hotmintgum · 2 days ago
not an internet celebrity but there IS the “i don’t have snapchat im 24” image
omg SO true. need to collect more of these
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seiishindraws · 2 days ago
Any Shiver fanart down the line?
definitely! probably after the upcoming splatfest once i've gotten to see a bit more of them in-game. i've tried sketching them but their shapes definitely dont come nearly as easy to me as frye's. here's a quick attempt tho
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funnytwittertweets · 22 hours ago
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my response is image #3
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sarioh · 2 days ago
this saga is. bonkers . did bdubs ever say etho’s stance on shipping ?
not explicitly besides basically conveying etho's general shock at the fact that people are talking about him in these kinds of ways LMAO. he did say etho's just glad to be in the loop though. but regardless i think we as a community need to learn to put less emphasis on what ccs think about the content we make and should stop feeling the need to seek their validation on what is okay to write/post/make art about. this is our space at the end of the day and ccs who visit are doing it on their own volition knowing this. it shouldnt really matter what their stance is on stuff like character shipping in my humble opinion
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hedgehog-moss · 2 days ago
I love hearing your stories and I wanted to send you well wishes, with the ongoing drought in Europe. I don't know how much it's affecting you but I hope you're doing well.
Thank you! Sending my own well wishes to anyone struggling this summer from heat waves or lack of rain or destructive floods... :(
We were supposed to have three or four days of rain this week and disappointingly the weather forecast changed its mind; we only had some rain yesterday which was better than nothing, but still, it's crazy. One day of rain in the entire summer. Everything looks burnt and sounds crackly when the typical summer landscape around here is one of lush green pastures and wildflowers everywhere...
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Someone was saying at the library the other day that the headlines this summer felt rather dystopian as far as we're concerned, like "cheese production halted", "walking in the woods now illegal"... (Amongst the requirements to produce an 'AOC' cheese, the cows need to have a diet of at least 75% natural, non-fertilised pasture grass and, well, there’s no grass right now. And some municipalities have made it temporarily illegal to go in the woods at all, for fear of someone starting a fire)
But yes it's not nearly as bad here as in the regions affected by the massive fires. I have a friend in the South-West who owns some land and spent her free time in July helping to evacuate people's horses from affected areas to her land and hoping the fires wouldn't reach her. My mum was in Brittany recently and told me the forest of Brocéliande was burning, which sounds apocalyptic because the #1 source of jokes about Brittany is its perpetually wet weather, so, no one is safe... (They’re finally getting some rain, though!)
I'm really, really grateful for my spring. All the water I use at home + the water for the animals comes from that one spring, there are twelve of us depending on it + my vegetable garden and it has continued giving us the exact same amount of water as usual all summer; both troughs in the pasture are full and overflowing. I've been hearing about major rivers all over Europe that had an incredibly reduced flow rate and looking at my valiant little spring like, what's your secret...? When all the waterfalls in the woods have disappeared and for miles around you see nothing but fried yellow grass and even the older fruit trees are struggling and reluctantly producing a handful of cherry-sized plums and you sit by a water trough that just keeps cheerfully overflowing all day long, it feels a bit witchy.
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royalelemental · 2 days ago
WhT do hunters flowers smell like?
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pictures-of-dogs · a day ago
M o r e
d o g s
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ask and you shall receive
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kanrix · 2 days ago
Gasters chilling in the void as burning memory plays in the background
The most fun he’s had in 100 years
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daily-grian · 2 days ago
Can I hold the smol birb? if not maybe a mycroraptor Grian would be cute, I think.
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Hold the dino
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tazmiilly · 2 days ago
Hmmm thoughts on. Drawing Dipper and Stan bonding. Sad bonding? Happy bonding? Doesn’t matter. I need more content of my boys…
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happy bonding!!! I have a silly blog (most of the time) so ur gonna get that
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theduckboy · 2 days ago
Oh boy I love Tim drank i love Tim we love to see him ohhhh Tom frank (casting a spell on you)
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hi loof. is it just national making me post things i forgot to post night or what's going on here 
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hope-for-the-planet · 2 days ago
Hey, did you hear about the news that rain water is no longer safe to drink? Um, how are you taking this btw?
Hi Anon!
Thanks for asking about this--I've gotten several asks about that PFAS-in-rainwater study in the last week.
For anyone who doesn’t know what PFAS are: They are a class of chemical that is very resistant to breakdown (sometimes called “forever chemicals”). Some of these chemicals have been linked to a range of health issues including kidney and testicular cancer, hormone disruption, and immune system issues. PFAS are used in a variety of products—the most frequently used example is for non-stick surfaces like Teflon.
Is there any hope to be found here? Actually, yes.
PFAS have been around since the 1930s and used heavily since the 1950s--public attention, research, and government pressure on PFAS use has been increasing since their inception and significant progress is being made to protect people from these contaminants. Two prominent examples: In the US, the EPA is working towards tougher and more enforceable PFAS restrictions and recent legislature was passed to provide greater funding to remove PFAS from drinking water. The EU is working on banning PFAS altogether in what is being called “the great detox”.
There's also evidence that overall human exposure to PFAS seems to be trending downward (though it is hard to be 100% sure of this as new PFAS are developed).
“Despite the fact that they may never disappear from the planet, Cousins told AFP that PFAS levels in human beings have actually dropped ‘quite significantly in the last 20 years’. He added that “ambient levels (of PFAS in the environment) have been the same for the past 20 years”. (Source)
Tumblr media
(Graph Source)
Is it horrifying, upsetting, and sobering to know that unsafe PFAS contamination can be found in rainwater everywhere on Earth? Yes, of course! It's awful that it was ever allowed to get this bad. Should we continue to push for strict regulations and bans on harmful chemicals like this? Also yes! But we also shouldn't ignore that significant work is being done on this issue.
Note: If you are concerned about whether there are dangerous levels of PFAS in your drinking water, check out this interactive map (if you are in the US—if anyone has a more widespread map let me know!) or read this guide from the CDC to learn how you can lower your risk.
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capydoodle · 21 hours ago
I went to a zoo and they had capybaras for the first time in years, thought you'd like to see them
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oh they’re snoozin
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p1neapplerum · 2 days ago
Ooh ooh I have a req!! Grian! He's my favorite
Also ur art is TOP TEIR you're one of my favs <333
thank you!
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spearxwind · a day ago
Where I live there I this thing called the "ghost fleet of the Potomac " or the "ghost fleet of Mallows Bay" which I think you'll find is VERY aesthetic
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kismesisstude · a day ago
Can you draw some Lil Terezis???
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of course
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ringpop-poppy · 2 days ago
can i just say that if eddie had a tongue piercing, him giving you head would be the best feeling ever
(also goodmorning)
he'd be too powerful. the feeling of the warm metal running through your wet slit :( running through the furls of your tight little asshole :( it'd make your toes curl, make you grip his head and press his mouth into your sex because you can't get enough. and when he runs it over your clit? the silver ball flicking back and forth over your throbbing bud. it never fails to make your legs spread so wide the muscles in your thighs ache but you dont care. you just need him to have as much access as he needs, need to be as spread open and wide as you can go because it feels so fucking good. nd eddies smug about it, grins into your heated flesh at how slutty you get. wished he could talk with his mouth full of your cunt so he could tease you about it, but he can't, so he just makes you cum all down his chin instead.
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