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Fandoms I art for (and by fandoms I art for I mean fandoms I’d love requests for)

  • Fablehaven
  • Miraculous Ladybug
  • Grisha verse
  • Percy Jackson
  • Harry Potter
  • Bleach (the anime)
  • Dragon Ball
  • Naruto
  • Inuyasha
  • The Dragon Prince
  • Fairy Tail
  • Avengers
  • I can be persuaded to other fandoms these are just my main

Just as a master list for anyone wondering what fandoms I’d take requests for

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Stucky X reader

Steve *trying to motivate the team* : *Blah blah blah* this *blah bluh bluh* that …… So Minds work best when open.

Y/n : you know what else work best open?

Steve : *chokes* w-wh-what?


Y/n *mumbles* : I was gonna say your clothes but that works too

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Harley: throwing lamps at people who need to lighten up

Tony: throwing handles at people who need to get a grip

Peter: throwing refrigerators at people who need to chill

Pepper: throwing scissors at people who need to cut it out

Morgan: throwing straws at people who need to suck it up

Stephen: throwing bridges at people who need to get over it

Nebula: throwing knifes at people who need to be stabbed.

Rhodey: well that escalated quickly

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Thor + western + “How about we forget this ever happened, please?”


It wasn’t often that someone rode into town. And it was extremely rare that it was a man followed by a group of shooting lawmen.

The cloud of dust was huge, caused by the many horse hooves, and was seen minutes before the figures were even visible. The single horsemen was a good mile ahead, and when he came closer to your little town he immediately went for the closest building. Yours.

The man’s horse was heaving, sweating heavily as he turned it rapidly into the open barn next to your house. Just as soon, you saw him leave, guns in his hands as he looked back at the law man far away but still approaching. A bang sounded as he crashed into a door going into your house.

Frozen by the window of the second story, you heard him shuffling underneath you. Clanging loudly, before hollering out, “Is anybody home?!” His voice has a gruffiness to it, yet sounded full of pain.

Slowly, you walked down the stairs, peaking to catch a glimpse of the man. Now that he was so close, you saw that his entire arm was soaking red. With ragged clothes, he was slumped on your wooden chair, his hand clutching his arm. His guns were on the table, while he was breathing heavily. And was that a hammer you spotted on his belt?

Shyly, you spoke out, “Um, sir. Are you okay?”

His head whipped around to face you. Now you had a clear view of his face. It was ruggedly beautiful. Like a perfect face but enhanced with a few scars and a couple days old scruff.

His blue eyes twinkled when he saw you, “Goodie” he laughed, “Now would you be so kind as to stitch up a stranger in need?”

You’re breath caught at his suggestion, “Uh…” you said nervously, not sure what to do, before looking at your front window as the group of men got closer on their horses, “Aren’t those men after you?” 

“I have a good few minutes ahead of them. Plus they couldn’t have seen what house I barged in on. The bleeding has stopped a bit, and I’ve already gotten the bullet out. A few stitches would do me wonders.” he asked again, lifting up his shirt to show a bullet wound on his arm, and gave you a cocky wink.

At the sight of the wound, you sprang into action. You ran into the kitchen, grabbing a needle, thread, and a bottle of liquor. With your teeth, you popped it open, and generously splashed it over his arm.

He grunted at the sudden burn, before taking his long sleeve off completely with his other arm, and propped up the injured arm on the table. His long golden hair swung with the movement, slightly matted with blood and dirt.

“Alright” you began apprehensively, “Let’s do this before I lose my nerve.” Quickly, rushed by the quickly approaching men and the fact that ever since you had seen the handsome man in your house, you’ve had nervous butterflies in your stomach.

Also you began to use the needle and thread to haphazardly stitch the wound closed, he grunted in pain, before grabbing the bottle of liquor off the table and chugged.

“So uh,” you looked up at the man, his eyes were clouded with pain as the needle was pulling at his skin, yet he kept a smile on his face. As if he considered himself happy and lucky within the mess that he was currently in. “What did you do to get into this situation?”

“Oh I just robbed a stagecoach.” he said simply, as if that cleared up everything in the world.

“Okay…” you said, deciding to not act as if he just confessed to a serious crime.

He chuckled again at your response, but not before groaning as you finished up his stitches, “Not everyone can make an honest living.” You finished wrapping a fresh bandage around the wound, securing the fabric with a knot.

“I understand” you responded, looking up at him through your eyelashes. “I must say, outlaws are particularly handsome.”

He grinned at you, maintaining the steady eye contact. Your heart may or may not have skipped a beat.

The moment was interrupted as the loud sound of running horses erupted outside your house. His bright blue eyes widened, getting up and poking his head around the drawn curtains, looking as the men on horseback whipped past, running into the small town.

He began to go for the door, but you stopped him, your hand holding onto his muscular arm, “Wait. I didn’t even get your name!”

A sad smile crossed his face, before he solemnly replied, “How about we forget this ever happened, please?”

You sucked in a breath, before nodding. Then the cowboy you would never see again walked out of your backdoor.

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You and Natasha have been together for many years. She always believed that you would become a big star. And now, at your premiere, she is just incredibly proud of you. And you are incredibly grateful to her


(gif isn’t mine)

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Hey! So I was thinking of doing like a mini series called ‘Five and One’. Five times X tried to kiss you and one time X finally did. Send me an ask with characters you’d like to see! I have one with Dean from Supernatural in the works right now but I’d love to write for others too. 

Also, if you’d like to request a fic, please send me an ask! I’d love to write for you!!

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LEGACY: A Tony Stark Daughter Story



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Word Count: 880ish

Summary: Wanda and Bailey work on her powers.


A few days after Steve’s return, Wanda suggested that we work on controlling my powers better. Specifically, help me build up my stamina. We went out to the front lawn, where Pepper was reading on the porch, and Morgan and Bucky were playing together in her tent.

“Okay,” Wanda clapped her hands together. “Just by the few times I’ve been inside your head the past week, I can tell that you are out of practice with all of your abilities. So…” She looked around. “We’re going to go through all of them, see which ones are easier for you, and go on from there.”

“Okay.” I nodded.

“We don’t even need to go over mind reading and conversations, you have that one down. So… let’s try making someone do something.”

“Who and what?” Just as I asked that, Happy and Rhodey pulled up. Wanda smirked.

“Make Happy give Bucky a hug.”

I laughed as I nodded and quickly focused on Happy. I slipped a command into his thoughts. Wanda and I watched as Happy walked over to the tent Morgan and Bucky were playing in. He flipped the door open and bear hugged Bucky.

“Uhh…” Bucky looked real confused, and slightly disgusted. “What the hell man?”

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A Change of Heart

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Reader needs to tell Steve some important news, but as she watches Steve get ready to put the stones back, something feels wrong.

Rating: T?

Word Count: 1592

Warnings: some fucks, angst, no bueno time

A/N: This is my first one shot so I’m sorry if it sucks. Hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by writings-of-a-hufflepuff

Worry was currently gnawing at your stomach, making your insides twist and turn. You wish that you didn’t come today, wish that you made up some excuse. Then again, Steve himself had asked if you were going to come today to see him off. You could never say no to the super solider.


“You alright? You look a little green around the gills.” Sam questions and you swallow down the bile that attempts to rise up in your throat. You stroke the skin where your thumb meets your hand, hoping that the old remedy actually works today. Can you fucking relax? Please?

“Peachy, Wilson. Fucking peachy.” You mutter, your eyes staying on Steve as he goes over the plan with Bruce for the millionth time. You had no reason to worry. Steve was going to go in, put back the stones, and come back. Then, then you could tell him what you found out when you had went to go get your injuries checked out after Thanos returned.

There hasn’t been a right time in the past few days, but it was slowing dawning on you that there might not ever be a right time to tell him. There would never be a perfect situation for you to tell him this unexpected news. You held in the sigh you so desperately wanted to let out, deciding to pay attention to what Bruce was saying.

“…Remember, you have to return the stones to the exact moment you got ‘em or you’re going to open up a bunch of nasty alternative realities.” Bruce reminds Steve, opening the special case with his non-burned hand. You shoved your hands a little deeper into your pockets, trying to look as calm and collected as Sam. Steve nods, shutting the case and locking it.

“Don’t worry, Bruce. Clip all the branches.” Steve responds as you shift on your feet. You just want him to get over with so you can tell him what’s been weighing on your shoulders.

“You know, I tried. When I had the gauntlet, the stones-I really tried to bring her back. I miss her man.” Bruce confides in Steve and suddenly you feel like an asshole for even being there, listening to this obviously private conversation. You look to the helicopters in the distance, watching them as they clean up the mess Thanos and his army had made.

“Me too.” Steve tells your fellow teammate. You turn your attention onto Bucky, who is standing next to the platform as you and Sam walk on either side of Steve. Before the snap, back when you guys were on the run, Steve, Sam and you were all thick as thieves. However, five years can really change a person and but luckily it hasn’t changed this.

“You know, if you want, I could come with you.” Sam announces and it brings a smile to your face. That uneasiness starts to loosen its hold on you, just for a second until Steve stops to look at Sam.

“You’re a good man, Sam. This one’s on me, though.” Steve replies and you clear your throat slightly.

“It doesn’t have to be, Steve.” You say and he turns his head to look at you. Those gentle blue eyes are as soft as ever as he smiles at you. For a moment, it feels like it’s just you and him. You should’ve told him last night when you two were entangled in bed, but you had savored the moment too much. You didn’t want to ruin it with your confession.

“What? You losing your hope in me, doll?” Steve questions and you can’t help but grin. The butterflies his smile gives you are trying to fly around in your stomach, but it’s just too knotted up.

“Of course not. It just doesn’t hurt to have a helping hand.” You retort as his eyes seemingly study your face. You two have never been the ones for PDA. The two of you had chosen to keep your relationship a secret these past five years, deciding that no one but you two needed to know. No one really knew it was more than just harmless flirting, so when Steve leaned down and kissed you softly, you just knew something was wrong. He would never just kiss you in front of other people.

“You really shouldn’t worry about me, Y/N. I’ll be fine.” Steve murmurs to you, cupping your cheek with his glove covered hand, his thumb brushing against your cheek one. You try to smile back at him, nodding slightly as he pulls his hand away. You watch as he walks over to Bucky, your feet rooted in place.

“Don’t do anything stupid till I get back.” Steve says as Sam comes to stand next to you. You’re sure he has a million questions to ask what has happened between

“How can I? You’re taking all the stupid with you.” There’s no humor in Bucky’s tone and you get a sinking feeling in your gut. When they embrace, you know that’s something is wrong. You’re suddenly glad you already threw up your breakfast.

“Gonna miss you, buddy.” Bucky tells Steve as they pull away and you wish you could run away from all of this.

“It’s going to be okay, Buck.” Steve responds before turning away from Bucky and climbing up the steps to the platform. He activates the quantum suit, preparing for what’s about to happen.

“How long is this going to take?” Sam questions, looking at both you and Bruce.

“For him, as long as he needs. For us, five seconds.” Bruce answers and you just give a simple nod, fearing that if you open your mouth you’ll just make a mess of things. You’re standing in between Sam and Bucky now, the three of you looking up at Steve as he picks up mjölnir.

“Ready, Cap?” Bruce asks as Steve turns his head to look at the jolly green giant. Steve doesn’t say anything, just nods as Bruce continues to speak, “Alright, we’ll meet you back here.”

“I’ll be back.” Steve announces before the helmet comes over his face. You reach out blindly, grabbing ahold of Sam’s hand. He’s a little surprised, especially since you haven’t been known to show affection, but he squeezes your hand regardless. Your heart is beating fast in your chest and you know that both super soldiers can hear it.

“Going quantum in three, two, one.” And just like that, Steve’s gone. You try to calm down, trying to keep everything together.

“And returning in five, four, three, two, one.” Bruce flips the switches, hits the correct buttons and-Steve isn’t there.

“Where is he?” You ask, your voice wavering as you look at Bruce. You let go of Sam’s hand, dropping it like it burned you.

“I-I don’t know. He blew right by his time stamp. He should be here.” Bruce tries to explain. It suddenly feels like your underwater, everything Sam and Bruce are saying are muted as you sit down on the steps of the platform. Bucky’s walking off and it dawns on you that he knew. He fucking knew. His voice suddenly cuts through the silence.

“Y/N. Sam.” Bucky gets your attention and you shakily stand. Your legs somehow carry you over to where Bucky is standing. By the lake sits a man that doesn’t look like your Steve, not by a long shot. Your eyes drift down to see the shield leaning up against the bench the man is sitting on as the three of you walk towards him.

“Go ahead.” Bucky says, smiling slightly as he motions to Sam. You’re not even the first choice. Sam walks toward as hands move to rest on your still flat stomach. Bucky glances at you, seeing the movement of your hand. It takes him a second to put two and two together.

“I’m guessing he doesn’t know.” Bucky murmurs to you, not wanting to say it too loud for the other men to hear. You desperately try to blink away your tears as you face forward, not glancing at the man beside you.

“There was never a good time to tell him.” The voice that’s leaving your mouth sounds foreign to you as tears start to roll down cheeks as Bucky nods at Sam. The Falcon picks up Steve’s shield and you quickly wipe away your tears.

“It’s your turn.” Bucky announces, his eyes on you as Sam walks back to where you two are standing, shield in hand. You can’t move your feet. This feels like a nightmare and you desperately want to wake up. You shake your head, stumbling backwards. Both Sam and Bucky look at you worriedly.

“I can’t-I just can’t. Tell him-Tell him I’m sorry.” You stumble over your words as emotion tightens your throat. You feel sick to your stomach. You turn on your heel and just walk away from the whole situation. You can hear them calling your name as walk further and further into the woods. You needed to get out of here.

You had inadvertently fucking ruined everything by not telling him before he left. Maybe he would’ve stayed, maybe things would’ve been okay. But now-Now you were fucking running away. Deep down you knew that you should tell him. He deserves to know that you are carrying his child. The other part of you knew that there was no way that this goes well for either you or your unborn child.

You two were fucked and really had no one to blame but yourself.

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