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Arby’s Deep Fried Turkey Pillow 
Advertising agency Fallon, USA for Arby’s has created an awesome limited-time Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow. The ad (along with its 60-second companion) is classic “As Seen on TV” infomercial fare, with cheeseball graphics and voiceover. 

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About to go to Arby’s for the second time in a row because I was talking about it so much to my friend but then I went without her and now I feel bad. This wouldn’t be a huge deal if it wasn’t a 45 minute drive each way and I didn’t just get home from Arby’s 30 minutes ago.

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So i flew by some humans, they were talking about Arbys. It is clear i have not worked hard enough to wipe Arbys from the hard drive. I mercifully slaughtered the children in front of their families, doing my civil service. And now i’ll do the same to whoever is reading this. Don’t look behind your curtains.

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Can we PLEASE just stop pretending Arbys is real, it’s not! I’ve wiped it from the simulation! Move on! NO YOU DIDN’T KNOW ANYONE WHO WORKED THERE, THEY DON’T EXIST

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