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Originally posted by bishopl

A/N: Hi, it’s me again :) I hope you enjoy that I’m back haha. I know the world is scary rn but I’m hoping we can all be together for each other! Honestly please request anything you want!! I love writing and it feels amazing to be back. Thanks for all the support! I love you all with my whole heart and I promise I never forgot about you. Also welcome to all the new people!! Anyway, enjoy :) 

Warning: Sad, mentions of injuries and death, swearing

Prompt: based on “I should have been there!” 

“So, here’s the mission,” Cap spoke. His hands rested on his hips while he spoke to the Avengers. You stared back at him. This was the first mission that the team was allowing you to join and you couldn’t have been more excited. It had been months of training and begging, but everyone finally agreed.

You had the ability of telekinesis, but it took a long time for you to be able to master it and you were still working on it. Bucky, your best friend, sat next to you. You looked over at him and grinned. He knew how excited you were for this. The two of you had spent each day training for hours and hours. You had a lot in common when it came to your fears and worries. Both of you had abilities that could be dangerous if uncontrolled and you were both scared of hurting someone unintentionally.

Bucky smiled back at you. He’d been on a few missions before you, but he still trained with you saying that you could never have too much practice. He found his stare lingering on you after you looked away, however. Bucky always thought you were magnificent. You never failed to make him smile and to make him feel as though he was worthy of being on the team. Never once had you been afraid of his powers and never once had you shied away from his nightmares. 

“It’s super low risk so we’ll be letting Y/N accompany. Bucky, you can stay back. You could use the rest,” Steve spoke. As glad as Bucky was to be able to rest, he was worried about you going on your own. He’d been your support ever since you stepped foot in the building, looking terrified. Bucky nodded at Steve and looked back at you. His heart fluttered at the sight of your concentrated face. Your eyebrows had a small crinkle in the middle and your lips were pursed. He let out a small sigh and forced himself to listen to Steve. “It should be in and out. We’re going to infiltrate a small compound that has been trying to rebuild HYDRA. It shouldn’t take much effort and all reports sound as though it’s a small threat. Any questions?”

“Yeah,” you spoke. “When do we start?”

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Can I request a steve/reader fic where he loves her freckles that are all over her body please. Your writing is bomb!

Originally posted by hasan-minhaj

Soooooooooooo hello, I haven’t written anything in literal years. But I saw your request and I thought it was so cute so then I wanted to make something so cute for you even if I am getting to it a little late.

I also wanted to say I love you and thank you for enjoying some of the stuff I’ve created. I appreciate that so much and love getting feedback and requests for more or new stuff.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I wrote and maybe you or whoever sees my blog will want to request for more. But yeah, I’m done rambling lmao

I hope you like it:


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Request:  Can I request a steve/reader fic where he loves her freckles that are all over her body please. Your writing is bomb!

Pairing: Steve x reader


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

You turned in your sleep, a soft groan escaping your lips as you rolled onto your back. The bed felt so warm and soft as you tangled yourself in the sheets.

And you felt a smile creep onto your face as you felt soft fingers glide up your leg slowly. You peeked your eyes open, still trying to wake up.

Steve smiled up at you, he was lounging on the bed in a diagonal angle. His hands not resisting from tracing up your legs, your thighs, to your stomach. You giggled. “What are you doing?”

His blue eyes went from one small dot on your stomach to the other, his fingers following as he bit his bottom lip. A cheeky smile was directed right at you. “You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled, leaning over to kiss your hip. The sheets no longer tangled around your body as he looked over you in awe.

You blushed.

“Steve-” you giggled his eyes meeting yours. You could see the love in his eyes. It melted you. His fingers now glided up your ribs giving you a shiver and a darkened blush. “-You didn’t answer me, what are you doing?” You asked again smiling just as much as him.

“I’m tracing your freckles,” he answered kissing your arm now, he was getting closer now as he traced higher up your body.

Your whole body was covered in freckles, going from your ankles all the way up to your face. You used to be insecure about them, didn’t like them for a while, but now you kind of grown into your body. Loving your little freckles and never really realizing how much Steve loved your freckles and all your other uniqueness too.

Your smile grew and Steve was now hovering over your body.

“Beautiful,” his eyes never leaving yours and you knew he wasn’t just talking about your freckles.


“Absolutely beautiful,” he said again and you blushed again. He then began to kiss over face slowly. Kissing from your jaw, to your cheek, your forehead, when he kissed your nose you laughed before stopping as he kissed your lips.

When you both pulled back, you both had cheesy grins. You both were so much in love with each other.

“I love you,” you smiled combing your fingers through his blonde hair, grinning bigger when you saw him close his eyes and relax under your touch.

“I love you too,” he mumbled his blue eyes meeting your again as his gave you another quick kiss, rolling over to his side and pulling you into his body. His finger tracing over the freckles on your sides.

You really could stay in bed with Steve forever.

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Decided on a pt3. Might add 4.

The room was silent. The only sound heard was from bucky who had shifted to place his hand on Steve’s lower back. “Bucky….this…this…isnt necessary or Fair. Ple-” the struggling blonde didn’t have a chance to finish before a loud ‘SMACK’ was heard. Followed by another. Steve gasped in pain. Remembering to count. “One……..two..” he mumbled. Before there was another loud smack. The thick brush connecting against Steve’s luckily clothed cheeks. Bucky felt nothing but absolute anger towards the other man. Soon not allowing himself to hold back, after twenty long hard smacks. He slowly dropped the wooden object. Breathing deeply. Slowly coming down from that anger fueled High, only to see Steve beneath him shaking. Physically shaking-

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Peter Parker: Am I procrastinating on my homework? 

Peter Parker: *Looks in the camera like on the office”

Peter Parker: Some secrets are between me myself and I

Tony standing right behind him: Kid, I can hear everything your saying 

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Dating Elektra Natchio and Being Natasha Romanoff’s Sister Would Include…


Originally posted by summers-roberts

•Meeting Elektra while she’s on a mission for Stick and you’re on an assignment for the Avengers

•Despite sort of being on different sides at first you two end up having to work together for one reason or another

•Flirting with each other relentlessly while you’re fighting side by side

  • “You pack a real punch gorgeous”
  • “You’re not so bad yourself”

•The two of you not seeing each other for a while after this but reuniting on yet another job for your desperate organizations

•Bonding a little mire this time around since you’ve both been raised at a young age to be assassins

•Eventually falling for each other despite everything that seems to want to keep you apart

•Natasha finding out about the beautiful Greek assassin that you like and her teasing you about it

  • “I really don’t blame you. She’s pretty”
  • “Nat please…”

•You trying good convince Elektra to leave The Hand and join Shield and vice versa

•Resorting to seeing each other in secret because you know your superiors won’t approve of the romance you’ve developed

•Natasha coveting for you whenever you want to see Elektra without Fury finding out. She may think that you’re playing a dangerous game but she still wants you to be happy

•The two of you only being soft for one another

  • “I would do anything for you”
  • “Right back at you”

•Being a super badass and deadly couple

•Circumstances sometimes threatening your relationship with Elektra but you two fighting through it and staying together every single time


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This is inspired by  Don’t play with fire , @peaceisadirtyword. It’s an amazing Ivar fic, take a look if you have time!

General summary  -  First part 

Plot of the chapter: there is something about Tom Holland that is as hypnotizing as looking at a star.

Tom Holland’s eyes, you discovered, weren’t totally dark. As the lights of the club hit them, they were hazelnut, and reminded you of autumn. Of when you were still living at home, with your mom and dad, and didn’t have half of the problems that you had now. Briefly, you let yourself go back there, to the comfort of the familiarity. But Richard’s voice didn’t let you avoid yourself for too long, as he was screeching in your ear.

You tried not to wince at his loud voice, choosing to keep yourself composed and calmed. What you just had done was a stupidity. One thing was to talk back to Sam, the brother who was in charge of arrangements and deals; or even to Harry, who was a maniac joker. But you had read the expedients with Richard last weekend, and he had specifically told you that Tom was out of reach. That the goal were his brothers, because he was too smart not to notice anything.

Still, you were sure he didn’t have any problem if anything happen to you. However, if you blew the cover, you were sure the club was the safest place.

“Shut up! Shut up right now!” Richard howled in your ear. “Tell him – damn, you screwed everything up! You better get to your knees to keep him from leaving, or –“

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Stephen: Another story I heard about myself —  this one happened in high school. We had this teacher in high school whose kid went to our high school. His name was Mr. Rogers and his son went to our high school.
Stephen: And Mr. Rogers was an asshole. And one weekend, he and his wife decided to leave town, which you should never do IF YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE! And his son decided to throw a party at the teacher’s house.
Stephen, sarcastically: Hooray!
Stephen: And everyone around town heard about it and we all got up individually and thought, “Okay, let’s go over there and destroy the place.”
Stephen: I walked into this party. Everyone I had even met was at this party, and everyone was drinking like it was the end of the world. People were drinking like it was the civil war and a doctor was coming to saw our legs off. It was totally unsupervised; we were like dogs without horses… we were running wild.
Stephen: I walked down to the basement, they had a pool table in the basement. One dude, Rhodey, took a running start and threw his body onto the pool table and broke it in half. Another kid, Harley, found out which room was Mr. Roger's and went upstairs and took a shit on his computer!
Stephen, grinning: So the party was going great.
Stephen: I’m standing in the basement, and I’m holding a red cup and I’m starting to black out and I guess someone said like “something something police.” And in a brilliant moment of word association, I yelled:
Stephen: And everyone else joined in, 100 drunk, white children yelling “Fuck da police” with the confidence of guys who have already been to jail and aren’t afraid of it anymore. You know, like the: “I served my nickel! You come and take me!” confidence, but white children.
Stephen: The reason someone had said “something something police” was because the police were there. So a Chicago police officer walked down the stairs and got to the bottom in the basement and looked out over a sea of drunk toddlers yelling: “FUCK THE POLICE” In his face.
Stephen: And he was almost impressed. He was like “WOW.” And then he leaned into his walkie-talkie and my friend Tony, who is now my husband —we now have a BABY—  he grabbed a 40, smashed it on the ground and yelled: “SCATTER!!”
Stephen: And everyone ran in a different direction. We all ran in different directions. It was like that scene in “Ratatouille” when the humans come in the kitchen and all the rats go in different ways. I ran into the laundry room and I jumped up on the washing machine and I crawled out through a window into the backyard and now I’m running through the backyard and there was this big chain link fence and I thought I’ve never climbed a fence that high before
Stephen: And then I woke up at home .
Stephen: So I don't drink anymore.
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Maybe I’m the only one, but while I used to love MCU movies, they feel really artificial and sterilized compared to other movies now. They’re very “paint by numbers”. You have a few “badass shots” like the turntable shot in Avengers and the Europe slow-motion in AOU, then for the story, it’s always the same “brooding villain who’s either been wronged or wants to change the world”, over and over again. It wasn’t too noticeable in phase one because there were less movies, but now it is.

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