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I thought about why Holly actually really dislikes Lili frond despite her obvious girl power vibe but it makes a lot of sense in a literary context. Doesn’t make it okay, of course, but hear me out of this. 

Throughout Holly’s entire life she’s fought against sexism and nepotism. Holly’s job doesn’t necessarily require her “looks” or traditionally defined feminine traits and they don’t think it’s “suited for a woman” so to speak. People are always undermining her and disrespecting her.

Now compare that with Lili. Regardless of her actual personality, she got her position through pure nepotism (being a descendant of Frond made her a celebrity) She’s a descendant of Frond and considered very attractive. It’s not necessarily meaning that that’s bad, but it’s not exactly like she worked for it either. Knowingly or not, Lili benefits from what was disadvantaging Holly (nepotism and sexism).

Colfer doesn’t really dig into Lili that much, these things are just kind of impressions you get.Yes it’s not fair that Holly hates Lili, for no fault of Lili’s own. But, it’s also not fair that Lili benefits from what makes holly work so hard.

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No1, only character to actually call out Holly’s attitude about Lili

IDK how I forgot about this

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you better watch out

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The Butler family motto is Servire et tueri cum humilitate

To serve and protect with humility.

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Part two of my fowl twins memes/review/reaction Ok so I reread all the artemis fowl books and made memes on them which you can find down here (I’ll be keeping the fowl twins stuff in there too, just to keep everything together)

Artemis fowl memes

I basically decided to blindly read the fowl twins and react to it and talk about while also sprinkling in some memes

Find the first part here


Also you probably shouldn’t see this until you’ve read the book or be prepared for spoilers. Fair warning.


I will say I think myles is much more immature then artemis. He’s trying way to hard to be “adult” and that’s a very childish trait. Artemis was like that due to trauma. He was forced as a child to refer to his dad as “father” and be professional, even setting up appointments via email to see his father and have “buisness meetings” when he was 10. He had to greet his father with a formal, firm handshake. And he wore a suit after his father was proclaimed missing assumed dead, due to the trauma of loosing his father and having been brainwashed by his father that he was to be the “man of the house” and take charge and be in control of the finances and the manor. He stole the lemur and even kidnapped holly due to the last words his father ever told him was talking about how he had to save the family and make sure they’re money didn’t go. He had to watch his family’s money go down until they didn’t even have enough to pay for any staff including butler (which by the way it is mentioned butler continues to be with artemis without pay for a bit and I’m telling you he doesn’t see that as a job. He was going to take care of that child money or no money) and watch his mother go into insanity along with deal with his father being probably dead. That stuff changed him. He was always a genius but his childhood how he was raised and what happened is what made him into the suit wearing, mature, almost adult like, person we see in the books. He was forced to grow up. He doesnt act like this because he doesn’t want to be childish hell we even see him in the 6th book wishing he could’ve had a normal childhood and had, had the chance to be childish.

But myles wears a suit just to copy his brother and disregards childish things just because. There’s really no reason other then he believes genius=adult. He seems very immature and very childish. This is one of the reasons I wanted to see artemis in the books. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see him talk to his brother in the second or third book and explain to him why what he was doing was childish. And why myles had to learn to grow up and embrace who he is and what he likes instead of just acting like what he thought was the “proper adult” myles even tries to be someone he’s not. He makes the comment that he shouldn’t be so “dramatic” because it’s the “enemy of science” but that’s part of who he is. Even artemis never denied that part of himself. He was a dramatic little shit and not only aknowleded it several times but truly loved that part of himself. Because artemis was never trying to be an adult or mature he just was like that due to his life. I’d love to see artemis and myles talk and see this interaction but I guess we won’t. Still salty about that.



Teddy when seeing a whole ass island straight up disappearing:


Like he was way to nonchalant about this



I just find it cute that artemis was like “sure y'all can just fly around my house and train :)” the lep are like “we create zones far away from human civilization where fairies can we can train and fly around. Oh and there’s one by the house of the guy who kidnapped one of us. Yea he caused some chaos in our life for a few years and anytime the end of the world was happening it was safe to assume he was somewhere nearby and yea we had no problems until he came and caused all the problems but he also like saved us a bunch of time so we’re good now. We spy on him, he spies on us. he uses our technology, we train around his house. He’s our bud.” Like you guys have a very weird relationship


Ok. So I’ve just been introduced to our magical main character… And it’s a hybrid (very interesting. I did wonder while reading the original if they were ever going to address like fairies and pixies or something coming together to have a baby because I mean you can’t tell me that never happened. So I’m glad they’re actually addressing that here and giving some information on it) named lazuli. And she’s blue. A blue skinned girl who can fly named lazuli… I’m just going to you guys right now all I’m gonna see in my head every single time I imagine this character is




I’m really glad they’re going over the different perspectives on artemis fowl. Like some people would trust him like he has saved countless lives due to his quick thinking and did become a good guy by the end and has helped fairies more then hurt them and even sacrificed himself for them. But some people wouldn’t. At the end of the day he did kidnap a fairy, steak fairy technology which then got stolen by a horrible person who could’ve destroyed fairy civilization, manipulate and trick his way into getting a copy of their sacred book and put them in danger multiple times. I’ve seen a post talking about how fairies would view artemis after the series that I really liked over here plus some amazing art on it over here

Definitely give those a look but this reminded me of those



Myles is such a little shit and I love it. This is definitely the type of prank artemis fowl’s little brother would play. Also would love to imagine one day artemis if in space and realizes what his code means and realizes what myles did and just in the middle of space butler can see his face go like



I will say I didn’t like that they kind of dumbed up beckett. Like I thought he was going to be like butler or mulch, like not the smartest person In the room (to be fair the other ones in the room are foaly, artemis and myles. All certified geniuses) but still really smart and clever and able to keep up and think of their own plans. Like this is the kid who at 4 years old tricked his genius twin brother into giving him the code to open Artemis’ room and sneak around. The kid who again at four years old was able to listen to butler, learn a move and perfect it to use his body’s momentum to stun opal even if it was only temporarily. Like he was a clever and smart kid at 4 and for the most part able to keep up with his twin brother. His personality and interests may haven been very different and he not have been a genius but that wasn’t to say he was dumb either. He also doesn’t even act or sound like an 11 year old. I’ve dealt with a lot of kids and beckett is behaving more like a 5 year old. I understand him not acting like artemis who was forced to grow up and mature, or myles whoa trying really hard to act grown up and is very intelligent, but I was expecting a clever 11 year old, not a cosmo from fairly odd parents type of character. I’m still in the first few chapters so maybe we’ll see him shine later but so far I’d like to see more of beckett’s intelligence.


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In the supermarket and checking the shopping list. Last missing thing: Butter.

Husband: Do we have everything?

Me: No, we are missing the Butler…

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okay the way Butler interacts with juliet + artemis + minerva … this man would have been an olympic level father. He’s so good at tailoring how he meets the distress/communication style of kids/teens like!!! i cry? The way in which he is a protector not in the way in which his Blue Diamond training forged him into a weapon and tried to force him to not make real emotional attachments to anyone due to the desire to make his profession THE most important thing in his life — but instead he is a protector in the sense that he is deeply compassionate and invested in fostering authenticity…

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The one crime I will never be able to forgive Artemis for is being a Karen to waiters and tailors. Thank you and goodnight

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finished rereading the artemis fowl series and thinking about how crazy it is. like i’m coming back to it as a young adult, but i feel the excitement that twelve-year-old me felt. i still lost my mind at the “and I hunt you” scene. root. 

one thing that i was able to resolve was the romance between artemis and holly. in my 12 year old, the kiss was way more significant, and when i read the books again now, i was like THANK GOD it was just a passing thing in a very weird circumstance and not looked at again. their friendship is so fucken great and hated to think it had been reduced to some weird pedophilia because bOyS aNd GirLS caN’t bE fRienDs.

also realised that i love love love the plot of the first 4 books, but after that i’m just there for the shit talking and audacity. book 8 feels a bit wonky to me, but it’s a decent ending so i won’t get to into it.

i refuuuuuse to read the Fowl Twins because i know i’m not the target audience, and i don’t want to constantly compare to my childhood favourite, but i sincerely hope that a new gen of kids of getting fairy-human shenanigans and enjoying it.

haha, i went on the tag and saw trans!artemis content and???? i can’t unsee it. he’s trans in my headcanons now :)

i could talk about all the main ensemble at length, and the impact of colfer’s style of writing on my own, but what i just wanted to say is that:

i read most of these books years ago, borrowed from a boy in my class, and then i bought the last book for myself, and i fell in love with the universe and the characters and saw myself in them. and now, i get to read my own copies and revisit scenes that have been imprinted in my head, and i’m very grateful that these books exist.

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I started writing something for the AF vampire au but I lack the motivation to finish it :)

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- Holly actually has Artemis’s blanket permission to enter the Fowl Manor whenever she wants- he knows life in Haven is stressful and that sometimes she just wants to be aboveground for a bit.

- The two watch terrible movies together- it started when Holly decided Artemis needed to see Haven’s production of Artemis Fowl for himself, but gradually devolved into both parties sharing their humanity’s/the Peoples’ horrible film choices with each other. It’s a nice way for them to just chill together.

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Inspired by the convo in the AF discord and so I made something, decided to share it :)

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Perhaps the reason we hear about Domovoi’s uncle but not his father is because the Fowl he descended from was his MOTHER. Perhaps it was his mother’s brother who died in the Fowl Star explosion. Dom’s father could be anyone, doesn’t have to be a Fowl. When you’ve got a family legacy and duty like that, I’m sure certain conventions like taking your father’s surname could be bent to ensure the continuation of the name.

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