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lousysharkbutt23 hours ago
Tumblr media
another busy week... 馃ケ
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lesbian-deadpool13 hours ago
Natasha: Steve鈥檚 weakness: Tech.
Natasha: Clint: Fire.
Natasha: Y/N: Also fire.
Natasha: Wanda: Can't act to save her life.
Natasha: Tony: Crippling self-doubt mixed with overwhelming hubris.
Tony: Whoa whoa whoa! That鈥檚, like, really personal compared to FIRE!
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vancityfire1316 hours ago
Almost Perfect
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 1.3K
A/N: I finally wrote some absolute fluff.
Tumblr media
It had been a perfect date.聽
You walked away from the cafe feeling unexpectedly content. It had been your very first date with Natasha Romanoff.
Some things were too ridiculous to be believed. She was an Avenger. You worked at a grocery store.
Natasha had approached you in the store holding a loose pineapple. Your mouth had dropped before she鈥檇 opened hers. You鈥檇 recognised her instantly.聽
Natasha鈥檚 lip had quirked as she paused to examine your expression.
She鈥檇 held out the pineapple casually. You鈥檇 stared down at it dumbfoundedly.
鈥楬ow much?鈥 She鈥檇 asked lightly. Her voice had a raspiness to it, it sounded more gentle than you鈥檇 expected.
You鈥檇 blinked stupidly until your brain finally shifted into gear. The pineapple was missing the price tag that should have been stapled to one of its leaves. Your eyes scanned for another to compare with, but it was the last one on display.
You took the fruit from her outstretched hands awkwardly, mumbling that you needed to go and check. Natasha was smiling openly at you then, obviously enjoying your shyness聽
You didn鈥檛 have enough time to even remotely collect yourself before you were returning with the answer to her question.
You handed her back the pineapple and stuck a label onto the side of the fruit , using your pen to scrawl on the correct price. You tried to smile politely as you looked back up at her.聽
Natasha gave you an easy smile as she met your eye again. She looked you obviously up and down as you straightened up. She wasn鈥檛 subtle. Natasha checked you out. Heat rushed to your cheeks. You couldn鈥檛 meet her eyes.
Can I borrow your pen?鈥 Natasha asked simply. You obeyed immediately, reaching out to offer it to her.
Natasha took the pen readily. She also took hold of your wrist too. Her touch was light as air, but you found yourself frozen in place at the brush of her fingers against yours. Your heart was beating out of your chest.聽
Natasha held the pen cap between her teeth as she wrote out the phone number on your skin. She placed the pen back into your palm before she let go of your wrist..聽
She backed away from you then, pineapple resting under one arm. She waved at you playfully as she walked away.
You texted her as soon as your shift was over. Your fingers fumbled over the keys as you typed out the greeting you鈥檇 been planning in your head for the last two hours.
It wasn鈥檛 the most original. You weren鈥檛 a natural at this. It took less than a minute for the reply to swoop in.
鈥楬i :)鈥
You nearly hyperventilated at the bus stop.聽
You kept texting Natasha on your journey home. You kept your replies short, not trusting yourself with too many words. Every once in a while, you鈥檇 close your eyes for a few seconds and let the fact this was happening sink in.
By the time you鈥檇 reached your apartment, Natasha had asked you out on the date.聽
You lay awake in your bed for hours that night. The woman at the grocery store was the most beautiful woman you had ever seen.聽
She鈥檇 always seemed attractive on the television. You couldn鈥檛 exist in this world without seeing a beautiful image of her at some point.聽
But, you found yourself crushing over the little things. The casual way she鈥檇 balanced the pineapple under her arm, the tiny wave of her fingers as she鈥檇 walked away.
You covered your face with your hands briefly as you wondered at your own luck.
You鈥檇 completely over-thought the coffee shop meeting by the time your date had rolled around.聽
You arrived a few carefully planned minutes after the time Natasha had suggested.聽
She was already sitting inside. She鈥檇 caught your eye as soon as you entered, shooting you an eager smile that made your stomach drop. She鈥檇 given you the same small wave again.
You felt the fear float away from you suddenly as you saw her own enthusiasm at the sight of you. You鈥檇 smiled back.
You slid into the seat opposite her.
Natasha held up the oversized plastic menu and offered it to you wordlessly. You took it gratefully, happy to have something to pretend to focus on.
鈥業 thought coffee was the obvious choice.鈥 She murmured. 鈥楤ut, I鈥檝e realised that they do pineapple smoothies.鈥
You pretended you weren鈥檛 smiling as you kept your eyes focused on the menu.
You hummed out in faux contemplation.聽
When the waiter came to the table, you finally returned the slight tease in Natasha鈥檚 eyes.
鈥業鈥檒l have what she鈥檚 having.鈥 You told him as you handed over the menu.
Ten minutes later, you each had a large glass sitting in front of you. You both moved in synchronisation as you dipped your heads to drink from the straws.
The smoothie tasted good. You knew immediately that you wouldn鈥檛 be able to taste pineapple again without thinking of this moment.
You glanced over at Natasha, sharing a look of satisfaction at the smoothie. Natasha鈥檚 gaze lowered to your lips. Your heart stopped. She leaned forward as her thumb reached to brush the smoothie foam from the side of your mouth.
You couldn鈥檛 think about anything except how her eyes stayed fixed on you as she sat back in her chair.
鈥楰eep drinking.鈥 You mumbled without thinking. 鈥業 wanna do that to you too.鈥
Natasha laughed in surprise.聽
鈥業 want to ask you so many things.鈥 You admitted now, feeling an unearned confidence from her laugh. You caught the way she held herself more carefully at your words.
鈥榊ou want to be an Avenger too?鈥 She teased back, the tone undermined by the subtle tension in her expression.
鈥業 want to know what your favourite emoji is.鈥 You answered honestly, because you鈥檇 been thinking about it since the first smiley face she鈥檇 sent you.
With every question you posed, Natasha answered with a gentle surprise that you had thought to ask. She played with the straw in her drink absentmindedly. You tried not to get lost in the rhythm of her voice as you listened.
The date was short, but it felt right too. You鈥檇 both finished your smoothies a long time before it came to its natural conclusion. Natasha made you laugh easily and you found yourself learning her different smiles as the conversation progressed.
You liked her a lot. As she鈥檇 insisted on paying the bill, you鈥檇 realised that you didn鈥檛 know how to tell her.聽
On the street outside the caf茅, Natasha had turned to you.
鈥業 had a great time.鈥 She鈥檇 told you confidently, hands in the pockets of her black bomber jacket.聽
鈥楳e too.鈥 You鈥檇 agreed, trying not to glance obviously down at her lips. You鈥檇 ended up glancing away.
Natasha had moved forward to hug you then. It felt so close to perfect. You smiled awkwardly when you broke apart.
鈥楾hank you.鈥 You said shyly. 鈥業鈥檇 love to do this again.鈥
鈥楳e too.鈥 Natasha agreed.
You鈥檇 both turned then to walk away in different directions.
You鈥檇 only been walking for a minute before you decided it was the best date you鈥檇 ever had. It had only taken another two minutes for you to run through the whole date in your head. One last minute and all you could think about was the missed chance you hadn鈥檛 taken.
You heard the motorbike engine before you saw it, gliding between the traffic with ease. You鈥檇 have recognised her from the red braid, but her face was uncovered anyway.聽
Natasha鈥檚 eyes met yours as she pulled into the side of the road alongside you. You paused on the sidewalk and Natasha switched off her engine.
You looked her up and down obviously. Small pieces of red hair wisped around her face, freed from her braid by the journey on the motorbike. Her smile was more hesitant than any you鈥檇 seen so far.
鈥楾hat date was nearly perfect.鈥 Natasha told you abruptly as she balanced on the motorbike.
鈥業 was thinking the same thing.鈥 You agreed, as you moved closer to her.聽
Your thumb brushed the corner of her mouth purposefully before you leaned in to kiss her.
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skyeisawizard18 hours ago
An Omegas Duty - Epilogue
James Barnes, a powerful business man and the Alpha that dominated all Alpha鈥檚. For years he had been mateless, he鈥檇 given up on finding them long ago.
But now, with a business deal falling through the roof, he finally finds the girl he鈥檇 spent half of his life looking for,
What a journey this has been! When I first started this series, I had no idea what the fuck was going on (as with every series I write). But you guys have made this one great and I can鈥檛 wait to write more for you
Feedback would be greatly appreciated as this is the very final part :)
I now have a visually NSFW blog, message me if you want the url (basically I have a porn blog)
Tumblr media
鈥淎re you sure about this?鈥 Asked Mara, handing her youngest sister the lunch she had prepared for her.
With the death of her Alpha, Y/N鈥檚 sisters had been living with her. Steve and Peggy had offered for her to stay with them, but Y/N declined. That place dragged up too many memories too soon. She loved them, loved the pigs and she sheep, but that was where she and Bucky were happiest. They had claimed each other only hours before arriving at Steve鈥檚 and Peggy.
Ever since Bucky鈥檚 death, Y/N hadn鈥檛 been able to step back into the townhouse. Sam had someone to take care of it, but Y/N couldn鈥檛 face it.
Y/N nodded and shoved her lunch in her bag. 鈥淎ll of the reading I鈥檝e done says that its possible, Mar. It says our existence is impossible! Alphas, Betas and Omegas shouldn鈥檛 exist. If there鈥檚 somebody out there that can bring him back to me, I鈥檝e gotta try and find them.鈥
Hanging her head, Mara wrapped her arms around her sister. 鈥淥kay,鈥 she said. 鈥淥kay, just, be safe.鈥 Mara kissed her cheek and the top of her head. 鈥淲e鈥檝e all been so worried about you, these last couple of months. Just make sure you come back to us in one piece.鈥
鈥淚 will.鈥 Y/N pulled Mara even closer, burying her head against her shoulder. 鈥淚鈥檝e got constant communication with Sam and Amilie has made him promise to send you guys updates whenever he can.鈥
Mara walked her sister to the door. Her kids, a two little Betas, attached themselves to her legs. 鈥淲oah there,鈥 Y/N said with a laugh and lifted them up. 鈥淲hat do you troublemakers think you鈥檙e doing?鈥
鈥淲e don鈥檛 want you to go, auntie Y/N!鈥 They cried and Y/N wrapped her arms around them.
They cried against her. 鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, little troublemakers! I鈥檒l be back before you know it!鈥
鈥淐an we meet Uncle Bucky then?鈥
Y/N almost stopped breathing. They鈥檇 called Bucky 鈥榰ncle鈥 before, and every time it got to Y/N. Her heart hurt, but she couldn鈥檛 blame the kids. 鈥淪ure, babies. Sure you can meet him.鈥
The kids left Y/N alone and ran back to their mother. Y/N gave her sister one last wave and stepped out of the house. She took a deep breath, breathing in the morning hair.
There must鈥檝e been someone out there, someone who could bring her Bucky back to her. If Alphas, Betas and Omegas could exist, then why not magic? She鈥檇 get him back, even if it took the rest of her life.
Taglist: @sammysgirl1997 @bananapipedreams @vicmc624 @melissad1974 @hhiggs @ghost-of-winters-past @shawnie--jo @austynparksandpizza @tyzerman91 @lilrheofsunshine @calwitch @buendiabebeta @spideywebshooters @frozenhuntress67 @laura-naruto-fan1998 @bxnnywriting @would-die-for-bucky-barnes @omgkatinka @celtic-witch-bitch @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @miindfucked @mrs-salvawhore @niiight-dreamerrrr @thatblondebrownie @winesex @queenredfury @andy-is-gay @artisancowbells @tye-dyemango @wxnter-sxldier @wicked-mind @barnesplums @gabby101rose @distinguishedgardenroadbonk
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Taglist: @littlemissthistle @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson
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bisexual-chupacabra16 hours ago
Yelena: Hey there Y/N, I'm Yelena but you can call me-
Yelena, nods and sunglasses fall over her eyes: Anytime.
Y/N: Why did I marry you again?
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incorrectstevebucky11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淪uch love is always like that; for when from boyhood a serious love has grown up and it becomes adult at the age of reason, the long-loved object returns reciprocal affection, and it is hard to determine which the lover of which, for 鈥 as from a mirror 鈥 the affection of the lover is reflected from the beloved.鈥
鈥 Lucian of Samosata (c. 125 鈥 after 180), on Orestes and Pylades in the Oresteia trilogy in Erotes (47, W. J. Baylis)
inspired by this post
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lesbian-deadpool9 hours ago
Y/N, internally: Steve, is still talking...
Y/N: It鈥檚 cool that my brain had an echo thought. Helloooo, anybody in here?
Wanda, in Y/N's head: Hello, Y/N.
Y/N: God, what the fuck?!
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bisexual-cryptid16 hours ago
mobius, driving loki and sylvie: So how was your day?
loki: We almost got surprise adopted!
mobius: What?
sylvie: We almost got kidnapped.
mobius: Oh, okay.
mobius: *slams on the breaks* WAIT WHAT?!
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incorrectquotesmcu14 hours ago
Kate: Jumping out of a helicopter just seems so dangerous!
Yelena: Yep. You know, they say 1 in 5 people don鈥檛 even make it to the ground.
Kate: Wow!
Y/N: What do you mean they don鈥檛 make it to the ground? Where do they go?
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skyeisawizard19 hours ago
An Omegas Duty - Chapter Thirteen - Final
James Barnes, a powerful business man and the Alpha that dominated all Alpha鈥檚. For years he had been mateless, he鈥檇 given up on finding them long ago.
But now, with a business deal falling through the roof, he finally finds the girl he鈥檇 spent half of his life looking for,
You guys are gonna hate me
This is the last one! There will be an epilogue after this that鈥檒l either wrap things up nicely or open thins up potentially for another series (which you babies won鈥檛 get :( )
I now have a visually NSFW blog, message me if you want the url (basically I have a porn blog)
Tumblr media
Y/N woke up in a pitch black room, her arms tied behind her back. For some reason her hair was wet and her nose hurt like hell. 鈥淏ucky?鈥 She croaked and sat back. Her back it the back of a chair and she let out a squeak. 鈥淗ello? Buck? You there?鈥
But, of course, her mate wasn鈥檛 there.
There were some footsteps, moving towards her. Y/N searched through the darkness. It was only when he was right in front of her, crouching between her legs with his hand on her chin, that Y/N finally saw him. 鈥淗ello Y/N.鈥
Immediately she spat in his eye. The man stood up and stumbled back. 鈥淵ou little bitch!鈥 He screamed and Y/N smirked. Suddenly he was back in front of her, gripping her cheeks so she couldn鈥檛 spit at him again. 鈥淒o you know who I am?鈥 He growled, baring his teeth.
Y/N went to bite his hand.
鈥淚鈥檓 Rumlow and your dad wants my men and I to bring you home. We wanted to have a little fun first.鈥
She blinked at him. 鈥淕et your fucking hands off of me.鈥
Rumlow tightened his grip. 鈥淒on鈥檛 talk to me like that, pretty thing.鈥 He grinned and released her. Suddenly there was a gun in his hands. 鈥淵ou wanna say something now?鈥
Y/N could only narrow her eyes at him. She wanted to growl out an insult, but the gun in his hands had her frozen.
That was when the torture began. She was removed from her chair and held up. Rumlow stalked towards her, a mean glint in his eye. 鈥淲hat鈥檙e you going to do to me?鈥 She asked, but her voice had lost all of its sass. Instead, it was replaced by fear.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know yet, pretty thing. I haven鈥檛 decided.鈥 He walked around her, looking at her body. 鈥淪omeone get me the knuckles.鈥 One of Rumlows men ran off. Y/N tried to follow him with her eyes, but she kept watching Rumlow. He licked his lips as he was looking at her. 鈥淵ou know, the man who kidnapped you, he put my boys away. He thinks he鈥檚 in love with you, pretty thing. You? Well, now you鈥檙e with me and I鈥檝e got a lot of pent up anger.鈥
Panic set in Y/N鈥檚 face. She couldn鈥檛 let this guy touch her. 鈥淢y father wouldn鈥檛 pay you if I come back hurt.鈥
鈥淵ou really think he cares that much about you, Omega?鈥 She bit back a growl at that one.
But he was right. Y/N鈥檚 father would only care that she was back, and he could marry her off in a way that benefited him. She blinked back tears. Up until this point, she had been so strong, it was so hard to keep going. 鈥淧lease,鈥 she tried. 鈥淧lease, just let me go. You don鈥檛 have to do this.鈥
Rumlow took the brass knuckles from one of his men. He looked at Y/N and tipped his head to the side mockingly before sending his knuckles towards his face.
Sam was outside of the warehouse, guns strapped to him. He had several prepared for Bucky, but Bucky was too fired up. He had ripped his sleeve off, exposing just how powerful his arm really was.
Bucky had arrived via helicopter. It was the quickest way to get him to the location Sam had pinpointed. They dropped just far enough away so that the helicopter noise didn鈥檛 draw any attention. He jumped out of the helicopter and got in a car towards Sam.
鈥淲e鈥檝e confirmed she鈥檚 in there,鈥 Sam said as Bucky crouched beside him. He pressed his finger against his ear. 鈥淭ake caution. Our one priority is to get the Omega out unscathed.鈥 He looked around at his men and they nodded, cocking their guns. Sam turned to Bucky. 鈥淵ou ready for this?鈥
鈥淚 just want her back.鈥
There was backup on the way, Steve and Peggy and all of Y/N鈥檚 sisters. This was just what they were terrified of, they just wanted to keep their Omega sister safe.
鈥淎re we ready?鈥 Asked Sam, looking around at his men. They all nodded and Bucky marched forward.
He kicked open the door to the warehouse and marched in. It was dark, he could barely see anything. The men fanned out around him as he marched forward towards the stairs of the warehouse. There were grunts and cries and Bucky鈥檚 heart began to feel heavy.
He almost shouted her name as he ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time. His men followed him up, their guns pointed around. At the top of the stairs, they pointed the guns at anything that moved. Everybody already on the upper floor froze, dropped the weapons they were holding and held up their hands. All but one.
The brass knuckles were still in Rumlows hands. He had refrained from punching Y/N in the face until he heard the door to the warehouse fly open. There was a crack as Rumlows fist connected with her nose.
Y/N鈥檚 head was throbbing. Everything hurt and her vision was going blurry. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to regret that,鈥 she said and instantly squeezed her eyes shut. Pain took over everything. She couldn鈥檛 see, couldn鈥檛 feel. No longer could she feel the connection through Bucky whenever someone would touch or look at her mating mark. No longer did she feel his absence, only how much it hurt.
鈥淚t鈥檚 almost over, pretty thing,鈥 said Rumlow, tenderly stroking her cheek. And then he punched it. Y/N cried out that time. She cried out and struggled with the new wave of energy taking over her body. But it was short lived.
Her eyes closed, her body slumped forward as Bucky ran up the stairs towards her. He could smell her, her fear, her pain, before he could see her. And then, all he could see was red.
Moving swiftly, taking large, inhuman steps, Bucky went straight for Rumlow. His men could take care of the others. Bucky grasped him by the collar of his shirt and lifted him up. He snarled in his face before headbutting him.
Rumlow went flying. He landed and rolled and immediately got to his feet. The brass knuckles were still in his hand, ready to use. He swung at Bucky a couple of times, but each time Bucky ducked. His flesh hand landed a couple of hits, not quite ready to bring out the big guns yet. With each successful hit, Rumlow backed up more and more.
His metal hand was around Rumlows neck, lifting him up. 鈥淚鈥檓 only keeping you alive so that she doesn鈥檛 have to watch me kill someone. All she has to do is say the word and you鈥檙e dead.鈥 He growled and dropped him to the floor. Rumlow fell into a crumpled heap and rolled himself into a ball. His men were in handcuffs, being escorted out of the warehouse.
Bucky ran over to his mate. He got her down from where she was confined and cradled her against him. 鈥淥kay, maybe not so tight,鈥 she gasped with a wince. Bucky didn鈥檛 let go of her. If anything, he held tighter.
鈥淚 was so fucking worried about you, 鈥楳ega,鈥 he whispered and kissed the top of his head. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna get Sam to get you medical. We鈥檙e gonna get you all fixed up, Angel.鈥 He wrapped his arms around her and began leading her away from the warehouse.
But they didn鈥檛 get very far. Two steps at most. It all happened so quickly; nobody could recount the story. Rumlow launched forward and grabbed the gun from one of Bucky鈥檚 men. Two gunshots rang out at the same time, almost deafening. One bullet planted itself in Rumlows neck and the other?
The other went flying through the air towards Bucky and Y/N. At it鈥檚 speed, nothing could鈥檝e stopped it. Bucky did the only thing he could thing to do and covered Y/N with his body. He was cradling her, protecting her when the bullet found its target.
Bucky didn鈥檛 crumple to the floor right away. His blue eyes were wide as he looked at Y/N. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, giving her a ghost of a kiss before his fell to the floor. Blood stained his shirt and his eyes were open wide.
Y/N instantly fell on top of him. It was like time had slowed down as she touched him. Her hands were on his cheeks, pressing her lips to her skin. 鈥淧lease,鈥 she whispered, hands shaking. 鈥淧lease, Alpha. Please, I need you.鈥
Someone was pulling her back and somebody else was lifting up Bucky. 鈥淣o!鈥 She screamed, fighting against the person, trying to get to her mate. 鈥淒on鈥檛 take him from me! Please!鈥
鈥淥h baby.鈥 She was smooshed against somebodies breast. 鈥淲e鈥檙e gonna get him some help.鈥
Y/N wrapped her arms around her sister and cried. She didn鈥檛 think she had the strength for it, but the tears didn鈥檛 stop. Y/N shook and Amilie only held her. 鈥淲e鈥檝e got you,鈥 she whispered and her other sisters joined, keeping her safe and warm.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 lose him,鈥 she managed to say between sobs. 鈥淚 can鈥檛."
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stark-strange-love217 hours ago
Stephen, busy carrying a stack of books: Tony, could you please grab my sling ring from my back pocket?
Tony: what do I get out of this?
Stephen: a chance to feel my ass?
Tony: deal.
Wong: you are NOT allowed to fUCK IN THE LIBRARY AGAIN-
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lesbian-deadpoolan hour ago
Clint: Where is she?
Natasha, yelling from the balcony: I鈥檓 engaged! I鈥檓 engaged!!
Y/N: Yeah, she鈥檚 been out there for twenty minutes, I鈥檓 surprised you didn鈥檛 hear her on the way over.
Clint: Oh, I thought it was just Tony yelling, 鈥淚鈥檓 gay, I鈥檓 gay!鈥
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bisexual-cryptid13 hours ago
loki: sylvie and i were walking down the street and some dude catcalled her-
mobius: *sigh* what did she do?
loki: well, she chased him to the next red light, then reached into his window and...
sylvie, walking in: who wants a steering wheel?
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imagine-loki19 hours ago
Loki is 17 by Midgard standards now imagine the avengers find out and argue with Thor and Peter and Shuri are there in the tower and Loki pops outta fuckin nowhere near Peter and shuri jarvis is trying to alert the avengers but they are being too loud arguing how his age is total bullshit when they finally hear Jarvis and look for Loki only to find him acting gen z as fuck with Peter and shuri
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idy-ll-ique22 hours ago
Devils and Angels.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x F!Reader
Genre: MAJOR ANGST, teeny fluff
Warnings: none
Requested: nope
Summary: 7 months ago, Ransom and Y/N got into a huge fight when Y/N confessed her love for him and he laughed at her, mocking her as she stormed out of his house. Ransom regretted his behavior as soon as she left but now, 7 months later, he has a chance to win her back but will she let him or did he mess up for good?
Author's Note: hiya peeps! enjoy!
"Aye, Drysdale, you made it!" Ransom smiled politely and hugged his friend, patting him twice on the back. "Congratulations on the engagement, man, I'm happy for you," he half-lied, a fake smile plastered on his lips. Ransom's friend grinned and turned to greet the other guests.
As soon as he turned away, Ransom dropped his facade, a scowl showing up on his face. The last thing Ransom wanted was to be at someone's engagement party. He was happy for his friend, no doubt, but he himself was going through a rough patch with his own girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N. And like all things are, the fight they had 7 months ago was his fault.
He had accepted it, because there was no alternative. It was his fault. He shouldn't have snapped at her, not when she fucking confessed that she loved him. All his life, he'd thought that he wasn't worthy of even an ounce of affection, yet here was a woman ready to love him with her whole being. And he just threw it away like it was nothing.
All he wanted was to see Y/N again, tell her he was sorry and ask her to come back home. He had grown so used to living with her that the past seven months were equivalent to being in hell. Because of course, in hell she wouldn't be there with him; she was an angel who deserved to go to heaven through and through. And him? The fucking devil who deserved to rot in hell for how he treated his angel.
At the name his eyes snapped up, frantically searching the room until they landed on her; the said angel. What was she doing here? She wore a beautiful little burgundy dress that hugged her figure perfectly and matching heels. Ransom stared with an awed look on his face. He was about to walk up to her when she suddenly looked towards him.
Both of them froze. Y/N had been invited by one of Ransom's friends to his engagement party. Ransom's friends loved Y/N; they often made jokes asking how a man like him ended up with such a gorgeous and kind woman. Y/N also happened to like some of his friends so there wasn't a reason to say no. Alas, she should have expected the devil to be there too鈥 her boyfriend.
She should have broken up with him. But how could she, when she loved him? She knew that the moment he apologized, if he even would, she'd forgive him. But he had really hurt her feelings when he laughed, outright laughed in her face when she said those three words to him. And that's when she realized鈥 he doesn't love me. He played me.
7 months away from him鈥 The first six months were fine but in the last month, her yearning had increased tenfold. She missed him like crazy, but she was still mad at him. "Y/N鈥" Snapping out of her thoughts, she threw him a glare and turned away from him, walking towards Ransom's friend's fianc茅e to wish her congratulations.
Ransom, watching her walk away, felt tears coming to his eyes but he kept them in, blinking a few times and scoffing to himself. Of course she wasn't going to forgive him just like that, he'd have to try much harder. And he was ready to do it, since he loved her a bit too much to let her go.
Yes, that's right. Ransom loved her too, had loved her since long before she confessed to him but at the time, not expecting her to stay with him for so long, had panicked and laughed at her. The amount of guilt he felt when she had stormed out of his house鈥 he thought she'd never return. And he wouldn't blame her one bit.
But now? Now he had a chance to win her back. All the calls she had ignored, all the texts she'd read but not responded to鈥 this was his last chance. If he messed up now, she'd be gone forever. And life without her? He'd lay in bed for the rest of his life begging for death to come take him and put him out of his misery. "Y/N鈥" he called out.
The fianc茅e and Y/N, having a conversation, both turned to him. "Ransom Drysdale, right? Do you two know each other?" the fianc茅e grinned. "He's a friend." "She's my girlfriend," Ransom and Y/N spoke at the same time. The fianc茅e frowned slightly as Y/N turned to Ransom, a death glare on her face. She then grabbed his arm and led him towards a small alcove.
"A friend?" he asked her, frowning. "Don't talk to me. Please. And for the love of God, don't create a scene, okay? This is their engagement party and we're not about to steal their thunder with our fight. Now get lost," she hissed and stormed past him, leaving him alone in the alcove as he stared at her retreating figure, sadness consuming his entire being.
Don't talk to me. The words weighed heavy in his heart; did he already lose his chance? He walked into the party and so began the torturous hour; every time he looked at Y/N or even tried to talk to her, she walked away or gave him a glare so intense that if looks could kill, he'd be dead a thousand times over. "Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please!" He glanced at the stage.
"If you'd all take your seats." He turned to the small tables and tried to find the chair with his name on it. He found it at the very back, and his mood lightened when he saw Y/N sitting next to him. No one knew about their fight and so probably his friend, thinking they were still together and happy, had arranged their seats next to each other.
Y/N was texting when Ransom sat next to her. Looking up to see who it was, she tensed when she saw him. "Hey." I told you, don't talk to me. "Hi." Ransom, taking that as a cue, turned to her but she held up her hand. "That wasn't an invitation." His face fell and he nodded meekly, adjusting and fidgeting with his watch as Y/N stared at the stage, a deadpan look on her face.
Turns out there was going to be a performance; a musical performance where they were going to sing the song Into Your Arms by Witt Lowry and Ava Max. An odd choice for a party like this but apparently, it was the couple's favorite song. Oh well. Y/N knew the song, and she couldn't wait for the performance since it was one of her favorites.
Soon, the lights dimmed as the stage lit up. Everyone clapped politely; then there was silence as the music began and the lead female singer started singing. "Y/N." Sighing, she turned to him and gave him yet another glare. "What, Ransom?" she whispered. "I wanted to apologize." The nerve. Y/N rolled her eyes at him, but was curious as to how he'd apologize.
Ransom never said sorry.
"Go ahead, then. Tell me how you didn't mean it and how much it hurt you to say those words," she jabbed. Ransom lowered his head in shame because she was right; it didn't hurt when he made her upset but now? It hurt just a little too much. "It didn't hurt me at the time, I admit, but it hurts too much. With you gone, the pain has increased. Please, come back鈥"
See? No sign of the word 'sorry'.
"That's enough. Now shut up, there's a performance going on." And something inside Ransom snapped. Nope, she was going to hear his apology and she was going to hear it now.
"No, you listen to me, goddamn it! I was a stupid idiot, okay? The fight was all my fault. I have spent the past 7 months atoning for it! You punished me, Y/N, it's done now. Come back to me. I fucking love you, and that scared me so I laughed. It was all. My. Fault. But I'm not scared anymore. I'll announce it to the whole damn world if you want, how much of an asshole I was and how I drove away the most perfect woman in the world because of one stupid insecurity. You're mine, damn it!"
A pause. "Please. Please, Y/N. I can't take it anymore, life without you is... it's not worth living. I'll die if you don't come back into my life. Please, Y/N, I love you so much." By this time, he was full-on crying, tears and snot running down his face. He wasn't ashamed anymore. He was ready to humiliate himself in public if it meant that Y/N would come back to him.
Y/N, meanwhile, was staring at him, shocked to the core. What she expected was a small "I'm sorry, is that what you wanted to hear? Now you're coming back and you have no choice" but instead, she got the most heartfelt confession she had ever received in her whole life. And he said I love you for the first time. How could she resist that?
As she continued staring at him, Ransom wiped his face, thinking the worst of her silence. He was about to get up when she suddenly spoke, "Ran, I don't鈥 I don't know what to say鈥 you're鈥 you're forgiven and I love鈥 I love you, too." He took a few seconds to process her words. He was forgiven? "Are you serious?"
Smiling a watery smile, Y/N nodded, laughing a bit when he gathered her in his arms and pressed his lips to hers just as the outro music of the song played. The devil finally gets into heaven, Ransom thought as he pulled away from her, bright smiles on both of their faces. "I'm not fucking up again, I promise. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I'm not letting you go again."
Y/N and Ransom spent the rest of the event catching up, and the rest of the night at his pl鈥 scratch that, their鈥 place, in each other's arms.
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