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#Arya :))
reluctantfae · 2 years ago
how this episode should have gone:
-Dany, still reeling from the shock and grief of her best friend’s death, learns of Varys’s betrayal
-They hold a proper trial where Varys is found guilty of treason and subsequently executed. This is highly emotionally taxing for everyone involved.
-Tyrion goes to Jaime and asks him for help removing Cersei peacefully, since he has fears about Dany’s state of mind. Jaime agrees, and they hatch a plan where he sneaks into the red keep and pretends to still love Cersei, appealing to her as a mother rather than a queen.
-Jaime asks Tyrion to tell Brienne that he loves her
-Dany flies on King’s Landing while Grey Worm, Jon, and Davos assemble their armies outside the gates. 
-Dany takes out the iron fleet and the scorpions on the walls. When she sees the Lannister troops surrender, she flies straight for the red keep to confront Cersei
-The whole thing with Arya and the Hound goes down exactly as it did
-Jaime manages to convince Cersei to leave with him, and they are at the little shore at the bottom of the staircase when Euron shows up. Cersei turns against Jaime and orders Euron to kill her brother
-Euron and Jaime fight it out, much like they did in the episode. Jaime wins, but knows he cannot continue to live. Finally forced to confront what Cersei has become he kills her, before succumbing to his injuries and dying at her side
-Dany attacks the red keep, believing that Cersei is still inside and unwittingly sparks up the wyldfire, which sets off chain reactions across the city, causing irreparable damage and carnage
-We see Arya trying to get out of the path of destruction, much as she did during the episode
-Grey Worm, Jon, and Davos organize their troops to help people out of the city and rescue them from the fires. They are forced to make terrible decisions during this. We see Grey Worm allowing a few people to die in order to rescue a larger group of people, Davos must leave someone behind because he can’t reach them in the rubble, Jon commits a mercy killing for someone who is too injured to survive
-Cleganebowl goes down almost exactly as it did in the episode, but instead of falling into fire they just fall onto pavement. Arya finds the Hound dying a slow horrible death and he asks her to kill him. This time she agrees and gives him a swift, painless death, waiting at his side while he dies
-Much as the prophecy foretold, we see Dany walking into the throne room alone while it rains ash. She nearly reaches the throne when she hallucinates Drogo and their son off to the side (again, like the prophecy). She runs to him and admits that she thinks she is going mad. Drogo reminds her that she must be stronger than the madness. She must recognize it wherever she can and fight to get past it. 
-Dany says a tearful goodbye to Drogo, finally letting him go, and takes the iron throne. The last shot is of her sitting tall and proud, but if you look closely you can see her hands shake a little.
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fallenangelsx · 2 years ago
Me knowing that GoT is only giving us what we want to make the next few episodes' deaths more heartbreaking, but getting invested all the same:
Tumblr media
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insomniarama · 2 years ago
@ whatever is chasing Arya in the trailer
Tumblr media
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papabay · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my first official GOT fanart 🔔🔔
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pleasekeepthisasecret · 2 years ago
Jon: you should stay safe, protect the kids
Jon: don't do this, stay safe pls
Jon: ....
Also Sam: please take my sword, it is heavy and I am soft.
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awakeby-awindow · 2 years ago
I’m not the Red Woman, take your own bloody pants off.
- Arya, on the day we all collectively lost our shit
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