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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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oof. you’re making me emotional 🥺😩

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Masamune: You know I love when you blush like that, let me see your cute face~


Sasuke: I love you so much…

*He kisses her again and again*


Selena: Me too, I want to meet the others!

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It really depends on the door and the sizes you’re using. I just keep getting ticked off when people don’t explain the door crack the tiny got through, when most doors actually have a thing on the bottom of them that blocks the crack, and even then it’s usually like a millimeter high if you’re talking about the average door. But, if the door is different, with something going on causing the crack to be higher, then yeah, tiny honna get through. But not when you have all these modern doors that are specifically made to keep bugs and pests out (not that tinies are pests)

So yeah, just explain your doors. Please. I’m begging people.

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not ok to sexualize 14 yr olds but if we make them slightly older children its fine :-)

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aaa sorry for the late reply!! 

sure! but it depends on the complexity of the armor, it may cost a bit extra time+money

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Thank you for the ask!

5. do you think of yourself as a human being or a human doing? do you identify yourself by the things you do?

Maybe I’m a little bit of both - I like to think I’m more of human being. Also, not exactly. It is important what you do but I don’t think it’s superior to other stuff that made you who you are.

do you love easily?

Oh yeah. Maybe too easy.

29. three songs that you connect with right now.

– Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow - Freddie Mercury (because at 24th is anniversary of Freddie’s death 😔)

– Red Dessert - 5SOS

– Runnin’ - Adam Lambert

identity ask

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