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Originally posted by anime4lifu

Run time: October 9, 2011 - April 15, 2012

Manga: Yes

Written by: MAL rewrite , Sakae Esuno (Story & Art)

Genre: Action, Mystery, Psychological, Shōnen, Supernatural, Thriller

Directed by: Naoto Hosoda

Studio: Asread

License(s): Madman Entertainment (AUS), Funimation (NA), Kazè UK (UK)


Ok! This is my second time watching through Mirai Nikki (OVA included) and BOY

First things first, I have a love hate relationship with this anime because of the major plot points.

I was also able to witness firsthand a first time watcher of Mirai nikki’s reactions, which I realized where the same reactions when I first finished this back in 2014. My friends utter hate for some of the worst characters, and his love for the better ones (aka EIGHTH, she’s the absolute CUTEST) and per his words “this super Mario sucks on ice”

Anyway, when I first started watching this, I absolutely loved it, and now my second time watching I realized I kinda hate it love it lol.

I would recommend this if you’re okay with MAJOR fan service cause they PUT A LOT IN, and if you’re okay with major amounts of blood and gore

But I did again enjoy watching it, so give it a watch :)


MALR: 7.73/ 10

PER: 7.5/10



OP 1: “Kuusou Mesorogiwi” by Yousei Teikoku

ED 1: “Blood Teller” by Faylan

OP 2: Dead END” by Faylan

ED 2: “Filament” Yousei Teikoku

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Think you'll post the design guides for Akise soon? :) Assuming you have them.

The pages I have access to so far contain very little of Akise, sadly :( Just one page with front-and-back reference for what he looks like without his jacket and tie. The reference guides for his default costume are among the missing pages in this copy.

For now, though, here’s that lone page:

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