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#Avengers Endgame

Originally posted by dezuechelon

“And….I……..Y/N”.. snap!

you did it you saved the world, you smiled as you coughed up more blood you laid down as you took your final breaths. by now everyone was surrounding you. tony, your brother crouched down crying he looked at you and said, “ you did it sis you saved the world” you held his hand  and whispered, “ its okay tony i couldn’t let you do it I’m sorry you have a family that you need to take care of”.

This was it, this was your end, you weren’t even angry, you were happy sacrificing yourself for others giving them the opportunity to live. everyone has a family. you had none.

“ you could rest now” pepper said with a sad smile. she kissed your cheek. you body felt numb. you smiled at everyone. ”its okay guys i love you” 

That was you last words before you body became limp. tony held your lifeless body tighter crying loudly. pepper griping his shoulder begging him to stop but he couldn’t he lost his sister the one who always stood up for him the one who always supports him and she’s gone…….


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I realize that this conversation about whether Sam or Bucky should have gotten Steve’s shield at the end of endgame is really old by now (side note: people who think that Bucky would be a better Captain American do not understand Bucky’s character at all). But I am really excited to see Sam take up the mantle, especially because of the rumors that Marvel Studios plans to integrate the Young Avengers into the MCU. If you remember how Steve Rogers met Sam, they met while Sam was working as a PTSD group therapist, so he has a background in trauma counseling. I feel like this aspect of his character is left out when talking about his future as Captain America, and I wish more people talked about it because what is one of Captain America’s roles? Training new recruits like we saw at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. So here’s why I am excited:

If the rumors are true and we will be seeing the formation of a new superhero team consisting of these young kids who are just coming into their powers and this lifestyle, and if Sam is now taking up the responsibility of training and preparing them, I think his background in trauma counseling combined with all of the stuff he saw/experienced from Captain America: Civil War to Avengers: Endgame could open the door for a new story to be told. A story that not only shows a normalized and honest depiction of people’s struggle with trauma and mental health, but a story that focuses on the more realistic aspects of the job: watching people die right in front of you, feeling like you can’t save everyone or that you chose the wrong people to save, the stress of thinking it’s all your fault…and it kind of is. Sam taking up this responsibility would be a great way to bring a more grounded perspective to a fantastical world and show the toll that this can have on a kid. I for one am really excited to see where they go with this.

I don’t know what will happen in the upcoming phases of the MCU, but I really hope that Sam Wilson is given the respect he deserves and that he plays a major part in whatever happens next.

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hello sexy party people. just wanted to pop on and say hello. basically , i am kinda shook. I started page the summer before my freshman year, and now i turned 17 a week ago and am graduating this year :) it truly has been quite the ride and i’m so grateful marvel had brought us all together. i’m not sure who will read this but from the bottom of my heart i wanted to say thank you. I haven’t been very active in the past year but there are still 6.5k of you who follow me. so thank you. now prepare for more posts from bucky’s #1 white ;)

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