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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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For so long I had supported RDJ and looked up to him. Him and Tony Stark got me through some tough times in my life and when i got onto instagram today my heart SHATTERED. If you didn’t see his post, RDJ stated that he supports Chris Pratt and believes he is a great man. Chris Pratt is homophobic, has openly supported abusers, and has allegedly even allowed for a CHILD to get drunk and be sex trafficked in his own home. For this reason I will no longer be supporting RDJ, and i hope that you guys stop too. It breaks me to let go of this love that I have for him and his characters, but i can’t in my right mind support someone who thinks that Pratt’s actions are admirable.

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Pairing: Friend!Steve Rogers x Friend!OC x Friend!Bucky Barnes

Summary: A love…square? Two best friends, two girls. All kinds of problems

Warning: Language, angst (unnecessary amounts), fluff (barely), some other stuff probably who knows


Tower, 7:30. Dress pretty.

There’s no real context for the text that Steve sends her. Barely two sentences constructed of vague instructions. Annie goes through a mental list of birthdays in her head. It’s one of those months where no one on the team had a birthday. There’s no event scheduled. 


If Tony’s throwing another one of his ‘secret’ parties, she’s going to kill him. The parties are never even a secret. Close to two hundred people always end up making an appearance and the media always has a field day. 

It’s her job to make sure that doesn’t happen. She’s the press liaison for the Avengers and every little thing has to be scheduled through her. If Tony wants to have a party and invite anyone who isn’t S.H.I.E.L.D. or the party isn’t related to Stark Industries, it has to be okayed through her. Guest list, caterers, the whole nine yards. If someone wants to have the team appear at something, it has to be booked through her.  

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Whumtober Challenge

Day 16
A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Forced to Beg | Hallucinations | Shoot the Hostage 

Steve trudged along, carefully following his footprints in the snow back the way that he had come. It was slow going as with every step he sunk down into the fresh snow almost up to his knees. He kept at a slow but steady pace, not wanting to expend more energy than he had too. 

He hated the damn cold. 

The cold and snow had never particularly bothered him before, but ever since he had been frozen in a block of ice for fifty years, he had a strong aversion to the cold. He didn’t consciously remember his time in the ice or even when he had been thawed, but obviously some subconscious part of his mind remembered and liked to remind him of it whenever there was so much of a nip in the air. And this was so much worse than a small nip.

He saw the smoke and quickened his pace slightly, anxious to get out of the damn snow. They had been so lucky to find the cave and it was likely why they were all still alive. It had a small entrance that angled upward, just barely wide enough for Steve to fit through, but plenty wide to let out smoke from their fire. There was a small, downward shaft that connected the entrance to a pretty good sized cavern under the snow, just big enough for three people, the fire and their limited supplies. 

Between the shelter, their easy access to water by melting snow, and Steve’s ability to travel to the nearest shore every few days and stock up on fresh fish, their needs were fairly well covered. In theory, they would be able to comfortably survive for several weeks as they waited and hoped for rescue. As terrible as it was that they were stranded, their situation was almost ideal. 


“How is he?” Steve asked immediately as he entered the cave. 

“No change,” Natasha said flatly. She sighed heavily. “The only thing I can say is he’s at least not getting any worse.” She glanced over at Steve wearily. “How was your day?”

“Productive,” Steve said with a strained smile as he produced the six large fish he had caught that day. 

“That’s something, at least,” Natasha said with a strained smile of her own as he reached down into the bowl of water sitting in front of her, pulling out a wet rag. She rang out the rag and then turned and carefully laid it out across Clint’s forehead. 

During their escape, Clint had been clipped by a bullet. All in all, it hadn’t been a terribly severe wound, it was a fairly shallow crease in his bicept. They had bound it and the bleeding had clotted pretty quickly. Two days into their hiding though, Clint had begun to develop a fever. When they unwrapped his wound in order to check it, their worst fears were realized. Clint had a severe infection. And they were stranded in the middle of nowhere with no means to be able to find any kind of civilization. 

And so, over the past couple days, Steve and Natasha had been forced to sit by and watch as Clint slowly declined as the illness completely took over. At this point he spent most of his time sleeping restlessly, and even when he was awake the fever had disoriented him enough that he wasn’t aware of what was going on around him. 

Clint’s outlook was bleak. And Steve wasn’t sure how much longer he could just sit and watch his friend deteriorate. 

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Battle surrounded them as Bucky raced for the file room of the newly attacked Hydra base. This one was a lot worse than they could have guessed it was filled with unknown agents all itching to be the one to get the Winter Soldier back for Hydra, but none of that mattered to Bucky what mattered was the stack of manilla envelopes that contained the files on everything they did to him over the past 68 years. 

A small blade grazed his upper right arm causing him to curse loudly in the comms, before knocking out the poor soldier who thought that that was a good idea. 

“Buck get out of there” Steve was yelling over the comms from where Bucky assumed was the jet.

“I am so close to Steve in just two more minutes,” he began to run. 

“I said get out of there, that’s an order” this was not a request and if that wasn’t clear from his words it was from his tone. 

“Steve we all know i don’t take orders”- his running gate picked up exponentially as he attempted to remember the most direct path to the room he needed- “ i barely even take suggestions” 

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yes y’all can lovelyyy 🥺♡. and idk why they have that beautiful gif blocked but whatever y’all know tumblr trips sometimes.

part one!


you woke from your comfortable slumber with a yawn, your once aching limbs you remember is now feeling amazing although the bruises on your thigh is still tingling. you also remember falling asleep with the love of your life by your side, holding you making sure you were alright every second. you felt around the sheets and was met with nothing but sheets and covers.

“pete” you whispered lowly into the air, not hearing a response you just waved it off and went back to sleep. feeling really tired from the activities from last night.

you were on your way back asleep when you heard the door opening and instantly being hit with the amazing smell of breakfast. that’s when you heard his soft voice waking you up. “baby, wake up” peter whispered, bending down to give your forehead a sweet kiss; hearing your soft groan as you stirred.

you opened your eyes, meeting peters loving brown awaiting ones. you gave him a lazily smile before sitting up against the headboard, peter making sure you were comfortable.

he sat the tray of breakfast right in front of you, leaving your cup of orange juice on the nightstand next to your guys shared bed. “aww babe, what’s this?” you smiled up at him as he got the breakfast in front of you situated. “breakfast in bed, sweetheart” peter replied with a chuckle, pulling his desk chair up to the bed so he could sit beside you.

“breakfast in bed? am i missing something, pete? what’s today?” you ask hurriedly, quickly doing a mental brain check, trying to see if today was a special day.

peter dismissed those thoughts, “no no, i just want to treat my beautiful, awesome girlfriend today. today is your day, princess” and you swore you could melt right then and there. you pouted your lips at him, eating a piece of bacon. “i don’t know what i do to deserve all of this but that’s so sweet of you, peter”

“you deserve everything, gorgeous” the boy grinned at you, giving your exposed shoulder a peck.

a few moments of silence pass of you eating the wonderful breakfast while peter watched you, giving you sips of the orange juice from time to time.

“how’re you feeling” he breaks the comfortable silence, his voice hiding a hint of sadness and you immediately understood what was going through his head and you shook your head frantically. “peter no, i’m fine i promise. stop blaming and hating yourself over last night” you whispered, you own voice slightly wavering as you look at peters broken face.

“that’s exactly why you set us up with a safe word, baby. when we needed to stop last night i said the safe word and you stopped. thats how it goes, right?” you question him, brushing the brown locks away from his forehead trying to sooth him in away you could.

“yeah” he murmured, still not convinced but answering to your question to make you happy.

“i never ever want to hurt you, you know that?” peter states, loving eyes meeting yours. all of his love showing through his beautiful irises. you nodded “yes pete, i know that. always”

he smiled at you before giving you a passionate kiss that had you melting just like everytime he kisses you. peter pulled away and you got a glimpse at the alarm on the nightstand. “peter, it’s about time for you to go and patrol” you reminded him with a kiss on the cheek, finishing the last bit of your breakfast.

“i’m not patrolling today” he spoke, making you surprised as ever.

“what, why? it’s pretty boring today but i’m sure someone’s gonna need some help from the one n only” peter laughed at your words, his finger brushing your bottom lip where some orange juice had collected at. “i told you, today’s your day. it can’t be your day if i’m not here to make it special, huh?”

and you swore you could cry right then and there, with a wide grateful smile you kissed him one last time. “i love you, pete”

“love you more, y/n”

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