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lady-griffin · 2 days ago
It’s kind of funny to think that Caitlyn’s plan was to just interview the tattoo goon from the airship about who he worked for and then a few days later ended up neck deep in the family drama of the single mind behind the Undercity’s organized crime that she was looking for, his mentally ill daughter who HATES her, and her estranged sister who is a prisoner that Caitlyn broke out of jail when she couldn’t interview tattoo goon because said estrange sister broke his jaw.
Leading to Caitlyn breaking the estrange sister out of prison only to learn she is a highly regarded figure in the Undercity due to her and her sister’s adopted father being the former mob boss in charge. However, he was killed by the current mob boss after said prisoner’s sister severely injured their adopted father and killed their two brothers in an attempt to save her family by using the Hextech crystals they stole from Caitlyn’s family’s beneficiary and really her only friend from the current mob boss’s first human-shimmer monster.
And all of THIS essentially boils down to a shouting match between the mob boss and sister fighting over who loves the insane teenage girl more, despite the fact that she has kidnapped all of them and has made it very clear that she is a very dangerous and unstable individual.
Oh, and this family drama will have major consequences for not just the Undercity, but Piltover and a good chunk of the world; because said mentally ill teenage girl is a genius who figured out Hextech and created a shark rocket and has just fired it at the council, because she has once again accidently killed her father and now Caitlyn’s mom is definitely going to die, because Caitlyn didn’t want to shoot the mentally ill teenager because Caitlyn is falling for her sister.
And again, all Caitlyn wanted to do was interview some random thug and prove herself as a detective and now she has untold amounts of trauma to deal with.
Caitlyn: I’m going to interview this prisoner and prove myself as a detective.
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piltoversfinest-caitvi · 2 days ago
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Creator: 略略貝 / chafuaipaozi
Source: https://chafuaipaozi.lofter.com/post/1e1f9666_2b426b358
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bakuqt · 2 days ago
i haven’t touched the vi x reader tag in a hot minute, most of pride month and am left devastated by the lack there of vi fanfiction 💔 disappointed
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violet-powder · 2 days ago
Caitlyn calling Vi ‘darling’ is adorable and lives in my mind rent free.
I don’t think she ever really calls her that in public, unlike Vi she likes to be at least somewhat professional and Vi herself might be uncomfortable with it, unless it’s like super serious. Like Vi is either heavily injured or about to do something Caitlyn thinks is a really bad idea.
But she says Vi her partner in a very loving tone. So loving that new people are very confused about either they are dating or not.
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moon-spirit-yue · a day ago
That scene where Jinx kidnapped everyone:
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arcane-aficionado · a day ago
Caitlyn: I wish I had a super tight-knit group of friends I could fight crime with!
Vi: I wish I had a super tight-knit group of friends I could commit crime with!
Jinx: I wish I had a super tight-knit group of friends.
Viktor: I wish I had friends.
Jayce: I wish I could knit.
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bluedaddysgirl · 2 days ago
Have you heard of the LOL/ Arcane theory popular on Twitter right now that Vi so far has been coded as a... wife-beater for a lack of a better term? What's your opinion on this? Do you feel there's any room created by the narrative to consider this?
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Yeah ok that's a rough one… Might lose some followers over this lol
I stay far and away from "twitter fandom drama". I don't think the limited word count is very conducive to productive dialogue. Here? Sure. I can write an essay on silly meta and my silly mutuals (affectionate) will actually read it and even reply. So no, I use twitter to reblog art and post some of my own for Arcane, but I'm almost never on it and not interested in whatever "Arcane Twitter" has to chirp. I was completely unaware of this nonsense.
Now, to answer you…
WHERE? Where is the proof? The textual, in the show, screenshot to screenshot proof that Vi is even remotely "coded" as a "wife-beater"? Do the little birds provide it? [this is a rhetorical question, don't feel the need to provide links, I've lost as much brain power on this theory as I'm willing to]
Is it that clip I've used myself, that hints at Vi hitting Powder in the Enemy video? Has like… none of them gotten mean to your siblings when they drove you mad? Did they all have golden childhoods? Vi sure didn't. She's an orphan at this stage, just moved in with a man whose nickname is the Hound, who she just saw cave someone's head in with his fists. Her younger sister is basically her daughter, and she's already shown signs of mental illness, probably from before the bridge.
Vi, as a kid, is incredibly disadvantaged. She's dirt fucking poor, her role model rules their criminal underground with his fists, and her sister/daughter/ward is a chronic problem-maker with mental issues and probably her own boatload of trauma. I mean, they both walked into an actual charnel, amid dozens of dead bodies, to find their own dead mom (and presumably, dad?). As preteens!!
I think, by and large, we can cut Vi some slack for hitting Powder. The Enemy video hints she pushed her to the ground. Is that the wife beating coding? I see nothing else. And if that's in, then it's actual bollocks.
Meanwhile, do you know what you get if you type "What Profession Has The Highest Rate Of Domestic Violence?" in google? Yeah, that's right. Non-Fictional Enforcers
A couple between a victim who was falsely imprisoned for 5-to-10 years and is trauma ridden by the way her entire life was shaped by systemic injustice, and a cop… Who has the highest percentage chance of beating who? As you may have guessed, I'm not a big fan of Caitvi as a season 1 ship.
There is NO evidence in the show that Vi would be a wife beater. Slapping your sister for murdering your entire family in a moment of blind sorrow and rage isn't the same as being an abuser. Worse, the show takes insane pains to showcase Vi as being basically the same in act II and III as in act I.
They make such an effort to make her seem to still have that "good heart" of hers. She is precipitated into a relationship with an enforcer mere days after she's let out of prison. It's completely unrealistic. The show is ready to bend itself into a pretzel to tell us that Vi is fine, and she is SO kind actually that she will let one cute enforcer prove to her that her prejudices are wrong! uwu
Do you have any idea what 6+ years in a jail would be like, as a complete innocent, being beaten so many times the warden forgets? And please, it's a mixed prison too, since she's in there with Mek? The show bails out of making Vi as dark and traumatised as she ought to be, by all rights.
The show chickens out of taking the time to make Vi scary. To make her hate and distrust Caitlyn, who is the pretty face of oppression, who didn't even think to release her on her own after finding she was wrongfully imprisoned, and instead needed to be threatened.
They unrealistically sped up their relationship because they wanted the fandom working its teeth on their lesbian romance like a chew toy all the way to season 2.
So no, in my blunt, honest opinion, there's no "coding" for Vi being a wife beater. She's "coded" as an unrealistic goodie who came out of prison emotionally stunted, stuck in her 15 yo self, refusing to see reason when it slaps her in the face—but very ready to see how pretty the enforcer lady is—and otherwise unaffected. She's cool, she's strong, she loves her sister, she's so kind she won't even make a convincing effort at hating Cait… but she lets her ruin things between her and Jinx. Vi suffers the most in act II and III, characterisation wise.
I find it incredibly frustrating because building actual earned trust between Cait and Vi is not actually that hard. There's a few changes to be done in the way they interact, especially early on, and it becomes so much more convincing.
Worse regarding this theory, the one Arcane writer who has been… oversharing… her headcanons, is Amanda, the Caitvi bandwagon driver. You think Riot would let her hype Caitvi as a cute ship for season 2, only to tear them apart with domestic violence?? It'd be like strangling the golden goose. And after they went and took out all the police brutality lines from Vi's LoL character too! No chance.
People who speculate that Vi would hit Cait or be a wifebeater are probably projecting what they want to see and calling it "X-coded" because it makes them sound serious. The doctor's prescription is a whole day at the park touching the grass, and then a whole month watching quality essays on media literacy and analysis.
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art-of-arcane · 4 months ago
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ARCANE | Various Early Beat Boards | Seung Eun Kim
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reprehensible-ghost · 5 months ago
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Finally finished both of them 🙏
Buy this (or either of them separately!) on any of my art shops! Until July 6th, you can use code VLRPO3 on my INPRNT shop for 15% off!
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lady-griffin · 2 days ago
Caitlyn: Just to be clear Vi; your defense for all your sister’s heinous crimes is that she is... the incorrect spelling of the word “small?”
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tsuki-kuro · 7 months ago
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Créditos: Julia shi, Carla Cordelia, Bioshock,ellieight
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bloodraven55 · 7 months ago
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No but Arcane has such a good range of female characters like everyone involved in these designs understood the assignment for real 😩🙏
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lemonsonsticks · 6 months ago
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What SHOULD have probably happened during THAT quote unquote sleepover episode ahem
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terrapia · 7 months ago
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Vi + muscles
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moon-spirit-yue · a day ago
Vi, curled up on Caitlyn’s lap: why does everyone think I’m gay?
Caitlyn, kissing Vi’s forehead: maybe it’s the shirts you wear
Jinx, deadpanned: yeah, that it’s the shirts. That’s what giving people a clue
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decydoodles · 6 months ago
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Only in Runeterra are tweens allowed to get tattoos.
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aurelion-solar · 2 months ago
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Arcane Vi & Jinx - Legends of Runeterra Splash Art
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kodalacar · 4 months ago
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Jinx's plans for 14th February
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bongwtr · 7 months ago
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i. i just think it’s funny.
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lady-griffin · 19 hours ago
Caitlyn: I can’t believe you would do something this stupid and irresponsible.
Vi: Well, clearly that’s your fault then. 
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