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#Avengers Infinity War

There ya go. Hope I did justice to it.

I don’t really include Loki in my gifsets because then all the incest-supporting a-holes will be all over them (it has happened in the past, the entire Thor fandom resides in my bl*cklist). But I do love their relationship. And the fact that he sacrificed his life for Thor speaks volumes about how much he loves him!

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FULL NAME: Letitia Michelle Wright
AGE: October 31, 1993
BIRTHPLACE: Georgetown, Guyana
ETHNICITY: African-Guyanese
KNOWN FOR: Black Panther (Movie), Black Mirror (Netflix Series) & Avengers: Infinity War (Movie)

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I can explain! As in by that I can’t! Just joking… unless? 😳

Anyways so I was in a dragon mood yesterday and spent the literal whole entire day making and completing this art piece. I started off by just doodling random franchise characters as dragons and when I finished these two(aka Marvel MCU Ultron and Transformers Prime Starscream, which also not to mention I made a joke with these two and now they have a mini crossover fandom that’s growing.).., I decided to digitalize them. Rip my hand aka for many hours straight! Anyhow, I do wanna mention I did base Starscream’s dragon design from an artist, but they didn’t have a signature on the picture I have saved of the design, so credit to the artist’s design! But for Ultron on the other hand, he is completely my own design. But yeah, what a bunch of rats am I right? ✨

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After watching all MCU movies (some with rewatch), I noticed that Stephen is a pacifist besides his perchance for no-killing.
I think we all know that but I’ll show some examples.
In contrast with the first meeting of some the Avengers in the first movie when they fight.

1. Stephen first met Thor in Ragnarok. Instead of fighting, he took away Loki (he thought of Loki as a threat, despite that he didn’t resort to violence) and invited Thor to visit his Sanctum.
He also helped Thor to find Odin. He avoided fighting with Loki and threw a portal at them so they could meet their father.


2. He met Banner as he crashed through the roof of the Sanctum. He was still friendly with Banner and even lent him his clothes, listened to him, and helped him to find Tony.


3. We all remember how his first meeting with Tony go. A dramatic flair with opening a fiery portal in the middle of a Park (Central Park?) He invited Tony and even congratulated him for his upcoming wedding.


4. We also remember his first meeting with Peter Parker. He introduced himself and was so done when Peter mentioned about made-up name. But no confrontation.


5. His first meeting with the Guardians was when he was attacked. Self-defense is understandable but still no direct attack, just self defense. When Tony and the Guardians were arguing, Stephen did his homework quietly to look into the future.


6. Even his first meeting with Thanos was to sit down calmly and let Thanos did the slide presentation about genocide. Yes, it was a distraction but it was still Stephen who talked to Thanos instead of the others who would prefer direct attack.

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“Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good,” Peter said. The hairs on his arms stood and a horrible fear filled him head to toe. His spidey senses were screaming at him from all directions, worse than they ever had before. It was illogical, it really was, but Peter took a step towards Mr. Stark with a faint hope that maybe he could make it all better. But when the man turned, Peter could see the dread and fear in his eyes as well.

Mr. Stark didn’t want him to go.

Peter, horrifyingly enough, didn’t want to go either.

“Woah, regular Irondad angst? Nah. I want Google Translate angst,” you say? Well you’re in luck!

I’m going to be reblogging this with the many different results of repeatedly putting it through Google Translate and back

I’m so bored right now, I just want something to do

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Multiversal Moments
Tsuyu: Simon? *Turns to dust*
Frag: *Is Petrified*
Brain: Ian! Ian!
Hardlight: *disintegrates behind a bridge*
Cainus: No, no, no, no, Lala. *Familia disintegrates* NO!
Electro: C'mon Al this no place to die. *Gives Cainus her hand*
Dr. Octopus: Is pulled halfway off the ground before Electro disintegrates*
Delphyne: *Disintegrates over 594880W's offline(Unconscious) body*
Ace: Al? *Disintegrates*
Payback: Steady Miki
Monkey: Oh Fu- *Also disentigrates*
Soundblaster: *Looks at Dr. Fate*
Fate: I'm sorry, it was the only way. *Disintegrates*
Flip Sides: Daddy? Mommy?
Soundblaster and Nightbird: *Turn Around At Breakneck Speeds*
Rosanna and Flip Sides: *Slowly disintegrating*
Rosanna: Mommy, I don't feel too good *collapses into Nightbird's Arms, while Flip Sides collapses into SoundBlaster's*
Flip Sides: Please Daddy, I don't want to go, I don't want to g... *The Girls crumble to dust in their parents arm's*
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