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Yaaaay I made a scaly-sona/fursona! 

Now it’s time to finally finish the art trade! I’m sorry!



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Just like with my drawing of the Male Player Character of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, this drawing is a throwback to Dawn’s Platinum battle sprite.

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Chipmunk Challenge: Day 8 - Punk Chipmunk

Chipmunk Challenge

The goal is to make a chipmunk a day (or more) until I am able to fill a large spread. I thought I would share in the fun by also posting a chipmunk a day online before showing the final result in a week or two. The final spread will consist of at least a dozen chipmunks that are inspired by all shapes and sizes.

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Ok I actually did start watching dsmp and I’ve decided Tommy is a yappy dog Jesus christ

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We’re starting Mythical March off early, folks. What better way to muscle through the last bit of wintery time than with some spooooooky buddies from around America?

Today we have Huggin’ Molly from Abbeville, Alabama. Legend has it a tall, black-hooded lady lurks among the backallies, waiting for dusk to fall so she can nab any wayward youngster who has the misfortune of being out too late… and hugs them to death! Or so the story goes.

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You’ll def see more G5 art from me in the future. In the meantime, have some more Tempbutt

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I made a couple sketchy practice pages of Foxblood (which is what I wanna call it) and while I’ll post those, to fill out my queue while I do other stuff this weekend I also wanted to post some panels I thought were nice on their own.

My boy!!!

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Sketch of regular ol’ Jesse. He has an eyebrow scar, but I have never fully developed a backstory for it. It’s more just there for aesthetic

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