,” you sighed after a long moment, “I really don’t think I can pick. As a matter of fact,” you pointed out, raising a finger. “I don’t even know what one of you looks like.”
Now, it was Dream’s turn to speak up. “Then, talk about attractiveness, in general. It doesn’t just have to be about looks.”
You froze, your posture going rigid. Attractiveness in general…?
How could you possibly encapsulate their attractiveness just like that? Dream was so incredibly clever, and you loved to hear him talk about his passions. George was smarter than he let on, and you could see it in the way he coded their videos, working relentlessly to make them work. Sapnap was beyond affectionate, and just hearing him share his affection with those around him made your stomach melt. They were just handing you a recipe for disaster with a question like this, you knew it.
“This question is impossible,” you blurted, a gentle panic seeping into your tone. Narrowing your eyes, you leaned closer to your mic, adding with a teasing lilt, “Are you trying to torture me?”
“Maybe we are, maybe we aren’t,” Dream hummed, chuckling at the small whine that escaped your lips. “Either way, it’s cute to hear you struggle.”
Your breath suddenly hitched in your throat, but Sapnap was quick to leap forward. “Hey, what did we say about no flirting?”
Another beat of silence. “Killjoy.”
“Okay, moving on from that,” George said, quickly diverting topics, “how are you feeling, [Y/N]? Are you looking forward to the manhunt?”
You looked back at the call, your eyes locking onto the three Discord icons sitting next to your own. “Yes,” you admitted, “but I’m also very, very nervous.”
“Nervous?” Dream repeated slowly.
“Nervous,” you said again, “but a good kind of nervous.” You opened your mouth, then closed it. “Actually, I think excited is a better word to use. You guys always just seem like you have so much fun when you’re around each other, and I’m just...” You waved your hands in front of yourself, feeling your heart beat faster and faster while your face grew hot once more. “I’m just really excited to film with you all and play Minecraft together.”
Silence washed over the call, and your cheeks felt like they were about to burn right off your face. “Sorry,” you mumbled embarrassedly. “That—that probably sounds really dumb.”
“It doesn’t,” Sapnap said suddenly, making your gaze grow wide, “not at all.”
“Yeah,” George added with a joyful hum. “I dunno about those two, but I’m also excited to play with you, [Y/N].”
Dream guffawed, a scoff escaping his lips. “What do you mean you don’t know about us? Of course we’re excited! [Y/N] is great!”
You nearly fell out of your chair. “H-Huh?”
Dream’s voice was suddenly soft again, both parts soothing and cheerful all at once. “We might have only known each other for a little while, but I’m telling you, we’re beyond happy to have you here, and we want you to have a good time, too.”
“Oh, a thousand percent,” George said straight-facedly into his mic. “I’d trade you for both of these nerds in a heartbeat.”
Just like that, Sapnap was yelling as you heard Dream smack his desk. “George, what?! How could you say that?”
Giggling, you sank into your desk chair with a relieved smile, pressing a hand over your eager heart. “Thank you,” you murmured, only hoping they could hear the sincerity in your words. “I hope I don’t let you guys down.”
Their raucous bickering suddenly died down at the softness in your tone, and three voices spoke at the same time—each one sounding more honest than the last.
“You could never.”
Tumblr media
You leaned forward in your desk chair, your eyes glued to your screen as you watched Dream’s avatar stand as still as a rock, frozen and entirely unmoving. Your finger hovered over your W key, waiting for the perfect moment to strike as your tongue darted out to flick over your bottom lip.
Manhunts may be stressful, but you were more than ready to tackle this one headfirst.
It happened so quickly that you nearly missed it. In one moment, Dream was standing in front of you, stock still as you stared him down. In the next, he was darting off in the opposite direction, already a whopping ten blocks away.
Sapnap’s voice shot through your headset like a bullet as he shouted, “After him!”
He didn’t need to say it again before the group was already dashing across the grassy field, boosting each other forward every other block. You clicked frantically at George’s backside, your lips twitching in glee as he shot the slightest bit closer to Dream. With each passing second, they ran further and further, Dream lying just a few steps out of reach. All of a sudden, he leapt off the side of a cliff, vanishing from sight in an instant. Coming to a screeching halt atop the hill, you watched as Bad peered over the forest, Sapnap and George hot on his heels.
“Where’d he go?” George muttered, confusion clouding his voice.
You shifted your mouse left and right as your gaze darted across your screen, scanning every pixel for even the tiniest hint of neon green. Just then, a gasp flew from your lips, and you caught Sapnap jolting in your direction at the sound.
“Look!” you cried, clicking to point over at the greenery. “He’s on the right—on top of the trees!”
Without missing a beat, everyone was leaping off the hill and barreling across the trees, ignoring their fall damage as they jumped over small gaps. “What is he,” George grumbled under his breath, “a monkey?”
You let out a tiny giggle at the genuine annoyance in his tone, but didn’t stop chasing after Dream’s running figure. Suddenly, he just barely missed his jump, bouncing twice on the same leaf block. He had only stalled for a brief second, but that was more than enough time for you to spam click your mouse. In a flash, Dream was tumbling off the tree, with you trailing right after him.
“I hit him off!” you shouted in glee, elation making every one of your syllables soar in your throat. “He’s on the ground.”
“Nice one, [Y/N]!” Sapnap chuckled with delight. “Now, don’t let him get away!”
The praise made the triumphant feeling that had unfurled beneath your ribs spread even farther under your skin, warming you from head to toe. Pushing forward, you nodded and slammed your thumb down on your space bar.
You had no plans of letting him escape.
Tumblr media
You pulled your water bottle from your lips with a gasp, quickly screwing the cap back on before setting it down on your desk. Wiping your mouth with the back of your hand, you turned back to your monitor, your gaze focused on the anvil a few blocks away. To your left sat the portal, and to your right was a wall of obsidian.
You were four hours into filming now, but you still weren't tired. How could you be, when you were so close to the end?
Clicking on the anvil, you dragged the diamond axe in your inventory into the first slot before reaching for the enchanted book sitting just beside it. Forty-two levels—you would need forty-two levels to enchant your axe with Sharpness IV.
You glanced down at the space above your hotbar and grinned.
Luckily for you, you had forty-three.
Clicking once more, clanging echoed through your ears, and you placed your newly enchanted axe in your hotbar with a proud smile. It was an absolute pain having to kill as many mobs and loot as many desert temples as you did, but for this, it was absolutely worth it. Now, it was time for the rest of the plan.
“I have no idea how you came up with this,” George said earnestly, his character facing yours, “but I love it.”
You grinned, opening up your inventory and removing your amour. “I just got really, really lucky.”
Grabbing an invisibility potion, you suddenly paused, a hint of uneasiness sinking in your gut. If Dream noticed any particles, you would be dead in an instant, and your plan would be blown to smithereens. You would have to move quickly to make it work—almost ridiculously quickly.
Swallowing, you opened your mouth. “Do you guys think we can really pull this thing off?”
Sapnap let out an easygoing chuckle, your shoulders relaxing in an instant. “Oh, I know we can.”
Letting Sapnap’s confidence run through you, you held down your mouse’s right key, downing the invisibility potion in one go before turning to rush out of the portal room. Through your headphones, you heard Dream let out an inquisitive hum, curiosity flickering through his tone. “Just what are you guys up to?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy?” Sapnap fired back without missing a beat, his voice swimming with mischief.
While George let out a wheeze and you giggled at Sapnap’s sharp quip, Dream sighed, muttering, “So much for asking.”
Huffing out one last quiet laugh, the smile fell from your face, your eyes narrowing as your expression grew serious. You moved ever so carefully through the stronghold, weaving in and out of the labyrinthine halls like a snake on the hunt. Your gaze darted back and forth between the compass in your hotbar and your screen. With each sharp swing of the compass hand, you held your breath, turning until it was pointed forward again. You had been searching for a few minutes when suddenly, you spotted it.
A glimpse of green.
Dressed head to toe in enchanted iron armour, Dream’s avatar stood in front of a wall of furnaces, smelting away as he turned from one to the next. On the same wall was a crafting table and a chest. He was planning something, you just knew it, but you didn’t have the time to question what. After all, he was facing the wall opposite from you, completely unaware of your presence.
This was the perfect chance, and you weren’t going to waste it worrying.
Creeping forward, you stopped only when you stood just a single block away from him, switching from your empty hand to the enchanted diamond axe in your hotbar. With Sharpness IV, it would only take three critical hits for you to take him down.
For a second, all was still.
Then, you were pressing down on your space bar and clicking your mouse a half second later, watching with bated breath as Dream’s avatar twitched from your attack. One.
He had barely managed to turn around before you had already landed another hit on him. Two.
By the time he had pulled out his own axe and began scanning the seemingly empty air in front of him, you were slamming your finger down one last time. Three.
With a shout, Dream dropped dead before you, his inventory exploding into a mess on the floor at your feet. You blinked once. Twice.
Then, the call burst into a mess of screams and shouts.
Dream’s yell rang through your ears as George and Sapnap hooted in delight, Bad and Antfrost following with their own victory cheers. “What the heck?!” he cried, shock filling his every word. “[Y/N], was that you? Oh my god, where did you even come from?”
Practically gasping for breath, you nearly collapsed on top of your keyboard, the adrenaline slowly wearing off as you smiled triumphantly to yourself. “[Y/N], you did it!” Sapnap shouted, just as loud as before. “You—you just—holy crap!”
“I was so stressed,” you breathed, sagging against the back of your chair with a breathless laugh. “You have no idea.”
“You were awesome, so awesome,” George managed between giggles, his own voice sounding giddy and positively overjoyed. “I knew you could do it.”
Your cheeks half-felt like they were about to start hurting from how hard you were smiling, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care as Dream’s tired laugh filled your ears.
“Congratulations, [Y/N],” he murmured fondly. “You won.”
Tumblr media
Just a week and a half later, you couldn’t believe your eyes as you scrolled through the comments section of the new video.
[y/n] was so funny omg
They made this manhunt feel so much more special
Their chemistry as a group was so good wtf!!!??!
please bring [y/n] back I am in LOVE
With each new comment you scrolled past, you felt your heart swell more and more in your chest with a mixture of joy and pride. You didn’t expect people to respond so positively to the video—to you.
You had barely made even a dent in the hordes of comments about you when a Discord notification popped up on your laptop screen. In a flash, you were pulling up Discord, quickly clicking on the appropriately named group chat, [Y/N] KILLED DREAM!!
Sapnap: hey
Sapnap: hey
Sapnap: hey did you read the comments
[Y/N]: i did! people were so positive!!
[Y/N]: i wasn’t expecting it
George: You weren’t?
You furrowed your brows, reading George’s question twice before typing once again.
[Y/N]: of course not??? i’m just some person
[Y/N]: you guys are the dream team
George: Don’t put yourself down like that
Sapnap: yeah everyone liked the video because they liked you
Dream: well then
Dream: how do you feel about coming back to film again?
You stared at your screen in awe, something hopeful and weightless rising in the expanse of your chest. Filming another video? With them?
You didn’t even have to think before your fingers were typing out a response.
[Y/N]: i would love to
Tumblr media
Peals of laughter tumbled from your lips as you rolled over on your bed, your phone perched beside your head on your pillow. A split second later, a loud whine echoed from your phone speaker, and you found yourself laughing even harder, your lungs gasping harder and harder for breath with each giggle that was pulled from your throat.
Never in your wildest dreams would you have guessed that you would be here.
It had been nearly a year since the fateful day that brought you and the Dream Team together and a little over ten months since you had first filmed together. Now, three videos and countless streams later, you were closer than ever before, cracking jokes and pushing each other’s buttons like you had known each other their whole lives—maybe even longer than that. It took some prodding, but you even called Dream by his real name, now. As much as you liked the name Dream, Clay sounded much nicer, in your opinion. Texting daily was practically a sacred ritual now, and you couldn’t remember the last time you didn’t get spammed by their texts at least four times a week. Even now, as you lay on your bed with your phone connected to Discord at your side, you were chatting with them, grinning as wide as ever. It was a comfortably pleasant lull you had fallen into, the four of you—one that you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your life sinking into.
It was comfortable indeed, but even as complete as you felt now, you felt like there was something missing—like there was a hollow cavern in your chest just waiting to be filled.
Yet another shout suddenly pulled you out of your thoughts, the noise sounding even more astounded than it had before. “How was I supposed to know that that was Russia?”
The sheer amount of shock in George’s voice immediately made you burst into another fit of giggles, throwing your head back. “There was Russian on the sign!” you managed between breaths. “It was so obvious!”
He sputtered at the sound of your laughter, sounding absolutely appalled by your reaction. “You can’t just expect me to be able to read Russian!”
You grinned, your voice dropping the tiniest fraction. “You act as if you don’t know how to say a few things in Russian.”
There was a moment of silence. Then, Sapnap whistled. “Touché, [Y/N]. You’ve got him there.”
While George groaned, surely smacking his palm into his forehead, Clay spoke up with a teasing hum. “You should play some GeoGuessr with us more often. You’re way better at this than George.”
“This is bullying,” came a distant complaint from George, his voice coming out muffled through his mic.
“It’s the truth,” you corrected with a cheeky grin. “You cannot deny that.”
There came a snort, followed by Sapnap’s gentle laugh. “Look at you, [Y/N], being so mean all of a sudden.”
You smiled lopsidedly, trying to push back the shiver that ran down your spine at the way his low voice made your insides melt. “You know you guys love it.”
“We do.” Clay’s voice almost sounded far away, muffled and hazy. “We really, really do.”
Your heart leapt into your throat as a soft silence washed over the four of you, your chuckles dying down and fading into the quietness of your bedroom. Sighing deeply, you picked at your nail, silently begging your heart to calm down again. It was right then when George softly piped up.
“Hey, [Y/N],” he said quietly. When you let out a small noise, he continued. “We… you would call us close to you, right?”
You laughed at the hesitancy in his tone. For a second, he almost sounded shy, and it sent butterflies fluttering through your stomach. “Do you even have to ask? We’ve been friends for months—of course we are!”
You could make out the faint sound of shuffling from Clay’s end, his icon flashing green. “Are—” He coughed. “Does that mean we’re close enough to ask you a… somewhat private question?”
You raised an eyebrow at his tone, your curiosity piquing. “Go for it,” you said gently, letting your eyelids flutter comfortably shut.
“Have you met your soulmate yet?”
In an instant, your eyes shot wide open again, and you lay frozen in your bed. In all the time you had known each other, not once had you brought up the topic of soulmates. It was almost as though you had simply skirted around it, too shy to press on about. But right now, with the topic lying right in front of your face, you couldn’t just avoid the topic.
Your fingers twitched as your mouth fell open. “N-No,” you stammered, the butterflies in your stomach going oddly still. “I, um, I haven’t. Have any of you?”
There was a pause. “No, none of us.”
You thought for a moment, your heart mulling over those four little words. Then, you exhaled and let your shoulders relax against the mattress, your nails curling into your palm. “I’m sure you guys have nothing to worry about,” you murmured almost hazily. “There are probably thousands and thousands of people who would love to be any one of your soulmates.” You chuckled, but it tasted bittersweet on your tongue. “Heck, there’s probably at least half a million fans who would be dying to take my place, right now.”
On the other end of the line, you were met with silence, but it was fleeting. “What about you?” Clay suddenly asked.
You blinked, your palm going slack. “Me?”
“You,” Clay affirmed, sounding more serious than before. “If you were one of our soulmates, how would you feel?”
The words left your lips before you could stop them. “Happy,” you blurted, suddenly feeling breathless. “So, so happy. I—”
You suddenly slapped your hand over your mouth, cutting yourself off with wide eyes. Realization struck you like a lightning bolt, and you could feel your blood run cold in your neck. I did not just say that.
“What—” George stopped. Then, a second later, he continued. “Which one of us would you want it to be? To be your soulmate?”
With trembling fingers, you moved your hand away from your mouth, your voice coming out small. “Are you asking me who I like most?”
He didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”
You almost felt your heart drop, bolting upright until you were sitting atop your sheets. Wrapping your hand around your phone, you balanced it on your lap, uncertainty springing up in your gut.
Who... I like most?
Dream, George, and Sapnap. Sapnap, Dream, and George.
To think that just a year ago, you had never spoken to them—had only ever known them as three strangers through a screen. Yet here you were now, their voices soft against your ear and your heart aching at the sound of their laughter. They made you smile beyond belief, and you wouldn’t miss a call with them for the world, even if it was three in the morning and you were dead asleep. Although you had spent time with each of them individually, just as friends did, you loved spending time with all three of them together far more, and you didn’t want to imagine having them any other way.
George, Sapnap, and Dream.
Who did you like most?
You swallowed, then opened your mouth. “I,” you choked out, “I don’t—I wouldn’t—”
You stopped, your heart pounding like a drum between your lungs. You could feel them waiting for you, as patient and caring as ever. The thought made you want to curl up into a ball and cry. Screwing your eyes shut, you sucked in a deep breath and whispered.
“I don’t think I could ever pick just one of you.”
The silence that filled the air as you closed your mouth was tense. A million unspoken words ricocheted off the insides of your mind, your heart racing within the confines of your chest. The air suddenly felt too hot, and you kicked the covers off your legs, curling your knees closer to your chest and resting your burning cheeks on top of them.
“Maybe this is a sudden thing to say,” Sapnap whispered abruptly, his words coming out slurred as he broke the silence, “but I really, really want to know what you look like right now, [Y/N].”
You felt your arms go limp around your legs. “Me, too,” George added, thoughtful and faint. “I bet you’re beautiful.”
Resisting the urge to bury your face in your hands, you ran your finger along the edge of your phone screen, the glass pressing against your hot skin. “I—um,” you began shakily, “you’ll see when we meet, okay? This way, two of us can stay a mystery.”
Clay’s soft chuckle rippled through your bedroom once more, bouncing off the walls and making your chest ache even more. “Alright.”
You felt your chest constrict with heat, feeling like you were almost about to burst at the seams from the way they were speaking. “W-Well,” you laughed, trying not to sound as panicked as you felt, “on that note, I think I’m gonna go to sleep now.” You opened your mouth to continue when a yawn cut you off, eliciting a string of laughs from your phone speaker. “I’m feeling pretty tired.”
“Sweet dreams, [Y/N],” George murmured tenderly. “Talk to you tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow,” you confirmed with your heart battering against your ribs. “Goodnight!”
Reaching over, you pressed your thumb over your phone screen, exiting the call just as swiftly as you had joined. That had been hours ago now, and while you were tired, you couldn’t shake the churning sensation in the pit of your stomach—twisting and turning as you laid back on your bed. You slipped your phone onto your nightstand, plugging it in in a forlorn haze before lying back once more. Staring up at the lonesome ceiling, you frowned, your heart suddenly feeling like an anchor in your chest.
Without even an inch of doubt, you knew: you liked them—all three of them.
And it was going to be the end of you.
Having a crush was a dangerous thing in a world full of soulmates, especially if they were online—even more so if you had multiple. You could only ever find out if someone was your soulmate if you met them in person, and you had heard far too many stories of couples meeting in person, only to learn that they weren’t fated to be. Combining that with multiple soulmate bonds slimmed the chances even further. Multiple soulmate bonds weren’t exactly unheard of, but they were rare. You had never met anyone who had one, and you doubted that you would be the first you’d know to have one.
You suddenly felt it—that familiar spark of hope you felt all those months ago when you sat at your desk chair with a shirt on your lap. The hope that drew you to them now was the very same hope that connected you in the first place. Your heart leapt, lapping up every last droplet like a man dying of thirst, yet with each new spark that rained down in your chest, the thought clawing at the back of your mind loomed larger and larger.
Just what exactly were the chances all four of you would be soulmates? It had to be next to nothing if it wasn’t zero already.
This wasn’t like the manhunt raffle—lady luck could only be so generous.
Rolling onto your side, you felt something deep inside you reach its hands up and wrap around your lungs, squeezing as tightly as it could. The ache that shot through your insides stung like a hot coal, but you knew there was nothing you could do to soothe its hungry flames. Unshed tears pricked the back of your eyelids like silver needles, and you squeezed your eyes shut, choking back a muffled whine. Your bedroom suddenly felt too big, your bed too empty.
Hope could be beautiful, but it could also destroy you from the inside out.
Tumblr media
“Do not leave the call.”
Clay’s chuckle sent a frown skittering across your face, and you let out a small whine as you leaned forward in your desk chair. “Aww,” he crooned, teasing and light, “are you jealous, Georgie?”
“N-No, what?” George sputtered, and you could almost envision the way his cheeks would flush a pretty shade of baby pink. “Just—just don’t hang up.”
“I’m telling you,” Sapnap laughed with a sly lilt, his voice sounding a little more distant than Clay’s, “he’s jealous.” You vaguely could make out the sound of his signal light from inside his car, a muffled car horn echoing from outside. “Or at least if he isn’t, [Y/N] is.”
At that, you whipped your head up, blinking wide as you shot a glare at Sapnap’s Discord icon on the side of your monitor screen. “Well, [Y/N]?” Clay drawled, a flicker of mischief dancing in his tone. “What do you have to say about that?”
You curled your fingers into your hands, a small pout settling onto your features as heat shot across your face. “I—I am!” you said, your voice coming out a fraction louder than you intended. When the other line went quiet, you shuffled back in your seat, your cheeks burning even hotter. “I am jealous, okay? It’s... it’s just not fair that you two get to meet before we do.”
There was a brief moment of silence. You were being childish, you knew, but at least you were being honest. Suddenly, Clay spoke. “We know, sweetheart,” he said gently, not at all realizing how your heart skipped a beat at the pet name. “But you’ll be able to meet us soon. Just wait a bit longer, okay? I’ll buy you both plane tickets if I have to.”
You pouted with a dejected whimper, your finger drawing small circles onto the side of your desk. “Okay.”
“Don’t sound so sad,” Sapnap chuckled with a soothing coo. “As soon as we can get you two over here, we will.”
You let out a sigh, swinging your chair from side to side with a frown. Was it so wrong of you to want to meet them so badly, to want to see them and hug them? Part of you didn’t even care if you were all soulmates at this point—you just wanted to hear them laugh in person. You wanted to make them smile. Was that really so much to ask for?
“I see him!” Clay suddenly shouted. Your head shot up faster than a bullet, and you heard the sound of a front door opening and slamming shut. “Oh, Sapnap.”
“Oh, Dream,” Sapnap called mockingly, his smile shining through in his voice. There was the sound of the car engine stopping, then a car door swinging open. “Holy crap, you’re way taller than I expected.”
You chuckled at the surprise in Sapnap’s voice, hearing George laugh along with you. “Jeez,” Clay muttered, his voice overlapping ever so slightly with the mic on Sapnap’s phone. “It’s so weird actually seeing you in person, oh my go—”
All of a sudden, Clay went silent, cutting himself off with a strangled noise of surprise. On Sapnap’s end, there was a muffled choking sound, then nothing. In a flash, you were upright, your eyes wide and your hand flying to your mouse.
“Sapnap?” George called, his tone soaked with worry. “Clay? Are you two alright?”
There came a gasp, and you could make out the sound of Sapnap struggling to search for words. “You’re—Clay’s my—”
Just like that, it clicked, like a switch had been flipped inside you. You felt something in your chest deflate, and you opened your mouth.
“Soulmates,” you whispered so quietly that you would have missed it yourself, had you not been the one to say it. “You two are soulmates, aren’t you?”
George fell silent. “I think so,” Clay mumbled, his tone coming out as if he were in a daze. “I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life—it definitely feels like what everyone says, you know? Just, really warm, and.... and...” He trailed off, ending with an enamoured sigh. “Yeah.”
Your mouth felt as though it had been sewn shut, like you wouldn’t have been able to force the words from your lips even if you tried. “How did we not know after all these years?” Sapnap giggled, his voice swimming in a mixture of disbelief and affection.
“We’ve never met in person up until now,” Clay mused, his sentence rising at the end. “This is the first time we’ve ever seen each other, let alone touched.”
“It is, isn’t it?” Sapnap murmured back wistfully. The call suddenly went quiet, and a deep, disappointed quiet fell over the four of you. Not a word was said as the harsh reality slowly settled into your hearts.
Clay and Sapnap were soulmates.
Only Clay and Sapnap.
“I’m happy for you two!” George suddenly shouted, startling you in your chair. He sounded oddly chipper—too chipper. “I wish—” He suddenly choked, pausing for a moment to catch his breath again. “I wish I was already friends with my soulmate. Meeting new people is hard.”
“Who knows?” Clay chuckled. His words were teasing, but even they couldn’t mask how crestfallen he sounded. “Maybe [Y/N] is yours.”
“Yeah,” Sapnap hummed in agreement, the hopefulness in his voice sounding just as forced as his soulmate’s. “You hear that, [Y/N]? Maybe you and Gogy were meant to be.”
Your vision was hazy and unfocused, your gaze focused on the window in your room. In the corner of the glass was a small spider web, just barely the size of your palm. You watched with blurry eyes as a fly caught in the sticky web beat its wings in desperation, struggling helplessly as a spider crawled out from behind the windowsill. You distantly wondered how trapped that fly felt—if it knew that there was no point in hoping for anything better, now.
Turning away from the window, you focused your gaze down at yourself, down at the black shirt you were wearing. A clean white axe stared back up at you, and you felt a bittersweet smile stretch across your face as you uttered a single word.
Tumblr media
A loud beep echoed from the ceiling speakers, and you jumped at the sound. All around you, people were bustling in and out of gates, towing luggage behind them as they rushed down the crowded pathways and between loitering groups of people. You whipped your head this way and that at the sight, your head spinning with all the new sights and sounds.
It was still hard to believe that just a few months prior, you wouldn’t have been able to step foot in an airport like this.
To see people move from one place to the next, seeing loved ones and meeting new people for the first time was almost exhilarating, especially after all that had happened with the world. You liked it, and you certainly hoped that it was here to stay.
You had just started walking down the main path when you felt your phone ring in your pocket. Fishing it out, your face lit up at the caller ID, and you picked up without waiting another second, pressing the cool glass to your ear with a smile. “Hi, George.”
“Hey!” he greeted with a cheerful tone. “Did you get here safely?”
Rocking back and forth on your heels, you curled your fingers a little tighter around the handle of your suitcase with a hum. “Yep.”
“Good.” You could hear the smile in his voice, and it sent a familiar tingle of warmth bouncing down your spine. “How are you feeling?”
You paused, your steps faltering for a brief second as you pondered. “Nervous,” you said after a moment or two, “but a good kind of nervous.”
“A good kind of nervous?” he repeated with a fond tone. “I think I know the word you’re looking for.”
Your lips curled up at his words, your mind flashing back to a distant day from long, long ago. “Yes, George, I’m excited.”
The laugh that fell from his lips sounded like pure music to your ears, and you caught yourself thinking that you wouldn’t mind drowning in the sound. “Me, too.” As you wove between a few sectioned off groups, George added gently, “You know where to meet us, right?”
You nodded with a small noise of confirmation, making a sharp turn down yet another long hallway. “Yeah—I’m pretty sure Clay and Sap are already waiting for us.”
George snorted, both affectionate and teasing at once. “Oh, I know they are. I’ll see you there?”
You grinned, bobbing your head along to the beat of your suitcase wheels rolling across the polished tiled floors. “For sure. See you there!”
Lowering your phone from your ear, you pressed your thumb against the screen before letting it drop into your pocket once more. A sigh escaped your lips as you let the ache you had been suppressing tumble loose, throbbing and gnawing away at the shaky shards of your heart.
How long had they known that Clay and Sapnap were soulmates, now? Five months? Six? You weren’t sure if you could even bring yourself to keep count, anymore. It hurt too much to think about. You were happy for them, you really were. But the selfish part inside you still longed for their touch, even if they wouldn’t ever truly be yours. It wasn’t that you didn’t like George, but you meant what you said—you couldn’t pick just one, and you wanted all of them, as greedy as it was.
Shaking your head, you pushed forward, your gaze darting up to the navigational sign hanging from the ceiling. No matter how painful it may be, you weren’t going to let your own heart get in the way of how amazing today was going to be. You were meeting your favourite people in the world today, and nothing was going to take that away from you.
Not even heartbreak.
Glancing briefly over at a map on the wall, you huffed as you dragged your suitcase up a set of stairs and through the corridor, chewing on the inside of your lip. George’s gate was on the opposite side of the airport from yours, and Clay and Sapnap were waiting in the middle for the two of you. His flight had arrived a bit before yours, so you knew you were just going to have to find all three of them together.
After another few minutes of walking, you found yourself walking into the central dome of the airport, the glass ceiling filtering natural light into the room as you wheeled your luggage in. Your lips parting in awe at the sight, you swept your gaze across the busy room, scanning over every head you could find. You had only been looking for a few moments when a head of dark sepia hair caught your attention. Narrowing your eyes, you shuffled forward carefully. Then, your lips split into a triumphant grin.
There they were.
In a heartbeat, you felt your insides melt at the sight. Sapnap and George looked as handsome as ever, their lips curled up into dazzling smiles as they spoke, and Clay—oh, Clay. This was the first time you would ever be seeing each other’s faces, but you didn’t have to see him to know that he was pretty. With tousled golden locks and emerald green eyes that flashed like gemstones, he was everything you could have asked for and more.
Chatting casually with one another, all three of them were dressed in comfortable clothes, and you wanted to fling yourself at them and bury yourself into their warm touch. Sucking in a deep breath, you marched toward them, slinking around so that you were facing their backs. Hugs could come later—right now, it was time for a surprise.
Treading slowly and carefully, you only stopped when you stood a foot behind them, the giddiness rising in your chest as you finally opened your mouth.
“Sapnap was right. You are tall.”
The three of them immediately whirled at the sound of your voice, their eyes as wide as saucers as their gazes locked on yours. The grin on your face only grew wider as you watched their faces light up in unison, like a set of stars coming together in the night sky.
“[Y/N],” they said at the same time, blinking wildly as you sent them a small wave.
You laughed. “Here I a—”
“We were right, too,” Clay suddenly blurted, bending over slightly. “You are beautiful.”
Your cheeks flushed with bubbling heat, and you felt your heart leap in your chest. “I—ah, um,” you stammered, taking a step back. “You look good too, Clay.”
Sapnap took a step forward, reaching his hand out toward you with a soft smile. “So, we finally meet,” he hummed, a brilliant gleam flashing across his eye. “Does this mean I get to hug you, now?”
You grinned, and with a giggle, you were leaping forward, your suitcase wobbling behind you as you let go. The moment you felt warm arms wrap around your backside, you felt yourself relax.
Then, your skin suddenly felt like it was on fire.
Warmth surged up your spine like a rippling flame, your eyes shooting wide open as you gasped, your fingers curling into the soft fabric of Sapnap’s shirt. In an instant, you were stumbling back, clutching at the space over your heart. You could feel it going absolutely haywire in your chest, pounding like never before. Your entire body felt as light as a feather, and your mind felt strangely hazy.
Impossible—it had to be.
“Sap,” you choked out, your eyes locking onto his own wide ones, “you—”
“George, Clay,” he suddenly said, reaching a hand out toward the two boys, “get over here. Right now.”
The two of them had been standing stock still just a few steps away, their jaws dropped and faces contorted with surprise as they watched you and Sapnap tremble across from one another. Swallowing, George took the first shaky step forward, reaching his hand toward yours. The moment your fingers brushed, the same tingling warmth crashed over you like a wave, and you let out a soft noise, happiness blooming in your throat like a blossom in spring. You watched with earnest eyes as George’s expression mirrored yours, his rosy lips parted in surprise as his fingers latched onto yours. The hope you had locked away months ago came pouring out of your glowing heart like a waterfall, overwhelming every inch of your senses.
“It’s not just us,” you whispered, your voice brimming with nebulous hope. “It’s George, too.”
George lifted his head, his breath hitched as he turned. “That just means...”
All three of your gazes landed on Clay, who was still frozen in place, stock still with shock. Your eyes darted to Sapnap’s, then George’s. You nodded in unison, and without saying a word, you stepped forward. You slipped your hand into Sapnap’s, your heart trembling with adoration at how big and warm his palm was against your own. Sharing one last glance with one another, you nodded. Just like that, you were slipping your hand into Clay’s, George following suit while Sapnap grabbed his.
In a heartbeat, everything felt perfect.
The empty cracks in your heart no longer felt as wide as they once did, instead flooding with burning warmth and something that felt like love. Your head spun with dizzying affection, and you felt your vision grow watery, but for an entirely different reason, now.
God, you loved them, you loved them, you loved them.
At your side, Sapnap’s hand shook in yours, surprise lacing his every word. “I can’t believe it.”
“A four-way soulmate bond,” George breathed, his own mouth twitching up into a lovestruck grin. “I—I never thought we’d have one. I mean, I always hoped but—”
Suddenly, Clay spoke up, his voice hoarse but full of sincerity. “W-Woah, are you crying? What’s wrong?”
In a flash, their eyes were on you, who had let go of Clay’s hand to press your palm against your eye. “N-Nothing’s wrong,” you said, your voice shaking with overwhelming emotion. “I’m just—I’m so happy.” A quiet sniffle bubbled up in your throat, but it didn’t stop the smile from tugging at your lips. “I liked you all so much and I was so scared that only George was going to be my soulmate, because you’re all so important to me, and I couldn’t just give you guys up like that.”
“[Y/N],” Clay choked out, his own voice starting to wobble, “stop, please. You’re going to make me cry.”
Laughing, you leaned against him, soaking into the warmth of his body as his arm instinctively wrapped around you. “Just—just cry with me, okay? We can all cry together.”
You didn’t need to say it twice. Not even a split second later, and you felt two more pairs of arms snake up around you, a nose burying itself into your hair as a cheek pressed against yours. “It looks like you won more than just one lottery then, huh?” Sapnap mumbled from above you, his chest rumbling against your back.
“Yeah,” George chuckled, his fingers lovingly rubbing small circles against your arm. “First the manhunt, now this. Just how lucky can one person be?”
You smiled, rubbing your head against Clay’s shoulder with a loving hum. “I don’t know what the universe was thinking,” you murmured, your eyelids fluttering shut as you gently rocked back and forth together, “but I’m glad I won. You three are the best prize I could have ever asked for.”
You felt a pair of lips press a soft kiss to the top of your head, your heart sighing in your chest. “I love you,” someone whispered, too softly for you to tell who it was.
All around you, the bustling airport kept moving, full of life and bursting with energy as the crowds flowed around you like a river. The world was still moving, the planet still turning beneath your feet as you embraced one another, warm and safe in each other’s arms. But in that moment, none of that mattered. A dazzling spark danced along the crevice of your heart, bright and warm and oh-so full of hope as you opened your mouth to whisper back.
“I love you all, too.”
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vendettaparker · 9 months ago
Peanut Butter and Extra Jelly [T.H]
Tumblr media
Summary: Tom’s long time crush on you becomes painful when you and Harrison are cast as love interests in a movie. 
Paring: Tom Holland x Actress!Reader 
Word Count: 5.8k
Warning: Suggestive themes, fake smut (very light), jealousy, probably some typos, swearing 
a/n: i have no idea how filming a movie, or auditioning for one actually goes so don’t crucify me for this. i’m pretty happy with how this turned out, especially considering that this is the most i’ve ever written for a fic. also, Burt Kreisher is one of my fav comedians in real life, he has 3 shows on neflix and a mini series.  
     Tom was not a jealous person. At least, that's what he always told himself. He prided himself in thinking he was a very level headed individual who didn’t let his emotions get the best of him. That worked best for his job anyways; always being able to control his emotions and not get in his own head. That simple, pacifistic mindset seemed to change when it came to you. 
      You were one of the many actors Tom got the pleasure to help hone their technique and work closely with. You were new to the lifestyle of Hollywood and the only roles you had before were in small indie films that never garnered too much attention. The first major role that you landed, which also happened to help kickstart your career, was in the MCU. You played the secondary villain in the third Spider-man movie. 
     Meeting the cast was a dream come true; they were all extremely helpful and they provided tons of tips and tricks in navigating the hectic schedule required for such a huge production. By the time filming wrapped up, you were considered part of their little Spider-man family. 
     Tom was easily the most helpful. Whenever he saw you struggling with anything, he offered to help. You two spent hours upon hours together in his trailer, ordering take out and practicing lines. Some nights you two planned to work through your script, but inevitably ended up falling asleep binge watching The Office, and laughing about crazy shit that happened on set that day. 
     When the movie wrapped up and you went home for a month before the press tour, you were completely unsure and nervous about what direction your career was going in. You auditioned for a few new movies, but had yet to hear from any of the directors about casting decisions. You kept in touch Tom during the month you were apart and expressed your concerns. 
     “I don’t know, Tom. I’m just so sick of waiting around and hoping that some director out there throws me a bone, ya know’?” You said on facetime, while making cookies. 
     “Yeah, I totally understand that, (Y/N/N). I had that issue a couple years ago before the Marvel movies. Trust me, you did outstanding in that role and once it gets noticed I’m positive you’ll have directors calling you, begging for you to audition.” Tom smiled warmly into the camera as he walked around his apartment in London. 
      “Yeah, easy for you to say, movie-star.” You giggled, turning your face away from the camera in hopes that Tom wouldn’t notice the blush his compliments painted onto your cheeks 
     “I’m serious! You were outstanding! Like in that one scene where you—” 
      “Tom! Tessa chewed a hole in my trousers again!” A voice came from outside of the frame, “Mate, you gotta get her to stop doing that somehow.” 
     Tom sighed, and waved his hand dismissively at the figure, “Okay, sure. I’m busy right now.” Tom looked back to the camera, “anyways, as I was saying, don’t stress about not having a new project yet, (Y/N)—” 
     “(Y/N)?” The other voice whisper-yelled. “Let me say hi!”, suddenly the phone was yanked out of Tom's hands and the video shook around a bit as Tom wrestled to get it back. Finally, the camera stilled and Harrison was on the other end smiling. “Hi, (Y/N)!” 
     “Oh, hi Harrison!” You smiled back, laughing. You'd met Harrison a few times when he visited Tom on set. “How are you?” 
     The camera started moving around more as the background behind Harrsion whizzed past. You assumed Tom must’ve been chasing him to get the phone back. 
     “I’m good! I just auditioned for a new movie. You should audition too! The main female lead’s description looks just like you.” He exclaimed, running past the kitchen to his room. 
     “Oi! Give me my phone back you div!” You heard Tom yelling in the background, no doubt in hot pursuit of Harrison. 
     “I don’t know, I'm not sure I’m prepared for a lead role.” You sighed, “What’s the movie called? I’ll look into it.” 
     “It’s called ‘Collateral Damage’, it’s a spy movie.” Harrison said, shutting the door to his room, while Tom pounded on it from the other side. “Yeah, it’d be really fun working with you. Tom constantly talks about how much fun you are on set.” Harrison wheezed out, trying to catch his breath. 
      “Aw, that’s sweet of him.” You laughed. “Well I’ve got to go. Just tell Tom he can call me tomorrow or something.” You waved at the camera. “Bye!”
     “Yup, bye.” Harrison said right before the video cut out. 
      Harrison finally opened the door to a seething Tom. Tom grabbed the phone back from Harrison and noticed that the call had ended. 
     “Dude! Why would you do that?” Tom whined. 
     Harrison just patted Tom’s back, “Sorry, mate. She said she had to go, though. I was about to give the phone back.” 
     Tom huffed and sulked for a moment. “Whatever, I’ll just call her later, I guess.” 
     Harrison nodded and smirked at how whipped Tom was. “You should just ask her out if you’re so desperate for her attention.” Harrison teased. 
     “Shut up. I’m not desperate for her attention, I just like her voice and her personality, and the way she talks, and her funny sayings, and how her hair looks when she just woke up.” 
     It was only a few days later when you received an email from the director of the movie Harrison told you about, asking for you to audition. You were ecstatic, Harrison must’ve already sent in some things about you since the director seemed adamant that you were of high interest for the role. 
     You called Tom immediately to share the good news. 
     He picked up after the third ring, “Hello, darling! How are you?” he beamed when he answered your call. He usually was the one to call you so he felt a sense of pride knowing that you were calling him for once. 
     “Tom! The director of the movie Harrison auditioned for just emailed me asking for me to audition!” You squealed excitedly. 
     “Really? That’s wonderful, love! Harrison just got the part of the lead too, so you’d be filming with him if you got it.” 
     “That’s so exciting, I’m flying to London for the audition in two days. Are you still there?” You pulled the phone away from your ear and switched it to speaker. “I’m booking the flight right now.” 
     “Yeah, I’ll be in London for another week and a half. Then we have the press tour starting in Japan.” Tom said, also switching to speaker phone to look at his calendar. “You can stay with Harrison and I while you’re here. Since we have to go to Japan together anyways.” Tom offered nervously. He really wanted you to stay in his flat with him. It’d be all cute and domestic, and maybe, just maybe, he’d spend enough time with you to not feel nervous about asking you on a date. If he was lucky, that is, but awaiting your reply he was a jittery ball of nerves. 
     “Yeah, that sounds wonderful. I won't be intruding though, right?” You said, smiling from ear to ear. Thank god you weren’t on facetime and Tom couldn’t see the stupid smile adoring your features. 
     “No, of course not. Harry will be so excited to see you. And Tessa too, she really misses you.” Tom shuffled around with his phone, shooting a quick text to Harrison letting him know you were coming to stay for a week. 
     “Ok, thanks so much, this is really thoughtful of you. I absolutely can’t wait to see you!” You gushed, finalizing your purchase of a one-way ticket to London. “K, the flight is at 2:30 pm here, it’s about 9 and a half hours, but you’re also ahead of me, so I’ll be in around..5?”
     “Yeah, that sounds right to me,” Tom chuckled, “I’ll come pick you up. I’ll wear my incognito disguise.” 
     “If you mean that stupid t-shirt you got that says ‘I’M NOT A CELEBRITY’, then maybe I’ll ask Harrison to come pick me up…”
     “That’s cold (Y/L/N).” 
     You giggled softly, “I’m sorry, Tommy. If it makes you feel better, that shirt isn’t as bad as that stupid blue beanie that you never wear correctly.”
     “How the fuck would that make me feel better? You’re killing me, (Y/N/N).” 
     You laughed at his over dramatic reaction, “Sorry that you’re a sensitive babe. I gotta go now, see you soon!” You hung up before Tom could respond with a sassy quip. Then immediately after you received a text:
Tommy: The second you get here I’m bout to 👊 
     Tom called Harrison up after you got off the phone, he needed to make sure his best friend wouldn’t say or do anything to embarrass him in front of you. 
     “Tom, don’t you think this is a bit obsessive? I mean, she’s only staying with us for a week and you already know her so well from spending all that time filming with her.” Harrison sighed, sick of listening to Tom ramble about every possible embarrassing situation he could be put in, in the coming week. 
     “Yeah, yeah, you’re right. It's no big deal. But don’t mention that time I accidentally shit my pants at the club, or that time I got hit in the head with a golf ball ‘cus I got distracted by a flock of geese, or that time a got chased by a flock of geese, or—”
     “Geez, mate. At this point we might as well not even talk to her.” Harrison chuckled, thinking of all the stories he could bring up about Tom around the dinner table with you. Tom really was just a walking ball of embarrassing moments. 
     “Stoppp ittt,” Tom whined, “when we were on set it was usually just the cast and Harry around, but you? You could do some real fucking damage to my love life, Haz.” 
     “What love life?” Harrison barked out, laughing. 
     Tom then hung up and began praying to whatever god was out there that this week could go by without a hitch, and then you and him would be on your way, together, to Japan. 
     The whole week spent in London actually went really well, especially the audition. Tom and Harrison both accompanied you for moral support, well Harrison actually had to be there to be your scene partner, but it was still nice knowing he supported you. 
     The director shook your hand and you went through the normal formalities before beginning your scene with Harrison. It was a quick scene with a monologue in it. The main premise of the movie was all about choosing love over work, especially in dangerous, life-threatening scenarios. The scene you used to audition with Harrison was the scene where the main character, Lincoln, and his lover interest, Mallory, were arguing, trying to push each other away to keep each other safe. The scene had a lot of raw emotion that you were able to tap into, and the directors gave your performance a standing ovation once the scene concluded. 
     They said that they’d get back to you within the next few days, but they also mentioned how the chemistry between you and Harrison was off the charts, leaving you hopeful. Tom and Harrison both gave you hugs and pats on the back. Tom had watched the whole scene unfold and he was in complete and utter awe of your talent. Part of him was annoyed that he didn’t audition for the movie and a chance as your love interest. But Harrison deserved this big break and so did you, so he was hopeful of the outcome being something that benefitted both of his best friends. 
    After the audition the rest of the week went by nearly perfectly. The real kicker was when Tom’s family invited you and Harrison to join them for dinner. Tom had not anticipated his mom asking you to come to family dinner, so he wasn’t able to stop the embarrassing anecdotes his mom told on his behalf. 
     “Tom had the cutest little tush,” Nikki exclaimed, placing the old homemade scrapbook in your lap and flipping through a couple of pages. “See look,” she happily pointed to a picture of Tom as a toddler in a bath, surrounded by bubbles, his little bum poking through them. 
     Tom sat uncomfortably on the sofa next to you, cringing at the now 21 year old photo of him. He expected you to also cringe along, or worse case scenario, get up and make a flimsy excuse to leave his crazy family, but you just chuckled along with Nikki and continued making your way through the scrapbook, making little comments here and there. 
     “Oh, and this one,” Nikki said, pointing to a photo of Tom crying and Sam holding up a superhero action figure triumphantly, “that was Tom’s favorite toy, but when Sam saw how much Tom liked it, he made an effort to always be playing with it when Tom came into the room and he wouldn’t share.”
     You giggled at the little whiny face Tom made in the picture, and turned to him, replicating it on your face, making fun of him. Tom laughed along and playfully shoved you. He adored how well you seemed to fit in with his family and his feelings for you only multiplied. 
     The week in London was one of the best in your life. You didn’t realize how much you missed Tom until you got to the airport and he was there waiting for you, unfortunately in his stupid blue beanie, and no, it wasn’t on right, his big ears poked out of it horrendously. 
     The last day you had in London before you and Tom went to Japan, you finally received a call about the audition. The director called you to congratulate you on getting the part, and he sent you numerous emails about scheduling, where to be, and when. Harrison was elated to have a familiar face playing his love interest on screen, and Tom was over the moon excited for you, this on top of the Spider-man movie coming out, you were certainly becoming a force to be reckoned with. 
     You spent the night celebrating at a club, Harry and Sam also showed up to party with you. The night was still young and the club was already packed and in full swing. Tom ordered two shots for each of you to start off the night before he was whisked away by a few fans to sign autographs. When he didn’t return you took it upon yourself to have his shots, giving you an extra edge to help spice up your night. 
     Harrison found Tom in the corner of the club talking to some fans. But throughout his whole time taking pictures with them, he couldn’t help but glance at you every once and a while. You looked so carefree and beautiful, dancing around in your shiny silver top and leather leggings. 
      “Tom.” Harrison interrupted Tom’s gawking and directed his attention to the small group of fans Tom was with. 
     Tom nodded and finished up his pictures and autographs before wishing them all a good and safe night. Once he reached you, you engulfed him in a bone crushing hug. 
     “Thank you for such a great time in London, Tommy.” you slurred, already feeling the impact of the four shots you took. “I had the best time of my whole life.” You pecked his cheek and pulled him close to dance with you. 
     The following month or so on the press tour was a once in a lifetime experience. You travelled to more cities than you even knew the name of and you had all of your friends by your side. More so, you had motivation to remain approachable and well liked by fans considering that you were moving up in the industry. Some interviews were mostly for Tom, Zendaya, and Jacob. Your role in the movie was big enough for you to be needed for some interviews, and most people were genuinely interested in getting to know you, but there were also a handful of press activities that you weren’t included in, which you didn’t mind. 
     When you didn’t have anything to do for an hour or so, you would text Harrison and send him funny memes. He was quickly becoming one of your closest friends; you had already created a surplus of inside jokes with him just over the phone. 
     Tom noticed how you were always laughing at your phone or rapid fire texting. Even when you were being interviewed, Tom could faintly hear the buzz of your text message notifications going off. 
     “Tom,” you snapped in front of his eyes, “did you need something?” 
     “Huh?” Tom blinked a few times, “Uh—no, sorry.” Tom’s cheeks flushed pink, embarrassed for having been caught staring at you. He couldn’t help it though, you were dressed so pretty that day. You had your hair done up in two bubble braids and you wore his pink sweatshirt over your yellow sundress. 
     “Okay then.” You smiled at him. You went back to your phone, reading what Harrison had just texted you. “What was the name of that comedian we watched the other night?” 
     “The one on Netflix?” 
     You hummed out a yes, tapping away at your phone. 
     “Burt Kreisher, why?” Tom asked, leaning over to your chair to try and catch a glimpse of who you were texting. When he saw the contact name “Hazzy”, he couldn't stop the little angry pit of jealousy that started in his stomach. Sure, you were here with him now, not with Harrison, but when you two were apart you also texted him nonstop, and the texts seemed to all be inside jokes, which was something you also shared with him that he held near and dear.
     “I made a joke referencing him to Harrison and he didn’t get it. Fucking nerd.” You chuckled, texting Harrison a link to the skit you were referring to. 
     Tom chuckled along, but he couldn’t help but frown slightly at how bright your smile was when Harrison replied. 
     The press tour and premiere of the movie seemed to go by lighting fast. You’d never been to a premiere for a production this big, and your nerves for the red carpet were starting to get to you. 
     You and Zendaya were stuffed into a hotel room with both of your respective teams, both trying to rapidly get both of you ready for the event. 
     “So when do you start filming for your next project?” Zendaya asked, she sat in front of a broadway-equse mirror, bright bulbs of light giving a luminescent glow to her already near flawless complexion. She hadn’t even finished her makeup yet and she was so pretty.  
     “In a month, I have to go back to London next week.” You said, sifting through the opinions you brought for dresses. You brought three options, just in case you changed your mind after seeing yourself in the dress. “Harrison and I are going to go over the scripts together and we were also told to go out in public a few times; for press and whatnot.” 
      “That’s exciting!” Zendaya mused, she glanced at the clock and gave her hairdresser some instructions about how much time she had to do hair. “It’s a good thing you guys are already friends. I remember when I filmed ‘The Greatest Showman’ I didn’t know many of the actors personally, so we had to go out together and do press all while being almost strangers. It was a bit nerve wracking.” Zendaya smiled at you fondly, she was like an older sister to you during this whole movie-making process, she constantly had your back. 
     “Yeah, I mean I’ll probably be in a situation like that at some point, but for my first lead role it’s nice to be working opposite a friend.” You smiled back, finally deciding on the red, sequined dress. 
     You both sat and worked through the makeup process in comfortable silence. 
     “So you and Tom…” Zendaya broke the silence and looked at you with a smirk on her face. 
     “What?” You looked at her with a dumbfounded look, before nervously laughing, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
     “Don’t play dumb, (Y/N/N).” She poked your arm and laughed, “He’s literally obsessed with you.” 
     You laughed at how ridiculous that sounded. A movie star, and very famous movie star at that, obsessed with you? You? Impossible. 
     “Yeah no, sorry but you got the wrong girl, babe.” You sighed, pulling out your phone to snap and selfie with her for your instagram story. You quickly snapped a pic of the two of you, her kissing your cheek, leaving a small, faint lipstick mark. “I mean it’d be nice,” you back tracked, “but I’m sure that’s just my wishful thinking.” 
     “What wishful thinking? I thought you were a pessimist?” Zendaya chuckled, taking her own photo with you to post later. 
     “I am, but I can’t help but indulge a bit.” 
     Before you knew it, you were back in London, staying in a rented out flat for the next three to four months. Harrison was kind enough to come over to help you set up a work space, but he also offered you to spend most of your time at his place. Since Tom was in New York, doing interviews about the new Spider-man movie and having meetings with the Marvel Cinematic Universe team to try and gauge his future in the MCU, he wouldn’t be around for almost a month, so Harrison offered up Tom’s office when you needed to go over a scene by yourself and wanted a place that was already set up. 
     The days of filming seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. Most of your scenes were with Harrison, and he was the perfect scene partner. He rarely messed up, but if he did then he was quick to use it as an opportunity to improvise. His skills weren’t as well honed in like Tom’s, but it was obvious that their style ranged from a similar source. 
     The main thing about this movie that you were excited, but extremely nervous for, were the two sex scenes. The first one is at the beginning, where the two leads give in to each other for a night, then there's some implied stuff in between, and the last one is when the two leads part ways for the final time at the end of the movie. The first one had to be rough, fast, and needy, whereas the second one was direct to be more slow, thought out, and sensual. 
      Both were extremely stress-inducing to film. Harrison had also never done any scenes like this before, so he was on the same boat as you. Thankfully you had an amazing director and stunt coordinator to work with and with the help of other crew members, the scenes were mapped out so that it wasn’t too much improv or guessing on your part. 
     The first intimate scene you shot actually happened to be the one at the end of the movie. That scene was more tame and dealt with more emotional subtexts than physical. Since you filmed that one first, you went into filming the next one with more confidence. It only took a few days to get the first scene down to perfection, so with this newfound confidence, it shouldn’t take too long to get the next one done. 
     On the days you shot intimate scenes, you only needed to wear the costume you wore before the scene and then you changed into a robe with nude underwear underneath. The bits with the outfit on before were already shot, so the director called a 30 minute break until you could begin shooting the actual sex part. 
     You were standing by the snack table, eyes scanning the table for any more muffins leftover from breakfast. The robe you wore made your skin prickle whenever a draft came onto set. 
     Just as you had found the muffin you were looking for, a pair of warm hands covered your eyes. 
     “Guess who!” An all too familiar warm, British accentuated, voice called. 
      You turned around in his arms, effectively nudging his hands from your face, and soon you were met with the warmest hazel eyes. Eyes that you missed so much this past month. 
      “Tommy!” You squealed and thrusted yourself into him in a hug. He immediately reciprocated it and wrapped your body in warmth. “What’re you doing here?” You asked once you let go of him. 
      “Harrison gave me the location so I could come watch you film. I just got home, like, two days ago.” Tom eyed you up and down, not realizing what little you had on. “Um—are you wearing anything under that?” He pointed up and down your figure. 
     “Nope, today and tomorrow we’re scheduled to film the sex scene.” You said casually, doing a silly twirl. Tom gulped. 
     “A s-sex scene?” He choked, “I didn’t know you guys had one.” 
     “Yup,” you smirked, “two actually, this is my first one ever, Haz’s too, I think. Well actually, we filmed the sex scene at the end of the movie last week.” 
     “Yeah… t-that’s cool.” Tom smiled weakly. 
     Right as you were about to continue your conversation with Tom, an arm swung over your shoulder and pulled you close. Harrison smiled at the both of you. He wore a similar robe to yours, except he left the front open. His plaid boxers on full display. 
     “Don’t listen to her, Tom. She’s a natural.” Harrison pinched your cheeks. Tom clenched his jaw at the comment. He knew Harrison hadn't meant to imply anything with it, but he couldn't help but hear the hidden meaning behind the otherwise innocent compliment. 
      You giggled and pushed his hand away, “Only ‘cus my scene partner is so darn cute.” You retaliated, poking and tickling his pecs. 
      This kind of goofy banter was normal between you and Harrison, but Tom hadn’t seen either of you in so long. He also had never seen you two interact so fluently with each other. He watched the interaction with a tight-lipped smile, nodding along and shrugging every once in a while to seem like he was paying attention. In reality though, he couldn’t pry his thoughts away from how close you were to Harrison. 
     “Ok everyone! Places! Let’s wrap this scene up and put it to rest today!” Your director called. You and Harrison smiled and waved goodbye to Tom. Harrison pointed to a chair in the room that had a nice view of the set where Tom could watch. Tom nodded and walked over to the chair, enthusiasm for watching you work completely dissipating. 
     The scene started off rough right off the bat. The second the director said ‘Action!’ you and Harrison were practically pouncing on each other. Harrison had you pressed up against the wall and you were both breathing heavily. He was leaving sloppy, wet kisses down your neck, then across your collar bones. Your moans, which Tom always imagined to sound like music to his ears, sounded too real for his liking. But no matter how much he tried to look away, his eyes were glued to the two bodies moving fluidly with one another. 
     “Cut! Cut!” The director yelled, effectively ending the scene. You and Harrison pulled apart and he gave you a peck on the cheek, as in saying ‘good job’. “That was good, but Harrison,” The blonde nodded, awaiting further instruction. “You gotta be a little rougher, hm?” 
     Harrison nodded along with the critique. “(Y/N)?” the director moved his attention to you, “would it be okay if Harrison marked you up? Just a few hickeys to really sell the illusion. We can do without, though, if you feel uncomfortable.” 
     Tom overheard the interaction and internally hoped that you were too uncomfortable for that, but deep down he knew you would do it. You were never the type to stray away from a challenge. 
     “Yeah, that’s fine.” You nodded, chest still heaving from the scene. You looked at Harrison. “Is that okay with you?” 
     Harrison nodded, a shy smile tugging at his lips. Yeah, you guys have been working at this scene for days now, but he’d never been rough enough to leave marks. He’d be lying if he said the thought didn’t invigorate him. 
     So the scene started from the top, you pressed up against the wall, all your weight shoved between the flimsy wall of the set and Harrison’s strong arms. Harrison did exactly as the director required, leaving noticeable dark spots across the top of your chest. Unlike your previous moans, which had just been for show, this new roughness in his actions tore real moans from your lips. 
     Tom sat uncomfortably in his chair, wishing he picked a different day to visit you on set. He shifted around, watching twin moans pull from both you and Harrison’s throat. He watched as you nipped at Harrison's ear as he faux thrusted into you. The jealousy that had pitted itself in his stomach soon turned to self-loathing. You looked really into the scene, he couldn’t help but feel like he was intruding. He knew you were a great actress, but he couldn’t believe that this was all acting. In his eyes, he believed that some part of you must wish that this was real. And part of you did like this scenario, but you wouldn’t have picked Harrison to be opposite you in this little fantasy. 
     Your moans and Harrisons both grew louder, leading up to the climax as scripted. Tom, not wanting to watch anymore exited the set quickly before he could watch the scene end. 
     You and Harrison finished up, gaining applause and praise afterwards from the director and crew members on set. 
     “Where’s Tom?” You asked, scrambling back into your robe and smoothing out your now roughed up hair. 
     Harrison, now noticing the absence of his best friend, began to feel a bit guilty. He knew Tom had a thing for you, maybe he should’ve told Tom not to visit set today. 
     “Um, (Y/N)?” He mumbled, pulling you aside slightly. 
     “Yeah?” You still looked around for Tom a bit, heart sinking when you realized that he must've left without saying goodbye. 
      “I shouldn’t be the one telling you this,” Harrison began, drawing your full attention, “but Tom really likes you. He always downplayed it, so I didn’t realize how much, but I think watching this scene might’ve upset him a bit.” Harrison looked towards the exit, no doubtedly where Tom left through, out into the parking lot. 
     “Oh—oh!” You gasped, feeling terribly for having put Tom in such an awkward position. “I didn’t know he felt the same.” You whispered, smiling softly to yourself. Guess Z was right after all. You pulled away from Harrison, “I’ll go talk to him.” 
      Tom didn’t go far. He still wanted to be there to support you; he didn’t want to come off as a jealous prick, but he couldn’t keep watching that intimacy between you and his best friend. He sat on the curb outside of the building the set was built in. A few people passed him going to their designated buildings on the lot, but he didn’t pay any mind to them, too lost in his thoughts. He needed to tell you sooner rather than later how he felt. No time to be a pussy anymore. 
     “Tom?” You walked up next to his sitting figure, still only in a robe, tightly wrapped around you. He looked up to acknowledge you, mumbling a soft ‘Hey.’ before looking back down, trying to collect his thoughts and courage. It’s now or never. 
     You sat beside him and rested your head on his shoulder. “Harrison told me something interesting in there,” You paused for a moment before continuing, “about you.” 
     Tom’s head shot up, and he looked at you with frantic eyes, only imagining the worse. There were too many things Harrison could’ve told you about Tom to sully your image of him. 
     “Whatever it was, he's a lying prick!” Tom rushed out. 
     You giggled, lifting your head up to look him in the eyes, his dark hazel eyes boring into yours. 
     “That’s a shame then,” You shrugged, “considering I like you too.” 
     Tom breathed out a sigh of relief, before looking back at you, doing a double take. 
    “Wait, what?” 
     “Mhm, yeah.” You said casually, standing up. “But since Harrison’s a liar then I suppose he was wrong.” You teased. 
     “No!” Tom grabbed your wrist and pulled you back next to him, but his aim was a bit off and you ended up in his lap. “He lies about a lot, but not about this.”
     You smiled at him, “I should hope not, considering I’m crazy about you.” 
     Tom couldn’t help the smile that beamed across his face, but then he noticed the marks left on you by Harrison. Remembering why he was insecure in the first place, he looked away. 
     “What about Harrison?” He asked. You looked at him utterly confused. Tom caught on and explained further. “You looked like you were really into that scene with him.” 
     You giggled and pinched Tom’s cheek, turning it red. “I’m an actress, you idiot.”
     Tom scoffed, “I know that. It’s just— I didn’t realize you could fake that kind of love.” 
     You looked at Tom’s downcast face. You leaned in and kissed his neck, just under his jaw. You nipped and sucked softly, leaving a nice, dark pink blotch that would go away in a few days under his jaw and he whimpered softly.
     “I’d never fake that kind of love with you.” You grabbed his face, holding it gently in your hands. “I’d never have to.” You whispered, pulling him in for a kiss, soft and sweet. 
     Tom pulled you closer, resting a hand on the small of your back, kissing back fervently. 
     The short make-out session being cut short by the door to the set bursting opened. Harrison rushing out, now dressed in slacks and a white button up for the next scene you needed to shoot that day. 
     “(Y/N)! Hair and makeup need you.” You lugged yourself off of Tom’s lap, promising to talk to him after you finished for the day. You went back inside, jokingly blowing a kiss to Harrison on your way. 
     Harrison stayed outside and sat next to Tom. 
     “Did she confess first?” He asked after a moment of silence. 
     “Yup.” Tom smiled happily, licking his lips, tasting the strawberry chapstick he saw you put on earlier. 
     “You owe me 10 pounds then, you wimp.” 
     “Oh, fuck off.” Tom groaned, promptly pulling ten pounds out of his wallet and handing it to Haz. 
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cloudystevie · 9 months ago
my old man is a tough man, but he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
pairing: mob boss! steve rogers x fem! reader
word count: 1,842
summary: steve gives you what you want... kind of.
warnings: au, somewhat ooc steve?, daddy kink (we know who i am) heavy degradation, consensual slapping (once), thigh riding, cockwarming, choking and exhibitionism (?)
authors note: yeah.. pwp welcome to my brain. 18+ FIC ONLY MINORS DO NOT READ DO NOT INTERACT and i do not permit any translations or posting of any of my works on any other sites. tumblr is the only place my shitty fics go and thats it. okay bye idek if this fic makes sense but i wrote it.
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
Tumblr media
Your sharp sigh cuts through Steve’s dimly lit home office for the nth time that night and Steve refuses to look up from his heavy wood desk to where you were sprawled out on the coffee-coloured leather sofa in the corner of the spacious room. He knows that once he looks over and gives in to your bratty tactics he would have lost this battle immediately and that was the absolute last thing he wanted; for you to get cocky and assume that if you pouted and whined a bit he would give in.
But he always gives in anyway.
He hears you huff and his jaw ticks, trying desperately to restrain himself especially when his trusted personnel were in the room, though that’s never stopped him before. He just thought it would be nice to be a bit more considerate of your dignity and his men’s embarrassment.
“Stevie I’m bored.” your voice is that of a petulant child, whining and high pitched.
“Hi bored I’m Steve.” He retorts without missing a beat and you huff, seemingly frustrated with the lack of attention you were receiving so you strutted over to him, plopping yourself in his lap until he finally, finally looks at you for the first time that night.
“You’re being mean.”
“I’m busy, and I told you this when you walked in here and you promised you would behave but look where we are now. You’re not behaving.” He punctuates with a rough squeeze to your hip and a pathetic whimper already catches in your throat.
“But I need you.” You whine, burying your face in his broad chest and he chuckles, gesturing for his men to exit the room and comply immediately, the embellished double doors creaking shut behind them as it’s now just you and Steve in the room.
Chuckling, he runs a big hand up and down your back, leaning backwards in his office chair as he finally gives you attention. “And how do you need me sweetheart?”
He can practically hear you pouting, and if you were standing you definitely would have stomped your feet- brat.
“I-I’m wet Daddy.” You whisper, and it’s at that moment Steve realizes you’re subtly grinding your wet cunt against his slack clad thighs, your wetness seeping out and beginning to stain the expensive dress pant material. And he laughs at you, right in your face in a way that is so entirely condescending it makes you melt into him and let out an incomprehensible whine as you fist his button down.
“And what do you want me to do about that? It’s not my fault your slutty little pussy is always wet is it?” He mockingly pouts at you, laughing when tears of frustration well up in your eyes but he knows you like it when he feels your hole quivering against his thick muscle.
“Daddy! You- you’re so mean to me!” You exclaim, clutching his expansive shoulders as you pathetically grind down onto his thigh even though he still had not given you explicit permission to do so.
That’s when you feel his hand wrap around your throat, gold watch twinkling under the mellow light as his strength catches you off guard and subsequently halts your movements. Your manicured fingers wrap around his wrist, as another whine bubbles and catches in your throat at the mean glare in his now dark deep set blue eyes.
“I’m mean? Let me be nicer while you’re grinding on my thigh like a pathetic whore without asking me for permission. Is that how bad you need me? Need Daddy’s big cock stuffing your little cunt?” Normally, his tone would be softer when speaking to you, but he knows that when you get like this you want him to degrade and humiliate you until you’re so far gone you’re unable to even make sense of the world around you.
You frantically nod your head, pleading for him to rail into you until your legs are shaking but he doesn’t comply, of course he doesn’t because he gets off on teasing you- being the only one so in control of you and your body. He’s the only one that gets to see you like this and choose when you reach your pleasure and how you reach it-
It’s all a massive power trip for him and he fucking loves it.
“You need Daddy right?” He asks lowly.
You bite your lip and nod your head, awaiting his answer.
“Then you can get off on my thigh without my help. I’m gonna do my work and you’re gonna stay fucking quiet, understand sweetheart?”
You want to cry, you were so close to getting what you wanted and you were so sure you convinced him with your puppy eyes and pouty lips. You should have known your boyfriend could be really fucking mean when he wanted to.
A quick, calculated swat to your cheek has you gasping and unable to stifle the moan in your throat, “I said, do you understand?”
“I understand Daddy.” Whimpering at the harsh gaze fixated on you, but softening slightly when he kisses your cheek and then pecks your lips before tapping your ass slightly and rolling his chair back to his desk, continuing his work where he left off.
And now you were exponentially needier. You buried your face in his shirt as you began grinding your hips back and forth, holding securely onto his shoulders as you attempted to find a good pace and pleasurable position- all the while keeping your mewls and whimpers at bay because your Daddy asked you to, and you always listen to what Daddy says.
(No you don’t, or else you wouldn’t even be in the predicament you were currently in.)
You bite your lip, building your pace to go faster as your bare cunt (since you had mostly foregone panties in order to get what you wanted from him) thrusts in a particularly euphoric way and a shiver runs up your spine.
Steve could not be any more nonchalant if he tried, he continues writing as if you’re not bucking your hips against his thigh leaving a messy wet patch and struggling to catch your breath right in his lap. He doesn’t even have a hand on your waist, not a single whisper of praise or even degradation that you need from him.
Your clit catches suddenly, when he tenses his thigh and barely smirks when you jolt and mewl loudly, head falling back before you realize what you’ve done.
He tsks at you, delivering an echoing spank to your ass as he reprimands you for breaking his rule. Though apparently he’s feeling merciful because he lets you off with just a warning.
Now your slick is pooling in your core as your movements become more sporadic, your whole pussy is getting stimulated and he occasionally tenses his thigh to give you extra friction. You begin moving faster and faster, back arching and panting loudly like a bitch in heat and now Steve can’t focus on his work no matter how hard he tries. In all honesty he hadn’t been able to focus on his work since the moment you walked into his office, that’s just the effect you have on him. But he would never tell you that. Or else this whole back and forth would be useless.
Your gasps for air get more frequent, chest heaving and body tensing with a sheen layer of sweat building on your glowing skin and Steve knows you’re about to fall over the edge. So he surprised you when he wraps a hand around your throat, pressing your forehead to his and crowding all your senses with him, your body going into overdrive as your brain steadily becomes a pile of nothingness.
“You’re gonna cum. You’re gonna cum on my thigh like the little bitch you are and then you’re gonna thank me for it. Do it. Now.” He rasps.
Your body seizes up, eyes rolling to the back of your head as your orgasm washes over you in intense waves. He forces you through it, guiding your hips back and forth and forcing you to ride his thick thigh until every last drop of your slick is coating his pants.
He puts his nose into your neck, inhaling your scent and moaning in content. “What do we say little one?”
You’re still shaking through your orgasm, mind foggy and you can feel his bulge against your skin. “Thank you Daddy.” You breathe, body jerking occasionally as you come down from your high,
“Now don’t tell me you think we’re done here sweetheart, you wanted Daddy’s cock right? Take it out.” He commands and watches in amusement how quickly your eyes light up and you work to unbutton and unzip him, pulling his pants and then tight black briefs down just enough to pull his cock out and you marvel at it, still not sure how he was able to fit inside you.
He’d make it fit.
He nodded his head, “go on, since you can make yourself cum on my leg you can fit my cock into you on your own. You don’t need Daddy’s help with everything like a stupid baby do you?” He mocked, voice thick with lust.
You gulped, moving overtop him as his large palms found their way to your ass, groping and spanking at the flesh and making you sigh in pleasure, as you began to slowly sink down onto his dick.
His tip was already throbbing and oozing with pre cum, all the sensations making you mewl loud enough that there was no doubt the men now posted outside heard you.
“Hurry up slut, I don’t have all day.”
Biting your lip, you close your eyes and sink down onto him completely, his cock so deep and thick and stretching you out, reaching places you thought impossible.
You controlled your breathing a bit and Steve bit his lip, your pussy creaming and tightening around him- feeling fucking heavenly.
You slowly started to move up and down but he spanks your ass in warning again, making you still your movements with a confused expression that made Steve chuckle.
“Oh sweetheart I never said I’d let you fuck yourself on my cock. You already came once, that’s more than whores like you deserve. Now stay still Daddy has a meeting.”
You gaped at him, shaking your head no and about to begin pleading for him until he shushed you, his laptop ringing and alerting an incoming video call and the lewd nature of the situation makes you clamp down on Steve’s cock unexpectedly and he warns you with a pinch to your thigh.
“Good evening Mr. Barber, I’ve been looking forward to working with you.” Steve speaks completely composed again, slipping into his work persona so easily.
You hear a deep voice from the laptop speaker, “please Steve, It’s Andy. If we’re going to carry out this deal, I don’t expect such formality.”
“Alright then Andy, let’s get started shall we?”
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
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boxofbonesfic · 7 months ago
Title: Mud
Pairing: Dark!Steve x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: During the worst drought of your life, a dangerous and unwelcome guest arrives in your dry, desert town. 
Warnings: Stalking, Obsession, dubious consent, abuse mention (not detailed), Supernatural stuff
Word Count: 5,713
A/N: Whew chile this took it out of me, lol. This is my entry for @stargazingfangirl18 Soft Dark Challenge! I kind of got a bee in my bonnet about Devil!Steve coming for our reader, so I played with that, and I actually really like what I came up with. Fingies crossed that you’ll all enjoy it too 😬. Please let me know what you think in the comments, and reblogs are always appreciated! 
This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! Minors, DNI! 
You should have known better. That would be the only thought in your head after all of this was said and done. You know better than anyone how the dry desert heat can addle the brain, fry it like an egg on a hot iron skillet. You know better than anyone how thirst feels, dry and aching in the back of your throat. Water crazy, your grandmother said, spitting into the dust as she rocked endlessly in her chair on the porch. She’s long buried now, but her ghost lives in your memories, and in every corner of the old, rickety house she left you on the edge of that dry, dying town. 
 So when the rain doesn’t come that spring, and the fickle winds bring something else into town, you hear her again, watching disdainfully from your porch as their bikes kick up whirlwinds of dust on the barely-paved street. No rain. Water crazy is comin’. The air feels thick, almost like it could rain—but the endless blue sky above you makes you doubtful of that. Your eyes are drawn to the one leading the pack; a slim, powerful looking chopper, all white and silver and shining too bright in the desert sun. You raise a hand to brush sweat sticky curls from your forehead. 
 You can almost hear her voice again, low and reverent as if in prayer. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death and Hell followed with him… You’re not one for prayer, never have been. You’d clasped your hands and knelt during Sunday service until your knees were sore, but if there was a God, he’d certainly never answered you. As they passed, cold dread settled like lead in your belly, and you felt the urge to send up a prayer for deliverance. 
 A pale horse…
 When it comes time for your shift at Rattlesnakes, they’re already there. Loud, drunk, lousy tippers to boot—and you haven’t the strength to handle them on your own. When you complain to Leonard, though, he just tells you to hush up, keep your wits about you, even as bottles smash against the faded wallpaper, and cigarette smoke begins curling through the stagnant air. 
 “They’ll be gone before you know it.” 
 Maybe it’s the water rationing that’s shortened your temper, the sharp tinge of thirst like broken glass in your throat as you swallow thickly and try to nod convincingly. Water crazy. 
 Another bottle smashes, and you grit your teeth. “What, you sick of beer, Tony?” Someone laughs loudly. “They don’t have anything else in this shithole.” Leonard cowers behind the bar, his eyes trained on the counter as another bottle shatters, the shards flying wildly, twinkling in the dim lighting like tiny shooting stars. You throw down your towel, slapping your hands against the bar-top. 
 “Hey!” Leonard is pulling at your apron, muttering over and over just leave it alone, we’ll clean it up, it’s fine—but you can’t. You lick your dry lips. “This ain’t a goddamn alleyway.” The laughter dies down just a bit as some of the men turn to face you. Some of them look amused at your outburst, but still more frown at you, glaring from the other end of the bar. You feel a little less brave when one of them stands up, running a hand through his short, blond hair. “You can’t do that in here.” You say, crossing your arms over your chest anyway. 
 Out of the corner of your eye, you see a few of the regulars start to clear out, downing what little is left of their drinks as they make for the exit. The man turns cold blue eyes on you, resting large hands against the worn counter as he leans over it. 
 “My boys are just letting off a little steam.” He says in a voice like black honey. “I’m sure you understand.” You’re not sure how something can sound so reasonable, and still feel like a threat, but it does, and you shiver just a little. He smiles at you, but you don’t feel comforted. 
 And his name that sat upon him was Death. 
 “Well they can’t do it in here.” You said shortly. “If you want to take the bottles out into town and break them, you’re welcome to do that. But not in here.” 
 “Are there any other rules I should know, kitten?” He asks, the pet name making your stomach do uncomfortable flip-flops. Your hands clench into fists against the bar top. Behind him, his men laugh. His eyes stay on you, though, and you can feel them moving over every inch of you like a lover’s hands. 
 “Just stop wrecking the bar, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be square.” You want to escape the weight of his gaze, tell him to stop looking at you like that, like he’s seeing every nook and cranny in your goddamn soul—when he finally looks away. You stare past his head, unwilling to be caught in the trap again. 
 “Anything for you kitten.” He says lowly, and behind him, someone meows. 
 And Hell followed with him. 
“What do you mean, tighter rationing?” Grace’s voice is high pitched and trembling, her army of children racing through the church pews as she speaks. You’re wondering the same thing, and so is every other person in Bane. There’s already barely enough water to go around, how can there be even less? Murmurs of outrage spread through the crowd like wildfire, and you can see the sweat shining on the Mayor’s forehead as he dabs at it uselessly with a cloth. 
 “Y-yes, w-well it’s just that, well, since we’ve not had any rain yet this year, it’s—”
 “Are you sayin’ the well’s empty?” Someone shouts from the back of the church. “He’s sayin’ it’s empty!” Louder, more panicked murmurs begin to spread, even as the Mayor raises his hands in an attempt to quiet them. You’d never seen a drought last longer than a few months, but it was going on a year since the last time you could remember rain turning the dry, dusty roads of Bane into a thick, muddy slurry. 
 “No, not empty,” He said, and you knew he was only telling half the truth. Not empty, you thought sourly. Just close to it. You leave the town hall meeting before it descends into further chaos, pushing open the church doors and making your way out onto the dusty street. You’re blinded by the bright midday sun for a moment, and when your eyes clear, you see him. 
 Leaned up against a lamp post on the opposite side of the street, grinning at you. You weren’t sure if it was meant to be reassuring or not, but it made your blood go cold. Even the devil smiles, your grandmother said, her warning swimming up to you through the sea of your memories. Smiles while he lies. Next to him is the bike—the bright white one that almost hurts to look at. You turn away and try keep walking, feeling his eyes on you every step of the way. You make for the corner, and suddenly his presence is so close it’s hot, burning—and you turn to see him behind you. 
 “Water trouble?” He asks, and you scoff, knowing he already knows the answer. 
 “What do you think?” You say smartly. “It ain’t easy finding water in the desert.” He holds up his hands placatingly. 
 “Easy kitten. No claws, we’re just talking.” 
 You scowl at him. You don’t know this man, don’t know him from Adam, but you know there’s no just talking with him. He’s got eyes like the bookie that used to work the betting tables in town—tallying. Always tallying up the score. 
 “I’m not much for talking.” You reply curtly, intending to continue walking. His arm snakes out faster than you thought a man as big as him could move, wrapping around your wrist. 
 “I’m not finished with you, kitten.” Ice shot through your veins. “Now I know you’re a good girl with manners, so you know how this works. I introduce myself, you introduce yourself…” He waved his other hand as he spoke, his expression and tone casual though his grip was like iron on your wrist. “Get the picture?” His grip tightens and you wince, nodding quickly. You weren’t sure if he would break your arm, but you didn’t much feel like testing him to find out. “Good. I’m Steve.” 
 You spat your name at him, your brow furrowing as you avoided his gaze. You regretted it instantly. Why didn’t I lie? A slow smile spread across his handsome features.
  “Good girl.” You tried to snatch your arm away from him, and this time he lets you, his eyes sparkling with amusement. You don’t like the uncanny heat of his touch, the way his eyes seemed to bore into your own. You rubbed your wrist as you eyed him warily. “Now tell me, kitten, what’s there for a man to get into around here?” You couldn’t help the sardonic laugh that bubbled from your lips. There was nothing in Bane—nothing but angry, thirsty people too poor to move twenty feet from their front doors. 
 “City’s about two hours away,” You said. “Plenty to do there.” 
 “But you’re not there, kitten.” 
 “There’s the Snake and the theater. If those are closed, you’re shit outta luck.” You said through gritted teeth. He chuckles heartily at your ire, which incenses you even more. 
 “If it’s so terrible here, why don’t you leave?” He asks, his voice dripping with faux innocence. He had to know—one look at Bane would have told him or anyone else—there wasn’t anybody left here who could leave. Almost no jobs, practically no economy to speak of; Bane was barely a dot on the most detailed maps of the state. Leaving Bane was like tapping into a fresh well in your backyard—an impossibility. 
 “ ‘Cause money’s about as hard to come by as water ‘round here.” You answered, your mouth moving without your permission. You didn’t want to keep talking, didn’t want to tell him anything, but it was like you had to. Those eyes… you couldn’t lie when they were on you. 
 “Pretty girl like you ought to have a man taking care of you anyway,” He said flippantly, and you bristled. “Though I suppose it’s pretty slim pickings around here, isn’t that right, kitten?” 
 “...yes.” You speak haltingly, biting your tongue to keep more words from spilling out. Sure, it felt like a death sentence to have been born and raised here, but he doesn’t need to know that. You didn’t want him to know, but somehow you get the feeling that he does anyway, and your words are only confirmation. “I have to go get ready for work now.” Your voice is tight, your hands clenched into fists at your sides. His eyes seem to release their magnetic hold on you and you can breathe again as he leans against the wall. A hot breeze stirs the few curls at the nape of your neck that have escaped your pineapple puff at the top of your head. 
 “That’s okay, kitten. I’ll see you later.” He winks at you. God I fuckin’ hope not, you think vehemently, facing away as you make to cross the street.
 The sky above you is still endlessly blue, stretching clear and unbroken in every direction. You’d read somewhere that insanity was colored yellow, but as you looked up at the cloudless sky, you found yourself disagreeing—it was blue.
 Steve is already at the bar when you get there, seated in front of the beer taps and surrounded by his men. Leonard is there too, hiding in the storeroom as he pretends to take inventory, something you’ve never seen him do since you started working at the Snake when you were sixteen. You throw a black bar apron over your shorts, and check to make sure your wild mane of curls is adequately contained before you step behind the counter. 
 “Can I get a water, darlin’?” Pete slurs, already drunk, the remaining whiskey in his tumblr sloshing over the sides as he leans closer to you. “I’m powerful thirsty.” You resist the urge to wince at his breath. You can feel the weight of Steve’s eyes on you too, making you uneasy. 
 “ ‘Course, Pete.” You’re only allowed to go through one jug of water a night with the water rationing, and when Pete drains his glass and offers it up to you for a refill, you swallow thickly. “You know I can’t, Pete.” You try to sound as apologetic as possible, even though you’d rather see him kicked out on his ass than continue to serve him. He frowns at you, and slams the glass down, his finger jutting into your face accusingly. Water crazy, granny says again, her voice choked and dry like reeds in your mind. 
 “Y’know damn well it’s all a load of bullshit,” His words all jumble together as he shouts at you, his spit flecking your face. You flinch and wipe at it with your hand, cursing. 
 “Goddammit Pete, I don’t want to have to kick you out—” You did though, you really, really did—“but you’re not gonna be in here yellin’ like that!” You move to slap his hand out of your face, but you blink as your palm meets only open air. Steve had grabbed him, that easy, calm expression still on his face even as Pete struggles in his grip. Steve had at least a foot on Pete, and though Pete easily outweighs him, none of it was muscle. Steve holds him by the scruff of the neck with one hand, the other gripping his wrist tightly. It’s almost been comical—or it would be if your heart wasn’t threatening to beat out of your damn rib cage. 
 “You raise a hand to her again, and I’ll cut it off.” The entire bar was so silent, you could hear the dripping of the faucet way in the back. You hate this moment with all your being. You hate Pete’s fearful glance at you, as though you have some power over the mountain of a man holding onto him. You hate that he might be right; and some part of you gloats at this. You hate that you feel gratitude well up in your chest for half an instant. 
 “Steve, stop.” Your voice trembles, and you hate that too. He looks up at you curiously, as though he isn’t holding Pete by the neck like an overgrown puppy. 
 “He threatened you.” 
 “He’s drunk. He’s drunk and for the love of fuck just let him go!” Your voice cracks just a little with fear as you see his bright blue eyes narrow. “Please.” You add, and you see the fury lessen just a little. 
 “I like when you ask nice, kitten. One more time.” You feel humiliation heating your cheeks as your tongue wets your lips. 
 He nods. “When you get off work, we’re going for a ride, how’s that sound?” He asked, his knuckles still tight on Pete’s collar. This isn’t a conversation—it’s a negotiation. 
 “G-good. It sounds real good, Steve. Please let him go.” 
 He releases him instantly, and Pete sags to the ground like a bag of rice before he rights himself with a drunken wobble. He doesn’t look at you, nor at Steve as he runs for the door. You can’t help the sinking feeling that you’ve done something forbidden, something you can’t take back as Steve appraises you appreciatively. 
 There’s only a little water in the jug at the end of the night, just enough for you to take a greedy mouthful, and splash the rest over your tired face. Pete didn’t come back, and the rest of the patrons refused to come by the bar to order, not with Steve sitting there like he owned it. 
 You’d closed early, and now your stomach was tight with anxiety as you prepared yourself. Where would he take you? Would you come back? Would you even want to? You dried your face with a clean bar-towel, before bidding Leonard an icy goodnight. You still hadn’t forgiven him for his cowardice, and you didn’t know if you ever would. 
 Steve waits for you outside, leaned against his pale bike. He grins at you, and for a moment—just a moment—you swear you see a forked tongue flick behind his teeth as he greets you. 
 “Hello, kitten.” 
 “Where are we going?” You ask stiffly, and he chuckles. 
 “I don’t want to ruin the surprise.” His warm hand smooths over your back, pushing you gently toward the bike. “Let’s get a move on, doll.” You reluctantly climb on, and he steadies you with gentle hands before climbing on himself. “Hold on.” He only gives you that single warning as he starts it up, the engine vibrating powerfully between your legs. 
 Dust whips against your legs as he takes off, and you hide your face against his back to shield it from the biting wind. It’s too loud to talk, and you’re grateful for that—you don’t want to hear that black honey voice in your ears, nor see the crystalline eyes you can’t help but speak truth to. You feel him turn the bike off the road, and you chance a peek over his shoulder. You squint into the wind before gasping—he was taking you into the desert. 
 You have no choice but to hold onto him, your heart pounding. You know how easy it is to get lost out here, how quickly the wind and dirt cover tracks. When he finally stops, the road is nowhere in sight, and the sky is brighter than Vegas above you. Steve pulls the helmet from his head and kicks his boot against the bike-stand. 
 “Come on, doll. I want to show you.” He removes a blanket from his saddlebag, and spreads it onto the ground. Steve smiles charmingly at you before holding a hand out expectantly. “Or should I go back and ask Pete how he’s holding up?” He spoke so jovially you almost miss the threat. You gulp audibly and reach for his hand. He pulls you down to the blanket, settling you between his legs. 
 “Cozy.” You say dryly, and he laughs. 
 “Look, it’s starting.” He pointed up at the star-lit sky. At first that was all you could see, a dazzling band of the milky way, unpolluted by bright city lights. And then—something bright streaked across the sky. And then another, and another. Meteor showers? I don’t remember hearing about any… You can’t help but gasp with awe as the night sky lit up even brighter. 
 “Do you like it?” He asks, his breath tickling the shell of your ear. 
 “’s beautiful.” You said evasively, and he tucked a hand under your chin, holding your head still as you attempted to duck away. 
 “It’s for you.” He said, and a cold shiver ran down your spine. For me?
 And his name that sat upon him was Death.
 You jerked away from him, scrambling off of the blanket. Your fingers dig into the hard, dry earth as you watch him watching you, his expression neutral. The sky continues to explode with comets, bursting into color all around you. 
 “You don’t like the gift.” Steve’s voice is soft and disappointed, and you’re not sure if the mirrored emotions you see in his luminous eyes is genuine or false. 
 “What are you?” Your heart is hammering in your chest so loud you don’t think you’ll be able to hear his answer. But when he speaks, it’s like it’s reverberating inside your skull. 
 “What would you like me to be?” His eyes—those fucking eyes—are hot on you again, their weight moving across your skin. “I would be anything for you.” The air between you is heavy and thick, but instead of rain, you wish that the sky would crack open and the dark would swallow you whole, just to get away from him. A shiver runs down your spine at the thought—he is the dark. “I came here for you.” He says, though in your heart you already know this with absolute certainty. His eyes glow brighter in the dark, then, and for a moment, you see flickering blue flames in their endless depths.
        “I don’t have anything to give you.” You hate the way your voice shakes as you rebuff him—but how can it not when the Morningstar is sat in front of you, wearing the skin of a man like clothing? “I don’t have anything.”
 “Oh?” Steve purrs, rising to his feet. The dirt crunches under his boots as he steps towards you. Your eyes can’t help but follow him warily, watching as he began to circle you. He took a deep breath then, his nostrils flaring as his eyes roll to half mast. “I could smell you.”
 Your stomach trembled. “Stop it.” 
 “Your needs.” He circles closer. “Your desires. They all came to me on the wind.” You whimper, and he crouches in front of you, cupping your face with hands that are almost too warm for comfort. His breath puffs against your cheek as he leans closer, and looks up with a sardonic glare. “Do you think he’s listening, kitten?” 
 “I-I-I-don’t—” You try to pull away from him, but he won’t let you, forcing you to face him even as fear and something eerily similar to desire blooms in your belly. 
 “He’s abandoned you.” He licks his lips. “But I can save you. I can free you, kitten. Wouldn’t you like that?” Steve strokes his thumb affectionately across the swell of your cheek and you jerk. 
 “You’re lying!” You push helplessly at his arms, and he chuckles, shaking his head. 
 “Not about this.” His hand leaves your face, and he traces the exposed skin of your throat with a single finger. “Name your price, kitten. What would you have me do? Raise the dead?” A knowing smirk rests on his lips, and a choked sob escapes you. Why does he know you? As if reading your mind, the sardonic smile on his handsome face widens. “I know because you’re mine.” 
 Temptation sits heavily on your chest for the first time since Steve began offering you gifts. The devil smiles while he lies. To be free of Bane, to be really free… You had dreamt of destroying your own shackles when you were young, to free yourself from the generational curses of poverty and goddamn dust—but you couldn’t. You were withering away, rotting in Bane just like everything else. 
 No God had ever answered you, not when your father had blacked your eye at nine. Not when your mother had left you at your grandmother’s house, her hands shaking with need and promising that she’d “be back soon”—only to never return. He hadn’t answered you when you’d lowered your granny into her grave, dry earth covering the only person who had ever loved you. Silence. 
 “And what do you get? You ask breathlessly, your eyes dragging slowly up his face to meet his gaze. “My soul?” 
 “Yes.” He breathed, his lips only a hair’s breadth from your own. “And I will treasure it.” Steve’s mouth is almost burning hot as he growls against you, his tongue pressing insistently between your lips. You whimper, and he drinks it greedily, swallowing the sound as his arms encircle you, pulling you against his chest. When he finally pulls away, your lips are swollen and bruised from him, and he looks down at you with a pleased expression, admiring his handiwork. “Say you’re mine, and I will give you everything.” 
 “And if I say no?” You ask, though you already know the answer.
 “Kitten there is no place in heaven or hell that could stop me from coming for what’s mine.” Something cold and wet drips onto your scalp through your hair, while answering droplets form on your face and arms. It’s raining. The sky, which had been blazing bright with stars was now dark and foreboding as rain softly patters against the starved earth beneath your dusty knees.
 “I want to be free.” You whisper, your voice sounding traitorous to your own ears. Steve holds you tighter, sinking his teeth into the skin at your throat hard enough to bruise. 
 “Then freedom you shall have.” The light rain suddenly becomes a torrent, soaking the both of you. Steve is on you in an instant, pressing you into the mud as his hands rip furiously at your clothes. His mouth is hungry against your own, drinking every surprised cry and hesitant moan with equal fervor. His hands are everywhere, so much so that it seems like he’s got more than two; they are unhooking your bra and cupping your breasts, tracing a soft line on your dripping wet skin from your throat to the dip of your belly button. 
 “So soft,” He groans, following the same path with his tongue. “Waited so long for you…” Steve’s voice seems to double, a low growl and a needy, harsh moan all at once. You stiffen at his confession, and he chuckles, his fingers finding and plucking at your taut nipples. 
 “You waited for me?” 
 “I kept you safe,” He growls, his wet hands fisting in your now loose, messy curls. He runs his tongue up the side of your trembling throat. “Don’t you remember?” His tone is sardonic and angry. He runs his tongue along the shell of your ear. “Otis Arley.”
 Your back arched against him as he rolled your nipple between his thick fingers again, even as your eyes popped open in realization. Otis had moved away when you were teenagers. He was a bully—a violent one. He’d almost broken your arm one day, but… he’d started screaming, like he’d been beset by demons only he could see. His parents had left town shortly after.
 “Y-you did that?” 
 He hooked his thumbs underneath the plain white cotton panties plastered to your skin and grins at you. “I would do it again, and again, and again, if only for the pleasure of knowing that he can never touch you again.” He slides them down and his eyes narrow as he groans at the sight of you. You don’t have any more time or brainpower to consider Steve’s other appearances in your past as he swipes his thumb over your swollen clit. Mud is soaking through your ruined clothing beneath you, warm and wet on your back as the rain continues pouring down in wet sheets. 
 “So wet for me, kitten, like you should be,” He praises, thumbing your clit again as his other fingers slide tenderly through the soaked folds of your pussy. You bite your lip, silencing the moan that threatens to escape you, and Steve frowns. “No. Let me hear it.” A thick finger probes against your entrance, and the quiet whimper that leaves your parted lips makes him sigh with pleasure. He kisses your hip, nipping your skin with sharp teeth. 
 “Oh god,” You mumble, your hips arching shamefully into his hand. 
 “Not here, kitten.” He growls, his breath ghosting against the swollen petals of your sex. “Only me.” His tongue parts you eagerly, dipping down into your tight pussy and then back up to your clit in a maddening rhythm. Your eyes stare up unseeingly into the dark sky as he wrings pleasure from your trembling body, his fingers and tongue delving into you with abandon. The resolve to hold in your voice—to keep just this one thing from him—crumbles when he curls his finger inside you, a wild moan tears loose from your throat and drowns in the pouring rain. 
 “That’s it, doll.” Steve sucks hard on your clit and your body jackknifes, forcing him to push your hips back down with a firm hand. You’ve never felt this before, the hot pleasure arcing over your skin. Not alone, not with anyone else. You’re so close—so fucking close—to sweet, pleasurable oblivion that when Steve pulls away, swiping the back of his hand across his glistening mouth, you whine. He smiles down at you lovingly. “You made me wait so long, kitten. You can be patient for me.”
 Steve tugs the wet, clingy fabric of his shirt up over his head, and your eyes rake shamefully over the glistening, muscular planes of his chest. You reach up with a shaking hand, feeling the impossible heat of his skin under your palm. He moans softly at your touch, his fingers working feverishly at the button of his jeans. You let out a strangled gasp as he frees his cock, hard and throbbing from it’s confines. 
 He doesn’t give you time to be fearful, aligning himself with your entrance as your pussy throbs hotly. You don’t want to want this, but you do; every cell in your body is singing with his touch, and even when he sheathes himself inside you in a single thrust, you still ache for him. His hands are tight on your hips as he pants above you, his head thrown back with pleasure. 
 “So fucking tight…” Steve hisses, and you can only mewl in response. You’ve never been this full. Your pussy clenches around him hungrily and he growls, reaching beneath you to hoist you up, your hard nipples rubbing against his chest as he moves you lazily up and down his cock.
  “All mine.” His voice is a growl against your throat while his cock continues to split you open. You don’t have words to reply with as the head of his cock pushes against your cervix and you groan.You’re choking on pleasure, drowning in it as he presses inside of you over and over again. “Tell me you’re fuckin mine.” His hips snap up hard, and your pussy sucks at his cock, milking it. You whine and cry in his arms, your fingers raking reddened lines over his shoulders and back. “Tell me!”
 “Yours!” You gasp, and one of his hands fists in your hair, pulling your head back as he thrusts up into you. His mouth claims your own again furiously, and you aren’t sure if the wet squelches you hear echoing around you are from you or the rain. Your body feels like it’s on fire, Steve’s scorching touches burning across your skin, and his cock hard and hot inside you, branding you there too. He laves another kiss against your collar bone before he withdraws slowly, the head of his cock popping out of you wetly. 
 “On your knees, kitten.” You scramble to obey, intoxicated by him. “Good girl.” You position yourself for him, your hands slipping in the mud. Your pussy clenches wantonly at his praise, and Steve groans at the sight of it, fisting his hand around his cock as he taps it against your ass. He slides it down to probe at your cunt again, and although he was just inside you, it’s just as tight of a fit as before and he lets out a ragged moan. “Fuckin’ meant to be mine.”
 Your answering shout is lost in the rain as he fills you again, fucking you open until your arms collapse beneath you, and your forehead falls onto them, his arms the only thing holding your hips up. You’re muttering gibberish now, praise and prayers that fall only on his ears as he drives you relentlessly toward ecstasy. 
 “That’s it,” He snarls, leaning over your back to nip at the back of your throat. “You like being ruined on this cock, don’t you kitten?” Another sharp snap of his hips forces a groan from your throat. You could feel the cord tightening in your belly, pleasure building like a wave behind your closed eyes. “Gonna fill this pussy up, kitten, let everyone know it’s mine,” He rasps, reaching below you to circle your clit with deft fingers. 
 “Oh fu-uck,” You moan, your voice haggard even to your own ears as your body trembles. His cock parts you again as Steve’s fingers pull at your clit. A high, keening sound escapes your hoarse throat as you come apart on his cock, sucking it hungrily inside your spasming cunt. You clench again as you feel the heat of his cum spread inside you, his hips jerking as he groans long and loud. 
 And then darkness. 
 You wake as Steve carries you over to the bike. It’s still raining, though it’s slowed to a drizzle now, misting softly against your face. You’re naked but for his jacket, and your thighs are still sticky with him. He sits astride it easily, your small form still held tightly to his chest. 
 “Awake, kitten?” He asks, his voice rumbling in his chest pleasantly as you press your ear to it. Thump. Thump. Thump. You pull your head away, your brows furrowing. 
 “I never thought the devil would have a heartbeat.” He strokes your head with one hand. You don’t feel much different than you did before, except… lighter, perhaps. 
 “Would you prefer I didn’t?” 
 You shiver, though not from cold as you peer over his shoulder. Inexplicably, you are only feet from the roadside. Additionally, all of his men are there, lined up silently and waiting, as if for orders. You hide behind Steve’s shoulder once more, and a low murmur moves through the crowd of men behind him. 
 He kickstarts the white bike and it flares to life below you.
  “Ride!” he shouts, and you hear a chorus of answering shouts and the roar of engines. They begin peeling off one by one, racing off into the dark. 
 “Am I… are we going back?” You ask quietly as he secures the kickstand with a practiced kick. 
 You were damned in Bane, cursed to walk it’s empty streets until the desert reclaimed what man had stolen from it—but now… perhaps this devil, the one you didn’t know, was better than the one you did. 
 And when Steve took off into the night, carrying you with him, you heard your grandmother one final time. 
 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death. 
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opalesense · 9 months ago
nsfw headcanons
Tumblr media
zhongli & gn!reader [NSFW]
1.1k words • ~9 min. read
summary: some headcanons of what zhongli is like in bed!
warnings: liyue arc spoilers, breeding
notes: you might be able to tell i got some zhongli favoritism by how long this is lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
zhongli, in his sophisticated and traditional nature, will be extremely respectful of you and will only have sex at times and places where you want to. he believes your body is a temple and he does not want to consistently impurify it with selfish human desires. very rarely will he force himself onto you (that's not to say that he wouldn't though, more on that later!)
he is always turned on when you're in his vicinity. one look at you will send his thoughts racing. he definitely won't show it outwardly all the time, but he is always ready when you are.
no sharing. at all, ever. you are his for as long as time exists. anyone who dares to even shoot a suggestive glance at you will meet zhongli's wrath, or at the very least, his cold, intimidating stare. he gets very upset if you even attempt to mention the possibility of polygamy in bed. he is very possessive.
there are two sides to zhongli in bed. he is either gently making love with you, relishing in the slow paced pleasure and heat of the moment, or he is purely animalistic, mindlessly destroying you and following instinct alone, paying no mind to what you want.
his gentler side in bed is simply a projection of his true love for you. he will endlessly praise you with words, loving the way your face lights up with each compliment and getting turned on when he knows he is pleasuring you. he will constantly be muttering that he loves you, cherishes you, and will never let you go. reminding you that he loves you while he's indulging in such a dirty act with you is VERY important to him.
slow, careful, and calculated moves. he will observe each twitch, moan, and facial expression you make to determine his next moves. if you're visibly uncomfortable, he will immediately try something else. if you're in extreme pleasure, he will make sure to remember what he is doing so he can do it again and again.
zhongli's incredible memory encapsulates your likes and dislikes in and out of the bedroom. he uses this to his advantage to overload you with pleasure every time. the more times you make love with him, the more he can use his knowledge to make each time an enjoyable one.
if you can remember the things he likes too, he will be overjoyed! he doesn't expect you to focus on pleasuring him though. in fact, each time you have sex is an opportunity for him to serve you.
he LOVES releasing himself inside of you. more on that later, but know that he doesn't like seeing his fluids splayed across your body or seeing you covered in tears or saliva. again, your body is a temple. to him, it must stay as orderly and pure as possible.
zhongli is not into hurting you or leaving any drastic marks on you for a similar reason. he doesn't mind leaving a hickie here and there, but that's probably the most he would do without feeling ashamed in himself, even if you asked for more.
he doesn't lean strongly towards dom or sub... that is, until you see his animalistic side. by then, he is undoubtedly a dom.
he can usually control his temper very easily. but if he's having a terrible day or something awakens the god of war, the unforgiving dragon inside of him, he will lose any ties to his normal human persona. he will immediately revert to his past self, the part of him that is engulfed in the thought of having domination over everything he lays a finger on – this includes you.
before being fully consumed by this darkness, he will make sure to get your consent for the things he will do to you. he wants to use that last spark of the kind, caring, and gentle zhongli that you're used to in order to ask for your permission. it is his utmost priority as soon as he can feel the darkness swallowing him.
but if he doesn't get to you in time or does not get your permission at all, you will need to restrict him somehow. otherwise, he will do everything in his power to get his hands on you no matter what. the urge is uncontrollable. it's unfortunate that you have to put up with this, but thankfully this rarely happens anyway that you don't mind dealing with a tied up, cranky, and extremely horny zhongli until the phase passes naturally.
admittedly, the first time you saw this side, you were terrified!
even though he will retain his human form, he will pounce on you with nothing on his mind but to conquer and make you fully his. that being said, he goes crazy at the thought of pinninf you down and breeding you, filling you up multiple times to guarantee that you will get pregnant, even if you can’t have children. it must be done multiple times. he is not convinced that one round is enough.
but during this phase, one round is pretty short! since he's focusing on reaching his goal to breed you quickly, he will make sure to get the job done as efficiently as possible.
he will use you mindlessly and treat you like a doll, a simple object made to pleasure him and him alone. he will not hear your cries, screams, or begging to stop if he is engulfed in rage. if you are not filled to the brim with his seed, he does not care about what you want or how you feel in the moment. even if you manage to get fucked unconscious somehow, he will continue fulfilling his pleasure as if nothing happened.
he might use another hole if filling one up wasn't enough for him.
if any cum spills out, he will make sure you pick it back up and swallow it to make sure all of him is inside you. a single drop wasted will make him angrier.
once the phase wears off and he's practically emptied everything he's got into you, he will apologize profusely and go overboard with aftercare. he probably won't have sex with you for quite some time, drowning in guilt even if you enjoyed it.
he will smother you in expensive gifts, luxuries, food, and acts of kindness for the next week or so. he cannot carry the guilt of doing such dirty things to you without compensation.
if you're the type to get easily bored or tired of the same gentleness he treats you with and want to ask him to purposely go through this phase of rage, he will politely decline. there is no convincing him that he should treat you so poorly, even if you tell him it brings you pleasure. he truly hates that side of him and hates taking it out on you even more. it doesn't remind him of very good memories.
but if you really nag enough all day, maybe enough to get him angry or annoyed with you? you might get what you wish for without him even realizing...
Tumblr media
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bugsbinnie · 9 months ago
whorehouse. || 💦
Tumblr media
➥ 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 | 𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐢 𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐣𝐮𝐧 𝐱 𝐥𝐞𝐞 𝐣𝐮𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐧 𝐱 𝐡𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧𝐣𝐢𝐧 𝐱 𝐟𝐞𝐦!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
➥ 𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄 | 𝐟𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬! 𝐚𝐮, 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭
➥ 𝐖/𝐂 |  4k
➥ 𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒 | 𝐧𝐨, 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬. 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐮𝐛𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐛𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦. 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐞.
➥ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 | 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐬𝐞𝐱! , 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞, 𝐝𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐤, 𝐝𝐨𝐠𝐠𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞, 𝐭𝐨𝐲𝐬, 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥!𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥!𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐞, 𝐰𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐧𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐲 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐭 𝟏𝟖+ 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲.
multi-fandom ask requested by @light164star​ hope you enjoy this my love!
Tumblr media
in any normal university a fraternity represents ambition, passion, and integrity amongst brotherhood. but things were different in your university.
the Sigma Chi (ΣΧ)’s were different. they stayed in this big gorgeous frat house across campus, they threw the best parties and had the best of everything. they had the best selection of everything on campus, even down to the best dining hall. they were very selective to who they admitted. well, judging by the guys you saw leave that building it seemed as if they only accepted the best of the best. the best looking guys, best athletes, the academic powerhouses, the all rounders. every guy on campus wished they were one of them and every girl wished they could be with one of them. but the Sigma Chi’s never dated anyone. that was their number one rule.
and lastly, the sigma chi was rich. not because it was full of a bunch of guys who were spoiled rotten by their parents. not because the university provided them with full ride scholarships. but because the sigma chi house wasn’t what everyone thought it was. of  course it was a house of brotherhood, but they had subscribers all across campus. including you. and the university officials had yet to know that. not that anyone would snitch anyway, they practically had everyone wrapped around their fingers. they even managed to wane off some of the security guards and professors from scoping out their territory, giving them hush money for their loyalty.
i know what you’re thinking. no -- the sigma chi’s aren’t a mafia. despite their ways they’re actually far from a mafia. they were a fraternity. they were a business. and one thing for certain, two things for sure, don’t you ever meddle in the business of the sigma chi’s. no one has ever came back from that little mistake. as far as you were concerned the victims were basically wiped off the face of the earth, complete lost of contact, even their social media accounts deleted and deactivated. no one knew what the sigma chi’s did to them but no one wanted to find out either.
anyway, you held your head low while walking towards the steps of the house. not everyone on campus knew about their little secret but that still didn’t keep you from being embarrassed about yours. you were a happy subscriber and you weren’t going to deny that. sometimes you wondered how your application even got accepted. but it did. you went into the little convenience store they held in the building, waiting for kim seungmin/kang taehyun/ ju haknyeon, either one of them were required to check you in. they worked at the house convenience store but little did anyone know the trio were the brains behind the whorehouse. they didn’t handle much subscribers themselves, but faithfully took care of admissions and payments. oh, and also check in’s. no one could get service or even have access to the whorehouse without going through them first.
the motion detector chimed indicating that they had a customer. you bit your lips looking around a bit, hoping no one walked in right after you. hoping they would think you’re just there to purchase snacks or something. with his sleeves rolled up from handling the store’s stock--coming from the back was kim seungmin. he approaches the back of the counter and does a little head tilt, indicating that you needed to show your identification. you reached your fingers into your wallet and plucked up your student identification card, sliding it on the counter. he reaches for it and opens an app on his smartphone, making sure you were a paying subscriber. lord knows they had enough people behind on payments yet still trying to receive service. even though you knew you were up to date on your payments you still gulped. seungmin never really showed much of any facial expression which scared you. just a sullen, hard expression that made everyone around him think he hated them. 
“you’re all set. sign this slip”.
he grabbed the small notepad full of paper slips he’d printed and specially designed himself, writing the date and his signature signifying that he approved your service. it was your job to sign the bottom line though confirming your consent to anything included in your service. you swiftly grabbed a pen and scribbled your signature.
“room 502. make sure you give them that or else you’ll have to leave”.
you nod and place the slip in your pocket, taking the elevator to the floor. you admit you were nervous as hell, this is how you were each visit. when you’re a subscriber you don’t know what type of service you can get. you’re just assigned to a random room and you’re promised a good orgasm-- several even--- by the time you leave. the way university was stressing you out these days that’s all you needed. your feet finally approach the door and you knock hesitantly. the door opens a bit, just enough to show his face and they grey and black silk robe he was wearing. it was choi yeonjun. fuck. you were scheduled with choi yeonjun today. there was no doubt in your mind that you’ll be fucking ruined.
you fished it out of your pocket and showed him. he took it and nodded before crumbling it and tossing it in the nearby trash can. he opened the door further, you could see the dark room only illuminated by the deep red lights that lined the perimeter of the room. your heart dropped to the pit of your stomach at the sight of handcuffs, a pack of gummy worms and a vibrator sitting on the edge of the bed.
“come in”.
you nervously slipped through the crack of the door while he shuts it behind you. the room smelled like cherries, it always did for some reason. you stood there and swallowed. you could hear yeonjun faintly chuckling behind you, his hand brushing along your waist.
“you scared baby?”.
“y-yes”. you stammer. he kisses your cheek.
“you should be. take those panties off and get on all fours for me”.
“okay”. you stuttered once more doing as you were told. you came here enough to know that clothes always went on the clothing rack beside the door. fully naked you hesitantly crawl on the bed and remain on all fours just as instructed. you could hear the clashing metal of the handcuffs behind you as yeonjun undoes them and hooks them around both of your wrists and around the headboard. the cold metal ring clung painfully tight around your wrists and you gasp a little at how rough he was.  your back was now arched in the perfect bow and anything he wanted to do he could do it, your body was at his full disposal. you could feel his hand slide down your midsection and your breathing hitched. he removes it and lowers himself to the level of your face just to glare into your eyes. you stared into the abyss of his eyes in fear. he takes two fingers and rub them together, smearing the wetness he collected from you before slipping them in his mouth. he then slides it out.
“you’re not wet enough”.
and on that note he shifts to another side of the room and you heard the familiar sound of goo melt into the palm of his hand. you wince at how cold it was when he coated you with it, getting a good rub on your clit before slipping his fingers inside of you just to coat you that way. a subtle moan left your lips when he did so, unbeknownst to you that yeonjun had other plans when it came to your needy noises.
“none of that today,”. he says in response before picking up a pack of long heavy gummy worms. “that’s what these are for”. he ripped the pack open and grabbed a handful just to go over and shove between your lips. “I don’t want to hear any sounds from you today, you understand?”. you nod with the gummy treats in between your teeth. they were so thick you didn’t know how anyone could ever chew through them.
the buzzing noise of the vibrator rang behind you and your feet immediately grew cold. you couldn’t back out now. you paid for this. this is what you subscribed for. you had to take it.
yeonjun clutches your thighs and slides himself beneath you, face to face with your pussy that was practically begging for him at this point. you felt the smooth, thick grey vibrator slip past your slippery folds pushed deep inside you. in an instant you no longer knew how you were going to keep your legs in place this whole time. you started breathing hard gnawing on the gummies as hard as you possibly could. “shaking already baby? you’re going to have a hard time today”.
he steadily holds the toy, sinking it between your folds and pulling it back out slowly relishing the way your wetness coated it. moans awaited in your throat yet you forced them back down. yeonjun loved the way your pussy looked from this angle but most importantly he loved the way your clit looked. plump and glistening with lube. he softly hums and slides his tongue against it. you gasp but this time refusing to exhale.
“mmm”. he hums again and gives it another cat lick before pushing his face closer and coddling it between his lips. you decided to breathe, as shaky as it sounded at least you weren’t making any noises. but fuck you wanted to. the way he was twisting and moving the toy inside you, the way his wet tongue felt curling against your clit, you wanted to collapse. and he knew it.
he groans after pulling away from your folds with a thin spit string to follow but he couldn’t keep himself from going in for more. he ate you like a hungry tiger, each taste of you is like heaven in the coil of his tongue.  that’s what killed you the most. that’s what made your legs tremor the most. yeonjun didn’t eat pussy as if he wanted to eat pussy. he ate pussy as if he needed to eat it. and that made all the difference.
every lick sent electricity straight to his groin. the fact that you were shaking above him unable to do anything but breathe heavy and take whatever he was giving you turned him on. he thought your little lips were so soft, pretty and scrumptious. he slid his tongue around every crease and fold refusing to neglect a sector. he always had an unquenchable desire to please. your insides burned with agony. he told you that you weren’t allowed to make noise yet he ate you like this? you couldn’t take it. your breathing was already heavy and your legs were already on the verge of collapsing so if he didn’t stop within the next 5 seconds you’d be a moaning mess through the gummies in your mouth.
he fucks you with the toy a bit faster,  twisting it inside you while he flat tongued your clit prior to sucking it gently; hallowing his cheeks in the process. your eyes close and the jolts of pleasure made your tummy cave in. your heart rate soars and now your wrists were writhing desperately inside the cuffs. it felt so fucking good. god, it felt so good. your torso was on fire. his fingers dug into your innermost thigh while his tongue further explored you. he licks a particular spot that you weren’t quite fond of anyone licking, sending a bone shuddering moan through the air.
“ ffuckk! please!”.
yeonjun halts his movements at the sound of it. you mentally cursed at yourself. how could you be so stupid?
“what was that?”.
you swallowed. you agreed to keep silent. that was a bad choice. he slipped himself from underneath you and approached your face, grabbing your jaw roughly forcing his attention on him.  “answer me when I’m speaking to you”.
lord knows you wanted to. but he looked so incredibly scary like this your jaw trembled at the thought of even replying. he lets go of you forcing your head to drop back down in between your shoulders. “you don’t want to fucking listen right?”. you heard a barely audible chuckle but you knew he wasn’t chuckling because anything was humorous. “I got something for you”.
the sound of that made your heart drop. you didn’t know what the hell that meant. your mind couldn’t even grasp what it could possibly mean. all you knew was that you were handcuffed to this bed in this dark red room, your body in the position of complete freewill. after a couple of minutes more of drowning in the fear of your own thoughts the door behind you open and close. you heard not one set-- but other sets footsteps creak the floor. your eyes grew as wide as moons. little did you know though, this was all apart of their plan. yeonjun knew you wouldn’t be able to take what he was doing to you.
“since you don’t know how to shut up, I brought some friends who won’t mind doing it for you”.
squatting to your eye level was lee juyeon, another one of sigma chi’s most honorable members. he does this sly smirk before rubbing your cheek with his hand. “how you doing precious?”. your heart began to pound dangerously fast. sliding his hand through your hair was hwang hyunjin, on the other side of your face wearing the same smirk as juyeon. “damn you’ve got a pretty one jun”. he comments. if you weren’t bound to the headboard you’d run out of sheer nervousness. but you couldn’t.
juyeon grabbed your jaw and glares into your eyes steadily, almost as if he were searching for something. with him doing this you hadn’t even noticed that yeonjun and hyunjin disappeared behind you. “you have some pretty lips. you know that? show me how well you can suck my dick“.
he fiddles with the waistband of his briefs, giving you a gorgeous view of his chiseled body and you wanted to melt right then and there. however someone was groping your thighs underneath you and you realized yeonjun was back in the same position as before. and hyunjin was above him, his hands groping your ass and kneading it. he spills some lube into the palm of his hand and shoves two slendery, slippery fingers inside your ass without warning. you choked on your own spit and wince at the pain. he rubbed his clothed dick against you, biting his lips.
“have you ever done anal before baby?”.
you shudder. “nno i haven’t”.
he hums before scissoring his fingers inside you a bit more, stretching you out so his dick could fit perfectly. you’ll admit, you weren’t too keen on anal before hyunjin stuffed his dick inside you and filled you to the brim. yeonjun attaches his lips to your clit again, and juyeon rubs his dick against your lips forcing you to take him in whole. more than anything you didn’t know you’d be experiencing this. being ruined by three men instead of one.
you hummed against the shaft of juyeon’s dick at the feeling of yeonjun’s tongue licking your soft folds through and through, all the while hyunjin’s giving you soft thrusts from behind. the delicious mix of pleasure made you delirious. your tummy caved in and your thighs were trembling once again. and oh yeah, yeonjun got his wishes of you staying quiet. juyeon was filling your mouth so much a sound could barely be audible. juyeon slips his hands in your hair, jerking your head back just so he could see your mouth filled his precum. he grins.
“a subscriber of the whorehouse gets used like a whore. you like this shit don’t you?”.
hyunjin grips your waist harder and chuckles. “she can’t talk with her mouth full. she’s being a lady”.
juyeon smirks and glances down at you trying to suck him as far as you could possibly reach. “is that true? you’re trying to be polite?”.
yeonjun smirks and licks another stripe up your wet swollen clit before chiming in. “if so, shes at the wrong place. polite prissy princesses don’t get fucked and sucked this good”.
hyunjin slams a hand down on your ass, making it jiggle underneath his palm. “they sure don’t”. you groan against juyeon’s length feeling like you could pass out any second. he thrusted himself between your lips steadily loving the sloppy, messy sounds your mouth was making in the process.
“look at suck dick and take it good. who taught you this?”. juyeon growls.
you softly whine, crying in response. numerous moans left your throat but it was a mystery on whether or not they’d actually be heard. it didn’t even matter though because all three of them was groaning loud enough to drown out the sound of yours. you felt like you were going to lose your damn mind being used like this. the pleasure of it all made your toes curl and body shiver. yeonjun’s wet lips were coated in nothing but you precum at this point and hyunjin speeds up the movements of his waist, snapping into you like he’d never get a chance to do it again. well, considering the system of the whorehouse he just might not. and he was making it evident.
“fuck, your pretty ass”. hyunjin groans while throwing his head back and biting his lips, slamming you back against his waist every chance he got. your ass was pretty like this, stemming down from your cinched waist it was plump and perfect from this angle. hyunjin thought he could watch it bounce against him all day if he could. you unintentionally pushed back on him leaving a hum of approval sputtering from him lips. “oh shit”. he grumbled.
“she’s fucking you while riding yeonjun’s face. shit, I like her”. juyeon licks his lips while holding your hair in up a makeshift ponytail. tears jerk from your eyes as he shoves his dick down your throat again before pulling it back out. you gagged enough to spit his precum back over his tip.
“I like her too”. hyunjin mentions, completely stopping his hips just to watch you desperately fuck yourself to an orgasm. a throaty groan became a murmur as your legs trembled and the familiar wave of electricity washed over your whole entire body. you didn’t know how much more you could take.
“she’s pulsating so hard around my tongue I think she’s about to cum”.
“she’s so cute look at her fucking herself. you gonna cream all over us baby?”. hyunjin groans.
your high pitched whine rang through the steamy atmosphere and as if your body listened to hyunjin words you did just that, your juices spilling down his thighs and waterfalls down yeonjun’s chin. hyunjin slips his fingers into the curve of your waist and fucks a bit more until your ass was filled with his cum, and the sticky contents of juyeons fluids were already slithering down your throat. your body spasmed and jerk so hard and yeonjun licks the aftershocks out of you before getting up and fucking your throat until he got a fix of his own. he grunts and roughly pulls your hair while he does so, letting his hot cum spill down your throat after he was finished. your limbs felt so weak. you wanted to just stay there and sleep. but unfortunately you had to walk back to your residence hall in this condition. it was fucking worth it though.
after you were freed from the handcuffs you could see the bruised rings on your wrist from them both. “put your clothes back on, go back to your dorm and take care of yourself baby”. yeonjun speaks just before they all vacated the room.
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jinkicake · a year ago
Daddy Issues
Kuroo, Oikawa, Daichi, Ushijima when their ‘sweet and innocent’ s/o confesses to wanting to call them ‘daddy’.
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
Oikawa Tooru x Reader
Sawamura Daichi x Reader
Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader
Requested: For @teasbees-knees ,,, I... never shy away from a daddy kink pFFTTT sorry that is my brand... Especially with the captains please,, they’re my favs T T something about them.. anyway~~ I hope you like it!! </3 
WC- 2,173
Kuroo Tetsurou 
When you finally get the courage to call Kuroo ‘daddy’... it is hard to say how he will react
He almost wants to laugh in your face because he can’t decide if this is a joke or not
However, Mr. Smartie knows that with how “innocent” you are with him, it can’t be a joke!
Kenma will also be hearing about this because Kuroo cannot keep his mouth shut and feels the need to share everything with his bestie
Don’t worry Kenma doesn’t shame~ He will shame Kuroo though!
Kuroo is a great daddy once he finally gets into it,,, again like with every post I must bring up that he is a scorpio. He will fit the role perfectly
He treats you so well but is a little rough with you, Kuroo loves to tease you and get you flustered
Ya know, rile you up so that only he can bring you down
Kuroo will try to be very soft with his princess but he does end up manhandling you a little bit
It depends on the day, you’ll either be his pillow princess or his cum slut </3 oop-
“Huh?” Kuroo exclaims loudly, leaning back slightly as he crosses his arms over his chest. You grip his shirt tightly as you squirm in his lap, you’re unable to hide your gaze away from him for too long. “What did you say?” He practically squeaks his words, you can see the disbelief hiding in his eyes that he tries to mask with amusement. You purse your lips together and shake your head stubbornly, not wanting to repeat what you had just said. “You want to call me what, baby?” His hot breath hovers over your lips and you refrain from looking away, you can’t handle his heated gaze for too long. “Go on, say it.”
You bite your lip in thought as you stare at your aggravating boyfriend, he always pushes you like this. What do you gain from hiding from him?
“Daddy.” It’s a huff that comes out of your throat but the word is still loud and clear throughout the air. “There I said it.” Kuroo’s jaw drops cockily and he tilts his head as he continues to catch your every movement, you wish you could wipe the smug expression off of his face.
“Are you going to do anything or you just going to keep staring at me?” Finally, you snap and sit up in his lap, your posture straightens as you glare into hazel eyes. “You can’t be a brat, daddy.” You practically purr the nickname and ignore how quiet your boyfriend has gotten.
Kuroo’s face falls and you relax back into his arms, refusing to look away and let Kuroo win like always.
“You’re so snappy, kitten, what’s got you all riled up?” Kuroo’s question is rhetorical and you know it, his large hands run up your hips and he bites down harshly on your neck. He laps the mark with his tongue and pulls you right into his chest. “If you wanted me to fuck you, all you had to do was ask~” He nearly locks you into his arms and refuses to let go, his hips roll up into yours and you fall limp against him. “Really, kitten. You didn’t have to act out and I can’t let you go unpunished. I hope it was worth it."
Oikawa Tooru
Omg please, Oikawa will faint when the lewd words leave your mouth
You’re his precious little angel, his sweet princess, and yet you want to call him daddy?!
Despite that, Oikawa is 200% into it and loves to tease you about it, he takes on the perfect daddy role
He will be flustered at first and his heart will act up on him but that’s because he can’t handle your cuteness
So you will see a precious blush paint his face and he will try to hide away from you but,,, that will disappear in an instant
He can go from uwu to hard in .2 seconds, that is the magic of Oikawa
Oikawa already loves to take care of you and baby you, it’s just the cancer in him!
Whether he will be a hard or soft daddy depends on you, Oikawa can go either way and he loves to pretend he is soft but… we all know how hard he is
Please! We all watch the same show, we know the same Oikawa! He lives to rile up people </3
Yes, call Oikawa ‘daddy’ and see what happens~ My heart is racing just thinking about it!
Oikawa stares at you with a confused expression, a puzzled look paints his face. You look away when he tilts his head at you, opting to get a better look at your flustered persona.
“What do you want to call me?” Oikawa asks all too calmly, and you want to run away and hide due to the embarrassment. “Awe, you want to call me daddy?” He laughs loudly and you snap your eyes up to his at the sudden change in his tone. 
His condescending voice has you wincing and you continue to smile hopefully up at your boyfriend. Oikawa grips your chin tightly, forcing you to stare up at him as he lowers his face to yours. 
“You’re so naughty, all this time I thought you were Daddy’s good little girl but it appears you’re my bad girl instead.” He hums and you nod, swallowing harshly as you try not to waver under his gaze.
“That’s right, isn’t it? Say that you’re Daddy’s bad girl, I want to hear it~” Oikawa practically purrs into your ear, his voice is low and soothing, drawing you in with each word. You try to take a step back and create some distance between the two of you but Oikawa wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you into his chest. “No, you’re not going anywhere.”
Your thighs are quivering at this point, the heat in your lower stomach is becoming too much to handle. Oikawa’s eyes lighten at this and his hand squeezes your hip tightly, he looks so eagerly awaiting your words.
“I’m your bad girl, Daddy.” You whisper and Oikawa clicks his tongue in his mouth, tilting his head back to expose his muscular throat before smirking back down at you.
“You really hurt my feelings, angel. You want to be my good girl?” You nod eagerly and Oikawa has to hold back another laugh. “Oh my, you’re so sweet, I know just how you can make it up to me.”
Sawamura Daichi 
You can’t tell me that Daichi doesn’t have a daddy kink himself, he gets off to you calling him daddy!
It’s like his ultimate wet dream, his sweet s/o saying something so sexy just for him!!!
He is very good at hiding it,,, he’s almost as “innocent” as you are,,, he can tell you aren’t what you appear to be~
He’s been friends with Sugawara long enough that he can see through a facade when he needs to HAHAH
Daichi is the perfect daddy and will take care of everything little thing that you need
Yes, you are his pillow princess and he never punishes you
If he does have to punish you, it’s something light that he never fully finishes it. How can he when you’re looking at him so sweetly?
He’s a real sucker for you, like yes his personality is sweet but his touch is rough and hard
With Daichi’s brute strength there is no soft, it is not in either of your vocabularies
That makes his punishments a real pain in the ass but,,, it’s okay~ You both like the marks he leaves
“Daddy,” The soft moan leaves your pink lips as Daichi continues to kiss your neck, you’re so overcome with the feeling of his gentle touch that you don’t even realize what you’ve said. Daichi chuckles lowly against your neck and purposely bites down on your soft skin. “oh!” Your breath hitches as his hands creep down your torso and play with the flimsy shirt you have on.
“Daddy’s got you now, baby.” Daichi murmurs against your jaw before bringing his hand down to your panties. You practically melt into the sheets at the sound of his voice, all the weight on your shoulders has disappeared and you feel utterly content. It’s a feeling of bliss to be so cared for.
Daichi kisses down your stomach over your shirt before pushing the material up your hips to expose your panties. He hums at the sight of the baby pink material in front of him and he has to hold back a groan.
“You’re so cute, this entire time you had me fooled thinking you were my innocent girl.” Daichi kisses your hips on either side before hooking his finger into the soft material. He gently drags it down your legs and stuffs it into one of his pockets, no doubt stealing it like he always does. “It seems you’re just as naughty as I am.”
Daichi finally leans forward and places a firm kiss on your clit, not breaking eye contact with you at all. The intimacy makes you shiver, you can barely handle it. Daichi is so soft with you, each peck and stroke of his tongue after he finally pushes your panties to the side is so dangerous. 
“You’re so pretty, does my beautiful girl want Daddy’s fingers?” Daichi brings his hand closer to your core from where it was resting on your inner thigh. You don’t have to say anything except for nod, Daichi knows exactly what you want and intends to give you all of it. “Let me spoil you today, princess, I’ll take such good care of you.”
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Now my Wakatoshi-kun,,,,, he will get so confused and simply will not get it
I wish I could say that he would but let’s be real,,, canon Ushijima has zero clue what a daddy kink is
Even if you explain it to him, he would still be lost and still not understand it
He is more “innocent” than you are.. OOP-
However, I know that if Ushijima explores it further he will definitely like it,,, and ultimately unlock his daddy kink!!
Please this man leaks dominance with each step he takes, he’s all about the power and tbh he loves to take care of you so… Yeah,, he’s onboard!
As much as I want to say that Ushijima is a softie,,, I don’t think he is… I think he is rather strict and rough
Sometimes he can take it easy on you but most of the time,, you’re his sweet little stress relief and he wants you to be perfect every time… I bet he gets off on punishing you HAHAH
Yes, Ushijima is rough because daddy gets so much pent up aggression and needs to take it out somewhere in a positive manner
Ushijima is the king of aftercare though,,, like yeah he might have just gotten done with degrading and overstimulating you for hours but now his baby needs to be cleaned up!
“I want to call you ‘daddy’.” You proclaim, maintaining your stance as you try to fight Ushijima’s intimidation. Finally, you’ve got the courage to introduce your boyfriend to the idea. Your plan was to start slow and ease him into it but, there’s only so much holding back you can do.
“I am not your father.” Ushijima states and you have to refrain from rolling your eyes at him. You bite your lip harshly and continue to stare up at him, not letting your guard fall once. This time, you are holding your own against your blunt boyfriend.
“I know but, I think it’s hot?” You tell him not as confidently as you had intended, how else can you explain it to him?
“I do not understand.” Ushijima tilts his head down slightly towards you, staring intensely at you as if he can see you right through you.
“Wakatoshi,” You sigh, you knew this was going to be difficult. “I just like it.” By now, your words are a whisper and you’re shyly explaining yourself to your boyfriend. You toy with your fingers and lower your gaze down to your shoes. Ushijima has gone quiet, much like he is all the time, except you know it is now because he is deep in thought.
“Okay.” Ushijima nods and you snap your eyes back up to his.
“O-Okay?” You stutter as your voice cracks on you. It’s hard to hide the excitement you’re feeling and the heat growing between your thighs. “Okay.” You grab out and grip his shirt, holding it tightly in your grasp. Now, it’s really starting to get hard to hold yourself back.
Ushijima stares blankly down at you but there is a little furrow in his eyebrows. His confused expression makes your heart twist and soon enough, you notice his olive eyes darken. Ushijima cups your cheek in one of his large hands and brushes his thumb against your lips, staring deeply at the plush skin.
“I would like to try it out right now. Beg for daddy.”
@yams046 @atsushii-tora​ @xhanjisungiex @ylxxia​ @chaosamu @angelkogane @augustdearly @kunimwuah  @chuuyasbunny @osamuonigiri @pearzuko @darksxder @macaronnv @nerdygremlin @buzzybeebee @miyaxs @badboysdoitbetter2 @blossoms-nursery @bibliophile221b @curiouslilbeast @sepirayanii @apollochjld @jojoforthesoul @kiyoojima @kit-tea @my3ammadness @miamiya @tnu-ree @yatogamisenpai @lollyzen @differentballooncollection @ynjimenez @therainroguefanfiction @cutiekawa @ohbyunhunn @i-will-eat-your-trousers @virqgo @thelilyflowersworld @wompwomphq
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wooloo-inc · 8 months ago
hiya, could i request for a ghost (male) reader who also has memory loss like ghostbur, and how members of the smp would react? if you could do it for ghostbur, fundy, phil(father figure), tommy(platonic), jack manifold and quackity, thatll be great.
ty in advance:] and take care!
I don’t write for jackmanifold, sorry !! 
He remembers so much about you, so seeing you again is the best moment for him. The ghost practically lunges into your form, spinning you around. He recognizes the grey tint to your skin and the way you sink into the ground. You’re a ghost too. He’s sad for a moment but it quickly goes away with happy thoughts
Since you’re both ghosts now and previous friends, he drags you almost everywhere. People can’t find one without the other. He introduces you to Friend and others in the smp. It isn’t until you dig your heels into the ground that he stops. The question you ask, freezes his steps. You don’t remember who he is? 
Well, maybe it is because he is Ghostbur that you don’t remember! So, he asks if you remember his past self, Wilbur. But, you shake your head again. His smile drops at the information and he lets go of your hand briefly
You don’t remember Wilbur at all. Or, any happy moments really. You remember Dream, Sapnap and George. But, you don’t know Wilbur, Tommy, Fundy or Tubbo. It’s strange and horrible to the ghost 
He shakes off his worries and reassures you, that he is your friend. Ghostbur will bring up all his memories of you and him, telling each one in great detail. He starts small, with how you met and eventually works his way to his most recent memories. He holds off on mentioning their relationship, knowing that could wait for the future 
He struggles to help you remember, requiring a lot of blue in the process. He flinches everything you bring up bad memories, not wanting to remember those. When people begin mentioning the revival ceremony, he isn’t too sure about going through with it. On one hand if he is alive again, maybe he can help you. But, what if it fails? And, he can’t save you again? 
Ghostbur will do whatever it takes to help you remember him, sticking by your side the entire time. It’s bittersweet how much he tries and at one point you go along with it. You don’t want to see your companion so distraught; faking somethings wouldn’t hurt anyways 
He saw you lingering around the ruins of L’manberg only recently. He thought that maybe it was just a glimpse of his imagination. After all, how could you be around? He saw you die, there’s no way you’d appear again. But, you did
Eventually he approaches you, swallowing his fears. You smile at the sight of Fundy and drag them into a hug. Or try to. Your ghostly figure phases through his form and you fall to the ground. You’re pouting and try again, and again. Eventually, you give up and choose to stray near his side 
It is almost like everything is back to normal. Like you didn’t die. And, Fundy is happy about that. He can finally see you again and spend more time with you. But, as time goes on he starts to realize how different you are
You don’t laugh, or smile the same way. You react differently to his comments and things occurring. Although you remember dating Fundy, you do not remember much after that. Hearing of your memory loss makes him immensely sad. Every moment spent together, the memories he cherishes so deeply, you don’t remember at all
He tries to make the best of the situation, ignoring the pain it brings to his chest. Besides, you could always create new memories with him, right? 
Fundy becomes more mindful of his words, trying not to bring up things you don’t remember. Trying to remember, as you both learned, causes severe pain after a bit. So, for now he sticks by your side, supporting you anyway he can 
Philza (Platonic):
Ghostbur stopped showing up after the final disk war. At least for a while. Philza thought that his son finally moved on, that he was finally at peace. But, he was wrong. Ghostbur arrived weeks later, dragging you behind him 
Phil’s wings drop at the sight of you two laughing together and messing around. You both acted like your younger selves, before Philza let Wilbur move out. Before, wars started and blood was shed. He almost chokes up when you wave at him, raising his own hand weakly. Despite not being related to the crow, he always saw you as his own child 
He rushes forward, ready to apologize: for not being there, for not protecting you and letting this all happen. But, you just look at him in confusion. That is when it all clicks in his mind. You don’t remember dying. In fact, you don’t remember any of the wars, only faint thoughts of spending time with Wilbur in the caravan before it all blanks out. You only remember spending time with Philza and Wilbur before everything went to hell 
His throat is dry, no words escaping his mouth. Another one of his children lost to the grasps of time and death, and he can’t do anything about it
The house is almost peaceful. You and Ghostbur run around the place like rambunctious teens again. Philza doesn’t mind having you both around, since it helps him stay happy. The father figure does become much more protective, making sure the ghosts don’t go outside when it snows or rains. And, that people do not bring up past memories, especially harmful ones 
If you couldn’t be happy while alive, at least you can be happy in death. At least, that is what Philza thinks. He works his hardest to keep that true, wanting the best for them. Perhaps, that is his way of apologizing for everything he’s failed to do for you 
TommyInnit (Platonic): 
He noticed your reappearance right away. After all, you started following the boy around, staying close to his side or Ghostbur’s. He tried talking to you but you wouldn’t speak not for the first few weeks
He yelled, cried and screamed for you to leave him alone. He doesn’t need to be reminded of your death every day of his life. After all, he already has to deal with his dead brother following him too. But, you don’t leave. Instead, you stay with him through the exile. You’re silent the entire time, only responding in nods and shakes of your head
Tommy becomes more peaceful after that, apologizing for yelling at you. It takes Ghostbur to help him realize that you aren’t at fault. It crosses his mind, that you might have also lost your memories but he doesn’t speak on the subject 
Calm days are spent listening to the few disks he has left in his tent. Unlike Ghostbur, you don’t leave randomly. You watch blankly when Dream appears, head tilting curiously. If anything, Dream looks surprised to see you around but doesn’t question it
It isn’t until Tommy takes refuge in Techno’s house, that he realizes you lost your memories. You stood in front of the boy, to protect him from Technoblade. You didn’t remember your old friend. Techno was quiet after that, choosing to avoid talking about his past with you
It’s days later when you speak to the boy, sentences light and sparse. You don’t remember how you died or any of your memories of the smp. But, you somehow remember Tommy. Even through death, you were able to remember your first friend
Tommy cries. He lost his friend, the way they used to be. You barely remember anything except for the good things he has done. He doesn’t think that he deserves this and might blame himself for this occurrence 
He tries to help you remember something else, anything else. He brings around Tubbo, Ranboo and Techno. Some of your old friends but you can’t recall them all. When the suggestion of revival comes around, he jumps at the offer. Tommy wants you alive again, no matter what it takes
He expected you to show up around the ruins of L’manberg. Or, maybe in other locations you used to spend time in. But, now he can’t find a trace of you anywhere. He’ll ask Ghostbur and Schlatt if they’ve seen you, yet they haven’t either 
It isn’t until the rise of Las Nevadas that he finally sees you again. You’re playing poker with Schlatt casually in the ‘gym’. You’re losing horribly, but that doesn’t really matter
Quackity runs forward, checking over your appearance. You don’t have on any armor or your old outfit. Instead you’re wearing a sweater, a casual outfit he hasn’t seen you in for so long 
He struggles to pull you into a hug, your ghostly limbs phasing through his figure. Schlatt chuckles for a bit but stops when he sees the frantic movements of his old companion. Quackity tries to hug you over and over, frustration clear in his expression
To his dismay, you back away. You are confused apparently, not recognizing him. Quackity flinches at the news, his arms dropping to his side. You don’t remember him, at all? Schlatt pulls him aside to explain the situation. You’re like Ghostbur, only having memories of so many things. Apparently, Quackity is not in any of your memories 
He doesn’t know how to handle the information, struggling to process it. He debates leaving, not sure if he should even stay at all. But, he doesn’t. They can’t leave you, not after everything you both been through 
Quackity becomes more harsh when torturing Dream. He needs to get the revival book and soon. He’ll visit the prison frequently, not caring what Sam thinks of it. Before returning to you, he is sure to clean himself up. He can’t have you thinking negatively of him, not when he is doing this for you 
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leviiattacks · 6 months ago
how does levi kiss like the first kiss as a couple or just random levi kissing headcanons!!
Tumblr media
author note :: very cute ask thank you to anon. my requests are always open and i try to get to them eventually !!! :-)) word count :: 1.6k... i have too much to say
Tumblr media
the first time levi kisses you all he can think about is whether or not he’s doing it right. sure, he’s had his fair share of kisses but he’s never overthought it to this extent
he’s the one to initiate it. he approaches you and gives you a warning before he does – “i want to kiss you.”
you would have thought someone like levi would be hard and rough with the way they kiss but instead he swoops in awkwardly – your noses bump against each other and he softly presses his lips against yours
he doesn’t pick a very good moment to do it. you’re covered from head to toe in sweat and are beyond surprised he’s thought you’re worthy enough to be kissed especially when in this state. you assumed he’d like it better if you were cleaner
but what you don’t know is the reason why he’s kissed you, levi knows he’s bad at expressing himself, he knows no matter how hard he tries he’s bound to be misinterpreted at some point. he just wants to make you feel loved. his usual way of doing it is by taking care of you or scolding you when you make mistakes during training
he’s been told time and time again that it doesn’t even look like the two of you are dating. it’s probably because dating levi isn’t much different from any other relationship with him, for the most part it doesn’t seem like much has changed to everyone else
so he really does want you to know that you are in fact different and special to him. he’s secretly very insecure about you leaving him. he thinks maybe if he doesn’t show how much you mean to him you’ll leave and he doesn’t want you to leave
that’s how the two of you have got here, levi’s been wondering when to do it all day and something kicks in when he sees you walk out of the stables. you still seem so upbeat despite the current climate of the world around you
no matter how dark everything’s become you’re an ever present light in levi’s life, your shine never dulls
and so he takes his opportunity not caring if your hair is disheveled or if sweat layers your forehead. he’s happy to do it no matter the circumstances.
midway through the kiss he cradles your face in his hands and you both just kinda stare at each other, it isn’t awkward the both of you are just in awe that levi’s the one to initiate the first kiss
usually when you hold hands you’re the one to place your palm into his, if you hug you’re the one who’s placed your arms around his frame. the only time levi’s ever initiated physical contact is when he’s adjusting the straps of your gear
so really for him to initiate something as huge as your first kiss together really is heartwarming
he pulls you back into the kiss by intertwining your fingers together and leaning in so he can continue again. for some reason he just gets emotional by it all. maybe it has something to do with the way the world stops when he kisses you. he’s resilient and doesn’t let any tears fall but he shakes trying to hold himself together
of course you sense the trembling when your hand begins to vibrate against his. you immediately stop not wanting to overwhelm him.
levi looks hurt by that, he thinks you might have not enjoyed it but then you wrap your arms around his neck to steady yourself and press a soft kiss against his forehead
“are you doing this to show me that you love me?” the question you murmur against his chest has him scowling but you can see the hint of a blush creep up his cheeks
“why would i do that? you should know i like you.” he nearly smacks himself across the face when he says like instead of love. he doesn’t mean it, he does love you he’s just too embarrassed to say it
he half expects you to be angry about that but you smile and he’s never felt more grateful to have you around
“i’m glad you like me, that means you care for me.” you tell him
he doesn’t know what to do, he completely malfunctions because you’re just so right for him. you’re so firm in your belief that he loves you that you don’t even need his reassurance to understand that.
“don’t you think i treat you like everyone else?” he asks, he’s been meaning to bring it up for a while now, he has no idea how to act around you
“no i love you. you bring me tea every day. you don’t do that for anyone else. i think i’m pretty special just for that!!! :-)”
at that levi kisses you again not because he wants to show you he loves you and so you don’t leave. he kisses you this time because he knows you won’t leave him and he knows you’re aware of his love for you
it’s even more soft and gentle than the first kiss you shared together just seconds earlier. you can practically feel the beating of your heart it thumps erratically and at this rate it may as well jump right out of your chest
levi’s holding up much better after hearing your soothing words. he has no doubt you love him. usually touching his hair is a no go for most people but he allows you to play around with it, you’re understandably fidgety and nervous and don’t know where to put your hands
by the time the both of you pull away panting he acts like it hasn’t happened for a few minutes. he sits there thinking woah so i finally did that ????
then he starts worrying what if you didn’t like it ??? what if you were pretending to enjoy it ??? what if he was a bad kisser ??? what if—
“you look worried.” you say looking right into his eyes, you’ve always been able to see right through him.
“am i a bad kisser?” the question leaves his mouth so quietly it’s inaudible and you have to ask him to repeat himself again
being physically intimate has always caused worries for him and he can’t help but overthink. he refuses to repeat what he’s said but you won’t let it go
“fine...” he can’t even look up at you. “i asked if i was a bad kisser. what if you like me less because...well yeah.”
he’s just so
everyone assumes he’s the type to just kiss and go for it without much thought but honestly he really does think about the importance of the action for a long time
“you can kiss very well. trust me.” your fingers curl into the fabric of his button up, you can see that there’s a still a little uneasiness left in his eyes
“and anyway if you couldn’t kiss i’d just teach you how. it’s no big deal.”
his face lights up and the ghost of a smile makes itself known – “then why don’t you teach me what i don’t know?”
and then he’s back at it, once levi starts kissing you it takes a lot to stop him and you telling him that he can actually kiss pretty well has him feeling on top of the world!!!
all in all levi is a gentle kisser for the most part. it’s a popular assumption that he’s rough and powerful with it but really he enjoys savouring the moment. he doesn’t have to go hard and fast, he’d much rather spend his time with you. he finds that going slow makes it all the more meaningful :-)
a few other random yet specific headcanons i have about levi kissing !!! :
levi prefers to kiss you on the forehead or cheek compared to the lips because your reaction is always bashful and flustered, it’s nice to see that
after your first kiss he builds his confidence up, he feels comfortable kissing you anywhere even in front of others but that doesn’t mean he will. pda isn’t really his thing, sure he’ll respond if you kiss him in front of other people but he saves kisses for when you’re alone. it’s purely because he doesn’t like having others spectate.
very bad at reading hints, if you want to initiate a kiss with him you’ll just have to go for it because no matter how much you hint at it he won’t understand
“are you going to kiss me or am i going to have to lie in my journal?”
“since when have you kept a journal??”
likes to kiss you after you’ve both had your daily cup of tea, no explanation needed it’s pretty self explanatory
once he accidentally bit your tongue and he hasn’t been able to live it down ever since. whenever you bring it up he just acts like he hasn’t heard you, it’s too embarrassing to talk about again.
another time jean told him he wasn’t romantic enough and despite disliking pda levi grabbed you by the waist and dipped you out nowhere so he could kiss you. yeah,, that really did shut jean up and levi was understandably incredibly smug about it :-)
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