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Don't mind me, just your friendly neighborhood Ender creeping on Tumblr~

Haha. Welcome to our little corner of Tumblr, Ender! c:

Glad to see you around!


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“I could see what Treestar will do about you three… but I doubt you will be apart of MeadowClan.”


I finally also redesigned Treestar from his original design, giving him the more sweet, fluffy look!

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Arachne: Oh my god oh my god oh my god Atalante i’m so honored to-

Arachne: (Notices lion tail and ears) …wow that’s real rude of the Throne.

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Lemme slap this in here and the concept for the corrupted, normal and enlighted forms of the legendaries are that in the AU, they are siblings! Here are Wind Archer, Night Raven and Guardian of Millennial Tree (Lets just call him Guardian for short-) which I would be going from oldest to youngest:

Ravenwing: Grumpy and cold, showing no nice side of himself, he is not a cat you would want to be around. He is one of the best and trusted warriors in MidnightClan who speaks his mind! Other cats wished he was deputy instead of Lobsterclaw

Windfoot: He is the deputy of MeadowClan! While often serious and taking his job seriously so he could prove himself that he is the right choice in being the next leader, he does have a soft spot for his mate Fireblaze and his father Treestar

Leafheart: This shy tom is the youngest of the brothers, often wanting to be more like them and following in their pawprints! Unlike his older brothers, he is less uptight and more open about certain things while despite his shyness, he is the cat you can talk your problems too then gives you suggestions! He is very close friends with Herbtail, who he may have a crush on!

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I always tend to draw my guy ocs way more noodly and feminine than they actually are because I’m both too lazy to learn anatomy and very gay.

So I tried to make an effort to draw Leon like he’s actually supposed to look for once. Ruffled little feral cat man

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//How often do you think there’s a culture clash in Chaldea? Like would there be servants who complain over movie night choice. Where they have to decide what audio language and who gets the subtitles so they could understand. though speaking of movie night…who would the ONE person that does POPCORN SODA?!

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