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neo--queen--serenity · 6 months ago
I’m just such a big, big fan of how physically affectionate Jayce is with Viktor. Regardless of whether you view them as platonic or romantic, it’s equally heartfelt and meaningful, given the circumstances.
Viktor has been a loner and an outlier all his life. It’s unclear if he’s ever had someone show him affection, be it from family or friends. The fact that Jayce openly touches him—that his first impulse to reassure him is to gets in his space, physically remind him he’s here, they’re in this together, and that he does it often—that’s a huge deal for someone who’s had to endure loneliness the way Viktor has. That display of comfort, camaraderie, and solidarity is something that everyone deserves, but he’s probably scarcely gotten from others.
We already know the implications if this is romantic, but the platonic implications are just as important. Viktor deserves to have people he can feel close to. Physical affection happens to be one of the prominent ways Jayce shows his support, and I just think that’s neat.
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honeyxmonkey · 6 months ago
It really just looks like Heimerdinger put them in time out for gay science crimes
Tumblr media
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phoenixtakaramono · 6 months ago
Silco’s VA saw the Arcane: Silco & Jinx Therapist Reacts vid and tweeted about it!
Georgia Dow’s vid synopsis: Was Silco's relationship to Jinx merely a manipulation tactic or did Silco really have a true connection with her? Psychotherapist Georgia Dow gives us her insight!
Tumblr media
Jason Spisak, istg, the only VA who could make me want to curl into a ball and weep.
I really liked what the psychotherapist said in her analysis. Essentially she was like: "I think Silco DOES have ulterior motives, but I think everyone got it wrong. It's not an ulterior motive to keep Powder/ Jinx on his team or to use her as a weapon. He's trying to convince her that her sister doesn't want her anymore because Vi is the one person that can take his daughter from him."
I crrrrrrrrrrrrry.
The Silco/Jinx father-daughter dynamic could easily have been mishandled by the writers and just have been generic, but it really worked out in the best way and felt so real. A villain who has nuance and personality and isn't just some stereotype who is evil for the sake of being evil. Silco, despite his many flaws, genuinely loved Jinx as his daughter. He genuinely cared about her in his own f*cked up way.
I rarely get choked up over a show. But if an animated show could even make a therapist teary-eyed from the way they conveyed relationships and emotion, I think it really says a lot about the good writing and the VAs’ portrayal!
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chellekumari · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Mid-timeskip Jinx designs :)
Alts + design notes:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I didn’t mean to pause the Arcane x Hepburn series, but once I had this idea I had to get it on paper (on … screen? pixels?) immediately.  My goal was to make designs that didn’t just look like diet/transitional versions of her canon outfits while also maintaining enough continuity/shared motifs as to be immediately recognizable as Jinx.  I’m pretty happy with the results!
The first design was a lot of fun because it diverged the most from canon (and honestly verges on fanfic in and of itself, tbh).  It’s Jinx at her Silco-est, with base colors and motifs lifted directly from Silco’s pre-timeskip character sheet (did you notice his vest is dark purple? that his pant seams are coming apart? this is important to me).  I have a feeling that Silco had a parenting period, however brief, where he tried to gift her the sort of clothes that you’d expect a wealthy industrialist’s child to wear — not to minimize her self-expression, mind you, but just because it seemed like the appropriate thing to do.  Jinx, still reeling from the recent trauma conga line, would be more passionate about being “useful” than about cultivating her personal aesthetic, so it’s more through natural habit than through conscious tween rebelliousness that she wears everything incorrectly.  I doubt Silco would mind, especially if she’s making the effort to wear the entirely superfluous sock garters, but he is bothered by all the bruises and scrapes and definitely feels relieved when she starts wearing parkour-appropriate clothing.
The second design is definitely more post-timeskip-Jinx-lite, but I still like it a lot!  Her top is supposed to be a cropped painter’s apron (if I showed the back it’d echo the back of her canon crop top) and her boots are based on one of the Firelights’ designs.  At this age she’d finally be less broody and more punk rock, relatively comfortable with herself and asserting her own personal style.  She’s also a better, more confident combatant and athlete, so she has fewer scrapes and more muscle.
That’s all my notes!  I’d love to see people extrapolate more/different things from these designs tho.  These were a lot of fun and I might do this for other characters ^^
1800 x 1800px.  Made in Clip Studio Paint.
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padmaddean · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vi & Caitlyn
Arcane: League of Legends s1
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tea-time221 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
its 2am. here u go.
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counting-stars-alone · 6 months ago
So do we think Cait and Vi are going to have their first kiss in one of those “bECAUSE I LOVE YOU, DAMNIT” scenes where both of them are trying to protect the other and then the one who didn’t say they the L-word ends up rushing in to kiss the other? Is that what’s going to happen? Because I need it to happen, and I need it to happen right now.
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dear-kumari · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Silco doesn’t find the atrocities particularly funny but that’s not gonna stop him from validating his daughter’s feelings
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poetsinthealley · 7 months ago
for some reason i've been seeing people getting angry at vi ?? for not talking jinx down before she could shoot the bomb ? and i just wanted to bring up this post:
Tumblr media
like, yeah, of course you know exactly what vi needed to say in order to save jinx. of course you, the viewer know how to repair their sisterly relationship, and you want to reach through the screen and shake vi and tell her what to do. you also knew that the the war was reaching a peaceful resolution as jinx pulled the trigger, that things could have ended happily if everyone had taken a moment to talk things through.
this is the point !! this is a tragedy! and not only that, this is a prequel to league of legends, a game in which piltover and zaun are at war, a game in which vi and jinx are estranged and hate each other. (or so i've been told by my friend who plays.) there was never even a chance of a peaceful resolution, vi and jinx have been doomed all along, the same can be said about the fates of piltover and zaun.
and, of course, vi is far from a perfect character. she's traumatized, she's grappling with the person jinx has become, she's spent her entire adult life in prison ! of course she's not going to know exactly what to say! and thank god she doesn't, characters need flaws and they need to make mistakes, or else there will be no story at all. so, yeah, it's easy to watch arcane as a spectator from the comfort of your home and think "it's so simple! why don't they just talk it out? vi is a dunce!" you're on the outside, you're seeing everything happen from above. from vi's perspective, from jinx's perspective, from caitlin's perspective, it was all unpreventable.
because arcane is a tragedy. it's gonna be tragic.
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ao3-anonymous · 5 months ago
Fastest Growing Fandoms on AO3 This Week (1/17/22)
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Source: AO3 Fandom Dashboard
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kaim13 · 4 months ago
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seventh-line · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
This is your everyday. An Arcane Viktor x Reader fic.
You breathed in deeply, waking from whatever dream you’d been having. Wiping your eyes as you exhaled and slowly turned to face him. His breathing was steady, pulsing. He was curled in a fetal position, hugging one of his legs to his chest. His brown hair had grown limp and listless, finding less and less time to groom himself in recent years. The bags under his eyes, prominent, and his body was failing him, making it even more difficult than it used to be. Your heart ached for him. You pulled yourself closer to his face, gently running a finger across his cheek, over his cracked lips. He seemed so delicate, but you knew he could deal with what life dealt him. With a sigh you rolled out of bed as carefully as you could, knowing he needed the rest.
Each day it seemed like you were waking earlier than the last. As Viktor’s health declined, the things you needed to do for him increased. You didn’t want to use the word chores. It was a terrible way to describe it. You were helping him, you always said. You loved him deeply, and he trusted you enough to believe you. But it never stopped the nagging in the back of his mind, the doubt.
The early morning sun shone through the curtains, spilling into your small apartment. You looked out the window onto the gleaming city. Progress. Since the invention of hextech, things were changing rapidly. Everything was. Viktor was changing. It felt like he was burying himself in more and more work. And if he wasn’t, he was disappearing to someplace or another, like he was trying to distance himself. Even from you, which hurt, because you were his solitude. The one he could hide in and hold when all the world seemed dark.
You hummed tuneless as you sliced an apple, placing each piece delicately on a plate. Viktor usually wasn’t one for large breakfasts, making up for it with a larger lunch and dinner. You walked into your shared room putting the plate on his bedside table before going back to your kitchenette for a glass of milk. After placing it next to the apple slices, you sat on the edge of the bed.
You shifted so you were facing his back, reaching to run your fingers through unruly hair. Your hand moved downwards to start tracing patterns across his back before leaning in and placing feathery kisses on the nape of his neck. He woke, slowly stretching his arms before turning to face you. Eyes still blurry, he brought a hand to your face, cupping your cheek softly.
“Good morning,” he croaked, voice froggy. You smiled, placing your hand on top of his, feeling his thumb twitch slightly underneath.
You gestured with your free hand to the apple slices and milk. Propping himself up Viktor began to eat while you drew the curtains back to let some light into the room.
“Nice dreams?”
“As nice as can be I suppose,” he paused, letting his eyes adjust to the morning sun. “You were in it.”
You turned your head slightly, letting out an inquisitive hum. His eyes were focused downward, staring at the dregs of his milk glass.
“I was chasing you. I was running.”
You didn’t need to see him to recognize the wistful longing. You walked over to the dresser at the end of your bed and picked out a pair of dark pants, underclothes and maroon dress shirt.
“So, did you catch me?” you asked, tossing the clothes to him.
His jaw tensed before replying “No.”
He was struggling with his pants when you brought the leg brace over to him. You waited patiently as he finished pulling up his pants and put on his shoes. Slipping the brace behind his leg and adjusting it so Viktor could put his foot into it. Then you double checked that the knee was properly aligned before securing each strap in place. When you were done you looked up at him, kneeling from between his legs. His eyes softening when they met yours, titling his head to one side. Viktor bit his lip as you went to hold his hand, lacing your fingers together, giving you a squeeze before sighing dejectedly.
This was your everyday.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “I feel so, just— so selfish.” He sighed running a hand through his hair. Life was getting to him, the doubt. When he felt broken, it broke you too. It was a sorrow too deep for tears. He looked away from you, guilt writ plain on his face. “You could be doing so much more.”
“Hey,” you reached up to cup his face, gently turning it back to you, running a thumb under a lidded eye.
“You trust me?” you asked. He nodded. “Then you know I’m not lying when I say I’d do this forever. For you.” You leaned up towards him. “For us. I love you, Viktor.” Craning your neck, you placed a kiss on his knee, in between the metal of the brace, eliciting a soft hum from him.
“I know. I love you too.”
“You’re my everything.”
This was your everyday, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything.
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avatricesilva · 6 months ago
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chellekumari · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Arcane characters as Audrey Hepburn (3/?)
Without the references:
Tumblr media
Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) accounts for multiple iconic Hepburn looks, so I’ll definitely be revisiting it for a later sketch.
1600 x 2400px.  Made in Clip Studio Paint.
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tenma-brainrot · 3 months ago
Honestly what’s sad about Powder’s downward spiral as she grew was that she felt abandoned by everybody and believed that nobody loved her because she was a screw up (she clearly has an inferiority complex). But that’s just completely untrue.
Vi loved Powder deeply. And even as Jinx, Vi loves her sister deeply: she simply cannot accept the mass murdering tendencies that her sister exhibits, which is completely realistic and justifiable.
Vander loved Powder and his last words to Vi were to take care of her.
Silco loved Powder/Jinx, and even affirmed so in his dying breath.
Ekko still loves her, even if he can’t accept who she became.
And I think this is just such a real thing all humans can understand to some extent. The feeling of being unloved — even if it’s untrue — is powerful and can cause a lot of pain. Add that on top of a heap of guilt and emotional trauma that worsened a preexisting trauma (in powder’s case, abandonment) and it’s just a puddle of suffering. If she realized how loved she truly was, maybe things could’ve been extremely different.
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vagabondpgno · 6 months ago
You ain't my boyfriend and I ain't your girlfriend
But you don't want me to see nobody else, and I don't want you to see nobody
Tumblr media
The complicated and crazy vibe in the song Boyfriend by Ariana Grande and Social house just have too much of the TimeBomb’s vibe. I just couldn’t resist drawing them. And yes I do have three more panels to come.
The composition of this panel is derived from the MV Itself. https://youtu.be/9SRxBTtspYM
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counting-stars-alone · 7 months ago
The violin soundtrack during Caitlyn’s gay, shower scene and the violin instrumental during ‘What Could Have Been’ are the only two things I care about right now.
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dear-kumari · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Please hype him up
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mimislovehotel · 6 months ago
"go on, pretty boy." you tell him, lightly teasing his cock from behind, with your fingertips, making the poor man whine. "tell me about these fantasies you were talking about. tell me what you were thinking about while working." you order him, kissing his sweaty cheek and gripping his cock, a little rough. viktor moans loudly at that, arching his back.
"i-i..." viktor tries to let out, wanting to obey you, like the good boy he is, but you're stroking his cock so slowly and harshly that he can't help but squirm all around your hold and whine. "i— i was thinking a-about.. about you b-bending me over.." he moans, finally letting his words out, sobbing as you go harder.
you couldn't help it, he was being so good, and something about the way he said that out loud — and god his accent — was making you feral. "is that all, viktor?" you ask him, whispering agaisnt his ear.
the moment he tries answering, there is a loud knock agaisnt viktor's bedroom door. you stop your movements, surprised, earning a protesting whine from viktor. "viktor?" you both hear, recognizing the voice, it's jayce. "is (name) here? i have to talk with them!" you groan, angry at the thought of leaving viktor in the middle of this. you pull off your hands, yelling "coming!" to jayce, going on to put on your clothes.
viktor grips your wrist, his eyes all glossy and full of lust. "(n-name), tell him you'll talk l-later!" viktor says, pawing his hands, wanting you to hold him. he's really needy right now.. it's so cute.
"i can't viktor, it must be important." you answer, caressing his cheek, trying to calm him. viktor whines again, holding your hand that's caressing his cheek. you melt at the sight. you're interrupted by another knock of jayce. "(name), we really should talk!"
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ao3-anonymous · a month ago
Fastest Growing Fandoms on AO3 This Week (05/09/2022)
Every week I pull data on how many fics are in each fandom and compare to the previous week, then calculate the percentage increase to determine fastest growing fandoms.  Since this naturally skews towards smaller fandoms, I have included the same data filtered to Over 1k, 5k, & 10k fics.
Tumblr media
Over 1,000 Fics:
Tumblr media
Over 5,000 Fics:
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Over 10,000 Fics:
Tumblr media
Source: AO3 Fandom Dashboard
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