dear-ao3 · a day ago
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mottlemoth · 2 days ago
I found an Etsy seller who will turn any image into a pin badge for you. And:
Tumblr media
Gonna wear this baby everywhere and watch out for people giving it the startled eyes emoji. This is my new secret handshake.
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mxmollusca · a day ago
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OFMD + ao3 tags | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
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mlk082 · a day ago
Hello, if you are taking requests, can I ask for the Octotrio reaction when the reader is mad at the Adeuce duo and is chasing them in the hallway, and at some point the reader throws a book at these two but misses and hit Azul instead? ❤
Azul Getting Hit With a Book By MC
Other than that, don't you know NOT to run in the halls? It's quite dangerous prefect!
Adeuce duo is stupid, he gets it, and it would have been funny...if you had better AIM!
Azul saw Ace and Deuce running through the halls of NRC, 40% laughing, 60% eyes wide and scared for their lives.
And then he saw you on their tails, running after them. You lifted your arm and decided to throw your textbook.
Your big, thick, heavy, hardcover, textbook.
Azul actually wanted to see Ace get hit and fall to the floor, but NO, it had to be Azul to get hit.
Makes you take him to the infirmary and bitches to you about his pain.
"How are you going to make it up to me?"
Makes you work in Mostro Lounge for a week.
Like- demonically.
His composer becomes loose and is wiping his eyes from tears.
He saw the duo running down the halls, and then you following them. Jade wanted to watch this.
When he saw the book you had, and how you lifted it up, he knew that it would miss considering your angle and the fact that you were running.
Knowing Azul was ahead, he took his phone out and recorded Azul getting hit with it.
Gives you applause for it.
Is also laughing.
But Floyd is on the floor absolutely dying and wiping his eyes.
Tells you to do it again but on a different target.
laughs and pokes fun at Azul all week.
Gets the video from Jade and watches it repeatedly.
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being-happy40 · a day ago
fanfic writers - you are NOT obligated to update on your reader's time table. take your sweet, sweet time.
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whoringrove · 2 days ago
Harringroveweek Fics
to read and support | hoping all the links work
"i'm getting tired and i need somewhere to begin" by bisexualfpjones
"The One With The Locker Room" by Softhargrove
"there's nothing else that i know how to do (but to open up my heart and give it all to you)" by seasidhe (sidhedcv)
"Black Blood" by Whatastrangeperson
Sugar Cream Pie" by Yuri4Gwen
Two Times Billy and Steve Got Caught and One Time They DIdn't" by MeowMeowBilly
"The One Where Steve Asks Himself "Well, How Did I Get Here?" by Softhargrove
"Bidder Bidder, Won't You Take Me Home" Carerra_os
"Found You (Side-Ways)" by Pondermoniums
"Worth Saving" by Pondermoniums
"Time's Not Holding Up For Us" by shantytown_bourgeoisie
"I got you babe" by braveromantic
"How Did I Get Here?" by Deathinasmalltown
"The Curse of the Byers' House" by ThatGirlWithASquid
"Chase My Blues Away" by TheBlackLagoon
"Oh Billy, You're So Fine" by disast3rtransport
"gridlock" by saltstuck
"For Whom the Bell Tolls" by wilddragonflying
"The One With Only One Bed" by Softhargrove
"Blue as the Sky, Sunburnt and Lonely" by ghostlynimbus
"Deliver Us From Temptation" by Yuri4Gwen
"as long as you love me so, let it snow" by villainous_intentions
"The One With Oblivious Steve" by Softhargrove
"King of Shadows" by Whoringrove
"Love in an Orangery" by Deathinasmalltown
"Save a Horse Ride A Cowboy" by Carerra_os
"Living After Midnight (Rocking To The Dawn)" by mourntheantagonist
"Stay With Me" by TearMeToPieces
"Harringrove Oneshots" by whoringrove
"wouldn't it be nice" by villainous_intentions
"Blue Eyes and Red Skies" by cherryflesh
"Steve Harrington Wins a Fight & Billy Hargrove's Heart" by MeowMeowBilly
"Not Quite Less Than Romantic" by TheGirlWithASquid
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jumbletea · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ao3 crashed and the people are suffering
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bebx · 8 months ago
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Ao3 writers are the strongest Avengers
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thelaurenshippen · a month ago
leaving kudos on ao3 isn’t enough I need to be able to eat the fic
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tehtariks · 3 months ago
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dear-ao3 · 2 days ago
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wahoo-shem · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Rolling over this image. The time of night. The sheer height. I can feel every single one of you.
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the ao3 lyric video strikes again
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mlk082 · a day ago
Waking up the morning after and S/O says “my legs hurt.” - Vice Housewardens
Are you okay?
Do you need anything?
Is extra nice to you all day and gives you lots of sweets.
Watches you when you walk.
Will smile at you and won’t tell you why when you ask.
Is literally so smug.
Decides to cuddle you for some extra minutes and gives you kisses before getting up.
Will watch you get up and chuckle.
Checks on you throughout the day and is more flirty than usual.
Teases you to fluster you.
Is smug, but more subtle about it.
He’ll give you that smile and start to tease you.
Will rub circles on your thigh.
When you said that your legs hurt, he asked “How much?”
Will not apologize for it and also waits for you to get up so he can see how you walk.
Will check on you through the day.
Takes a minute to process.
Instantly holds you closer and kisses your neck teasingly.
Cuddles you for a bit.
Is also smug but isn’t an ass, and actually asks you if you’re okay.
Does not feel bad.
Pays attention to your legs more than usual and just stares at you in general all day.
Will not shut up.
Also doesn’t let you go for some time and playfully squeezes the flesh of your thigh.
“Maybe next time I should mark you more and be kinder on your legs.”
Upon other thinks that make you red.
Every time you are in the same class or Rook sees you in the hall, he will call you out.
Will just go up to you, give you a kiss, and ask you how you are.
Isn’t very fazed.
Will make you say why your legs hurt.
Still smiles at you.
Kisses you all over and tells you that you could stay in bed if you want to.
Checks on you all day.
Chuckles when he watches you walk.
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frownyalfred · 4 months ago
The girl next to me on the treadmill at the gym is reading ao3 like I wouldn’t recognize that font twenty miles away and half blind
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snake-and-mouse · 7 months ago
To any fic writers who worry they are wasting their time... I read a fic for a relatively small and inactive fandom about three years ago. And there was one specific scene where a character watched another dancing like an idiot to a beyonce song and it was so sweet and loving that even now years later I have that song on one of my spotify playlist so every once in a while it will play and remind me of that fic, and every time it does I smile and feel a little happier.
The stats on a fic will never really tell you if your writing touched someone. There's no numerical way to show you what impact you made. Maybe you are wasting time, or maybe you are writing something that someone will remember for a long time, something that will never fail to make them smile.
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diazami · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
I feel this in my soul
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ao3org · 23 days ago
We're pleased to announce that, in the coming days, we'll be rolling out the first part of our blocking and muting features: the ability to block specific logged-in users from commenting on your works and replying to your comments.
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mariana-oconnor · 14 days ago
The AO3 search/filtering system has just ruined me for every other search function ever. I genuinely go onto websites, click 'advanced search' and then look at what paltry options they've given me in utter horror. How does anyone find anything? How do people survive?
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angelcaswinchester · 6 months ago
to all the fic writers out there who have made 2021 bearable and have given us all countless hours of happiness and escapism, thank you so much
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