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#Avey Tare

Last week Avey Tare returned with a new EP called Conference of Birds / Birds In Disguise, and it’s a solid grab bag of styles as well as an ideal companion piece to Avey’s latest full-length, Cows on Hourglass Pond. Highlight “Disc One” is a disarmingly breezy guitar pop song that’s breezier and more immediate than anything that Avey’s released in the past decade. Glacial strings, warbling synths, and a springy acoustic guitar provide a mesmerizing, psychedelic framework, but it’s Avey’s voice that stands out more than anything else here. Quite a bit of Tare’s output throughout the last few years has featured a more subdued delivery than he’s been known for, but on “Disc One” he loosens up, and while not exactly bringing the abrasion of Animal Collective’s early years, he offers up the best vocal melody that he’s delivered post-Fall Be Kind. Immediately following the slurred chanting that Avey delivers on “Red Light Water Show”, “Disc One” sounds like a revelation beamed in from some alternative dimension in which Animal Collective continued to follow their populist impulses. The lyrics are whimsical meta commentary on the different sides of albums recognizing how they’re perceived “Disc two is worried that no one stuck around/Disc one is happy that they remember them”. It’s one of the best songs that Tare has released this year, and the EP as a whole is another mostly satisfying, if somewhat meandering, collection of songs to hold us over until the next Animal Collective LP.

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