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fuckyeahfirefly · 8 years ago
Hi! I'm new to the fandom--just finished watching Serenity--and I was wondering if there's anything in particular I should know that I wouldn't get from just watching the show and the movie, especially on the Shepherd's background, which was sadly neglected. Thanks!
I suggest reading the comics! Those Left Behind and Better Days take place in between the show and the movie, and Shepherd's Tale explains Book's past. There is also Float Out, which is a one-shot about Wash. All of the comics are published by Dark Horse, and they are all worth the read. 
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jeffreyfrancoeur · 9 years ago
Watching Phineas and Ferb with Avery. This show is so amazing.
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obsessedobsesser · 9 years ago
I just thought I would say that the man in your icon looks alarmingly similar to Data, the android from Star Trek. I'm not sure if this bothers me or not.
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thenicestnonbinary · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay yes I realize I’m missing a lOT of flags, but these ones are some of my personal headcanons for the queens
If you use them, please credit me!
And if you want another flag for one of the queens, send me an ask or shoot me a dm! I’ll be happy to oblige :3
Some of my own headcanons will be under the cut
Catalina was the first person to come out to everyone. I know fic writers like to create tension by making her unaccepting at first, but in my house, Catalina realizes very quickly that she never held any romantic feeling for either Tudor brother and instead was definitely into girls.
Idk people making Catalina vaguely homophobic coded just makes me sad and also i want my soft yet stern gay mom so yknow what she knows full well shes gay and she owns it
she didn't make coming out a whole thing, Catalina just offhandedly mentioned that one of the girls they passed while walking down the street was very pretty, but like in a gay way, and everyone just did a double take
Anne also was pretty aware that she liked girls, (I like the way @havaamina put it in one of her fics) although I also had a little thought that Catalina was Anne's true gay awakening.
like- the sheer thought of two lesbians stuck in this awful rut of comphet fighting over a guy both depresses me and cracks me up
also Catalina finds out from Cathy that she was Anne's gay awakening and Anne never lives it down. Ever.
Jane is a little trickier, she did have some vague romantic feelings for Henry, but also had these weird romantic feelings for Catalina and gosh it's all so confusing.
when they reincarnate, she finds out about pansexuality and bisexuality and just goes "thats a tHING?" and yep its a thing
Catalina is so damn smug that she gave two of her ex ladies in waiting their gay awakenings
Anna is a lesbian, but I also headcanon her as demisexual.
like Anna is super oblivious so sexual attraction is the only way for her to realize that yes she's into someone.
which of course made it a little awkward on her part when she suddenly got slapped in the face with attraction and was like "huh so thats what that feels like."
Anna also didnt make a big deal about coming out, the queens probably just saw her and Kitty cuddling on the couch and went "yea that makes sense, theres no way Anna would be straight"
Kitty i also headcanon as a lesbian, but i also headcanon her as a demigirl
Tho i also headcanon that their relationship with gender is more like they forgot to cancel their 7 day free trial of it but they don't mind
She was probably the second person to come out, and DEFINITELY made a whole deal of it
Like streamers and cake and the whole 9 yards
Cathy is bisexual but like in a very genderqueer way
Like she likes very confident self assured women but she also likes very soft and caring men and she also likes nonbinary people in general and just gosh why is everyone hot
Theyre also a demigirl, although where Kitty had a gender discovery, Cathy had a gender crisis
Like they had this whole thing where they reevaluated their self worth/identity because theyd placed it on being a female author
But after Kitty came out, she got a lot of help from them and eventually settled on a good label for herself
Yes Kitty and Cathy make so many jokes about having to share the pronoun
Wooo okay there we go
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thenicestnonbinary · 15 days ago
got bored in class have a sc!Jane doodle
Tumblr media
my traumatized bby💙
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thenicestnonbinary · a month ago
Can we please se an aramour fankid for star crossed 🥺
Yea sure dude why not
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m not usually one for making fankids, but this was kinda fun and cute hahah
Maybe a theoretical Mary design idk, whatever y’all think I suppose :3
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thenicestnonbinary · 15 days ago
hello i am here to ask for some wing au content if that is ok 🤲🤲
a c2 wing au kitty with mwah and a e4 wing au anna with pspsps pls and tyvm!!
hi babe! Wing content coming right up :D
Tumblr media
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thenicestnonbinary · a month ago
Tumblr media
Felt like I owe y’all some soft aramour both cause if what’s been happening in star crossed and what’s going to happen
They’re in love your honor
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