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for lucas i think libra is his best sun match, and similarly to jaehyun i’d say leo is the runner up despite it being his sun’s sister sign bc his taurus moon implies a need for a certain romantic capacity which leo is adept at. gemini, aquarius, aries, and sagittarius are tied for third!

ideal placements for lucas’s future s/o in my opinion are

libra sun

capricorn moon

virgo mercury

sag venus

leo mars

and he’s rly attracted to air risings with fire risings taking second place so an air or fire rising would be good <3

as for hyuck, ofc gemini is a great match for sun but bc of his leo moon, i’d say leo and aqua are tied for best sun match too, with aries, libra, and sagittarius following. sag is tied with the others despite being gem’s sister sign bc his fire moon lessens the tensiojs he’d have with a sag sun!

ideal placement’s for hyuck’s future s/o in my opinion

just bc gem x gem can feel kind of lost w each other, i’m gonna say i think his best sun match would be leo or aqua!

aries moon

cancer for a leo sun, pisces for an aqua sun

libra venus

leo mars

air risings are ideal for him but fire risings are good too!!

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Friday, October 2, 2020

What would you all do if I told you that Fridays are going to suck for a while? Until December fricking 4? Well, they are. Given today’s Aries Moon, and the Sun inconjunct Uranus, this is not a day we’ll easily work well with others. We also have Venus entering picky, nagging Virgo - arrgh! We’re all so critical of each other, there’s real danger of pissing someone off. The more independently you can live life today, the more successful you’ll be. Eventually that Virgo Venus will bless us with some really sensible, helpful ideas - just not today, dammit.

What’s happening when:

  • Lunar Phase: Full Moon (illumine, culminate; pour everything you’ve got into it)
  • Moon/Aries
  • Vesta/Leo sesquare Chiron Rx/Aries, 12:03 am MDT
  • Venus/Leo opposite Ceres Rx/Aquarius, 2:53 am MDT
  • Sun/Libra inconjunct Uranus Rx/Taurus, 7:31 am MDT
  • Transiting Venus enters Virgo, 2:48 pm MDT
  • Juno/Scorpio sesquare Neptune Rx/Pisces, 10:08 pm MDT
  • Moon/Aries void of course, 11:47 pm MDT
  • Vesta/Leo inconjunct Pluto Rx/Capricorn, 1:48 am MDT (Saturday)

Looking ahead to Saturday: BE CAREFUL AGAIN

(Please note that MDT is six hours behind UT.)

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i personally feel like a fellow pisces is his best match in terms of sun, and i actually think virgo, despite being his sun’s sister sign is a good match, too, since he has both mutable sun and moon! runners up are cancer, scorpio, taurus, and capricorn <3

ideal placements for his future s/o in my opinion are

pisces sun

aquarius moon

aries mercury

leo venus

virgo mars


he’s likely most attracted to fire and water risings so any fire or water sign in rising is good :D

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Witchy book reviews


The signs by carolyne Faulkner

This book is good for the basics of astrology. If you are a beginner and want to understand your birth chart this book is for you. If you are more advanced I’d forget it. It has nice sections to write in and fill out a good understanding of your chart. Get to know yourself on a deeper level. But if you already understand your birth chart this book would be a waste of time. So beginners only.

10/10 recommend for beginners

Would not recommend to non beginners

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Aries: I know you ain’t used to a female Alpha.

Taurus: I feel like we’re forever, every time we get together.

Gemini: Baby, keep on dancing like you ain’t got a choice.

Cancer: Isn’t it funny how we laugh it off to hide our fear?

Leo: If you wanna believe that anything could stop me, don’t show up, don’t come out.

Virgo: It’s you in my reflection, I’m afraid of all the things it could do to me.

Libra: Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe.

Scorpio: Got the heat and the thrill, gives me more than any pill.

Sagittarius: Keep it going till we see the sunlight.

Capricorn: Had to love and lose a hundred million times.

Aquarius: If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy and I can take you for a ride.

Pisces: I know you’re dying trying to figure me out.

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When I first got into astrology I was shocked by how reliable Aquarius’ were in the comments of pretty much any astrology content. They always had comments about how the description didn’t fit them and at first I was willing to chalk it up to how weird they like to be perceived. As I got deeper into astrology though I realized that the reason that they can’t see what others can see about them is because they are such a society oriented sign. They prefer to define themself by ideas and resent being nailed down. It’s why it’s very common for Aquarius placements to not realize they have certain traits or not recognize themself when you try to tell them about themselves (which I don’t recommend in general if you want to have friends). It doesn’t help that they’re fixed and the least flexible of the air signs so they can be a little stubborn when receiving new information. It can also work the reverse way, because Aquarius placements do not identify a solid self within their perception of society and ideas, they can both hear people talk about them and not recognize it and sometimes talk about themselves to others without realizing.

Basically, if you’ve heard of the looking glass self, most other signs will look at society and try to imagine how they look to others but Aquarians often stop at just looking at society and they call that “self”. They think of themself not as one person but of many ideas which is part of why they get upset when people try to pin them down. While it’s true that they might not be able to see how they come across to others it’s not so important that they do! (Also this always depends not just on their other placements but on the particular Aquarius in question because we all have free will and our charts don’t dictate our lives they just give us the skeleton or the blueprint). 

In summary, everyone is here for a different purpose and Aquarians aren’t necessarily here to be able to comment “me!” under posts on astrology pages lol.

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Question for the witch side of tumblr:

Is it cool if a person takes the leftover gallon jug of water that their piercer made them mix with sea salt to make saline for their new piercings, and uses it to to make a shitload of moon water on Halloween? Asking for a friend

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Full Harvest Moon 🌕

Message for the Collective

This fiery aries moon is giving us all an opportunity to reset and restart. Do you see the girl in the Eight of Pentacles? She’s laser focused on what it is that she wants. Not only is she pursuing what she loves, but she is disciplined about it. If you’re anything like me routine is something which might not come naturally for you, but is desperately needed for you to feel healthy and happy.

The High Priestess is a bad bitch who knows exactly what’s going on. No one can pull the wool over this woman’s eyes. The High Priestess embodies our intuitive abilities and our connection to the spirit realm. How appropriate for this full moon night and this witchy time of year. Not only is this full moon going to help us get more organized, it’s also going to heighten our psychic abilities.

The Wheel of Fortune is all about cycles, and the full moon is an opportunity to end a cycle that isn’t serving us. This could be the start of an awakening when you begin to see the truth of a situation.

Happy October Everyone! 🎃

DM me to get your personalized reading today!! 🎃🎃

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Astrology Asks: OPEN

Hello! Since I’m done with tarot readings for now I’ll be opening Astrology Asks again.

When requesting please ask about one placement/aspect at a time.

E.g. Sun square Mars / Aries sun in 11th in separate asks!

Don’t send Aries sun in 11th square Mars

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astrology clients reacting to good news: oh. nice.
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AKA my notes on the Astrology Podcast’s October Forecast + a little extra
Dates are based off U.S. Mountain Time, so it may be a day earlier if you are in the Eastern Hemisphere

**Saturn has just gone direct in Capricorn, and has been making a Square to Retrograde Mars in Aries for a few days now** (They’re both domicile but Mars is debilitated by the Rx, while Saturn is picking up speed again and becoming stronger, so wherever these planets are traveling in your natal chart I’d expect Saturn to “win out” in this struggle)

October 1: Full Moon in Aries
Mars will also be making a Conjunction with the Moon, emphasizing whatever themes this retrograde has already been drudging up. I’m posting a little late (the Rx is hitting my 9th house of higher learning ok!) but expect some intensity in whichever house Aries rules for you. This is an emotionally volatile transit since it involves combustible Mars and our emotions the Moon, so take extra care of yourself right now.

October 2: Venus enters Virgo
She’s leaving a Trine with Mars and Mercury and will be going towards an opposition with Uranus later this month (around the 18th).

October 4: Pluto stations Direct in Capricorn
It’s still Conjunct Saturn and Jupiter, all of whom are Squaring Mars. The exact Mars-Pluto Square will occur around the 8th, but in general these four will all be kind of at odds. I’m going out on a limb and predict that this does not bode well for the coronavirus situation. It’ll be extra hard to keep our cool around viruses, society’s rules, structure, and desires for growth. Zoo-wee mama!

October 12: Jupiter Sextile Neptune
The podcast doesn’t have much to say about this either so I guess I’ll recommend caution around substances, and to be wary of philosophical leaders who may be trying to deceive others. (Wondering if something large will happen with a certain uhh conspiratorial podcast)

October 13: Mercury stations Retrograde in Scorpio, Opposing Uranus
This opposes Uranus, often called the “higher octave of Mercury,” so we can expect disruptions or disconnects in multiple levels of communication, though new angles can give you a breakthrough. The Rx means it’ll hit twice (on the 7th and on the 19th) so it can be overwhelming. Plans and communication in general will be disrupted, but Uranus may really surprise us with some out-of-the-box ideas. New truths may come to light, though with Mars activity it may be unpleasant. Both oppositions happen at 9 degrees of Scorpio/Taurus, so any placements there or in 9 deg of other fixed signs will be especially affected.

October 16: New Moon in Libra
The sun will Oppose Mars on the 13th, and then Square Pluto and Saturn, making it “besieged” between the two malefics around the same time it Opposes the Moon. Our general ego/consciousness is “between a rock and a hot place” (caught in the crossfire of stone cold Saturn and fiery Mars). Venus, who rules the Moon in Libra, is also Opposing Neptune, so may be extra confusion around our feelings and what’s real. A good time to study up on simulation theory and set intentions of protection, preservation, etc…

October 18: Venus in Virgo Trine Jupiter in Capricorn
A little bit of relief as our two benefics join together in a down-to earth friendship! The Uranus opposition may curb this a bit.

October 22: Sun enters Scorpio
Happy Scorpio season all! Get ready to get socially-distanced spooky!

October 25: Sun-Mercury Conjunction in Scorpio
Opposite Uranus in Taurus. Really lighting up those fixed signs.

October 27: Retrograde Mercury enters Libra, Venus enters Libra
The planets will activate Libra from opposite sides, further activating the activity in Aries and Capricorn. All of this cardinal energy will spur us towards creating new situations and ways of being. We’ll be seeing a lot of T-Squares with the only outlet in Cancer, so we may be emotional about it as well.

(This energy continues into November, and for those of us in the U.S., Mercury stations direct on elekshun day, with Moon entering Cancer to form a Grand Cross with Mars, Venus, and Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto, and opposing those formidable three over the following days. We’re all expecting a recount á la 2000, and I’m wondering if some kind of new precedents will be set as well. How long will this take? etc…)

October 31: Full Moon in Taurus (a rare Blue Moon, the 2nd full moon in one month, and even more special since it’s on Halloween! 👻)
This Moon is Conjunct Uranus in Taurus, Opposite that Sun in Scorpio, shining  a light on things in an unexpected way. We will see a lot of shaking up in the way we do things, but we may be better for it once the dust settles–catalyzed on this full moon. Where is 8 degrees Taurus in your natal chart?

Theme for the month: lots of surprises!

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I was a little freaked when Every. Single. Card. decided to pop out of this deck reversed, but I think this deck and I are going to have a really compelling and transformative relationship

I found this spread online, it’s not my own!

Card 1: Tell me about yourself, what is your most important characteristic?

Ace of Pentacles reversed: Whenever I do readings for myself or clients, my number one goal is to empower. Too many people view divination tools as a way to see a future that we have no control over, but in my opinion this is so far from the truth. Divination, and tarot in particular are meant to assist us in understanding ourselves and reaffirming what we know ourselves intuitively.

Card 2: What are your strengths?

Nine of Swords reversed: I think this deck’s strongest attribute is going to be its ability to show the bright side of even the most difficult of situations. I think this deck is an uplifting one which wants to empower us and help us learn.

Card 3: What are your limits?

Strength reversed

Once again I think this deck is telling me that it’s going to put so much power into the querent’s hands. The cards are a tool, but you are going to have to make your own choices and your own mistakes. The cards are just here to help confirm what we already know. Trust your intuition.

Card 4: What are you here to teach me?

Knight of Pentacles reversed

This deck is here to teach me about self-discipline, organization, and routine. Something which is DESPERATELY needed in my life.

Card 5: How can I best learn and collaborate with you?

Ace of Cups reversed

I can best collaborate with you by coming from a place of self-love and compassion.

Card 6:

The outcome of our relationship is going to be me gaining a deeper knowledge of my inner self and the patterns I am repeating in my life. I am going to learn how to release myself from these patterns and to forgive myself.

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Okay I just tried Electional astrology (it’s basically for your social medias and stuff) and my Ao3 is being roasted rn

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