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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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My light is gone and now my purpose is destroyed how can I recover with a broken glass shattered amongst the world?

Well hello dear bee although I cannot shine you may rest yourself and make yourself nice and comfy.

What is that? My light is shining once more? I thank you so much dear bee for enlightening my soul perhaps we can get second chances perhaps life is made of gold.

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The leaves melt from the trees

The leaves turn into a number of different varieties

How beautiful and how grand

To live in the world of beauty that lies within

I enjoy the atmosphere

I enjoy the breeze

The cute wind tickles my cheeks

How interesting a firey child in love with the cold

I guess that’s why they say opposites are in control

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Tuesday - October 20, 2020


During our divorce, and while trying to buy my first house, my ex-husband snarled at me one day, “what the hell do you know about owning a house?” That comment, and the diatribe that followed, put doubt in my head that lasted for years about my ability to be a responsible homeowner. And there were a few times I almost proved him right, but my grit and determination prevailed. Occasionally those old fears about being able to take care of myself and my possessions rear their ugly head, especially during Black Moon Lilith’s transit in Aries this year.

Today she is in her last day of 29° Aries, moving into Taurus early Tuesday morning for those in Europe and eastern US time zones. So any fears you have about basic survival will probably come up today. Fears about being able to provide the basics - food, shelter, clothing - may take one more shot at you. You’ve been tackling them during Black Lilith’s transit in Aries. But just like my brooding ex-husband she may take one more shot at you before you close that door for good.

The Sun is at 27° Libra, a Mars ruled step that indicates taking action from an “experienced” perspective. This may have you thinking twice about those decisions I spoke of in yesterday’s post, or ones you made anytime during Lilith’s transit in Aries. But this is also the time when your experience kicks in, and you realize you’re one tough cookie that will not be denied what is yours by Divine right. So be gone Black Lilith, and take those fears with you. I don’t need - nor want - them anymore!

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Natives with a fire or water Moon and lots of air in their chart/personal planets [Sun, Mercury, Ascendant esp] are the type to have overreactions or biased reactions but not realize them as such because the excessive air energy makes them instinctively try to rationalize/logically analyze whatever they come into contact with, including their own feelings.

As opposed to lunar air signs their feelings and reactions aren’t analytically driven, but the remaining air placements will take over once the native begins to assess their reaction. Because of this they usually come to the conclusion that their outburst/overreaction/bias is justified since they were able to find a rational explanation - even if it’s a bad or dogmatic one. For the most part this is something that can be worked on simply by being aware of the fact, though, as like everyone else these people aren’t typically actively malicious but literally just believe that their shaky rational justification holds up

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The first phases of development. This is where the development of the ego begins, where one begins to develop a relationship with their environment and establish the foundation for their spiritual development. Aries teaches being and acting, Taurus teaches indulgence of the senses, Gemini teaches the ability to think and implement rationality and Cancer teaches the ability to feel and connect to one’s emotions. If you have not mastered these elements of being then it is likely your spiritual development will be stunted in the future. Understanding how to manage one’s emotions and think with clarity under the sway of sentiment is crucial for those engaging in spiritual cultivation (Gemini x Cancer). Being able to act in the physical world whilst also having an appreciation for it is also key to navigating this life and enjoying the gifts it has to offer (Aries x Taurus). Being mindful of one’s actions whilst not suffering from analysis paralysis (Aries x Gemini) is another important aspect. Allowing the material pleasures in life to inspire you and using the earth and her resources to heal yourself and develop emotionally, physically and mentally is also very important (Taurus x Cancer/Aries/Gemini). These 4 modalities lay the foundation for all spiritual practice and mastery over them is essential to any further spiritual development. A similar relationship continues throughout the 12 modalities/signs but at a greater complexity. The fire signs all share the desire to utilise one’s will to act in and upon the world. The water signs all share the desire to explore the more mysterious realms of life whilst also maintaining their purity. The earth signs all share the desire to cultivate the earth and develop their material wealth. The air signs all enjoy intellectual pursuits and the dispelling of flawed dogma. It is just that the first four signs are baby forms of their corresponding elements, an idea I will likely try to elaborate on in the future.

  1. Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer
  2. Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio
  3. Sagittarius - Capricorn - Aquarius - Pisces
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My Sun and Moon


Sun in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius…

The Sun shows us our character, personal identity, and ego. It represents our will to live and our creative life force. while the Moon reveals our habits, reaction and instincts. It shows how we express and deal with our emotions..

Does anyone here feels more connected to their moon sign? Cause I do! most of the time.. 😅 I was really mind blown the first time I found out that we have more than one sign in our charts.. kaya pala I really don’t connect with my daily horoscope readings before lol though I don’t rely on astrology to guide me or whatever.. I think its just really interesting enough to be brush off as a fairy tale… idk maybe its the kid in me..

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