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#Avatar The Last Airbender
bipirate · a day ago
Tumblr media
my full piece for the @born-lucky-zine ! leftover sales are now open, so check it out!
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hello-yue-here · 2 days ago
what the gaang & co. would dress up as for halloween.
aang: aang decides to be the michelin man. no one knows why. he refuses to explain his decision process.
katara: katara handmade an exact replica of the broadway cinderella gown that transforms from the rags to the ballgown. HANDMADE. AND ITS A FLAWLESS TRANSITION. she also added a feature to make it deteriorate when the clock strikes 12 at the costume party but instead of going back to rags she becomes zombie cinderella. THREE IS ONE PEOPLE. katara did not come to play.
sokka: elton john. sokka ALSO did not come to play. he has an exact replica of elton’s iconic white suit with the feather shoulder pads AND a costume change into the bedazzled dodgers costume. the water tribe siblings take halloween very seriously.
toph: john cena. she trusts katara to get the costume for her. everyone says “hey toph, why john cena?” her response you ask?: “i cant see you so now you cant see me.” major creativity points.
zuko: okay listen… this manz dressed up at the blue spirit for shits n gigs during his stint as a vigilante as an outlet for his teen angst. who is the real world equivalent of the blue spirit? the phantom of the opera. im so sorry but you know this is who zuko would go as. he then takes off his mask and someone says his scar makeup is rlly good. zuko is torn between saying “thanks my dad helped do it” like the little shit he is or punting them across the backyard.
suki: the bride from kill bill. this needs no explanation.
yue: an old lady. she looks fantastic. she was like old ladies have white hair. i have white hair. old ladies wear cardigans. i love cardigans. its perfect. she goes all out for her makeup. its a really good costume. she even has an old lady accent and walk that she uses the whole halloween party. what a legend.
jet: spike speigel from cowboy bebop. i have never seen cowboy bebop. but ive seen spike before. jet could pull it off. he has the hair. yes i did have to do research into figuring out spikes name and what he was from because i saw pictures of him before and it took me a while but i did it. so jet is spike. thats it.
haru: jack sparrow. its the only time his mustache has come in handy.
azula: elizabeth swann. she is FURIOUS when she sees haru because now everyone is going to assume they are there together. she looks great tho. but she is mad. mad mad mad.
mai: ty lee. she lost a bet.
ty lee: mai. she won a bet.
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mx-mongoose · 2 days ago
Cartoons to watch if you have watched all the popular shows out right now part 2
This is a part 2 to this post , but as a reminder this is for the people who have already watched shows like Owl House, Amphibia, Infinity Train, She-Ra, Avatar ETC. This for when you have literally nothing new to watch in terms of animation.
Tumblr media
I highly debated putting Hilda on the list since it is fairly well known if you dig deep enough but i’m putting it on here anyway. If you like cozy shows with a fair bit of action, then you’ll love Hilda. Its about a girl who moves from the magical countryside to the city Trolberg where she might still encounter beasts of all sorts. You can watch this on Netflix.
Tumblr media
Summer Camp Island is in the same realm of Hilda and City of Ghosts, its a cozy show about a magical summer camp run by witches. Its adorable and a good thing to watch in pajamas while drinking a hot beverage if you ask me. Its has a fair bit of lore but from my viewing, it doesn’t really rely on it to be entertaining and enjoyable. You can watch this on HboMAX
Tumblr media
Now I thought Welcome to the Wayne got cancelled after its pilot, but apparently it got two seasons that just went unspoken about?? Its weird because I remember it got a lot of attention by its interesting premise. Its about three kids who try to find out the secrets of the apartment building they live in, encountering agents and creatures as they venture through the building. You can watch this on Amazon prime and Paramount +
Tumblr media
For the people who mainly watch cartoons on streaming services, you guys are missing out on the independent cartoons on youtube! Like Epithet Erased, which is a god tier show in terms of writing and comedy. I love it to bits and holds a special place in my heart 💕. Its about a world where the majority of people are given words attached to their soul called Epithets and those Epithets give them certain powers depending on the word. But those words can range from Sundial and Barrier, to Dumb and Soup. Meanwhile there’s a chase for Arsen Amulet, which has the power to steal the Epithet from its user. I can’t recommend this show enough! You can watch this on JelloApocalypse’s channel, the full series can be found on his channel.
Tumblr media
All Saints Street is a show that comes from China, its about a demon named Neil Bowman who decides to leave hell in order to experience the human world, so he decides to go live in China. He lives in Beijing with his roomates who are all sorts of mythical beasts, meanwhile a darkness looms in the shadows. If you don’t mind subtitles then this is the show for you, you can watch the whole show on PercyDan’s youtube channel.
Tumblr media
Aggretsuko is the perfect show if your looking for something more mature but doesn’t use sex and swear jokes constantly. The show focuses on a red panda named Retsuko, an office worker in japan who has to put up with a sexist boss and annoying coworkers. She vents out her fury through death metal karaoke! Both the sub and dub are so good, so either which one you prefer, you’re good! You can watch this on netflix
Tumblr media
Arlo The Alligator Boy is a pop musical movie about an Alligator boy named Arlo in search of his father. On his journey he meets new friends and maybe even family. This is a good show if like pop musicals (there all original songs) and cute characters. Then this is movie for you! You can watch the continuation series and movie on Netflix.
Thank you for all the suggestions, sadly i’m only putting on shows i’v watched. But I will make a part three of the ones i’v missed!
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fanonical · 2 days ago
sokka: so why do we have to save the world again?
sokka: i'm just saying, you'd think some actual adults would want to get involved at some point
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aangarchy · a day ago
Tumblr media
I think this scene is so interesting because technically Aang wasn't there 100 years ago. He left before the comet was about to hit, and we don't know how much time passed between Aang's disappearance and the attack on the temples. It could have been a few days but it also could have been several weeks.
Aang just knew the fire nation history book wasn't truthful because the airnomads didn't have an army. But he never truly knew what happened that day. Were the high level monks aware of a possible strike? They knew a war was brewing, and that they would need the Avatar sooner rather than later, hence them telling Aang when he was only 12. But to what extent did they know? Did they have intel? Were there negotiations? What were the politics behind all of this?
Idk I just think it's so interesting to think about the events leading up to the genocide. I really wish we knew more.
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didules · a day ago
Tumblr media
Cropped version of a maybe standee ♥
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fanonical · a day ago
sokka: my boomerang's better than your stupid bending anyway
katara: can your boomerang give us a shower?
toph: or make us a shelter?
zuko: or heat up a cup of tea?
sokka: ...i hate all of you
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