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#Awkward Stories From The Closet 2
natigail · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Phil swapped the imaginary names for the guys in his first two stories (this is about Blaine the train guy, not Dwanye the hypnosis guy) and I’m not sure why this is cracking me up so much but I am giggling. I missed Philly. This video is really lovely so far. 
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templeofshame · 11 months ago
phil mentioning gregg’s in the context of uni is phimmy bait
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pinof · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
awkward stories from the closet 2
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ohajime · 5 months ago
are you going to do a 'when the haikyuu boys make you insecure' part with Iwaizumi / could I request that?
When they make you insecure part 6 (Iwaizumi,Matsukawa)
Tumblr media
Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 Part 6
Word Count: 2.8K
Genre: Angst, Fluff
AN: Did I embedd myself in this story? Yes, yes i did. :3 (it’s only a small part dw loool)
Tumblr media
One day when you were walking to the gym to go see your boyfriend  
You overhear him and the team talking about some instagram girl
“She’s hot” you hear Boktuo yell doing a hoot as he fawns over a picture, with the rest of the guys agreeing.  
“What do you think Iwaizumi?” Hinata ask  
“She’s cute... I guess?” the rest of the guys, grunt in disagreement at Iwa’s lack of drooling over the girl.
“Well I see why you wouldn’t want her Haji-kun,” says Atsumu “you are into the more simple girls bro”
“Simple?” Iwaizumi questions, and the rest of the guys agree
“Yeah simple, you know Y/N... she’s simple” says one of the guys, with the word ‘simple’ rolling off their tounge with a tone of disgust.
“I guess your right guys...” Iwaizumi says “Y/N is pretty basic and simple but-”
You leave the gym before you hear what the rest of them had to say. When you got to your house you bolt straight to the mirror, you look at your outfit and frown. You never thought your style was ‘basic,’ to be fair you wouldn’t describe anybodys style as basic or simple. Of course, you weren’t like those instagram influencers, that wasn’t your thing. But Iwa has known that about you for years... but I guess that’s not what he truly likes.
You go to your closet and take out all the contents, just tossing all your clothes (even some of your favourite items ever) and dashing them in a black trash bag putting them to the side. You were already on a mission to buy a whole new wardrobe, going through all different stores and looking on pinterest for inspo.
You didn’t really talk to Iwa for the rest of the week, since you wanted him to see you in your ‘new form,’ you weren’t being radiosilent but you didn’t initiate any hang outs with him or face time calls (which he did find slightly odd, but didn’t think that much by it.)
Finally, the clothes came and you were kind of shocked at how much you ordered you spent over £200 on clothes from all different places. When you were trying them on, you liked some of them the ones that were kind of similar to your past style but not so ‘simple,’ the others you kind of frowned at since it definitely didn’t feel like ‘you’ at all. ‘This is for Iwa,’ you reminded yourself as your forced a smile on your face analysing yourself in the mirror.
You had everything sorted, your wardrobe was now changed and done the colours and styles you once wore before is now the complete opposite. You invited Iwa over, hesistantly waiting to see how would he react.  
When you hear your door knock, you rush over to open it and model a pose you saw one of those girl do trying to look as natural as possible.
“Hey babe ho-” he says, with his eyes widening seeing your new look “Woah Y/N!”
“Hey Haji..come in!” you exclaim with a beaming smile pulling him inside to the couch. “So, are we going to continue watching the crown, I watched the previous episode and god prince phillip is such a dick.”
You look over your shoulder and see Iwa still standing in your entranceway a bit awkwardly, looking a bit stunned. “Come sit down then, we’ve got an episode to watch.”
“uh oh yeah, sure” he says blinking, following you to the couch.
You got through atleast 4 episodes together, you barely talked as you were really engrossed in the show. Iwa was barely paying attention, he was too busy questioning how you were acting. This definitely wasn’t the girl he knew, even the way you were acting whilst watch the show was odd. The way you’d cutely giggle and ‘sublty’ look over to him whilst laughing at a funny part of the show instead of just doing your usual obnoxious laugh that he loved to hear.
“Oh Y/N, I’m going to go to the bathroom.” he says standing up, you don’t reply you just wave your hand in acknowledgement.
On his way to the bathroom, Iwa nearly trips on a black bag left outside your bedroom door. He opens it, and mildly gasped when he saw all your old stuff jumbled up in there. He picks up the back and goes straight back to the living room and stands in front of you.
“Haji, what are you doing you’re blocking the TV” you complaining trying to see what’s happening behind him.
He drops the black bag infront of you and you internally curse yourself for not moving. You stare at him waiting for him to say something.
“Well whats this then.” he says looking down at you, almost like a disapproving dad.
“Clothes.” you say smartly, knowing what he was asking.
“You know what I meant Y/N, why are all your clothes in a garbage bag.”  
“Because I wanted to put them there,” you wanted to seem as nochalant about it as possible as if putting all your clothes in a garbage bag doesn’t make you feel sad.
“Yeah but why?” he says sitting down next to you.
“Just because I wanted to” you reiterate “what else do you want me to say?”
“Well this isn’t like you, its just a bit random Y/N” he says
“I know this isnt like me you” you spat, standing up “Isn’t this what you wanted anyways.” You head to your bedroom picking up the bag with you, with Iwa hot on your heels.
“What do you mean this is what I wanted?” he says in disbelief “When did I ever say that?”
“It doesn’t matter” you mumble, you start to aggressively take our your old clothes and shove them back into your wardrobe whilst Iwa is just talking. You’re not really listening to him your just putting the clothes back.
“Y/N Stop!” he yells kind of knocking you out of your ‘trance,’ “what is going on with you?” he grabs you hands and pulls them down stopping you from what you were doing and he winced at seeing your tear stricken face.
He gently pulls you into his arms sitting you both on your bed, waiting for you to speak. “I don’t know what you want from me Iwa..” you start your voice slightly breaking “it’s just I did this all for you and you don’t even appreciate it.”
“I don’t know what you mean Y/N?” he says sounding genuinely confused.
“Y/N is simple and basic.” you say repeating words that you heard your boyfriend say about you, you feel him tense as you say it and you slowly get out of his hug.
“Y/N I-”
“That really hurt Hajime, I know now that I'm not your ‘type’ but I-”
“No Y/N, you are my type of course you are!” he says gulping in nervousness “I love you, and your style. I’ve always being enamored by how you dress and present yourself and I don’t know why I even said you’re basic and simple I didn’t mean it that way.”
“Really?” you say sniffling looking down
“Yes really you idiot,” he says lifting your head up “To be fair I don’t care what you wear, since you look great in anthing I just want you to be happy Y/N and especially not dress for anyone including me. Okay?”
“Okay,” you agree slightly nodding your head.
“Good, so can we go and finish the crown and then burn all these clothes?” Iwa jokes as he stands up.
“Burn them!” you exclaim “These cost £200, you muppet.”
“£200! Gosh Y/N, next time you go shopping im definitely coming with you.” he says shaking his head “can’t have you blowing out your bank account for clothes you don’t even like that much.”
You spend the rest of the day finishing of The Crown and you and Iwa eventually both sort out your wardrobe. Your style and aethetic changes a lot more through the times you were together and Iwa was very supportive and helpful of every single change. Especially *insert your favourite dress aesthetic here.*
Tumblr media
You were walking with your friends; Iwa, Tooru, Maki and your boyfriend Matsun. Walking to school as you did every morning, today the topic of conversation was Tooru’s bad taste in women.
“Gosh yesterday was horrible, she didn’t want to talk to me at all,” he complained “all she wanted to do was to come straight to my place, I didn’t even have the chance to tell her my hair routine.”
“That’s why you don’t find dates off of Tinder shittykawa” grunted Iwaizumi
“Well I know that now!” he exclaimed.
“Y/N,” said Makki grasping your attention “Would you ever use Tinder?”
“Well I-”
“Of course she wouldn’t” your boyfriend interrupted wrapping his arm round your shoulder “she’s got me”
“Yeah, but if you two weren’t together, would you use it.”
“Well may-”  
“Y/N definitely wouldn’t” he said interrupting you AGAIN “she’s way to frigid for that shit”
Frigid? You thought to yourself, ouch. Their was a quick awkward silence and all you could hear was Matsukawa laughing with the others laughing after awkwardly in pursuit. After sensing your uncomfortability (is that a word?) Oikawa decides to change the subject to make things less awkward,
“I need a woman who understands me!” he rants “One that can listen to me and appreciate my awesome hair.”
“Goodluck with that Shittykawa.”  
Oikawa rambles on as you walk to school with the other guys chiming in. You on the other hand, were lost in thought. Your sex life wasn’t something you would want to publicly talk about let alone to you and your boyfriends' male friends. Also, with Matsun describing you as ‘frigid’ struck a nerve. You weren’t frigid, well at least to you, you weren’t.  
When you got to school you immediately rushed straight to your lesson claiming that you teacher really needed to talk to you. Which was odd to Matsukawa as you usually all hung around each other until the bell rang, the other boys gave each other knowing looks all assuming the reasons for your odd behaviour.
At lunch time, you stayed in your class instead of going up to the roof where you and your friends usually end up. In the class room you hear one of the girls in your class, Empress having one of her usual gossip conversations with her group of friends.
“Hajime is so hot!” she said, fanning her face being dramatic  
“Of course he is! You should totally go for him.” her friend said and the rest of the friends agreed.
“What do you think Y/N?” she says to you catching your attention “you’re close friends with him right?”
“Yeah, I am” you say a bit sadly “You should definitely go for him, I think you’d be perfect together.”
“Okay! I think I might later” she says smiling. Her and friends leave, but then Empress returns and walks straight to you.
“Are you alright doll?” she asks softly smiling
“I guess so..” you say hesitantly “It’s just something my boyfriend said to me this morning.”
“Matsun?” she asks and you nod in reply “What did he say?”
After you rehash the situation from this morning Empress scowls in annoyance, “Boys can be such pigs sometimes, such a dick thing to say.”
“I know right!” you respond “Even if I was frigid, which im totally not it’s not even a bad thing nor is it something to reveal to people in public in a ‘jokey’ way.”
“Yeah!” she agrees “I think you should go and give him a piece of your mind.”
“I mean...” your voice falters, when it comes to Matsun you’ve never really given him a ‘piece of your mind,’ even when he makes jokes that you’re not so fond of.
“Come on!” she encourages “I’ll come with you and cheer you on.”
“You just want to come to see Iwa Empress” you say pointedly “But fine let’s go.”
You both power walk to the roof where you see the four seijoh boys sitting down and eating. “Oh hi Y/N/-chan and look Iwa its Emp-chan... isn’t that a surprise!” Iwa blushes and the rest of the guys laugh.
You walk straight up to Matsun and stand right infront of him. “Matsukawa I need to talk to you,” you say folding your arms. “Why whats up babe?” he says, still sitting down with a cheeky grin on his face.
“Alone.” you say turning around walking to a secluded spot. Behind you, you hear Matsun get up and the rest of the boys saying “oooh Matsukawa your in trouble” as they laugh.
“What’s wrong with you today Y/N?” he asks slightly accusatorily.  
“I didn’t appreciate the comment you made today on the way to school,” you say with your arms folded.
“Oh that little comment about you being frigid, come on it was just a joke I wasn’t being serious.” he says lightly laughing but he stops once he sees the glare you give him ”you knew it was a joke right?”
“Matsun, some are your jokes just aren’t funny,” you say “especially when they're about me and our sex life in front of our friends too.”
“Y/N I didn’t mea-”
“You just come off as a huge dick sometimes, and I can’t do this anymore if you keep on making these comments anymore I don’t think I can do this.”
“Woah Y/N, are you threatening to break up with me?” he asks “Over a few little comments?”
“These aren’t a few little comments, sometimes what you say is just unnecessary and rude.”
“Okay well...”
“Well...” you repeat staring at him waiting for to apologise or atleast say something, “fuck you Matsukawa.”
You storm away and walk bout to the group saying “Empress lets go.” She jumps of Iwa’s lap and waves by to them following you back down to the school. You walk into the bathroom and just start to cry, “Y/N whats wrong?” Empress says pulling you into a hug  
“H-He doesn’t care,” you cry “He pretty much excused his stupid comments, passing them off as little ‘jokes,’ that didn’t apparently mean anything.”
“Oh dear,” Empress says consoling you “he’s not worth your time right now.”
“B-but but I love him.” you wail fat tears streaming down your face.
“I know sweetheart, I know,” she says letting go of the hug “so what do you wanna do about him?”
“I don’t know,” you say “I don’t want to break up with him or anything, but is there a point in staying if he’s just going to make these comments again.”
“I don’t know Y/N, but whatever you wanna do I’ll support. Wether it’s keying his car or reading shitty fanfiction and crying.” Empress says making you laugh.
The final bell rings and now it's time to go home, of course you don’t walk with the guys so you just enjoy your own company walking home.
“Y/N! Y/N!” you hear from behind you and of course the only person it can be is Matsukawa.
“What do you want?” you mumbled  
“I..I want too” he says heaving out of breath from the running he had to do “I want to apologise. I need do.”
“Okay...” you respond
“Im sorry, Im so so sorry,” he says “those jokes and comments were stupid and I agree I can be a dick sometimes. Well a lot of the time, but I never wanted to be a dick to you.”
“Well you were.”
“I know I was, and I’m so sorry. There’s no excuse what I said and what I have said before I just hope I can make it up to you.”
“Okay then.”
“So are we not broken up?”
“No we’re not broken up, but it’ll take a lot of making up to do for me to fully forgive you.”
“Great! And I'll spend every day to get you to forgive me.”
Which he did, he spent every day showering you with love and affection. He was way better than he was before, you even went on double dates with Oikawa and his flavour of the week and triple dates with Iwa and his girlfriend. Matsukawa, although he still made jokes, he never targeted them and centered them around you in an insulting way.
AN: I didn’t really like the matsukawa one since i couldn’t really write for him properyl sooo sorry bout that one kids.
Tumblr media
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 13 days ago
Hi, I just finished All The Way To You by AgnesBlue and loved it. I was wondering if you know any other Sterek fics with a similar dynamic where Derek is grouchy and doesn't want to get involved with Stiles, but there's forced proximity and eventually he gives in to feelings and they get together? Preferably medium+ length? Much love and appreciation for all you do on this amazing blog!
OOOO yeah!
Tumblr media
All The Way To You by AgnesBlue
(2/2 I 14,005 I Mature)
“Can you make a stop at Beacon Rock? It’s a little town close by, maybe forty miles away from where you are.” He’s instantly irritated. “Why?” “I need you to pick up a present I got for Mason,” Laura says.
AU in which Derek is returning to Beacon Hills after years of being away. Laura calls him while he's on the road, asking him to make a stop to pick up an omega she's purchased as her son's gift.
A Funny Story, Dad (AKA: Why Sheriff Stilinski Officially Hates His Life- This Time) by jsea
(1/1 I 746 I Mature)
He thinks it probably says something about both his life, and his son, that he doesn’t even blink when he walks into the kitchen after a long shift to find Derek Hale slumped at their table, looking about as weary as he feels.
SNAFU by seraphina_snape
(1/1 I 1,683 I Teen)
The closet was barely larger than Derek. Which would have been fine, really - except that Stiles was stuck in there with him, making the available room a lot more cramped than was comfortable for either one of them.
Closer by theroguesgambit
(1/1 I 2,906 I Teen)
“You can’t possibly be blaming me for this.”
Derek aims a dry look Stiles’ way. It’s an effort with Stiles plastered grudgingly to his chest like this, their arms wrapped around each other while Stiles’ body slowly stops quaking.
“How else should I react when something’s obviously your fault?” ---
Stiles and Derek are cursed so that they are in pain whenever they're not close to each other.
(Waiting) Until the Sky Falls Down on Me by piratekelly
(1/1 I 3,062 I Explicit)
Or: Why Derek Hale is Never Listening to Stiles Ever Again
Derek's been cursed by a witch, and as a result, he's supernaturally super-glued to Stiles until the next full moon.
It wouldn't be so bad, if the struggle to hide their relationship weren't real enough to begin with.
Hapnophobia by p1013
(1/1 I 3,786 I Teen)
“Jesus!” Stiles fumbles, tries to catch him, and as soon as his hands are on Derek again, the screaming stops. Derek’s eyes are wide, and he’s panting on the ground.
“Stiles. Stop touching me.”
“Fine. Whatever. Just trying to help.” He pulls away, and Derek doubles over, groaning.
“Come back, come back.” Derek moans, reaching towards Stiles. As soon as their skin touches, Derek relaxes, falling back onto the forest floor.
“What’s going on?” Stiles asks, his hand slipping in the sweat that coats Derek’s skin. Derek twists his arm and grabs Stiles’ wrist.
“If I stop touching you, it feels like... It hurts, like wolfsbane.” He sits up. It twists Stiles’ arm into an awkward position, and Derek lets his grip loosen just enough for Stiles’ arm to slide against his fingers.
“You can’t let go.” Stiles says, wrapping his free hand around Derek’s arm.
“I can’t let go.”
The truth about love (comes at 3 AM) by Finduilas
(1/1 I 9,587 I Explicit)
When the pack gets locked in at Derek’s new loft during a snowstorm, they play ‘truth or dare’ to pass the time.
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kkusuka · 8 months ago
(i had to repost lol- it wasn’t showing up on my page)
this the request: part 3 of thiccy gf hcs ??? with kuroo, terushima, sakusa, and daichi and/or atsumu 🥺👉🏽👈🏽 i must be fed
i understand your need for them
and as a member of the thunder-thigh committee, i am happy to write about my fellow sexy women! (another 4:56 am ramble i refuse to delete)
part one
part 2 <3
i mixed this with this ask ;  Pt. 3 of the thicc af gf with Aone, Osamu, Kyotani, Daichi, Kuguri, and Terushima plz? 🥺
this got wayyyyyyyyy long
4, 685 words. my finger slipped?
Tumblr media
Kuroo tetsuro
this guy has been trying to get you since first year
he’s that dedicated
and you didn’t even notice, he was just a flirty friend who helped you with science
(even when he would practically put you in his lap while he went over things)
lo and behold, he finally got his chance during the third year culture festival
yeah as in he waited a whole three years for this
Eh, once again, had a whole pan to make you see him as your great future husband, aka the haunted house (a good excuse to have you hold onto him)
He has to give it to class 2-4, the did a damn good job, it was scary
Long story short you fell on top of him, boobs in face hands-on ass
Mans actually asked you to be his girlfriend right there, groping you and murmuring between your boobs. (he wouldn't have gotten up if the next group wasn’t approaching.)
From then on he’d literally do anything for the ass
He’s a big simp and we all know it.
Like When you wear shorts he has to ‘pull them down’ aka feel you up while pulling the hem of your shorts down ever so slightly.
Or when he gets on a knee right behind you to ‘tie his shoe’, but the school shoes have no laces.
He could be a bit more creative and he wanted to look under your skirt.
When he wants to cut the bull shit he’ll just lift the back of your skirt and rub around for a but, to hell with all the other kids in the hallway.
(did I mention that he puts things on the highest shelves so he can walk up behind you and practically dry hump you.)
Speaking of simp nation
You can't really wear anything without setting him off
Shorts drive him absolutely nuts, it's insane. But it isn't his fault that most of your shorts are spandex that cut off right at the beginning of your thighs, it's like a homemade booty lifter. He just can’t help but wanting to cop a feel.
Or the color red in general. It is ridiculous, the guy rips everything when he tries to take it off too. So that stunning red cocktail dress with the lace-up sides was not unwearable, and you only had it on for like 2 hours. And that was only because it was a friend's 18th birthday party you were both invited to.
(thanks to kuroo not letting you out of his arms you both were late and left early.)
((in his defense you looked like a full course meal and it was giving him severe blue balls, and he’s only seen you for a few minutes))
Halloween, you know. the one night you could dress up as anything. any you decide to go as a cat-girl in a maid costume. And you expected him to just take that sitting down? Hell no. the red thigh highs AND the corset middle? You're lucky it lasted as long as it did.
That my dear was bravery. His color. A cat. And a short skirt. With thigh highs!
And so, he did what he did all those other times, dragged you to sit on his lap, and opening your thighs, and like a good girl you’ll let him
If you could already tell, he gives no shits to whos watching, let ‘em see (they really never do but you get the point)
He’s also a prime thigh groper, especially when he wants to keep your legs open, he also loves thigh hic
Tumblr media
Terushima Yuji
Another shower-offer
You were already he's so why can't he let everyone know?
Speaking of you being his, he doesn't tell people how you guys don’t together, with good reason considering you practically beat him up
Not really but that’s what he calls it, basically he tried to get with one of your friends at a party.
She just happens to not be interested in men and has a wonderful girlfriend, so she was uncomfortable but couldn't tell him to leave her alone
So you took fate into your own hands, literally, you stole Fate from class 3-2’s drink and poured it on him before slapping him and telling him about how he was a pig.
And he fell in love, you looked like an angel, a really hot angel, it didn't help you were in a white dress either
And from then on he literally once or twice, got on his knees for you, asking to give him a chance.
Honestly, it got annoying, so you just agreed to make it go away. It did, but you also gained a perv of a boyfriend who has an insatiable love for your lower half
He’s a simple creature, do take caution of his fragile being
So that means all those times you bend over in front of him he was slowly cracking and trying to figure out where the nearest storage closet is.
He thought he was having heart palpitations when he saw you in the damn dress again, apparently, he didn't see all of it. Specifically the v-neck top, and the fact it only went to the end of your ass. Needless to say, he made sure to walk behind you on every staircase that you went on
Another set off is yoga legging, like the lululemon ones, that people wear all the time. They fit you great, really really great. They were supposed to work out in them???? Why were they so skin-tight????? And he also figured out that you wore things because of them. Instant nut.
How you ask, simple.
One time he saw your underwear line through the pants and he pointed them out, they did make it seem like your ass was super soft so he saw his chance and took it.
So the next time you wore them and he didn't see the lines he was like ??????
And thus began the “Yuji hunt for lineless underwear” and he found the thongs
And you received the fucking of your life soon after.
Oh! And there’s any time you go to the beach. Literally every time.
No cap.
The first time was when you wore a red one-piece and he practically went feral. It wasn't really a one-piece if it was see-through and had the lowest neckline on the planet.
Everyone was looking at you.
He practically fucked you on the beach but held off until you got back to the hotel room.
He’s way more forward when he wants to fuck, if you could imagine. He’ll just walk up to you and tell you he wants to get some, like right now.
If you can even ignore him, he’ll throw an arm around your waist and grope around your legs, all the way to the apex.
It is also not below him to try and get you off while still wearing underwear that he will be taking after.
(i didn't say anything about his stash off orgasm ruined underwear? My bad.)
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Going beyond the fact he even has a girlfriend, y’know considering, but the fact that no one knew who you were until you showed up at nationals to cheer him on
(atsumu was even starting to think that you didn't exist and that poor kiyoomi just imagined you up, so can imagine his shock when you ran up to said boy after they won)
The whole dating thing wasn't the shocking part; it was the fact that you looked like you walked off of the Milan runway.
And you were wearing leggings and sakusa's jacket, all of a sudden everyone was interested in how that happened
It was a kind of a boring story, someone had spilled coffee in a shop that you both happen to be in
And he watched you offer the man the same disinfectant wipes that he uses!
And in the most sakusa way possible he followed you out of the shop and tried to talk to you.
An exchange of numbers and many awkward conversations (and boners) later, you were a couple.
Back to that hug, like the many others, he's let you have, it’s all just to feel how soft you were
But poor touch -starved sakusa doesn't know what to do with any of these pent up feelings.
And he has a loooooooot of them.
Multiple occasions have shaped the poor germ-boy into the horny-tornado he has become
so he’s not really into what you’re wearing, it’s more about what you’re doing
like when you wore the mask he bought you to one of his games, and you wore one of his alternate uniforms, but the kicker was how you stayed away from everyone and didn’t let a single person near you (or his shirt)
or when you helped him clean his dorm when he was doing his weekly deep clean
or when the two of you washed the dishes while trying to do one of those “try not to sing” challenges
(is it normal to get a boner when your girlfriend helps you clean? no?)
but, as much as he tries to remain emotionless on the subject, there are multiple exceptions to the “it’s not what she wears” whole thing
Like that violet puffy skirt, you wore to a study fate, the one with the white sweater? That one, the same one that he could see your panties, from anywhere he sat. and Every time you got up you would have to smooth it down to make the creases go down, but it was only ever really giving him a good idea about the shape of your ass.
(if he sees you in that skirt again he’s just going to fuck you in it)
The lesser-known horny-inducer, since he made you take it off within the first five minutes, was a dress! What kind of dress? A neon yellow see-through mesh dress. The bottom wasn’t what got him though, it was the fact that your white bra was clearly seen under the mesh top. Or maybe it was the way the skirt made your waist look super small, and how your hips looked so round and squeezable.
Yeah, no one else could experience you in that.
Not to sound like this, but sakusa is still averse to touch
That goes out the window when he wants to dance the devil's tango with you.
Mr. His way or no way shows up,  he does it every so slightly different
If it’s just the two of you, he’ll put a hand on your shoulder and he’ll push you to your knees. And he’ll pet your head and tell you what’s about to happen and advise you to listen like a good girl.
But in the instance you are in the presence of others, he’ll stand behind you and bring you super close to him, ass to dick. (maybe he’ll grind into you a bit, just to convince you to follow him) and he’ll throw a few words in about how much of a bitch in heat you are for getting turned on in front of all of these people.
It’s best to just do what he wants before he makes you cum in your underwear.
Tumblr media
Daichi Sawamura
oh my
you guys are the power thigh couple
powerful and defined mixed with soft and pillowy
In Fact, that’s literally how the two of you met, thanks to Tanaka and Nishinoya of course.
(let’s just pretend karasuno has a cheer squad, and you just happened to be the captain of said team)
So basically you were doing a favor for the student council, and you were supposed to ask how many third years, managers included, were on each team and each club in the school
Easy! Turns out not so much. You were still in your cheer practice uniform, which was the shortest spandex ever made, and a Karasuno school t-shirt that was ever so slightly too tight.
Anyway, you make it to the gym and open the door, and the little one, Yachi, saw you and literally screamed. (she was right by the door), and that alerted everyone else in the gym, which led to the bald boy and his short companion pushing you further into the gym.
But in the better sense, it did gain the attention of the captain! Just the exact moment he was in front of you someone pushed; your back and within a second, in some miracle like way, you both ended up on the floor and he ended up planked on top of you with a leg between your spread thighs.
Almost kissing nonetheless.
Then, like the gentleman he was, he got off and asked you if you alright and kneeled down and let you use his shoulder to try and stand back up.
You did get up, for a split second, Daichi still kneeling letting you use him as a step stool when a certain red-head was flung right into you and you went toppling forward.
Onto Daichi.
Onto Daichi's face.
Your thighs around his head.
His hands-on your ass.
Hand in his hair.  
He could sit there forever, you were frozen, everyone else was frozen.
You eventually climbed off and asked how many third years there were. But he just sat there, his hands hadn’t moved either, luckily Suga answered and you were on your way.
And Daichi still didn’t move, after that incident, you had begun to see him everywhere, and eventually, he just cut the shit and asked you out.
Daddy Daichi likes seeing you in literally anything from sweatshirts to lingerie.
His favorite was the brown buttoned pencil skirt and the white blouse, that you wore to a date. You were kind of overdressed for the ramen shop and after a walk, but he didn't even care. He was so thrown off by how turned on he was he couldn't speak in full sentences.
An example:
“Yeah, the food here is- boob, I-I mean great, not boob, great, yes, great.”
The second.
Was a bathrobe.
Can you see where I'm going with that? Simply you look hot.
His favorite part of the night was ripping it off of you.
And like the first time you met, he had his head in your thighs <3
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya
You met poor atsumu at a party.
He tried to shoot his shot, y’know he sees a cute lady he’s just gotta try and show you what you could be getting
he had it all planned, he was going to walk up behind you and run his hands over your delicious curves and ask you if you were in need of any help
he doesn’t take into account that a having a random guy just start groping you and pressing himself behind a girl was panic-inducing
so when he dropped your waist, you freaked out and may or may not have punched him in the dick
while he was in a. world of pain you age to figure out what the hell had just happened to you
then you noticed him on the floor, and when he noticed you looking at him he put this forced cocky smirk on and gave you a “how you doing”
You took pity on the poor creature and helped him up and got him some ice, then conversed with him for the majority of the rest of the night.
And he just hasn't left you alone since
(and, you learned this far later, that he went so far to tell Sakusa and Kageyama all about you and how amazing you are, and has even sent them- more than one- picture
But in other news, he’s very horny
So really all that means is he always has his hands on you
Like during practice breaks when you're allowed to come down and talk to him for a bit, give him some things, but it normally just consists of him sitting on the bench and you standing in front of him.
While his hands rest on your hips and his face is shoved into the valley between your breasts, and he just sits and listens to you as you brush a hand through his hair.
Or sometimes, if he had been having a rough time, he’ll just have his hands under your skirt and he’ll feel around for a bit while grumbling about how people cant hit his sets
But for being the possessive bastard he is, he sure likes letting you wear all those outfits
Like the booty shorts and tank top, you wore to bring them food during the summer training camp. That same camp that the two of you disappeared at and he came back looking like he had won the lottery.
Or the cute little red dress you wore to your anniversary date? The one that made him have a hard-on the entire time you were at dinner. He knows the waiter remembers, he also bets the waiter remembers seeing him fucking you in the car when his shift was over.
And that time you wore his jersey to bed and sent him a picture of it. It was such a good picture that he made it his lock screen for everyone to see.
He just likes looking at you tbh.
Tumblr media
Aone Takanobu
you guys didn’t meet in some weird perverted way, it was actually really cute!
Not to sound creepy but he knew that you were in the garden club because you sat right in front of him in class
And since he didn't talk to anyone else in that class he was just content with listening, and so there he was
Standing outside of the garden club door holding his withering basil plant. Lost.
Lucky for him you were walking down the hallway and greeted him, looking all pretty and cute
You did help him realize that he was overwatering the basil and within a few weeks, it was back to life!
From that first time on, he came to the club room with you twice a week and walked home with you, just listening to all the random plant facts that you had harbored in your mind.
Eventually, with the help of the team, he asked you out, and you hugged him and said yes, and that was the beginning of the “oh god, y/n is way softer than I thought”
So he really just tries to be near you or be touching you at all times  
(i am also a firm believer that he likes to slow dance to classical music in your living room)
Like during lunch periods when you sit next to him and the second you finish eating hell push you to lean against him
And he’ll rub small circles on your hips and give you small innocent gropes
Or how he hugs your waist when you're doing literally anything, and he puts his head on top of your head while swaying
I can also tell you that Aone is a good singer
So he hums to you (I'm uwuing over my own headcanon lol)
He also really likes just running his hands along your body, so he likes when you wear the one-piece dresses so he has smooth sailing down your body
As a man of little words, he clearly has a more physical approach to getting you on the horny train
What I am trying to get at is that more often than not he literally just picks you up and carries you away.
Of course, that leaves you to come back to whatever you were doing.
That is after the cuddles and after sex ‘conversations’ about the dumbest things
Basically, he likes to hear you talk and he really likes being near.
Tumblr media
Osamu Miya
He knew who you were
With a brother like atsumu, who never shuts up about you, it's hard not to
(Osamu is pretty sure atsumu had a picture of you next to his pillow. ew)
Anyway, the two of you just happened to share the same lunch block, and it also just happens to be the only period block that he was alone
No teammates and no especially close that he could hang out with
That meant he could either study or eat
Had he chose to eat, only to be met with the fact that atsumu had drained both of their lunch accounts for his flavor of the week
Poor baby stood there for a while just processing what was the worst news of his life
When you, a true angel among the evil, said that you would graciously pay for his food so that he didn't outlook so sad anymore
If he wasn’t holding an armful of onigiri he would have fallen on his knees and begged to whatever god was out there to let him keep you
But he settled for thanking you and spending the entire period with you, he even offered to share (for the first time in his life)
You complimented him on his flavor choice and he decided to keep you
He made sure to share his recipes with you and you tried to do the same
And somehow that evolved into you guys going on dates, much to atsumu’s distaste, and you guys were totally hitting it off
Osamu was your official biggest fan, he loved everything you do
But that means he wants to stay your biggest fan, and he knows that you’re pretty well known for boys thinking not so innocent things about you
Again being brothers with atsumu gave him this little sadistic streak
He lets you wear all of the revealing outfits and the bikinis, all for everyone to see
Everyone to see what belongs to him
Like at suna’s party he let you wear a black mini-skirt and a white off the shoulder long sleeved flowy shirt.
You looked good, and all the guys staring at you proved that point tenfold. Three guys had come up to you and tried to get you to go upstairs with them. And it was almost immediately shut down when they noticed the act you were sitting on your boyfriend.
Speaking of, he almost always has you in his lap.
Aww, cute! Not, he like grinding you down on him, that's also why he likes having you wear skirts, easy access to your ass, also a nice way to ensure that he could get more than a few gropes in when he wants
No, it's definitely the way he made you wear thigh highs to school one day and the shortest skirt you owned (like a school skirt) and walked behind you the entire day.
And he just reached behind you and lifted your skirt for the whole hallway to see, but mostly for him
He waists no time when he wants to fuck, he’ll just walk up to and open your legs while making out with either you or your neck.
And yes he has done that in front of atsumu
Who was warned to stay out of their room for a while.
Not to mention all those times he convince you to go to school with no underwear on just for the fun of it
(I didn't tell you this but those off the shoulder mini dresses drive him wild. On graduation day he pulled into a closet and had his way with you. I mean he did say that if you wore that dress he was going to do it, buuuuuut y’know….. yolo)
Tumblr media
Kyotani Kentaro
We all know he’s a fighter, which means he gets hurt a lot, which in turn makes him a frequent face in the nurse's office
And who happens to be the nurse's niece? You of course!
And right after school, when your aunt takes her break and leaves you to take care of the office alone
Right after school is also when Kyotani always comes in.
(it’s not like he knew that you would be there alone, and that meant that you had to deal with him and heal him up. And it also is not like he started the fight so he could come here and see you. No not that)
Who am I kidding it was like that.
It was totally like that.
Your hands were just so soft when they put the bandages on and you have to bend down to get the wrapping.
He had a crush, that's what iwaizumi said, and after googling what the symptoms of a crush were he was sure
So with the help of the third years, aka Oikawa just having Iwaizumi repeat what he wanted to say, they had a plan
And the next time he was in the office he asked if you wanted to see a movie with him, it was so cute and he looked so shy
It would have been perfect if after five seconds he tried to take it back, you still went on the date with him though
He was happy.
Angry boy likes hugs
And yes he does, no objections
So when he’s upset he’ll make these grabby hands at you and have you come over and stand with him
He shoves his chin on your shoulder and his hands squeezing your waist and you’ll rock back and forth until he calms down.
He’s also very aware of what you wear
Like how your skirt perfectly frames your legs. How the socks you wear make your legs look 10x longer, and make you look like you’re walking like a model.
Or the dark blue leggings you wore with his alternate jersey and you were cheering for him!
But nothing and I mean NOTHING gets him better than when you wear spandex shorts and one of his shirts. He goes feral every time.
This man is the CEO of picking you up and placing you on his lap, straddle style, and just going ham on you
Not to mention that sometimes when he’s really tired he’ll have you just sitting on his lap while he plays with your thighs
(he also likes playing with your waist and stomach, but he doesn't realize that he’s talking out loud so you can hear all of the “so soft”’s he lets out.
Tumblr media
You were one of Mika's close friends so you were always just kind of around
It was a little get together that Daishou threw that really made you two close
It was a weird drinking game of sorts, and it had these teams, and you were out as a pair!
Somehow throughout the game, you guys got side-tracked and just ended up talking to each other the rest of the night
Eventually, you were convinced to go on a double date and the rest was history
He didn't even pay attention to what you wore that much until he heard a few rando kids in the locker room talking about it.
And that’s when he started thinking about just who he was dating
He first realized how round your ass was. Is it normal to look that good in leggings? No one else has ever looked that good to him. With that came his obsession with just touching your butt. He just grabs it or he’ll stop you from walking and palm it. Or he’ll rub circles into it.
(it's cute how intrigued he is by your butt)
Then came his obsession with your thighs. Mostly the way that they spread out when you sit. He didn't even understand why they were just so mesmerizing. They were so squishy too. He likes how they look in his hands-
Lastly was the waist thing. You aren't even sure what it is. He just likes putting his hands on your waist. Like a prom picture. Sometimes he’ll squeeze or run his hands along your sides. But he’s mostly stationary.
He also has this habit of just opening your legs and laying on your stomach.
He is just so into how soft you are.
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black-licorice-lingerie · 2 months ago
A Look Into Billy Lenz’s Personality (from the book)
Okay so this is going to be my own interpretation of what we learn in the Black Christmas novelization. Specifically, I’m going to be going over the things Billy says. If you’re a huge fan of Black Christmas, or just Billy Lenz and you wish to learn more about him or the whole story, I highly suggest you go check it out right here: (
That being said, let’s take a peak at Billy’s personality:
Based on what my 2 am notes describe, Billy is very much socially awkward as the story makes it clear that Billy really wants to communicate with the sorority house beyond using the telephone. Billy actually HATES using the telephone (shocker I know), but is SO shy at talking with others that he can’t help but hide away and establish a distanced method of speaking. This pretty much tells us that Billy can’t help but be afraid of interacting with other people. Billy’s social ineptitude is even shown near the part where he viciously stabs Barb to death. Upon seeing Jess and Barb talk to each other about nightmares and Peter, Billy is depicted as really longing for the kind of communication Jess and Barb are showing.
Another, but small note on Billy’s personality is that he comes across as a bit judgmental. When Barb picks up the phone and talks to her mom about life and such, she gets a bit sassy in attitude. Billy, of course listening to this, begins to judge Barb for daring to speak to her own mother that way. He’s bewildered from Barb having the courage to speak to her mother, an authority figure, in such a snappy tone. Interestingly enough, this points that Billy knows social standards (how and how not to talk to people), but can’t bring himself to properly talk with people to display his mannerism knowledge.
A BIG aspect of Billy’s personality is, without a doubt, insecurity. When Clare is packing her belongings to leave the sorority house, she suspects that Claude is in the room. She calls out to Claude, calling him names for being a silly pet. Billy, who was hiding in the fucking closet for whatever reason, hears this and actually thinks she’s talking about him. After feeling insulted, Billy lost it and murdered Clare with a plastic bag. The thoughts in his head say that he didn’t mean, or want to murder Clare, but that she “left him no choice” for “bullying” him. Clare’s death is an example of how anxious Billy is about himself, showing how he thought a casual conversation towards a cat was about him. He does NOT like being insulted to the point where he reacts violently. Billy has the urge to drastically “defend” himself when he feels insulted in any way.
Possessiveness also seems to be a personality trait of Billy. After having murdered the shit out of Clare and stashing her body up in the attic, he recognizes her father visiting the sorority house. Obviously, Clare’s father is trying to figure out what the fuck happened to her, but Billy’s annoyed at this. Billy describes Clare (at least her corpse) in a way you’d describe an item. Billy’s irritated at Clare’s father coming about and looking for her, because in Billy’s sick mind (the story in his POV), Clare belongs to him now. So not only is Billy hyper-aggressive when he feels insulted, but he has the sick urge to add insult to injury by “claiming” the body of his victims as his toy-like belongings. Clare “insulted” him, and she “paid” for it. To make himself feel better, Billy takes Clare’s body up into where he’s staying, a twisted mimicry of a child getting a toy, or obtaining a friend. That way, Clare surely won’t “mock” Billy anymore, as he now “owns” her.
However, Billy also has self awareness. The story later begins to show that Billy doesn’t like what his mind forces him to believe, and how he behaves. When Mrs. MacHenry is searching the house for Claude, Billy hopes that she doesn’t reach the attic because once she does, he won’t be able to stop himself. Billy hates this about himself.
In conclusion…Billy is clearly mentally ill. Very, very mentally ill. It’s shown that Billy is aware of how to behave towards others, and does (in fact) have a sense of right and wrong since his murderous actions come back to disgust him. However, he’s also very incapable of properly establishing communication between himself and other people. He’s also violently insecure about himself, along with being possessive towards others. He sees that what he does is awful, and even knows the ins and outs of how one should treat authority figures. 
Billy’s personality is under an attack of cognitive dissonance, leading him to even more stress. Deep down inside, despite the sociopathic behaviors, Billy hates that this is an uncontrollable aspect of his brain. Billy wants to be a normal person, Billy wants to be liked, and he doesn’t want to rely on the telephone just to get issues off of his chest. However, something, or some things happened in Billy’s past if he can’t help but behave so hellacious. Billy was so abused and traumatized by events in his childhood, that despite his morality (self sufficient or taught), he can’t help but put on a fight in the name of defending himself. Whatever ridicule, beating, and verbal abuse Billy encountered has cemented into his brain, establishing a psychological illness that leaves him incapable of navigating unfavorable situations other than “attack, attack, attack”.
Billy not being able to control his horrendous actions points to an error in his mind. However, there are many mental illnesses that create a warped view of reality, and a hindered ability to control oneself. So while Billy definitely suffers from a psychological disorder, it’s impossible to get an idea of what exactly he may have...until we use his phone calls to analyze his history and how his mind interprets it, but we’ll have to save that for later in the day.
Anyways, this was my particular analysis of (1974) Billy Lenz’s personality! I wish you all a good ass week, at least better than how I’m reacting to my online class assignments. Remember, stay a simp for slashers.
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dramaphan · 2 months ago
Compiling a list of facts and hints about project Phil for reference. Might update this for funsies as we learn more. (I put this under a cut because she’s getting long)
What we know for sure:
•They filmed something in Rawtenstall (a show?)
•With an actual camera crew
•For Phil’s channel later this year
•Dan was there, but no confirmation that he is Involved new members post confirms that Dan was in fact involved
•Whatever it is had to be “confirmed” according to a members post.
•It involves??? Some kind of???? Big alien costume???? But apparently that’s not relevant
•Phil did not edit this thing
• “at least 1 minute of HD dog content”
• “filmed for 20 hours and 20 minutes makes the cut”
• “something fun”
• “later this year” aka “the trees will probably be pretty crispy” - a fall upload, then? Potentially winter
•It’s supposed to be “weird and nostalgic”
•It took a long time to film. From the time we learned something was up to the time they allegedly wrapped filming was a little over a week.
•shoot/call time 6am?? Is this relevant??
• “it’s a big shoot and everything”
Things that may or may not be related:
•Phil’s tweet about seeing gay couples holding hands in the wild
•Dan’s tweet about eating his feelings
•Dan had said something in a stereo(?) about not doing a house tour because they “might do something like it in a few months” (If I remember right). Seems unlikely that this is related but I’m including it because it was a sus thing to say
• both ding and dong have been weirdly radio silent lately. Unsure if this is related
• 🍩👄🍩
•at the beach????
Some of my personal theories thus far:
•Tour of My Hometown 2: But Sponsored
•dnp Travel Series: The Pilot
•ditl hometown
•Glitch Theory returns, maybe?? Why would he put out merch so far ahead of a project though. This is the only theory I can fit a fucking alien into so???
•That adopt-a-dog show they talked about??? That’s the only explanation I can come up with for the camera crew but it doesn’t line up with anything else rip (apparently there is dog content so I’m not closing the door on this theory yet)
•Some kind of new interactive adventure if such a thing is possible without YouTube annotations
•pinof 2 electric boogaloo
•Ganp Phil version
•awkward stories from the closet: Big Boy or something else about his previous crushes
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amazingphil · 11 months ago
Awkward Stories from the Closet 2! 💕🚪
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blogevaawrites · 5 months ago
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Warnings: smut, cheating, angst
Summary: After being away of you boyfriend for three weeks, you come to Chris’s  house after he had thrown a party where you met a girl you haven’t see ever. The beginning of the relationship was unconventional so you couldn’t do anything else but suspect.
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
We cuddled in bed after he agreed to tell me always the truth. He swore me that it didn’t happen anything else with Ashley when she stayed in and promised me he won’t hide anything from me.
We got breakfast and walked Dodger the entire morning. We kind of have a routine when we are together here, we got up early, enjoy a delicious breakfast in our favorite Café, take a long walk in the forest. At lunch time sometimes we go to his mother’s house to eat with her but today was Miles’s play, so we were going to see them anyway. We got lunch at home and went to buy a few things from the grocery store. Domestic Chris was my favorite one, to be honest he was always like this with me, I have heard wild stories about him in his late 20’s from his friend, specially from Tara. We got along well since the beginning which was great but I’m sure that those stories are barely the quarter of his past.
“My sister just text me asking me if we wanted to dinner all together after the play, we are going, aren’t we?” he asked me from the closet, we were getting ready to go.
“Sure” I simply said brushing my wet hair.
“Can I ask you something?” I heard him behind me, I looked him through the mirror nodding my head.
“Don’t tell them what’s going on between us, please” he asked shamefully.
“What do you mean? Why?” I was confused, he was very open with his family, even with our arguments.
“About Ashley and the kiss. Let’s work this out between us first. Okay?” he asked me, caressing my shoulders.
“Why?” I tried again. I was usually the one who wanted to keep things between us.
“Because it will be batter in that way, less pressure.” He said looking at my eyes through the mirror. “I love your hair in this way” he brushed my ponytail with his fingers. Leaving a quick kiss at the nape of my neck, he left the bathroom getting back to the closet.
That was quite upset but I didn’t have time to react, and I didn’t know what to do either.
After the play, we went to get dinner at his sister’s house. Everyone was relaxed, chatting and drinking in the living room. I was falling sleep so started to clean up to get myself busy.
“It’s nice to have you back here. I’d missed you.” his sister talked, catching my attention.
“Me too, but my boss was being a pain in the ass. At least I have a few days off” I said, loading up the dishwasher.
“Yeah! I know, Chris has been told me. Just let me tell you something that you may not understand know but keep this present” she got closer to my smiling. “We love you and we would love having you here.” I smiled trying not to laugh but I failed.
“He already has asked me to move in” I said, and she hugged me tightly and jumping around. “That’s great! When do you officially move in?” she asked happily. “OMG! What are you going to do with your job? You probably have something figured out, right?” she kept talking unable to hide her excitement.
“I didn’t say yes.” It broke my heart spoiled her happiness. “What? Why? I thought you were fine.” She was concerned and sad. I didn’t know what to say so when I saw Chris stepping in, I felt relieved.
“What is happing?” he asked, walking to the trash can to throw his empty bottle of beer.
“Why is she not moving in?” she asked his brother straightly. “What did you do to her, Chris?” she was getting mad which was something I wasn’t used to. “Nothing, it’s not a big deal, she didn’t say no. She is giving me a hard time because she is mad at me, but we are okay.” He said to his sister. Lying makes me uncomfortable so I tried to keep a distance discreetly. “Why is she mad?” she asked again. “We had an accident with Dodger this morning.” He said calmly. “What accident?” she asked again. It wasn’t weird for them to ask so many questions about each other’s personal life, they were like that.
“Because she told me this morning to change the Dodger’s leash because it was worn out, but I didn’t do it and Dodger almost got hit by a car because of the leash.” I remain in silence listening to him lied to his sister brazenly.
He looked my face and his smile got vanished. “I’m getting very tired, we should go.” I said slowly.
We kissed and hugged goodbye to everybody and left the house. The drive to his house was awkward and tensed. He knew I was shocked by his way to lied to his sister without a blink.
“Don’t overthink this, please.” He murmured to me but keeping his eyes on the road.  
“Fine.” I said, I wasn’t really interested in having a conversation about that right then. “It just come to my mind, I didn’t think about it” he tried to fix it, but he was just making it worst. All what my ears were hearing was -look, I could fool her that easily. - “Chris, please, I don’t want to talk.” I said closing my eyes. I could feel his eyes on me before looking back to the road.
I could feel his awkwardness while we were getting ready to go to bed. I wasn’t really mad; I was just overwhelmed with everything. His eyes were on me all the time, while I was brushing my teeth, changing my clothes, removing my make-up, even when I was reading my book in bed, he had a book on his hands, but my silence was disturbing his reading. “Stop.” I muttered, with my eyes on my book. He breathed loudly before asking.
“Are we okay?” he finally spoke. “Yes.” I lied and guilty invaded my body. “I guess. I don’t know. I just want to this day ends.” I took my words back quickly. “Okay.” He said, leaving his book on the nightstand. I did the same and turned of the lights. A few minutes later I knew he was still wake. “Are you sure there’s nothing else I should know?” I asked quietly. His breathing changed and I felt his eyes on me. “Is like this how it’s going to be from now on? Are you going to doubt about everything I said?” I know he was hurt but everything felt odd. “This is going to be the last time I ask you this, there’s no going to be other chance. Is there something else I should know about?” I asked, turning my body to look him better. He looked right at my eyes say, “I’m not hiding anything, I promise.” He turned to the other side, giving me his back.
In the morning, he woke up before me and got the breakfast ready for both of us. When I walked in the kitchen he wasn’t there and either was Dodger, he was walking him.
“Good morning, sweetheart” he greeted me when I arrived. “Did you sleep tight?” he asked, kissing my left temple. I was surprised by his good mood, I thought he was going to be mad or at least a little bit annoyed with me after last night.
“Hi! Yes, thank you. Why are you awake so early?” he took a sit next to me in the dinning table. “I’m kind of busy today and I wanted to spend some time with you.” He said taking a bite of his toast. The silence inundated the room.
“I’m sorry” he said taking my hand “About what?”
“About last night. I know why you are so upset and disappointed with me, I deserve it, and I shouldn’t have been so bitter when you asked me that. I’m sorry for everything.” That took me by a surprise, when we have an argument, he usually doesn’t say sorry first. I didn’t know what to say and he knew it, so he kissed my lips and kept talking.
“Anyway, I have a few interviews later today, but I will be free at 6. We can do something.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know, do you want to go somewhere?” When I come here, we usually try to visit every single place in the town, he has lived here his whole life, so he almost knows every place around, but he doesn’t care about that. He likes to go with me anyway.
“What place is left over?
“We have been almost everywhere actually. There’s a new coffee shop that is also a book shop, kind of fateful combination but we haven’t been there” I laughed at his description.
“There is also a sex-shop in the same street.” He casually said.
“Oh! What a coincidence, isn’t it?” I answer back. He laughed.
“I wasn’t suggesting anything. I was just saying, I know you like that kind of things.”
“Sex or sex-shops?” I asked quickly.
He let loose a good belly laugh “I was going to say new places but okay, I guess you’re pretty into it too.”
“Idiot.” I said joking.
“Horndog” he loved that nickname and loved even more since he finds out that I hated.
“I hate you.”
“No, you don’t. I know you love me” I finished my breakfast and so he did.
“What time is your interview?” I asked.
“In an hour, why?” I got closer to him, he moved the chair back from the table to let me some space to sit on his lap. “What do you have on mind?” he asked against my neck. His hands on my hips made rub me against his dick. I moaned when I cloud feel him coming to life under his sweatpants. Suddenly he got up and set me on the edge of the table, he realized that the table was full of our plates, so he took me to the kitchen counter. He took his member out of his pants and move aside my panties. He rubbed two fingers up and down through my folds, checking if I was ready. “I’m ready” I purred.
He pushed himself into me slowly. “God! This is where I belong.” He said in my mouth. His hands were taking my shirt off and his hips started to rock against mine. When my breast was full exposed, he pushed me to lay down on the surface. His lips sucked my nipples hard, and his hands held my forearms tightly. Sweat spread to my whole body.
The orgasm left my body shaking and tingling. “Can you hold another one?” he asked softly against my collarbone. I nodded and before a knew it I was with leg on each side of his lap, and he was sat on the chair again. With his arms pressing my core to his, he moved his hips up and down ruthlessly until we both were satiated. We stayed in the same position for a while until he spoke.
“I would stay like this forever, but I need to get ready for the call.” He said caressing my back and leg.
I stood up and looked for my shirt on the floor.
“You know I love you right?” he sounded a little bit anxious. I turn over to look at him still sat in the chair.
“I certainly do now.” He gave me a sad smile back. “I love you too, Chris.” I continued.
“You don’t have to say it…”
“I know. I do love you, Chris. In fact, I think I know the exact moment that I knew I was in love with you, and it was a while ago.” I saw his smile became real.
“I thought love was about get used to somebody, and accept other person’s personality which it is but, you were right, between us everything has been so natural, I really like you as a human being and I really enjoy being around even when I want to be alone.” His eyes were on me, looking at me intensely.
“So, yes I do love you and I’m sorry if I don’t say it enough.” He got up from the chair and walked firmly to me. His palms framed my face to kiss me deeply.
The need for air forced us to break the kiss. “You are the love of my life” his words made me feel overwhelmed but in a good way.
“You’re going to be late.” I could say.
“I don’t care. I don’t want to let you go.” I giggled and I pushed him jokingly. “Come on! Go!”
He run to the room to get ready, and I cleaned up the kitchen. I could hear him moving around until he closed the door of the room, letting me know that he was starting the interview. I took a shower and dressed up, I tired to keep myself busy but I ended up shopping online.
“Hi, I sorry for bothering you but I think I forgot my wallet at your house, I’m not sure but I can’t find it.” I spoke through the phone with Carly. I was looking for my credit card, when I remembered I took everything out of my bag last night because I could find my phone at his sister’s house. “I don’t know, honey. Let me check:” she said before leaving me alone on the phone. “Yes, It’s here.” She said later. “Great, I thought I lost it. Can I stopped by and take it?” I didn’t need it immediately, but I wasn’t doing anything else. “Yeah sure, I’m about to leave but I can wait until you come. Oh! Why don’t I pick you up and get a coffee together? I missed you. Wait! Are you busy?” She spoke quickly. “No, actually I’m not doing anything. Chris is doing an interview, I think, I’m pretty boring so you’re actually saving me. Let’s go!” I didn’t bring anything of work to keep myself busy, I wanted to spend some quality time with Chris but right then I was thrilled to get out of that house.
I was writing down a message for him when I felt hands on my wrist.
“What are you doing?” he talked against my neck.
“I got a break, let’s make it worthy.” He said, caressing my butt and hips.
“I can’t, your sister is taking me to have a coffee.” I answered turning over to take his face in my hands, I kissed his lips quickly. “I’m sorry, I thought you were going to be busy. I was leaving you a message.” His head hid in my neck kissing it deeply.
“How much time we got?” he asked between his kisses. “I can be very effective” he said smiling and making me laugh.
“You think so?” I said joking.
He pretended to look offended “You think I can’t, challenge accepted.” He said holding me up with his hands on my butt. “No! Stop it! You sister is really coming.” I said laughing against his lips. “You want to know who came first?” I laughed louder. “Stop!” I said trying to get down to the floor.
“Okay! Fine! I can wait until tonight. But no longer.” he said amusingly, letting me go.
“Where are you both going?” he asked pouring water in a glass. “I don’t know, she has to go somewhere first and then we will see.” I like when we are together, like this, when we are happy.
“I love how well you and my family get along.” He said drinking water. His smile always makes my legs shake.
“They are very nice, it’s easy.”
“Yeah! But I mean I like that you actually enjoy when we spent time with them.”
That was true, I met them through him, but I felt them like friends. I nodded in understanding.
“I have to do a few interviews next week in New York. Maybe we can make a getaway, my friend has a farm an hour away from the city. What do you think?” he asked raising his hand to reach mine.
“Yeah! Sure, we can make it work.”  I reach his hand squeezing it. “I think she is already here.” I pecked him on the lips. “I’ll bring something to dinner. Don’t make anything.”
I grabbed my jacket and checked myself in the mirror, one last time. He opened the door for me “I love you.”
“I loved you too.”  
“So, sis, when are you moving in?” she asked smiling with his coffee in his heads. She always treats me so nice that it broke my heart not telling her what was going on.
“I don’t know, honestly. I don’t think I should” I could see her confusion in his eyes, and I continued “I think is a little bit be too soon, don’t you?” I didn’t think so, but everybody says those things.
“What? No, I think it’s great for you guys. After everything, isn’t this a good way to consolidate your relationship?” she said that so naturally.
“After what?” I asked trying my best to look distracted.
“About Ashley and everything what happened” she was trying to text his son about something, I knew she wasn’t paying me attention. “Oh! Yeah that” I said trying to sound calm, but my heart was beating so fast that I thought it was going to leave my body.
“I mean, it was at the beginning of your relationship but even though, he shouldn’t have done it, and he felt miserable in the morning. I remember him being so scared for telling you.” She was talking to me, but his eyes were at his phone with his son. “Anyway, thank god you forgave him.”
Everybody already loved you then. It would have been terrible not seeing you again.” My brain put every piece in order, and I could feel a lonely tear falling over my cheek. I didn’t want to cry I felt so stupid. I met his family almost six months later we were officially together. Ashley wasn’t just a friend, she kissed him not because she was depressed, she did it because she knew he could cheat on me. He already has done it once.
“But let’s talk about something else, I.. “she shut up when her eyes were on mine. “Are you okay?” she sound worried. “I’m sorry I was being so unsensitive, I’m sure it’s not easy to forget that kind of things.” She got closer to me trying to comfort me, but I got up and left the Café. If she would had touched me, I would have collapsed. I heard her picking everything up walking behind me. I got in the car and she did the same. She started to drive, and for the route I knew we were going back to his house. I really appreciated she didn’t try to talk to me, but I knew she was confused by my behavior. When she pulled over, she blocked the doors.
“You didn’t know it, right?” she asked, I didn’t have to answer. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to do but you can call me if you need anything.” I smiled at her softly and got out the car.
When I opened the door, he was sitting on the couch, watching the TV but with his phone in his hands.
“Hey, did you have a nice time?” he asked without looking at me. “I though you would be out for longer.” He said before turning around to me. His face was deathly pale.
“What happened? What’s wrong?” I wasn’t crying anymore, so I guess eyes were a little bit red, and he noticed it.
He was walking to hold my hands, but I moved away from him.
“I knew that something was odd. God! I must have seemed so stupid!” I move fast to the room to pick up all of my stuff.
“What are you talking about?” he asked following through the room. “You made me feel like a shit when I asked you last night. And the whole thing this morning, holy crap, you’re so shameless.”
“So, this is about Ashley again?” he asked bothered “You’re giving up on us.” I laughed incredulously. “Please, don’t make this worse. I’m already freaked out with you.”
“I didn’t do anything. It was just a fucking kiss.” He yelled.
“It wasn’t just a kiss, Chris. I know you fucked her, and I know that your whole family knew it and you lied to them.” His face changed.
“Your family think I forgave you. God, that’s why they are extremely kind to me, right? They feel pity for me.” my head couldn’t handle the emotions I was feeling. I took a deep breath before I sat down on the bed.
“When did that happen? It was after I met your family so at least six months later from we were official.” He didn’t answered, his eyes were on the floor the entire time.
“Oh my god, you took me to Italy around that time. It was because you felt guilty, wasn’t it?. You were weird that entire week and I thought it was because you were stressful. I’m so fucking stupid.” Tears were back in my cheeks.
“I thought I was a smart woman” I said with a nervous laugh. He was in the corner of the room in completely silence.
“Don’t you have something to say?” I asked. “Are you going to deny it? Do you have another lie to me?” I was getting tired of being the only one talking.
“I’m sorry” he said softly.
“that’s all?” for once I want him to talk.
“I was going to tell you. I went to NY to tell you. I promise, but…”
“I begged you to tell me the truth, and I felt guilty about it…”
“I didn’t want to lose you. I was being so happy with you, I just I couldn’t. Carly told me that it was better to tell you but when I saw you face, I chickened out. I fucked everything up and the only thing I could think about it was to asked them not to mention it again because you forgave me. I’m so sorry, but…”
“You were so happy with me that you couldn’t tell me the truth, great.”
“I know I was being selfish, but I couldn’t think about anything else.” I didn’t know what could have happened before but now the worst part was he lied to me this entire time.
I got up again and kept picking my stuff up I saw the keys on my nightstand. I could feel his eyes on my movements. I left the keys but I took my book from the nightstand.
“You’re leaving me.” he muttered taking the keys in his hands.
“Yes, I’m leaving because I don’t know how to deal with this situation.”
“You said you loved me.” he said when I walked out from the room. I knew his intention was other, but those words just made me walk faster to get out of the house.
I left the house with him following me close, I put my bag on the passenger seat, but he blocked my way from get on the car.
“I love you.” He spoke.
“You know what is the worst part? I actually believe that you love me but the fact that even loving me that much you did this to me. I don’t think this is going in the right direction.” I could feel a tear falling slowly over my cheek.
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natigail · 11 months ago
This video was so damn good! Just, he seems so comfortable talking about these past stories from the closet and I love hearing his perspective from now that he’s older, wiser and out. The video had everything; gay panic in every single story (hypnosis guy, Phil himself, sneaky message lad), gays hopelessly falling in love with strangers in the span of about two seconds, very weird ways to attract someone’s romantic attention, being brave and hitting someone up first (way to go, Phil!!), Phil being so damn understanding of other closeted people working through their stuff, proof that Phil lived fanfiction shit before even meeting Dan (it was always leading up to him, huh?) and just this soft comfort about the whole thing. That’s how I best can describe it. I felt comforted by Phil, and as someone who isn’t really out to anyone in real life, I felt reminded that there are fellow queer people out there, in and out of closets being just as fumbling awkward as myself but also kind and understanding. Thank you so much for that video, Mr Amazing. Phil is seriously such a charismatic story teller, I love that about him.
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templeofshame · 11 months ago
i’m sure “a friend, remember what that was like?” is intended as a reference to the pandemic, but i heard it and thought... remember when he has his best friend of camera and that was a thing?
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moi-bento2 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
A Family trip to the Combination Taco bell/ Pizza Hut: A Cursed chat with @theshmeepking based on this image alone. 
Rad- on the speaker- “Yo welcome to the  Combination Taco bell/ Pizza Hut what can i get ya?
Ven who is already ill - A large coke-Pepsi whatever ya got...and uh 2 Doritos locos tacos and ...” 
Boxman in passenger seat - "I hate Pizza hut...Taco bell not that much better but its alright...>.>" 
Darrel in back in car-seat - "I want a Slushy!!" 
Ray-  ✨ "Tacos makes people fat" ✨
Shannon - "shut up Raymond no one cares!" 
Fink who is also in a car-seat - *Continues to scream for no reason* 
 Ven *this close 👌 to driving off even tho he rlly want tacos* 😃🔪 
Rad- on the speaker- So ...just 2 Doritos tacos? Would you like anything else?...*awkward silence listing to the commotion from the car*  
Ven swallows his craving for tacos and pulls off to the nearest McDonalds. Orders 1 black coffee and proceeds to the window. 
He pulls to the mcds window and sees his wife, she then causes him to drop sed coffee and closes the window and walks off, Ven is now much more mad and just goes back to the factory he then proceeds to get out the car and head inside alone. leaving everyone in the car. He goes to his room, locks himself in a closet and crys. 
CREDIT to photo! And if this somehow turns to a actual story or ets art made of this convo.  imma cry. HAHA! UwU thx Ok Ko fandom!  
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charcoocheurie · 5 months ago
2 For 1. Part 5 | Tony “Sad Eyes” Guzman
A/N: this chapter was extremely self indulgent sksjsjskkssksksj😅
Word count: 3047
POC reader always🧚🏽
Warnings: you and sad eyes and some hotel sex🥵 (unprotected - wrap it up and do as i say, not as i write)
Summary: You got a two for one deal when you fell in love with Tony…
Tumblr media
not my gif / credit to @merakiaes​ 💗
Tumblr media
You shoved your sister’s clothes and kicked her shoes out of the way to get to her suitcase at the very back of her closet.
“Where are you going, anyway?” Mel asked as she watched you struggle to get the suitcase from her closet while she ate a bag of chips. When you told her you were going to Oakland for the weekend, you didn’t mention that it would be with Tony. She’d figure it out sooner or later, so you decided to tell her. 
“One of Tony’s friends is having a birthday party out there and he invited me to go with him. We’re gonna spend the weekend there.” You tried to play it cool, but you were bouncing with excitement on the inside. An entire weekend alone together was exactly what you two needed.
“Meeting the friends? You guys are getting pretty serious, huh?” Mel asked, wiggling her eyebrows up and down.
“Kind of,” Now, you were smiling like a fool. The past few months with Tony had been life-changing. You never knew you could smile so much, laugh so hard, care for someone so deeply.
“I’m happy for you, (YN).” Your sister said with teary eyes. She knew how badly your last relationship hurt you, and you changed before her eyes. Being with Tony ignited a fire in you that she hadn’t seen in a very long time. Mel brought into a hug and you tried your best to hold back your tears.
“Okay, that’s enough of that,” You laughed as you dabbed your eyes. “Now come shopping with me so I can find something to wear,” You’d be leaving for Oakland with Tony the next morning and nothing in your closet seemed good enough to bring along.
The next morning, Tony showed up at your house bright and early. After helping you with your bags, he opened the door for you and waited for you to get settled before closing the door and heading to the driver's side.
Tony reached into the backseat and handed you an iced coffee, “Since we have a long drive ahead of us.”
You took a sip and closed your eyes as you savored the flavor, “Mmm, you remembered to ask for an extra shot of espresso this time.”
“Yeah, cause I remember what happened last time I didn’t.” He chuckled as he backed out of your driveway.
“Hey, I already told you, I don’t play about two things: my family, and my coffee.” You reminded him before taking another sip.
The 5-hour car ride didn’t feel that way with Tony. It was filled with lots of old-school rap and r&b, lots of stories about Tony’s friends that left your stomach hurting from laughing so hard, and even more snacks that you two picked up along the way. 
While Tony checked into the hotel, you hung back and called your sister to let her know you two made it to Oakland safe and sound. You were reading a brochure titled Things To Do In Oakland when Tony approached you with a look on his face that you couldn’t quite read.
“Everything good?” You asked as you looked up at him.
“Yeah, yeah,” He stammered, fidgeting uncomfortably. “It’s just...the room was supposed to have two beds, but there’s only one. They’re fully booked so they can’t switch us to another room. We can go to another hotel if you want, I saw a few on the way here-“
“Tony, it’s fine,” You assured him, placing your hands on his chest to ground him. “You sure? Cause it’s not a problem-”
You got on your toes and kissed, knowing that was the only thing that would shut him up. “I’m sure. Now let’s go check out the room.” You took the room key from his hand and made walked over to the elevator, he wasn’t far behind you.
The elevator was relatively short considering that the room was on the 10th floor. You held the key to the electronic keypad and waited for it to turn green before turning the handle.
When you walked in, your eyes immediately went to the large king-size bed. You and Tony had never been intimate aside from a little make-out session here and there, but you already forming some ideas on how to change that.
The ride to the party couldn’t be more different from the ride to Oakland. You weren’t singing, dancing, or even talking unless Tony spoke to you first. He sensed something was wrong, but he knew for sure when your favorite song came on and you didn’t even budge.
“What’s wrong?” Tony asked, giving your thigh a light squeeze. “Nothing,” You responded quickly with a tight-lipped smile. You turned away, but Tony didn’t let it go.
“It’s something. Come on, you barely said a word since we left the hotel.”
There was no use in trying to hide how you were feeling, he saw right through you.
“What if your friends don’t like me? Is that gonna change the way you feel about me?” You asked quietly.
“It won’t change anything because they’re gonna love you.” He assured you as he brought your hand to his lips.
His words were sweet and thoughtful, but they didn’t answer your question. 
“But what if they don’t?”
He sighed and pulled up behind a car on the curb and parked.
“I’m not dating them, I’m dating you. If they don’t like you, it’s because they had to find a reason not to. It won’t change how I feel about you.” Tony looked you directly in your eyes when he said that, and you believed him. That eased a bit of your anxiety.
Tony's hand rested on your lower back as you two walked through the front door of the crowded house. “You have a lot of friends.” You shouted over the music.
“No, Flaco has a lot of friends.” He shouted back. “I don’t know half of these people.”
“Is that his real name?” You asked. “It’s Andres, but don’t call him that to his face.”
You didn’t get a chance to ask why. Tony let go of your hand to dap Flaco up. The only reason you knew it was him was because the chain around his neck spelled it out.
They exchanged a few words before their attention shifted to you. You took a deep breath and smiled as Tony introduce you. “This is my girl, (YN) I’ve been telling you about.”
My girl. 
“Hi, it’s nice to meet you. Happy birthday!” You handed him the gift bag you previously had a death grip on because of how nervous you were. 
Flaco unexpectedly pulled you into a hug. It wasn’t one of those awkward half-assed hugs either, he squeezed you and lifted you off of the ground.
“If you’re Tony’s girl, then you’re already family. Come on, everybody else is outback.”
The two of you followed Flaco to the backyard where there were even more people for you to meet. Most of Tony’s friends went by nicknames (Spooky, Oso, Joker, just to name a few), and you learned he did, too. They called him Sad Eyes.
You’d figure their names out eventually. They were far more friendly than they appeared to be. You felt like you’d known them as long as they’d known Tony.
“You know why they call him Sad Eyes?” Joker snickered as he slapped the back of Tony’s head playfully. Tony sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes. The other Santos laughed and encouraged him to tell the story.
“No, why?” You asked curiously.
Joker ignored the look on Tony’s face and told the story anyway. “This fool here, he’s sensitive as fuck, always been. He would cry about everything when we were kids. Little Sad Eyes couldn’t get through a single day of school without crying about something!”
Now that he pointed it out, you realized Tony was a sensitive man, but that didn’t both you one bit. You admired how he wasn’t afraid to show his emotions. It was just one of the many things you loved about him.
You could tell Tony was embarrassed by how red his cheeks were. “I like my men sensitive,” You whispered in his ear before placing a soft kiss on it, which only made him blush even more.
For most of the party, Tony had his arm wrapped around you letting everyone know that you were his. The whole night you two got compliments on how good you looked together.
As you were listening to yet another story about Tony, you could feel eyes on you. You subtly turned your head to see a group of girls whispering and pointing at you out of the corner of your eye. They were trying to make you uncomfortable, and it was working. You felt like you were back in middle school and the mean girls were singling you out for no good reason.
Tony was oblivious. He didn’t even notice, and you didn’t want to tell him and ruin his good time. So, you decided to be the bigger person and ignore them.
“I’m gonna get another drink. You want one?” Tony nodded and gave you a quick kiss on the lips before you made your way over to the drink table. As you poured yourself a drink, you saw that same group of girls making their way over to the drink table.
They were about to start shit with you, but they quickly changed their minds when one of the girls Tony introduced you two earlier stepped in front of you. It was Spooky’s girlfriend, well, Oscar. He was the only one of Tony’s friends that told you to call him by his real name.
All it took was one look from Angel and those girls turned right around. Angel mastered the art of silent intimidation. She learned from the best. Nobody could mean mug like her boyfriend Oscar could.
“Don’t worry about them, those bitches are all bark, no bite.” She said loud enough for the girls to hear.
“Who are they anyway? I don’t even know them.”
“They’re friends with Natalie,” Angel informed you.
Tony’s ex and Sergio’s mom, Natalie. Now their animosity towards you made sense.
“Since they wanna stare, let’s give those bitter Betty’s something to look at,” Angel grabbed your hand and pulled you to dance with her. “Wait, Tony’s drink!” You giggled as you put the solo cup that you were filling up down.
“He’ll be fine! He can make his damn drink!” She shouted over the music.
Across the yard, Oscar nudged Tony’s arm with his own to get his attention and pointed the beer bottle towards you and Angel dancing and shouting singing the lyrics to each other.
You know how to go and get a bag, don't you?
You know how to make a bitch mad, don't you 
Make your ex wanna get it back, that's a fact
Say it louder for the bitches in the back 
He smiled to himself, genuinely happy to see you having such a good time after worrying so much. You and Tony made eye contact and you blew him a quick kiss before going back to singing along to the song playing with Angel.
“Thank God for (YN), now Angel will finally stop begging me to dance with her,” Oscar snorted. 
You and Tony returned to your hotel room a little after 3 in the morning, your heels were dangling in your hand. Your feet were throbbing and you made a mental note to never wear them again.
After a steamy shower, you reached into your bag and pulled out the silky pajama set that your sister convinced you to buy. You usually threw on any old shirt and underwear to go to bed, but you wanted to step your game up.
You smoothed a sweet-smelling body butter all over your skin, imagining it was Tony’s hands gliding over your most sensitive body parts. That thought was enough to turn you on, especially knowing that he was waiting for you on the other side of the door.
You zoomed through your skin routine and brushed your teeth before stepping out of the steam-filled bathroom. Tony was under the covers scrolling on his phone when you re-entered the room. He did a double-take when he saw you saunter towards the bed, letting his phone slide out of his hand and onto the white comforter. 
“Damn,” He thought out loud as you slid into the bed next to you. “You always look this good when you’re going to bed?” He asked as he pulled you closer to him, leaving less than an inch between your faces.
“Only when I’m going to sleep next to a man as handsome as you,” You responded, dragging your fingertips down his chest.
“I don’t know about you,” He paused to lick his lips, “But sleep is the last thing on my mind right now.”
You nodded your head, agreeing. The look in your eyes matched his, letting him know that you wanted him just as badly as he wanted you, if not more.
You reclined back onto the bed as Tony climbed on top of you. As you two kissed, you could feel his erection as he slowly grinded on you. You moved your hips up beneath him to feel the sensation of his erection rubbing against your clit.
Tony dragged his lips from your mouth to your neck. He sucked and nibbled for a bit before disappearing underneath the covers. You giggled as he clumsily navigated his way between your thighs. You helped him by pulling down your silk pajama shorts and underwear over your thighs, letting him pull them off completely, and toss them aside.
His facial hair tickled you as he planted kisses on your inner thighs until he finally placed a kiss on your swollen clit. The sounds of his eating your pussy filled your ears. His moans overlapped yours. Eating you out was just as pleasurable for him as it was for you. Your thighs pressed together, squeezing his head as slid two of his long fingers inside of you. The combination of his tongue and fingers was almost too much for you to handle.
Tony could sense that you were getting closer, but he wasn’t done with you just yet. “Turn over,” He demanded, giving your thigh an encouraging slap. You rolled over to your side then positioned yourself on all fours. A shamefully loud moan escaped you as he began eating you out from behind. Both of his hands rested on your plump ass cheeks as he devoured you from behind.
You barely touched Tony and he was already rock hard. Now that he knew how good you tasted, he needed to know how good you felt.
“I’m so close,” You moaned as your reached down to rub your clit. “Mm-mm, not yet,”
You moaned his name louder than you intended to when he entered you from behind. “Fuck,” Tony shuddered. His strokes started agonizingly slow which only built even more sexual tension between you two. You clutched the sheets beneath your hand as he seemed to reach deeper inside of you with every stroke.
Tony angled his head down so he could see how well you took him. His dick glistened with your arousal and some even dripped down your thighs. Tony’s slow pace only left you wanting more, so you took matters into your own hands. You deepened the arch in your back and began throwing your ass backward. Clapping echoed through the hotel room every time your ass slapped against his lower abdomen.
“That’s right, throw it back for me just like that,” He growled deeply. Beads of sweat collected at his hairline and deep, raspy breaths escaped his parted lips.
You didn’t have time to announce that you were gonna come, it happened faster than you could move your lips. Tony shuddered as he felt you clench around him. You stood on your knees and turned around so you two were chest to chest. One of your hands stroked the back of his head as you tongue kissed him. Your other hand dragged down his muscular chest, down his toned abs, down to his still hardened member. Tony gently tugged and pulled on your peaked nipples.
You stepped off the bed and sank to your knees. Tony sat at the edge of the bed and you positioned yourself between his long legs. You licked your lips as you took a moment to admire him. You ran your tongue up and down his length a few times before finally taking him into your mouth. “Shit,” Tony groaned with his head tilted back. 
Hearing how he shamelessly moaned your name and let you know just how good you were making him feel encouraged you.
Just like that.
Don’t Stop.
I’m so fucking close. 
Tony tugged your head back by your head forcing you to look at him. “Where do you want it?” He asked, quivering as he took over stroking himself. 
Instead of answering him out loud, you simply opened your mouth and protruded your tongue. 
A deep groan rumbled in his chest as he released himself into your open mouth. Most of his warm cum landed in your mouth and the rest dripped down your chin onto your bare chest. 
“You need to work on your aim,” You joked as he helped you to your feet. 
After the sweat the two of you worked up, another shower was needed. This time you two showered together, taking turned to lather each other up and washing each other’s bodies. 
You two changed into the hotel robes and walked out onto the balcony. The night air was cool, but Tony kept you warm. He wrapped his arm around you and kissed the side of your face as he enjoyed the view. 
You were distracted from the view when you felt him pressing into your back. 
“You ready for round 2 already?” You asked as you looked up at him. “I am if you are.” 
You took his hand to walk inside, but he pulled you back.
“No need to go inside, we can do it right here on the balcony.” 
Part 6
@b3mybunnybaby 💗
if you want to be added to my taglist, just let me know🤗
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Summer Nights 3/4
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rabbit!Hybrid Jungkook x Y/N
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Hybrid!Fantasy, Romance, Fluff, Slowburn
Synopsis: A freak weather anomaly leads to a chance encounter with a rabbit-hybrid, and your kind nature results in you gaining a small, fluffy lodger, who questions your taste in television shows. It’s won’t be for long…will it?
Warnings/Tags: Heat/Mating cycles, Light Dom/Sub dynamics as part of JK’s heat, Marking, needy/possessive behaviour, edging.
Author’s Note: NaNoWriMo and Writing/Editing a multi-chaptered fic was a fight this week, but I’m glad the tension and heat (finger guns) is finally turning up, things start to get really spicy in this chapter but there’s still plenty of Bun!Koo sweetness scattered throughout, so don’t worry, this is the second to last chapter, and I just want to thank everyone who has read and left comments and likes and reblogs, they mean the world to me, I’m so happy to know people are enjoying my stories. I hope you like this one as much and look forward to next week’s final chapter too! Once again all all beta’ing is done by @johobi​ who also makes all these fantastic headers
Previous Chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Tags: @kookiebunny97​ @mintyrae​ @skswriting​ 
Word Count: 6.2K
Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. The events depicted here are entirely of my own imagining, and have no basis on actual people or events.
Summer Nights: Chapter Three
“Claim me.” You whisper against his mouth, hands coming to rest at the side of his neck
Jungkook lifts himself from your lap, his forehead pressed to yours, eyes staring deeply into your soul. He nudges you with his nose and you reciprocate, nudging him back. A wide smile breaks across his face at your receptiveness. His bunny teeth press into his bottom lip as his hands slide down the sides of your thighs and underneath them. 
 “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting this, dreaming about it.” Jungkook murmurs against your ear, voice breathy He lifts you as he stands, pulling your legs securely around him. You clamp them around his narrow waist and circle his shoulders with your arms. Jungkook smiles as he kisses you, alternating between sweet, chaste pecks and nose rubs. 
 “You’ve dreamt about sleeping with me?” You ask in a shy voice, a little embarrassed a man this perfect has been fantasising about you in such a manner.
“No.” He kisses you softly. “Sharing my heat with someone like you.” 
He maneuvers you from the living room to the bedroom expertly, avoiding all furniture and bumping into nothing until his shins hit the edge of your bed. He lays you down with the utmost care before laying himself over the top of you. His entire body covers you as he rests his weight on his forearms either side your head. The heat of his skin seeps through your clothes, scorching you, but you want to wrap yourself around him and burn with him. 
“Please, Bun, do something.” Jungkook nudges your nose again before biting and sucking on your lower lip, his hips rolling slowly against your core. You gasp, feeling his growing hardness pressing against you, and he uses the opportunity to deepen your kiss, licking your lip to soothe it before capturing your mouth again.
He moves his hands one at a time, seeking yours to pin them by your head. You love feeling helpless under him, his strong, muscular frame holding you down. Jungkook grinds incessantly against you, his eyes clenched shut and mouth hanging open, moving wordlessly. He ruts hard, fast, gasping. His head falls to your chest as he shudders, his hips losing their rhythm as they stutter to completion. 
“Uh-ah-ah-fuh-” He gasps and whines as he stalls, slumping over you, panting into the crook of your neck.
You lay there feeling a bit awkward, fingers wiggling in his hold, eyes dancing over the ceiling. They eventually settle on the top of Jungkook's bobbing head. You flex your hands for want of something to do, even as he holds them.
You thought this would last longer. You thought that something would actually happen. You said he could take what he needed from you. Was that all he needed? If you’re being honest with yourself, you’re a little disappointed.
“Sorry,” Jungkook says, peeking at you sheepishly. “I couldn’t help myself. I just—” He rests his head on your chest again and you feel the warmth of his breath through your shirt; the cold wet spot on your pants where he just came on them. “I’m embarrassed,” he admits into your chest.
“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” you reassure him, trying to hide your disappointment. He peels himself away, leaning on his forearms so he’s hovering over you, his hair and ears gently brushing your face.
“You’re just so sexy, and I was just—” Jungkook blushes, a cheeky grin crinkling his eyes in a way that makes his wrinkles more prominent. You adore that smile. “My heat, you know? When I get that urge, and you were right there being all—”
“Shhh,” you hush him. “I said there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I told you to take what you need and if you needed to take the edge off, I understand.” Jungkook’s head drops with a sigh, but the smile is still on his face. He seeks you out, rubbing his nose against yours. “I just thought that you’d be—using me—more,” you mumble.
Jungkook stops. He opens his eyes to appraise you, an eyebrow raised.
“Oh, trust me, I’ll be using you plenty, later.” His voice is low, husky at this intimate distance. “But you’re nowhere near ready for what I’ll be doing to you. You’ll need preparation.” He scrutinises you for your reaction, which is to take a deep, shuddering breath before nodding in agreement. Jungkook nudges your nose and rubs his cheeks against yours, then buries his face in the crook of your neck, thrilled by your willingness. You sigh contentedly at his scenting of you. You may not be a hybrid, but you can still feel comforted by it.
Jungkook pushes himself up to stand before you, fully naked and unashamed. “Let’s build this nest before my heat really kicks in.” He extends his hands to you, which you gladly accept. With very little effort, he pulls you to your feet. It’s kind of hot how easily he does so. 
You shake off that feeling as you scamper over to the closet, pulling out extra blankets and spare pillows for the nest. Turning to hand the stuff off to Jungkook, you’re shocked to find him rummaging around in your dirty laundry.
“What are you doing?” you ask, mouth agape, arms full of blankets and pillows.
“You don’t have scent glands, so this is the easiest way to include it in the nest.” He smiles, picking up a few more items.
“Okay, but can we please not include my dirty panties?” You flush, marching over to the bed and dropping the load in your arms into a heap.
“But they smell the best,” Jungkook whines, burying his face in his armful of dirty laundry.
“You’re only saying that because you’re horny,” you snort as you storm over to him, snatching the offending items he’s collected and throwing them back into the washing basket.
Jungkook pouts but moves over to the bed, dropping his collection next to yours and arranging them amidst the pillows and blankets. Together you spend the next twenty-five minutes adjusting each piece as you complete the nest. Jungkook points to where he wants things, tucking your dirty laundry strategically between layers of blankets to spread your scent all around the bed. When you find them, you quickly remove them and dash for the laundry hamper, but Jungkook snatches them out of your hand and dangles them above his head, out of reach. Your mutual teasing culminates in a short burst of rough-housing, which provokes Jungkook’s dominant side into appearing. His chest puffs out as he pins you to a wall with his naked body. 
“Maybe you need reminding who is in charge. You said you’d give me anything I want, and anything I need, and what I want and need, if for my nest to smell like you, and for you to smell like me. Understand?” The unfamiliar bass in his voice makes your core throb and you nod, breath coming out in shallow pants, relinquishing the fight completely when Jungkook lifts you with ease, wrapping your legs around his waist. He imprisons you with his muscular body, one hand groping your ass as he holds you up, the other braced above your head, dirty panties clutched tight. He grunts and gruffs as he rapidly grinds his cock against your clothed core, the underwear wrapped around his hand like a lifeline, just inches from his face. He comes all over you again, this time all over your shirt.
You’re frustrated as hell but you’re enjoying it; the denial, the slow burn of being edged. Getting just enough pleasure to get you closer each time, inch by delicious inch, but not enough to push you over the edge. Maybe this is how he feels during his heat? The burning under your skin, the desperation, the need to have someone touch you. Feeling like you need to be—need to just fuck, like it’s as important as breathing.
After that short round, Jungkook noses you some more, scenting you. He pulls off your shirt to line his nest, not letting your mixed scents go to waste. In almost no time at all the nest is complete, and it’s quite a sight to see. Jungkook lays in the middle of your bed, surrounded by pillows, blankets and your clothes, gloriously naked and grinning contentedly. He rolls about a bit, filling it with his scent, rubbing his cheeks and crotch over everything until he’s huffing and growling in happiness.
“All done?” you ask, shuffling from foot to foot at the side of the bed. Jungkook rolls onto his back, a happy, dopey smile on his face. He throws an arm out towards you, wiggling his fingers, motioning for you to come to him.
You take his hand cautiously, and his eyes suddenly clarify as he tugs you into his nest. You’re not a hybrid, but you know the significance of what you’re doing. You’re not just being invited into the nest; you helped build it. You take a deep breath and climb into his safe space.
Jungkook immediately wraps himself around you, arms taut around your chest, muscular leg thrown over yours, burying his nose into your neck and huffing in pleasure.
“Nest smells like you.” Jungkook tightens his hold on you. “Smells like us.” He nuzzles deeper into your neck, purring. “You smell like me.” His purring becomes a rumble that sounds like a growl. And then he’s slipping over you, sitting on your lap in all his naked glory, his large erection bouncing against his stomach. Your eyes widen. Seeing it this close is certainly something. Jungkook places a warm hand over your stomach, caressing it. “You need to smell more like me.” He sits you up so you’re practically chest to chest, your bra the only barrier. He huffs little breaths as his hips rock to a restrained rhythm, his cock swelling and bouncing in excitement against your stomach.
Jungkook plucks at the cups of your bra. “Take this off.” His voice is a rough whisper against your cheek. You reach behind your back, watching his face, but he only has eyes for your chest. As soon as your bra is off it’s added to the nest with your shirt. Jungkook’s mouth attacks your exposed chest, lips and teeth kissing and sucking on the supple flesh of your breasts. You wrap your arms around his shoulders as his encircle your back, and then he’s laying you down, taking a nipple between his lips. He lashes the hardening peak with the tip of his tongue, laving it lovingly with the flat until it’s swollen and soaked with spit. He shifts to your other nipple, tugging it between his teeth and nipping it, wrapping his lips around it with a hum that makes you arch and gasp. You claw at his back and shoulders, your nerves on fire. Jungkook releases you with a wet pop so he can sit back and take in his handiwork. He looks pleased with himself. “You look so beautiful already, but I… I want to—”
“Take anything, Bun.” Your hands trail over his shoulders, one coming up to cup his face. Jungkook nuzzles into it, kissing across your palm and down to your wrist.
He takes himself in hand and strokes his shaft in slow, firm strokes. His hand is large but it almost doesn’t reach around the girth of his cock. It’s not long before he’s speeding up his strokes. Gripping harder, moving faster. He pants heavily, ears twitching as his thumb crests the head of his length, teasing the slit that’s weeping precum over your stomach. Sweat gathers on his brow, matting his long, wavy hair, sticking it to his face. He’s watching you, studying your face with heavy, half-lidded eyes, enjoying how intently you watch him stroke himself into a frenzy. You look up at his face and then back down to his hand, licking your lips as you make a decision.
Reaching out, you place your hand delicately over his, entwining your fingers around his thick length. It feels hard and unyielding, but soft at the same time. Burning hot in your hand and perfect. His breath and hips stutter as you squeeze lightly, taking over and setting the rhythm of his strokes.
“Ohohohohoh—” He whines as you take over. It doesn’t take long before he’s growing stiffer still under your touch, swelling imperceptibly. And with a rumble in his chest, Jungkook covers your stomach and breasts in hot, gloopy strings of cum. More than you’ve ever seen in your life, maybe cumulatively. He milks his length until he’s empty, squeezing every last drop onto your skin and whimpering due to oversensitivity. Untangling his fingers from your hold on his cock, he immediately slides it into the mess he’s made of you, playing with it, rubbing it into your skin, smearing it across your stomach and breasts, massaging it until his hands settle around your waist. Satisfied with your sticky state, he contentedly slumps over you, giving you more nose nudges.
“Now you really smell like me,” Jungkook hums happily, gifting you a soft, chaste kiss.
“What do I smell like?” you ask softly, threading your fingers through his hair and scratching the base of his ears with your nails. His ears twitch as shivers of pleasure run down his spine and then his tail’s twitching too. Jungkook buries his face in the crook of your neck, huffing in pleasure, and you smile as you watch his tail flutter.
He takes a deep breath through his nose, considering your question. Licks your neck with a happy sigh. His ears and tail quiver curiously. “You smell delicious,” Jungkook chuckles, and you tug lightly on his hair, which only results in further giggling. “No, really, you do. I smell like chocolate and cinnamon. Deep, rich smells. You smell like strawberries and wildflowers and sunlight.”
“Sunlight doesn’t have a smell,” you argue playfully.
“I know, but—how should I explain it?” Jungkook pushes himself up, his weight braced on his forearms as he smiles down at you. “You know that smell when you’re outside in the middle of summer? In a park or a field? You can smell the heat in the air, the sunshine? You smell like that.” You smile back at him. For an endless moment you’re lost in each other’s gaze. Jungkook dips down, nudging your nose with his, his lips skimming yours but never kissing. “You smell like endless summer days spent in warmth and sweetness; the fields by the village I grew up in—” 
“You make me sound so…” you trail off with a shake of your head. Jungkook stops you with a kiss, chaste but firm.
“Because you are,” he says definitively. “You smell divine, and you compliment me so well.” He kisses you again, this time a passionate, toe-curling kiss, only separating when the need for air burns in both of your lungs. “We smell like woodland underbrush and wildflowers on the summer breeze; like chocolate… and strawberries.” Jungkook licks along your lower lip as you still pant desperately for air. “And I know we’re going to taste like them, too.” He sucks on your lower lip, heat returning to his eyes even though he just came.
“Do you—” you hesitate. “Do you wanna go again?” You’re not sure exactly how this is supposed to go. Besides the constant desire for sex, of course. The few bits you picked up from TV and movies over the years probably weren’t very accurate. Mundanes aren’t taught about heats and mating cycles in health class; hybrids are placed in a separate class for that particular topic.
“I do. I really do.” Jungkook kisses you again, softer. “But I should rest first; keep my strength for the main event. This is just the pre-show warm up act.” He smiles at you cheekily, but then it falters. “You can—can—sh-shower if you want. You probably don't want to sleep covered in—in my—“ He flops to the bed, dragging his fingers through the fluid on your stomach that’s now cold and tacky to the touch.
You touch his face gently, turning it towards you. “You don’t want me to shower, do you?” You ask softly, thumb caressing his cheekbone.
“I just—” Jungkook swallows. “I just want you to smell like me,” he says with a small smile, burying his face in your neck again.
“I have an idea,” you whisper conspiratorially, sitting up and scrambling out of the nest. Behind you, Jungkook whines. You halt and turn back to him. He’s pouting, looking somewhat heartbroken. “Wha—what’s wrong?” You ask, heading back to the bed. Jungkook shakes his head, curling up, tucking himself into the side of his nest. His large, sad, brown eyes stare at you.
“It’s nothing, you just—you left the nest very quickly. It—it—” He takes a deep breath.
“I’m sorry!” you exclaim, rushing to his side. You drop to your knees at the edge of the bed and scritch the base of his ears in comfort. ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry—” you chant, laying kisses all over his face. “How am I supposed to leave? I didn’t know I couldn’t just get out.” You continue to reassure him, smothering him with kisses, nose rubs and nuzzles. Emulating what he does to you. You’re aware you can’t scent him, but you hope the action will help soothe him. Within moments he’s responding, scenting you back, huffing in enjoyment instead of whimpering.
“Next time just leave slower,” Jungkook mumbles into your cheek. “During heat, if a partner leaves the nest it can trigger a feeling of anxiety in hybrids, like they’re being abandoned. Even if they know, logically, it’s not true.” He explains in a small voice.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” you reply back, whispering into his hair. “I’ll move slower. I’m just grabbing a towel, okay? Other side of you room, not even out of sight.” Jungkook nods, and you kiss the top of his head before moving slowly towards the pile of towels by the dresser. You grab the largest, fluffiest one and turn back to the bed, where Jungkook sits patiently watching you. You curl your finger, motioning for him to come to you and he clambers out of the nest, practically skipping the short distance to you. You bury your face in the towel to hide your smile. “Here,” you say, throwing it over his shoulders, pulling him towards you. “How about you hold onto my towel, and watch me shower?” you suggest, smiling sweetly. “Then when I get out I’ll be drying myself with a towel that smells like you?” 
Jungkook leans in to kiss you, a large smile crinkling his eyes. “You’re so smart,” he giggles, high-pitched and unburdened by your prior indiscretion.
You take his hand and lead him to the bathroom, sitting him on the closed toilet lid and pulling the towel tight around him. You step behind the shower’s frosted glass, removing your leggings and underwear. All is quiet until Jungkook makes his unhappiness known, huffing and grousing behind the divider. Smiling, you gather your dirty clothes up and hand them to him from around the frosted glass. He takes them gladly, grabbing them and your hand to kiss it, kissing the inside of your wrist, scenting it before letting you go. You aren’t sure if it’s enough, but you know it’s more a way to distract himself.
You want to help distract him as well.
“Sing to me?” you call, as you turn on the shower.
“What do you want to hear?”
“Anything, I just want to hear your voice.” You peep around the divider to smile at him and you see wide, shiny eyes staring back at you. Jungkook nods once. You slide back beneath the shower spray just as he starts to sing, his voice fading in and out as you dip under the water.
...You are the sunlight that rose again in my life…
…a reincarnation of my childhood…
…dreams… …I’m so happy, I can’t breathe…
…Across the dream, over the horizon…
…Take my hands now… …you are the cause of my…
…Close the door now…when I’m with you I’m in utopia…
You finish your shower as he sings the last note. Stepping out from behind the glass, you stand there completely naked in front of him for the first time. 
Jungkook takes you in. 
There’s something in his eyes, but it’s not the scorching, overwhelming desire you’ve experienced so far. It’s something far softer, but equally as overwhelming. He stands, eyes never leaving yours, and maybe you can’t interpret the look on his face, or maybe you’re just too scared to, but the way he looks at you makes it difficult to breathe. Jungkook removes the towel from his shoulders and wraps it around you. You lift your arms so he can tuck it under them, securing it tightly before wrapping his arms around you and burying his face in your neck. As though he’s checking your scent.
Instinctively you leap. Jungkook catches you without effort, though you give no warning. Strong arms wrap around your waist and legs. The two of you are so in-sync it makes something under your skin fizzle, as though you need to see how far you can take it.
He carries you to the bedroom, navigating by instinct since his eyes are closed; all his energy is focused on kissing you. The journey to the bed takes longer than it should, though it is no less enjoyable. You drag your nails across his scalp until curiosity gets the better of you and you scrape your nails through the fur of one of his ears.
Jungkook stumbles, hopping on one leg; the other kicks out wildly, knocking over a table. Both of you turn to the sudden crash of a lamp as it collides with the floor.
“Ignore it,” you pant against his cheek, clinging to his shoulders. Jungkook turns back to you, eyes smoldering, trying to control his breathing.
“Don’t do that again unless we’re in the nest, okay?”
“Okay,” you say meekly, leaning down to kiss him. You wrap your arms tighter around his neck. “Sorry.”
“Don’t apologise.” Jungkook smiles into the kiss. “I like it, but we went to all the effort of building a nest. It would be a shame not to use it,” he teases. You bury your face in his neck with a whine.
Jungkook chuckles, placing a kiss on your hair as he walks you into the bedroom and sets you down at the foot of the bed. He reaches for the towel and gently dries you, rubbing your skin with unexpected delicateness.
“Did it work?” you ask, eyes wide and curious. “Do I still smell like you?”
Jungkook drops to his knees, taking you by the hips as his nose drifts across your abdomen. He places a chaste kiss above your naval. “Enough for now.” He looks up at you with big, galaxy-filled eyes. “Nothing some snuggling in the nest won’t fix.”
“You’re just…” you sigh, running your hands through his hair. Jungkook rests his forehead against your stomach with a chuckle and quickly dries your legs. When he gets to his feet, his eyes are crinkled with joy, the heat in them dimmed for now. He gives you his best toothy smile.
“Handsome? Perfect? Good with my hands?” Jungkook drops the towel and you both reach out, arms wrapping around one another’s naked bodies. 
“Ridiculous,” you pout, “and maybe all of the above.” You smile leaning into him, the moment feeling innocent and intimate; the undercurrent of sexual energy a low thrum rather than the overwhelming roar it’s been for most of the morning. Jungkook takes your hand, lacing your fingers together as he climbs into the nest, eyes never leaving your face. You climb in after him, laying down to face him and he brings your clasped hands up to his lips. Unaccustomed to such attention, you curl your shoulders, ducking your head to hide your blushing face. Jungkook untangles your fingers to wrap an arm around you, pulling you flush against his chest.
“Get some sleep,” he mumbles against your forehead, lips grazing your skin. He tucks your head sweetly under his chin, “My heat will be in full swing when I wake up.” 
You sigh deeply, content - if sexually frustrated - and nod; closing your eyes to sleep.
When you wake, you’re burning. Your skin feels like it’s being scalded; it’s far, far too hot. You attempt to roll away from the source of the heat but something clamps tight around your middle, stopping you from going anywhere. A deep, rumbling growl right in your ear snaps you from your groggy state to alertness. Opening your eyes, you realise the heat is the furnace that is Jungkook pressed to your back. He presses his nose to your ear and huffs into your hair. The deep, guttural sound really does sound like he’s growling.
His hips grind in a slow, deliberate roll and you notice heat isn’t the only thing pressed against your back.
“Jungkook?” you ask tentatively, fingers trailing up one of the arms clamped around your middle.
“Sorry,” he gasps, open-mouthed, into the nape of your neck. “It’s almost—I don’t know if I can…”
“Don’t know if you can—what?” you probe, looking over your shoulder to see golden skin shimmering with sweat, and damp, sleep-mussed curls.
His lips trail across the back of your neck, a press of blunt teeth and tongue. “Hold back. I don’t know if I can.”
“Then don’t. I’m not made of glass, Bun, so you don’t have to treat me like I am.” You turn your head, seeking his lips. His mouth drags across your cheek, breath coming in heavy pants until he finds you. Lips and teeth clash, nothing like the soft affection-filled kisses you’ve shared before. This is desperation, aggression. Need, want, desire. He grabs your waist, rolling suddenly and taking you with him until he’s sitting up against the edge of the nest, your back pressed against his chest. It’s so sudden you squeak.
“You’re not ready. Not yet,” Jungkook grunts in your ear. A large palm brands your skin and skims up your stomach until it’s cupping your breast, squeezing and massaging. He pinches your nipple with his thumb, pulling on it just enough to bring you to the edge of pain before caressing it away. Your pussy throbs and clenches as he plays with you, his chest burning against your back, grunts filling your ear as his lips caress your neck.
His other hand cups your cunt; there’s no delicacy here, no finesse. “I need to get you ready.” The urgency with which he says it has you leaking. Jungkook bites down on the shell of your ear as his middle finger slips inside you. Your hips buck at the intrusion. “Hmmmm, you’re wet,” he says, and you can hear the smile in his voice. He licks the side of your neck as he pistons his finger in and out of your dipping core, stroking against your walls, circling and stretching before plunging two fingers inside you to start the process again. You cry out, desperation taking over as you grab the wrist of the hand that’s fucking you. You arch, blindly reaching backward to grab a handful of his hair; anything to ground you while he relentlessly fucks you with his fingers.
“Please, Jungkook,” you beg. “I’m ready, I want—need you—please. Please take me.”
“You’re so desperate and wild,” Jungkook chuckles into your ear, nipping the shell. “It’s like you’re in heat with me.” He pulls his hand from your pussy and admires the juices covering it. You turn in his hold, releasing his hair and wrapping an arm around his shoulder; you want him to have a good view for this. Pulling his wrist towards you, you bring his slick fingers to your lips, licking and sucking them clean with your eyes closed. A blush spreads across your cheeks at your unusual boldness. His fingers slip from your mouth with a pop, and he immediately grabs your chin. You blink your eyes open to look at him. Jungkook no longer looks like your sweet, baby Bun. Even with the ears. The look in his eyes screams predator. 
And you’re his prey.
Jungkook leans forward, teeth scraping the skin at the juncture of your neck playfully. The sudden bite makes you shudder and gasp.
“Don’t—” you whimper in a weak, shaky voice. Jungkook’s ears twitch, taking in the shift in your demeanour.
“Sorry. I won’t bite you if you don’t like it. It won’t happen again.” He places a soft kiss on the offending spot and then on your cheek. Your hand slides from around his wrist to cup his face.
“I…” you hesitate. “I didn’t mean ‘don’t’ as in stop, I meant don’t tease me.” Your voice is so quiet. If it weren’t for his superior hybrid hearing, you’re not sure he would have heard you at all.
“Stop… teasing…?” Jungkook repeats softly, eyes unfocused and gaze far away.
You lean in and brush your lips against his; not a kiss, just a reminder you’re here. “It’s not nice to tease, so I’m asking you nicely. Bite me properly. I want you to bite to mark me, or not at all.” In an instant his eyes snap to yours. Gone are the far galaxies and stars; now his eyes contain nothing but molten desire.
There is a sudden movement; faster than your lust-filled mind can register. All you feel is a tightening around your waist, and then suddenly Jungkook is no longer behind you but in front of you. On his knees. He lifts you to sit in his lap, and you think how in the holy hell did he move that fast?
He noses behind your ear, scenting you, rubbing the underside of his chin over the juncture of your shoulder and neck. You hold on as best you can, clutching at him to steady yourself, thrown by the sudden flurry of activity. Jungkook’s marking his territory; marking you as his.
“You’d let me mark you? Not just with my scent but—” His voice is deeper now; you can feel it reverberating through your chest. So guttural it’s practically a growl. You pull back just enough to see him clearly, pushing his long, dark hair away from his face; being careful of his floppy ears.
“Not only would I let you, I would really, really, like it if you did.” You lean forward and kiss him softly on the lips, a chaste act so incredibly at odds with the implication of your words.
“I love how you drive me crazy.” Jungkook surges forward, kissing you hard. He rises up on his knees and lifts you with him, wrapping your legs around his waist.
“You do?” you ask with a shy giggle. Jungkook bites his lip and nods. “What else?” you gasp as he moves, his lips working their way across your jaw, teeth nibbling and licking down the soft column of your neck.
“I love how quickly you noticed my likes and dislikes. How you always buy my favourites for me. I love how, even when I was a rabbit, you took my feelings into consideration. Even for simple things, like what to watch on TV. And I love how you smell so good all of the time.” A large hand slides up your side, warmth seeping into your skin where he touches you.
“Even like this?” you chuckle, pulling back to look at him, nails raking across his scalp.
“This is when you smell the best; we rabbit-hybrids have very sensitive noses, and you smell amazing. I mean, you smell amazing all the time, but right now you smell like me too.” Jungkook noses under your jaw and lays kisses down your throat. “When I lay next to you every night… it was so hard not to snuggle closer and bury my nose in your hair, or transform back and reach out to touch you.”
“Touch me now,” you sigh, nails still soothing his scalp. You lean back, putting all your weight on your free arm. Jungkook shifts, lowering you gently to the bed.
“You’re perfect,” he groans as he buries his face in the valley of your breasts, worshipping the skin beneath his lips with open-mouthed kisses. You trail your fingertips up and down his back, urging him on as he kisses his way across your chest to take a nipple into his mouth. Your legs lock around him, holding him in place as you cry out for more. You bury your face in his damp curls, rubbing your cheek against the fur of his ear.
“Oh, Kookie—” you gasp. Jungkook sucks the nub into his mouth and immediately begins to punish it with his teeth and tongue. You squirm from the sensation, right against his solid erection. Nothing separates it from the growing heat between your legs where you really need it. He rolls his hips, grinding his length against your clit, grunting around the nipple in his mouth. The friction makes you whine, your cheeks heating as your pussy throbs and soaks the nest beneath you.
Large, warm hands slide between your legs, pushing them apart and exposing your core to the cool air of the room. Jungkook lowers his eyes to devour the sight, and you catch him licking his lips just before he buries his face between your legs. The suddenness of it has you clutching at the back of his head.
“Mmmm, you even smell good here,” Jungkook says, pulling back just enough to let you hear him before leaning back in and worming his tongue between your folds, teasing your clit and gathering your wetness onto the tip of his tongue. “Taste good too,” he huffs as he lays sticky kisses across your abdomen and hips.
“I want you,” you gasp, digging your fingers into his shoulders. “Please. I want—”
“Tell me,” Jungkook says, a sharp edge to his voice. His teeth drag across the sensitive skin of your hip, nipping at it. “Tell me and I’ll do it.” He nips again, harder, leaving a mark. Honouring your words.
“I can’t—” you mumble, face burning. Which is stupid. You’re both naked, his lips are branded into your skin, but you can’t find it in yourself to be bold and say it out loud. Jungkook sits back, hands stroking down your legs, settling behind your calves, gently encouraging you to open up to him. You slow your breathing and spread your legs as he wishes. He looms over you with his cock in hand, rubbing and slapping your swollen clit with its darkening tip. Watches you twitch and whimper before leaning closer, caging you in.
“You want me?” Jungkook asks, voice low and dangerous.
“Yes,” you whine, voice a broken whisper, blinking up at him through your lashes. Your burning face feels bright enough to light up the room as well as the lightning did.
“What do you want?” He asks, voice a low rumble. “Where do you want me?” You’re sure you’d feel his chest reverberate if you put your hands to it. But instead you hide your face with your hands.
“Don’t make me say it,” you mumble, muffled behind your hand.
“You’re embarrassed?” Jungkook laughs, and you just nod. He pries your hands away from your face. “Cute.” You can hear the smile in his tone, despite the fact your eyes are screwed shut tight. He nudges your nose with his before kissing it, and you melt at the touch of affection, leaning up to capture his lips. You reach out for him with greedy hands, one of which finds his fluffy tail. You stroke it gently, casually twirling the fur around one of your fingers.
Jungkook stills instantly.
His entire body tenses, spine straightening. The gentle kisses on the tip of your nose and across the tops of your cheeks, stop. Immediately. He shifts rapidly, his teeth latching onto an earlobe in warning. The hand around your wrist tightens, pinning it to the bed by your head. Jungkook carefully - painstakingly - lowers his body down to yours, pressing you into the bed, shifting the arm holding his weight until it cradles the back of your head delicately. He tangles his fingers in the hair at the nape of your neck, every movement slow and deliberate, as he forcefully - but not painfully - pulls your head back to look at him.
“Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” Jungkook asks, voice edged dark with lust. “Do you have any idea what touching me there does to me?” Your eyes are wide, taking him in, chest heaving. But not in fear; in excitement. You shake your head, biting your lip. “Tell me where you want me.” His tone is a command brokering no argument.
“I—w-want… you—” you stutter, and his hand slips from your hair to grip your chin between his thumb and forefinger. 
“Say it,” Jungkook growls.
“Inside me.”
Next Chapter
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eatplastiic · 6 months ago
𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞
Pairing: Luka Couffaine x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: When on Juleka’s birthday party sleepover, heartbroken Luka and Y/N are paired to be alone in Luka’s cabin for the night. What if they find comfort in one another, just for tonight...?
A/N: This is a sneak peak of the story I’m currently working on! I’m not sure if I will ever publish it but I’m currntly trying to get some ideas so If you could give me some feedback on this I would be really grateful :)
“And Y/N you can be in Luka’s cabin with him” said Juleka grinning, as everybody gathered around her for the sleepover. A couple of them will be placed in one cabin, few of them, including Adrien, Marinette, Nino and Alya will be sleeping in the living room of the inside of the boat and only her and Luka have a cabin for themselves. 
She didn’t know what her friend Juleka was trying to do because the purple haired girl very much knew about Luka and Marinette. And her crush on Adrien. Placing them together just, wouldn’t work… A slight feeling of awkwardness travelled between Luka and Y/N as they looked at each other. 
“I don’t know what Juleka is trying to do” she started as she put down her bag with clothes in the corner of his room. Luka’s blue eyes travelled from the corner of his bed to her. He was carelessly sitting down on the mattress, strumming his guitar lightly. 
“You like Adrien?” he asked without thinking. There was no point in masking the truth, so she nodded slightly. “I’m not so sure anymore. But yes, he is kinda cool.”
There was no point in asking Luka about his love life as everybody knew about his crush on the clumsy girl from the bakery. And her desperate obsession over the young blond model.
As night came closer, the tension in the room rose and the two were practically unable to look at each other in the eye. Contradicting the warm day, chilly night took over the town like a dark baby’s blanket. Suddenly, it was significantly colder in the room. Shivering at the slight breeze coming from the open window, Y/N tensed as she walked around the room. Her steps were light and unnoticable, providing a feeling of a fairy in the world. 
“You’re shivering. Here, take my jacket.”Luka rose from his seat and walked over to his closet, pulling out a black jacket that was obvious to be warm. In a split second he handed it over to her. 
“So, sleeping arrangements...” he started, his usually confident posture was now somewhat...scared. “You can take the bed, I’ll be on the floor.” he finished his sentence. That was fine with her. As long as they aren’t required to share the bed, she is fine with it. 
Luka had a mattress on the floor for him, covered with blankets and pillows, It was right next to the bed but she didn’t mind. She found it comforting. Having somebody close to her made her calm. Especially now...
“Luka? Are you awake?” she spoke quietly, careful to keep her voice as low as possible if the boy she was craving was in fact, asleep.
Muffled sound of shifting on his mattress indicated he wasn’t. It was at that moment that she thanked every powerful force out there. “Yeah” he answered with a low voice.
“What are you thinking about?” she asked, crawling to the edge of the bed to look at him.
He was lying on his back, his blue eyes were pointed towards the ceiling. His shoulders twitched for a split second at her question.
“Her” the voice that was saying this now wasn’t the same voice she knew Luka had. He usually sounded confident, flirty, and kind. Somehow mysterious, even. But now, when he spoke it was filled with tears. The melody it made was sad and slow, spreading melancholy. The words no longer flew from his lips to her ears, but they struggled to get through. He was broken.
As if he quickly realized something, his eyes shifted from the ceiling to her.”Why can’t you sleep, darling?”
Without thinking twice, his hand reached up to caress her cheek and she fell into his touch completely taken by the softness of his skin on hers.
“What are you thinking about?” he asked again
She wished she could tell him. She really does want to. Oh, how she just wants to tell him everything. From being Bonita, to everything with Chat Noir, to Adrien who she thought she liked but now was not so sure. She wanted to tell him everything and cry into his chest as he hums her to sleep. But she couldn’t say a word. She was stuck. She had to be the strong one here, now. Luka needed comfort, not her. 
“Thoughts.” she answered as his worried expression looked deep into her eyes. “Just thoughts.”
“Adrien?” he asked carefully and when he saw her stiffen he quickly added “I’m sorry, you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to” his hand left her cheek as he felt he had crossed a line.
“It’s okay.” the feeling of sadness and disappointment hit her more when the warmth of his hand no longer rested on her cold cheek. She really was cold. Luka shifted his gaze to the ceiling again, unable to look at her again in the eyes. If only he knew he was the one she needed right now.
Maybe it was the juice she had earlier, maybe it was the feeling of lost love that wasn’t exactly a love, but she was confident in what she was saying. She spoke in a blink “Come here” earning a startled and blushed Luka’s face. He looked at her for answers and she just scooted to the back of his bed, removing the sheets so he could climb under them, next to her.
“Are you sure?” he asked, not wanting to make her uncomfortable.
“I’m sure. You need a hug, I need a hug. We both need comfort. If you want to.” she ended the sentence carefully as the confidence from just a moment before slowly faded away. Luka shook his head and carefully climbed to the bed next to her.
The warmth of her body felt comfortable to him. If he had to die now, he knew there was no other place he would rather be than here with her. She scooted over as the blue boy rested head on the pillow.Nobody spoke for a few seconds, nobody dared to move.
“I just want her to be happy.” he spoke, his voice breaking “But it hurts. I may not show it but it does hurt.” he said, turning his gaze to her as she pulled him in a tight hug.His head rested underneath her neck, as she pulled him close and tight. Her hands wrapped around him, afraid of letting him go. It was peaceful. It feels comfortable. 
“It’s okay, baby” she twirled her fingers in his hair as he reassured him. “It’s okay”
Luka didn’t say anything, he just pulled closer to her, taking in her gentle perfume. “Can we stay like this for a bit?” he asked shyly as his mind travelled to other places- Marinette.
“Yeah, yeah we can.” her body shook in approval and her lips dared to travel to his head. giving him a reassuring kiss. Nobody said anything anymore. Silence took over the form of two bodies intertwined so tightly, afraid of losing each other. Suddenly, the room appeared colder and the only source of heat was the person who was with them. 
When Y/N was sure the boy was asleep she placed another kiss upon his head speaking to herself. “Marinette’s a fool for letting you go. It’ll all be okay.” she finished as she herself drifted off to sleep still holding the body of the blue-eyed boy close.
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luciwritesstuff · 6 months ago
fine line | tom holland
pairing: roommate! best friend! tom holland x reader
summary: the line between friends and lovers is deceptively fine
playlist:  fine line by harry styles; grow as we go by ben platt; adore you by harry styles; pillar of truth by lucy dacus; july by noah cyrus (ft. leon bridges)
series masterlist
Tumblr media
“Good news is, we’re not kicking you out,”
You give Harrison a confused look from where you’re sitting at the kitchen island, despite the relief coursing through your veins. “You’re not? Why?”
Tuwaine laughs from his spot behind the counter as he switches on the kettle. “Well first of all, you pay rent and signed a year-long contract, so even if we wanted to, we couldn’t kick you out. Second of all, you’re our friend, G, and kicking you out now with no housing options in the midst of a pandemic doesn’t exactly sit right,”
You let out a relieved breath. “Oh thank god. I mean I would’ve gone if you wanted me to but if I’m honest I would’ve much rather lived under Vauxhall Bridge than move back in with my parents,”
Harrison chuckles, shaking his head.
“They can’t be that bad,” he says, and you raise an eyebrow.
“Want to bet? I spent 2 hours there last Sunday and almost had a nervous breakdown,” you counter, before you do the best impression of your mother’s voice, “Are you sure you’re going to eat another Yorkshire Pudding? And when are you bringing home a boyfriend, it’s been ages,”
Your roommates laugh, the sound echoing through the kitchen.
“Don’t worry, not letting that happen,” Tuwaine says, and he’s come around the kitchen isle to wrap an arm around your shoulders, squeezing you tightly and ruffling your hair with his other hand as you grimace. “You’re one of us now, G,”
You smile at the nickname. You’re not sure where it came from or what it actually meant, but ever since you’d moved in 6 months ago, he’d called you that, and after a while, it had stuck.
“Ergh, get off,” you groan, weasling your way out of his grip, “But then what about your friend. . .Tom? The one that’s coming back from America? Isn’t this place his?”
“It is,” Harrison says with a nod, “And before you moved in, that was his room, but then he had a lot of jobs lined up in the US and we rented it out to you instead,”
You’d heard about Tom, of course, considering he was a friend of both Harrison and Tuwaine’s and his name popped up in almost every story they told you, and he was your third roommate Harry’s brother. Surprisingly enough, despite the fact he’d been back a couple of times to visit, you’d never been home and actually met him.  
“But isn’t he coming back? Where’s he going to go?” you ask, eyebrows knitting in confusion.
“You’re acting like we don’t have a guest room,” Tuwaine says, reaching into one of the cabinets for a mug, “We talked to him about it and he’s chill with it. That room was never really his, anyway, considering how much he’s been away lately,”
“So he’s moving into the guest room?” you ask tentatively.
The house you shared was three stories, and had 5 bedrooms, which usually would have been way out of your price range, but sharing it with three others was manageable. Tuwaine’s bedroom was on the ground floor, while Harrison and Harry slept on the second floor, and the last floor had your bedroom and the guest room.
“Does that bother you?” Harrison asks, and you shake your head quickly.
“No, not at all. . . I mean it is his house, after all, and considering everything happening right now. . .” you trailed off.
The idea of a stranger living across the hall was strange, but Harry, Harrison and Tuwaine had all been strangers when you’d first moved in too, after all, and that had ended well.
“When’s he going to be here?” you ask, and Harrison shrugs.
“I think he said sometime tomorrow, though I never know with him,” he replies, and you nod.
“Okay then,” you say, before standing up from the barstool, “I’m gonna catch up on some classes because today is supposed to be my day off,”
“You’re supposed to relax on your day off,” Harrison says pointedly, and you let out a laugh.
“Not when you’re doing a masters in English Literature and interning at Bloomsbury,” you reply, shaking your head.
“I don’t know for the life of me why you don’t quit that job, seeing as that cow Helen literally makes you do all the grunt work and takes all the credit,” Tuwaine says, and you laugh.
“That cow Helen is my way to the top, my friend,” you tell him, “Until I get an actual job there, my lips are glued to her ass 24/7,”
“So you’re her bitch?” Harrison says with a smirk, and you narrow your eyes at him.
“At least I have a job,” you tell him, and he pretends to be offended.
“Oof, that one hurt,” he says, hand coming up to his chest as you make a face at him, before stalking out of the kitchen, coffee in hand.
Tumblr media
The next morning, your phone rings at 20 past 6.
It’s not an uncommon occurrence, but today is Saturday and you have half a mind to mute your phone and go right back to sleep. But you already know who’s calling you, and if you ignore her, you’d be in for a world of pain.
“Hello?” you say groggily into the phone, and your boss’ voice comes across the receiver.
“Sorry, did I wake you?” she asks, her voice clipped, and you stifle a yawn.
“No, not at all,” you say, already sitting up in bed, “Where do you need me?”
“Listen I know it’s Saturday and all, but I just got a call that Rowling hated the cover art for the special edition Potters and she wants us to redo it,” Helen says, and her voice is brimming with frustration.
“They unveil next week,” you say stupidly, and instantly you regret it as you can picture the look on Helen’s face.
“Thanks for the reality check,” she says sarcastically, her voice clipped, and you cringe to yourself, “Either way, I need you to go over to Julia’s and ask her to redo it,”
You want to scream. Julia is one of your illustrators and you know for a fact she’d worked really hard on these covers. She was not going to be happy when showed up at 7AM on her doorstep asking her to redo them all.
“Did she leave any instructions on how she wants them?” you ask, throwing the covers off yourself and getting to your feet.
“Yeah, she sent me cryptic email, I’ve already put it in your inbox,” Helen says, “Look, can you just handle this? I’ve got other shit today,”
You roll your eyes, perfectly content Helen can’t see you through the phone. When it comes to work like this, Helen’s always got other shit.
“No problem,” you say, trying to make your voice as smooth as possible, “I’ll take care of it,”
“Neat. I called Jimmy ‘bout five minutes ago so he should be round in 20. Text me if you really cock things up,” Helen says, before the receiver let out a continuous tone, letting you know she’s hung up.
You curse as you put throw your phone down onto the bed. Jimmy is Helen’s driver, and although he’s usually busy with her, she occasionally sends him your way if she needs you to do a really shitty errand, like today. You guess it’s her way of not feeling so bad about the fact she’s called you with a job at 6:30AM on a Saturday.
You quickly walk over to your closet, pulling out a haphazard t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Usually you’d bother dressing nicely, but Julia was on the younger side and the two of you got along surprisingly well, so you don’t think she’ll mind if you show up looking like you’ve rolled out of bed. Which you literally have.
You comb your fingers through your hair quickly, wincing as they catch in a few tangles, before tying it up into a high pony. You grab your phone off the bed, and make your way out of your bedroom, trying to go down the creaky stairs as quietly as possible. The sky is only just lighting up, but instead of sun the sky is grey and drops of rain pelt the windows and the lawn outside.
“Fantastic,” you say bitterly to yourself as you step into the kitchen, “Shitty weather for a shitty day,”
Your hand goes to the light switch, before you realize the light is already on, and you register the person standing at the kitchen counter in front of you.
“Jesus Christ!” you exclaim, your heart beating 15 miles per hour and hand coming to your chest in shock as you register the stranger standing in your kitchen.
The person wheels around in shock, eyes wide as he lets out a surprised sound.
You stare at each for a few silent seconds, before you take in his face and feel a vague wave of recognition come over you. You take a deep breath, trying to steady your thundering heartbeat.
“You must be Tom,” you say in one shaky breath, and he nods, his lips pulling into a tight, awkward smile.
“One and only,” he says, stuffing his hands in his pockets, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,”
“That’s alright,” you say weakly, trying for a smile of your own, even though you’re pretty sure it’s more of a grimace, “I just wasn’t expecting you at 6:30 on a Saturday,”
“Yeah, sorry. . . flew in at like 4, getting a cab took forever” he replies, “You’re Y/N, right?”
“Yup,” you say, a tad awkwardly, and your phone pings.
You pull it out of your back pocket, and it’ a message from Jimmy that he’ll be here in 5 minutes.
“Fucking shit, okay erm–” you look back up at Tom, who’s observing you, “Sorry, can I just–?”
You gesture towards the coffee machine, which he’s standing in front, and his eyes widen.
“Oh yeah, sorry. . .” he steps aside, and you step towards him, turning on the machine.
He watches as you reach into the cupboard and pull out your travel mug, before opening the fridge and grabbing your milk, only to find it empty.
You let out an annoyed groan. “Fucking Harrison, I told him not to finish it,”
“Something wrong?” Tom asks, as you re-emerge from the fridge.
“Nothing, Haz just had the last of my milk last night,” you tell him, putting your mug under the machine and pressing a few buttons.
“Without asking you?” Tom asks, brows knitted in confusion, and you wave your hand dismissively.
“No, no, he asked me, I just thought I’d have enough for this morning still,” you say in frustration, as the smell of coffee slowly fills the kitchen, “I guess I’ll skip the milk today,”
“Actually,” Tom says, and he reaches for a bag that had been resting against the kitchen island, bringing it up onto the counter, “I did get some food at the airport shop. . . I think I got some– aha,”
He pulls out a carton of milk, and slides it towards you. “You can have some of mine,”
“Ah cheers,” you tell him, smiling wide, unscrewing the cap and pouring some into your travel mug, “Remind me I owe you some,”
He shrugs, letting out a small breath with a smile. “It’s milk, I’m sure I’ll live. You going for a workout or something?”
You close your travel mug, just as a set of headlights pull into the driveway. “God, I wish. . . no, I have to go into work,”
“At 6 on a Saturday?” he echoes your earlier point, a ghost of smile on his lips, and you grimace.
“I have a pretty shit job. . . I’m sure the guys will tell you,” you say, before grabbing your phone and purse off the counter, giving him a small, tight-lipped smile, “Anyway, it was nice meeting you, I’m sure I’ll see you later,”
“Yeah, see you later,” he says with a smile, and you rush out the kitchen, putting your shoes on in the hall, before throwing open the door. It’s late March, so still relatively cold, and you wish you’d grabbed a sweater. You hesitate for a second, before grabbing one of the hoodies hanging on the coat rack, thinking you’ll text Harrison you’d taken one of his later.
You reach the car, and as you get in, trying to shield yourself from the rain, Jimmy gives you a pitiful look.
“Thanks for coming in Jim, but please next time, I’ll get the tube,”
“The tube across London at 6 on a rainy day? Wouldn’t dream of it,” he replies, giving you a smile through the rearview, “Besides, if one of us suffers at the hands of the mighty Helen, then we all do, right?”
You chuckle as the car pulls out of your driveway, your eyes watching the figure of Tom trough the half-shut blinds in the kitchen. For some reason, he wasn’t exactly what you’d expected, but you decide not to pass judgement until you meet him at a better time and more in-depth.
“You called Julia yet?” Jimmy asks, and you grimace.
“No. . .” you sigh, before pulling your phone out and scrolling through your contacts.
You bring the phone to your ear, listening as the phone goes over.
“I was wondering when you’d call,” comes Julia’s voice over the receiver, and to your relief she doesn’t sound mad.  
“Yeah, you got Helen’s email?” you reply, and she hums affirmatively.
“Yeah, that was a cryptic ass email. You coming over?” she asks.
“Yup, on my way, probably about 20,” you reply.
“Do you mind picking up some croissants? I’m bloody starving,” Julia says, “Besides, if I need to redo the whole thing, I’m going to need drugs, and they give me the munchies,”
“Yup,” you tell her, “See you soon,”
Tumblr media
“That’s a cute sweater, G, where’d you get it?” Julia asks, as she blows the smoke from her joint out of the open window.
“Not sure, actually, it’s Harrison’s,” you say, peering down at the logo on the side, which says ‘Shit Happens!’
“It’s cute,” she comments, before taking another drag, “You want a drag?”
She holds out the joint to you, and you sigh. “What is it? Cause if Helen calls and I’m a stuttering mess, she will fire me,”
“It’s mellow, nothing too strong. Listen, I made a sketch already when she sent me the email at 5 this morning, I just have to develop it a little and we’re golden,” she says, and when you give her a quizzical eyebrow she sighs and walks over to her desk, joint between her lips, end still alight, a fine column of smoke rising into the air.
“See?” she mumbles, holding up a piece of paper with a few detailed sketches, “Was gonna put them on the computer and figure out the colors. I mean, do you have other plans today?”
“Not really,” you say with a sigh, “Give it here then,”
She walks over and hands it to you, and you take a long drag. It’s been a while since you’d gotten high, but as the feeling rolls over you it’s generally pleasant.
“Can’t believe it’s 8 on a Saturday morning and I’m getting baked,” you say, as the smoke comes out of your nose.
“You need some way to numb the fact you’re Helen’s bitch,” Julia says with a cheeky smile, and you roll your eyes.
“I love my job, I love my job, I love my job,” you whisper to yourself repeatedly, and Julia laughs.
“Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that,” she says, before walking over to what looks like a big printer, lifting the top and putting the drawing under it. The machine makes a horde of noises as it scans the document, and you watch as the picture slowly appears on Julia’s desktop screen.
Julia’s studio in Camden Town is nice, you have to admit. It’s a large open space, with a curtain dividing the living room/kitchen and the bedroom. The floor is littered with colourful pillows and a few poofs, one of which you’re sitting in. Some of the walls are bare brick and others have been painted with murals of colourful planets and flowers. A large mahogany table is spread through the living room, on which her desktop stands, and you know for a fact this is where Julia usually works and eats. It has a multitude of paint splatter and scratches, and the kitchen in the far corner of the room is an utter mess.
 It’s incredibly chaotic, but you’re used to it. The first time you went over to Julia’s it was a little disconcerting, but you’ve grown to like her erratic style and taste for colourful everything.
“So, tell me, what’s new?” Julia asks as she installs herself on the high chair, facing her desktop.
You shrug as she begins to work. “Nothing new, really,”
“Didn’t you have a housing thing?” she asks, eyes glued to the monitor.
“Oh yeah,” you hum, “No, we resolved that actually. . . well, I have a new roommate,”
“Another guy?” she asks, and you nod, before realising she’s not looking.
“Yeah, another guy,” you say, sighing, “I met him this morning actually, he scared the living shit out of me in the kitchen,”
Julia chuckles. “What’s he like? Nice?”
“Think so,” you shrug, “Didn’t exactly have time to listen to a PowerPoint on his life,”
“Fair fair,” she replies, “What’s his name? Bet it’s something really English, like Harry or something,”
You let out a giggle, snorting a little. Damn, this stuff works fast.
“Tom, actually, his name’s Tom,” you tell her between laughs, and she throws her head back, shoulders shaking.
“That is worse!” she exclaims, “Oh gosh, how did you end up living with 4 British frat boys?”
You shrug, letting out a breath. “Beats me. It’s not all bad, though, they’re a nice bunch,”
Julia hums affirmatively. “Yeah, I’m sure. So what’s with this new guy then, he moving in?”
“Yeah, he’s taking the guest room,” you tell her, “It’ll be strange having a stranger across the hall, but the boys all know him, so I guess he’s alright?”
“True, but still, I get it being a little weird. How do they know each other?” she asks, fingers running over her screen, eyes darting over the shapes.
“They’re all mates from early, but he’s Harry’s brother,” you tell her, and her eyes snap to yours.
“Hold up, rewind, what’s Harry’s last name again?” she asks you, and your brows knit together in confusion.
“Holland, why?” you ask her, and Julia’s eyes go a little wide.
“Holland?” she asks, “You’re saying your new roommate is Tom Holland?”
It takes a second for your brain to process this information, and when it has, your mouth falls open. “Oh my god,”
You had heard of Tom Holland, of course, Marvels’ spider-man and new Golden boy. You wondered how in the hell you hadn’t recognized the guy when he was standing in your kitchen this morning, but you don’t think you’ve ever bothered to look at any pictures, and even if you had, you’d probably forgotten his face. Julia is typing something on her keyboard, before she angles the screen towards you.
“This guy?” she asks, and there, smiling at you through a computer screen, dressed in a smart suit, is the Tom you met this morning.
“This is a joke,” you splutter, before your fingers find your own phone and you open it up.
“Man, you are so oblivious! How on earth could you not have noticed this even when he wasn’t living with you?! His brother must post about him a lot,” Julia asks you, mouth open in incredulous laughter.
“I–” you stutter defensively, scrolling through Harry’s Instagram. There he is indeed, and when you press on Tom’s account, it has a blue verified tick and over 43 million followers. “I just don’t pay much attention to these things! I knew he was an actor, I just never made the connection,”
“G, this is a petty huge thing to miss,” Julia says with a laugh, “This is actually sort of hysterical,”
“For you maybe!” you tell her accusingly, “I would’ve been completely content having not made that connection, and now things are weird,”
“Why are they weird?” Julia asks quizzically and you shrug.
“I don’t know. . .I just–. . . it’s weird, Julia, I’m going to feel like I have to act around him,” you tell her, and she purses her lips.
“He is still human, Y/N, he’s not a robot. . . just treat him like all your other roommates, I’m sure he’s just fine,” she replies, “I’m more jealous you get to live with such a fine specimen of a man,”
“Ugh don’t” you tell her sternly, head spinning a little as you open your group chat to express your shock, only to see some activity.
Haz: Tom’s asking if anyone’s seen his Shit Happens his hoodie? It’s the pink one, It was hanging on the coatrack.
T: Nah bruv sorry
Harry: It’s not me this time
You’re about to type you haven’t seen the sweater, when your eyes fall on your hand, and the hoodie currently covering most of your palm. To your horror, it’s pink, and you mind conveniently flashes back to the logo on the breast. As if to convince yourself you didn’t just steal the hoodie of your new roommate, who happens to be an international movie star, you look down at the sweater and see the familiar words.
“Mother fucker,” you swear at the top of your voice, and Julia is startled out of her work.
“What?” she asks, a little shocked.
“Motherfucking shit, goddamnit,” you continue, the curses falling from your lips abundantly.
“G, what?” Julia asks again, looking expectantly at you.
“I took a sweater off the rack this morning and I thought it was Harrison’s, you know he doesn’t care, but it fucking isn’t, is it?” you exclaim, and she looks confused for a second.
“Then whose– . . .Oh,”  
You give Julia a desperate look, and all she can do is burst out laughing.
“Don’t laugh!” you tell her, “Oh my god, I’m a bloody moron,” you groan, your eyes falling on your phone.
you: . . .oh my god
you: honest to god thought it was yours haz and borrowed it cause I was cold and you used all my milk!
you: I’m so fucking sorry tell him I’ll wash it and everything
haz: I’m actually crying
haz: also what does your milk have to do with a sweater?
you: this is so not funny Harrison!
you: I’m fucking blind tell Tom I’m sorry and I’ll legit get him a new sweater if he wants.
haz: he’s honestly having a laugh he doesn’t care
haz: this is so on brand for you
T: yeah, you take any of my underwear off the rack *accidentally* while you’re at it?
you: I hate both of you
By the time you get home that evening, you’re halfway to sober, but still buzzed enough to struggle with the key. It’s late, dark, and cold, and your phone battery is too dead to switch on your flashlight, so you struggle for about three minutes before you manage. You had spent the entire day at Julia’s and ended up smoking a lot more weed than you had anticipated trying to drown out your embarrassment, but surprisingly it had boosted Julia’s creative side and she had managed to finish and send off the new designs for the covers. You close the door as quietly as possible, slipping off your shoes and walking through the hallway. The light in the living room is on, and you can hear the TV blaring, and you pray it covers up your noise. In your half-baked stated, you are in absolutely no mood to face your roommates right now, or face your new roommate.
“Y/N? That you?” comes Harrison’s voice from the living room, and you close your eyes with a sigh.
Apparently, James Bond, you are not.
“Yeah,” you call back, leaving it at that and heading for the kitchen instead, realising you still had leftover curry in the fridge.
You don’t bother with the light, padding over to the fridge and pulling it open, pulling out your Tupperware. Just as you open the drawer for a fork, your eyes are flooded with light.
“Ergh,” you groan, as the kitchen fills with light, and your eyes adjust. It feels like your head is exploding. “Has this light always been so bright?”
“As far as I know,” Harrison says, and you turn to face him, stepping through the doorway, “How did you get home?”
He’s followed into the kitchen by Tuwaine and, trailing behind him, is Tom.
“Took the train,” you groan, eyes shut to splits, “Dude, what is with the light?”
“G, come on, we’ve been over it,” Tuwaine says with a look, “Can you just call one of us and ask for a ride? If I really have a problem getting in the car I’d tell you,”
You nod. “Yeah, sorry, I just didn’t clock it. . .”
“You’ll clock it when someone harasses you on the tube,” Harrison points out, as you put a forkful of curry in your mouth.
“That’s already happened to me,” you say through a half-full mouth, and Tuwaine gives you an unimpressed look.
“You’re only proving my point here,” he tells you, and you feel a little guilty.
“I will, I will. . .” you tell him, waving your hand dismissively, before your eyes fall on Tom and you swallow down the curry.
“I’m sorry about your sweater,” you blurt, looking down at it, still on your body, “I’ll wash it tomorrow, promise,”  
Why on earth didn’t you take it off?
Tom lets out a small chuckle, and Julia’s words about him being a fine specimen come back to mind as you admire his face. “Don’t stress about it, just wondering where it was,”
“Well, it’s right here, and it will be right back with you tomorrow. . . when I’ve washed it,” you stumble through your sentence, the weed catching up with your abilities to be coherent, apparently.
“What’s with you?” Tuwaine asks, and you give him an innocent shrug.
“Hm? Me? Nothing,” you deny, and he frowns at you.
“We’re watching guardians of the Galaxy in the living room, you want to join?” Tom asks, as you close your Tupperware of curry.
“Usually I’d say yes but I don’t think I can handle Chris Pratt on drugs,” you say with a chuckle, putting the box back into the fridge and turning back to the three of them with a half-smile
Tom looks surprised, Harrison disappointed, and Tuwaine is laughing.
“I knew there was something off when you mentioned the light,” Tuwaine says between deep booming laughs, and his amusement is contagious. You feel yourself smiling a little wider.
“Please tell me it’s just weed, and I don’t have to come check and make sure you’re still breathing in the night,” Harrison says, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“It’s just weed, mum, relax,” you tease him, “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to bed, because if I stay here I’m going to remember I have all kinds of snacks and eat them all in one sitting,”
You make an odd sort of curtsy, one you’ll definitely be embarrassed about tomorrow, and say in a posh voice: “I bid you all goodnight, gentleman, and happy watching,”
The boys watch as you disappear through the door, and when you’re out of earshot, Tom looks at Harrison. 
“Your housemate is pretty dope,” he says with a smile. 
“She’s not usually on drugs,” Harrison says, shaking his head, “But yeah, she’s pretty cool,”
Tumblr media
a/n: are ya’ll ready for the slowest best friends to lovers burn of your life? cause here it is
let me know if i should add you to the taglist!
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theresa-nam-nam-me · 2 months ago
| hybrid Namjoon | hibernation
Bear hybrid Namjoon x bear hybrid reader
Master list
Summary: as winter approached Namjoons's owner, seokjin recused another bear hybrid and Namjoon made it his job to make the timid creature as comfortable as possible for the upcoming hibernation.
A/N: this wasn't meant to be a series but it will be short nonetheless, only expect 2-4parts (send an ask if you want to be on the tag list )
Part 1 → part 2
WARNINGS: mention of neglect
Tumblr media
Namjoon flipped to the next page as he continued reading, he sat on the couch with a dim lamp next to him illuminating the text. after he finished the page he slid in his bookmark and closed the book to stretch. The sound of the front door grabbed his attention, “welcome back-” he cut off his greeting accidentally, he was caught off guard by the small hybrid standing behind jin. “Hi namjoon, this is y/n she's a rescue and needed a placement for a while, she's a bear hybrid like you, so I thought she could stay with us, at least until the winter season ends” namjoon nodded his head silently observing her movements. She seemed timid and uneasy with the way her head hung low and her eyes scattering around the room never seeming to land. Namjoon also took in the smell of dirt and the dead ends of your hair, neglect from previous owners most likely.
“Im gonna see if we can get her washed up, do you think you can Search for some extra clothes for her?” seokjin asked guiding you to the bathroom. “Of course” namjoon went into his room  searching through his closet for some smaller clothes, It took him around 15 minutes to find some but after reminiscing through a box of his old clothes when he first got here he found some. “God I can't believe I was that skinny” namjoon mumbled to himself, looking back he never truly realized just how bad he was treated but now he's able to eat 3 meals a day. He smiled to himself, he had come a long way. Namjoon walked back down the hallway and knocked on the bathroom door “come in” seokjin called.
Namjoon walked in placing the clothes on the sink next to you “this was all I could find” he stated. seokjin momentarily stopped cutting your hair to look at the clothes “those are old” he commented “yeah” namjoon agreed with a smile. He looked down at you, accidentally locking eyes before quickly looking away. an awkward silence filled the room with the only sound being the snips of seokjins scissors. “Oh namjoon one more thing, can you make the bed in the guest room” namjoon nodded leaving the bathroom.
Namjoon whistled to himself as he smoothed out the blanket before turning around seeing you in the doorway. “Here you go, I hope you like it,” he said moving past you simply nodded your head, he smiled nodding his head. Your timid behavior didn't bother him, he knew what it was like being scared of others after such foul treatment. “Hey, namjoon I have to go out again, get some sleep, and if y/n needs anything let me know,” seokjin said pulling on his jacket “work? At this hour?” namjoon raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, another emergency I guess” namjoon nodded waving jin out the door. Namjoon sat back on the couch picking up his book and continuing where he left off. 
Around half an hour in his eyes started to grow heavy, he yawned setting down his book before heading down the hallway towards his room but the sound of whimpering stopped him in his tracks. His ears turned to your door, he pushed his ear against the wall confirming that it was coming from you. He stood in front of the door motionless. What should he do? What had made him feel safe here? Namjoon tried reminiscing on the past when it suddenly hit him. When namjoon first arrived he cried a lot out of fear, confusion, and trauma. The crying mostly happened at night thinking seokjin wouldn't hear him but one-night seokjin had brought in a book with him and read it to him, it's how his love for books first formed. Maybe a good story would soothe you as well.
Namjoon went back to snatch up the book before once again standing in front of your door. He knocked and the cries instantly died down, “y/n” he called out entering the room. All tears had been whipped from your face but the red tipped nose and glossy eyes were a giveaway. “It sounded like you were pretty upset, can I interest you in a story?” he asked with a warm smile showing you the book. It was pretty clear you had never seen one before by the way you stared at it with wide eyes. “Can you read?” he asked, you shook your head and let out a small “no”
“Thats ok, I can read it to you. The books a twist on the fable ‘ cinderella’” you nodded as he flipped open the first page. after about 20 minutes in, he looked over, seeing your head settle softly into the pillow. He stroked your soft ears before leaving the room and heading to his own. He smiled to himself, making himself comfy in his bed. The sound of harsh winds bringing his attention to the window, the frost forming on the corners of his window was a reminder that hibernation season was very close.
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