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[Aphelios x Sona] Kiss on His Face

I completed one of my several Aphelios x Sona fanarts that I had been neglecting so far XD
I tried a lot of changes for this one, including Aphelios’s hairstyle and face, and especially the way I drew and colored their hair. I’m not completely satisfied with how it turned out, but in overall I’m happy with my result lol

And there’s plenty more where that came from - I hope my art skills will improve as I complete more Aphelios x Sona fanarts one by one. :D

You can also find this art on my DeviantArt page here.

© Aphelios and Sona belong to Riot Games. 

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Ooh something new with Moon boi! Actually you hardly see these types of asks anywhere with anyone XD

Again this is something he’s never trained for or heard of. Is this how you’re supposed to do this. Wasn’t he supposed to do this part? I mean he’s kind of interested. Be gentle. Before this moment he didn’t even know this existed and it’s odd but curious. He kinda likes it. Not having to be in control or do all the work. It’s nice just to melt in someone’s arms and just not think of anything but the love he’s receiving. He’d probably like to hold on to you if he can it just feels extra nice. He’ll be a bit bashful to ask for it again but it’s something he’d like again.

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Lillia has the same problems that Aphelios has, IMO. She does too much too well with the only drawback being that she’s squishy and burns Mana in the early. I faced her in toplane and it was an absolute nightmare. She’s cute and I love the idea but her numbers HAVE to be changed.

Submitted by @mallowdragon

Artwork by misononeko

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