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cowboy · 4 days ago
are you trans?
I'm mexican
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dsmpdaily · 3 days ago
Tinyblade got me thinking about what if him and Michael went on a gold stealing spree around the smp :o
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saint-nevermore · a day ago
If u make furbies canon pls don't make them creepy or "cursed" 🥺
Tumblr media
i love furbies to death but we gotta admit they're divisive in appearance and thats fine! its a part of their charm. they are funny cousins to griffins and are generalist carnivores. frequently poached for the pet trade despite being bad pets. heavily inspired by this post since this is what made me go hmm.....nvmr fubby
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botanyshitposts · 2 days ago
realistically this has no backing but i recall a post on hackernews, someone who used to work IT at tumblr. they mentioned that every single tumblr upload, all the photos vidfeos and other shit, was stored in a single Amazon S3 instance. Which means in theory that someone could wipe all of tumblr out with one delete request.
david karp dropped the key to the end tumblr button down a subway grate in new york city in 2007 and the only thing staff can do now is occasionally rattle the cage to see if we're still alive
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thenightwemetnatural · 2 days ago
im a huge cas enjoyer and am very deancoded. im also pretty sure im not attracted to men. BUT. i do think cas is hot. not in a sexual way but just. i know dean will think that and i agree with that. also the only way i can read any kind of stuff is if i imagine im one of the characters and i obviously go with dean because i undestand and relate to him whichi somehow leads me to think that IM dean and hes me but also hes not me IM him. im neither bi nor a man but when i think about him i AM bi and a man but like. not in a real way. i think i might have a prblem
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dsmpdaily · 3 days ago
(Makes his hair super fluffy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i see this as an absolute win actually
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rencephala · 2 days ago
your dirks are absolute peak you draw him so well... can the people see another strilonde
Tumblr media
thank u <3 yes u may see all of them. i love the strilondes
also i gave them cats
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cowboy · 2 days ago
I jacked off while in the other hand holding a rock a girl gave me
Holy fuck
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introloves · 2 days ago
bokutos pillow princess who sits next to him on the couch, grabs his hand, and puts it right into her panties. he always looks over and is like "oh? does my princess need something?"
all she has to do is give him puppy dog eyes and he's crooking his fingers inside of her cunt without another word :((((((
Tumblr media
it's hard for you to talk sometimes, hard for you to convey what you feel in the moments where just his presence sitting next to you has your needy pout returning full force. shy glances and huffs leaving the smallest hints that he doesn't always pick up, that you want the fat cock sitting between his legs.
it'd be easier for him to take care of you if you opened your mouth and told him, but the embarrassment of it all has you bite back.
instead a gentle hand reaching over to find his own heavy, veiny, calloused hand, plopping it into your lap with the pout still visible, shoving it down between your thighs before shamelessly grinding over and over against the limp digits before he looks over at you with full interest.
the shift in his whole being is monumental, seconds ago relaxing against the couch with you- and now he’s nearly panting at the thought of playing with you. the need to take you into his lap and fuck hou silly coming in strong when you slide his index finger along your wet slit, but he tempers it down for now- wanting to see his baby put in work before they relent.
“princess want something?” bokuto purrs, cock already straining in his shorts- too in love with you to hold back and he knows when he sees the way you squirm and whine that you do. you’re just so precious and he wouldn’t dare let you speak a word if you don’t want to.
so he perches you on his lap- pretty and susceptible to his actions, leaving you open for his fingers and cock to slip right inside.
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lacetulle · 4 days ago
hello! what are some dresses that remind you of the ocean? (in shape more than color)
Hi! So some of these remind me of the ocean in the flowy fabrics, but I couldn't help but add a few from Alexander McQueen and Iris van Herpen in regards to what's in the ocean. McQueen has some gorgeous coral dresses and IVH does an amazing job with ocean organisms and the motion of water in her collection. I hope some of these work for you!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Hian Tjan 'Osmosis', Iris van Herpen Spring '20, Alexander McQueen Spring '12, Ziad Nakad Spring '20, Zuhair Murad Spring '19, Alexander McQueen Spring '17, Carolina Herrera Fall '15, Jean Louis Sabaji Spring '13, Lan Yu Fall '14, Alexander McQueen Spring '12)
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todaysbird · 2 days ago
Do you like fictional birds?
I don’t DISLIKE them, but I can’t think of any I’m invested in off the top of my head! I did love Mordecai from Regular Show as a kid, though!
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blueskittlesart · a day ago
i simply think u should attempt to draw sonic the hedgehog
Tumblr media
i have never played a sonic game in my life but anything for you
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thiscatdraws · 42 seconds ago
If possible, could we get some Hot Rod headcanons?
Sure thing!
Hot Rod loves dogs, but he’s never actually owned one
Is very handy when it comes to building and machinery
Is actually amazing at math; he can do some pretty huge mental calculations
Although he’s not a fast flier without his machines, he’s a VERY fast runner
Like many Pegasi, his bones are lighter and more fragile than Unicorns and Earth ponies; Hot Rod claims that every broken bone healed twice as strong
Has a Zebra mother, to which he and Crazy Diamond owe their stripes
Is a sucker for cute things and is naturally protective of creatures smaller than he is
His signature pompadour is his pride and joy
His dream is to watch the Wonderbolts, but something always comes up when he has a ticket to their show
Is very health-conscious, preferring salads and lean meats to anything heavy
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ohbuckie · 53 seconds ago
I like the idea of little Becca calling b!bucky tata a lot, sometimes more than daddy. And whenever she does he always responds with something in Romanian as well like ‘da strica (yes, squish)’ or ‘da bondar (yes, bumblebee)?’ It’s a given that whenever she speaks to him in Romanian he speaks it back 🥺
every night she says ‘noapte buna tata te iubesc’ (‘goodnight dad i love you’) and hes like ‘🥺 buna noapte bondar si eu te iubesc’ (‘goodnight bumblebee i love you too’)
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eternal-echoes · a day ago
As an atheist, my point of reference for morality is not the book loved by the biggest pedophile cult in the world. Hope that helps!
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ravenkinnie · 2 days ago
Damian, 5’5: mother the matter of my height is a grave injustice
Talia, 5’8: nonsense. you are the perfect size for forehead kisses
damian: mother how will anyone take me seriously
talia: your father is 6'2 do you take him seriously
damian: you make a good point
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dsmpdaily · a day ago
Tommy deserves to have all the cow pokemon qs his friends! And cow-ish pokemon.
Like Milktank, bouffalant, tauros, camerupt- so many pokemon to pet, so little hands-
*tommy has a crisis* only two hands to pet,,,
Tumblr media
he does deserve it! pictured are some fellows from tubbos ranch he goes to visit :)
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rencephala · 2 days ago
have you ever considered little woof woof dirk (dogboy). Just thought its an interesting concept
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anon i think youre onto something
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