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the precure series looks very cute its on my very long list of anime to watch

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BROOOOOO TASTEEEEE 😌😌 that song is just so mwah chefs kisses 😙👌 I love it so much and how it fits so well with everyone singing it

Fr jisung deserved more lines this album and so did winwin. Sm stays doing them dirty 😔

Omg yes I feel the same about from home. The fact that they sing in their mother tongue makes it extra emotional and sad🥺

👀 Gimme 👉 that 🤪 gimme 🥵 that 💦 nectar 🍯

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Thank you! I’m glad to be able to talk to y’all again!

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mhm okay tell that to george, who is completely comfortable with being shipped and sexualised, and wilbur, who is fine with being shipped with anyone but dream and jschlatt 🥰👍 every content creator has their own boundries and i will restrain myself according to those boundries, but what im doingg doesnt cross any of them.

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I’m not sure if your tomorrow is my tomorrow or my today because you know how confusing time zones can be but me too😌✨✨foxtsumu owns my whole heart I love him I hope y’all will love him too😌✨

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omg, I saw your comment and just want you to know that I aboslutely adore that you’ve enjoyed my story (and the craziness that is the oppy au tag) and your comment has literally made my entire week. I’ll definitely reach out if I’m struggling with research, most of which just staring at pictures of Mars and sighing happily bc it’s so beautiful. 

A little rover to follow her around would be perfect for 13 when she needs to be a bit more stealthy than oppy would allow her. I think the Fam would warm to Sojourner faster, firstly,  because they don’t have to drag it across the surface of mars, and secondly, because they can all easily move it around. 

I just want to thank you again for your comment, it was wonderful to recieve and I’m happy you found enjoyment in it :)

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That show felt like a fever dream they threw together last minute

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Yes, I do. In fact…one of the traumatic memories I got back was of their deaths. B-but thanks for reminding me! Asshole.

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Hahaha, it has been a full week, which, is a lot compared to last time when I was updating a few pages! ^^

Happy you enjoyed this recent page, they are being cute X3

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One of Poppy’s concept designs, all though questionable, is black, and thats the closest race coding she got. “White savior” like what??? And its COOPER, a FUNK TROLL, an actual BLACK CODED CHARACTER, that saves the day. Poppy simply helped.

So yea maybe stop yappin ur mouth if u dont even know what ur talking about

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Thank you sooo much! And yes I 100% am doing my part 😌

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