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moon-kitsune · 2 days ago
*the brother's talking about recent crimes in the devildom*
Asmo: 'Person of interest' is almost too flattering.
Asmo: Like, if the police were to pound on my door and go, 'A man has been murdered in your building and you are a person of interest,' I'd be like, 'Moi? Oh, do go on.'
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obeythedemons · 2 days ago
do you have any headcanons for what the bros would do for MC's birthday?
Obey Me! Masterlist
The man will let his pride slip
He'll be open and honest with MC about his feelings for them
How being around them makes him happy, that he's happy that they were born into this world, that the thought of them not being around anymore making him sad
He'll make sure this is done in private and books a private room at the Ristorante Six
It'll just be the two of them until he allows his brothers to join around dessert time
Sleepover with MC the night before so he can be the first to wish them a happy birthday
Falls asleep before midnight because he got himself too excited, exhausted himself, and promptly blacked out
Wakes up around noon to see MC looking down at him while eating lunch
He'll scramble to sit up and yell happy birthday
Asks if he was the first
He wasn't, definitely wasn't
Wants to make sure MC is the happiest they've ever been
Will splurge and buy MC a lot of nice things
Becomes so invested in helping to plan MC's birthday party he forgets his favorite comic goes on sale with a new edition
Will let MC hug him - just this once
Might even work up the courage and hug MC himself
Let's MC watch any anime they want or read any manga they want or play any video game they want - since it's their birthday, they can do all three
Buys MC a lot of merch for their favorite anime or video game
If there's not a lot of merch, like Obey Me, he'll make stuff for them instead
Really wants to spend the whole day with just MC, but realizes that's probably not possible
Gets MC a limited edition copy of their favorite book
Inside the front cover, Satan writes a very personal letter to them
The letter will contain a sappy poem he wrote that expresses he found he's become of MC
The letter will also go into detail about how important they are to him and how he's very happy to spend their birthday with them
He makes sure things run smoothly with the birthday festivities - stoping Beel from eating all of the food, keeping everything on schedule, making reservations at those places that are almost always booked up
He wants this birthday to be memorable for MC
Sneaks into MC's room at exactly midnight
Steps over Mammon's body to make sure he doesn't wake up
Holds MC hand and gently wakes them up if they're asleep
Will hold a finger to his lips if MC is awake and sits next to them
Wishes them a happy birthday quietly and gives them a hug or kiss on the cheek if MC's comfortable with it
Will say that he always thought that he would love himself the most, above all others
But that he then met MC and that has changed
He's glad he gets to celebrate the birthday of the one that he loves more than even himself
Gifts MC new clothes, accessories, makeup, perfumes/colognes, but only things he knows MC will like
Tries to surprise MC with his gift by leaving it outside their door wrapped up
It's food - it's very obviously him
Gets excited if MC says that they had no idea it was him - even if MC's lying
Gives MC the warmest hug he could possibly give
He'll tell MC how thankful he is that MC has come into his life, how they helped to fix his family, how they treated him with kindness
He'll tell MC that he'll always love them for that and that he's so happy that they're there with him right now
Joins the sleepover at some point in the night, but crashes next to MC without really saying anything
Will wake up in the morning to MC starting to wake up
He'll keep himself awake until he realizes MC is fully awake and wishes them a happy birthday
Falls back asleep immediately after
Will wake back up shortly after Mammon and actually gets up for the day
Takes MC stargazing when they're free - it's Devildom - could be in the middle of the day
Tells them stories about the stars, but somewhere along the way his stories about the stars will turn into stories about different times he's spent with MC and how he's so happy that they've given him a chance and how he'll always love them
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hey-its-spades · a day ago
Mephistopheles:* holds up mic to asmo*" Asmodeus ,do you have any advice for people who are having their first time?"
Asmo:"Honey...oh..babe leave him it ain't worth it"
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mammons-best-boi · 2 days ago
All I can think of for Asmo is going out to the spa and getting a massage and your back cracking
It felt good so you relaxed and drooped.
You didn't realize that everyone was freaking out until
"What was that?!" Asmo exclaims jolting up, tense and shocked
The masseuse was having a full on freakout crying that they didn't mean to do it
Confused, you just lay there trying to figure out what happened
Asmo notices that you haven't reacted and practically teleports over to you.
Hesitant to touch, his hands hover over the back of your head and your back. "(Y/n)..." He whispers, voice tight.
He screams when you lift yourself up and look at him.
He learned that day that it's normal for humans to crack
Forgives you quickly because it wasn't your fault
You two were in the library, studying for a quiz when you stretched and your back cracked.
He is absolutely blindsided by the sound that came from your back
Immediately up and making sure that you're okay.
He makes you get up and walk around to prove to him that you're not paralyzed.
Let's be honest, he probably read something about someone who broke their back and couldn't walk again.
He's a worrywart when it comes to you!
(turns out, I can't write Satan that well. Oope)
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Do y'all have things you've read from fanfics that you've just accepted as canon now?
Like, now, in my head, if your MC and Mammon were really close/almost together, then (kind of spoilers if you haven't read lesson 14 or 15 or whatever it was) before your MC goes with Barbs to go back in time, Mammon'll give them one of his rings, saying that they gotta come back now to return it.
Anyone else have things like that?
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letsnot77 · 2 days ago
Do I want the asmo that listens to lizzo and doja cat, or do I want the asmo that listens to beach bunny and mxmtoon, maybe the asmo that listens to Madonna because he misses her, maybe even a bit of the asmo that slow dances to hey lover by Wabie, a PINCH of the asmo that listens to Queen because Freddie Mercury was lowkey his icon for a sec?????
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kika-ila · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I didn’t expect for this mobile game to be so cute! 
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lvlcurrent · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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hhhany82 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy birthday snek boi!!
I drew over the VA's pic bc theyre all precious 💕
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pon-ee · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
In the words of Miura Ayme: Look at Asmo’s thighs!
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more-like-notome · 2 months ago
Perhaps the Little Ds wearing accessories that belong to their Brother counterparts?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TWO little guys
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shrublike · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
somewhat of a continuation of my last post~
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hey-its-spades · 3 months ago
Satan ,jokingly: "Oh great and powerful mc, Tell us your secrets"
Mc: *eating a sandwich * "I saved a picture of that time when I made asmo laugh so hard milk came out his nose."
Asmo: *RECORD SCRATCH* " you what-"
Belphie: " oh shit-"
Mc:* takes another bite* "And one where mammon threw a spider on him and he freaked out"
Mammon:" oh yeah I remember that"
Lucifer:" oh yes,that was a fiasco "
Asmo:* concerned * " mc ,darling,sweetie, Delete those -"
Mc:* leaning away from the avatar of lust for strictly safety reasons *"I also have many of him mid-fall which are just great."
Asmo: * getting up from the table* "mc,I swear to diavolo DELETE THOSE NOW"
Lucifer:" EXCUSE ME-"
Mc:* SHRIEK-LAUGHING whilst running circles around Lucifer* " OH FUK-"
Asmo:* demon screeching *
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 4 months ago
Asmo: calm down Mc! go find your happy place!
Mc: *storms out of the room*
Mc: *forces himself into Lucifer’s arms*
Lucifer: you okay?
Mc, grumbling: no.. Asmo told me to find my happy place.
Lucifer: so you came to me?
Mc: …
Lucifer: you’re so fucking cute.
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boxbusiness · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I didn’t realize it was friday~
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imalivebarelystriving · 13 days ago
How the younger brothers would react to you running to them and giving them a tackle hug
I.. did not expect anyone to see that, much less like it, so uh, here's the younger brother version. enjoy.
Look, the only way to catch him off guard is either when he's reading something interesting or playing with a cat
Do not recommend running up to him when he's playing with a cat though
If you scare the cat away he's gonna be angry at you for roughly an hour or two
So when he's walking around while reading, either to the kitchen to get a snack or to go do whatever he does, that's when you strike
I feel like Satan's reflexes are pretty quick, so he'd probably catch you... if he wasn't reading
He had about 0.5 seconds to figure out what to do when you came sprinting down the hallway at him.
So what did he do?
Threw his book and caught you of course!
Rip book, you will be remembered
He's going to be upset about his fallen book, of course.
Just give him some affection and eventually, he'll get over it.
"Agh- MC? What... What did you just do?" "It's called a tackle hug, Satan." "Yes I'm aware of that, why did you do that? You made me throw my book to catch you." "... Sorry?" "You're going to pay for that."
You fool
You absolute swine
You think he didn't already try a tackle hug on you before?
Asmo adores every and any affection you give him
The only way you could upset him with a tackle hug was if you were running at him while he was painting his nails or using a hair straightener/curler (I DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THOSE TWO)
But in any other case, go ahead, run at him with a goofy grin on your face and watch as he opens his arms with the same smile
A lot of people seem to think Asmo is frail and fragile
The dude's a demon
He could probably take quite a bit of weight
So he definitely catches you
And then showers you with all his attention, romantically or platonically
He probably just ends up carrying you to his room
"Oh~ MC! How nice of you to return the favour! By the way, I got this new bath bomb, and it's supposed to make your skin turn as smooth as silk, would you like to try it out with me?"
The dude's like what, 6'8-7'0???
The point is
He's tall
He's really tall
If you can jump into his arms, i applaud you.
cries in 5'3
Beel plays Fangol, which I'm gonna assume is like rugby (or football, depending on which part of the world you're at)
So he definitely has fast reflexes
I think the main problem is looking for a good time to run at him
Since usually he's eating
So a good time to strike is when he's heading to the kitchen to get a snack
Run as fast as you can
He'll catch you
Try and jump too so he can hug you properly and you won't face-plant into his chest
He's going to be happy, of course
It's his favourite human giving him a hug
Why wouldn't he be happy?
But of course he's going to be a little confused
If you wanted to hug him, you could've just walked up to him instead of running full speed into him
"MC? Why were you running? If you wanted a hug, you could've just said so. Though, I like this type of hug too."
He's sleeping most of the time
I mean he's the literal manifestation of Sloth
Of course he's gonna be asleep
Unless he's forced to do something
Even so, he's going to be sitting or lying down
So there's not many opportunities to strike
I think the best time to do it is if he's walking somewhere, like to his room, or your room or to the library to ideate with Satan so that they can think of pranks to pull on Lucifer
Belphie probably has fast reflexes
But he's also really lazy
So he's gonna let you run into him
And both of you are going to collapse onto the floor
He's going to blame you, of course
Technically it's your fault that both of you are lying on the floor
He might just stay down there and sleep
And make sure you don't escape
It is your fault, afterall.
"Oof. MC, why did you just run into me? Nevermind, I'm staying here now. What, where do you think you're going? You made us both fall on the floor, now you suffer the consequences."
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