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linadoondraws 5 months ago
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Father and Son 馃挋
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linadoonofficial 6 months ago
Jelly and Asparagus Jr as Christine and Erik for the fan art thing please? (If you want to?)
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Angel of Music~
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jellicle-cats-opera-phantoms 3 months ago
Asparagus Jr., after Jellylorum leaves: Looks like I'm the only one in charge of you brats for this afternoon.
George, Cheryl, Tumblebrutus, Pouncival, Carbucketty, Etcetera: ...
Asparagus Jr.: So yeah. Typical rules: Don't break anything because then I'll get in trouble with your mom.
Everyone: ...
Asparagus Jr.: Ok then. I'm going to go make some snacks. Don't kill each other in the meantime.
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thevanillaninja 6 months ago
Question 1: Who Is Your Favourite Jellicle Cat?
You can have more than one favourite. It can be a cat from a different production. OR! It can be a cat but you like a certain VERSION of them from a certain production.
Your options are:聽
Admeuts Alonzo Asparagus Jr. Bill Bailey Bombalurina Bustopher Jones Carbucketty Cassandra Coricopat Demeter Electra Etcetera Exotica George Gilbert Griddlebone Grizabella Growltiger Grumbuskin Gus Hysperia Jellylorum Jemima Jennyanydots Macavity Mistoffelees Mungojerrie Munkustrap Murad Noilly Prat Old Deuteronomy Olivia Plato Pouncival Quaxo Rum Tum Tugger Rumpleteazer Rumpus Cat Siamese Sillabub Skimbleshanks Tantomile Tumblebrutus Victor Victoria
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1-800-crystalball 6 months ago
Asparagus Jr: Look! Skimble, Jenny! Jelly and I are wearing the same jumper! It鈥檚 a sign!
Jenny: Darling-
Skimble: Look, Casanova, for the fiftieth time, we are IN UNIFORM
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At 7:17pm, (woo-woo), with the signal overdue, and the tumblr mutuals all frantic to a man - that鈥檚 when it would appear:
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 Attitude Friday.
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tigirl-and-co a month ago
nobody asked but Asparagus Jr. likes duckies and has a small collection of rubber duckies + one plush a kitten got him.
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bag-of-broadway-snacks a year ago
Incorrect Cats
Gus: ENJOY YOURSELF NOW JR! SURE, QUEENS ARE GREAT NOW WHEN YOU鈥橰E CUDDLING IN THE JUNKYARD! BUT THEY ONLY GET BIGGER AND BITCHIER!聽 Asparagus Jr.: *Eyes Jellylorum* You鈥檙e not gonna get bitcher are you? Jellylorum:....
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noriseyebrow 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
But how would you address a cat?
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uppastthejelliclemoon a month ago
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asparagus jr. really giving off "don't talk to me or my son ever again" vibes while tumble is fully just head empty no thoughts
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mspaintjellicles 5 months ago
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linadoonofficial 7 months ago
Now I鈥檓 just imagining drunk Asparagus looking like he鈥檚 gonna murder someone, while Jelly鈥檚 next to him, clinging to his arm and laughing her head off-
I love it-
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Basically this meme!! XDD
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jellicle-cats-opera-phantoms 4 months ago
Pouncival: *doing something stupid and dangerous*
Asparagus Jr: Oh dear, look at this idiot. Where are his parents?
Asparagus Jr:
Asparagus Jr: Wait, I'm the parent!!
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thevanillaninja 6 months ago
Cats The Musical Headcanon:
This headcanon is mostly about Alonzo but it does include some of the other Jellicles.
Alonzo is the son of Bustopher Jones' sister, along with Mistoffelees, Victoria, Coricopat and Tantomile. Making Bustopher Jones their uncle. Alonzo, Mistoffelees and Victoria share the same dad. Coricopat and Tantomile share the same dad. They have different dads but the same mother. Alonzo, Coricopat and Tantomile were born in the same litter. When their mother died, Mistoffelees and Victoria were adopted by different owners, and Coricopat and Tantomile were adopted by a witch. Alonzo was the only one that wasn't adopted by a human, therefore making him an alley cat. Bustopher Jones refuses to see him as family due to him being a scrappy alley cat. Bustopher Jones also doesn't see Coriopat and Tantomile as family due to their owner being a witch and them being cats with powers that could be used for evil. He sees them both as devil cats. However, he sees Mistoffelees and Victoria as his niece and nephew due to them being adopted into wealthy families. He also sees Mistoffelees' magic as "harmless fun". Alonzo and Victoria are the only two out of all their siblings that do not have magical powers.
Alonzo was then found by Asparagus Jr. and Jellylorum when he was either a kitten or a teen. They adopted him, however Alonzo wanted to remain an alley cat, due to him being used to it and seeing the streets as his home.
Asparagus Jr. and Jellylorum also adopted Plato and George. Etcetera, Pouncival and Tumblebrutus are their biological kids.
Bombalurina and Demeter are like Alonzo's sisters. Cassandra is his mate. Macavity was like his brother before he turned evil and was kicked out of the tribe. Munkustrap and Tugger are like his brothers. Old Deuteronomy is like his uncle. Skimbleshanks and Jennyanydots are like his uncle and aunt.
This is my headcanon and obviously other people can have different opinions. Let me know what you think, I find it interesting to read other peoples鈥 headcanons.
(Plus I have no friends to talk to about Cats the Musical cause no one I know likes it).
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1-800-crystalball 5 months ago
Idk I just really like Jelly and Asparagus Jr. They chill and I have so many hcs for them which don鈥檛 really make sense but oh well. Like how he鈥檚 best friends with Tugger and he鈥檚 got trauma and she鈥檚 got a crippled left leg and trauma
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A Break of Routine
Had a random bout of inspiration, so now you get a little Bustopher fic. I tried to write everyone as in character (and British) as possible, but I鈥檓 not so sure if I succeded. Well. I hope you enjoy and all my love to all who read/like/reblog! 鈾
Tumblr media
Leaving an empty plate and the backdoor of Blimp鈥檚 behind, Bustopher Jones already knew that this particular Saturday wasn鈥檛 going to continue on in its tidy fashion as it normally would.
He usually didn鈥檛 allow a break from his routine, but his whiskers spread out and his ears twitched with the uncanny kind of knowledge that came from instincts that it was necessary just this one time. And really, Bustopher was nothing if a creature of habit, but a little excitement now and then suited him just fine. It was good to stay on one鈥檚 toes and always keep one eye open for new opportunities, after all.
No sooner had he turned the corner on his way to The Glutton that the cause of his foreboding feeling presented itself.
A kitten was cowering beneath a postbox, trembling and sniffling miserably. Bustopher stooped down a little to see if he鈥檇 recognize the fur pattern, resulting in the poor thing squealing in fear and leaping into the gutter with a small splash.
Worried that the kitten would run into the street and get hit by a car or some youngster on a tricycle, Bustopher waddled to the edge of the pavement and sat down on his haunches, trying to look as unthreatening as possible (which was easy and hard at the same time 鈥 he had just too much girth to not look like a towering giant, but when he sat down he looked like someone had put a pair of pointy ears and a tail onto a very fluffy football). Now that he was leaning closer to the kitten, he thought to make out black and pale orange fur, striped hind legs, two black paws on the left side and two white paws on the right. He had to squint a little to detect said white, since it had rained the night before and the gutter was still not much more than a glorified muddy puddle.
鈥淒o come out of the puddle, will you?鈥 Bustopher suggested. As soon as he had spoken the first word, he saw recognition sparking in the kitten鈥檚 eyes. Splendid. There went one problem, now if only he would recognize her face鈥 darn his severe short-sightedness.
With a few wet shlorps the kitten climbed back onto the pavement, tail hanging limp and tiny body still shivering like a leaf. To Bustopher鈥檚 surprise, she did not need him to prompt her into saying anything. 鈥淕ood evening, Mr. Bustopher Jones,鈥 she said, ducking her head shyly and pressing her cheek to her right shoulder. The composed greeting was ruined by the way her lower lip protruded and her breath hitched at every other inhale.
鈥淕ood evening,鈥 Bustopher answered. 鈥淚 believe we have met before鈥?鈥 It was a stab in the dark, but to his immense relief the kitten nodded.
鈥淲ould you be so kind to tell me your name again? I come around a lot, I meet a lot of cats everyday, you know. It is a lot to remember.鈥
The kitten rubbed her nose on her shoulder. 鈥淓lectra,鈥 she murmured.
鈥淓lectra? What a fine name that is.鈥
That seemed to please her; her tail wrapped around her paws instead of hanging limply over the edge of the pavement. 鈥淭hank you,鈥 she said shyly, staring at his spats.
鈥淣ow,鈥 Bustopher began carefully, 鈥渉ow did it come to be that you are here all on your own? Did you lose your way?鈥
With that, her brave composure fell away and Electra burst into tears.
鈥淚 didn- didn鈥檛 mean to! I just wanted to smell the flowers and Pounci pushed me and I fell off the coun- counter and the stupid big human took a broom and scared him and Plato away and- and-鈥
The rest of her words trailed of into a wail, and Bustopher didn鈥檛 quite know what to do to calm her, so he opened his arms. Little Electra surged into his embrace. 鈥淭here, there,鈥 Bustopher said and patted her head, a little clueless about how to comfort her. He sighed internally as she dripped mud onto his beautiful white spats, but holding her an arm鈥檚 length away wouldn鈥檛 help matters right now.
After patting her head for a few minutes, the poor little thing began to purr in an attempt to self-soothe, and Bustopher could have slapped himself for not coming up with that sooner. He joined in and gave his best. His body had enough mass that the resonation of his purr shook the kitten as if she was hugging a spinning washing machine. (To the untrained human ear, his purr sounded not unlike an opera tenor humming to himself, while the kitten鈥檚 purr seemed to imitate the chirp of a cricket.)
鈥淚鈥檓 better now,鈥 Electra hiccuped after a while, trying to wipe at her eyes and nose with little muddy paws. Bustopher hastily groomed her face before she could smear more dirt into her fur, making her duck her head once more, her high-pitched purr starting up again. 聽
鈥淰ery well,鈥 Bustopher said, surveying his work and patting her head one last time. 鈥淚 assume I am to escort you back home?鈥
鈥淥h, I can find my way back鈥 somehow.鈥
Bustopher shook his head firmly. 鈥淭hat won鈥檛 do. I will accompany you, and I won鈥檛 hear anything else about it.鈥
Electra didn鈥檛 seem to be very opposed to that. She smiled, trilled and rubbed her newly cleaned face on his leg, creating a new stripe of half-dried mud on both his shiny black fur and on the side of her face. Bustopher sighed.
Tumblr media
鈥淒o you eat all day?鈥
They had made their way past St. James鈥檚 Square, stopping here and there to be hand-fed and petted by immaculately dressed humans who cooed over Bustopher鈥檚 new companion. One, who was a waiter at Fox鈥檚, even called the chef from the nearest phone box to tell him that 鈥渢heir鈥 cat was a father now. Bustopher liked the chef very much, he always knew just how much pepper to put into the stew, so he left the waiter鈥檚 misconception uncommented.
鈥淚ndeed,鈥 Bustopher answered Electra with a healthy amount of pride in his voice, giving her a boost to jump up onto a low wall. 鈥淚 have put a lot of thought into where I go next so the humans don鈥檛 notice me going to rivalling clubs on the regular. I am certain that they would be very scandalized indeed if they knew,鈥 he explained smugly.
Electra looked very impressed. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 almost as clever as Mister Mistoffelees!鈥 she exclaimed.
Bustopher pricked up his ears. 鈥淥h?鈥
鈥淵eah, remember when he- oh, you weren鈥檛 there for that.鈥 Electra bounced a little in excitement. 鈥淗e- he conjured up Old Deuteronomy, because he was gone, you see, and then he was underneath the red sheet!鈥
鈥淗e was gone鈥?鈥
鈥淵es, because of Macavity,鈥 Electra continued cheerfully, and Bustopher stumbled and almost rolled off the wall.
When Macavity鈥檚 name been screamed out shortly after Bustopher鈥檚 song at the latest Jellicle Ball, Bustopher had made himself sparse as quickly as possible. He liked to think that he didn鈥檛 want to burden the tribe with him being quite useless at fighting other than sitting on his opponents, but the truth was that he was a little chicken-hearted when it came to Macavity and similar riff-raff, even if it pained him to admit it.
鈥淢acavity took Old Deuteronomy?鈥 Poor old lad. That couldn鈥檛 have done his old joints any good.
鈥淵es, but then Tugger sang Mister Mistoffelees鈥 song and Mister Mistoffelees brought him back. It was really easy, he said.鈥 Electra鈥檚 lower lip protruded in thought. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 easy. Cleaning the den is really hard, and at least I can see where I put my toys so I can take them back where they belong.鈥
Bustopher nodded and hummed, even though he was thoroughly confused. Mistoffelees? The very same Mistoffelees? Well, now that he thought about it, Munkustrap had said something about Mistoffelees moving objects without touching them and a trace of glitter following him when he was particularly excited. Maybe he should have listened more closely. Deep, warm pride rose in Bustopher鈥檚 chest when Electra prattled on about how magical and mystical his tricks and how funny his pranks were, ranging from colouring the Rum Tum Tugger鈥檚 mane bright green to making poor Alonzo float at every third step.
鈥淲ell, I will have to give him my congratulations when I meet him,鈥 Bustopher said, tail lifted high with pride.
There was something that Electra wanted to say, as her squirming and shy glances suggested. Bustopher鈥檚 whiskers twitched with amusement.
鈥淥ut with it. Never hold back from asking something. You never know who else you might do a favour.鈥
Electra ducked her head shyly and rubbed her cheek on his hind leg; it seemed to be a habit to reassure herself in that way.
鈥淲hy do you always leave so early? You never stay to dance, or for the Jellicle Choice. Don鈥檛 you miss it?鈥 There was genuine concern in her voice, bless her little heart.
Bustopher took a moment to think. Well, why indeed? Perhaps he wasn鈥檛 strong enough to see all of them dancing so gaily, so free of worries and sorrows, with the certain knowledge that it would be the very last dance for one of them.
Maybe the unruly little row of toms that lined up to be inspected by him and the giggly heap of queens was enough for him to do a headcount, determine who was new and who wasn鈥檛 there anymore, then fool around a little with Jennyanydots and Skimbleshanks and leave until the next year, always the small fear lingering in his mind that there would be a new cat in the trio to sing his song next time, to replace the one that had left them for the Heaviside Layer.
Perhaps it was out of convenience. One couldn鈥檛 arrive in time for the last shift at the Tomb (and what a fitting name that was) if one was occupied with the Ball until the early morning hours. Perhaps it was because 鈥 how had that American cat from The Drones Club put it again 鈥 he was a bit of a 鈥渃ement mixer鈥.
He had more than enough reasons to not stay very long, in all honesty.
But as he looked down through his monocle at tiny Electra who glanced up at him through her lashes, ears flattened to her scull with uncertainty, he suddenly didn鈥檛 deem them very meaningful anymore.
鈥淧erhaps I shall stay longer next year,鈥 Bustopher said finally, and Electra gave a tiny trill, ears perking up.
鈥淢istoffelees will be so happy. And Jenny, too! And Munkustrap- have you listened to one of his stories before? He鈥檚 great at story telling, he鈥檚 our Storyteller after all鈥︹
The latest story was told to him in immaculate details by the very enthusiastic kitten at his side, and Bustopher couldn鈥檛 help but regret that he hadn鈥檛 seen The Awe-full Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles in person. It certainly sounded grandiose, and since Munkustrap had directed it, it must have been very orderly indeed, brimming with finesse and technique.
The long walk through London felt like it took them mere minutes, but time flies when a good story is told, and Electra thought the Rumpus Cat to be such a good story that she had to tell it three or four times. Bustopher didn鈥檛 mind, if the kitten was occupied he didn鈥檛 have to think of ways to entertain her or soothe her worries, and that suited him just fine. (It was a very entertaining story, as well. Munkustrap had outdone himself.)
Tumblr media
No sooner had they reached the outskirts of the junkyard when a frazzled tom shot over the fence like a ginger bullet and hurried over to them, fur bristled with worry.
鈥淓lectra!鈥 he called, his warm Scottish brogue tingling pleasantly in Bustopher鈥檚 ears. 鈥淲here in the Everlasting Cat鈥檚 name have you been? We鈥檝e been so worried! Oh, good evening, Bustopher.鈥
Bustopher chuckled and patted the offered forepaws. He did like Skimbleshanks very much. A little too serious sometimes, but he was so delightfully fussy.
Attracted by the noise, a second tom turned around the corner, and this one鈥檚 fussiness was second to none. 鈥淓lectra, thank Heaviside!鈥 Asparagus Junior fretted, pulled her out of Skimble鈥檚 grasp and began to hectically groom the mud out of her kitten-soft coat.
鈥淪he got lost,鈥 Bustopher explained, very amused at how windswept the two worry-warts looked.
鈥淰ery kind of you to bring her home,鈥 Skimbleshanks sighed, relief rolling off him in waves, bristling fur finally flattening. He lifted a paw to scratch his chest, apparently forgetting that he was still wearing his trademark vest, and his claws got stuck. If cats could have blushed in embarrassment, Skimble would have done so as he tried to free his claws from the cotton wool as discreetly as possible.
鈥淥h, it was no issue at all,鈥 Bustopher said lightly, mercifully looking away from Skimble鈥檚 fight with his vest and observing Asparagus, who had thoroughly checked Electra over and was now purring and grooming her ears, with her head rubbing up under his chin, eyes blissfully closed, finally completely at ease.
鈥淧ouncival has been crying and making a fuss all evening, we better get you to Jenny鈥檚 den,鈥 Asparagus told Electra after he had vigorously washed her behind her ears, Electra鈥檚 lip protruding again as she lifted a tiny paw to bat at Skimble鈥檚 twitching tail.
鈥淎lright. Thank you, Mr. Bustopher Jones!鈥 she said, giving a little curtsy and scampering away, pressing against Asparagus鈥 side. What a well-behaved little thing she was, Bustopher thought.
Skimbleshanks seemed to know what he was thinking and snorted. 鈥淥h, don鈥檛 be fooled by her. She鈥檚 a dear, certainly, but she ramps it up for strangers all the more.鈥
聽 For some reason, the word 鈥榮tranger鈥 struck him deeply.
To hell with it. What kind of Jellicle cat was he if his own tribe members only saw him as a stranger?
聽 鈥淲hen will we be seeing you again?鈥 Skimbleshanks asked kindly, obviously expecting him to leave for one of his clubs now that the cargo had been delivered.
鈥淥h, you know, I just might stay a while,鈥 Bustopher answered, and as he said it, the uncanny kind of knowledge that came from instincts told him that it was the right decision to make.
Skimbleshanks blinked, and then he blinked again. 鈥淧ardon me?鈥
鈥淲hy yes, you old dandy. I have been told that the most delightful stories are being told on the daily around these parts, and how could I possibly miss them? You know I鈥檇 kill for a good story.鈥
The gentle smile on Skimbleshanks鈥 face made him think of younger, easier days. 鈥淚 do know that. How wonderful! Mistoffelees will surely jump for joy. You just have to see what he pulled out of the hat the other day.鈥
鈥淚 am intrigued.鈥 Bustopher gave Skimble a playful little shove, making the ginger tomcat laugh. 鈥淚 cannot believe that you all survived so long without me bringing trustworthy advise on how to muck around with the humans. One would think the entire tribe is eating wind pudding!鈥
鈥淲e just might, Bustopher, we just might. Aren鈥檛 we lucky to have you?鈥
聽 Oh, and what a good decision this would turn out to be, Bustopher was certain of that.
Tumblr media
A little bit of vocabulary: a 鈥渃ement mixer鈥 is 1930鈥瞫 American slang and basically is a synonym for a bad dancer XD And 鈥渆ating wind pudding鈥 is 1930鈥瞫 London slang and means going without food! I just couldn鈥檛 help myself. Thank you for reading!
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totallyaccuratecats 3 months ago
Skimbleshanks: When we were younger, we tried to form a gang once.
Mistoffelees: How鈥檇 it go?
Asparagus Jr: It turned into a book club.
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ohmy-eye 6 months ago
Each of the kittens has a favorite adult. Who are they? (Bonus: why)
Electra - Bombalurina
Electra loves Bomba very much, and vice versa. When Demeter and Bombalurina brought her, Plato and Jemima to the junkyard she was afraid of everyone and everything. Although Jenny and Skimble took charge of raising the new kittens, Electra often snuck out of the 鈥楰itten Den鈥 to join Bomba and Demeter at theirs due to them being more familiar. Bombalurina became a sister/mother figure to Electra, and gave her a better sense of confidence. Although Electra is much less afraid of the other junkyard denizens she will still occasionally sleep in the other den with her 鈥楢untie Bomba鈥.
Etcetera - Gus
Although Gus resolutely affirms he has no favorite grandchild, it is very common for him to spend a large amount of company with Cettie when he鈥檚 not with Jellylorum. Ever since kittenhood Etcetera has followed after her grandfather with stars in her eyes and would pay rapt attention to his stories. Eventually Gus, while still somewhat aware of himself and not suffering from the affects of old age, taught Cettie all his tricks with acting, and encouraged her to visit his theatre whenever he was busy. Some time later after Gus鈥檚 death, with extensive study, Etcetera eventually took on the character Firefrorefiddle to honor his memory. She makes a very good fiend of the fell.
Jemima - Skimbleshanks
Every time Skimble comes back around to the junkyard, you can bet Jemima鈥檚 among the first to greet him. Skimble鈥檚 first priority of returning to the junkyard is to reunite with his son and daughters, and Jemima is always the most enthusiastic. When Jemima was first taken in by Skimbleshanks and Jenny, she was dazzled by Skimble鈥檚 train adventures(made even worse by Rumpleteazer鈥檚 enthusiastic embellishing of her father鈥檚 train duties), and Skimble was immediately smitten with the sweet kitten unburdened by life鈥檚 woes. When she becomes old enough, Jemima joins Skimble on the night train with a little waistcoat of her own.
Victoria - Munkustrap
Believe it or not, Vic loves Munk a lot(in a sisterly way). It isn鈥檛 obvious to most due to Victoria鈥檚 reserved manner, but when she isn鈥檛 around Misto, Plato, or the other kittens, Munk tends to be her go-to comfort person because of his unobtrusive and gentle nature. Although Munkustrap tends to have a father-like demeanor with all of the kittens, he definitely has some fondness for Vic and has become the 鈥榩rotective big brother鈥 type(with some help from Alonzo and Misto naturally). When Vic and Plato eventually spent more and more time together it made him very happy, both because his little sister was happy as well as his Protector in Training.
Plato - Demeter
Essentially his surrogate mama/aunt. He was old enough to recall most of what went on with Macavity鈥檚 tribe, and his bio mother was long gone at this point. Largely ignored and mistreated, Plato eventually found some semblance of kindness from Bombalurina and Demeter, and Demeter eventually took on the job of protecting Plato along with Macavity鈥檚 other kittens. They became thick as thieves after that, with Plato being the gentle giant with a very short but loving mama. When they dance at the ball, it鈥檚 sort of the equivalent of a mother-son dance at a wedding.
Tumblebrutus - Asparagus Jr
What can I say, he loves his old man. Ever since he was little, Tumble was under the impression Asparagus was the greatest cat ever made. He was smart, careful, kind and clever, and always played with Tumble whenever he asked. When Tumblebrutus got older and the rose tinted glasses on every child for their parents started to come off and he realized Asparagus was a cat just like him, his affection grew instead of waned. Although they differed in Tumblebrutus flipping and dancing instead of Asparagus鈥檚 preferred singing, Asparagus still loves his son and his hobbies very much, and still takes him on walks to find fish in the river.
Pouncival - Jennyanydots and Jellylorum
Okay I know it said ADULT and not ADULTS but honestly, Pouncival is such a mama鈥檚 boy for Jenny and Jelly equally. He was basically the epitome of the kid who would go 鈥淗ey ma, watch this!鈥 And do something rather stupid, so Jenny and Jelly had to start keeping a closer eye on him so he wouldn鈥檛 hurt himself. Naturally they are very fond of the kiddo, and he always puffs up his chest when Jellylorum tells him his new haircut makes him look so handsome or when Jennyanydots tells him his tap dancing is getting very good.
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noriseyebrow 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats
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uppastthejelliclemoon 3 months ago
Tumblebrutus: Teach me to fight!
Asparagus: You don't fight with these. *Makes fists* You fight with this. *Points to his head*
Munkustrap: Your son has been head butting the others.
Asparagus: *Nods sagely* Just as I taught him.
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