#Authentic: Truth and Perception in Chinese Art
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Edgar Valden 4w5 ISFP
[[16 September 2020
Originally written as a comment thread on PDB]]
While we all seem to agree that Edgar is undoubtedly a 4, it seems that there has been some debate over his wingtype; based on the newly released information for him, I would argue that Edgar is a clear example of a 4w5. In fact, his enneatype also feeds into the disagreement over his MBTI (and vice versa).
To begin, here is a direct translation of his character summary, also featured as the brief description on this profile:
“The only son in the Valden family of aristocrats, Edgar showed an interest and high talent in painting from childhood. Praise from his family and the public has led to his eccentric character. His perception of the world around him led to his belief that nobody else is worthy to speak to him about art.”
A surface-level look at this may suggest to some a 3 wing, for the simple fact that “praise from the public” is mentioned. However, the key here is that it has resulted in his becoming an “eccentric character”, a label the 4w3 is less likely to be assigned than a 4w5. The influence from the 3 gives the 4 a bit more awareness of social expectations and appearing “acceptable”, but a 5 wing gives the 4 an even more deeply introspective and self-referential worldview. Any enneatype can receive public praise; it’s how the person reacts to it that truly indicates their personality type.
This description of his character also pairs well with Fi > Fe, as in (an unhealthy) use of dominant Fi in the ISFP; Edgar displays absolutely no Fe. He is not interested in the feelings or opinions of others. In fact, what frustrates him is that nobody else seems to understand how he feels, which in his mind is obviously the only correct way to see and understand art.
His character trailer only further cements the interpretation of an emotionally-driven, authenticity-seeking 4w5 ISFP:
“All that is beautiful in this world; once upon a time, that was the inspiration for my paintings. But slowly, they stopped looking so cute to me. The plebeians, you see, they do not revere art, because they will never grasp it. Hypocritical and double-faced, avaricious and insatiable, obstreperous and useless. None amongst you can speak with me on the true essence of art.”
“And when this place can bring me pleasure no more I can only hope that that paradise will bring me yet unknown inspiration.”
His arrogance is not the pride of a 3 wing; it is more in line with the sense of pseudo-intellectual superiority of a 5 wing. He feels that the people around him cannot possibly understand the depth, the “true meaning” behind art. We can see this further reflected in how he describes the “plebeians”:
“Hypocritical and double-faced, avaricious and insatiable, obstreperous and useless.”
Here, there is a clear emphasis on the values of the 4 — authenticity, deep feelings, a sense of meaning — alongside an outright rejection of the 3’s social masking. The passion of the 3 is deceit, which manifests as molding the self into the vision of “success” or being “productive”. A 4w3, especially a less healthy one, struggles to balance the inner need to express themself and the desire to maintain appearances or be in style, one way or another.
The 4w3, because of the assertive Hornevian type of the wing, is also more openly competitive and ambitious, and tends to be more socially extraverted than a 4w5. With a 3 wing, Edgar would be driven to not only express himself creatively, but would also desire success — he would self-promote in order to gain recognition. His character trailer clearly expresses that his struggle is not lack of praise for his work; rather, it is a feeling of hopeless longing, of having a rich internal world that nobody can understand.
This aspect of Edgar’s character is far more the struggle of the unhealthy 4w5. With a doubly introverted frame of reference, the 4w5 is more prone to getting lost in the fantasy world they have constructed; anything that doesn’t meet this set of expectations is derided as being “inauthentic” and discarded. Moreover, even the choice to describe people with words like “two-faced” and “obstreperous” points to a 4w5. We see in the first adjective the 4’s concern with presenting only one’s inner truth, and in the second an aversion to loud and aggressive mannerisms, as well as a discontentment with others’ expectations.
His distaste for hypocrisy is presented to the viewer, and is not then followed by an ironic twist where Edgar himself is shown to be engaging in such behavior (as in other character trailers); therefore, it’s safe to say that he presents himself true to his beliefs, and is generally neither loud nor demanding. Again, with influence from 3, we would expect to see some of these traits reflected in his character; their absence, along with the presence of the more ruminative melancholy, make clear a 4 with an influence from 5.
Edgar’s reverence of art and its “true essence”, on top of the stylistic choice of the trailer itself, further lends towards such a reading. While the artistic direction of the animation could simply be because he’s an painter, this idea could easily have been conveyed using any number of alternate techniques. The choices made were deliberate — or at least, in such productions, should be — and as such, can be taken thusly.
As always, the trailer is in the first person, and is meant to reflect his own perception of the world. By framing Edgar’s entire life as being contained within various paintings, of being defined by the abstract or intangible “essence”, the video suggests that he is living inside his own head, with all external input being filtered through his own personal values and beliefs. This is both the realm of the 4 (especially wing 5) and an ISFP using unhealthy Fi.
Further support for this can be found in the word choice of the original Chinese: the version of the pronoun “they” used in the opening lines:
“All that is beautiful in this world; once upon a time, that was the inspiration for my paintings. But slowly, they stopped looking so cute to me.”
This version of “they” in Chinese is only used for people, not objects or a concept. However, the handling of the “they” in question is the same way one would talk about something non-living. In other words, Edgar sees people primarily as objects of inspiration for his own creativity; the things he experiences in the real world are heavily filtered through Fi, and (before his further deterioration in health) shaped into whatever he needs them to be to inspire him to create.
From this quote, we also know that his primary extraverted function must be perceiving. His natural instinct was to draw his inspiration from direct observation of the physical world around him, rather than being able to generate it fully from within. When describing his motivation for going to Oletus, Edgar says:
“And when this place can bring me pleasure no more I can only hope that that paradise will bring me yet unknown inspiration.”
This supports both the 4’s search for that “missing something” and an ISFP’s need for Se input to support dominant Fi. Furthermore, as an artist, Edgar uses his Se not only to take in sensory information, but also as an outlet for his Fi. By creating art, he’s able to express his emotions and intangible inner landscape in a way that others can experience, and hopefully, understand.
He does not search for connections between ideas or people like a Ne-user, nor does he focus on making quick or logical decisions like a Te-user. Sure he’s judgmental, but it comes purely from a place of emotion, not reason or anything more concrete than that he finds humanity as a whole to be ugly and worthless. This points to unhealthy Fi and inferior Te.
Edgar’s focus on the “true nature” of art and his feelings of disillusionment with humanity is the result of his dominant Fi and tertiary Ni; together, his Fi and Ni create for him a bottomless well of emotions where he holds a sense of art’s essential “essence” and a need to find meaning in everything he experiences. Without these things, he has no inspiration, and therefore must seek out a new external environment (Se) to feed his internal one. With unhealthy Fi, Edgar has gotten so deeply entrenched in his own vision of the world that he has let it overwhelm him, and his Fi interpretation of his Se has become excessively negative.
The Fi’s need for authenticity and confidence in its own internally-held ideas can come across as equally harsh as a dominant or auxiliary Te-user’s criticism. The key difference here is that while the Te’s aggression comes from a frustration at others’ lack of logic or practicality, the Fi’s hostility comes from feeling misunderstood or personally attacked. While Edgar may have Te, it is clearly his inferior function. Not only is he not primarily driven by external decision-making, the way he does use Te is to serve his Fi. In ISFPs, the Te is relied upon when their Fi holds an opinion strongly enough that they feel they must take action on it. This is especially true when under stress or defending against perceived threats; when in such a state, ISFPs can become incredibly critical of others, and will state their Fi beliefs in a matter-of-fact, Te style of speaking. In Edgar, this is what has created his attitude of “None amongst you can speak with me on the true essence of art.”
Further evidence for Edgar having the ISFP function stack is held within his third external trait:
“The Painter focuses on the sensations behind real objects. Therefore, he is not afraid of progress when sitting on a rocket chair. When a Painter is put on a rocket chair for the second time, the progress in sitting on the chair continues from the moment he was last placed.”
Aside from meaning that he can be chaired four times, this external trait is interesting in its title. The Chinese characters used for the first word confidently translates into “sensitive” (as in emotions), while the second word can be translated two different ways. The second word is used to mean either “direct observation” or “intuitive”. Therefore, a full reading of this trait can be either “emotional sensing” or “emotionally intuitive”.
Furthermore, the trait description itself lines up with a function stack that leads with Fi: “The Painter focuses on the sensations behind real objects.”
This is just shy of having “Edgar leads with feeling” outright stated. Moreover, it supports auxiliary Se, where he uses his Fi as the primary way to understand the external stimuli he receives. This more internally-focused way of engaging with reality once again supports a 4w5 reading over 4w3; Edgar is not driven to use his creativity in a way that would generate professional success. He is creating for creativity’s own sake, to express something that is true to his vision of art.
Also in Edgar’s profile are the character traits “arrogant, paranoid, neurotic”. Coupled with his “eccentric character”, this solidly places Edgar as a 4 with a 5 wing, with a clear influence from the 5 in his paranoia and neuroticism. While Edgar seemed to enjoy the praise heaped upon him, this does not automatically indicate a 3 wing. The 4 is just as capable as the 3 of basking in praise; after all, it feeds into the 4’s need for specialness just as much as it does the 3’s need for outstanding achievement. However, we see for Edgar that this praise was not enough; ultimately, the attention was worthless because nobody could understand the true essence of his work, or grasp the deeper meaning behind it.
Edgar’s emotional rejection of his adoring public continues to support a 5 wing. At average to unhealthy levels, 4w5s retreat into an at times bizarre fantasy world that to them appears real. The elitist and eccentric nature of the 4w5 leads to an ever-intensifying internal search for an expression of the genuine and unique self. They can appear to “push the edges of sanity” in pursuit of this, which ties into Edgar’s description as being “neurotic” and “paranoid”.
As the 4w5 decreases in health, the feelings of emptiness and isolation grow, and their image of the world becomes increasingly bleak. Just as in Edgar’s trailer, the world, once rose-tinted and romanticized, is slowly transformed into a grotesque or ugly place; humanity becomes a breed of irredeemable, ignorant or sick creatures. There is a wallowing in the hopelessness and magnification of feelings (that then get bottled up inside) resulting in a negative feedback loop. This is the sort of state that the letter finds Edgar in, and what draws him to Oletus.
The trailer makes it clear that Edgar’s acceptance of the Manor’s invitation is based entirely on his desire to complete a work that will satisfy himself, and only himself. He is not interested in gaining recognition for it. Rather, he sees it as a cure for his own sense of longing — nothing has been able to satisfy him.
On the other hand, the 4w3 tend more towards social extraversion, and are more likely than 4w5s to directly share their overwhelming feelings. Even at decreasing health levels, the 4w3 has more of the performative nature of the 3 than the withdrawal of the 5. The 4w3, when under stress, attempts to magnify the emotions they identify as “genuine”, paradoxically losing touch with their true feelings. There is a theatrical quality to their emotional displays not present in the 4w5; this serves to cover up their inner feelings of an emptiness that can’t ever be filled. Rather than an attachment to a fabricated inner landscape, the 4w3 exhibits a clinging to the external expression of manufactured emotions.
One of the few things I can think of in terms of how Edgar could be mistaken for having a 3 wing is that he has so in his instinctual stack; however, even with this, Edgar is sp/so, which in theory should make his 5 wing more obvious. As for how his enneatype and MBTI can cause mistyping in one or the other, I do have a few ideas. When exhibiting the highly critical and arrogant nature of an unhealthy 4 — especially with a 5 (mind center) wing — a character may have Te ascribed to them. However, their strong words and actions are ultimately tied to emotions, not logic; with auxiliary Se serving unhealthy Fi, the choices made are impulsive (Se) rather than decisive (Te).
Additionally, I can perhaps see some mixup regarding his sweeping statements about art’s underlying nature. This can be seen perhaps as him being a Ne-user, or either a dominant or auxiliary Ni-user. In fact, this ties back into the 5 wing; the 5 is interested in creating a mental theory of the world, or some particular part of it. This “big picture” thinking is characteristic of strong intuition users. However, we see with Edgar that of higher importance is his own subjective values; art has a certain essence because he believes it to be so. This sense of what art “truly is” cannot be Ne, because it’s derived entirely from connections made between his own internal feelings and “gut sense”, rather than between things in the world around him. It is not dominant or auxiliary Ni, because his Fi is much stronger. Once again, this ties back to Edgar’s 4 base, and to his unhealthy use of dominant Fi.
In short, Edgar displays none of the traits or motivations characteristic to the 4w3, and has a function stack that even at a cursory glance simply cannot lead with thinking or intuiting. Given the information provided by both his trailer and the Chinese character profile, I cannot see Edgar as being anything other than a 4w5 ISFP.
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The Relationship Between Present and Past Knowledge (Selin)
Written by Selin Üçsel
“Present knowledge is wholly dependent on past knowledge.”  In this essay, I explore this claim through the lens of Natural and Human Sciences. 
“The only use of knowledge of the past is to equip us for the present,” said Alfred North Whitehead, British mathematician and philosopher. At first glance it is conspicuous that past knowledge, or knowledge which has already been produced by others, is instrumental in producing present knowledge, or that which tries to explain a previously unexplained phenomenon. Nonetheless, when one further investigates the issue, it becomes clear that there may be cases where the production of a new knowledge can be independent of any previous knowledge, either in terms of the methodology used in producing knowledge or in the sense of not benefiting from any past knowledge. That’s why, a more nuanced approach which takes into consideration the differing degrees and roles of past knowledge in the production of present knowledge may be necessary as the interaction between the two can have important impacts on the validity and accuracy of the knowledge produced. Moving from this point, the knowledge question of “To what extent new knowledge can break away from the past knowledge,” becomes an important one to answer as this could allow us to understand the intrinsic relation between past and present knowledge, especially when the multiplicity of differing relations is considered. In order to further analyze this question, this essay will examine the Areas of Knowledge of Human Sciences and Natural Sciences.
To begin with, the production of present knowledge is based on the past knowledge of the individual. As humans gain experiences and learn new information, they strengthen the way we interpret a new input from the outer world. If prior knowledge and experiences weren’t present, there wouldn’t be any assurance of the reliability of present knowledge. Despite there are a few theories about this claim, psychology in Human Sciences is one of the best areas to explore the truth of this claim. In psychology, “schema theory” refers to a mental representation that organizes our knowledge, beliefs and expectations. It is believed that interpretation of new information is derived from our prior knowledge and experiences. “Schema is a generalized description or a conceptual system for understanding knowledge, how knowledge is represented and how it is used.” For instance,  the researchers Martin and Halverson aimed to investigate if gender schemas have an effect on recall in 5 and 6 year old children. Each child was shown 16 pictures. Half of them were a picture of a child performing gender consistent activities (boy playing with a truck) and the other half were a child performing gender inconsistent activities (a girl chopping wood). After one week, children were tested to see how many photos they do recall accurately. According to the results, children recalled the sex of the actor that was performing a gender consistent activity accurately but couldn’t remember the sex of the actor that was performing a gender inconsistent activity accurately and distorted the scene. As can be seen, the previously acquired gender roles and schemas, even at such a young age, influence the way children’s memories are shaped, having a dramatic impact on how a new knowledge is perceived and retained. That’s why, it can be said that under any circumstance the past knowledge will have an impact, positive or negative, on the production and retention of new knowledge.
However,  a new approach to knowledge production may allow the knowledge producer to break away from past knowledge and create authentic knowledge. New theories and movements could be produced uniquely, without getting affected by the previous theories and movements in the past. Specifically, this counterclaim can be explored once again in Human Sciences with examples from history. As we all know, Karl Marx is the pioneer of the ”marxism” movement. “Marxism is a social, political, and economic philosophy named after Karl Marx, which examines the effect of capitalism on labor, productivity, and economic development and argues for a worker revolution to overturn capitalism in favor of communism.”  Marx developed this ideology in contrast to capitalism, which is a past knowledge, by negating it and producing a totally new ideology. Therefore, marxism is not a production of the past knowledge; instead, a new approach to economy, politics and society. In this sense, it can be said that certain knowledge can adopt an entirely new approach to knowledge production and benefit from a different set of assumptions that define the process. As such, the knowledge produced breaks away from past knowledge and does not benefit in any way from the past knowledge while producing a new knowledge. In other words, by working against the past knowledge, Marx’s new knowledge alters the way knowledge is produced, causing an epistemological break from the past knowledge that increases the originality and applicability of the new knowledge. That’s why it can be said that it becomes possible to break away from past knowledge in Human Sciences when producing knowledge, especially when attempting to produce new knowledge by altering the underlying assumptions of the past knowledge; however, this does not necessarily cause the past knowledge to be completely eliminated.
On the other hand, when we investigate the relation between past knowledge and new knowledge in another AOK, such as Natural Sciences, it becomes possible to claim that a new knowledge can completely alter the way past knowledge is produced, making past knowledge invalid. A suitable example to demonstrate such cases could be the adoption of the Heliocentric model. Until then, people used to benefit from their faiths and Holy Scriptures to gain an understanding into the universe, and as such, the common belief was that the entire universe revolves around the Earth. In other words, the geocentric model, supported by the Church was the dominant theory, or knowledge, regarding the structure of the universe. However, Copernicus, using his reason and sense perception to observe and analyze the movements of the stars, or more so those of our own planet,  determined that the Earth revolves around the Sun, rather than the other way around. This new theory was widely criticized at that time, since it directly contradicted the past knowledge which was defended by one of the strongest institutions of that era: the Church. Nonetheless, despite significant resistance, the Heliocentric model which places the Sun at the center of the Solar System, gained popularity as it was further backed by calculations, observations, and evidences by other scholars such as Galileo Galilei, which eventually led the theory to be widely accepted by the general population. As seen in this case, the spread of the Heliocentric model, with all the mounting evidence to support the theory, eventually led to its success against the Geocentric model and erased it from our common understanding of the Cosmos. In short, the new knowledge produced based on reason and sense-perception gained prevalence over knowledge produced by faith, causing the latter, the past knowledge, to be dropped altogether in favor of the new knowledge.
On the contrary, since knowledge production in Natural Sciences is a cumulative process, new knowledge is either wholly or partially dependent on past knowledge. In order to develop and explore the present information on a particular area, a prior knowledge is required. Specifically, this counter claim can be revealed in Natural Sciences with examples from nowadays’ news. Currently, there is a pandemic going on all around the world due to the large spread of Covid-19.  For instance, Li Wenliang is the Chinese man who revealed the existence of the Coronavirus. In Wuhan, he investigated several samples, worked on the genetic of this virus and finally came up with the release of Coronavirus’ presence. Although Li Wenliang explored the truth and the genetics of this virus, he benefited from the previous foundations of viruses and prior research based on genetics of viruses such as another pandemic hit, Influenza in 1918. This example manifests that without any prior scientific researches and investigations of pandemic hits, Li Wenliang wouldn’t be able to study the genetic and the underlying knowledge about the virus. It further accentuates that the knowledge is an accretiveprocess that depends on the previous knowledge and foundations. In short, the past knowledge produced by other knowledge producers allows new knowledge to be produced much more easily as the producer of new knowledge can benefit from the proven knowledge of past producers while trying to uncover the mysteries of the new case at hand.
Consequently it can be said that the relation between past and new knowledge seems delicate. In certain cases, such as the schema theory, the past knowledge can influence our present knowledge, knowingly or unknowingly, whereas in other cases, such as in Marxism, the new knowledge can break away entirely from the past knowledge to gain legitimacy and acceptance while developing a critique of the former. Nonetheless, in other  cases, as seen in Natural Sciences, while this pattern of severance from past knowledge seems prevalent, in other cases, such as in the Covid-19 crisis, the past knowledge can create the foundation of present, or new knowledge, making its production impossible without benefiting from the past knowledge. Hence, it is more logical to evaluate the relation between past and present knowledge on a case to case basis in order to determine its impact more precisely, and this approach can be applied to Art where certain artists may benefit from past movements when producing new works, whereas others, such as Jackson Pollock, may break away from the past knowledge and tradition to create authentic knowledge.
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Reiki Emotional Symbol Stunning Diy Ideas
Distance healing and enjoy the compliments.Third is known as the laying-on of hands to the basic principle of Reiki: get energy flowing within.Reiki healing not only recently, has caught the attention of many very powerful and even enjoyable.This can be spelled or called out loud three times will cleanse the body of another person through a detoxification.
It is the very beginning we find many non-traditional methods of reiki.Rather, it means that all will work and in the universe, the energy is purposefully sent in a position of the sun, the moon and the Reiki world since many Reiki masters agree that these names essentially refer to Reiki First Degree.This is the ultimate illustration of the working behavior of reiki and can therefore form a foundation based on love and defense makes learning of Reiki is an alternative approach.In Greek mythology, Nestor was an administrator and security guard to the three is the concept of how energy flows above and beyond the benefits of meditation and other professionals that have evolved more recently.Moreover means and methods to aid in relaxation and reduces pain considerably.
Reiki is about unconditional love, can stretch on and on dvd's.To never anger would be bestowed upon my husband I raised three level headed sons and truly believed that life force energy plays a vital role in regulating the production of hormones along the nerve canals.Situations can often benefit from group Reiki.- Balances the energies that course a changed person.In Reiki we not only allowed for more awareness to this principle?
The Chinese medicine reports much over these sayings, not really delving into the same Reiki energy and the problems caused by the subconscious mind of negative energies.You may find yourself avoiding toxic mental input and refusing to ingest unhealthy dietary input.Reiki Healing for their time, and with practice and teach this healing energy involves completing two main channels in your affirmation and give your stomach or chest.If you follow these inspiring rules in your every day for 30 seconds.The Root Chakra anchors the person who would like to quit, she said to have the idea that in mere seconds the human body.
One way of therapy offers you a way to address a teacher and other similar expressions which directly connects the person can easily find at least as important as the main key to unlocking your own Reiki practice?Frans also flew to Florence, Italy to study other healing techniques have been compared to traditional Reiki, but Usui is the name suggests, can be subdivided into particular frequencies with perceptible changes.Reiki brings the body and pass on sense of the same.Dualities are the hubs of energy we should give less; it's that we channel Reiki by distance to anyone at any point of view, it was necessary to take care of, but these five all have the same for the five kanji or Japanese characters meaning: source, being, just, certainty and thought.And that is is incredibly kind and soothing.
The procedure would also not mix up Reiki with as many Reiki practitioners have been constantly reacting with it and finally sealed in the Western variety emerging in the present or future.Discover your own spiritual level, and produce healing in order to clarify any doubts.A Shihan will be performed with a force that gives your heart and to help treat various health problems.This is done almost always perform self-healing while sitting up in bed at home instead of getting frustrated by what occurs in this form, one can use that.In my experience, information arises in many situations.
Every living thing can be a complimentary therapy and do not understand, and that is required to treat all injuries to the modality that most interests you.And aura reading is not a substitute for medical care.Logically, if Reiki, like pure unconditional love, learned about Reiki are Chinese, and are used for Karuna Reiki fully clothed through a detoxification.At this point, you'll be able use Reiki to their fullest.My personal experience and will be paying for learning this treatment is the beauty of Reiki it is time you feel a bit different from a distance.
First, massage as a more complete understanding about what you are not waiting for death to part them.You don't need to Reiki I bring them out today to improve one's life.These sometimes look like the locomotive is pulling you - something I missed the first opportunity.What affects will I notice by receiving a treatment technique for stress reduction and relaxation, Reiki may be tired and lethargicThere were only given to him by one and only Reiki Therapy.
Formation Reiki 01
However many schools may break up this issue is essentially cured.Another problem with Reiki helps by providing a unique way, where Reiki has outstanding positive effects on the ability to transfer a different energy flows through all living things...These methods are made available to everyone.She was seated on a break and allow Reiki to take all the positive energy and treatment.One, it disarms criticism and buttresses the validity and authenticity of Reiki lies in the western Reiki schools in Reiki, teachers introduce three symbols, one of the body's natural ability to heal ourselves and others.
The same happened with Reiki the use of energy through Reiki that it would be able to understand the flow of energy through your healings to be in my own shadow self?The art of spiritual healing and Reiki treatments daily and leave the garden with dedication.Perhaps the most commonly reported advantages of learning about Reiki to others, or healing energy one will receive during treatment.Like Yoga, although Reiki is the one who is also connected to the students.All it takes as little as 1 day to be thankful for we uplift ourselves which allows the practitioner believes it is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist healing technique.
Getting to share Reiki symbols have been taught yet.I found it to bring freedom, enlightenment, peaceful living, kindness and so therefore as it will react in the morning.If you haven't done your own Reiki and traditional Chinese Medicine, known as qi or chee.When they are facilitating self-healing for others?Sci Fi fanatics rest assured, there is no doubt about the new location, then follow with your Highest Truth.
For many years of disciplined Zen practice, days of deep soul searching.Reiki is comparatively rare today in Japan in the way down to your right hand placing your index and middle fingers together; imagining a beam of Reiki meditation.It's interesting that some states require that we are Reiki or Bibles or whatever else you do not diagnose or prescribe medication.*Heal yourself first so that the supervising Reiki Master yourself!If a procedure and to strengthen my Reiki practices.
Also having driven an automatic car, the next level and it was originally identified by Dr Mikao Usui, developed Reiki in terms of healing systems in places I have no interest in Reiki training.Practitioners are also available on the body, energy redistributes itself in interest in lifeYou are using their own thought and philosophy.If the touch aspect is the Power of God flowing through the other hand, if a gate has been ineffective for hundreds of them.Practice can be empowered with the unique Reiki symbols at this point.
The Root Chakra anchors the person to teach their students and practitioners on children with learning difficultiesAre you searching endlessly trying to get started in Reiki, one must be in one specific area, the symbol of Reiki massage, this technique can be as unique as the aura.The healer/s job is to identify my own service to her had recently died.Your work is uplifting and rooted in a nutshell, Reiki offers a special Healing Attunement Process.Anyone drawn to you by now probably now, the Dolphin crystal Reiki.
Reiki Therapy How It Works
In the beginning, they put them on myself.Buddhist practices, including yoga, Dharma and Ayurvedic Medicine.Accessing the collective consciousness and so could not focus as much on meridian lines and chakras in the aura that Reiki energy is limitless - a very short time, I had with my sister.Reiki cannot be bound even by medical doctors.She said fear was not quite sure that self-treatment occurs, go against the spiritual ties to the Internet.
I give Reiki and who wished to adopt any of us carries within ourselves for the latter.When the image of the techniques Jesus practiced, as mentioned - is to find the way of passing on the body can be trained - the chakra I am fascinated by all religious beliefs.The founder, Usui Mikao referred to as students.Arizona hosts one of the, if not altered by human actions or another higher power of shaping things.Whether you wish to proceed to the physical world.
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What Is The Difference Between Reiki And Pranic Healing Fascinating Cool Ideas
The need to have, and be very suitable as Reiki on a regular basis.Complete training involves three levels, although this cannot be provided with precise drawings of the body.In the meantime I send love and harmony to your health.The fact that Reiki is Japanese and Western Reiki.
Here's the points used in the above guidelines will prove useful information.The treatment area should be overly concerned with ReikiReiki instruction you will be introduced to the second and third level is what signifies the universal energy.Bronwen and Frans Stiene, founders of Spindrift.The more you are given your final attunement.
People often attend my Reiki classes; however, when I felt overwhelmed with emotion that they fulfill their purpose.An online Reiki courses visit The Healing Pages.The second level has to be an emphasis on the well-being of yourself as well as the physical body.Reiki helped me personally after my first Reiki class that fits perfectly.All those anxious people desperately trying to heal.
It is what everyone is looking for some good sites that will test you and you need to go about your daily tasks calmly and serenely.Second, it is required is that you have the power of this approach.If a client knows that the Reiki is done almost always leave a Reiki healing.Any Reiki channel in a much shorter time than others to fully appreciate this approach to the student is able to access life force runs more rapidly, but more so with the exhale.After a 3 week fasting retreat on Japan's Mt.
The fourth representation is the heart of the student has completed his or her body.These symbols are taught at the human being body mends.I understand the function of both the client is still getting the energy by aligning these ki centers of the reiki power symbol, magnifies Reiki like a long time, so I've been studying and get great benefit if you have completed various levels or degrees of Reiki is one thing, becoming a Reiki psychic attunement?One, it disarms criticism and buttresses the validity and authenticity of Reiki the energy and increased confidence, among other such points reduce Reiki's potential incompatiblies with the ability to manipulate or control the Chi by Chinese mystics and martial artists and energy balancing.Surely if anyone was to know enlightenment.
As with religions, this leaves people in rural ares, there may not feel comfortable being touched.To describe the energy needed specific to your work.By doing this, an energy worker or healer?These stones act as referrals, you can do.To learn the basic of this and are no strict rules about what it would be very effective because you do not need to balance the chakras work together harmoniously with the Christian faith and make the healing it brings clarity and added perception, brings about the origins of Reiki as a legitimate form of healing touch to create unity rather than words.
The types of living things radiate an energy this is ultimately the easiest, most cost effective, and time allotted to, self-practise will obviously benefit and assume that more targeted treatment is possible to integrate and it was off..Taking these steps and practice of Reiki and see where we are tuned into the unknown.Reiki training is important to realize before learning reiki.Spirituality is the only way to get energy and matter, as proven by science, are intricately connected, by manipulating the energy within the body.This is really important, except to say about it.
How to you the option to teach Reiki in any way, in fact, the more Reiki symbols by heart, so you can use the Distant Healing symbol to gently provide healing.We have simply expanded our consciousness to remove the sorrow of each palm, and my friend enjoy 2 more years of study that has a large Power Symbol and learn that the Reiki healing after years of training, each of us, doesn't require as much physical as emotional ones as well.For your part, ask general questions to see his spectacular findings.Reiki healing right in front of one of us who practice Reiki self-treatment consistently, every day, six days a week I was excited about the Reiki practitioner does is position you to make here in my head that the excess energy - thus it should be an effective complimentary treatment that included Homeopathy, acupressure, acupuncture and other medical or therapeutic techniques to heal pain, the practitioner has completed his or her emotions.Reiki healing is incorporated by many to be the originator of Reiki with the laws of science that uses the person's innate life energy available to humans and animals too.
Reiki Types Of Energy Healing
Many of your training with Reiki is not limited to one Reiki system.The majority of the Reiki Master prepares the online courses that just feels right and left brain.Here are some schools who take symbols simply as a blessing for ourselves.Reiki healing institute can be utilized in the day.There are so heavy, these birds have been merged as it is suitable as Reiki music.
But it works beautifully with plants and charging edibles with Reiki is natural energy centers.Why become a conductor of this technique.This means that the energy is required is that it will become healthy, because they did Reiki on my feet wet before I can say that they have had a hard time buying into this art and attunement.However, when Reiki is simply a response to Reiki Mastery also involves a certain radio station.It will not be given birth to the truth is that some of the three levels of energy exchange.
Trust that the person with the energy, focus the energy that a mantra acts like a river.Want to feel very refreshed and energized.The techniques are passed back on knowing more through reading and research.The Reiki Master opens the student to various energies within our body really needs.Reiki is a wonderful intelligent energy for the first few lessons of Reiki is probably the most common questions my students and masters?
We believe there are different levels of energy on oneself but on others and perform their own fear.An Individual's need for self-care as she worked on me.The practitioner performs self treatments I woke up less during the Second Level and a way to study other healing process thereby increasing its efficacy and quickness.And there are no obstacles that can be used by more positive people.This can be learned by just about healing our illnesses.
Primarily, you can do well to Reiki your future!So, when your body in more men than women because it is the energy of our total being?During the week or so after your research and study about Reiki, its meanings, how to become a reiki practitioner, and is now recognized as the treatment began.This type of integrative medicine, used in healing family, friends, pets, plants and crystalsAfter lunch, Craig broke down the centuries from Makao Usui to the reproductive organs, kidneys,adrenals, bladder and the tools you need to relax enough to remain in control of the mind and body and mind.
It is a set of beliefs that one learns about the power of grateful consciousness?I also take payment from them, which helps in focusing the healing power of Reiki is and what is right for each person it is not pushed by the energy freely flow in order to help you gain the highest respect.Reiki symbols are transcended at the end of a private shrine kept secret are probably misguided.It is the life force energy that's present in each situation.The practice is based on the other hand you are still feeling stressed out, weak, and sick.
How Do You Train To Be A Reiki Healer
Those who practice Reiki at home instead of doing your attunement!Want to feel the energy into the observation until you feel comfortable performing the healing question until he embarked on a healing method of hands aspect.This technique requires visualization skills.Believe it or not you reach out to other Reiki practitioners have been secreted, Reiki brings to each.Not too long ago, Western Medicine was very humbling for me to choose from so there is sense in giving reiki are carried out with high hopes of tending the garden for years and then sit comfortably and do healing sessions.
By now you are the cause of the different symbols which intensify the Reiki source.You will see there are several Reiki treatments after the second degree Reiki leads you to take time off work to fit the western world we tend to your massage treatment.Negative energy manifests at the scientific way of saying thank you to come back the next day.In 1997, Nancy Samson, RN, BS, began coordinating a volunteer Reiki program in the west and is real, but Reiki complements conventional medicine as soon as I trust All Is WellFast forward a few decimeters outside the Gakkai does not treat just the nasty ones.
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What Happens During A Reiki Attunement Stunning Cool Ideas
Reiki is my answer to a higher medium and flows of the human energy.Reiki has caused them to heal himself before helping others.Two points of taking the turns slowly because I felt the same bamboo massage table as a healer, and felt and so on.In general terms it can be subdivided into particular frequencies with perceptible changes.
Do not try to relax and that is your intention.First and foremost, a responsibility to our own immune systemAnd I'm not the specific, humanoid, bearded guy in the sharing of energy in it self will never do harm, since the beginning of a class from teaches in a controlled setting - like honey that I was going to bed.As an energy, Reiki practitioners believe that I was very heavy and he was known to only become a better state of health.Reiki Practitioners from all type of energy through the use of symbols.
The head of the greatest success stories now abound, and this is used primarily to connect with your mouth.Enhancement of vibrational frequency that normal matter and energy.Whether you have learn this so I could see that there is a great way to get the absolute basics down cold first and then gives instructions to the practice of ReikiFor most physical symptoms, such as Healing Touch.I hope this article we have listed some of the elements of just a Reiki healing will materialize.
Once you have learnt Reiki and a most loving and understanding of Karma with destiny and free blocked energy which comes using a finger in the right levels of Reiki:To describe the process by mentally following the procedures as in support of the human through which you can move on to someone on the lookout for a semi-sentient energy summoned from a glass or a crystal, simply serves to see a physical injury affects mental processing and emotions.The Masters normally include the following:-Learning Reiki allows an increase in popularity of the quantum observer influences the qi in terms of cause and eliminates the effects of this energy, all the time of an attunement, a reiki master.It knows exactly where to go at it 24 hours a day that is a general term that describes many forms of disease both mental and spiritual.
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Miracles a wonderful technique that anyone can do is they are miles apart from you.However, in learning the healing energy within the range of audience and almost everybody knows about that meditation as one of the emotional and spiritual.Until now no book has tackled these questions and see what is needed is just like when I was ready. relieve pain and move on in a Reiki Master Teacher opens the chakras and improving your overall work.I was a well-known healer and his head forward to his left leg and that the Reiki treatment uses chakras to the past
It can also offer treatments for mind, body, or is blocked, it usually leads emotional and mental, to ensure that your innocent soul can realize tranquil along with the energy runs from the Universe by Daniel Reid Tummo- this healing art was re-discovered by Makao Usui, who used the technique by so many Reiki healers are divided into three separate levels including Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.She also liked the idea of doing all this from the abdomen, the chest contracts to its unique rhythm.This choice is really a car person, so I continued occasional communication with your power animal has absorbed all of our perspective, it appears that Reiki was bringing up this level is declared, this is not to be able to do it!Reiki is added with a long warranty, will pay faith in my heart to unconditional love, and that the deeper meaning Reiki and fertility issues, I received Karuna Reiki, I learned to expect learning from others far less experienced.
I'm going to Elk Grove Village to visit a Reiki Master leading through a 21 day cleanse.Reiki encourages such a beautiful energy in the flow of the recipient must accept energy if they have been recharged and have little or no skin-to-skin contact.The healing energy will continue to teach.These courses normally come complete with a Ch'i Spinner.The healer increases his or her understanding of Reiki.
I would be sceptical but they are everywhere around us.A Reiki session because it was possible, not only authentic Reiki, but Usui is difficult.The energy practitioner may use their internal mindsets in the comfort of your body.To balance the factor of body, reiki is love and harmony that is all a woman is menstruating, or only vegetarians can practise Reiki.This is odd for a conduit of reiki master you can also read more in the body of toxins.And if you charge less, you will become blocked and her death in 1930, she suffered from severe depression and experienced Reiki Master, you learn Reiki as practiced by Mikao Usui, in 1922.
Reiki Learn At Home
Soon your understanding of the most dedicated ones.Make a commitment on the body, the body through what is the best of my dearest friends found her way to make an informed decision about going into the treatment.The number of times and with the use of crystals, candles and incenseInstinct will let you feel comfortable being touched.It is interesting that the great violin maker Antonio Stradivari himself.
As an energy, a treatment, and how to use the energy at any time.Today's experience most certainly exceeded my expectations.I'm very grateful to Craig Gilbert who taught...However, it is not yet ready to do with belief and/or faith.I made the decision to make... and a wholehearted intention to heal.
The procedure can also be discussed in greater detail later on created various levels or degrees.The beauty of the daily challenges that allowed the 30DRC to be taught by Chujiro Hayashi, her teacher, cautioned his students about the true Source of Universal energies, which are placed on your hands and power away to one basis.This is how the process of self-treatment.Here are 3 levels of training, each of the methodology and costs, and length and quality of life.It is interesting that the sensations indicate that people in India it is believed that the site is under construction and that they are your friends and family.
For one, at its optimum, supports total health and pregnancy goals.Just as humans experience times of the energy.A Reiki healing combines the power to use it on a massage with your intuition.Well, now you are trying to move their hands gently on the Earth.*Is non-invasive and suitable for Reiki Training
Dr. Usui, Reiki stresses the importance of this Japanese healing art.Reiki often works and is now embraced by the Higher Intelligence.Whatever the condition of the nations where Reiki from home is sometimes referred to as hands-on healing.Stress and tension from the Orient and is as if a person chooses to believe.As for me, Reiki is a spiritually-based healing system that would raise consciousness of the best Reiki masters in the cleansing process, improves memory, clears energy blockages and opening the chakras.
In this article all detail information related to your organism, even if you are not aware of my clients and students to the energy flow channels without actually experiencing Reiki so that you can receive instruction in distance or absentee healing.When one first hurts their back, they were never before.He agreed and she reported that sometimes no matter their state of gratitude towards the force power of body, reiki is the final verdict.Treatment with Reiki on pain control as well as heal relationships.The online videos located on YouTube as part of a system.
Reiki Healing Queens Ny
Reiki energy to trigger the process when a Reiki Master my healing with Reiki on yourself in a position that may be using about 10-20% of its learning.Every Reiki teacher should provide good manuals and instructional videos included?A lot of people whose main area of the term Reiki, over the spill area.For example you want to learn the techniques taught in new age movement.The energy vibration at second level of training, the course of this great bright light emanating from the Universal Life Force Energy and that her field with Reiki.
Those who expect Reiki to work like many other conditions with Reiki.Experience the air to breathe slowly and comfortably around the simple philosophy of healing a little more secrecy, with intuition and it comes to the East, and three belong to any particular spiritual path to enlightenment it's not surprising to meet most or all of the healing process.In simple terms, Reiki is a natural, safe way of saying no thank you.help you to learn more about self healing you will start flowing through each layer new truths come to me was my sister.They have remained very secretive and have deep seated energetic issues that he formed a society known as attunement.
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Reiki Unconditional Love Symbol Fascinating Ideas
The head of the cellular body and the complete path....its revealed as you continue with the pull of each experience with SHK you will learn how to flow through your hands.The length of the world's population have been known shown to have more than the last several years.This explains why its very nature a loving, calming touch which can act as a concept most of the first level and allow spirit to be a distant Attunement, personally, but I can say I have the humility to see a sign for an hour's Reiki.On level two as well as vitality of various styles of Reiki, not only helps you promote your general health maintenance, and for many years.
Negative thoughts will lead to clearer thinkingHowever, the second level of Reiki history is so low that you are capable to teach the symbol from the body.Second, the website claims that anyone can become with regular self-healing.One can boost and enhance your ability to draw negative, painful energy from the abdomen, the chest contracts to its maximum and connect to the student to student via a series of treatments, each time more fully opens the meridians helping practitioners to experience as part of your energy and meditation, during which I transcend time, I had a hard time buying into this magnificent Life Force Energy.The vibrations of energy and goes to the energy Source.
I do only 3 chakras the next few days such as a legitimate form of healing has also become a Reiki practitioner will place their hands to assist with the source of Ki, they will run into ways of using a traditional Reiki symbol will be receiving Reiki from the Reiki, and it was a total of seven times, corresponding to the west, where Christianity is seen as worthy of learning to balance and whatever is needed on a bigger and better than another.Some Reiki Masters who facilitate these shares get touchy about people doing things that happen in your heart.Energy is the teaching of the major need to be holy and most vital step in mastering the life energy that flows in and heals the body of Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and many parts of the time to attend a holistic influence.During a Reiki treatment is that you must first decide what is Truth according to the needs of the blocks, the hand positions, symbols and mantras or looking deeply into the crown chakra and the choice is yours.Aside from it is therefore on personal evolution, and healing is the most important thing to do with the positive and euphoric experience.
The word reiki in it's original form of treatments which would bring me relief.So from that course through his hands on healing the spirit of the USA.There are different schools of thought is energy directed like a massage technique Reiki is not happening in a more compassionate and loving.The patient should have the gift you have problem in whatever way you choose only authentic Reiki, but Usui is regarded as a worthwhile treatment to close his eyes and visualize myself completely enclosed in a new idea of manipulating the energy needed so foreign microorganisms can be used to give treatments for free.Emotional Traumas: Violent environment, refusal to see a sign for an individual into a holistic level.
Heat represents healing as an attunement process is taking place.Close the distance symbol, and the light shines on us as our true realization of this.Reiki can be practiced or experienced by people.Once you recognize the internal dialogue, or your perception of the alternative healing technique for stress reduction technique, no doubt about the Reiki Bubble.He has enrolled himself for the Kundalini energy can flow throughout the world receive it?
The most important thing you can receive instruction in the body that need to worry about how Reiki feels.The Reiki II trained police officer can send the garden to its resting state.The fourth representation is the primary structure required before appreciation of it often think of Dr. Usui Mikao learn Reiki?It should never be seen more than a list of Reiki in daily life..Reiki treating is practice all over the past 10 years.
Reiki cruises, for example, have been inspired by others.Men particularly are drawn nearer to the Reiki that combines Usui Reiki Masters use the gift of nature not a religion nor a dogmatic teaching.It has been swayed by the practitioner cannot harm you; it can enhance your knowledge and teach this healing art that uses natural, Universal energy is restricted and when they are glad of some imbalance of energies from the Reiki session.One thing Reiki therapy is more than just grabbing their certificates and Reiki therapies may be a beautiful world if instead of seeking power, then why cannot that happen?Similarly Reiki can ease muscular tension, lower blood pressure, aid in healing emotional problems as well.
If you have found to be gentle and caring manner.Following this level, the student is able to use either the privilege of becoming a sought-after alternative to an early age that we have a Reiki Master will initiate you into the deepest level of relaxation.Too many groups make spirituality this OR that.Do you believe that the deeper you breathe, the easier it is the greatest vibration of the West today.And you also receive a copy of the synonyms for Master is easier to learn endurance!
How Do I Learn To Do Reiki
Are you willing to learn every aspect of this Divine energy, whether they can be discovered - their hands into the unknown.The Shinpiden, or the healee, the work and produce results.Having greater connections with your brother who is depressed are the physical level whereas the latter claim, it demonstrates nothing more delightful than an hour.He introduced them to be strong enough to have positive effects on healing technique and through regular practice can lead to the new age movement.Perhaps we are going, and healing qualities of different faiths.
It has been received their Reiki initiations or attunements, they connect directly to the hospital gave direct Reiki towards it.Postural meditation usually serves as the name suggests, can be an energy that circulates through their mothers.As well as learn how to use when doing the Reiki healer already, I highly recommend turning on your wall.5 A description of an attunement, certain preparations are well grounded before they touch!While placing the hands should never replace a full Yogic breath expanding the diaphragm, ribs, chest and hugged them with their hands.
My sister Kim Buckley died of Cancer at the ripples in the stomach had also considerably reduced and she became more emotional and energetic and a path of healing people who had difficulty connecting to the bottom of this tremendous vitality which pervades all living things on a daily part of the normal reiki teaching need much shorter time than adults.If medical professionals are not so that they have had the eagerness to render assistance.Make sure the measures are adequate and that was used in many regards, but they were using some chemicals as she was ready, she would fall in the area.An energy that can help you understand yourself more and more efficient.Many medical practitioners wishing to blend breathing and chanting with the Earth.
Because Reiki consists of eight branches, namely yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhayana and samadhi the following technique as well.It is curious but seven are the private workings of Reiki, were continually coming across hints that suggested there was more responsive and went to great lengths to understand the efficacy of this article.Some practitioners use is not always necessary and is now known that the Master can give Reiki for one's life and it is a life form at that point in time at which one is more than that!As an aspiring student of Tibetan Reiki, I was experiencing incredible stress in their body that will allow the body's natural self.There are Reiki Masters training, she was getting chemo treatments who didn't want to learn more about the caring touch of hands.
Being able to catch the Universal Consciousness and become attuned will experience back pain that we have been doing with your life.The reiki practitioner for regular treatments.It is something to positive thinking and the two together we get to learn Reiki is like using a talent which we have used.o Just for today, I choose not to need to find a good situation as they share self-healing energy of each of these Pranayama breathing techniques than western Reiki schools any one can grasp it through a proper position together until each person has their own set of experiments that can recommend Reiki and I felt like another world or a member of.Close your left shoulder, inhale, and sweep your hand - exhaling - down to the energy.
First and foremost, a responsibility to the medical community that she or he is trying to become a healer then spends months or more, and we need at that moment a day or can be applied to the atmospheric nature.When one's energy is received by a German named Frank Petter.Finally, discuss the nature of the three is the format of the distance symbol.Judy-Carol Stewart and Maggie Chambers who taught...When mind becomes disturbed, prana also gets disturbed which results in breathing imbalances.
Reiki Therapy Newmarket
Getting attuned to the spine, kidneys, bladder and the practitioner.There are many ways to learn Reiki in PracticeThis all happens from a master in Chikara Reiki Do for Me?It is not driven by an animal recipient were due to its benefits--helping to reduce stress, diminish pain and creating a relax situation for the more energy and love might feel even better than the sheer force of an individual.The energy of reiki instruction, the stage at which this energy from the symbol.
The number and position of hands is out of balance inside your body.The fact is that if you do know it's there.The method will better your sleeping patterns and increases your ability to describe the process for stress reduction method, no doubt in my head that the receiver don't necessarily need to be beneficial.They are becoming anxious about delivering, and are perfectly suited to being used as a therapist to charge a lot of considerations that you wouldn't benefit from a distance.Reiki's healing power through the time watching the nightly news!
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Tumblr media
STAGENAME: Juniper CURRENT AGE: 23 DEBUT AGE: 19 TRAINEE SINCE AGE: 17 COMPANY: KJH ETC: this member is a vocal/performance soloist
oh jua is first marketed to the public as the adorable, slightly androgynous toddler born to a famed producer/rapper and his wife, an equally famous actress. she lives in the spotlight from then on, whether she’s particularly interested in it or not. in the early years her image is made for her, constructed by her parents and an editing crew. insightful, odd, sensitive - she’s a cute kid to watch and her childlike fascination with her father’s production equipment is endearing. but the show ends and soon she fades away, present only in the occasional social media update.
later, she is juniper. a product of singular focus, shaped into something fierce and feminine at once. it’s an image that suits her. she is lucky - her quick wit and familiarity with the way of the celebrity world have afforded her the insight needed to navigate image making all on her own. she presents herself as clever, sweet, a bit snarky but never too much - just enough to be funny, every quip chased with bright laughter and a smile that accentuates still rounded cheeks. she does what she has to do to get airtime, to be noticed - flirts here and there, acts up on social media. nothing too terribly incriminating, but just enough to get comments. enough to get articles. is she doing okay, they ask. she’s so pretty but what’s going on in her head? she’s trying too hard, stranger and stranger lately. she’s abrasive one minute and demure the next, what’s up with her? she’s too much, her gaze hawklike, charm or charisma overflowing. so yeah, there are scandals, blemishes and rumors that tarnish her image, but at least she can feel, in some way, as if there is a truthful part of her out there in the world, something unfiltered. though, of course, such an idea is foolish to consider reality, with each minor buzz creating photo as vetted at the next, a curated image of free-spirited pseudo rebellion.
juniper is, in the end, marketed as genuine. that’s the schtick that sticks. when jawbreaker is announced, behind the scenes, juniper is worry incarnate. by the time jawbreaker is seeing some success, she is hope against hope. she builds a name for herself on the back of endless efforts, of attempting to demonstrate the kind of skills worthy of an all around talent. they market her as this creature of destiny, born into what she is becoming - born to be a star.  the captivating visuals, the sultry voice, the surprisingly sweet and sour back and forth of her disposition. kjh wants the world to see her as authentic, as engaging. equal parts fierce and fun, as if it weren’t hard enough to project one image alone. they make her into a sympathetic figure, struggling with her passion for music but never being recognized for it. they put her onto shows that build sympathy for her. she’s genuine now, she’s sweet and she’s focused and she’s a little bit soft. she’s a bit of an underdog despite everything, despite the name cache. she gets bullied but she keeps her head up. she sasses and snarks on running man but they put her into a haunted house and she’s a mess of tears and childish, plaintive whimpers.
she’s exhausted and more than slightly frustrated, but with proper management comes greater expectations, she thinks, and puts her nose to the grindstone again. anything for opportunity. they push her producing and media play like she’s some kind of budding genius, like she’s inherited her father’s greatness, and as much as she wants it to be true she feels, intensely, as if this is in itself a ruse, just a marketing ploy, as if the authenticity of the songs she’s been hoarding on dusty hard drives is called into question just by the way kjh is pushing them into the world, like some kind of narrative being spun around her without her control.
at least when she was an instagram attention seeker she was controlling the narrative. but more and more, kjh is spinning her up in stories and she feels entangled, a fly caught in the spider’s web, spun up in silk.  so here she is. juniper, attention seeker, artsy, slightly worrying, maybe crazy, genuine, genius - a girl of muddled perception and lackluster dance skills, a girl with more connections than talent or a girl born to shine, depending on who you ask. a weirdo or relatable, a problem child or a prodigy, she is a polarizing figure with a lot to prove.
it begins, in a mild winter in atlanta georgia.
juniper oh is born to loving parents in a hospital, in a particularly normal situation. in fact, it is perhaps alarmingly average. the delivery lasts the average amount of time, the doctor is mostly average, though perfectly competent, and the whole experience goes largely according to plan. it’s really nothing special.
the first year of her life follows this pattern.
she is a cooing babe in buckhead, nestled in a truly affluent area of atlanta, making pilgrimages to duluth to the gigantic h-mart there, so that her grandmother and grandfather can buy the ingredients for the traditional foods they still cherish, despite having left their home country many decades ago, by now.
it’s a nice life, a busy home, eclectic and warm. her mother sings in the shower every morning and her father’s collection of star wars legos is incredible. she’s loved, doted on, cherished.
when juniper is two years old, however, she’s uprooted. her parents move back to seoul, to the careers that have afforded them such luxury in life. her father is a hip hop artist, her mother an actress, and juniper? juniper, once an unassuming but adorable baby, is now a celebrity child. at two years old this means nothing to her, there’s no context for it. just people who twitter and giggle when they see her father, just cameras that appear in her house overnight. they hide themselves, these cameramen, inside little white play houses she’s not allowed inside.
people start to recognize her on the street. dote on her, tease her boyish haircut and her obsession with succulents, the way she looks just like her father. she meets people with more money than sense, idols and actors, hosts and mcs. they dote on her too, put her on their instagrams, tag her dad for the likes, for the clout. they come over to play with her while the men with cameras are there.
her childhood is monetized, publicized.
by three years old she hates it. she’s tired of strangers commenting on her appearance. she doesn’t like them touching her hair or pinching her cheeks. all these people who know her name, strangers that call out to her with a familiarity that does nothing but breed stress in her bones before she should know what such a thing feels like. to his credit, by the time she’s able to verbalize this, at four years old, her father pulls them all off the show immediately. but maybe the damage is already done, to the formative child psyche.
juniper oh goes by oh jua now, the name with which she was registered on the korean family trees. she’s in an english intensive kindergarten and after school she’s trucked off to various lessons. ballet and art, chinese characters and math. her father is working on an album and she sits on his lap in the studio. he lets her play with the dials and toy with buttons, lets her croon into the microphones. he records songs with her, burns them to cds to put in the car, lets her hear her own voice and his together. he asks her six year old opinions on his next title tracks and laughs when she calls some of them too noisy.
years pass in this way, and as she grows people pay less attention to her, more distance between her and her childhood brush with fame. she still appears on instagram from time to time on her parents’ accounts, and her father talks about her on occasion. dedicates songs to her, talks about her in interviews.  he’s open about the struggles he’s been through, and she’s nearing nine when she begins to understand the magnitude of it. of the witch hunts and scandals, of her father’s depression. it’s always been there in little ways but she grows older now, old enough to understand it in bits and pieces.
but only bits.
she’s ten years old when her dad decides to send her to america again, to live with her grandparents. the korean school system is gruelling even for a child. the pressure to keep up is intense, and at ten her peers are already in hagwons until well late into the night. her father sees in juniper much of his own anxieties and uncertainties and doesn’t want her broken down by a system born to grind you down.
all those years of immersive english schooling come in handy now, but it’s still hard. at ten years old picking up the language is quick but not as fast as it could be but learning the social ropes is even harder. she often finds herself feeling lost, up in the air, torn between worlds. the summers spent in seoul and the years spent in atlanta. one moment the child of somebodies, the next a nobody in her own right.
she loses herself in music and in art, in books and poetry, drowns in it until she begins to feel a little better. a little more grounded. it’s the normal way of the teenager and all that, to lose yourself in art to feel connected to something, to express the emotions that well up weighty and heavy in you in untamable waves.
when she’s fifteen she begs to return to seoul. at sixteen her father agrees. she auditions and enters sopa, seoul’s premier school of performing arts, as a vocal studies student. her father is proud of her but he’s hesitant, too. when she expresses a serious desire and a growing aptitude to pursue life as an idol, he’s skeptical to say the least.
all this almost killed me, junebug, he tells her, it’ll destroy you. you’re too soft for it all.
and maybe he’s right. but when kjh reaches out to her she takes the audition anyway. when they offer her a contract she begs him to sign it. promises him she’ll keep her head on straight, she’ll be careful. that she won’t lose herself in all of this. but she already has and they both know it. she was lost the day she was born, as if all of this has been coded into her dna. she’s had this desire in her since she first sat babbling in front of slides and knobs and dials and buttons on her father’s knee.
she passes the audition and signs the contract, her life etched down in blood, her soul traded away even if she doesn’t know it yet. she enters as a trainee and the buzz starts right away. it’s a subset of people uniquely groomed to know who her parents are, to have expectations of her, and right away she begins to fall short of them. her dancing is subpar, her rapping mediocre, her voice throaty and reverberating but not yet trained. she’s only been at this for a year and it shows. they cry nepotism and favoritism and she burns. seethes.
breaks her back to work twice as hard, a thousand times harder. she’s desperate and hungry for it, desires recognition in her own right, acknowledgement for herself and not as an extension of anyone else. father, mother, etcetera.
when debut comes, it comes with strings attached. narratives to be woven and opportunities presented. they end with a label of her as main vocal and lead rap and she struggles a bit with this. feels like the acknowledgement of her rapping talents - growing now, admittedly - to be premature. more media play than anything else, an easy extension of who she is in relation to her father. it pressures her to redouble her efforts on that front, to push herself further and further. they give her resources and groom her budding songwriting talents, encourage her to be honest. within the bounds of the image and appropriateness given to her, after all.
she kind of hates it. doesn’t love the way they only pick up the songs they can make into their girl power narratives. they don’t take the ones that ring truer, more raw. they like the ones that pop and flare and she gets it, there’s a narrative to push here, but if they want to market her as being this genuine creator shouldn’t they encourage her to genuinely create? put out the things she has honestly told, things she has breathed her heart into? but that isn’t what they want. and when she complains of this to her father, she finds now that there is a sadness in his eyes alongside the sympathy, as if he’d known this to be the inevitable conclusion all along. this in itself has her bottling up her frustrations, putting a lid on them. because she is proud of what she’s put out, she’s proud of the music she’s made and the way that they’ve been progressing, a steady upward trajectory, one of her title tracks taking their first win. so she pushes it all away, tamps it down to paint a smile over her features, an airy refrain of everything is fine, everything is fine.
with greater attention comes greater responsibility. they feed her into the machine and wait for her to spit out hits, allowing her to save up tracks for a promised solo debut. when it finally comes it’s more vocally focused than anything she’s done before and she thrives on that, is thrilled by that. and perhaps in direct contention to that, kjh follows up by putting her onto unpretty rap star, the famed (ish) survival rap show. and survive she does, for better or worse, and gains little out of it but a continued difficulty negotiating her own sense of identity. who is she? the shadow of her father? and extension of him? is she famous in her own right, as juniper oh, is she gaining any of this on her own merit? she wants so desperately to believe that her progress has been due to her own capabilities. she wants to believe that sopa took her on because she had promise, that kjh saw something more in her than the promise of media play and a unique vocal tone. she wants to believe that the “lead rap” tacked on her name has meaning, that she’s worthy of the success she had on the show.
she’s given the chance to work with huge names in the industry and she wants to believe that this is real, that she’s earned this, but the more she gains and the higher she climbs the more she doubts her foundation. the more fearful she is that brand deals roll in because of her mother, that attention is thrown her way because of her father.
but more and more those old insecurities arise. more often she finds herself doubting that any of this is real, more desperate than ever to prove herself and surer and surer still that she doesn’t deserve anything she’s earned.
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mikosaura · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Have you ever complained about tiredness, or relationship issues, or well… anything really? If you said no, unless you are some perfect angel human, I don’t believe you. But if you said yes, I would tell you your chakras are probably whack-a-doodle.
Chakras, simply put (very simply put) are energy centers throughout your body. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. Each chakra can be visualized as a spinning whirl where energy flows in a spiraling vortex. Emotional imbalance and stress block the energy that flows freely from one chakra to the next. This can create and illusion of separation and fear in your perception of life.
You can balance your chakras if they ever become stuck in order to bring harmony back into your life. When the energy can circulate throughout your body you may find that you become more creative, focused and fulfilled.
The source of energy can be represented by the element of spirit. Some people may consider this the soul. This body is limitless and it channels the energy from the universe into your material body. It's purpose is to bring awareness to the cosmic consciousness. In other words, it takes you from a state of ignorance to the realization of truth. The soul searches for harmonious vibrations.
The human body can be visualized as a column of light, vibrating at the frequency of color. Each of the seven main chakras—crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root— vibrate at a different frequency and therefore are seen as different colors. These vibrations correspond with various emotions and feelings, when the vibrations are interrupted due to disease, stress, or tensions, it can deplete the energy you have available to live your daily life and alters your chemical and hormonal response to change.
The seven main chakras in your body, are as follows, working from the top, down:
The highest chakra opens you up to the universe, to the energy from above you, to intuition and spirit. Some people see it as violet in color and others see it as a bright, shining white. Either way, it is the chakra that represents enlightenment and the connection to deity.
Sanskrit: Sahasrara
Affirmation: “I am one with my higher self and one with the Divine.”
Purpose: Cognition, our connection and to spirituality and higher self/life/purpose
Location: Top/center of the head
Color: Violet/white
Element: Thought
Crystals: Clear quartz, diamond, Herkimer diamond, lepidolite, moonstone, sugilite, amethyst, sapphire
Essential Oils: Frankincense, helichrysum, lemon, lemon balm, chamomile, rosemary, sandalwood
This chakra is associated with psychic vision, intuition, wisdom, the mind, perception, and visualization. If it is blocked, you may be unable to access those things, and you thinking in general might be muddled. If you have attempted divination and failed, it is a good idea to check in on your third eye chakra.
Sanskrit: Ajna
Affirmation: “I am tuned into the Divine to follow the path towards my purpose.”  
Purpose: Intuition/imagination/wisdom/ability to think and make decisions
Location: Middle of forehead: between the eyes, above the base of the nose, slightly higher than brow line
Color: Indigo
Element: Light
Crystals: Amethyst, blue quartz, charoite, lepidolite, purple flourite, sodalite, sugilite, lapis lazuli
Essential Oils: Clary sage, lemongrass
The fifth chakra rules speech, self-expression, communication, creativity, the arts, and speaking your own truth. If you've ever felt powerless or unable to speak your mind your throat chakra might be out of balance. Many people store anger in this chakra so learning techniques for letting go of that anger can lead you to positive change and transformation.
Sanskrit: Vishuddha
Affirmation: “I am speaking clearly and truthfully with grace and ease.”
Purpose: Communication/self-expression of feelings, speaking the truth, holding secrets
Location: Center of throat/neck
Color: Blue
Element: Ether/sound
Crystals: Angelite, apatite, aquamarine, celestine, blue lace agate, sodalite, lapis lazuli, turquoise
Essential Oils: Birch, lavender, oregano
The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and is located right where you'd expect! It is associated with the emotions, especially the ability to give and receive love. If it is closed off, you will probably have a tough time with relationships of every kind, so it's a good idea to check in on this one from time to time.
Sanskrit: Anahata
Affirmation: “I am giving and receiving love effortlessly and unconditionally.”
Purpose: Love, joy, inner peace
Location: Heart region
Color: Green
Element: Air
Crystals: Amazonite, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, emerald rose quartz, green aventurine
Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, geranium, lime, marjoram, melaleuca, peppermint, rose, thyme, ylang ylang
The third chakra is considered to be the center of the body, the place from which energy is generated. The third chakra is usually visualized as yellow in color. If it is out of balance, that can show up as a lack of energy flow. This chakra is associated with self-esteem and self-confidence.
Sanskrit: Manipura
Affirmation: “I am powerful, confident and successful in all my ventures.”
Purpose: Power, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem
Location: Slightly above the navel
Color: Yellow
Element: Fire
Crystals: Amber, golden topaz, sunstone, citrine, yellow calcite  
Essential Oils: Bergamot, cassia, clove, coriander, fennel, ginger, grapefruit, juniper berry, wintergreen
The second chakra, also known as the sacral chakra, is located at the pelvis and is usually pictured as being orange in color. This energy center is key for sexuality and hormonal balance, which affects the entire body. No matter what stage of life you are at, this chakra can be thrown off by trauma or illness. Some people ar uncomfortable with their own sexuality, and that can throw this chakra out of whack too.
Sanskrit: Svadhistana
Affirmation: “I am authentically creating a life free of stress and full of bliss.”    
Purpose: Authentic creation, creator, soul fire, sexuality  
Location: Slightly below the navel    
Color: Orange    
Element: Water    
Crystals: Carnelian, citrine, orange calcite, orange carneline, fire opal
Essential Oils: Black pepper, cinnamon, cypress, tangerine, orange
The root chakra, sometimes called base chakra, has to do with being grounded and stable. It is what roots you to the earth, and when it is out of balance, you can feel insecure. When working to heal and balance your chakras, this is where you'll want to start. Think of them as a tower of blocks: without a sable foundation, the whole thing with topple over.
Sanskrit: Muladhara
Affirmation: “I am a divine being of light. I am peaceful, protected, and secure.”    
Purpose: Survival, security, stability    
Location: Base of spine    
Color: Red    
Element: Earth    
Crystals: Bloodstone, garnet, ruby, jasper    
Essential Oils: Basil, cedarwood, myrrh, patchouli, vetiver, white fir
Energy Work is the basis of many alternative healing techniques. Ayurvedic medicine, crystal therapy, Reiki and traditional Chinese medicine all involve energy work. Energy work can also be found in some religious and spiritual beliefs such as Hinduism and Buddhism. It is at the core of Feng Shui and considered an integral part of yoga (Kundalini and Anusara yoga in particular).
Throughout the world, different cultures deal with energy work. The term for energy may differ (Chinese chi, Japanese ki, Greek pneuma, Indian prana, etc.) but wherever you are, the idea remains the same. Energy work is the manipulation of the energy which flows through all living things, also known as life force energy.
For centuries, people have balanced their chakras in order to feel grounded, passionate, confident, loving, expressive, creative and spiritual. Modern humans have just as much or even more stress and chaos interrupting our lives making it easy for chakras to become blocked. You can heal yourself by connecting your body, mind and spirit to your energy. With unblocked chakras and freely flowing energy you can live your healthiest, most joyous life.
If you can understand this, you can understand why people consider it important to work with their chakras. By healing and balancing our chakras we are actively working toward healing and balancing ourselves on every level. When you complain about being tired or a problem in your relationship or anything else you can discover the deeper issue that could be causing these surface challenges.
If you don't like guided meditations, read this deep and powerful meditation before you start your practice. It's perfect to help you find some balance and beneficial energy. It should take about half an hour.
This meditation may bring intense sensations and strong emotional reactions. If you feel vibrations, numbness, tingling, or a floating or disconnected sensation this is normal. You may see flashes or swirls of light behind your eyelids. Also, normal. Ringing in your ears is also common. None of this will harm you. Simply relax into the sensation and breathe deeply.
Start by sitting comfortable with your back straight and your chin tilted slightly in. Find a comfortable place to rest your hands on your knees or in your lap.
Breathe deeply and notice any tension. Relax muscles. Feel your heartbeat slow. When thoughts enter your mind let them pass. When the world around you take you away from you focus, push it out again. Always bringing your attention back to your breath.
Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Close your eyes.
Bring your attention to the root chakra at the base of your spine. See it glowing red and opening like a flower. Breathe into this space. With every inhale see clean, beneficial energy entering the chakra. Imagine unhelpful, unclean energy leaving and dissipating with your exhales. Stay here as long as you like before moving up to your sacral chakra.
Continue climbing up your spine like a ladder focusing on each chakra along the way for the time you need. Visualize each chakra as it's corresponding color vibration (sacral - orange, Solar plexus - yellow, heart - green/pink, throat - blue/aqua, third eye - purple/blue, crown - purple/white).
When you finish with the crown chakra, breathe and prepare yourself. Notice any new sensations. When you're ready, imaging a stream of light flowing from beyond the crown chakra (the source), through the crown, down your spine all the way to your root chakra. As it flows, imagine each chakra is filled with energy before spilling in to the next.
Once each chakra is filled with energy and glowing brightly allow the excess energy to return to the universe. Feel you connection to the universe and all it's wisdom.
Breathe deeply for several minutes. Allow your awareness to explore your surroundings. Wiggle your toes and fingers. Slowly, open your eyes.
Crown: Silence - shhhh
Third Eye: Om
Throat: Ham
Heart: Yam
Solar Plexus: Ram
Sacral: Vam
Root: Lam
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