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#Aquarius Venus culture

📝the intellectual couple

📝loving to talk about everything under the sun

📝discussing topics deeply

📝other people may feel like outsiders around them because they almost have their own language and theyre so in tune with one another

📝not a touchy-feely couple

📝don’t like to commit to plans because they are both flighty and changeable, expect them to cancel or change plans on you!

📝understanding each others need for personal space is one of the key reasons this pairing is great

📝literally Betty and jughead

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do you have a post of aquarius venus' culture bcs im dying for a representation- 馃憖馃憣
  • want to be friends with the person first before entering into a relationship
  • “you are my best friend” = i love you
  • “i need space” = i just need some independent time for myself baby i still love and care about you
  • they are not flaky, buddy, they are actually very committed!
  • just hard to pin down
  • needs mental & intellectual stimulation in love
  • you: *prove their point wrong using facts and accurate information* // them: i think i’m in love
  • friendly to everyone, that’s why they look flirtatious
  • them: i like this person… // them: let’s be weird around them!
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Cancer Rising Culture 💝

  • Being obsessed with the aesthetic cozy pictures of bedrooms !
  • Obsessed with cute dresses
  • Anything furry pinky white things
  • Might like pastels too
  • The baby face 👼
  • Baby voices!!
  • The Polaroid culture was invented by them i bet!,
  • Ooo, I just realized actually it was invented by a Cancer Sun only, Selena Gomez, lol!
  • Big round eyes which have great depth
  • Like they look so innocent!!!
  • Motherly aura
  • Compassionate
  • CARING ❤
  • Shy
  • Sweethearts
  • Have a comforting aura that puts others at ease. I have a Cancer Rising friend and I feel at ease around her.
  • Also likes to be comforted
  • Love reading books, poetry
  • Moody
  • Will make you feel like a child 😚💝 ( my cancer moon loves it!!!)
  • Clingy
  • Makes great friends really. ( imo)
  • Expressive face
  • Guarded
  • Flexible
  • Funny when they are comfortable
  • Reserved
  • Cuddly face😍
  • Love looking at the moon 🌙
  • Generous
  • REALLY want deep connections
  • Foodies
  • Sensitive to others needs more than their own 🥺
  • Pastels, pinks, light colors might be preferable because they look good on them
  • Possessive
  • High EQ
  • Might have a interest in cooking or baking at some point
  • Literal unicorns 🦄
  • Cautious in marriage (7th house capricorn)
  • Might marry later in life
  • Or actually saying it’s hard to woo them lol 🤣
  • Large breasts
  • A slut to routines and habits like Taurus Rising
  • Children love them.😍
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✨the humanitarian couple who genuinely cares about changing the world together

✨they could be in public and be staring at eachother like no one else exists

✨not into PDA but their love is obvious

✨can struggle with the aqua needing space and freedom and the Virgo feeling insecure over it

✨quirky and fucking weird together

✨aqua can be erratic and all over the place and this drives Virgo nuts

✨Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang vibes


Originally posted by anicez-shamy

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Gemini Rising Culture 🥳

  • FUNNY!!!
  • Crackheads
  • Teen vibes no matter what age!
  • Cute 😍
  • Coy, breezing voices
  • Cute pixie like features
  • Literally an elf
  • Ruled by Mercury, so well defined features!
  • Best example: Priyanka Chopra
  • Talkative af
  • They never get tired!!
  • Thrive in chaos
  • Very childlike 🥺💕
  • Good with kids
  • Social Butterflies
  • Bookworms
  • Overthinkers
  • Needs to learn something new everyday
  • Also they love learning
  • Charming af!
  • May have breathing problems ( even Priyanka has asthma 😕)
  • This is because Geminis are Mutable Air and are overthinkers so it’s literally like they lose air.
  • Fashion Queens 👸
  • Sarcastic af
  • Savage af
  • Always fidgeting
  • Make great teachers because intellectuals and their way with words 👏
  • Sparkling eyes
  • Long arms
  • Bubbly
  • Looks great in yellow 💛
  • Like literally they resemble sun although leos are associated with it.
  • Always smiling 😃
  • Moody!
  • Really well liked 👌
  • Creative
  • Master Roasters
  • Good at learning foreign languages
  • Needs v a r i e t y.
  • Lucky in marriages 💑 as jupiter in the house of marriages
  • Very adaptable
  • Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever ” is the theme of their life .
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  • Being obsessed with the grain filter .
  • Being a foodie 😋
  • Loving autumn 🍂
  • Loving cozy sweaters 😍
  • Loving winter because of it .
  • Being lazy unless other aspects or placements in chart 🤔
  • Looking good without makeup 💄
  • Getting fat easily because we are lazy bears 🐻
  • Food Food Food!!!!!
  • Coming off as calm,collected and chill.
  • When in reality this may or may not be true.
  • Feeling safe around nature
  • Yes!! This is a real thing. Taurus risings really feel good and literally rejuvenated when they are around nature! Remember: Taurus related to mother earth and it is an earth sign. But more than any other earth signs Taureans feel at home around nature 🏡
  • Loving pajamas 💕
  • Wearing clothes that makes you feel comfortable is REALLY important!
  • Excuding STABILITY
  • Cute puppy dog eyes 🥺
  • Doe eyes
  • Charming af!
  • Loving brown color??
  • Pink too 💕
  • I’ve never met a Taurus rising whose favorite desert does not include chocolate.
  • There’s no Taurus rising that isn’t attractive. Obviously they are ruled by Venus so.
  • Beautiful smiles 😍
  • Sensual
  • Very touchy!
  • Intense when you get to know
  • Solid and sturdy body structure
  • Broad shoulders
  • Also they have bodies like bodyguards .lol (broad shoulders, strong and sturdy)
  • Have a subtle presence
  • When they smile, it feels like you are watching a beautiful scenery.
  • Love music.
  • SLOW
  • People who don’t know you may perceive you to be rich and classy.
  • Many people say that taurus risings prefer Quality over quantity but actually they prefer both Quality and quality lol 😂
  • Materialistic. They get turned on by the smell of money 💰 🤧
  • Stubborn af!
  • Hardworking when they have a goal in mind.
  • They have a determined gaze.
  • Sometimes very intimidating too!
  • Possessive but they won’t say!
  • Hate being pushed or pressureed at something
  • Many are insecure about their looks and body.🥺 Don’t be we all love you 💖
  • To sum up, they are a beautiful garden 😍 ❤

If you liked reading this please do share and tell what culture should I do next.

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