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As Zeus’ favourite children, Athena and Apollo became fast friends. They were often seen hanging out with the Muses, creating art or talking about politics and philosophy. 

Apollo was one of the very few people whose judgement Athena trusted. In the Trojan war, she even lent him her aegis, which is probably a shield or a sort of armor Athena always carried into battle.

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It was piper’s birthday. She took a picnic basket and some food and went alone in the woods, not too far too get lost but away from others. She had prepared a meal for two. No one was coming. She sat there looking at the sun and telling cheroki stories to absolutely no one. At some point she got up and pulled out a cupcake from her basket. She lighted a candle and waited. After a while a ghost appeared. “hey… Long time no see”, Jason had come. He had never really abandoned her. She sat down and blew out the candle and sighted. “I told nico to help with this. Everyone misses you. I miss you… ”, piper was crying. Not from sadness, she finally accepted what had happened. These were tears of joy. Seeing Jason helped. “happy birthday beauty queen”, Jason’s image faded to mist. Piper was alone again. But she always had Jason watching her over.

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i’ve struggled with depression almost all my life, so when i started worshiping gods i knew this was gonna be difficult. when i have my bad days/weeks/months i have no motivation so i won’t do anything for my gods. i feel so bad and i apologize everyday, but i still don’t feel like that’s enough. they are amazing and they deserve to be treated with respect and honor. but even tho i suck at worshiping them😂 i can still feel their love. i can feel aphrodites beautiful energy making me confident when i look in the mirror. i can feel hera’s mothery vibe all around me when i’m crying in my room. i feel apollo’s kind and happy energy reminding me to get out of bed and take my meds. i can feel ares’ protective energy reminding me that i’m strong and i can make it another day. i feel them with me, everyday, no matter how bad i get. i’m so grateful for them. thank you.

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Hera: Ares said you two were stashing pot in here!
Demeter: *pulls out flower pot* You mean this?
Hera: Oh sorry, my bad. What are you growing?
Artemis: Weed.
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