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my long overdue tulip appreciation post


tulip is amazing. she is an extremely flawed character when we first meet her- and honestly, that doesn’t change. she meets one-one and is ready to give them up simply for a way out- but she realizes that one-one is worth more than a cat in a sphere. (no hate samantha). tulip is an extremely task driven character who can get lost in the end goal instead of stopping to smell the roses-

and that’s exactly why atticus and one-one are so good for her. they teach her to appreciate the world- and to not take everything she sees at face value. atticus and one-one teach her too, though. atticus teaches her that friends don’t just leave when the going gets tough- or just because they have different goals. one-one teaches her that it’s ok to want to succeed at goals and still enjoy the rewards that come along with the journey- however it’s most important to note this.

tulip teaches atticus and one-one. a girl who was brought onto the train to learn a lesson and leave ends up teaching two “nulls” (thank you grace) more about themselves. tulip teaches one-one that just because things aren’t what you think they should be doesn’t mean they’re wrong. tulip teaches atticus that sometimes there’s more to life than being a royal dog- there’s so much to see and learn and enjoy. tulip embarks on a quest and she doesn’t even know it- a quest to change the train she herself doesn’t even understand.

tulip is truly one of my favorite characters not because she has no flaws or because she “becomes a better person” but because she learns that she is indeed flawed, she is indeed imperfect and reckless- and she runs with it. she uses it to make a spur of the moment choice to save atticus- inadvertently saving not only atticus but the train as well. she risks her life to save a dog and help one-one “find his mom” for a “door” she may not ever get. it may be lost in the back of the train forever.

tulip becomes a loyal, headstrong, beautiful character who sees people, nulls, and robots as something other than the label they’ve been given. she fights for a home she isn’t even at peace with yet- because she knows she’s still learning. she’s still becoming herself- ever changing, and ever bouncing back.

and that is why i love her.

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Aww I also Hope you do have, Just dm me and everything will be fine. I don’t bite, I am pretty chill. And I Love Meeting new people. 😃

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😀 - I’m not afraid of reaching out to you.

😃 - To me, you are easy to approach.

😊 - I think you are a really friendly person.

I kinda hoped I would give this vibe to Others. So thank you so much. ☺️🥺

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why do people put others down to feel better about themselves?

being insecure - try to make all sort of excuses but never self reflect and accept their own shortcomings. true confidence is not walking around with your nose in the air and think you are better than everyone else around you, it is not having to compare yourself with anyone in the first place.

my opinion - it is actually a really pathetic and immature thing to do. putting others down also mean you do not even know how to be respectful of others, pushing away kind people who could have helped you, and gain absolutely nothing in the end. will you feel better by doing so? no, you are just lying to yourself and going nowhere while losing good people around you. no one is obligated to stick around when you are being an ass.

do better - instead of putting others down, lift them up, look at people with a positive light and praise them for their good, make someone happy, help someone with kindness. i believe good deeds are always rewarded, even though it might not be immediate or in a way you realized. it’s a two way street, treat others how you wish to be treated. i believe that if you are truly nice person and do good, people will notice without you mentioning or showing off. appreciation and acknowledgement from other people mean so much more than boosting yourself and get fake compliments.

to get the recognition and love you want, work for it, acknowledge your shortcomings, get advice, and change for the better. get pass that meaningless ego, it is normal for human to make mistake, whether you notice and change for the better determines the kind of person you are.

topic inspired by recent observations on social platforms and discussion with a friend.

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It has been my observation that some of the best gif artists in the fandom these days have Katara mentioned in some way in their urls and tbh the taste jumped out

Talking about @kataang @katara-aang @kahtaras @kataara I love and appreciate your edits, I can almost immediately recognize your seal of quality when I see your posts pop up on my dash 🥰

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I really wish…

I really wish I could just have someone I could send my nudes to just so someone can appreciate them… or maybe even for someone to see pictures, gifs, videos, audios of me cumming just for them to appreciate too… just so my cum isn’t completely wasted. You get me?

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Followers are definitely not why I continue to write, but it always makes me happy to see I’m getting my work out there (somehow) as my followers increase. Slowly but surely, I’m almost at 100 followers and I know that doesnt mean too much but for me it makes me happy. Happy that their are people who decided to follow me out of pure like for my work. Tyyyy and ty to my mutuals too hehe

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Appreciation post!

My dad is actually the cutest! I haven’t seen him since last Christmas due to all the covid stuff. I finally travelled down to see him today and he agreed to meet me in a park.

First of all I get there and he’s already laid out a blanket, chilled wine and pretty crystal glasses for us.

We sit for 3 hours catching up, talking about all sorts of stuff but my favourite part is when I mention that I’ve started dating again and he asks if I’m leaning towards dating men or women at the moment 🥺🥺🥺

I’m honestly so privileged to have such an amazing dad who accepts me exactly as I am. My dad’s the best.

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Today is a great day to compliment and appreciate the people and things you appreciate. Today is a wonderful day to say that to them directly and clearly. In fact any day is a good day to let others know how much exactly you care. Even if those people know already, or are already close to you, it means a whole lot more to actually hear you say it to them. Some people may not even think they’re that important. Some just need reminders every now and then

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