poorlydrawnmcyt · 2 days ago
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cosmic-nopedog · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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funnytwittertweets · 2 days ago
my gf has this at her house should i be worried
Tumblr media
i am infuriatingly jealous
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jasontoddsguns · 2 days ago
Jason Todd can do what Batman and Nightwing can’t. What is it?
…..commit murder?
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todaysbird · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Who are they? And what secrets do they hold?
Women; girl stuff
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mogmoe · 2 days ago
Could you give some tips and v tricks on drawing torsos/muscles?
yes :) but be forewarned i am neither a professional nor have i ever taken an anatomy class.
long post undercut vvvvvvvvvvvv
Tumblr media
to start i typically seperate of the torso into 5 sections respectively.
1. the neck area 2. the shoulders, chest 3. the ribcage 4. the stomach 5. the waist/pelvis i find this method helps in dealing with pesky proportions while also allowing me to build the body up one part at a time. additionally it can easily be modified in accordance to the body type.
Tumblr media
pectoral muscles when relaxed are squishy and have some weight to them. similar to drawing normal breast, i.e. the tear drop method, i always try to have side/off-center profiles possess a little bump where the bottom of the pectoral meets the ribcage.
it allows for easier differentiation along the line art between one body part to the next.
Tumblr media
just important anatomy details, i feel like a lot of the time people forget them. pectorals are connected to the deltoids and move with the arm + the side of the torso isnt a smooth line there’s slopes and bumps to it. plus wrapping the ribcage around the arm helps things look less flat.
Tumblr media
for muscles themselves frequent references, but in general ive found adding more minor details such as light crosshatching gives a more defined look. 
go crazy
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saturniidays · a day ago
I'm making a sort of scorpion-centaur character (with very poor anatomy. The whole point right now is "looks cool" lol), so a couple questions:
(1) What's the closest relative/ancestor to a scorpion that has wings, if there are any? (If it helps, currently I'm working with an emperor scorpion character since those seem like chill scorps, but that decision may change.)
(2) Can insects individually control wings, like decide to move one but not any of the others?
(adding to my last ask: I'm aware scorpions are arachnids and not insects! So I'm aware I'm probably asking some very silly questions lol)
Nah fam that sounds cool!
Insects are the only arthropods with wings, so the closest relative of scorpions with wings are insects. I would go with mayfly wings, since they are the first extant insects to evolve wings, I guess they would be the closest relatives. The only other animals with wings are vertebrates which I can assure you are less related to scorpions than insects lol
2. Now this is a fascinating question! Some can. Some cant. There are two types of insect flight: direct and indirect flight.
With direct flight, muscles attach to each individual wing, which would make control of individual wings possible.
Tumblr media
Here you can see the body wall acts as a fulcrum for each wing. Each wing has two muscles, one that attaches inside the body wall, and one outside. When the inside muscle contracts, the wing lifts. When the outside muscle contracts, the wing lowers. This type of flight allows for greater maneuverability but is less efficient.
Indirect flight is a little more complicated, I'll try to explain it as best I can. With indirect flight, the flight muscles do not attach to the wings, but to the body wall. When these muscles contract, it makes the body wall itself flex and change shape.
Tumblr media
When the yellow muscles in this diagram flex, which attach to the dorsum (top of the body) and the ventrum (bottom of the body), the body compresses and the wing lifts. The wing still uses the body wall as a fulcrum, but the dorsum is what is making the wing lift instead of a muscle. To lower the wing, the insect contracts those orange muscles in the middle. It looks confusing in this diagram because this is illustrating a cross section, but the muscles are longitudinal (think going from head to butt).
Tumblr media
When those contract, the body kind of squishes in a way that it brings the dorsum up, and the wings lower. This method of flight is much more efficient, but at the loss of some maneuverability because they cannot control each wing individually during flight.
Mayflies exclusively use direct flight, so if you decide to go with them, they can move their wings individually.
x x
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shittyjunedaily · a day ago
egg june realizing “wait transing your gender is allowed?”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
she continued to stay frozen for the remaining week
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thewertsearch · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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harriertail · 2 days ago
have you ever designed russetfur?
Tumblr media
blackstar should have gone to war when she died
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mcyt-cats · a day ago
hey! do you or any followers happen to know what kind of cat Otto is? i've been trying to figure it out. something about his fur pattern makes me think he could be some kind of breed but idk
I don't watch James Marriot much, so I'll leave this open to all my followers as to if he's stated this before. I will also let anyone else weigh in if they have any ideas.
Firstly, most cats are just domestic shorthair or longhair. There are cat breeds, but unlike dogs most of the cats we see are not of any specific breed.
I don't think he looks like a bengal cat. I think he could be a bronze Egyptian Mau, which is the same type of cat that Grian owns.
However, I think it's possibly more likely he's just a spotted tabby. Tabby cats can come in several coat combinations, and one of these has spots all over just like Otto does:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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time-slink · 2 days ago
how do you go about picking your colours? your art always has such a soft vibe because of them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i actually picked one of the worst character for this hfhdhfh i’m much much more comfortable with reds and still learning to be confident with greens, but this was fun :D a little brighter and more saturated than i usually go for, but it should be more visible this way!
this was a joke doodle from my last doc drawing bc of a comment from a friend, and yeah, it totally looks like he’s sticking his tongue out haha. read it however you want
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funnytwittertweets · a day ago
Are you doing alright?
i am not but the beat must go on
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jasontoddsguns · a day ago
Superman lives by a code because he believes there's an objective thing called goodness that he should strive to achieve. Batman lives by a code because he thinks there isn't, and that if he every stops trying to enforce this absolute standard it may as well not exist at all.
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todaysbird · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This pretty lady with white cheeks has been hanging out around my mom’s (photo creds to her) window bird feeder for several years. She and her mate have raised many babies together, although none seem to share her spots
Hey, that’s really cool! Your female cardinal has a mild instance of leucism - her markings are very surprising and symmetrical, particularly for a seemingly random genetic mutation!
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miramelindamusings · 2 days ago
ahh i love the flour baby sketches <3 it’s such a cute idea for a comic!! is that jealous!billy i see…
Ah! Thank you so much <3! They're really fun to draw! I love the bonds borne out of necessity like during a group project, and the idea of Steve having to juggle the supernatural on top of regular mundane highschool stuff is just so funny to me (esp when Billy is thrown into the mix). And I live for jealous!billy--he's such a disaster XD
Thanks again for the ask--I'm so happy you like them!
Tumblr media
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seraphinitegames · a day ago
Is N a masochist? Like, why would they only go for superficial people who didn’t truly see them for who they are in the past when emotional connection is so important for them? Lol, I adore TWC and you with every fibre of my being :D
Less a masochist and more as a protective mechanism.
A has their own clumsy (and often painful!) ways of trying to avoid falling in too deep.
N's methods are much more subtle and elegant at giving themself an excuse to never go that step farther. Not the same when it comes to the MC though...
Thank you so much for the ask! :)
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sinlizards · 2 days ago
just wanna come and tell you that kristoph piece of yours is probably my favorite bit of aa art just ever.. its my lock screen on my phone and i dont plan on changing that.. i just love looking at it so much its really just beautiful. nd also the way u draw every other character to me is just correct. like i almost just want you to draw everybody bc you would draw them in a way thatd make me think Oh so this is what ive been missing my whole life... (simon nd nahyuta.. u would slay it im just sayin) bc thats also what i thought seeing adrian and matt and beanix and klavier and kris literally !!! all this to say your stuff fucks and i wanna see more of it on here 4eva ✌
thank you so much this is insanely kind ;_; I try to always give every character a lot of thought and love when i draw em and i am so glad people enjoy the way i draw aa characters!! as much as i wish i could draw every character in the series i apparently have "academic obligations" which is honestly pretty fucked up and evil....
that aside, i usually wait till i've actually played the game to draw the characters so i have a good sense of them BUT here's a simon just 4 u :]
Tumblr media
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goldenkirstein · a day ago
Ok but what about overstimulated Osamu who can’t hold his pretty moans back when you suck his balls?😊❤️ you work is amazing :)
u sent this so long ago but I haven't stopped thinking about I literally- yeah....omg
cw: smut (18+, minors dni), reader is female is called girlfriend, oral (m!receiving), exhibitionism, ball sucking, spit mention. talk of power dynamics
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is wrong.
miya osamu is a franchise owner. A respected individual in the restaurant business.
This is precisely why the scene unfolding in the bathroom of his flagship Onigiri Miya location is so, so wrong.
This is the behaviour that people expect from his brother, not from him, never from him.
So why is it then that he's standing, work shirt tucked between his teeth, doing nothing to stop you from slobbering around his cock.
Tiny grunts are slipping from between his teeth, and he knows that if he lets go of his shirt, there'll be nothing stopping the onslaught of moans he's desperately trying to hold back.
Moans which you are working so diligently to make fall from the pretty lips of your boyfriend.
You're doing everything in your might, staring up at him as if you're some innocent angel, despite your tongue gliding over the underside of his shaft.
And it's working; you're watching Osamu’s resolve crumble away slowly as he watches the mixture of spit and pre cum drip down your chin and dampen parts of the pretty sundress you wore today.
His brows furrow, and another clipped moan slip from his throat when he hears you gag around the base of his dick, sounds of slurping and sucking reverberating in the closed space.
If anyone walked by, he would be done for. So why isn't he stopping you?
He could make a pathetic attempt to end this, pull you off of him, try to disguise his hardened cock in his tight pants the best he could, and manage to close for the night without attracting too much attention.
But there is a dirty part of him that secretly loves this. Loves that nothing is stopping anyone from stumbling into the bathroom to see him standing there, cock down your throat.
And the thing is, he knows you love it too.
Osamu sees it when you pull off his dick, smiling and laughing gently before kissing the leaking tip. He also sees it when you bat your lashes up at him while your fingers slip under the dress's straps to pull it under your tits.
Every part of you was made for him.
When you stick out your tongue again and kitten lick his tip, he lets out another muffled groan, but his eyes practically roll back into their sockets when he sees you working your way down his to his heavy balls.
The shirt tucked between his teeth is doing little to conceal his moans, not that the obscene noises from the bathroom were ever discrete.
His shirt finally falls when he feels your hot tongue swipe at the seam of his balls, and he lets out a pitchy moan.
This is what you were waiting for, what you had been building up to. You take one of his balls into your mouth and suck ever so gently and watch as Osamu lets out another pretty noise while his lashes flutter shut.
He’s leaning on the bathroom door while you switch between laving the underside of his cock and his sensitive balls. He looks so pretty, lips parted, as his whimpers fill the room. His hips jerk ever so lightly cock twitching as his orgasm builds.
It’s so messy, his balls being covered with your drool, all slippery and slick as your tongue and lips take the time to worship every inch of Osamu's sensitive skin. You can’t help but moan around one of them, tongue swirling around his balls.
The vibrations have him panting; he’s not like this usually, not this lewd or noisy; no, you’re the one who is at his mercy most of the time, but with the way he’s groaning, your name might have him reconsidering that dynamic.
Osamu’s hands make their way to his cock, fisting his shaft while watching you work his balls. He’s so close, his hips are fucking into his hands, and your hands have to hold onto his thighs to steady him against the bathroom floor.
You remove yourself from his scrotum, just as Osamu cums. Broken sobs of pleasure fall from his lips as he rides through his orgasm, body shuddering as thick spurts of his cum drip out the pretty tip of his dick. His load lands on your chin and exposed tits, slowly dribbling down your neck and chest.
When the last of it shoots out his cock, Osamu lets out a shaky breath and swipes his thumb across your chin, collecting his seed, before pushing it inside your lips to clean.
He laughs then, a little from the rush of endorphins flooding his senses but mostly from disbelief of what he just did.
“I wasn’t too loud, right?”
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comicaurora · a day ago
what are Tess' favorite and least favorite things to punch?
Favorite: anything tough looking for a fight that also deserves to be punched
Least favorite: Erin
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