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#Avatar the Last Airbender
megpeggs · a day ago
Imagine having an airbender bf whose daily ritual it is to call you beautiful
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fioblah · a day ago
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zuko that ambassador u always hang out with is so cool
tip jar
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oldpotatoe · 2 days ago
zuko: so, what do you want to do tonight
sokka: hmm. world domination
zuko: bit ambitious, aren’t we?
sokka: zuko, you’re my world
zuko: aww
zuko: wait, what
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opens-up-4-nobody · 2 days ago
A Zuko draw??
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Zuzu bending lightning...
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jasminedragonart · 2 days ago
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These were going to be in the zine but I’ve changed the direction of it. I don’t think I want to do a story, I think I just want to do a collection of Suzuka arts.
Commissions are still open
Kofi link is on my page
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ewilan-q · a day ago
Guys I need your help to prove a point. A friend of mine is developing a high quality 2D heroic fantasy animated show, that everyone wants to see but no one to fund. The broadcasters and platforms are telling her that heroic fantasy is a niche genre that doesn’t sell as is 2D animation.
Like if you enjoy 2D animation.
Like if you enjoy heroic fantasy .
Reblog if you would definitely watch and support a 2D animated heroic fantasy show.
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fanonical · a day ago
zuko: for my first action as fire lord
zuko: i decree that every member of the fire nation military has to personally apologise to my friend katara
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mimzy-writing-online · 22 hours ago
Shit, I am now thinking about that throwaway line from The Serpent's Pass of Avatar: the Last Airbender when Toph told the ticket lady that Momo was her seeing-eye lemur. Which canonizes some form of guide-animals in atla's cultural history.
If I had to guess, I would bet there were a few historical cases of blind people training animals to perform tasks such as bringing things and stopping them from bumping into objects, maybe full-on guiding. I bet a writer would have been inspired by this and made it into some kind of mythology, poem, book, or play that made the idea popularized.
We never see another blind character in the show, and therefore never see any non-earth bending forms of orientation and mobility. So it's impossible to say if this is just a thing in atla's pop-culture that Toph expected anyone would just know, or if there are known contemporary people with service animals.
It puts the behavior of her parents into question, because it is easy to dismiss a lot of their coddling as ignorance. Lao Beifong seems like the kind of man to utilize his money and power if he thought it would make his daughter safer, but he also doesn't believe in the possibility of her being independent.
Though I doubt Toph would want a guide animal if one was offered.
One, she is fully capable of her own navigation. When she leaves with Aang, she does encounter situations in which she feels her disability (flying, in the air, on metal floors, wood, sand, water) but she does learn how to navigate those with the tools she has available.
Two, she has that mentality of "I pull my own weight" and not wanting help from anyone that she has to unlearn throughout the show.
Then there is the aspect of how much responsibility goes into taking care of a pet. There's a reason that blind children are expected to wait until they are teens or over the age of eighteen before they can apply to get a guide dog. By our modern standards, Toph would be too young to get a guide dog.
Anyway, those are my thoughts, all stemming from one throw-away line. Toss me a question about world-building if you have it.
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oni-lilyn · 2 days ago
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Naga from Legend of Korra
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futurama · a day ago
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ba sing se zuko...
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bigbraincel · a day ago
i was looking through my old blog and-
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Tumblr media
the way i shipped it before it even became canon,,,, my MIND
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zebrawuzhere · 2 days ago
Do you ever get in the mood for a ridiculously specific au where person A and person B are dating but then they're in a fight and A says something that wounds B so much and so they break up. But then it shows A having so much remorse and guilt and then they reunite and there's smut and it's perfect and-
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zukostyles · a day ago
Zuko: Can I tell you something?
Zuko: Don't freak out
Sokka: What makes you think I would freak out?
Zuko: I love you
Sokka: I'm freaking out
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megpeggs · 2 days ago
While watching S4 Ep 10 of Kim Possible "Big Brother" I got a dumb sketch idea
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Don't kick me out of the fandoms pls, thx
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fanonical · 2 days ago
sokka: long ago, i thought girls were stupid
sokka: then everything changed when suki and my sister attacked
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azehearts · 4 hours ago
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Let's walk with Grandpa Iroh
Hello for steambaby 🥺❤❤
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