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So my problem is that I can TOTALLY picture the O.G. Animorphs in the role of the older generation of former Pro Heroes who are like “Yep, the whole ‘superhero’ gig is total bullshit and will probably kill you before long.”  But the question is, who would fulfill the role of Izuku and Katsuki and the rest of the younger generation?

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Hope so ; )


His top is shredded into a crop and his lean abdomen is painful to stare at directly in the blazing strobe lights. The shirt - if you could really call it that - is smeared with the colours of Penelope’s many lipstick shades, it compliments the heated flush that sits high on his cheeks, likely makeup but Derek has never been able to be sure.

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You know how Jin said “Yoongi goes to feed the fish” because he’s bad at fishing?

Now I’m just thinking about Yoongi going to feed the little fishies or going to the park to feed the squirrels and birds and being cute. Just imagine how cute he’d be, especially in the colder- Months when he’s all bundled up and warm and round

he’s just sit on the bench he trot throwing the feed on the ground with a gentle smile on his face.

Just Yoongi being a modern day Snow White, befriending little woodland creatures and being the cutest uwu

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So this is my mcyt au idea. So in this au each group is a kingdom. This is my first time making an au so please give me some feedback. (I will also in the future Make a post explaining each country in detail)

The Antarctic Empire

Type of government: kingdom

Leader: technoblade

Other important people:

-pillza: adviser

-willbur: ambassador/ secondary adviser

-Tommy: negotiater

Based off of Northern Europe

The Hermitcrantean empire

Type of government: democracy

Leader: Xisuma

Other important people:








(Sorry about not having positions for each hermit, I just started watching Hermitcraft this season and so I don’t really know what all of the do. But if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them)

Based off of China/japan

The Dream Empire

Type of government: monarchy

Leader: Dream

Other important people:

-gorge: adviser/ambassador

-sapnap: war commander

-drista: Royal princess/ head of campaign

-Eret: viscount

Based off of mid-evil Europe


Type of government: oligarchy




-Bad boy halo


Other important people:


Based off of Athens


Type of government: Democracy

Leader: Niki

Other important people:

-Fundy: Vice President

-Jack manifolds: Secretary of State

Based off of revolutionary America

West manburg

Type of government: dictatorship

Leader: jshlatt

Other important people:

Quackity: Vice President

Based off of Spain/ North Korea

if you have any suggestions please tell me

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Okay, I have an idea for a AU. It comes based on how, aside from the pretty factor, we never really get to see Junko use her Ultimate Gyaru Talent in her plans. I was inspired by hearing about the Amekaji or ‘American Casual’ subculture of Gyaru and thinking “hey, yknow who this style reminds me of? Kazuichi” A quick reference to some samples before I get into my idea:


(Please excuse the fact that I didn’t crop the screenshots)

Anyway- in this AU, I wanted to use how we all wanted Junko to manipulate the Remnants into following her and Kazuichi’s trust issues. Junko, finding his talent to be one of the most immediately useful of the class and him to be one of the most easily manipulated and emotion driven of the class, decides to become his best friend! It starts slow, her beginning to hang out with him after classes and eventually during lunch, constant compliments, telling him what he wants to hear, comforting him when he trusts her enough to open up about his issues with trust. Soon enough, she’s wormed her way into his circle, becoming his closest friend. He reveals that he didn’t chose his appearance for his own happiness but for his image and she pounces. She insists that she can give him a glow-up- give him a partial overhaul. Help him with the god awful layering in his hair, maybe even make Sonia like him (or Gundham, depending on whether or not he has realized his feelings for him/given up on his crush on her if he has one at the start of this au). This is where the Amekaji Gyaru part comes in, she pretty much turns him into one. The way the class gets introduced to this style change is by Chisa coming by to round up Kazuichi when he doesn’t come back after lunch. This is an approximation of what I think she would do on such short notice. (He was meant to have an expression but I gave up on that front on the sketch to have an easier go at designing his clothes without obstruction or scruntiching). Oh yeah, it’s an Omegaverse AU btw, because I am predictable and pathetic lol.


I kinda want to make a fic with this and I’m planning on using Gundham’s POV because he already likes Kazuichi before Junko began sinking her claws into him and he wound be concerned and conflicted from the get go. Because while Junko is very much using Kazuichi (though they don’t catch onto that aspect right away), she’s boosting his confidence. He’s happy to have a best friend who cares about him seemingly unconditionally. But they also realise that he’s becoming obsessive in a way that she’s certainly not discouraging. He’s always talking about her, texting her, hanging out with her, he even picks up some of her traits. At one point someone (Fuyuhiko most likely) would comment along the lines of “what are you in love with her or something” and Kazuichi would respond with something like “oh of course not! Junko deserves much more than me!” Or something equally self-deprecating and out of character like that. It’s not healthy.

He would voluntarily watch the brainwashing video with Mikan (like in the Siren AU), believing that Junko just wanted to show him something cool. He would despair at the betrayal, since the despairs are aware enough to realise things like that. If he contracts the Remembrance disease, he would probably go for the convincing Ibuki into suicide route like in the Siren AU, for the opportunity to watch the despair. I love the idea of having an active despair in the cast and with this AU, instead of him just continuing to be devoted to Junko like in the Siren AU, I wanted him to actually come around as a Despair to Hope because of the others. Hajime is there now, he would’ve begun to be friends with Kazuichi and continue after Kaz remembers and he, being the good boy that Hajime is, actually treats Kazuichi like a real friend should. He didn’t get to become close to Fuyuhiko before Junko got to him so he also becomes friends with him. Also, of course, Soudam happens. I’d imagine that they would make him come around enough to rebuke the Junko AI in the end.

Kazuichi definitely would feel guilty as hell when this is all said and done, however, the class would also feel guilty for letting him fall into Junko’s clutches too. Also, the greater trauma of him knowing that his second best friend after the one in middle school pulled the same shit but worse? 👌👌👌. I have other sketches of them hat I plan to colour, so I’ll be back. I’ll link you the fic once I write it. Tell me what you think about this, please! Spare no thought! Oh yeah, I’m mentally calling this the Gyaru AU

Mod: It will never stop being huge wasted potential that Junko didn’t manipulate all the Remnants by using their trauma and weaknesses, and specifically chose them for their useful talents like it was implied in the game, and instead just went with them being chosen at random because they were Ryota’s classmates

Having Kazuichi be Junko’s first victim is perfect, because with his talent he is super useful to her and can easily make her unstoppable the moment she has him under her control. And with his trust issues and straight up need to have a friend in his life he would be an easy target for someone like Junko, who can very quickly play him like a fiddle. Let him vent to her, tell him what he wants to hear, give him confidence and then put him into his place so that he becomes her loyal dog who sees her like some god who will do anything to please her, just like Mikan did. Until she then finally breaks him by betraying him like his best friend did in the past. The pain must be so unbearable for the poor guy. I feel really bad for him, but at this point the brainwashing is already in place sadly, so he will just get some high from being used and betrayed all over again and again

Kazuichi going through the simulation way past getting infected and having all of his memories must be such a trip. Because he has to pretend like nothing is amiss while everything else is going on and make sure that no one notices his change in character (Which could be hard for him to do, since he doesn’t seem like a good actor) I could even see him during the last trial to try and push the others into doing the wrong choice until they manage to make him believe in hope again and having trust in his friends that they will not betray him ever. Which must be so hard for him to believe after being lied to so many times by people he trusted blindly, where Junko even made him and the others do such horrendous things. But it wouldn’t be DR if hope doesn’t win in the end and everyone manages to have a future

Though the most hurtful part must be seeing everything from Gundham’s POV, because he is stuck with having to watch how Junko is getting close to Kaz. Which is at first of course a nice thing on the outside, but when Kaz starts getting seriously degrading about himself it’s really getting concerning but it’s already too late. Even more painful for Gundham when he might have had a bad feeling about the “friendship” but has pushed it onto him probably just being jealous or something and as such never intervened when he really should’ve done so, because then all of this could’ve been avoided where Kaz was turned into a pupped who got to build the most brutal killing machines imaginable for Junko’s absolute insane plan of creating a world of despair. When the truth comes to light he would be feeling such immense guilt over not having seen the signs and came to help Kaz when he still had the chance (Could be even something Junko could use against Gundham, both back at HPA and in the last trial if he’s still alive at that time in the AU)

Also the artwork of Kaz after his makeover looks sooo good! He is beyond cute and it mixes so well his actual nerdy aesthetic he had before with something more fun and colourful (quite literally) ♥♥

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